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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 25, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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angry crowd vandals their vehicle. >> a plane crashed in somebody's backyard. we're tracking warm weather, when will it start to feel like fall. that's the season we're in. >> give it time you'll be freezing before you know it. good morning, september 25th, 5:30 a.m., we'll go over to david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: we're ready to go, it's monday let's get going. >> reporter: that's my mirror over there. looking at cloud cover and we have sun coming up over the hydrogens in just a little bit. 66 in allentown, 6 in reading, 70 in philadelphia. down the pike in wilmington, 66. down the shore in cape may, 67. these are comfortable numbers, a little bit humid, but not too bad. as we go through the day, keep
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the cool drinks going, 85 degrees by noon. 3:00 p.m., a high of 90 hot, a little bit on the humid side. 85 degrees by 5:00. 7:00 p.m., 81. we'll wind up in the suburbs, 67 degrees and 70 in philadelphia. again as you look at dewpoints we're looking at numbers in the 60s. 67 in philadelphia, remember anything over 60 indicates humid air and we don't have any 70s, so it's not oppressive, definitely noticeably humid today. karen, things get cooler toward the end of the week, it will feel like autumn before too much longer. we had a jam on the schuylkill expressway earlier when construction crews were still there, looking live in west conshohocken schuylkill expressway at the blue route, both directions of the schuylkill expressway has cleared. they did milling and paving it's an uneven road is surface. be careful of that.
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on the big picture we had a disabled vehicle in wynnfield, monument road out of target. it has cleared. this disabled vehicle here on the ramp from i-95 southbound to girard, so look for that guy off to the side. outside live on the vine street expressway, no overnight construction, all your lanes are open right now, with no issues there. in wilmington, new castle county, i-95 between mlk boulevard and 20 the we have two lanes blocked. it should be clearing pretty soon, in the meantime you might expect slowing, matt. >> breaking overnight, a philadelphia medic gets caught in the middle of a melee and can't go anywhere because somebody slashed a tire on the ambulance. jeanette reyes is live at east detectives with update on arrests in the case, jennette. >> reporter: well, matt, two people are under arrest after what was described as a chaotic night. take a look at the video, this is one of the suspects under
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arrest after allegedly vandalizing a ambulance. police say it happened around 1:00 a.m. in the 4900 block of c street in the feltonville section. medics were responding to a call for help when they found themselves in need of assistance from police. authorities say a large fight broke out down the block, things got rowdy and a tire on the ambulance was slashed. leaving it impossible, witnesses say a group of people appeared and ran in and out of unit. some of them were jumping on top of the ambulance. police responded and two people were arrested. no injuries were reported, but there's an investigation underway. reporting in hunting park, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> jennette, thank you for that. happening today federal investigators will examine a site in montgomery in a neighborhood where a small plane crashed. the action cam was live on meade road in whitpain township where a plane narrowly missed a home.
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the plane took off from wings field about a mile away. quick-thinking neighborhood pulled the pilot from the wreckage they consult the seat belt from arounded neck, a move that likely saved his life. >> we see planes 4, 5, 6, ten a day, it's a nice view to watch the planes go across the field right there. this is a reality wakeup check it's kind of stairy. >> there's no word on the pilot's condition. >> 5:34 a.m., philadelphia police are looking for two men who fired shots at police over the weekend. >> you had shots fired at police? sue. >> affirmative. >> two 22nd district police officers were responding to a stolen cell phone on saturday night. officers say two men, one armed, one officer saw a red laser dot on his shirt and heard the gunfire. one officer returned fire. the two men took off, neither police officer was hurt.
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three fallen firefighters in delaware will be honored today marking the passage of a year since their deaths in the line of duty. jerry fickis and christopher leech and ardythe hope. today the mayor will declare it a day of remembrance in the city. during the memorial run, brad speakman led the pack. i was injured in the blaze. ess still recovering from severe burns. >> we would never believe it happened it did, a year later, everybody has made lots and lots of progress. >> firefighters placed three flags at the scene of the fire in honor of their fallen comrads. prurp signed -- president trump signed off on a knew
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travel ban. travelers from venezuela would face hiteened -- heightened security. new this morning, senate republicans are making a late bid for the teetering healthcare bill by adding billions of dollars, 14 $.5 billion for states for sparsely populated states to lure senators from alaska an maine both who voiced opposition. supporters promised a vote which has to happen since a role change will make it impossible without a democratic buy-in. eagles rookie, jake elliot nailed a field goal to beat the
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giants 27-24. the longest field goal in eagles franchise history. elliots parents were in the ground to celebrate. the eagles locked arms in somebodies to president trump's remarks about the athletes who protest during the national anthem. >> they went for a move, o'dell beckham was in the end zone putting on his gloves and ready to go. >> people don't realize you can camp that and run it back. that was a bit of a danger. >> reporter: i saw the guy's first field goal which was beyond the upright. i thought it was magic and it was. storm tracker 6 live double scan, shows you a magical start to our morning. how's that for a segue. as we look at the lack of rain. stars out in center city as we check out city hall from our temple university carpets.
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it's going to be a bright one starting out with nothing and winding up mostly sunny this afternoon. the temperature 70. the dewpoint 67. it is a bit on the humid side out there. wind are calm, the ocean temperature, 73. despite the calm wind we're not talking fog be, because there has not been any moisture around, we have bone-dry surface conditions right now. there you see cloud cover off the coast, a bit more to the west. not that we won't see any clouds today, but we're starting out bright and staying bright all the way today. 70 degrees by 8:00. 78 degrees by 10:00. noon, 85 it's going to be warm again. evenly hot for a brief time this afternoon. i always use 90 degrees as the temperature where i say hot versus very warm, we'll hit that briefly this afternoon. by 6:00 p.m., 85. the high temperatures across the region, 90 in allentown. 91, hot in reading this afternoon. 90 in philadelphia and wilmington. 89 is the high in trenton.
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88 in millville. 86 in dover, if you're down the shore looks like on or about 80 for the high. at the shore once again we have the high risk of rip currents for hurricane maria down to the south churning in our direction. more on that in a moment. washington nationals in town, 81 for the first pitch. 73 in the 9th inning. feel like a game from 3 or 4 weeks ago versus 6 days before october. hurricane maria is churning splitting the difference between bermuda and the southeastern yied. this is united states, this is a category one it is losing intensity. it's falling from hurricane status to a tropical storm status sometime tuesday or tuesday night. all the models are pushing this out to sea as the front comes
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past us and constitutes us down. the only threat from maria, the spaghetti plot moldses agreeing with us, the high risk of rip currents we're seeing this out there today and probably another couple days after today. 90 is the high, hot and humid, lots of sunshine, tomorrow, warm, still humid, but a high hf 84, so we're starting to trend in the right direction for those of you who like autumn. 84 on wednesday, still warm and a bit humid, thursday, partly sunny and breezy, high of 80. thursday is a day where we could see a spotty shower pop up. friday is the day where that breezy and cooler condition starts to march in. high on friday, 735. starting to feel like autumn. saturday, partly sunny and cool for temple football. phillies second to the last game of the season. whiff a high on saturday, 71 degrees feelg feeling like football weather for the first
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time. cloud and sun on saturday, the union that might be their last home game, they are talking about fan appreciation. the phillies are talking fan appreciation on sunday, it will feel like autumn. puerto rico in crisis it's days since hurricane maria damaged much of the water, much of the power is off, and doctors are running out of supplies. a passenger catches a ride on a train and is facing charges. >> reporter: that has bad idea written all over it. it has the future of my son written all over it. this is chester county route 100, we're dry arena dreher and we have new construction starting in new jersey, i'll run it down for you coming up next. hey everyone, it is monday,
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5:44 a.m. on the clock. the commodore barry bridge as it were over the delaware river. >> he as he says it with such n his joys. it's monday! >> reporter: we love that. he is lifting us up because we need ailgd help after the weekend. live on route 1, traffic is
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moving nicely, no delay, light volume in bucks county. good shot of the road clear an dry, other areas of bucks county we have construction on the turnpike westbound past bensalem blocking not one, but two lanes, that's causing a little bit of slowing, that's not happening just yet. someone is speeding along at 69 miles per hour. northeast construction southbound near quakertown, no problems. we have construction in mount laurel, burlington county, hartford road near 6th avenue they are doing sewer construction here through october 4. the road will close january 18. beginning today they have construction they will shut down the road later in the year and it won't be reopened for a while here. watch for that on hartford road. >> let's look at the visibility reports we're noticing fog in lancaster, 1.7-mile an hour visibility nine miles at philadelphia international is no big deal. 8 miles per hour in trenton.
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no problem there, either. our summer in the incity continues even though it's fall. 70 degrees in philadelphia. the normal high is 75. we'll be up to 90. sweating it out once again, lots of sunshine, only a bit humid tam. >> thank you karen. not a good idea, friend, new this morning a train surfing man has been arrested in australia. nervous freeway passengers filmed the stunt. the 33-year-old hopped on in one station and clung on for four minutes until the train reached its next stop. police say the train got up to speeds of 70 miles per hour. rescue operations remain active in mexico city week after the fateful earthquake. 103 of the 9,000 schools will
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reopen. many workers are afraid to return to their office for fear the building are unsteady. the hurricane maria continues to cripple puerto rico ten people were killed and much of the island is without power and communication. many hospitals say they are running out of food and medical supplies. a dam on the west side of the island is in danger of collapsing. united and american airlines have gotten into the island on to send in relief. celebration of the philadelphia puerto rican day parade was a respite for many who have loved ones on the island. the parade helped raise money for the disaster relief. walter perez co-host the with diego castellanos and llia garcia of univision 655. >> 655 -- 65. three homes are burglarized in
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camden county. >> anthony weiner is heading back to court for a possible prison sentence. >> reporter: satellite shows you the cloud cover well off to the east and south. once again it will feel like summer this afternoon, i'll have the 12-hour forecast coming up next.
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>> a woman from allentown who was trapped on the island of puerto rico to attend medical school took shelter in a bathroom. she said cell phone service was knocked out and was not able to contact her family for days. she plants to return to school
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in the administer can dominica. >> everything was flattened on that island. >> reporter: we have a quiet ride in on the ben franklin bridge. westbound traffic on the right heading toward center city. looking blurry, but looking good. burlington bristol bridge will close at 9:00 p.m. and shut down through 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. stick to the tacony-palmyra or the turnpike connector bridge. >> reporter: 66 in allentown. 6 in reading. 66 in wilmington. philadelphia, 70. 67 in trenton. 68 in cape may. a cool start, once the sun comes up if you're out there working out, you'll start to sweat a little bit because the humidity leaves are noticeable. noon, 85 degrees we're going for a high of 90 at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon.
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that's only two degrees off the record high by the way. 87 by 5:00 p.m., 81 at 7:00 p.m. moderately cool drinks if you're out working and playing. the woman who founded the group of people abused by priest died, barbara blain founded snap she advocated and fought for victims including those in philadelphia. disgraced former new york congressman anthony weiner is scheduled to be sentenced in a sexting scandal. he sent photos to a high school who he knew was 15 years old. he must register as a sex offender. his wife huma abedin is a former aid to hillary clinton.
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she filed for divorce. amazon is getting into the delivery business because they do everything else. details at 6:00 a.m. >> see why a dangerous discovery brought 0 out the bomb squad to kensington. ♪ having a baby. caring for your parents.
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brand new workweek here, i know that's exciting for all of us, also school today. 5:55 a.m., 70 degrees on city avenue. getting up to 90. it's going to feel like summer today even though it's fall. gunfire erupted in mays landing, new jersey, the triple shooting happened on the 6,000 drive of hoover drive before 5:30 p.m. two victims were found at the scene and a third was found several blocks away. police have not said if they have suspects in the case. a dangerous discovery brought out the bomb squad to sensing ton. neighbors called philadelphia police to report a man making molotov cocktails. officers found a large glass container containing gasoline inside the home. nobody was hurt, unclear what charges the man will face. >> from our new jersey newsroom a serial burglar is targeting a small community in camden county. here are surveillance photos of suspect wanted for breaking into
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three houses in winslow township over the weekend. the burglaries happened between 7:00 p.m. en1:00 a.m. officers are asking people to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity immediately. parts of a plane remain strewn across a family's front yard. we have an update on a crash in montgomery county. >> eagles fans rejoice, a rookie saves the day with the a record-breaking kick.
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6:00 a.m., monday, september 25 we're following breaking news. emergency medics are forced to call for police assist after
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a crowd gets unruly and slashes a ambulance tire. >> politics on the football field, nfl players and beyond respond to president trump's attract regarding the national anthem. >> rip currents remain a danger down the shore. >> david murphy has the forecast. >> reporter: stars, planes and planets above me, we have clear skies and the promise of plenty of sunshine. we have cloud cover off to the west by pittsburgh and trying to creep into the delaware coastline. we'll see if it makes it. 70 degrees in philadelphia. 67 in trenton. 635 in allentown. 65 in reading. 67 in wilmington, down the shore in cape may, 68 degrees. once the sun comes up you'll feel it's a little bit humid, dewpoints in the mid 60s across the region. 62 in allentown. you'll not feel too much


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