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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  September 9, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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closing in on the florida keys and all of florida is set to strike in the next 24 hours on it's long catastrophic trek. it's claimed 25 lives in the carribean. already five million florida --
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floridians are heeding call to get out. cameras captured the desperate moment people tried to get out of town. the bottom line officials say, get out right now. it is 5:00 a.m., saturday morning, let's get you to meteorologist chris sowers with the overnight update on irma, chris this is a massive storm. >> a massive storm it's back up to a category 5. the 5:00 a.m. update is not in, these are the 2:00 a.m. numbers, 165 miles per hour gusts shy of 180. north of cuba, havana is right there. here's the florida straits and the florida keys. it's moving west at 12 miles per hour. we're seeing the feeder bands wrapping around the center working their way in towards southern florida. here's a closeup shot on storm tracker 6 live. we set it in motion for you, here's the florida straits and
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the florida keys, marathon is right here. here's key west. it is drifting west/southwest at 12 miles per hour. what's going to happen over the neck 6 to 1 hours conditions will rapidly start to deteriorate in this part of florida. we'll see the rains the winds will pick up. eventually over the next 6 to ten hours, we'll see the surge coming barreling into the southern tip of the peninsula. hurricane warnings from tampa to fort meyers, key largo and the florida keys and mel bourn hurricane watches including orlando, pensacola, and panama city and jacksonville. looking at the future tracker 6, the wind gusts by 11:00 p.m., the eye is switched southeast of
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marathon winds gusting 84 miles per hour in key largo. 30 to 50 miles per hour north and west. as the eye wall gets closer to the area, the winds pick up. 113 in key largo, 108 in key west. the wall of water forced inland around marko island and melbourne the same. my him me seeing gusts 60 to 80 miles per hour. monday morning we're teeing tropic storm gusts for southern florida. so here's the official track for the national hurricane center it should make landfall sometime tomorrow morning in the florida keys and another hit around marco island and naples and monday into southern georgia and most of the ohio and tennessee
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valley as it continues to push i understand land. we'll take a closures look at the -- closer look at the projected storm surge which is impressive and look at the local weather in the delaware and lehigh valleys which looks very, very nice. i will be back in ten minutes. >> better late than never that's a dire message being stressed as hurricane irma approaches florida. these are the final hours to get out. by this time tomorrow the florida keys will be feeling the fury of irma. the storm is so wide all of the sunshine state will get a punch from irma. millions are evacuating. some are hunkering down in shelters or taking the risk and riding out the storm. hospitals are closing up. the national weather service said nowhere on the keys will be safe irma could wipe out roads
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desperately needed to get trapped. >> if you're in the keys get out. >> you're on your own, don't expect us to come get you, because we're not going to put ourselves at risk. >> calling 911 during irma will not matter. "action news" brian taff traveled to florida yesterday as people prepared for irma. >> reporter: good morning, there is a real sense of unease here in fort lauderdale, florida, that's the sentiment shared back here at home who have relatives in south florida. some of the concern is being mitigated sinners the storm has a westward course that makes fort lauderdale and miami out of the bulls eye. the airport shut down last night as affirmation of good judgment
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like those who decided to leave yesterday. >> it's like a convoy, i don't know if you ever driven in a military of convoy. >> reporter: steve was in a stream of cars out of irma's path. >> 600 home community about 400 homes are gone. >> reporter: from the time we arrived, the enonormity of the exodu scvment -- these planes not waiting for flights, but for fuel. the rush to plea was not self driven. many evacuations underway in the southern most cities. a highway patrol officer said so
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far so good. >> for the most part everybody has been cooperative. we want to keep an orderly fashion so we can keep the traffic from backing on to the main line. as you can see it's success. , there have been times it comes close. >> one delaware county family was heading in determined to take their vacation at disney and hoping irma allows it. >> i'm hoping and praying for the best. >> i hope everybody will be safe. it turns out already no damage where we are at. that would be nice. >> and some bad news for the powell family disney world will shut down today at noon, it will be closed tomorrow and monday possibly longer. officials say it's a very smart move businesses should not keep their doors open in the face of this catastrophic storm. in fort lauderdale, brian taff
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channel 6 "action news." >> more on the flight frenzy brian was talking about. some people scrambling to get out of irma's path. dann cuellar picks up the storm from the airport. >> everybody was trying to get out. many people were starting to feel the press you -- pressure. >> reporter: escaping hurricane irma is unlike anything anybody has went through. many have to cut their vacation short. >> i rebooked at 8:00 a.m., in the afternoon they were gone. we got a flight in the nick of time. >> reporter: do you feel lucky, definitely. do not want to be stuck down there. >> reporter: others were not as lucky, james and his wife arrived from london for a week's vacation and ended scrambling to
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find a flight out of there. >> we got canceled and we booked a train and had no other way to get out. >> reporter: they ended up catching the last train from miami. >> it took 30 hours to get out of here. >> reporter: they booked a train to paoli anywhere to get out of florida. >> they were very nice, but it was scary. >> reporter: among some who got out, there was a feeling of guilty that some loved ones stayed behind. >> because of my age my son insisted i come home. >> reporter: rose anne's family said come here for her sister's 60th birthday and they stay behind. >> i'm leaving everybody there i don't know what i am going back to. >> all i can do is hope and pray and leave them in gold's hands. >> reporter: it's been a day fore many escaping the wrath of
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hurricane irma and hoping and praying for the best. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news" which i. >> some people who use trenton airport are heading into the zone nora muchanic has their story in the next half-hour. we're tracking the path of hurricane irma on the 6abc app him you can get the latest from our team of meteorologists on any possible impact to our area. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. brian taff's reports from florida continue all weekend on "action news" and we're posting them at 5:10 a.m. we're tracking breaking news from the lehigh valley, authorities from white hall township say a police officer has been shot along the 4700 block of main street before 2:00 a.m. police are not releasing a whole lot of details about this. the officer was shot in the leg
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responding to a call. the officer was able to signal for help. police arrested the shooter at the scene. we're waiting this morning on more information about the officer's condition. we'll keep you posted. this morning music fans are mourning the loss of troy gentry who was killed in a helicopter crash in medford, new jersey, yesterday, the 50-year-old was rescued from the wreckage, but died later at the hospital. the 30-year-old pilot was killed. gentry was on his way to the flying w airport and resort where the band was due to perform. country music star luke brian who performed in the delaware valley last night tweeted he was prayering for the family. jeff chirico will have reaction to his death in the next half-hour. family, friends and neighbors consoled one another following the murder of a father in philadelphia's spring garden
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section. 38-year-old gerard gransol had just parked his car when two men approached. they took his wallet and shot him in the face. he refused to let the thieves steal his car because she was inside it. she is okay, this morning the search is on for the killer. chopper 6 hd was overnight as firefighters worked from the roof of a home in a strawberry mansion neighborhood. the fire started at 6:00 at the home on west gordon street. took crews 15 minutes to get this fire under control. we are told there were no injuries. there's much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, music star beyounce comes home to help her native houston reeling from hurricane harvey. a picture brings a mother to tears on the heartbreak of harvey. we have details on how she has
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reunited with some of her past. >> reporter: feeling like fall, we have some locations in the upper 40s. i'll have our local forecaster in the delaware and lehigh valleys we'll have the latest on hurricane irma coming up next.
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this morning, hurricane katia roared ashore in mexico as a category one storm. high rains pelted tiny towns threatening flash flooding. we know 61 people were killed when an 8.1 quake rattled the southern pacific coast on thursday. carribean island of barbuda got slammed by hurricane irma, many homes damaged. look at this, damage there, not good to look at. in a another cruel twist this
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one named jose is in the area. barbuda is used to hurricanes, but nothing like this one-two punch one after another, those folks can't get a break. chris sowers is tracking the massive storm. just not this storm. >> reporter: you were talking about barbuda they took a direct hit from hurricane irma. jose is on its heels, barbuda is about to get hit by that storm, it's a category four and could strengthen into a five. >> barbuda there's nothing there. >> reporter: the infrastructure it's not what you would see in the states to begin with, it took a massive beating with irma and now you have this monster heading its way. hurricane irma category four storm maximum sustained wind down a tad 155 miles per hour. so, we really need one mile an
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hour to get it back up to a five storm. this is the 5:00 a.m. update from the national hurricane center. 155-mile an hour sustained winds gusting as high as 190 that's the area that will be slamming into southern florida. the pressure has risen 930 mill millibars moving west/northwest. here's storm tracker 6 live we zoomed it into southern florida. florida straits and the florida keys. this is a massive storm. folks remember hurricane andrew, this storm is 2 1/2 times the size of andrew. we're seeing tropical storm force winds affecting miami and areas across the florida keys like key largo and hard on this. this will get worse and worse for this part of the country over the next 6 to ten hours.
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here's what we've seen over the last couple of days. this is the spaghetti plots. each line represents a tropical forecast model. they are all bunched together which is a good sign which means we have confidence that the storm is going to graze cuba over the next 1 hours and barrel north through the florida keys. here's key west right here and make a second landfall between for fort meyers and naples and western side of the peninsula, tampa you're under the gun. moves into southern georgia and alabama and tennessee. we have a good idea where the storm will make landfall. here's the bad news the storm surge because of it's new projected path is spectacular from fort meyers through naples, marco island they are expecting
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a storm surge or wall of water as the storm pushes inland between 9 and 12 feet. that's the red shade. orange, 6 to 9 feet. the yellow, 3 to 6 feet. this part of the area will see a lot of destruction as the eye wall starts to make its way inland. here's a look at the wynfield over the next 12 to 24 hours. 8:00 a.m., sunday, here come the hurricane force winds we could see winds gusting anywhere from 120 to 160 miles per hour if not stronger as the eye wall makes landfall. it will continue toward the north and get into the panhandle of florida. rainfall totals close to a foot when all is said and done in jacksonville. 12-inches plus for miami. melbourne chessing in on -- closing in on ten. harvey stalled and they saw 30
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to 50 inches of rain. this storm is moving quickly, rainfall total will not be anywhere near harvey, but the storm surge is greater than opposed to harvey and the winds are stronger, as well. they will see destruction, but it's going to be a little bit different than what they experienced down in southeastern texas. our weather it's a gorgeous morning, fall-like, 45 in the poconos, allentown, 50, philadelphia, 56. millville, 52 degrees. take a look at the forecasted highs this afternoon, stunning for the month of september, philadelphia, 73. allentown, 70. expect a combination of sun and clouds. trenton, 70. cape may, 71. boards in atlantic city, 72 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast on social media i had someone ask me yesterday will we see another day in the 90s this season. i'm not sure we'll see a day in the 80s, the pattern has changed. the whole way through here in the 70s. no humidity, today, tomorrow,
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monday, 73, 74, 78. no weather problems out there, tuesday increasing clouds, we start to pick up the remnant rains by midweek from irma. showers wednesday wendy 74 and thursday, 7. friday, 78. >> beyounce came home for this visit, she put on a catered dinner for those affected by hurricane harvey. she donated sneakers and made financial donations. as a child she sat alongside the needy in a local church in houston texas. over the years, deand say has made donations to the church's nonprofit. abc is joining other television networks to put on a benefit beyounce, blake shelton, jamie foxx and barbara streisand
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[ crying ] why! 5:24 a.m., social media has offered a ray of sunshine for a mother in the battered area of southeast texas. lauren miller plucked an album from the flood water. the christening date offered a hint about the baby girl and the family in those photos. they posted the information and some of the photos on facebook. that led to a heartwarming reunion between the girl's mom and that album. >> here you go, here's that and then over here what really that was what it saw that was your baby girl. >> a great reunion, that was was. the ink has run, but photos were
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able to to be saved. the mother said that's a priceless gift. hurricane irma threatens florida, this ray doorable couple in washington state they have been married 75 years, she is 92, her husband is 104. they met through their siblings and tied the knot back in 1943. they raised 3 kids together and raised 100 foster children. during their marriage they learned one thing. >> each one should have love. >> faith. >> two things that were here before and will be after. the other, harvey and irma become history. we're back in just a bit. at carmax, we buy all the cars.
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you're looking at the live radar picture of irma as it is set to take a hit on the great state of florida. chris sowers is tracking the powerful and intense system scheduled to make landfall on sunday. we'll keep you posted throughout the week. the eagles depart for washington, d.c. the scene of their season opener. "action news" will be right there as carson wentz and the birds take on the redskins. tory smith and alshawn jeffrey leads the eagles receiving team. tune in tomorrow as we wrap up week one for the eagles. to those who'd say the grass is greener on the other side.. i politely disagree.
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historic category five is making a final approach to florida and other parts of the southeast. the impact hours away coming with a very dire warning. all right, folks a pleasant good morning to you, 5:30 a.m., saturday morning, meteorologist chris sowers tracking this huge and intense powerful and dangerous storm that we call irma. chris i suspect it's expected to make left field sunday morning. >> reporter: it could landfall in two areas first the florida keys around marathon and stream southwestern florida getting into the naples area. if you exclude the carribean and the gulf of mexico this is the strongest atlantic hurricane ever. we can go back to the 1880s. maximum sustained winds 180 miles per hour. if you include the gulf of mexico and the carribean it's the second s


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