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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 11, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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inland rivers. the storm surge is hitting that city and bringing the water up to record levels this afternoon. >> hurricane irma came ashore late yesterday afternoon on marco island which is in southwest florida. these pictures show some of the damage in the resort town as police work to get a grasp on just how bad it may be. before and after picture helps put some of the flooding into perspective there. "action news"'s brian taff weathered out the storm in naples which is less than 20 miles away from marco island. brian, what kind of damage are you seeing where you are today? >> reporter: well, sharrie, it's pretty profound i should say. it's rather remarkable let me start with this by what we're seeing in the skies right now. blue skies and puffy clouds, a light breeze. 24 hours ago at 4 o'clock yesterday we were dealing with the very worst of hurricane irma. wind speeds north of 100 miles an hour, we were gusting north of 140 miles an hour and this
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is pretty good evidence of what damage the storm left behind. trees are down everywhere and look at the shear force of the winds to take down a tree of this size and to toss metal off of signs, from street signs all over the place. despite was see here on the ground behind me people i talked to today say they know it could have been so much worse. >> we sat on our patio and watched the whole storm. >> reporter: marilyn is one of many whose nerves may take some time to recover. >> nerve rattling. it was so -- i was so tense when it was all over that i couldn't even lay down. >> reporter: against the advice of local authorities, marilyn rode irma out with her family inside their naples home. >> it was so intense. parts of it were so scary we weren't even sure but we all just stayed at home. >> reporter: blake and his family evacuated their low lying house to seek shelter at a nearby friend's home. >> it was the worst storm that we've stayed for. we were here for andrew in 92
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and we were here for charlie in 2004. >> reporter: and thats saying something but today cone and other's rattled nerves have given way to relief. much of the damage here is limited to trees. many of which now crisscross the roads a few of which found a more destructive place to land. this is a ban ion tree. some have stood for centuries. this one clearly did not survive irma and as a result neither did this building. power is another problem. naples in southwest florida are today without any electricity. florida power and light says the process to restore it may be the longest in u.s. history possibly requiring a rebuilding of the grid from scratch. and though most houses here won't require rebuilding, the roofs on many of them l will. that back there is the balcony from which we broadcast during hurricane irma yesterday. let's go ahead and turn around. this is the roof that gave us so much concern as we watched
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it peel away when irma's winds were really whipping. what we're being told now is that the units directly below us on the second floor of this building are being inundated with water from when the storm was coming through and from the ponds that have puddled on this roof and you can see the destruction. so, it's wind that damaged that particular roof but it's trees like this that have done damage to most other houses we saw but i want to reiterate that damage to houses is actually rather minor compared to what we expected. when i was driving around on this side of u.s. 41 closer to the gulf of mexico earlier today there are some streets that are not passable, not navigatable because of trees like this that are down. other issues we're dealing with right now not a lot of cell service. we had to drive around quite some time before we were able to get enough cell strength to go live and almost missed being live with you. they're dealing with no water in addition to no power. the main water lines into naples, florida, broke so
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there is no running water in the city right now so obviously it's going to take some time to get them back on line. power-wise water is another question we don't yet know when that will come back online. folks here are being told whatever is in their tanks boil that before they drink it. quite a long road ahead for the people in naples. live in naples brian taff channel6 "action news" and rick. >> brian thank you for that report from florida. most of your major airports in florida remain closed preventing a lot of people who flew out of town from getting home just yet. american airlines says it will not resume flights to miami until tomorrow at the earliest. the timetable depends on approval from the faa and employees' ability to get to work. in all, nearly 4,000 flights scheduled for today alone were canceled. that includes cancellations in atlanta and charlotte, north carolina. >> time now for a check of the accuweather forecast, the latest on what is now tropical
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storm irma. >> how it could impact us briefly here adam. >> yeah, we could see showers by the end of the week but the biggest thing we'll feel is the tropical humidity return at the end of the week. as we look at storm tracker six live tropical storm irma heading into southern parts of atlanta and you can see the rain spreading out across 10 states. that's just about a fifth of the country that is dealing with the rain and the wind from irma. you can see about 700 or so miles all the way from mississippi into north carolina where they are feeling some kind of effects and this is very typical when a very strong hurricane starts to unwind, it's not as tightly as compact so it spreads its rain and winds out and that's how it begins the dying out process but as it's moving into parts of the southeastern united states it brought the third highest storm surge in charleston south carolina's history. record flooding with a storm surge in downtown jacksonville all that water funneling into that northern and eastern part of florida and tropical storm
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warnings remain in effect for most of the state of georgia. as we track irma right now winds sustained 60 miles an hour moving to the north-northwest at 17 and it will continue in that northwesterly direction much it's not aiming towards us and is continuing to move away and will completely die out by wednesday as a remnant low of winds of just 25 miles an hour near memphis, tennessee in the middle of the week but again, as some of that moisture pushes to the north and east, we'll see very little here of the effects of irma. we'll talk about it, though, coming up in that full accuweather forecast sharrie in just a little bit. >> adam thank you. we continue to track the path of irma on the 6abc app. there you can find constant updates as damage reports come in plus photo galleries and videos from locations across florida. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> hard to believe that 16 years has passed but today the nation paused to remember the victims of the september 11th terror attack. [bell tolls]
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>> renee a may. >> my uncle rescue firefighter girard nevins. we love you and we miss you every day. >> i wish more than anything that i could have met you. >> and as they have done every single year since the towers fell relatives gathered at the ground zero into new york city to read the names of the nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives there. also today at the pentagon president donald trump marked his first 9/11 as commander-in-chief. 184 people died when highjackers flew an american airlines plane into that building. >> here on the west side of the pentagon terrorists tried to break our resolve. it's not going to happen. but where they left a mark with fire and rubble, americans defiantly raised the stars and stripes. [bell tolls] >> in shanksville, pennsylvania, today, vice president pence was on hand for the commemoration for
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those who died on flight 93. he says he was in that washington as a member of congress on 9/11. pence says he believes the heroic passengers on flight 93 may have saved his life. that highjacked plane was heading to the u.s. capitol before it crashed in that field here in pennsylvania. rick. >> all right, alicia, thank you. a number of somber ceremonies and tributes took place this morning throughout our area as well to mark 9/11. "action news" reporter john rawlins was at one of the events in philadelphia he joins us live from olde city with more on that. john. >> reporter: hi, yeah, this is the betsy ross house. this was a joint effort by the philadelphia fire department and the philadelphia flag day association. a number of dignitaries were here including robert casey as well as the mayor. now, for most of us for many of us of a certain age i should say, 9/11 is just part of our life but as you'll see after 16 years, for some it's a lesson that has to be
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learned. >> ♪ >> reporter: the philadelphia police and fire pipes and drums led the procession to the betsy ross house. it was a morning to remember those who perished on 9/11/2001, 16 years ago. 343 new york firefighters and paramedics, 23 nypd officers, 37 port authority officers, all 20128 victims. >> we'll honor their memory by fighting against evil and injustice. >> reporter: it was a day that changed the world and how we live in it. before that the phrases homeland security and soft target were rarely used. >> you all know that we are now compelled to police events in ways we never have before. >> reporter: not everyone here today can remember that day. >> we read about it in school. we read -- we saw a documentary. >> i originally did a u.s. history project based on it. >> reporter: some of these frankford high school rotc
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cadets weren't even born. for them 9/11 is like december 7th 1941, history. >> it's really tragic, devastating, heartbreaking. >> reporter: their take away after talking to their elders people were fearful of another attack. >> people wouldn't come out for days. like they would stay at home, scared to come out and that like a few days after, everybody came together. >> reporter: came together but life was less certain than before. >> watch your surroundings, be careful what you do and plan out your future 'cause your future is not promised. >> reporter: well, the primary mission today no doubt about it was to remember those who died 16 years ago today. but there was also recognition for first responders, first responders in general whether it's here in philadelphia on routine matters or whether it's extraordinary times such as what is going on with the aftermath of hurricane harvey and hurricane irma in texas and in florida. live in center city, john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you guys. >> all right, john, thank you.
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>> time for the "action news" traffic report. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center monday afternoon. how was your peaked weekend matt. >> weekend was good. bit of a rocky road this afternoon on a couple major highways like the schuylkill expressway, two separate accidents the first is eastbound just past the conshohocken curve and they just got it pushed off to the side so the lanes are opened. that's the good news. bad news is it jams back to king of prussia and 202. you go further along you're doing okay and then you slam on the brakes again eastbound around city avenue just 4 miles per hour into a second eastbound accident scene. it's here approaching girard avenue. you can see the vehicle facing sideways into the median barrier. police are out here. they've got the two left lanes blocked. that's why you're seeing the big delays coming eastbound from city avenue. stay over on the river drives, the mlk or the kelly. 76 eastbound headed towards center city is not where you want to be this evening. and 95 has issues headed southbound in delco just past the airport, 13, 14 miles per
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hour. it's because of a crash at 320 in chester. two lanes blocked there as well. just one lane getting by and those delays as you can see are spilling back onto the southbound side of the blue route. by springfield high school in montgomery county watch out for a crash along paper mill near 309. emergency crews are on the scene there. let's grab the ipad check your ways home on the waze app on this monday afternoon. delaware kirkwood highway route two by pike creek road crash there with some slowing as well. we'll check it again, sharrie and rick, coming up in the next half hour. >> matt, thank you. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, one man is wanted for committing the same crime in less than 30 minutes. details about the allegations coming up. >> also, pope francis comments on president trump's decision to stop a program helping young immigrants. why he wants the president to think again.
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>> ♪ >> villanova university is honoring the late basketball coaching legend rollie massimino today with a viewing on campus. mourners can pay their respects until 8:00 this evening. his funeral will be held there tomorrow. massimino lost his long battle with cancer last month at the age of 82. he was best known for leading villanova to a 1985 ncaa championship. he also won more than 800 games throughout his long career. police in cape may county are looking for the man who allegedly robbed the same store twice in 20 minutes. officers believe this suspect shoplifted from the game stop in rio grande on saturday. he then changed clothes and allegedly committed the crime again. you're asked to call middle township police if you recognize this suspect. >> in the wake of president trump's decision to end the policy protecting young undocumented immigrants, pennsylvania senator bob casey
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is meeting with some of the so-called dreamers. he sat down with young men and women who are directly impacted by the decision. during the conversation in center city, the democrat called for congress to pass the dream act quickly. lawmakers have six months to act before the program ends. pope francis is weighing in on the daca debate. he told reporters he wants president trump to reconsider his decision to end the program. the pope says anyone who calls himself pro life should be in favor of keeping families together. he made the comments while on board the papal plane returning to the vatican from a trip to colombia. >> a vote later today could put new sanctions on north korea aimed at controlling the nuclear threat from that country. the united nationing security council agreed to take up this matter this evening but the sanctions aren't as strict as the united states would like. members dropped demands to ban all oil imports to the country and freeze international
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assets belonging to the government and leader kim jong un. the vote comes one day after kim attended a concert celebrating the nuclear test. >> apple expected to unveil a new iphone. experts believe the company will unveil the new phone tomorrow during a product event in california. as in years past apple will not confirm any of these details but the news phone is rumored to have a $999 price tag which is twice the cost of the original phone. here now a look at today's closing numbers and a major rally on wall street today. the dow jones closing up more than 259 points. the nasdaq closing up more than 72 points. and the s & p 500 posting its strongest day since late april with up more than 26 points today. >> well, family and friends of children battling illnesses have another resource to help during the difficult time. aarp is sponsoring a room for
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caregivers at the ronald mcdonald house in wilmington. patients' relatives will be able to stay there free of charge while the children are cared for at delaware hospitals. the nonprofit helps more than 2,000 families a year. aarp staff and volunteers also took time this morning to make breakfast for everyone already using the facility. >> the new miss america is enjoying her first day with that coveted crown. cara mund of north dakota took part in that traditional dip in the ocean this morning after winning the title last night. she then mostly sunnyd for a crowd of photographers there to catch shot of her on the beach in atlantic city. the 23-year-old went to brown university and is headed to law school. she also happened to go to high school with philadelphia eagles quarterback carson wentz. another connection here to the delaware valley. >> there you go. all right. and she was there to put her toe in the water and the water temperature probably wasn't that great. there's been some past
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septembers where -- >> september is really nice you go to the shore it's less crowded the water is warm. i don't know if you need to talk about that to people who live down there. don't tell them the secrets. >> it's not a secret anymore. good time to go. >> yes, it is. we've got quite the stretch of weather as well, lots of sunshine, low humidity, as you take a look at this wide shot of the center city skyline, really little happening right now but there are changes as we head towards the middle and the end of the week. in fact, the first change will be that humidity. as comfortable as it has been, that humidity is going to make a return starting wednesday right through the upcoming weekend feeling more summer-like and tropical out there and also a threat of showers starts to return wednesday through saturday. little pieces of what was irma starts to ripple through here at the end of the week and we're also watching the tropics and hurricane josé 'cause that will be drifting out there for sometime and the question is where will josé eventually go. right now temperatures are in
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the middle 70's, so very pleasant. 76 at the atlantic city airport, 75 in allentown and low 70's for the state of delaware. as we look at satellite and radar, again, some changes with some of those high clouds that are streaming up from the south, again, some of these high clouds in response to what was hurricane irma and is still a tropical storm. in fact you're seeing a little bit of some showers and rain bands but notice how they evaporate as they head in from the south into this very dry air in place over our region. as we look at the forecast for tonight we're dipping back into the low and the mid 50's pretty much areawide so partly cloudy and very comfy out there and as we go through the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine but increasing clouds developing during the middle part of the morning into the afternoon. so, you'll see them in those high thin wispy cirrus clouds. 50's in the morning, 60's by mid morning and then going into the lower 80's as we top off the middle of the day. then as we get into wednesday morning, we start to see some of those showers entering from the south and west. they won't be all that heavy and again, they'll be hit or
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miss and no washout here wednesday through the end of the week. hurricane josé is still a cat two but you see really no definitive eye so it's a struggling storm that will bring runs rip currents along the east coast. as we track josé, the end of the track is next sunday. it does a loop right here and then there's a concentration that heads towards florida. there's a concentration that could squeeze it up somewhere along the east coast between bermuda and north carolina so again that's over a week away that we'll watch josé and a lot can happen -- will happen between now and then. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast, 80 tomorrow with high clouds. upper 70's wednesday through friday. wednesday, thursday, friday, very humid with on and off showers each day but not one of those days will be a washout. it's just kind of damp and humid at times. we'll have that seven-day forecast, sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> all right, adam see you in a bit. thanks. it's a major celebration as local catholic schools kicked off their school year.
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>> ♪ the archdiocese of philadelphia put on a festive pep rally near the ben franklin parkway. students from elementary to high school lined the steps of the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul for the big welcome back event. the philly phanatic was also there for the fun as a friendly mascot race was held between the schools. we even spotted mickey mouse out there today. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> the annual 9/11 ceremony at middletown high school included something new this year. for the first time the american flag was raised alongside a freedom flag. it has symbolic elements to honor those who died in the terror attacks as well as the first responders. the school will fly its freedom flag every year to help future generations remember the victims, the heroes and the survivors. a fire station in bucks
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county will hold a memorial ceremony tonight specifically for the first responders who lost their lives on september 11th. exactly 403 american flags are out front of the heartsville fire company. each one represents the life of a new york city firefighter, a policeman or a port authority officer. the station opened at sun up for visitors and won't close until sundown and that ceremony, memorial ceremony, is scheduled to begin at 7 o'clock tonight. >> and a somber ceremony in delaware county this morning to remember the victims of 9/11. it took place here at rose street park in upper providence township. participants gather at the ems memorial. there was a wreath laying and prayer service honoring those that died and the first responders who rushed to the scene in new york city 16 years ago today. retired coast guard fire chief chuck brook served as the keynote speak. >> there's so much more ahead
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when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> it's 4:30. rick williams is joining us. brian taff will be along with a live report on irma in just a moment but "action news" continues with irma's last gasp. >> that's right. the once powerful category five hurricane is now a tropical storm soaking parts of the south as it moves north. >> well, the hurricane
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barreled through florida making landfall not once but twice yesterday. first in the keys leaving houses barely standing and cars buried beneath the sand. with bridges still closed residents can only watch video in hopes of seeing how their homes have faired. the second landfall came along florida's west coast where irma roared ashore on marco island but irma tour apart cities on both coasts flooding neighborhoods and uprooting trees from miami to fort myers as many as 9 million people are now still without power. >> irma may be out of florida but cities up and down the coast will be feeling her effects for weeks if not months. >> our co-anchor brian taff rode that storm out in hard hit naples and that's where he is again today live with a look of some of that damage left behind and brian, you've got that firsthand view there. >> reporter: yeah, hey, rick and sharrie, i'm sitting on a tree obviously in the middle of a road and that's not something that's supposed to
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happen. but there's not a lot of streets here in naples, florida, where one can drive very far without encountering a scene like this. the shear force of these winds was almost undescribable. we were sustained north of 100 miles an hour last night. and that led to scenes like this. were we got up early this morning at first light to drive around to take a look at the damage. we expected the worst. as you can see many streets have trees down, occasional flooding puddles, ponds here and there but i have to tell you given what we experienced yesterday what we saw today was a welcome relief and i know that all i people i spoke to, the residents in naples florida feel the same way. despite the enormity of visuals like this, trees down, many of them fell on open roads not on houses and so damage was absolutely minimal compared to what we expected, sharrie. >> well, brian, we've watched your reports online and on social media. we watched you venture out into the storm and also hunker
4:32 pm
down in your hotel. what -- how do you put this into terms as far as your expectations when you went down there, what were you expecting from irma? >> reporter: well, i'll tell you what, i was never expecting to end up in naples, florida. we came down, we flew into orlando and made our way to fort lauderdale expecting the storm to race up the east coast of florida. when the track changed, our plans changed. here i am in naples florida. my parents have home about 3 miles away from where i stand. i tell you what, that brings an emotional element into this whole thing. you want your city, the one you love so much to survive but when those winds whip up you are just focused on the intensity of what you're experiencing and, gosh, i don't know if i could ever put it into words when the winds and the eye wall came over the top of us yesterday at almost exactly this time 24 hours ago, unbelievable. the hotel begins to shake, the windows begin to rattle, some of them begin to break and at
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one point, we feared that the roof might go and the abc crew down the hall ran down the hall to get in the stairway to take cover. it's in those moments you realize why it is that experts say get out, do not stay and thankfully most people heeded that advice. >> we're glad that you guys are staying same we know that you're with john, our photographer down there and of course we wish you the best knowing that this is a second home to you. so, we'll see you a bit later on the show, brian. be safe. >> brian, thank you for your reporting from florida. meanwhile the hurricane has weakened to a tropical storm as we mentioned. it's still posing a threat to parts of the southeast. >> let's get over to meteorologist adam joseph for a look at where irma is now and where she's heading next. >> the actual center of circulation is now in southern parts of georgia but as you can see the rain shield has expanded, that's very typical with a dying tropical system, the winds kind of spread out as they fall apart and they're far reaching, all the way in parts of the virginias as west as jackson mississippi and as
4:34 pm
we look at some of these bands coming in off the ocean which there are still tornado watches winds gusting to 47 miles an hour near the border of south carolina and georgia, near savannah georgia so some really treacherous weather still in this region with very heavy rain and some wind. we still have tropical storm warnings in effect for northern florida, most of georgia, parts of alabama, up to south carolina and in fact, this is the first time in history that atlanta, georgia, was actually put under a tropical storm warning. it surprised me and i'm sure it surprised many of you that it's never been issued for that part of the southeast, so just showing how strong and how large this system is. in fact where brian taff was in naples florida, winds gusted to 142 miles an hour, 130 miles an hour in marco island which was the second landfall and parts of the keys, well over 90 miles an hour and even miami over 125 miles from the center saw winds near 100 miles an hour and here's the track. it will continue to go to the
4:35 pm
north and west falling apart by wednesday, so we'll continue to see this storm pretty much rip apart and only get a few showers at the end of the week. much more on our local seven-day forecast sharrie in just a little bit. >> all right, adam thank you. we turn now to the latest on the death of country music star troy gentry. the singer who made up one half of the popular duo montgomery gentry died in a helicopter crash in burlington county friday. "action news"'s walter perez returned to the scene today of that tragedy. he's live now in medford with new information about the moments leading up to that crash. walter. >> reporter: well, sharrie the helicopter went down behind that tree line on the south end of flying w airport. the flight was some kind of spur of the moment kind of thing but soon after liftoff the pilot evan robinson started reporting he was having some kind of trouble controlling the engine's rpm's. today people who know robinson say they are certain this was
4:36 pm
some kind of mechanical failure because they say he was a talented young pilot. >> he was an amazing young man. he was full of life. >> reporter: patty coastal flood medford is talking about her dear friend and local flight instructor evan robinson. last friday afternoon, robinson was giving a helicopter tore of burlington county to troy gentry of the popular country music duo montgomery gentry. the band was and scheduled to perform in medford later that day but something happened during the flight and robinson made a distress call. first responders quickly converged upon the flying w airport in medford. >> make an emergency landing apparently he's hovering right now. >> reporter: it's unclear why but moments later, the helicopter fell from the sky in the field just south of the airport. >> crash. >> that's affirmative. >> reporter: the 30-year-old pilot and country music star were the only ones on board. both were killed. local authorities say incidents like these do happen
4:37 pm
but they are unusual. >> there have been a handful of accidents in the time i've been here over 22 years. very often thank goodness not fatal. i believe we have had one or two here over the course of the last few decades. but it's not a common occurrences, no. >> reporter: a public memorial has since been scheduled for thursday for troy gentry at the grand old opry in tennessee. back here in south jersey edward robinson is being remembered as a true gentleman with a passion for flying. >> every time you asked him how are you doing, i'm living the dream, that's what he said every day. this tragedy just shouldn't happen to someone so talented and caring and very sad for all of us. >> reporter: now, we're told that a preliminary report is expected over the next couple of days but a full detailed report from the ntsb will not come out until sometime late next year. reporting live from medford, new jersey, walter perez, channel6 "action news": rick. >> all right, walter, thank you. in other news t-police are
4:38 pm
still waiting for one of two brothers wanted in connection to the murder of a spring garden father who was protecting his toddler, expecting that suspect to be brought back to philadelphia any day now. in a news conference homicide detectives revealed they are waiting for an extradition hearing for 21-year-old maurice roberts before he can return from north jersey. roberts and his 16-year-old brother marvin are accused of robbing girard grandzol last thursday night. police say grandzol gave up his wallet but when the father of two hesitated to hand over his keys pleading that his two-year-old daughter was in the suv marvin allegedly shot him twice in the head. >> one of the most wicked things i've seen 24 years in the police department, very hard to watch. i can't imagine the family, the grief. our condolences go out to them. >> marvin has been charged as
4:39 pm
an adult. his brother maurice will face charges locally when he's extradited. a family friend has set up a go fund me page for grandzol's widow and young daughters raising $169,000 in three days. >> there are somber scenes in towns across the u.s. today as americans commemorate the 16th anniversary of 9/11. a crowd gathered in newark's old land thomas park for a patriot day ceremony honoring the thousands who died on this day in 2001. officials placed three american flags representing new york city, shanksville, pennsylvania, and the pentagon. the three locations directly impacted by those attacks. students in fort washington montgomery county stepped out of the classroom to create their own tribute today. they fanned out in front of upper dublin high school and placed miniature flags in the grass as a memorial to those who died. >> we've heard a lot about the effects hurricane irma had on florida but there's also a call to action to get aid to caribbean islands that are hit
4:40 pm
before irma actually made landfall in the u.s. "action news" anchor monica malpass is live in the news room with more on a local group that's looking to help. hi, monica. >> hi, rick. irma was a category five hurricane when her rain and wind lashed the caribbean. people have been in the dark now four nearly a week. some local volunteers have organized a grassroots effort to help and it is headquartered right here in philadelphia. bob brooks with their story new at 5:00 tonight. also new at 5:00, two men are behind bars allegedly behind a chaotic scene in a camden county parking lot. tonight nora muchanic speaks with the good samaritan who put his own life on the line to save the police officer involved. those stories and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00 and sharrie we'll see you then. >> monica, thank you. they gathered in montgomery county today to hit the links in remembrance of a fallen police officer. the chuck cassidy golf
4:41 pm
tournament was held today. cassidy was a philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty during a robbery back in 2007. the money raised will go towards scholarships for students at two schools that are near and dear to cassidy's heart saint hubert's his daughter's alma mater and father judge his son's alma mater. >> much more still ahead on "action news" at 4:30 from vitamins to vino. monthly subscription boxes for everything are popping up everywhere but are they worth the investment? we looked into a few that will save you money on things you're already buying in what's the deal. >> and it's the viral video that has parents across the country saying, meet the so-called hot mess mom who admits to doing one specific thing when she sees a fancy mom at the bus stop. pass mom, i just saved a lot of money
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great savings. and a whole lot more. >> ♪ >> big talkers now. hot dog vendors don't tend to make headlines that often. there's one in california whose story is now going
4:44 pm
viral. at the university of california berkeley, a grad who was attending a game captured the moment a police officer confiscated money right from the food vendor's wallet. >> back up, back up. >> oh, that's not right. >> you going to take his hard earned money. >> the vendor known only as juan was operating without a permit. the father of three who posted it martin flores says he was outraged. >> he chose this one vendor who was selling hot dogs, an individual who was probably vulnerable an easy target. >> uc berkeley police confirmed the officer took the vendor's money right out of his wallet and then booked it into evidence. flores started on an line fundraising campaign to pay for juan's legal defense so get this, the goal was initially $10,000. by just before 4 o'clock this afternoon it raised close to $40,000. meanwhile there's a separate online petition that's been started to have the officer in
4:45 pm
question there removed from the department. we'll keep you posted on that one. all right, so the kids are back to school and apparently there's a bit of a divide when it comes to school clothes and not the ones on the kids. one mom is going viral for a video being celebrate bide every other mom or dad at the bus stop in sweat pants. >> because real life, because real life, right i-have to get my six-year-old ready. so i grabbed what was on my bathroom floor and i put that on again, gave it a whiff, still good, and i put on my bonnet. don't judge me. >> you heard nicole walker there. she's from maryland. it's all proclaimed hot mess mom. her daughter is going to kindergarten much she's faced with the tennis moms who look amazingly coifed to drop enough the neighborhood. you can see her how muching from the razzle dazzle parents. she said she was dreading seeing them so she sent her
4:46 pm
nanny outside but not before she put a blazer on her. great discussion on my facebook page. are you the fancy or the sweat pants. >> i smell a reality tv show. >> right, right. >> she's riley -- really funny. >> thank you alicia. time for a update on the highways and byways on your monday after loon plan to. >> real life is a hot mess on the roads. it's double trouble in a couple spots. 95 southbound here's your first problem just a few minutes ago we were seeing big flames coming from a car fire. right beyond that overhead sign, right by the exit for allegheny avenue. they still have the two right lanes blocked even though the fire crews got out here. they extinguished those flames. hopefully everything is gone in a few minutes but for to you two right lanes blocked, two left lanes getting by and it's jammed solid southbound from bridge street down allegheny avenue. your second problem on 95 southbound was in delaware
4:47 pm
county in chester an accident by 320 now gone but slow speeds still, still back to philadelphia international airport. it's also double trouble on the eastbound side of the schuylkill expressway. first, a crash past the conshohocken curve on the shoulder so it's extra slow coming from king of prussia. then second another crash eastbound between montgomery and girard still blocks the left lane. this vehicle ran into the jersey barrier, jammed solid from city avenue. use the river drives instead. crash by springfield high school along paper mill road is gone. in lower gwynedd still one on welsh road eastbound by 309. we'll check it again, rick and sharrie, coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> will do. thank you, matt. >> meteorologist adam joseph coming up with your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when we come back. >> okay. >> ♪
4:48 pm
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4:50 pm
at the forecast. nice weekend. >> yeah, perfect way to start the week as well and then things start to change tomorrow night into wednesday. so, take a look at the weather center here, again a very nice evening on tap and i just pushed out a sunset alert. never done that before on twitter just because of the high clouds that are now streaming in from the south and those high clouds are all due to irma which have a lot of ice crystals in them so that could play a part in our sunset tonight, our sunrise tomorrow morning, so something you may want to check out. as we look at dewpoints and how it feels out there, 45 right now is our dewpoint in philadelphia, very low, very comfortable as it has been day after day now as of late. 48 in allentown, 57 cape may but this is the biggest change. how it's going to feel when you're outdoors. you can see tomorrow still not bad at 54 degrees but those dewpoints again also due to irma as everything starts to push up the midatlantic, go back into the mid and upper 60's especially on friday so
4:51 pm
that tropical feeling will return and that also will give us a chance of some showers. temperatures right now are still below average. 75 allentown as well as reading, 76 philadelphia, trenton 77 in millville and right along the shore a bit of a sea breeze there with temperatures in the lower 70's. we can really thank this area of high pressure, number one, because of the nice stretch of whether it brought us over the weekend but it's also keeping everything down to the south and really starting to evaporate any moisture from irma that tries to head to the north but there you can see these edge of clouds, that's the edge of what now is tropical storm irma heading in our direction but the center of circulation now in southern parts of georgia, still dealing with tornado watches and warnings in parts of south carolina and southern georgia and very heavy rain wrapping around that circulation north of it especially over atlanta right now. so, for us at home again those patchy high clouds, very comfortable overnight once again, 52 to 59 degrees. the areas of high pressure still hold on for one more day
4:52 pm
tomorrow so those high clouds will still be around but everything is still being held at bay to the south and west as that area of low pressure which right now is tropical storm irma will just be an area of a remnant low here as we get into tuesday and wednesday. and wednesday mostly cloudy, a couple of showers as a warm front comes in at 77 degrees. and again, that more humid air but the actual circulation doesn't come through here until friday. hurricane josé winds sustained 100 miles an hour, a lot of rip currents for the east coast. this week moving to the north at 12 and as we track josé, it kind of loops around here for the next couple of days and then it drifts towards the bahamas and also somewhere in the midatlantic. this would be on saturday afternoon but then we'll watch to see where it goes as we get into sunday of this coming weekend and monday of next week. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 80 tomorrow, sunshine and some high clouds. we're in the upper 70's wednesday, thursday, friday.
4:53 pm
it is not a washout, no heavy rain but there will be showers at times all three days with in higher humidity. driest day looks to be thursday wet test day would be on friday and still a shower threat on saturday before we dry out sunday. monday with temperatures in the upper 70's, lower humidity by then but even if josé plays a part of our forecast it wouldn't even be next monday, it would be beyond that. >> wow. adam thank you. >> okay. >> what's the deal with subscription boxes? that's coming up. >> ♪ i'm danny.
4:54 pm
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>> subscription boxes have become a big retail trend and while some are for novelty, others are all about necessity and if you choose those services wisely you can save money and more. >> these are basic necessities you can get cheaper and more conveniently right at your door. >> it doesn't get more basic than toilet paper.
4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
>> wink saves i was trip to the liquor store tailoring each box of wine to your taste >> great thing if you live in pennsylvania we didn't used to be able to have wine delivered to your homes. take advantage of that. >> uh-huh. you can get just about everything as part of this subscribe and save model from clothes to razors to cleaning supplies. do the math, you can save big you guys. >> wine to the front door. >> yes. >> finally. all right, alicia thanks. that's going to do it for "action news" at 4:00 for rick williams brian taff alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> ♪
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4:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> the wrath of irma continues to affect the southeast. entire communities have been put under water as the storm causes record flooding in parts of florida. and further south the cleanup process is under way with many towns battered and bruised by one of the strongest storms to come off the atlantic ocean. monday night, the big story on "action news" is the news is
5:00 pm
the aftermath of irma as that storm continues to move north. >> we're starting to see the impact on south florida now that the storm has moved out. boats have been washed ashore roofs torn off and cranes have been toppled. but now all eyes are on north florida and coastal georgia tonight suffering record flooding as irma continues to move north. >> at this hour, two deaths have been couldn't confirmed, one in florida, one in georgia. there's reports of a third death coming in. more than 7 million people are without power. that includes more than half of the state of florida. and now the main concern is flooding and the storm surge. >> all right, we have team coverage tonight. meteorologist cecily tynan is tracking where irma is heading next. bob brooks has more on local relief efforts for the storm but we begin now with abc's marci gonzalez who is reporting from tampa florida tonight with the latest on irma. >> reporter: hi, rick and monica on this still windy d


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