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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 6, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, hurricane irma makes landfall. one of the most powerful storms ever is hitting the caribbean right now. plus, the preparations this morning in florida where gas stations are already running low and mandatory evacuations are under way. overnight, president trump makes a new statement on dismantling the program that protects immigrants who came here as children. the program's fate now up to congress and the backlash, protests are growing and strong words from former president obama. a woman drops her car off at the mechanic only to find him out on a joyride. see what happens when she confronts him. the boston red sox under investigation accused of using apple watches to gain a competitive edge.
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a good morning to you all. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm nick watt in for kendis gibson. one of the most powerful atlantic hurricanes ever is speeding towards florida. >> hurricane irma made its first landfall in the caribbean overnight. the category 5 hurricane is expected to hit the u.s. virgin islands later and pass north of puerto rico tonight. >> time lapsed photography sos the ourer bands rolling into the island of st. martin. also in irma's path, tourists and resort workers are riding out the storm in hotel ballrooms there. >> all the forecasts agree that hurricane irma is headed straight for florida but after that there's several paths it could take up the east coast, along the gulf coast or through the middle of the state. but wherever it goes florida is getting ready. abc's janai norman has more. >> reporter: a monster storm whipping through the atlantic. hurricane irma a category 5 storm with its eye on the
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caribbean heading toward the florida peninsula. >> it's a really big storm. they're really taking it serious this time. >> reporter: now one of the pose powerful storms ever recorded over the atlantic ocean. irma's force registering on seismometers. that is still deepening and strengthening with winds topping 185 miles an hour and could bring waves up to 25 feet. >> this is really scary so you have to be prepared as much as possible. >> reporter: governor rick scott preemptively issuing a state of emergency in all of florida's 67 counties. in south florida, gas stations running dry as store shelves are emptying quickly. >> the line to get water goes around the whole supermarket. >> reporter: in miami, the mayor sounding the alarm calling for evacuations ahead of the storm. >> this hurricane is far too powerful, poses far too great a threat for us to delay actions any longer. >> i'm going to board up the house and head north. >> reporter: in the low-lying
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keys mandatory evacuations. officials telling tourists to get out as soon as possible. and telling residents not to rely on shelters. >> going to stay with family or friends outside of the evacuation zone is the best choice since shelters only provide for basic needs. >> reporter: janai norman, abc news, washington. >> and cruise lines have also moved ships out of irma's path. >> accuweather's justin povick has the latest forecast. justin, good morning. >> nick and diane, thanks and good morning to you. we continue to very closely follow dangerous hurricane irma, major hurricane here movement off toward the west and the northwest. already had reports of winds gusting over 150 miles per hour toward barbuda and, again, that will cause catastrophic devastating damage and the case as we go throughout the morning toward anguilla and british virgin islands later on tonight talking about impacts here spanning the next several days. this is expected to remain a
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major hurricane and notice we get toward that friday, saturday, sunday time frame and the concern turns to cuba also the bahamas and southeastern florida. the most likely scenario here is that the system will impact florida in a major way, we're going to talk about extreme surf conditions, more so waves topping 25 feet, the potential for hurricane-force winds and also a dangerous storm surge, again, as this, like i said, makes its move off to the west and northwest the next several days. nick, diane. >> justin, thank you very much. and lurking behind irma is tropical storm jose. it could become a hurricane by tonight but did not expected to threaten the u.s. moving on to the other top stories, president trump is now promising to revisit his decision to end the daca program. he tweeted overnight that congress has six months to legalize it and if that doesn't happen he'll revisit the issue. >> young immigrants now protected from deportation by the program turned out from coast to coast to rally against
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the decision that could force them from the only home they've ever known. abc's emily rau has more. >> i have a great heart for the folks we're talking about. a great love for them. >> reporter: president trump insisting he loves the so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers, 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought here as children. >> people think in terms of children but they're really young adult, hopefully now congress will be able to help them and do it properly. >> reporter: but attorney general jeff sessions striking a different tone. >> we cannot admit everyone who would like to come here. it's just that simple. >> reporter: even before that announcement, protests popping up from the white house to trump tower, students even staging a walkout in denver as so many now face possible deportation as soon as next march. >> i won't have anywhere to go. because this is my home. >> reporter: the white house saying the d.r.e.a.m.ers won't be a priority for deportation, however, in this memo obtained by abc news, the trump
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administration urges members of congress to say d.r.e.a.m.ers should prepare to self-deport saying they should prepare for and arrange their departure from the united states including proactively seeking travel documentation. >> this is congress' job to legislate. it's not the president's job to create law. >> reporter: lawmakers appearing to be up for the challenge. >> we need to act on this or we know the consequences or a countdown clock to deportation. >> congress is going to have to up its game. >> reporter: republican senator lindsey graham went on to say president trump should pitch in asking him to work the phones to help get something done. diane and nick. >> emily, thank you. new this morning vladimir putin has made a call for talks with north korea about its nuclear ambitions. putin said sanctions against north korea are not a solution to the current tension. also north korea has answered that u.s. charge that it's begging for war. u.n. ambassador nikki haley made that accusation against the north after its hydrogen bomb
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test on sunday. a north korean official called the test a gift package to the u.s. and promised additional tests. >> the u.s. will receive more gift packages from my country. >> reporter: president trump has approved sending more u.s. military hardware to the region tweeting, quote, i'm allowing japan and south korea to buy a substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the united states. and new video shows some of the dozens of wildfires spreading through the western u.s. this is a time-lapse of the f e fires ranging in oregon, nearly 1.5 million acres have burned so far across the west. one of the main problem areas is the columbia river gorge east of portland and borders washington state. a teenager is suspected of starting the fire with fireworks. now for a look at your weather.
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a severe storm brought strong winds and hail to lancaster, pennsylvania. thousands were left without power as trees and power lines were knocked down. some of the trees fell on homes and there were two major house fires, as well. police received 700 calls in just a two-hour period. a cold front meanwhile, is moving through the northeast and midwest today. so high temperatures will only be around 70. dallas and new orleans will reach the mid 0s, salt lake city will see a high of 97 degrees. pretty hot. still ahead, overnight new crash tests suggest a potential safety issue with small trucks. and the mystery amid the cleanup in houston. a mother of two missing a day before harvey hilt so hear why police suspect foul play. plus, the boston red sox accused of cheating. how league officials say the team used apple watches to help
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hurricane harvey's flooding is being blamed for an estimated $2 billion in auto losses so far. 150,000 claims have already been filed and that number is expected to double. about 20% of texans who have auto insurance don't have policies that cover floods. police in houston are searching for a mother missing for nearly two weeks and likely not because of the storm. police say crystal mcdowell vanished the day before harvey made landfall after heading out to pick up her kids from her ex-husband. police have since found her car but no trace of mcdowell. the desperate search for a houston real estate agent and mother of two who disappeared just hours before hurricane harvey hit. the night before she was last seen crystal mcdowell posted on
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facebook, stay safe out there. according to her boyfriend paul hargreaves. this home security video shows her the next morning leaving the house and getting into her car to pick up her kids from her ex-husband who lives just about 20 minutes away. three days later the 38-year-old's black mercedes was found about 13 miles from hargreaves' home in this flooded motel 6 parking lot. >> her family wants her back. her children, she's got a 5-year-old and an 8-year-old. and they need her. >> crystal and steven mcdowell divorced in june. investigators say there were two people in crystal's car when it was recovered but police don't believe they're connected to her disappearance. and harvey is taking a major toll on gas prices. energy department figures show the cost of a gallon of regular jumped 28 cents and now averaging 2.68. the biggest jump was 41 cents per gallon in the lower atlantic
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region which includes west virginia, virginia and the carolinas. about 20% of u.s. oil refinery capacity was in harvey's path. and new crash tests by the insurance industry suggests that small pickup trucks are falling short on safety. all eight pickups had cabs with two rows of seats but safety was rated good in only four of them. the toyota tacoma was the best performer. you can see the full list on our website at when we come back a mechanic gets busted after taking a customer's car for a joyride. see what happens when the car owner confronts him. how the zika virus could one day help fight brain cancer.
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now for a look at morning road conditions here in the u.s., roads will be wet all along the east coast and all of florida, there will also be puddles in the rockies and the northwest. if you're flying airport delays expected in charlotte, washington, new york and boston. and we have gotten our first look at the north carolina man who is charged with killing his wife after taking cold medicine. >> 28-year-old matthew phelps has made his first court appearance. that happened yesterday. now phelps didn't enter a plea but a judge told him he could potentially face the death penalty. police say phelps told a 911 operator he fell asleep after taking cold medication and then woke up to find his wife stabbed to death. phelps will be back in court at the end of the month. and a california woman is outraged after a worker at a dealership took her car for a joyride. she caught the man redhanded after her husband dropped off the limited edition camaro to get serviced, there are only 200 cars like that in the country.
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she spotted hers at a fast food drive-through and confronted the man behind the wheel. >> i took my car to the dealership so you could change the oil and change the air conditioner. why are you driving my car to get food? why are you doing this? >> you're getting nervous. >> well, why are you nervous? you're not supposed to be getting food. what are you doing? why are you going in reverse? >> the dealership posted an apology saying the technician made a huge mistake and acted against company policy. the owner said she believes incidents like this happen more often than we think. in an odd twist scientists now think the zika virus may help them save lives. researchers in california say zika could be a possible treatment for certain cancers in adults. the virus causes neurological problems in babies by infecting stem cells, however, doctors say that same quality may be effective in fighting brain cancers that are caused by stem cell mutations.
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and we'll know today in the u.s. open women's semifinals will feature only americans. last night venus williams made sure one of those semis will be all red, white and blue. >> the 37-year-old williams needed three sets to defeat petra kvitova. it making her the oldest there since 1994 and will face sloane stephens stephens tomorrow. now some baseball. one game from last night stretched into this morning. the highlights from espn. >> good morning, it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett here. neil everett there. you get to go first. >> okay. let's go. let's go to fenway. get me a sam adams. and don't close in the seventh. we'll be here longer. top 11.
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justin smoak, jackie bradley, out and out. jose bautista out. let's go to the bottom of the 19th. oh. maybe they should just wrestle after so many innings. each team pick a guy. hanley ramirez. mookie betts and red sox win 3-2. it took six hours. >> the red sox lead was 2 1/2 over the yankees when the night started. so boston with a "w." yankees taking on the orals yio. mark trumbo. it's 6-5 now. trumbo's 22nd. bottom nine, same score, runner on first and two outs for manny machado. already hit one home run in the game and there goes the second one. it will end the game. time to bounce in baltimore. machado with his third walkoff home run of the season. orioles take it, 7-6.
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>> anchor wrestling. who would you take? the best match-up? >> i don't have time to consider this right now. back to you. >> anchor wrestling match. i feel like we could put up a bit of a fight. up next in "the pulse," madonna opens up about a big challenge when it comes to being a star. and how one man claims his amazon delivery trapped him in his department. don't forget to check out our facebook page where you can watch michael strahan surprise a houston football team after harvey destroyed their high school on nt of tru. and now with victoza®, a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take. victoza® lowers blood sugar in three ways. and while it isn't for weight loss,
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admitted to stealing signs during games against the yankees and other teams using an apple watch. the watch helped relay signs from a opposing catchers to boston players. >> baseball's commissioner isn't commenting on possible penalties, he says he's confident the team is no longer using the scheme. >> all right. well, madonna is so fed up with fedex she's now venting on twitter. >> the folks at fedex apparently didn't believe madonna was madonna so the superstar tweeted this selfie with the caption, when you've been arguing with fedex all week that you really are madonna and they still won't release your package -- >> a fedex worker responded asking her to dm her delivery details. it's still not clear if she finally received that package or not. >> we've got another delivery issue. a bay area man found himself boxed in his home by a box. >> check out the photo.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it is wednesday, september 6th. evacuations are already happening right now in south florida as we peek. we're watching hurricane irma as it lashes barbuda in what could be a catastrophic weather event. it's a category five. we'll see what it is when it hits our shores. >> hurricane victims in shelters that's why some dogs are here looking for new families in our area. >> someone is playing out a scene from a classic horror film but police are not finding it funny. we've got those stories and more coming up next on "action news." >> ♪ and showers and storms to the east. it will feel like fall in the midwest. and finally a story that really could only emerge from a
4:28 am
disaster like harvey. >> one woman in houston used social media to reunite a mother with her precious photo album. liz nagy of ktrk has the story. >> reporter: in the murky water that's muddied the lives of people in the memorial area -- >> here's somebody's memories floating by. >> reporter: lauren plucked a personal memory. >> i've been trying to dry out the pages some. >> reporter: a family photo album. the old-fashioned kind. >> our beautiful baby girl natalie claire. in '94 you didn't have a digital copy. bringing her home in the baby carrier but i couldn't see the father's face. rd handwritten notes. >> a lot of it is so badly damaged. >> reporter: mark moseley unrecognizable pictures and they're dated 23 years old. >> this is what i saw to try and help with the dating was it said the christening 8/20/94. >> reporter: she took pictures of the trips that predate social
4:29 am
media. >> hoping anybody somebody knew natalie to piece this together. >> here you go. here's that. and then here is over here what really -- that was what i saw was your baby girl. >> you know, this is the first day we adopted her. >> oh, you did. >> this was the first day we had her. >> reporter: facebook found baby natalie's mom margaret. >> did you ever think you will see it again? >> no. >> reporter: the ink has run, the pages stained but the memories. >> this is first smiles. >> reporter: marked with a permanent reminder of how they returned. >> incredible that she was able to find them and that -- i mean a lot of the pictures are obviously damaged but so many are still intact in the most important part of the photo. >> yeah, that's what's making
4:30 am
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday september 6th. >> we're following a developing story here on "action news." the most powerful atlantic ocean hurricane in recorded history has made its first landfall. we will have a full report on hurricane irma. >> a philadelphia dance teacher faces child sexual abuse allegations. the mother of the alleged victim talks about the charges. >> those defending daca are planning more protests today over the president's decision to bring it to an end. >> but first up let's find out a little bit more about your accuweather and your traffic.


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