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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  September 14, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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win. get your celebration ready. dunkin' donuts. this is coffee. this is winning. dunkin' donuts. this is coffee. 6:00 a.m., thursday, september 14. the. >> search is on for the gunman who shot four men sitting outside. police say it was a drive by shooting. >> plus today, the president heads to florida to see the damage left behind by hurricane irma amid the rush to get the power back on for millions of americans. >> some of you dealing with fog and look at that, chances of showers later on. >> reporter: we have david murphy outside looking at the skies. karen rogers has the morning commute. knowledge skies are kind of
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cloudy in most spots. we have showers in the western portion of the region. berks county the western part of the county picking up a light shower and southwestern chester county may be getting in a couple of minutes. new castle county delaware will pick up a spritz. most of that will fall a part and most of the precipitation holding off until later tonight. 67 in allentown 69 in trenton. 67 in wilmington. it's humid out there this morning, the dewpoints are in the 60s well into the 60s in most neighborhoods starting out human today than yesterday, anything over 60 indicates humidity you tend to feel. we have fog here and there, it's been fluctuating a bit over by toms river and allentown and lancaster have patchy fog, as we roll through the day it's warm and muggy. 77 degrees by noon. high of 80 this afternoon by 3:00 p.m. at times there will be a shower may be a 0 thundershower or thunderstorm, if we see that it's likely after 2:00 p.m.,
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3:00 p.m. and extending into the evening hours. karen looks like the warm, muggy pattern stays with us for several times. details in the seven day. what you got on the roads? >> reporter: so far so good, it's a sweet spot of the morning, the roads are not busy just yet, criewks crews -- construction crews cleared, no issues on the schuylkill expressway, lots of overnight construction has cleared, so all lanes are back open. we had an accident last night that damaged one of the policy, so the lights are on flash on the boulevard at rhawn street. be careful as you travel in this area and no cross traffic allowed at rhawn street because of that. we have the lights on flash at city avenue and monument drive once again today. that's causing problems as well. the boulevard extension southbound traffic heading toward the schuylkill expressway. a little bit of building volume maybe a hint of fog, the fog is not too big of an issue right
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there. the area bridges reduced speeds 35 miles per hour because of the fog. be careful as you travel. >> a group of men sitting outside in north philadelphia became the victims of a drive-by shooting. it happened on second street near lippen cot before 10:00 p.m. police heard the gunfire when they arrived on the scene they found four victims including a man who was shot in the chest. the injuries were life threatening. three other victims suffered gunshot wounds to their arms. they will survive. the shooters were in a white suv we'll have a live report with details in the next half-hour. police are investigating another shooting that injured a man in the city's logan section. that gunfire broke out around the previous shooting before 10:00 p.m. on the 4900 block of north hutchinson street. he was taken to einstein in critical condition.
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no arrests. in just a few hours president trump will get on marine one and travel to south florida and see the destruction caused by hurricane irma. 25 people in florida have died because of the storm including, and this is heartbreaking 8 elderly people who perished because of the sweltering conditions in the nursing home. the facility lost power to the air-conditioning because of the storm. scott scwot is live on -- katherine scott is live on more for an urgent call for help. people are desperate and in bad straits down there. >> reporter: president trump is scheduled to visit florida making stops in naples and fort meyers to survey the damage caused by the hurricane. the cleanup in florida and other areas hard hit by irma is just beginning. on st. john the smallest of the three u.s. virgin islands,
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hurricane irma wiped out 30 square miles of island. most of the residents lost what they had, and no means to rebuild without outside help. in saint thomas, landscape is decimated. those who live there are desperate. >> it's hard to get food, water, gas, it took us three hours to get ice. the mosquitoes i'm worried about diseases, i don't thinkic do it. >> it -- i don't think i can do it. >> reporter: search and rescue are out in the keys forcing their way inside homes looking for anyone trapped. cadaver dogs were dispatched looking for signs of people who stayed throughout the storm. >> something like this it's shuttered up, somebody would have rode out the storm in there. >> reporter: in hollywood florida, investigators are looking into the death of 8 nursing home residents. the air-conditioning lost power after irma struck on sunday.
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early wednesday morning a resident having a heart attack called for help. first responders found multiple people in distress. three people were found dead in the nursing home. five more people died at the hospital. portable ac units are being used, but city officials say the facility was excessively hot, 158 patients were evacuated to nearby hospitals. >> most of the patients have been treated for respiratory distress and dehydration. >> reporter: the first lady and the president are expected to be in florida, president trump could take a trip to the u.s. virgin islands that could happen as early as next week. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> a man is recovering from being hit by a pickup truck in delaware at west north rock well drive.
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the driver remained at the scene. state police are investigating whether any charges are warranted. police released new surveillance video of suspects in an attempted robbery and shooting in west philadelphia. the suspect female gunman and her accomplice stalking derrick hinton. he was followed down north 53rd street where the woman confronted him and shoots him in the stomach. the pair ran off without taking anything. the victim remains in the hospital. he equifax has answers onw the data of millions of people were exposed. >> if you have not checked the website for yourself, a vulnerable in web server software is the blame for the
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data breach. the breach may have affected 143 million americans, they said it was still investigating the scope of the breach and determine what information was accessed and who has been affected. minor gains for stocks pushed major indexes to new all time closing highs. reports on consumer prices and weekly jobless claims are out today. pasta pass at olive garden is available for 8 weeks beginning september 25th. the pass costs 100 bucks, you will have to grab one at pasta passes sold out in one second last year. got to figure out your workout schedule for the next 8 weeks. that's a lot of carbs.
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>> don't sweep on the salad. >> reporter: i like the salad dressing. after that they can serve me whatever they want. storm tracker 6 live double scan, you have a little bit of rain out in the western areas, two dmengsal view shows you some of it is inching toward southern chester county and berks county and reading. a sprinkle in areas south of dover, delaware. it doesn't look like much. probably falls a part in the next a couple of hours, later today we get a chance of a shower or thundershower. stepping outside, we have sunshine poking through the clouds, i think that's possibly today, clouds an sunny breaks. no fog in philadelphia, either. although some outlying areas are dealing with that. something to keep in the back of your mind out in berks county and the outlying suburbs. dewpoints in the mid to upper 60s. it's more humid this morning and
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later this afternoon. winds out of the south at 3, ocean temperature, 72. future tracker 6 shows you between now and noon, not a lot of precipitation, clouds and sunny breaks. after 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m., there's a better chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm in spots, by 6:00 p.m. seeing some of that. the current model run wants to keep this off to the north. i'm going to allow for it in through the i-95 corridor, as well. later tonight we'll see more of this say 10:00, 11:00, pushing toward the shore. adam and cecily will have that at 1:00 p.m. on channel 17 and here at 11:00 p.m. it's going to be warm this afternoon, 80 degrees, a pop-up shower or thunderstorm mostly in the afternoon and evening, not a lot of it. it will be in some neighborhoods. upper 70s in allentown, trenton and wilmington. 08 in philadelphia and millville. mid 70s on cape may's
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promenade and the boardwalk in ac. rip currents a moderate risk in the ocean. marlins and phillies. possibly thundershower i think they will get the ballgame in. 74 in the first pitch, 79 in the 9th inning. 82 tomorrow, breaks of sun and warm and humid, that pattern stays with us throughout weekend. hurricane jose category one tropical storm before re'merging into a category one. looks like on most of the models it will stay off the coast not to impact us. we'll get rip currents, but not major rain impact from jose. 80 is the high, thundershowers at times. tomorrow, warm and humid, 82. thundershower possible. warm and humid on saturday, 83.
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sunday, dry and 83 degrees. monday, 81. tuesday and wednesday, we'll have jose going by us, we'll post clouds and more rain depending on the track of the storm. >> we're learning about a deadly high school shooting in the northwest, a student put his own life on the line when a classmate opened fire. >> google has gone through some of the searches, you might be surprised of the simple things that are at the top for the online search for advice. >> reporter: building volume on i-95 southbound near girard. no big issues. however, i-95 southbound in delaware is blocked. we have a major accident coming in. i'll give you the details and show you what backup when we come right back.
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>> welcome back taking a live look the view out across philadelphia international. clear there, but foggy in other locations. 6:15 a.m., 59 degrees. >> the slow down in delaware. >> reporter: multi-vehicle accident, i-95 southbound all lanes have been temporarily blocked here as you travel near 495. ahead of that spot you're seeing 18 miles per hour kind of crawling along i-95 southbound especially at this early hour. you don't expect it to be that jammed. breaking news out of wilmington, delaware, i-95 southbound blocked at 4935 because of that accident multi-vehicle accident. penndot let's see if you can hold that shot.
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look at the headlights, i-95 southbound you're at a standstill right now as we look live at maryland avenue in wilmington, so this is i-95 southbound everybody is crawling along up until that point, then they are completely stopped. all traffic is blocked with a multi-vehicle accident that happened in the past few minutes. 22 minute ride from naamans road to 295. it's going to because all lanes are blocked at i-95 southbound. penndot is zooming around all lanes blocked ahead because of a big accident on i-95 in delaware. let's look at another issue around the area. boulevard at lawrence street an accident yesterday it broke the traffic light there, it's flash boulevard at rhawn street. no crossing there either. an accident in wilmington, right near the area we have showers that are moving up from the south that's a little bit of an
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issue that you can see. let me show you that one more time, there you go. the showers for the most part are south and west of the city, but they are near wilmington where we have the major accident. fog is an issue, ten mile visibility is not bad at philadelphia international. in between the reporting sites we're getting areas of fog that's making it tricky to travel in spots. >> we obtained new information overnight about the deadly school shooting in washington state. the spokane sheriff said the student walked into freeman high school and fired a gun, but it jammed. he used a second gun to shoot and kill a student but then he shot -- who attempted to stop him. a classmate of the suspect described him being obsessed with perceives vows school shootings. sean spicer appeared for the first time on tv since departing from the west wing. he talked about the first press
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briefing where he said the president trump inauguration was the largest ever which seemed to be at odds with the photos of the two events. >> i appreciate the reminder how it went down. if it was up to me, i wanted -- i would have worn a different suit. >> he said he will not be writing a tell-all book. he said it was not his job to agree with the president, but to represent him in public. >> reporter: tesla is set to unveil a battery powered tractor-trailer. it's worth seeing the beast in person. it's unreal. polaroid is making a comeback ten years after it stopped making the iconic instant film camera. it's made by
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project the company on a mission to revive iran instant photography and launching two film in color and black and white. google said how to draw is the 5th most popular how to question. number 4, how to lose weight. number 3, how to get pregnant. >> how to kiss and how to tie a tie. those are tech bytes. when itrust the brandtburn, doctors trust. nexium 24hr is the number one choice of doctors and pharmacists for their own frequent heartburn. and all day, all night protection. when it comes to heartburn, trust nexium 24hr.
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>> reporter: what's up everybody it's shoshanna with "action news" fitness tip. i've got my girl kristin here,
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you ready. booty burner. give me 15 lifts, when you you're done with the 15, lower the right leg for 15. bone us move lift the left he'll up and down, 15, 15, 15, don't forget to do the other side you will feel the burn. >> reporter: the other part is easy, i'm doing that right now. >> i can do a little more than the ankle part. let's go outside to the schuylkill expressway westbound traffic on the left heading toward king of prussia. moving nicely so far, no big delay, we can see the volume building, we have a train that's 26 minutes late on the paoli thorndale. newark train 30 minutes late.
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we'll have more on the major accident on i-95 southbound in wilmington coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> reporter: in the weather center we have cloud cover moving in, a lot of it low cloud cover, there are showers out there, and some of the showers may have a tendency to move in across the region a little bit later on in the afternoon hours, these that you see on storm tracker 6 live are probably going to fall a part before too much longer, i'm not sure they make it to philadelphia, but it's something we'll be watching. 69 degrees if -- in philadelphia. 69 in trenton and 69 in wilmington. as we roll through the afternoon, warm high of 80 around 3:00 p.m. the later we go through the afternoon and evening, the better chance we have a pop-up shower or perhaps a thunderstorm. tam? >> thank you, david. going on to "healthcheck" a warning for women with vitamin d deficiency. they have an increased risk of
6:24 am
developing multiple sclerosis. researchers studied blood samples from women. research is needed to find out if the reverse might be true if vitamin d can reduce the risk of getting ms. we'll be right back. >> it was a chaotic scene at a
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busy intersection in london. the car caught fire and rolled down the street toward traffic.
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the driver jumped out to escape the flames. the man tried to stop the car from rolling away, but it was not successful. fire department brought the situation under control and nobody was injured. is a u.s. marines were injured during a training exercise in southern california. officials say the marines amphibious vehicle was on land when it erupted in flames. 8 marines were rushed to a burn center in san diego. the vehicle involved in the accident was used to transport marines from sea to land since in the 1970s. police have arrested several people accused of looting and stealing. in two incidents looters drove vehicles into stores in a way to break inside. thieves made off with 7 dirt bikes worth $38,000. breaking overnight, police respond to a crash near a major local bridge involving a stolen
6:28 am
car. mixed results on the president making a deal on daca, the president is up own tweeting about it already this morning him we'll tell you what he said when we come right back. we sip, we peel,
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dunkin' donuts. this is coffee. the search is on for the driver who stole a car and crashed it on the ben franklin bridge. >> a drive-by shooting injuries four people in north philadelphia. we have a live report. >> it's a foggy start to the day in some parts, you might need the umbrella. it's humid, yes. >> can't see anything on the a peco building. >> good morning, 6:30 a.m. >> reporter: complainers. >> david and karen do you share these sentiments? >> reporter: hey look i'm seeing pink clouds off in the distance, there's going to be sun out
6:31 am
there this morning. okay, let's look at storm tracker 6 live double scan, a couple of showers to the west, western edge of chester county picking up some of these and some in berks county and new castle county picking up a bit. this is light falling a part, i think another batch will be here later this afternoon and evening. a few more of you might experience. 69 degrees is the current term, 69 in trenton and philadelphia. 67 in allentown reading, and wilmington. 72 in cape may. it's on the humid side this morning with the dewpoints which were down in the 50s for days and well into the 60s and staying in those high 60s the rest of the day. anything over 60 indicates air that feels humid. visibility not as bad as a little while ago. anywhere where you see the gray in the northern suburbs and east of philadelphia, you have a shot of running into fog. 77 degrees by noon, the high today 80 warm and humid today. again while there are showers around this morning, some more
6:32 am
will probably develop this afternoon and evening those could include thundershowers, maybe a rumble of thunder later in the day and evening. looks like the warm and humid air mass is with us through the weekend. karen i have the details on the numbers coming up. >> we have more on breaking news coming out of delaware. i got off the phone with state police, it's a fatal accident blocking all lanes on i-95 southbound right at the state line pennsylvania and delaware, as you travel toward the area you're traveling 11 miles per hour, all lanes blocked on i-95 southbound. if you need to get to wilmington, take 4935 instead. all lanes blocked on i-95 southbound. as we look at the camera shot you can see the traffic is not going anywhere. we're looking live in wilmington, i-95 at maryland avenue. traffic is at a standstill. all lanes blocked on i-95 southbound. you have to use 495 instead. let's look outside on the schuylkill expressway nothing major happening here, you can see the fog we've been traveling
6:33 am
in and out of that, we're getting forward speeds, too, schuylkill expressway westbound between the vine and the blue route, a 20 minute drive you're jammed from the bull regard to gladwyn. whiff mall functioning traffic lights from an accident last night. if you're on the boulevard at rhawn street traffic light not working and crossing at rhawn, matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. breaking right now, a driver bailed out of a stolen car after crashing it at the ben franklin bridge. police say the suspect stole the keys from a house and sped away before losing control. the driver struck a barrier in old city and fled the scene on foot. philadelphia police are out there searching for the car thief. a group of men were out enjoying fresh air when an suv pulled up and a gunman sprayed the group with bullets. all four men standing there were wounded. jeanette reyes has the latest on the story live at police headquarters, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam.
6:34 am
we just finished talking to the police commissioner richard ross. he is telling me detectives have a hard time coming up with a lead. there's not much evidence at this point they are hoping to get evidence from surveillance camera video they were able to obtain. there's an active manhunt underway after four men were shot multiple times one shot in the chest and taken to the hospital for surgery. this is the scene overnight along second street near lippen lippencot. the four men were shot two men in their 50s were shot in the arms and legs. another in his 30s was shot in the arm. all in stable condition. the 4th victim in his 30s was shot in the chest. he was rushed to temple for surgery. the backup scene police collected as much as they could.
6:35 am
police got ahold of surveillance camera footage. they hope to get more information. the big concern is that the men are on the run. >> obviously we're looking for armed and dangerous, one individual or individuals in this white suv they fired shots in this mainly residential neighborhood around 9:55 p.m., it's a nice night, a lot of people were sitting on their front porches and the sidewalk and enjoying the weather. second street is a heavily traveled street for vehicular traffic there's a lot of businesses in the area. this was a pretty brazen shooting. >> reporter: and to be clear this could be one person, one gunman or multiple, but that is not known at this point. there's no known motive. commissioner saying they have no idea at this point why these men were shot, they believe they were clearly the intended targets. as soon as we get more
6:36 am
information we'll make sure to pass it along, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> matt. >> thank you, new this morning, a serial flasher is reportedly exposing himself to women in a small delaware county. middletown police released the surveillance video of the suspect. three happened in the downtown shopping district. call delaware crime stoppers or the middletown police tip line if you know who he is. police indicate the lafayette freshman who died on monday was killed by blunt force injury. easton police are investigating a chain of events that started saturday before williams was discovered unconscious outside his dorm on sunday. new this morning, a new in the last hour, president trump just tweeted that no deal was made last night to keep young immigrants to keep from being
6:37 am
deported. no deal was made on daca, massive border security would have to be changed. all this conflicts after democratic leaders said after the meeting over dinner. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer released a joint statement saying we agree to enshrine the protections of daca and work out border security including the wall. white house press secretary excluded -- disputed it. republican controlled house pledged to plug 2.2 budget gap
6:38 am
with a loan cutting mass transit, environmental protection and economic development. the plan may be rejected by tom wolf saying it failed to solve the states underlying fiscal problem. key services will be cut starting tomorrow if a funding plan is not passed. >> 6:38 a.m., david you said it is clear enough to see the advance of the sunrise. >> reporter: toward the east you can see the pink clouds and there will be sunny breaks today. there's a fair amount of cloud cover around, though. out to the west we're looking at showers popping up from the south and starting to push a little bit towards the north/northeast. western chester county a little sprinkle around new castle county delaware, this may continue to slide east toward philadelphia. in most cases it's falling a part and diminishing that cell to the west of dover may be an issue as it purges up toward
6:39 am
wilmington later this morning. as we look outside, we have sky6 live hd showing you the situation i just described. there is color starting to show up in the skies to the east. a little bird flitting around wow tons of birds if you look in the distance there. we'll see sunshine today mixing with clouds. 69 degrees is the current temperature, the dewpoint has climbed overnight, we're in the upper 60s, anything over 60 indicates humid feeling air, so it feels a bit sticky, especially as you start getting out there and turning around. wind out of the south at 3 ocean temperature, 72. future tracker 6 not big on the rain this morning. there could be sprinkles and showers for a while. noon it's basically clouds and sunny breaks. after 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., we'll be on the look out for doicial showers and thunderstorms -- doicial showers and thunderstorms -- additional showers and thunderstorms breaking out here and there. the model is under selling what we're getting later on i expect
6:40 am
it to be fairly spotty. later this evening, model wants to put in an additional shower or thunderstorm in later tonight. check it out live with adam and cecily on channel 17 and here at 11:00 p.m. on 6abc. it will be warm and humid today, 08 around 3:00 p.m. 9 bulk of thetion will be spotty. allentown, reading, 78, 79. 80 in philadelphia and millville. 76 along the boardwalk and rip currents evident in the waters again. phillies an marlin wrap up hopefully what will be a three game sweep temperatures in the mid 70s for the first and 9th innings. tomorrow, warm and humid, clouds and sun. hurricane jose category one as
6:41 am
it shoots off the coast. we get clouds maybe a little rain. 80 degrees and humid and thundershowers today. spotty stuff, tomorrow, warm and humid, 82. for the weekend, warm and humid saturday, 83 spotty shower, dry on sunday, still humid another warm high of 83. monday, clouds and sun, 81. tuesday, mostly cloudy, as jose comes past us, as perhaps a tropical storm and so we are posting the chance anyway of rain depending on the track, cloudy maybe a little wet on wednesday, too. >> 6:41 a.m., coming up, still here on "action news" a missing teacher has been found, her body we should say, she was found murdered. police pin it on the man who was pleading for her safe rush. miss america on the wentz wagon. he responds.
6:42 am
>> reporter: i-95 we're jammed from cottman to girard, we have a fatal accident on i-95, latest details on that coming up >>
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> 6:44 a.m., back to the breaking traffic news in delaware with karen. >> reporter: i talked with state police, they are telling me this is a fatal accident. they blocked off a larger portion of i-95 because of it. the accident itself is i-95 at 495, because we have such a backup growing quickly on i-95 southbound five miles per hour. what they have done is shut down i-95 at 495 you're not
6:45 am
continuing on i-95 and getting in this backed up traffic. they are diverting traffic on 495. if you're heading toward wilmington, you cannot continue on i-95 southbound you have to get off at 495 because of you have the major accidentment an multi-vehicle accident a fatal accident that the happened at 5:30 a.m. i-95 southbound at 495. you see the speeds of 5 miles per hour. let's ski if we can see the shot on i-95. look at the backup. traffic is not moving, these folks are stuck here on i-95 southbound. is this camera shot is at maryland avenue, so the accident scene is a little farther ahead where they are blocking all lanes at i-95 southbound. the traffic is kind of stuck in here. look at how the travel time has grown since i talked to you last. 47 minute ride from naamans road to 295. compared to the other direction northbound which is 14 minutes. a major accident multi-vehicle accident a fatal accident in wilmington, blocking up a lanes
6:46 am
i-95 southbound at 4935. so you're not sitting in this traffic they have blocked up a traffic at 4935 and forcing everyone -- 495. i-95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine 26 minute ride. nothing major on the schuylkill expressway. 42 is okay. the big issue is in delaware, i-95 southbound. let's look at the weather conditions that's affecting the roads this morning. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing sprinkles in delaware, showers in reading. the rest of the area the roads are dry, the other issue is visibility. we're looking at 3 miles in trenton. 3 miles in reading. .8 in lancaster because of the fog out there, we have reduced speeds on all the area bridges at 35 miles per hour. the search for a missing high school teacher in maryland has come to a tragic end. police found the body of a 31-year-old lara wallen buried
6:47 am
in a shallow grave. officers arrested her boyfriend who killed her back on september 2 and used her phone to send her sister a text message. he was part of a family press conference calling for her safe return unaware that he was named a person of interest. >> the pharma bro is in jail in new york awaiting sentencing. the judge revoked martin shkreli's bail yesterday because of a social media post that posed a threat to hillary clinton. martin shkreli had come under fire for raising the price of a life saving drug by 5,000 percent.
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"g.m.a." >> let's go to robin roberts him we're learn being one of the tragedies to come aabout with hurricane irma you have the latest on that. >> reporter: matt and tam you're right a tragic story out of florida, 8 seniors dieing after the air-conditioning was knocked down in the nursing home. the hospital right across the street. many are wondering how this could have happened. so a criminal investigation is underway we're live on the scene. ahead president trump inviting democratic leaders to
6:51 am
the white house for dinner to discuss daca and border security. the debate over what was agreed upon we'll have that morning. abc news investigation into a request by the treasury secretary to use a government jet for his honeymoon. what officials have to say in response, our brian ross has the details. it's thursday, deals and steals. >> reporter: it is tory johnson birthday today. we'll serenade her on "g.m.a." >> cakes and candy. i'm going to give matt my wallet that way i won't by five things. >> you will be tempted today. we have good stuff today. >> always. >> reporter: we have breaking news, the big accident on i-95. i want to show you how the delay has grown, 59 minute jam from naamans road 295. i-95 southbound a mess a fatal accident scene happening at the split of 495 i-95 southbound past wilmington.
6:52 am
it's creating big problems, huge delays, stick to 495 instead of continuing on i-95 southbound in wilmington. >> reporter: a couple of showers on storm tracker 6 live double scan this morning, karen, they are mostly in the western suburbs kind of falling a part, but it's something we have to keep an jovanni eye on. 69 degrees in philadelphia. this afternoon a warm and muggy high of 80. round of thundershowers developing in the afternoon and evening. >> eagles quarterback, carson wentz put north dakota on the map around here. now he has company. the newly crowned miss america, karen mudn is from north dakota. the two know each other a little, he talked about her comments yesterday. >> we're similar in age, the idea of playing the fame -- game and having the platform it's to be a role model to kids.
6:53 am
it's different when they are close to the same age. the cool part of the game showing it can be done no matter where you come from. >> mund and wentz went to the same high school. mund is the first contestant from north dakota to win the miss america crown. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network.
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group of men sitting outside in north philadelphia were the victims of drive by shooting. four men were hospitalized before 10:00 p.m. the police say the shooter or shooters were in a white suv. >> reporter: the big story in traffic, breaking news, fatal does he want scene on i-95 southbound at 495. look at the speeds, 4 miles per hour. it's a mess out there. as we look live the travel time keeps growing, 61 minute jam it takes over an hour to get from naamans road to 295. this is a huge delay for people in delaware, dave. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows showers popping through areas west of philadelphia. these are moving north an sliding east falling a part at the same time. it will be warm and muggy, high of 80 around the average high of 79. this afternoon shower or spotty thunderstorm possible most of the day looks dry.
6:57 am
>> that's it for us, we'll be back in 30 for updates. for karen rogers, matt o'donnell, david murphy i'm tamala edwards. we hope you are having a great thursday, tomorrow is friday. >> yeah, it will be crazy tomorrow. >> reporter: it will be. fran grenier.
6:58 am
new jersey born and raised. like his father before him, he served our country with honor in the navy. came home and worked his way up from floor technician to supervisor at the salem power plant. as a husband and father, grenier knows how families struggle to make ends meet.
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that's why he'll fight to cut our taxes, and stand up to career politicians like steve sweeney. if we want to change trenton, there's only one way. fran grenier.
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good morning, america. breaking new details on that nursing home tragedy. eight people dying in the aftermath of irma. overcome by heat, their air-conditioning knocked out. rescue crews rushing in to evacuate everyone. now the nursing home temporarily shut down. families are demanding answers. a criminal investigation is under way. the hospital is across the street. why weren't they taken there? and the dire situation in the florida keys. residents desperate for drinking water. overnight president trump dines with democrats chuck schumer and nancy pelosi at the white house negotiating on immigration, d.r.e.a.m.ers and border security. did they make a deal to protect the d.r.e.a.m.ers but drop the wall? what they're saying thi


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