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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 22, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, hurricane maria heading toward the u.s. mainland. the storm is gaining strength overnight after leaving widespread damage in puerto rico and the virgin islands. new video of rescues with three people on a capsized vessel. the storm's latest track and what it means for the u.s. the search for survivors in mexico. we have new video of people being pulled from the rubble ha earthquake. another surprise in the dramatic saga of aaron hernandez. new tests on the former nfl star and convicted killer's brain showed something that shocked researchers. was brain damage to blame for his behavior. the iphone 8 is available today and people overseas are already trying it out. hear what they're saying this morning.
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a good morning to all. we begin with hurricane maria's destructive path. >> 125-mile-an-hour winds and airlines plan to resume flights to puerto rico as early as today after the island was left without power. 95% of the island's cell sites are out of service. >> fema is sending help there in the form of generators, water and portable shelters and two other island chains are preparing for it. this morning maria is gaining strength once again packing winds up of to 125 miles per hour. it's now hitting turks and caicos and the bahamas after causing widespread damage in the dominican republic. in the resort town of punta cana locals banded together to remove fallen palm trees from this busy highway. in the puerto rico the damage is catastrophic.
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homes flooded. the entire island without power and millions of trees are obliterated along the storm's path. rob marciano made it to where the hurricane made landfall. >> i'm seeing digit that looks like a tornado came through. clearly this is the path of the eye when it came through. >> reporter: desperate residents are lining up for water being trucked in in we need this for the generator. we need light, we need water. >> reporter: days after the storm search crews are still working around the clock. overnight the coast guard released this video showing three people rescued from an overturned boat. in the u.s. virgin islands, the navy is helping evacuees on st. croix. the only electricity in the islands is from generators, the message from the governor is simply we need help. >> of course, many are wondering will maria have any effect on the mainland of the united states? >> accuweather's justin povick is tracking the storm for us. >> good morning. hurricane maria churning off toward the north and west. big impacts throughout the turks
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and caicos throughout the day and that bending motion north the north and "north by northwest" east and most likely scenario bends its way out to sea but still possible impacts we cannot completely rule those out just yet here along the eastern seaboard. something we will watch closely in the days to come but there will be dangerous surf and swells extending north into next week. i'm justin povick with your accuweather forecast. >> justin, thank you. now to mexico where around the clock rescue efforts are entering a third day after that earthquake. >> the death toll climbed to above 270. american experts are there right now using equipment developed after a similar mission back in 1985. there's still some hope of finding survivors but time, of course, running short. abc's arlette saenz with more. >> reporter: the frantic search for survivors continues. three days after that 7.1 magnitude earthquake rattled mexico city. one woman eased out of a hole in
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the ceiling. first her legs then slowly the rest of her body. this dramatic rescue at the enrique rebsamen school knocking down concrete coaxing children through a gap in the wall pulling them to safety. the l.a. county fire department rescue team joining the search efforts to specialized equipment. over 50 people have been rescued but so many families still in agony waiting for word of their missing loved ones. for two days was captivated by this flattened school. a glimmer of hope after officials said they believed a 12-year-old girl was trapped inside. abc's matt gutman on the scene with the education minister as this played out. >> the rescue teams, they made contact with her. >> they heard her voice. >> yes, yes. the rescue teams heard her voice. >> reporter: rescue crews meticulously worked for over 36 hours using sensitive microphones, digging through the rubble. calling for silence.
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until a shocking announcement. there was no girl after all. officials confirmed all students at the school were accounted for. 19 children and 6 teachers died in that school. arlette saenz, abc news, washington. well, north korea is threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocea top di that is one possible response to president trump's u.n. speech. meanwhile, north korea's leader kim jong-un hurled a barrage of insults at the president over his threat to destroy the country. in a rare personal statement kim called the president mentally deranged andover night the officials said they may pull out of next february's winter olympics if the safety issues aren't fixed in the presiden a new round of economic sanctions against the north. the u.s. is firms and banks that do business with the rogue nation and bans ships and planes that have entered north korea from coming to america for
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six months. the president says that chinese banks have finally agreed to stop doing business w and president trump is heading to alabama today to attend a rally for luther strange ahead of the gop runoff. the election is seen as a big test of the president's political influence because he's backing the establishment candidate. strange is running against upstart roy moore who is favored by municipal of the president's political base including big names like sarah palin and steve bannon. now a look at your weather. autumn arrives at 4:02 this afternoon eastern time but the first day of fall will look more like winter in northern california. at least in the mountains. about half a foot of snow fell yesterday in the sierra nevadas. on the first day of fall it's more like summe of the country. 90s in minneapolis and new orleans. 86s in washington, d.c., atlanta and detroit. nearly 80 here in new york so
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some will want their winter parka. others can keep their sum tank tops for another day. >> they can keep their parka. well, still ahead right here, why a popular cereal is bringing back artificial colors. >> and the newest iphone released today but some photos or some people overseas already have it so see how long one customer waited in line to be the first person in the world to get it. a hunter is rescued after being lost for several days. how he stayed alive in the wilderness.
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facebook has agreed to turn over more than 3,000 russian linked ads to congress. the political ads ran during the presidential campaign and most of them either praised donald trump or criticized hillary clinton. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg says he doesn't want facebook's tools used to undermine democracy and he's vowing to make it harder for anyone to interfere in the future. >> i don't want anyone to use our tools to undermine democracy. that's not what we stand for. >> zuckerberg said the company will be more transparent about its ads and plan to hire 250 more people to work on election integrity. a disturbing new study released about the flint water crisis. records chauffeur tilt rates in flint plummeted and fetal death rates spiked dramatically after the city switched the source of its drinking water which increased the amount of lead in it. babies born to mothers who drank the lead-tainted water were also about five ounces lighter than the state average.
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cvs taking end to end the opioid crisis and limit prescriptions to seven-day supplies for new patients. they typically last for 20 days and they will also reach out to doctors about prediscrepancies that appear to be excessive. the cvs brand manages medications for nearly 90 million. u.p.s. expects to hire about 95,000 workers for the holiday season. now, most of those employees will be package handlers, drivers and drivers' helpers. u.p.s. seasonal workers stay on the job, though, from november through january. over the past three years about one-third have been taken on permanently. triks cereal is making a comeback complete with artificial coloring bringing back classic trix to stores. it eliminated artificial colors and flavorings and customers mixed the vibrant colors and nostalgic test of the original, they say. it's iphone 8 day but apple
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may have curbed the enthusiasm for its new gadget. the device hits u.s. stores today, just six weeks of about iphone x makes its debut but some experts think it will drive down sales this weekend. one person was looking forward to the 's release. that guy, a man in australia waited in line for 11 days to be the first to get the phone this morning. he took to twitter after saying the new lighting mode for the camera is, quote, amazing. >> woo. does that mean good selfies? >> yeah, exactly -- except he didn't put out a selfie. >> all right. when we come back some new claims from aaron hernandez's family saying he had the most severe case of brain damage linked to his career that's eve credited with saving lives in mexico, why doesn't it exist here in the u.s. afib,
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well, americans are now working amid the rubble of mexico's earthquake. more than 60 crew members and 5 dogs have joined the search and rescue efforts since tuesday's quake. more than 50 people have been pulled from the rubble alive in mexico city and, of course, mexico is right there on a quake zone so they know there will be another big quake there. >> but at least mexico has quake early warning systems in place. one is being developed in the quake-prone area of california but has been delayed. abc's nick watt with details. >> reporter: the quake that just killed more than 200 people in mexico could have been even more deadly if not for this. that siren a national early earthquake warning system. but here in california, a widespread alert system simile does not exist. not yet. >> so this building is actually the only residential building in the united states to be equipped with earthquake early warning. >> reporter: a pilot project
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works like this. the usgs has a shake alert system, sensors that instantly relay info to companies like early warning labs. two to five seconds for usgs, about a second for you guys warning. >> yeah, that's out we out run a earthquake. >> reporter: testing it for hospitals and smartphone app. >> this is a test. >> tells me how big it was, how bad the shaking is going to be where i am. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> now to a stunning finding about former new england patriot aaron hernandez. researchers say hived from an extreme case of the brain disease cte. they're calling this the most severe case ever seen for someone so young. he was just 27 years old in april when he committed suicide in prison while serving a life sentence for murder. an attorney for hernandez's family has now filed a lawsuit against the nfl and the patriots claiming both are hiding the true dangers of football.
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>> behindsight is 20/20. you look back and there's certain things that we may have noticed but you don't know. deeply troubled, deeply saddened and i know for a fact the entire family is deeply troubled by this whole thing. >> cte can cause violent mood swings and other disorders. during the trial that landed hernandez in prison cte was not raised in his defense. the nfl and the patriots have not commented about the new lawsuit. the police chief of oklahoma city is planning to meet with advocates of the hearing impaired after a deaf man was shot and killed by an officer. it happened when police tracked down a pickup truck that was involved in a hit-and-run. now, they say the driver's son, 35-year-old magazinedeal sanchez confronted them holding a metal pipe and was shot after ignoring orders to drop the pipe. neighbors say they were screaming to the officers sanchez was deaf.
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the officer who pulled the trigger is now on leave. a 61-year-old hunter is back with his family after three days lost in a minnesota forest. he dangled below a helicopter while being flown to safety. luckily when he was lost in the woods he had enough food with him, he was also able to light a fire and that helped rescuers find him using a thermal imaging camera. happy to report he is just fine. time for sports. >> there were plenty of points thursday night football. we'll get the highlights from espn. >> good morning. it's "sportscenter" from los angeles. stan verrett with linda cohn. let's start with thursday night football. >> an exciting game for sure. rams against the 49ers in san francisco. you know, on paper it wasn't supposed to be exciting but turned out to be one of the most exciting games of the year. goff to gurley and each had three touchdowns but the 49ers would come roaring back trailing by 8. carlos hyde runs into the score on fourth and goal and 49ers
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miss that two-point conversion. more excitement as san francisco does the unthinkable and recovers an onside kick and aaron donald and seals the win and rams hang on to win by two. indians taking on the angels. cleveland still hot. they lost that one game after the 22-game win streak but winning again. francis so lindor, three-run shot for him, 32nd of the season for him and sweep the angels and win 4-1. five in a row and they've won 27 of their 28 games now. >> they have to keep it going because it all matters in okay, right? >> absolutely. that's all from here. back to you. >> sounds good. up next in "the pulse," the four-legged hero in mexico that people can't get enough of. tom brady's secret to not getting sunburned. copd makes it hard to breathe.
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♪ time now for "the pulse" and start with a four-legged friend doing life-saving work. >> her name is freida and she has become a national hero in mexico looking especially cute in her little goggles or doggles and booties and has helped rescue several people in the earthquake zone already and also found a dozen people after the previous earthquake in southern mexico two weeks ago. >> she got tons of fans online actually. one who says frida for president. >> oh. >> all right. >> nice ring to it. and patriots quarterback tom brady can do many things but getting a sunburn apparently isn't one of them. >> this was a strange one. in his new book, braidly claims he is immune to sunburns because
4:23 am
he drinks 2 1/2 gallons of water every day. >> but it's apparently not just the water, brady also is promoting the use of electrolyte drops which he encourages people to use in his own water and important to note the cdc's recommendations for protecting your sun from skin do not include hydration. >> maybe because he's just covering his face with a giant, you know, jug of water. >> i also don't think that's how sunblockworks. >> or as suggested here, his wallet. >> oh, yeah, that might actually be effective. now to a rare accomplishment for a teen golfer that many pros can only dream of. >> 17-year-old ben hit two holes in one during just one round playing with his high school golf team when he shocked them and himself on the second and 6th holes. >> that's -- it's hard enough to even just do one. >> yeah. >> in a round. just so you know, the odds are 67 million to 1, ben's initial reaction was, what the heck just
4:24 am
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>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, friday, september 27. prayers for puerto rico and mexico as family members wait wo for their loved ones caught in the disasters. ment picket lines or classes are back in session for five thousand kids in montgomery county today. a brand of cold brew coffee is under recall today. fall begins today. but it's not going to feel like it, that's ahead on "action news." and finally from us the late night comics had a lot of fun th nickname for kim jong-un, rocket man. >> here now your "friday
4:28 am
funnies." >> he named kim jong-un after an elton john song, rocket man. i would have gone with tiny dancer, but, you know, i'm not the president. >> trump posted a tweet where he refers to kim jong-un as rocket man. which beats the other nickname he gave him, lil' kim. >> he's calling kim jong-un a rocket man. president trump, you've already ruined enough. don't ruin elton john lyrics for us, as well. please. >> why are you calling him rocket man? that's not a diss. that's a cool nickname. you're making him sound like a character from "top gun." hey, hey, rocket man, you're on a suicide mission and there's only one way to settle this, on the volleyball court. >> next thing you know he'll be calling the prime minister of australia crocodile rock. you know, a thousand bucks says trump called him rocket man
4:29 am
because he couldn't remember the name of north korea's leader. oh, hey, there you are, you, how is it going, rocket man? my rocket man buddy. >> u.n. is in town this week. you can tell because the times square elmos are harassing tourists in other languages. >> some people are saying trump's speech was pretty divisive. check out the official next to him when he sits down. watch this video. >> on behalf of the general assembly -- >> i've never seen someone moonwalk out of a u.n. speech before. ♪ even the chair was like don't leave me out here alone. >> that was actually pretty funny. i looked at that video many types. never noticed the guy was backing up out of there. >> love what the internet can find. these things. >> that's what's making news on this friday morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday. we moonwalk out of here? >> let's do it. good morning is
4:30 am
4:30 a.m., friday, september 22. >> here's what we're following on "action news." a gunman shoots astyle ove. natural disasters in puerto rico and mexico are causing anxiety and concern for families in philadelphia. >> fall begins today and an attraction in philadelphia opens for the season. >> let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: first day of fall, we'll be sweating it out.


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