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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  September 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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6:00 a.m., thursday, september 21. here's what we're following on "action news." >> a frantic race against the clock in mexico as rescue crews dig through the rubble desperately searching for survivors after the massive earthquake. hurricane marie caused widespread destruction in puerto rico, help is underway for the both disasters. teachers and staff in montgomery county methacton school district end their strike. david murphy is outside, pretty comfortable, right? >> reporter: cool, not much of a breeze compared to yesterday. as we look at tropical storm
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jose, the center of the storm is well off the coast. we're not getting rain today. some clouds are spilling through right now, but we are yourself expecting a decent -- overall expecting a decent amount of sunshine getting through the high clouds. 71 in philadelphia. 63 in allentown. 63 in reading. 65 in wilmington. 65 in trenton. 73 in cape may. a tad humid in some spots and staying on the low side through the a. afternoon. rip current risk high at the shore, if you have guards, swim near them, some beaches may not have them. extreme caution for those folks. 82 degrees by noon. 3:00 p.m., 86. 5:00 p.m., 84. 7:00 p.m. tonight still holding on to the low 80s.
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maria is churning up big problems in the carribean. up toward the north later next week we check the latest track. >> reporter: we have a bunch of accidents coming in, this is a big one, traffic crawling at 7 miles per hour in springfield township burlington county. the accident 295 northbound past 541 exit 47 that's blocking the left and center lane that's why traffic is slow here. let's take a live look, you can see how traffic is jamming on 295 northbound approaching to past 541 mount holly road heading toward florence township you have a delay because of an accident blocking two lanes. a new accident business route 1 tie bourn road levittown bucks county. on the ramp, schuylkill expressway westbound to the boulevard, you see the accident the cone set up. we have an accident involving a box truck on the schuylkill expressway westbound to route 1
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northbound. penndot on the scene, they are assisting with this you want to stay left coming off the schuylkill expressway. an accident in delaware county on the blue route, has cleared, but busy this morning, tam. >> thank you karen. it's been an exhausting constant effort in mexico, but rescue efforts are pushing through with the same energy they had at the start refusing to relent in their frantic effort trying to find any sure sure -- survivor trapped under the rubble from the earthquake that hit on wednesday. rescuer workers at the location of a school going nonstop the only time they stop is to raise their fists calling for silent listening for people who might be trapped. the crews at the school are focusing on what happened. 21 children were killed. they say there's a 1-year-old girl still alive underneath the table she is telling them that
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she thinks there maybe other children near her, as well they are doing everything they can to get to her, they've been able to get her water and they are talking to her and moving the rubble as fast as they can. 230 people have died in the earthquake. mexican president called for three days of mourning for all the victims. >> hurricane maria continues it's path of destruction off the dominican republic. it has grown back to a category 3 storm. officials plan to fly over to get a grasp on the u.s. commonwealth. the island is dealing with intense flooding. people with family and friends in puerto rico are having trouble getting in contact with them because most of the island is without power. it could take months to restore.
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two natural disasters have people in our area seeking to help as they always do. jeanette reyes is live on the benjamin franklin parkway where donations will be taken during sunday's philadelphia puerto rican day parade, jennette. >> reporter: that's right, matt, puerto ricans and mexicans watching loved one and what they are going through. they are turning that into action collecting funds for their families back home. the devastation in puerto rico weighs heavily on the minds of the puerto rican community. this week's long held puerto rican day festivities will be used to raise much-needed funds. >> we want to remain strong on this side because we have family
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members over there. >> reporter: a social media campaign will raise money with volunteers. concilio is collecting donations through its website. >> it's overwhelming to see everything, it's been devastating. >> reporter: penn mexican student association is leading efforts to help in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake that killed hundreds in mexico city. $30,000 have been raised more than triple the initial goal. >> reporter: and one thing we know for sure these disasters will be costly, money is needed, if you would like to pitch in, go visit our website to make donations to the mexican fundraising efforts or the puerto ricans, reporting live along the benjamin franklin parkway, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> thank you so much for that jennette. a man could face charges after philadelphia police discovered suspicious looking
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devices containing explosives. the bomb squad confiscated the evidence in the east oak lane neighborhood. the sheriffs were warned not to touch anything in the basement. after careful assessments, the investigators say the devices were incomplete, they did not have a fuse. students will be heading back to class tomorrow in the methacton school district. the teachers union and the school district entered into nonbinding arbitration. the teachers have been working without a contract since january. 6:07 a.m. there's been a lot of hack attacks, looks like it may be a factor in the wall street markets. maribel is live with more on what the sec is seeing. >> reporter: security and exchange commission said the hackers may have taken make
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trade for filing corporate disclosures, it's information that were not made public. the hackers may have had a chance to trade on inside information. record close for the dow, the fed announced plans to unwind measures to boost the economy during the great recession. we can report on weekly jobless claims out today. fedex is airlifting barbecue meals to victims in the florida keys. they are using two aircraft to get ten thousand meals a day to the area. fedex said the meals are part of the continuing effort to provide relief to residents and first responders in the keys corporate america doing its part we're thinking about puerto rico and mexico. all in our thoughts. >> indeed we do, there's a lot of help needed. tropical storm jose is
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passing off the coast of new england. the floodwaters left pongtd behind -- ponding behind the dunes at the jersey shore. >> jose is not necessarily moving off, it will continue to create problems along the shore. >> reporter: it drifts away and expected to drift back. the rip currents is expected to be there, and next week we'll get influence from maria. the center of the storm is out to sea, the rain is out to sea, as well. looking at sky6 live hd we have the ben franklin bridge there are some of the early clouds sweeping in from jose, you can see slivers of clear space we expect sun to break through early and wind up mostly sunny at times. 63 in allentown. 63 in reading. 71 in philadelphia. 56 in wilmington, 73 in cape may. cool comfortable conditions this morning across the region, just
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a little bit humid away from the shore, areas down south a little stickier. highways and by ways i would recommend sunglasses to saturday out. you can see a lot of clear space mixing with the cloud cover to sweep through. overall you're looking at fairly bright conditions with occasional clouds. tropical storm jose is still a tropical storm. we're looking at the retrograde back to the coast and shifting out to sea. it will be the wee hours of monday morning before it makes that final push away from us. if you're going to the beach, nice weather on the sand, continued rough surf dangerous rip currents and you want to watch for eroded dunes. down the shore, 357 bright and warm with occasional clouds off the ocean. in the lehigh valley, sunny and warm, 86. in philadelphia, we'll call it mostly sunny with the understanding at times jose may manage to throw in clouds
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through. i would get sunscreen on if i were out for a while today. mainly clear and comfortable, 66 the overnight low tonight. hurricane maria a category 3, major hurricane capable of doing major damage. the eye is north of the dominican republic. uncomfortable conditions down in the island nation with the rain falling and good deal of wind. looks like the storm as a category 3 will continue to move toward the turks and caicos probably by thursday night into early tomorrow morning. still a category 3 over to the east of those islands which is the better side to be on if you're on the west. but still close enough and strong enough to cause issues there. finally we get a to 2 and category 1 in the wee hours of tuesday morning off the coast of north carolina and virginia. the latest most likely tracks suggest the storm will stay off
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the coast we're hoping so, even if it does not make a direct hit it will feel an impact in terms of rowrve -- rough surf and beach erosion. 86 tomorrow. autumn arrives two minutes past 4:00 p.m. 86 on saturday, cool drinks for the union game, 89 degrees for the eagles on sunday, very warm. you have the eagles with a lot of the that gatorade on the side of the field there, i'm sure. as we go into monday, still warm, more humid high close to 90. and then 85 tuesday, 83 wednesday, and chance of a thunderstorm both of those days. >> quite a run. thanks david. 6:12 a.m., no the sky is not falling. neighbors have a better answer to the debris scattered across the yards.
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>> bill gates said he would change things if we could go back in time. >> reporter: route 70, big accident here it's not our only accident. details coming up next. >> lg of -- it is 6:15 a.m.
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time to head over to karen rogers for the morning commute.
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>> reporter: yesterday we had a bunch of accidents. today we have an accident in cherry hill, it's a truck over the guardrail. they have cleared the accident. this created big backups it cleared a second ago 295 northbound past 541. the crews were remove move -- removing the truck they were having trouble. this is a live look at 295. 44 minutes, a little bit ago it was 63 minutes. the time is improving from 73 to route 1, the accident in springfield township burlington county 295 northbound that was blocking two lanes is opening up, traffic is moving better. still heavy to have a 44 minute jam. the idea it is improving. it's not our only problem. in levittown lincoln highway at route 1 an accident.
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ramp schuylkill expressway westbound to the boulevard northbound. an accident involving a box truck. the ramp from the schuylkill expressway westbound to route 1 northbound where we have the accident. captain kirk on the waze app an on the road. 86 degrees for the high temperature, it's staying that way. we have high pressure in control the next four days talking tempts ten to is a degrees above average. matt. >> thanks, karen. trump is wrapping up his whirlwind visit in new york today. north korea responded to president trump's united nations speech. he said they -- he did not scare them, and sounded like a dog barking. president trump heads to trump
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national golf club in new jersey. people in trenton new jersey, said they found pieces of a spirit plane scattered across their neighborhood. homeowners were told by the faa any damage would be covered. a children's hospital in san diego is trying to make a trip to the or less frightening. they unveiled mini remote control cars, a doctor or nurse operates them. they include a bmw a mercedes and lamborghini. >> in tech bytes new concerns over the he equifax data breach. >> reporter: they broke into the computers in march. >> reporter: that gave hackers more time to gain access to data of 143 million people.
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you may have have to wait longer for the iphone ten meaning there are few phones available once they go on sale. preorders of the phone begin october 27. bill gates is apologize for control alt delete. he tried to have the three key function as a single key, but said the designer was not on board with his idea we winds up with control alt delete. thanks ibm. >> those are tech bytes. all over the place. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke
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it's shoshanna with "action news"' fitness tip.
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i've got a treat for you, it's couples special, we're going to work the abs, all you need to do is place your feet together, roll it down, engaging the core, roll it down, use that core, you can do it. all you need to do is work hard together, couples that work out together, stay together. >> reporter: i like that. >> she's like a couples counselor here, now you go, now you go, i like it. >> reporter: let's check i-95 starting to see heavy traffic here at the ben franklin bridge, i want to watch for this traffic. northbound on right-hand side. we have a disabled vehicle off to the side. southbound you see the jam from cottman to girard. it's basically the normal morning jam. we spotted a train that's 11 minutes late on the chestnut hill west line. other than that you're looking good davey. >> reporter: all right, karen,
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we have tropical storm jose spinning out to sea. we have clouds trying to make it into some regions we're seeing that in some neighborhoods. we're hoping that the clouds are thin enough to allow sun in today. 71 in philadelphia. 63 in allentown. you look at the numbers, basically cool and comfortable conditions out there with humidity just about there not all that high. 86 degrees is the high, warm and sunny, and occasional clouds moving in. if you're heading to the airport hoping for all green aircraft on the big picture, no rain in our travel destinations, matt. >> the phillies fails the dodgers in the series finale this afternoon. aaron altier hit a homer yesterday. the phillies beat lmpleghts --
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l.a.7-5. a driver left a destruction all by herself at a car dealership. foul ball hitting a kid reignites safety netting at a baseball games.
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>> here's a strange sight at the jersey shore. a semi truck got stuck on the boardwalk in ventnor. it couldn't make a turn to get off the boardwalk. the cab had to be detached.
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the trailer was towed. the driver told police he was lost and unfamiliar with the area. police issued a citation. a woman walked away from a shocking car crash. authorities say she was speeding when she barreled into a car dealership and hit a pole and flipped over several times. somehow after all this, the driver appeared to be okay, they insisted on taking her to the hospital. 6:27 a.m., puerto rico is in for a long road to recovery we'll have a full report on the conditions from the storm zone. >> there are relief efforts underway here to help the victims of hurricane maria and the deadly earthquake in mexico. find out how you can help that's up next.
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>> now on "action news," hurricane maria ravages puerto rico. relatives are desperate to get in touch with loved ones. >> there is signs of life after the mexican earthquake. good morning, 6:30 a.m., thursday, september 21. let's finds out about accuweather, david murphy is outside, karen rogers is helping with the commute good morning. >> reporter: it's crisp in some neighborhoods and comfortable. a fair amount of clouds sweeping in off jose. you can see the cloud cover off the northeast and mearls around around -- more or less around the storm him rain well out to sea. overall we'll have a decent mount of sunshine, but -- amount of sunshine, but it will be give and take. sun not on the shoulders yet. humidity a little bit noticeable. 63 in allentown. 63 in reading.
6:31 am
68 in trenton. 73 in came -- cape may it's a bit more muggy. the rip currents at the shore moderate to high straight through the weekend with jose off the coast and maria chugging in our direction over the weekend. 63 in allentown and reading, the temperatures are on the warm side. here we go with the numbers this afternoon speaking of which, 82 degrees by noon. 3:00 p.m., 86 degrees that's going to be the high today him we'll call it mostly sunny, but at times there will be clouds streaking through, we'll see how that works out, i'm hoping it ends up relatively bright. 87 degrees by 3:00 p.m. karen rogers we're going to be warmer going into the weekend it will not feel like the first weekend of autumn. that track on maria coming up. >> reporter: an accident involving a box truck the ramp
6:32 am
from the schuylkill expressway westbound to the boulevard northbound. traffic is starting to jam. you have to remember to stay left coming off the schuylkill expressway because of an accident involving a box truck on the ramp to the schuylkill expressway westbound to the boulevard northbound. lower merion presidential boulevard city avenue that is causing restrictions and slowing you down, as well. business route 1, lincoln highway at tieburn road. norristown, much better speeds, if you were on 295 you were sitting in an hour ago, the accident cleared, it moving better, the huge delay we had has thinned out nicely, matt. >> new from the overnight, hurricane maria once again gained strength in the atlantic going back up to a category 3
6:33 am
storm. the punishing winds and rain have knocked out all the power to puerto rico. this was filed this morning. >> reporter: it's the dawn of a new day on puerto rico. so begins life after maria. the governor issued a nighttime curfew from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. public works crews and search and rescue teams can do their jobs quickly and effectively. in the realm of cleanup, what a massive job lies ahead. clearing trees and branches and all sorts of debris restoring inif a -- infrastructure,
6:34 am
floodwaters left neighborhoods overwhelmed and cars swallowed up. >> we have to stay together and help each other and pray to god to help us. >> reporter: we know representatives from fema are on the island ready to help people begin with the process of federal assistance. from the people we talked to the cleanup, the recovery, the we building it won't take days or weeks or months, they believe it will take years. >> great reporting there from wabc, joe torres. mexico city was the scene of a deadly earthquake. 52 people have been pulled out alive from the rubble. volunteers are holding vigil listening for voices of survivors who might be buried. 200 people were killed when a 7.1 magnitude quake struck 25 miles from the mexican
6:35 am
capitol. with a sizable hispanic population in the delaware valley support is pouring in from people who were from mexico and puerto rico. jeanette reyes is live along the benjamin franklin parkway where the puerto rican day parade will be this weekend. >> reporter: people from puerto rico and mexico are turning celebration into fundraising. >> we're excited to help we've done a lot of hard work. the philadelphia puerto rican day parade is the time when many celebrate the heritage of their roots. puerto rico has been left in the dark and cut off. coni'll io a local -- concilio a
6:36 am
lola -- locale organization will starting fundraising here. mexico city was rocked by a powerful earthquake that toppled buildings. the death toll is over 200 and expected to climb. the penn mexican student association tripled their fundraising goggle of ten thousand dollars. these disasters are expected to be costly, so funds are needed. go to for more information. reporting live along the benjamin franklin parkway jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> thank four that. a serious crash along the boulevard is under investigation. chopper 6 hd was over the northbound lanes of southampton road last night. a woman said to be in her 20s was run down in philadelphia. the car went north into bucks
6:37 am
county, the driver turned around and came back to the intersection an hour later. the victim in is critical condition, no charges have been filed. president trump's approval ratings continue to climb in pennsylvania. a franklin and marshall college poll shows them at 29% that is down 8 percentage points. voters believe he is doing best with terrorism rating him at an a or a b. half of voters in the poll rate him with an f regarding healthcare. >> let's go over to david murphy. >> reporter: we have jose off the coast. we have a fair amount of cloud cover over the commodore barry bridge this morning. we hope to break that out as it sweeps around the tropical storm and winds up giving us a little
6:38 am
more sunshine later. 71 degrees. dewpoint, 63 not all that humid just barely over the threshhold for humid air. winds out of the north. there comes the cloud cover sweeping in over the next couple of hours, prior to that we have clear skies, we hope to get rid of this and winds up mostly sun, it will be a give and take. 71 degrees by 8:00. 82 by noon. 3:00 p.m., 86 degrees that's the high. no matter how much sun or cloud cover we get it will be warm. 86 in allentown, trenton, reading and philadelphia. 83 in millville. down the shore 78 in cape may, 75 on the boardwalk in atlantic city. dodgers and phillies 1:00 p.m. game getaway game for both teams. 84 in the first pitch. 58 in the 9th. the phillies are 3-0 against the mighty dodgers, they have the
6:39 am
best record in baseball. phillies are treating them like a little league team. through the weekend you'll be looking at rough surf today a high risk of rip currents that will continue through the weekend watch for eroded dunes beneath your feet. hurricane maria moving away from puerto rico. skirting across the coast of dominican republic. big eye, very noticeable. this storm will be category 3 as it comes close to the turks and caicos close enough to cause problems there. after that it's a three, two and a one by the wee hours of tuesday morning. at that point the center of the storm will be off virginia and north carolina we'll be getting swells off that storm, but the latest tracks are showing tracks off the coast. hopefully the only issue we have from the storm next week, around tuesday, wednesday, is rough surf and rip currents.
6:40 am
in fact you'll feel it during the weekend ahead of storm's arrival. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 86 degrees mostly sunny and warm. tomorrow, warm and pleasant. autumn arrives past 2 minutes past 4:00 p.m. sunday 86 we have the ms bike ride down the the shore. 60s in the morning, hopefully you get down there before it gets too warm. sunday, 89 degrees, players and fans sweating it up a little bit. monday, warm ascertain -- and humid, 8 degrees is the high. tuesday, and wednesday, 85 degrees, both days sticky and featuring a thunderstorm. a player swings for the fences and hits a young fan instead what the heartbroken batter has to say about safety at the ballpark. >> lottery winner's luck has
6:41 am
changed big time. a north jersey man who won millions could be spending it -- we'll go to you karen. >> reporter: let's look at the traffic we're starting to slow up on 422, there you see it slowing past oaks to 23. we'll take you to an accident involving a box truck jamming up the schuylkill expressway when we come right back. hello everybody!
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6:43 am
taking a live look at sky6 live hd. check out the picture, a nice sunrise coming up over the delaware river in south jersey, 71 degrees. >> let's go over to karen rogers with the latest with
6:44 am
traffic, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody we have an accident involving a box truck that has not been budging. there's the closer view of it. a lot of emergency workers on the scene. it's tough when you have an accident on the ramp the ramp is partially blocked. you have one lane getting by from the schuylkill expressway westbound to the route 1 northbound. lower him or merion we have an t on presidential boulevard. >> reporter: another jam, 17, 18 miles per hour. we have a disabled vehicle northbound at the ben franklin bridge. seems like each -- betsy ross bridge. seems like each day we had a problem northbound by the betsy ross bridge. this one in levittown cleared,
6:45 am
business route 1 and lincoln highway moving better. we have a sinkhole on 295 northbound at wood crest station, the sinkhole from yesterday, we're seeing a problem off to the side staying in new jersey on the waze app we have report of an accident on 55 northbound in deptford as you're heading on 55 towards 42 there's an accident that's jamming traffic there. 86 degrees today. feeling like the height of summer, mostly sunny skies, warm today, high pressure in control. temperatures warm over the next few days, ten to 15 degrees above average. >> we'll enjoy it. a north jersey man who won 338 million-dollar jackpot has been charged with sexually assaulting a child. prosecutors say the child was between 11 and 14 years old when the assaults occurred. he could face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.
6:46 am
a frightening foul ball in yankee stadium brought fans to their feet. a ball hit a little girl in the stands him we're told she is okay. people are questioning whether the little girl could be better protected. the ball went off the bat of todd frazier, he was clearly shaken up. he had a teammate on base who started to tear up. >> it was something i wish never happened it was tough to watch and tough to be a part of. to be honest. players are calling for protective netting. the yankees will explore it for next season. the phillies have extended 8-foot high netting at citizens bank park in response to a similar int last -- incident last year. a job candidate landed
6:47 am
multiple offers thanks to st. louis police. sergeant said he hopes the gesture shows police are here to help whether it's with a criminal case or helping someone get ready for a big day. >> coming on 7:00 a.m., let's
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see what's coming up on "good morning america." >> we're checking in with robin roberts we know you're going to pick up our coverage on what's going on in mexico trying to get to the 13-year-old girl. >> reporter: mexico rescue teams are trying to dig out survivors. our matt gutman is live from the scene. hurricane maria causing widespread devastation in puerto rico causing catastrophic flooding. maria back up to a category 3 as it heads towards turks and caicos. we have an abc exclusive a sit down with former press secretary sean spicer what he has to say about his cameo in the emmys and
6:51 am
his response if president trump asked him to return. >> reporter: let's take a look outside, 30 bypass east of 340. no accidents, but a good jammed. a bunch of new accidents willow grove easton road at home depot drive involving four vehicles. davisville road a new accident there. and one in rockledge, as well, dave. >> reporter: all right, karen we have jose far enough out to sea, enough to dish clouds in from the north. we hope to get sunshine in play today. 68 in allentown. 63 -- 63 in allentown, 68 in trenton. 65 in wilmington, 75 in cape may and it is going to be warm this afternoon, noon, 82.
6:52 am
3:00 p.m., the high 86 degrees. 84 by 5:00 p.m. very warm this afternoon hoping for sunshine mixing with perhaps a few clouds. on the bus stop this morning 66 in the suburbs, 69 in center city. no worse than partly cloudy skies and humidity basically on the low side across the region today. >> thank you, david. a trenton police officer is being commended not only for his quick thinking and strength, but for his kindness. >> sir, please don't, grab on, please! don't! >> reporter: police were called to an apartment building where a woman died of national causes. the officer became concerned when he heard a man talking to himself in another room. he found the man dangling from the window ledge of the 8th floor. i told him i wanted to help him.
6:53 am
>> the officer pulled the man to safety. he insists he would do what any officer would. ed
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> welcome back here the top stories, students are heading back to class in the methacton school district because the school district and the teachers union entered into nonbinding
6:56 am
arbitration to settle their differences and end the strike. natural disaster in the caribbean and mexico are bringing out the best in people here. donations will be taken during the philadelphia puerto rican day parade. hurricane jose left behind ponding at the dunes at the shore and beach erosion. >> reporter: i was watching a vehicle leave the ramp from the schuylkill expressway westbound to route 1 northbound. we had the ramp partially blocked with the accident involving a box truck. they are leaving the scene and moving better now, dave. >> reporter: a rip currents an issue down the shore and high risk today through the weekend we're looking at a moderate to high risk with jose off the coast.
6:57 am
today, 89 degrees, ten to 15 degrees above average. get ready to sweat folks. so many people have connections in our area to what's going on in puerto rico. we'll have more on that and the quake in mexico. for karen rogers, david murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great day everyone! we just moved in about four months ago,
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every year on this day. good morning, america. breaking news, race against time to save schoolchildren trapped by that devastating earthquake in mexico. crews frantically dig through the rubble making contact with the young girl alive. the incredible effort to free her and her classmate. hurricane maria on the move. the monster storm strengthening again. after drenching puerto rico more than two feet of rain triggering catastrophic flash floods. knocking out power to the entire island. the governor and national guard going door to door rescuing people in the darkness. now the storm's new track. where it's headed next. abc news exclusive. sean spicer's first interview since that emmy surprise. >> this will be the largest audience, period.


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