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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 15, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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ve sweeney. if we want to change trenton there's only one way. fran grenier. >> breaking now on "action news" a bang on the door is followed by a barrage of bullets. two women were shot. police are investigating an explosion in london that was
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declared an act of terror. >> neighborhood watch neighbor ban together to keep trouble making teens off their block. >> good morning 5:30 a.m. september 15. let's go over to karen rogers and meteorologist david murphy. >> reporter: weather center shows we have rain off the coast moving away from us, there's sun and clouds and there's a chance of pop-up shower or rumble of thunder later on in particular. 68 degrees in philadelphia. 63 in trenton. 63 in allentown. 62 in reading. 64 in wilmington, 71 in cape may. as we go into the afternoon it will be warm andid again. 80 degrees by noon. high of 83 hits it about 3:00 p.m., 81 by 5:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m., still warm and muggy 79 degrees. a chance of a pop-up shower or
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thunderstorm. as we get the kids ready for the bus stop. here comes the bus it kicked the wrong way. you try it at home, it's tough. partly cloudy skies on the bus stop. humid conditions 63 in the suburbs. looks like 68 in and around philadelphia as we get the kids out the door, karen the looks warm and humid for the weekend maybe more showers around there are changes in the track of jose coming up in just a few minutes. >> reporter: do not try kicking the bus. looking outside live schuylkill expressway approaching spring garden heading toward center city. no accidents on the schuylkill expressway. we're dry looking good. the ove the schuylkill expressway has been cleared too. no problems right here. we have an issue in milford township a multi-vehicle accident injuries on the scene. we see ems workers here. that's why they shut down john fries highway old stick to progress drive to get
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around that problem in milford township. i-95 we have construction between 141 and delaware avenue in delaware, it's blocking two lanes that will be causing a little bit of a of an issue. looking outside live on the ben franklin bridge no problems today, westbound traffic coming into the city. we have been watching for fog seeing a little bit of that, areas north of the city. yesterday we reduced speeds because of the fog not today matt. >> a woman checked out a loud noise at a door and suddenly a woman and her friend are ambushed can gunfire. katherine scott has the latest. >> reporter: the two women are in stable condition at penn presbyterian hospital. a 3-year-old girl was inside the home at time of the shooting, she was not injured. there were 14 bullet holes
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counted in and around the front door. let's go to video from southwest philadelphia, you can see the police on the scene gathering evidence to try to determine the motive in the case. this happened before 2:00 a.m. two women a 40-year-old who lives there and her 36-year-old friend were inside the home on the 5400 block of hatfield street when they heard a loud banging on the door. one woman walked over and looked out the peephole and 14 shots were fired ten shots went through the front door, two went through the doorjamb and the other two went through siding, police were called and the women were taken to penn presbyterian. the 40-year-old was shot in the stomach, 36-year-old was shot in the thigh. the friend's daughter was in the house we don't know where she was, but she was unscathed. officially they counted 1 bullet holes, but that has risen to 14.
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>> they went through the dwoor into -- door into the couch into the ceiling. >> reporter: the shots were fired from the sidewalk across the street. they don't have a detailed description of the gunman, they do know he was wearing a mask at the time. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you katherine. we're following breaking news out of london. police have declared an explosion that happened at a subway station an act of terror. a rider tweeted objects on fire tweeting that he had to runaway out of the way of the fireball. how people react seemed to depend on where they were on the train. cameras flying over the train show firefighters helping people off the tracks in an somewhat orderly mannerle further up on the platform there was a
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stampede. people felt there was a fireball people had official injuries and they were rushing and stampeding out of the station. again you're taking a look at the people who were helped off by emergency workers. an eyewitness telling abc news that the explosion to him seemed minor he saw flames fly from a handbag and someone caught the image of the fire the image we showed you originally the bag and pale on fire. the eyewitness said he saw five people being treated for minor facial burns. other people were stampeding down the stairs and out of the station. a british official telling abc news it is an isolated incident as of yet there are no fatalities we're keeping on eyen this. developing right now the united nation security council is holding an emergency meeting to discuss continued nuclear threats by north korea. kim jong-un launched an missile over the japanese aerospace in
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the longest attempt yet for the second time in three weeks. it's an act of clear defines coming days after the security council imposed new sanctions on the rogue nation. south korea responded to the launch by immediately conducting a simulated strike of the north korea launch site. japan activated sirens and shelter alerts. japanese officials say the missile was in the air 20 minutes before splashing down in the pacific ocean. secretary of state rex tillerson said the continued provocations deepen north north korea's diplomatic and economic isolation. south philadelphia neighborhood is taking a stand against a group of teens who are terrorizing neighbors. they have been there every night hoping to discourage the bad
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behavior. the surveillance video shows the teens attacking a man. the children were throwing rocks at cars and houses. pennsylvania's cash crunch has become a bigger problem. the state's main bank account is projected to go below zero. they have a budget, but no agreement or plan to pay for it. it's embroiled in fight how to patch a $2.2 billion deficit. they had a plan to borrow money from transportation protection. the administration has not said how it will manage to pay every bill on time. the state treasurer is against a short term loan. a spectacular display kicks off on the benjamin franklin parkway on its 100th birthday. lancer were propelled by petty
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cabs. it features the colorful work of chinese artist. >> the lancer that you see on -- lancer that you see on the -- lanterns you see on the petty cabs are from my hometown. it becomes a festival for the local people. >> beginning tonight the public will get a free ride on the petty cabs, thursday through sunday, 6 to 10:00. >> it's a great idea, we should have them riding around the city all the time. that would be great. >> you might want to talk about them. >> i wouldn't want to be the person to petal all around. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan shows dry conditions. as we take a look outside it's humid, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds overall today. maybe a pop-up shower at times this afternoon or a rumble of thunder. doesn't look like that will be
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the order of the day but something in the neighborhoods now and then. 68 degrees it's mild this morning, the dewpoint will drop since we've been on the air for the last hour and ten minutes. it's down to 62, a little bit humid not too bad. winds out north/northwest at 6, the ocean temperature 72. throughout the morning it's basically cloud and sun, this afternoon there's a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm that pops up briefly. some of you could in the humid air mass could get a brief downpour. this is not everywhere all at once. today's forecast overall, warm and humid 68 degrees by 8:00. 74 by 10:00. 80 by noon, high of 83 by 3:00 p.m. high temperatures across the region everybody in the low 80s. 82 in allentown. 81 in reading and trenton. 82 in wilmington and millville. upper 70s in cape may up to the boardwalk in atlantic city.
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once again we have a moderate risk of rip currents because of jose. phillies and oakland athletics at the ballpark, 79 for the first pitch, 7 are 5 in the 9th inning. reese hoskins hit 18th home run. saturday 83 warm and humid sunday, 83 warm and humid. there could be a spotty downpour in the warm and humid air mass. could be something on sunday, too. tropical storm jose could be a category one hurricane. look at how the tracks goes up to the delaware river. the most likely track is off the coast. tuesday is the main impact day from this, looks like the storm will be close enough to bring us rain and the spaghetti plot
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models are trending to the west. we'll have to watch the storm it probably stays off the coast but close enough to give us rain and heavy surf down the shore. we have a tropical depression number 14 looks like it will become tropical storm lee later today or tonight. this area of instability is looking like at a 40% chance that would become a tropical storm maria. 83 degrees warm and humid a spotty rumble of thunder or shower. saturday, clouds and sun 84, showers there, as well. sunday drier overall 83. neither day is a washout. look for spotty stuff popping up. monday, clouds and sunumid 80 degrees. tuesday, jose passes us by, cloudy skies looks like we'll see rain and rough surf down the shore. wednesday rain in the morning a nice afternoon high of 82. thursday looks great high of 80.
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>> thank you david. university spends all greek activities over a student's death and possibly hazing incident. national guard is put on notice is a judge is expected to rule on the outcome of a white police officer who shot a black man in st. louis i say. had a vehicle clear i-95 approaching the blue route. an accident in norristown involving an overturned vehicle ishow you where that is when we come right back.
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>> 5:46 a.m. hello everyone, it is friday, glassy along the delaware river. doesn't look like it is moving right now traffic is moving across the commodore barry bridge. >> traffic is moving across the region as people get into their friday. >> reporter: friday, we have a few accidents, looking live in exton, chester county route 100 at commerce drive. we're clear and dry a little volume building in from phoenixville or pottstown not a major delay. we have problems in norristown, i want to take you to this big one. it's a new accident involving an
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overturned vehicle watch for emergency workers coming to the scene right now. police and ems blocking all lanes on markley street at robert street. stick to harding boulevard. a new accident in norristown an overturned vehicle blocking all lanes on markley street at robert street. in norristown we have overnight construction all lanes are blacked on dekalb street not far from dekalb pike and lafayette. stick to 202 as the alternate there. outside live, this is what it looks like on i-95 at cottman. a little bit of building volume southbound heading toward center city. certainly not a delay just yet. on the commuter traffic report i found mike speedy, hopefully police don't find mike speedy. upper eucland talking about an object on the road. in between the reporting sites we're catching areas of fog.
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in the poconos 1.3-mile visibility a bit of an issue there. 68 degrees heading up to 83 today tam. an autopsy is planned today for a louisiana state university student. police are investigating his death is a possibly from fraternity incident. 18-year-old maxwell gruber died yesterday. all greek activities have been suspended depending on the outcome of the investigation. jason stockily testified shot anthony smith in 2011 because he thought h was reaching for a gun. prosecutors say stockily planted the weapon. the mayor of saint louis and the governor are urging calm as they prepare for the outcome of the judge's decision in the bench
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trial. casini spacecraft will make its final dive. it circled saturn for 13 years unveiling details about the atmosphere and moons and rings. casini has supplied so much data they will be kept busy analyzing it for years.
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>> reporter: welcome back on friday morning problems with the commute, i want to take you there live with one of the issues i was talking about a minute ago. we have a camera showing the flashing lights in norristown. this is an accident involving an overturned vehicle. there are injuries, ems workers here. we want to watch for all lanes
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blocked. markley at roberts. it's a big accident blocking all lanes right now. let's check mass transit see if we have any problems this early morning. everything running on time right now. >> reporter: on the big board we have temperatures in the 60s. 68 in philadelphia. 64 in wilmington. 63 in allentown. 71 in cape may. dry this morning a little bit on the humid side in some neighborhoods. as we go into the afternoon it will be warm and humid, 80 by noon, high of 83 by 3:00 p.m. 81 by 5:00 p.m. there's a chance of a pop-up shower or rumble of thunder as we go through especially the afternoon hours but most of you will not see that. if you do it will be fairly brief. a word to the wise as we head through the weekend into next week. we're looking at concerns of the shore because of the approach of tropical storm and possibly hurricane jose. peaking on tuesday dangerous rip currents and possible tidal
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flooding. >> students in manayunk enjoyed the annual street festival last night with the emphasis on eats in streets. the event kicks off the manayunk restaurant week that runs today through september 28.
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an update on our breaking story, authorities in britain are treating an explosion on a subway train in london as a terrorist attack. this is a live picture aerial wise. it left several people wounded some in the blast itself, others from a stampede. a photo taken inside the train shows a white plastic bucket inside a shopping bag with flames and wires visible. a witness said she saw a bang and flash and heard a bang and salute pandemonium among londoners who was dealt with so many terror attacks. a woman is behind bars for violent confrontation with family members he fired two rounds from a handgun this
5:57 am
happened at the victim's home in newtown township, on wednesday. hagadore was arrested near her home in southampton township. delaware's second veteran's job fair hosted by tom carper and chris kunes. the fair is free and no registration required. we're following news out of southwest philadelphia. a gunman fires into a home wounding two women with a 3-year-old is inside the home. female employees are filing a lawsuit over equal pay in google.
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good morning everyone, 6:00 a.m., friday, september 15. breaking right now terror on the train. details are pouring in describing an explosion that rocked a london subway train this morning. >> someone fired 14 bullets into a home in southwest philadelphia wiewkd two women inside -- wounding two women inside. >> a racial incident is under investigation on the temple campus this morning. >> reporter: good morning everyone we're not too chilly, and somewhat muggy overnight. the cloud cover has spun off the coast. i'm looking at the sliver of


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