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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  September 7, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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60% of the >> good morning everyone 4:30 a.m. on this thursday, september 7. >> we're following a major developing story, hurricane irma is tearing caribbean islands with 185-mile an hour winds. we'll have a live report. as people flee from the storm's path, local crews are heading down south to help the victims. >> thieves sneak around security to steal vehicles at a philadelphia car rental lot. first up, weather and traffic with david murphy and matt pellman in for karen rogers. >> reporter: we're turning toward improvement, right?
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>> reporter: as you look at the weather center you see clouds and rain coming through, it is in the process of clearing out now. storm tracker 6 live double scan a little bit of rain left by the coast most of that getting away from us, there might be a sprinkle by harrisburg and in the process of pushing away. burlington county and ocean counties have sprinkles. the roads are damp out there yet. 55 in allentown. 60 in trenton. 63 in beach haven, 64 in cape may. 61 in dover. as we roll through the afternoon it's going to be a nice one, we'll see sunshine giving -- clouds giving way to increasing sunshine. 73 degrees by noon. 74 is the high with clouds generally breaking as we go through the day, breezy at times. the bus stop forecast well it looks like it will be a decent one this afternoon this morning we're looking at temperatures in the 60s for the most part.
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matt when we come back we'll give you the latest on irma, a very powerful hurricane and moving more or less in the direction of southern florida. >> reporter: all eyes on that. all eyes on the schuylkill expressway. one good thing about the rain it canceled the overnight construction. everything is open 76 in both directions in west conshohocken along the blue route. no issues to report on 76 or 676 the vine street expressway off the schuylkill expressway all open with no overnight construction between 76 and broad street you're getting along just fine with light volume. no complaints on the blue route, 476 the boulevard or i-95 where speeds are in the mid 50s. i-95 in bucks county we're moving well by business route 1 no overnight construction here, the road is damp it could be slippery, no problems to report so far. we have an issue in burlington county a broken down truck on
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the new jersey turnpike northbound approaching the turnpike connector it's cleared out, you're good to go there, as well, matt and tam. hurricane irma is tearing through the cab -- carribean we learned that the dangerous stormed killed 35 people. hurricane damaged every island on the island of barbuda. you can look at the images and see nothing has been spared. the storm is heading toward the dominican republic and haiti as people in florida are bracing for the worst. stephanie ramos is in miami that remains in irma's track. >> reporter: it is calm and quiet in miami, hurricane irma
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is expected to make it to the florida in the next few days. what we're seeing from the carribean is at terrifying. nearly every building damaged on the island of barbuda when the eye of the storm rolled through wednesday. 60% of the island's people left homeless. heavy rain hammering puerto rico now nearly a million people left without power and more than a thousand in shelters, on a though the eye of the storm stayed offshore. back here on the mainland, floridians are nailing down homes or getting ready to hunker down and weather the storm. most store shelves are bare as people try to stock up on splice. there are traffic jams and lines
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of cars stretching into the streets as drivers try to gas up their vehicles. >> gas is running out everywhere, i'm just a little too late trying to get it, i guess. >> reporter: people are bracing themselves for what could be the worst storm in florida's history. >> this is serious and we can not take chances. this is not a storm you can sit and wait through. >> reporter: in miami mandatory evacuations are beginning in certain areas. to make the process faster, drivers don't have to pay any of the interstate tolls as they try to get out of here. rick scott even though we're 48 hours from the storm hitting the area, everybody should take the storm seriously. back to you. >> american airlines is canceling all flights to miami, sarasota at that and bomb peach.
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officials are trying to help residents and tourists get out of florida. tickets are getting expensive for the last minute flights. >> as most people head out of florida, local first responders are heading into the storm's path to lend a hand. jeanette reyes is live at philadelphia international airport with more on their mission, jennette. >> reporter: well, matt, as we speak, red cross volunteers are packing up their things they will be flying out to florida in a matter of hours into the southern region of the country. now they are not the only ones heading down there to offer up whatever services they can. >> reporter: hurricane irma leaves a growing path of devastation, dozens of volunteers are heading to florida a state that's expected to see irma's wrath by the end of the weekend. him. >> -- we have labor as far from
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alaska and get them here and trained. >> reporter: they have responded to every major storm and this one is no exception. he organizes a large group of electrical engineers and their bucket trucks who work to restore the power to residents. >> sandy was a big one. you get down there and you see these people they lose their houses and cars their life is in disarray we have the ability to go down there and help them, it is very gratifying. >> and the red cross volunteers will be leaving at 7:15 a.m. keep in mind they have volunteers in houston helping with the aftermath of harvey. now, of course, as with any storm especially this one, there's though telling how long they will be in the south reporting live at philadelphia
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international airport, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> you can track the path of hurricane irma through the 6abc app we'll alert you to any changes as the storm progresses. it's a free download your your mobile device. stealthy thieves were able to sneak around security and steal three vehicles off a car parking lot in southwest philadelphia around 2:00 a.m. police say a group of men approached the front gate some of them distracted the guard on duty while the other suspects stole the cars. the keys were in the vehicle. the vehicles have been recovered. police have taken a suspect into custody. new, philadelphia police are trying to find out how a man ended up with a severe head wound. the man was discovered lying on the ground outside a gulf gas station on wynnfield avenue around 10:00 p.m. they have rushed the man to the
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hospital, we don't know his condition at this time. happening today, two cousins charged in the deaths of four bucks county men are due in court for a preliminary hearing, cosmo dinardo admitted to killing the men on his solbury farm in july. three bodies were buried in a common grave. the 4th man's remains were found in a separate location. all four victims were shot and three set on fire. the federal judge sentenced a north philadelphia woman who admitted to trying to join isis to 8 years in prison. she pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to an terrorist organization. thomas told the judge she was not evil, just misled. 1,000 additional troops are heading to afghanistan. >> fake accounts likely from
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russia bought a massive amount of ads during the u.s. presidential campaign. >> they say there's no free lunch, but the largest school district in the country is changing that. >> reporter: most of the rain off the coast, we have lingering sprinkles, they won't be around for long. a nice afternoon ahead. what about the weekend? we'll have the latest from accuweather coming up.
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>> i'm actually nervous right now. >> rachael: cooking school is in session with any co-host, good morning, taking a live
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look here, philadelphia international airport. it is 4:42 a.m., 62 degrees out there, someplaces you're waking up with wet roads we had rain overnight. let's see how the rain is shaping up right now and what the day will bring us. >> reporter: most of the rain is off the coast, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing a
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couple of sprinkles and showers here and there as we look at the two dimensional view, most of it by harrisburg and ocean county, burlington the a blip, most of the rain is gone. sky6 live hd showing the ben franklin bridge. cloudy overhead. we expect the clouds to break up after sunrise. the afternoon is bright and nice. 62 degrees in philadelphia. wind out of the west at 7, the ocean temperature, 72 degrees. future tracker 6 showing you the cloud cover in place right now isn't going around all that much longer, 9:00, a lot of region will break out sunshine even philadelphia it's possible there will be some clouds around. as we go through the rest of the afternoon we're looking at sun mixing with clouds. model wants to throw sprinkles here and there, i doubt most of you will see that. it's a nice afternoon, no need to keep umbrellas around this afternoon or evening for that matter. as we look at temperatures today, pretty good, 64 degrees
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by 10:00. noon, 70. 3:00 p.m., that's the high, 74 degrees with clouds in the process of breaking through the morning and afternoon. 74 in philadelphia. wilmington today. 73 in trenton. low 70s in allentown and reading. mid 70s in millville. low 70s in cape may and the boardwalk. moderate risk of rip currents in the water today. tomorrow future tracker 6 shows you a dry start in the afternoon and early evening there's a chance of a little shower or sprinkle in the northern suburbs, basically. most of that stays north of philadelphia. hurricane irma still a strong hurricane. you can see the eye pushing north of the dominion republic taking aim at turks and caicos. category 5 hurricane. the numbers in, 180-mile an hour winds. excuse me, this has diminished in intensity a little bit, but it's still a strong category five hurricane it looks like it
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will turn the corner and come into miami as a category 4 saturday into sunday, and 3 in melbourne and 2 in jacksonville and pushes into charles. the entire southeastern region we're concerned about it. there's a possibility it could go anywhere within the wide cone. the spaghetti plots mimicking the idea it comes up the east coast of florida and most model have have it falling a part in the southern states to the southwest. close enough to bring rain. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 74, clouds breaking, a nice afternoon, slightly breezy afternoon ahead part nice on friday, 73. saturday, 71. nice weather for the temple football him game and sunday,
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74 degrees. the early part of next week, we start out with a high of 76 degrees, a decent amount of sunshine. if irma takes the expected track looks like we'll get rain starting later on tuesday and continuing through wednesday at this point too soon to say if it's going to be a lot or a little bit, i doubt it will be an inundating rain. defense secretary matt sending 1,000 troops to afghanistan. president donald trump struck a spending deal with democrats infuriating republicans, he sided with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi,
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raising the debt ceiling. he dismissed the objections of house speaker paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and brushed off his own treasury secretary. happening today, members. u.s. senate judiciary committee will grill trump junior relating to a meeting he attended at the trump tower with a russian lawyer and others during the campaign. the russian lawyer was going to provide damaging information about hillary clinton. facebook said it has notified federal authorities that a so-called troll farm in russia may have used hundreds of fake accounts to buy ads on it is social network during the presidential campaign. the organization is noted for promoting pro russian government positions through fake account
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and suspected of buying $100,000 worth of ads. the ads were not specifically endorsing a candidate but amplified social and political messages. >> we have a furniture recall to tell you about coming. >> the transportation department makes a decision whether it should punish united airlines for dragging a passenger over the flight. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. and with the new fios gigabit connection...
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good morning to you, a live look at the benjamin franklin parkway if you're heading out to the art museum. a nice clear shot this morning, made in america festival long gone, everything is open along the parkway. the roads are damp this morning, we're trying to dry out. because of the dampness no overnight construction in most spots like on i-95 in delaware county. these are the northbound lanes by the exit for the commodore barry bridge. often we have work around the blue route in chester, not this morning, everything is open if you have to head toward philadelphia international for a flight out of town. on the big picture no work on the vine street expressway or the schuylkill expressway where speeds are in the 40s and 50s this morning. we're watching an overnight crash in upper merion, old valley forge road penn circle.
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422 looks good this morning. but there was work in mercer county on 295 northbound sounds like that is in the process of wrapping up. broken down truck on the northbound new jersey turnpike is gone. go ahead to go there. >> more than a million dressers are being volunteered -- voluntarily recalled because they pose a safety hazard. the consumer product safety commission said the dressers are unstable and could tip over if they are not anchored to the wall. >> time for a look at business. fewer people have been falling into the gap. the retailer is responding by refocusing its brands and closing 200 under-performing gap and banana stores in the process. remember this infamous
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video of a united airline passenger being removed from the plane after refusing to give up his seat. the u.s. transportation department decided not to punish the carrier saying it did not find the evidence that they violated the civil rights of david doa. starbucks has a new coo sounds like like it was meant to be. roslyn brewer, the former president of sam's club. brewerrer will join starbucks in october. as hurricane irma races across the caribbean, many of the can a -- carribean community worry about family members. it's always been about the millions of families.
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america's #1 is a status earned in every wash. #1 trusted. #1 awarded. it's got to be tide. and one we re-earn, everyday. summer is funner with "right this minute." >> penny is one relaxed but adventurous dog. >> this is an adventurous dog. >> see how penny rolls next "right this minute."
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>> pope francis plans to give a message to columbia during his first full day of his visit to the south american country. he received a warm welcome when he landed in bogota wednesday afternoon. he heads to the presidential palace he is expected to encourage people to rally behind the peace deal of the revolution forces of columbia. the five day visit was delayed for years as the conflict
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stretched on. public schools head back to class there's no need for parents to pack a lunch. all students will have breakfast and lunch daily. the democratic mayor said the free meals will quote give every kid in new york city the fuel to succeed. animal welfare experts needed to be called in when police found a pool in the basement of a home and aquatic life in the waters. >> deadly crash in gloucester county. >> we continue to track hurricane irma and expect to get an update on the storm's path any minute from now. let's see the damage already done next. >> good morning everyone, it is
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5:00 a.m., thursday, september 7. here's what we're following. >> the latest on the hurricane irma path forward as we get a clear look at the widespread damage she left behind the carribean. local power crews are getting in place before the storm strikes florida. >> the rain is heading out making way for a cool and sunny streak. >> david murphy is here and matt pellman in for karen rogers, we're expecting an important update. >>ep


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