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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  September 26, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday september 26th. >> good morning everyone. we have breaking news. at least two dozen bullets are fired in north philadelphia leaving one person dead and two others injured. >> a humanitarian disaster is unfolding in puerto rico right now as the island struggles in the aftermath of hurricane maria. the urgent plea for help. >> former president obama and vice president biden team up again, this time in delaware. an important cause brings them together. >> but first up let's tell you what you can expect in accuweather. dave murphy has that and karen rogers has help with your commute. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we're off to a pleasant enough start. it's a little bit humid but you're not really going to feel that unless you really start moving around and probably not until after the sun hits your shoulder. satellite right now shows you that that will happen in a
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little bit as we do have some stars out, a few clouds around but certainly bright to start out and overall we're expecting a sun and clouds mix today. temperatures to begin, not too bad. 67 in philadelphia, 67 in wilmington. 67 in reading and it looks like 65 in allentown currently. 66 in trenton. and down in cape may, 68 degrees on the promenade. and your dewpoints are still up in the mid 60's across most of the region, a couple of places in the upper 60's and that's moderate humidity so again, once you start working out today, particularly if you're under the sun, you are going to feel a little bit on the sticky side. not as hot today but still pretty warm. by noon we're up to 80 degrees and by 3 o'clock, 85. i'm expecting a high of 86 probably not until about 3:30 or 4 o'clock this afternoon. cooler air is coming but we may have to wait a couple of more days before it gets here, karen, and then a big change for the weekend. that's all ahead in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. anything on the roads early. >> it's looking slow still on the schuylkill expressway westbound. we had construction that was running an hour late. penndot has said they might be
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out there as late as 8:00 a.m. but they did push everything off to the side. schuylkill westbound here at 202, traffic's moving better just a little residual slowing. overnight it was shut dune down completely at 30th street but that construction has cleared. on the northeast extension northbound past lehigh valley we have a new accident blocking all lanes. all lanes of the northeast extension northbound blocked past lehigh valley. you're going to have to take 22 and 145 to get back to the northeast extension. a serious accident here industrial highway at stewart avenue. we're hearing someone is trapped in one of the vehicles so we have emergency workers coming to the scene right now so watch for that on industrial highway here in ridley township, delaware county. in pike creek delaware we have a fatal accident involving an overturned truck and the accident investigation is continuing blocking all lanes of route seven southbound at new linden hill road. investigators also blocking one of the northbound lanes. hard to get around in new castle county. stick to 41 as your alternate. meanwhile looking outside live on i-95 northbound at
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enterprise avenue we now see police on the scene with this accident involving a tractor-trailer, matt. >> thank you, karen. breaking this morning, three men sitting outside became targets of gunfire in north philadelphia overnight. more than a dozen bullets were fired and the man who died in the ononslaught was found by neighbors in the bushes. katherine scott is live at police headquarters with the details on this. katherine. >> reporter: matt, police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened, what the motive was behind this triple shooting. one person died, two people remain in the hospital and detectives here at the homicide division are looking into this case. let's go to video from north philadelphia where you can see police on the scene overnight. this happened on the 600 block of perth place in the philadelphia housing authority's spring garden apartments. originally police thought this was a double shooting. that's what they were called there for. arriving officers found two men in the courtyard. they both had been shot. a 58-year-old man was hit in the leg and hip. he is now in stable condition
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at hahnemann. the second man who is 26 years old was shot in his hip and he is in critical condition. while police were there investigating a neighbor discovered a third victim, a man in his late 20's or early 30's. he was lying in the bushes between buildings, shot in his back. police rushed him to hahnemann where he was pronounced dead shortly before 2:00 a.m. investigators are speaking with his family at the hospital. police say more than a dozen shots were fired. >> found 14 spent shell casings and they are two separate size caliber so we know two semi automatic weapons were used. at this time from witnesses we're only being told that there was one shooter. the one shooter may have had two guns. >> reporter: police do not have a detailed description of that gunman. they say witnesses told them that he was wearing a mask and dark clothing and that he took off on foot in an unknown direction. if you have any tips, the homicide division wants to hear from you. we're live at police headquarters, katherine scott,
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channel6 "action news." >> thank you katherine. also new this morning, three people are recovering from a rollover crash in west philadelphia. the driver lost control at 48th street and westminster avenue at midnight. the car took out a traffic light and a mailbox and as you can see, it was quite a mess. it flipped onto the sidewalk. amazingly all three victims are in stable condition. and a dozen gunshots were fired along a south philadelphia street. one bullet hit a teenager. police rushed the 19-year-old to the hospital in stable condition. that gunfire started out around 12:30 this morning on the 1900 block of south cross keys street. investigators say dozens of bullets were fired. one hit the victim and another bullet hit the roof of a car and they still are working to figure out a motive. >> now to the humanitarian disaster unfolding in the u.s. territory of puerto rico. the island's governor is begging for help saying most of the nearly 3.5 million survivors do not have enough food, fuel, fresh water or electricity. hurricane maria blew through nearly a week ago and
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neighborhoods are still flooded. the storm ripped hundreds of homes to shreds and now mudslides are leaving homes teetering on the edge. about 8,000 people have been evacuated because of fears a dam near their homes could soon collapse. fema's director arrived yesterday amid calls by critics that federal aid has been slow. the agency says it has provided more than 1 million meals and 700 fema personnel are on the grounds in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. president trump tweeted last night about puerto rico for the first time since thursday. the president said puerto rico is in deep trouble and that the island's old electrical grid was devastated. the president also seemed to criticize puerto rico for its massive debt but also vowed that food, water and medical are top priorities. >> it is 6:06. target is putting a bull's eye on being a better place for its workers. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. target is boosting pay as it battles for workers.
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they'll raise their minimum wage to $11 a hour. the higher wage applies to all target staffers and even those it hires for the holidays. the move comes as unemployment is close to a 16 year low and competition for the workers heats up. stocks tumbled yesterday. looks like futures are pointing to a mixed open. reports on home prices and consumer confidence are due out today. the world's second largest diamond is sold for $53 million. it's a 1,100 karat stone from a mine in botswana. it failed to sell at a sotheby's auction last year. its seller had hoped to get at least 70 million for the stone this time around. matt and tam how would you wear that? is that a pendant or a ring. >> maribel i would work it out. >> a knit hat that you take the ball off and you just put the thing on top. >> that's a good idea. >> a beautiful turban. >> interchangeable. >> sure. >> all right. >> maybe i wear three today. storm tracker6 live double
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scan right now and you've got nothing going on in the way of rain. taking a look outside, it's a nice enough morning. there is a little low lying cloud cover obscuring the view of the tops of the center city sky scrapers but we're not seeing a whole lot of reports around the region. you might run into patchy fog this morning. generally speaking i think it's just clouds and clear spaces. 65 degrees currently in allentown, 67 in reading, 66 in trenton, 67 in philadelphia and wilmington and 68 degrees currently in cape may. satellite shows you how there's a little more cloud cover dancing around the region than what there was yesterday when we had virtually nothing. still i think there will be some sun getting through this morning. up in the lehigh valley we'll call it sun and clouds, warm and humid, a high of 87. yesterday you got up to the low 90's. not today. 79 degrees, sun and clouds at the shore today. another problem with rip currents. in fact, the national weather service now says that rip current issue will probably be running high not only today but tomorrow and thursday as well, so word to the wise if you're down the shore this
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week, it's going to be nice on the beach but not so much in the water. and then in philadelphia, sun and clouds, warm and humid, a high of 86 today. winds light five to 10 miles per hour. so, not much of a breeze. tonight the ballpark the phillies teague it up against the nationals again at 7:05, partly cloudy, humid tonight, 80 degrees for the first pitch, 74 with the ninth inning, pretty similar to the conditions you had at the ballpark last night. overnight tonight partly cloudy, still warm and still humid, 71 degrees is the overnight low with calm winds so not much relief there. but then on wednesday, it is going to get really warm 'cause we've got a front coming at us from the west and we'll probably bop up to about 88 degrees for a high but that front is going to come through during the day on thursday. it's going to take maria which will probably still be either a hurricane or a tropical storm and should have it shove it out to sea before it manages to get up to our latitude. so nothing but rip currents from that. behind the front especially by friday a blast of fall for late in the week and the weekend. big changes coming up. your exclusive accuweather
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7-day forecast, 86 is today's high, warm and humid. tomorrow warm, a high of 88. thursday that front comes through. we may shoot up to 80 ahead of the front but i could see temperatures tumbling later in the day and at night all the way down to 57 overnight and humidity dropping. then friday, sunny and nice, 75. yom kippur arrives at sundown. for the weekend it really feels like autumn. breezy and cooler on saturday, 69 for a high. that is absolutely football weather for the temple game. and what else? 71 degrees then on sunday for the union and the phillies final game of the season. looks like 70's next week, too. >> looks like early fall. >> yeah. >> thanks, david. 6:10 now. and next and new this morning, an eagle eyed pilot acts fast to avoid a midair collision. >> tech companies promise they are about to fix your gps so it's less like to lead you astray. karen. >> i-95 at girard showing that southbound traffic already starting to get slow from allegheny to girard as you head towards center city. we have a bunch of accidents, couple new ones just coming in. i'll run through them next.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there as you can see the last time we checked in with the commodore it was dark but now the sun is breaking on the horizon. it is 6:13 and 67 degrees. >> let's turn now to karen rogers for a look at traffic. good morning. >> i had an accident scene, camera just went out. let me show you here on the waze app. this just came in a second ago. schuylkill expressway westbound near conshohocken, doesn't look like there are police on the scene just yet. this accident's blocking the right lane so watch for this. schuylkill westbound near
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conshohocken. doesn't look like a serious accident but we are seeing some slowing westbound near conshohocken because of that accident. so that one is just in. also an accident on i-95 northbound near enterprise avenue. it's involving a tractor-trailer and another car. it's been pushed to the side so it's not causing too much of a delay but just something to watch for. it's been so busy with accidents. this accident in allentown, we're hearing a multi vehicle accident blocking all lanes of the northeast extension northbound past lehigh valley exit. so you've got to detour to get off on route 22 and take that to 145 to get back to the northeast extension. so, heading northbound on that, there's a problem. also an accident in southwest philadelphia coming in. we're hearing an accident where a vehicle rolled over. there were injuries on the scene. the driver was seriously injured and taken to the hospital and 63rd street at passyunk avenue so that's new as well. looking at the travel times, even though it's busy with a bunch of accidents your majors are okay. 95, schuylkill, 42, we see the green traffic flow here meaning that things are moving along. a little bit of fog in spots.
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it got a little better within the last hour. now 3-mile visibility in atlantic city, 2.5 in toms river, but a little worse in lancaster now 2-mile visibility there. not a problem at philadelphia international airport at 10 miles. just something we're kind of watching with some patchy fog. the big weather story today, not that it's impacting the roads but it's warm, 67 degrees and we're leaded up to 86 so that summer feeling continuing, tam. >> thank you, karen. new this morning, a pilot had to do some quick maneuvering to avoid colliding with a small glider. passengers on board the united flight from vancouver said they felt a sudden drop and then a sharp turn. it happened in the skies over rock ford, illinois yesterday afternoon. the jet climbed 400 feet and never made contact with the glider. the flight eventually landed safely at o'hare international in chicago. and today marks one week since a 7.1 earthquake struck central mexico and the grim relentless job of digging through the rubble in the search for victims goes on. mexican officials say the
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death toll has risen to 324 and more than 350 buildings and homes are still in danger of collapsing. inspections continue on school buildings and to give you a sense of how tough it is, right now only 103 of mexico city's nearly 9,000 schools are safe to reopen. >> the republicans latest last gasp effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act appears to be dead. maine senator susan collins officially announced her opposition to the graham cassidy bill becoming the third republican to do so. the congressional budget office released a partial score of the new plan saying it would reduce the deficit by at least $133 billion but millions of people would lose health insurance. senator lindsey graham the bill's co-author told cnn last night that they are going to press on. president trump's son-in-law jared kushner may not be the only white house staff who used his personal e-mail account to communicate about official business. a recent new york times report finds at least five other
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white house staffers occasionally used private e-mails. the list includes daughter ivanka trump, former chief strategist steve bannon and former chief of staff reince preibus. >> 6:16 and today's fitness tip it is up next. all new israeli police investigate a deadly attack that went on just outside of jerusalem. >> in today's tech bytes your phone's gps is about to get smarter. >> navigation chip manufacturer is starting to make one that is accurate to within 1 foot. the chips now in our phones are only accurate to within 16 feet. >> the new chip will start appearing in phones next year. no need to wait for that perfect sky when you're taking a picture on snapchat. a new feature will allow users to add sun sets rainbows and other elements. >> point your camera upward and swipe to find the event you want. new jean jacket from levi's allows a smart sleeve.
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>> tapping or swiping lets you control your music and have messages read among other options. the price is $350. but will it tailor the sleeves some it's too long. >> those are your tech bytes. d . but the whole "care-and-nurturing" part? that idea... ...we borrowed from the experts. blue diamond almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. new band-aid® brand skin-flex™, bandages. our best bandage yet! it moves like a second skin. better? yeah. goodhing because stopping never crosses your mind. band-aid® brand. stick with it™ and clean and real, good it's ok to crave. and with panera catering, there's more to go around.
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panera. food as it should be.
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>> ♪ >> hey, everybody it's shoshana at soul beats studio with "action news"'s fitness tip. i have kristen with me and we are ready to work our outer thighs and glutes. take that resistance bands around your shins. at that very last rep hold it up and give me those pulses. you'll feel this right where it counts. then give me those circles. 15 circles to the right, 15 to the left. your thighs and glutes are going to be on fire but don't
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give up and do the other side. you're going to feel it for days. >> for days. >> for days. >> that sounds like it hurts. [laughter] but it's worth it. we have an accident on the shoulder so watch for this accident on the schuylkill westbound. i told you about this a minute ago and here's our live view of it and traffic is a little slow past the scene here, schuylkill westbound. it's hard to see from this shot if police are on the scene. they're obviously not in this shot here. hard to see if they might be behind that sign there but schuylkill westbound a little slow with that accident off to the shoulder. industrial highway at stewart avenue a report of an accident here and reportedly someone was entrapped in the vehicle so serious one there. it's been busy today, dave. >> hurricane maria in the meantime is showing up on satellite inching farther north before it takes that turn out to sea. we are seeing a little bit more cloud cover around mixing with some sunny breaks and rip currents at the shore. temperatures right now are comfortable enough. 68 degrees in philadelphia.
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65 up in allentown. 66 in trenton. 67 in wilmington. 68 in millville and 68 in cape may. and as we roll through the after it's going to be warm. 80 by noon and by 3 o'clock, 85 with a high of 86 probably around 4 o'clock, warm and humid. if you're headed to the airport, well, it looks like there's no major delays with all green aircraft on the craft on the big board. looking at fog developing up in boston, perhaps delays developing there later on. tam. >> thank you david. time to get your flu shot but when you do, do yourself a favor and smile through it. a study suggests older people in a good mood when they get the shot they have a better immune response. it's better when you're happy which helps boost vaccine effectiveness. >> the cowboys made a late game surge to pull off a win on the road. dallas scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to pull ahead of the arizona cardinals on monday night football last night. the cowboys win 28 to 17 putting them in a three-way tie with philadelphia and
6:23 am
washington atop the nfc east. the season is over for eagles running back darren sproles but he hinted on twitter he may come back next season. the 34-year-old suffered two injuries on one play against the giants on sunday. sproles tore his acl and broke a bone in his forearm. both injuries require surgery. ah, dinner.
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throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. >> ♪ >> we have new information about breaking news we brought you yesterday morning. police have arrested two people in connection with the slashing of an ambulance's
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tire during a chaotic scene in feltonville early yesterday morning. authorities arrested jesus borges and edward rios. police say it all started when the two snatched a purse in the 400 block of east wyoming avenue. another man chased after them but then police say borges and rios turned on him each with a knife. that other man then jumped into a philadelphia medic unit to escape but police say the two men stabbed him in the leg and punctured the ambulance's tire. officers quickly apprehended both men. >> former president barack obama and vice president joe biden teamed up in delaware attending a reception for the beau biden foundation for the protection of children. both biden and obama talked about the important work the beau biden foundation does to assure beau's vision of a world free of child abuse. coast to coast career fares will be holding a job fair at the courtyard philadelphia city avenue. the event will go from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. admission is free.
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>> coming up on 6:27. breaking right now one man is killed during a triple shooting in philadelphia. a live update is next. >> later a massive wildfire is flaring up right behind a california community. we have an update on evacuations and efforts to contain the blaze. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> breaking now on "action news" two men are shot and a third person is found dead by a neighbor. we have a live update on the search for suspects. >> owner jerry jones joins cowboys for a pregame protest. >> the finishing touches are done. today philadelphia takes the tarp off its very first statue dedicated to an african-american. >> good morning everyone. 6:30 on this tuesday september 26th. david and karen are here with weather and traffic. >> a fair amount of cloud cover over the region right now with a few breaks. take a look as the wide view
6:30 am
shows you hurricane maria still spinning around down to our south pushing some rain in close to cape hatteras but only a few clouds around here. the closer view on satellite shows them to you. some of these clouds are on the low side though and it might take a little while for them to brake up this morning. as we look at temperatures, not too bad. 68 degrees in philadelphia currently, 67 in wilmington, 65 in allentown, 67 in reading, 66 in trenton and 69 degrees in cape may. and your dewpoints are not too high. anything over 60 indicates noticeable humidity but those mid 60's up and down the i-95 corridor not really all that bad. until the sun starts hitting you on the shoulder later on, you're going to feel fairly comfortable. what to expect today? we're expecting to get well into the 80's once again. we're actually going to go for a high of 86. i expect to hit that around 4 o'clock. this model running a couple degrees below that but you get the idea. it is warm and also a bit on the humid side. karen, when i step inside we do have that fall change coming toward the end of the week. details coming up from
6:31 am
accuweather. what you got there on the roads. >> we have a mess on the roads. we could use a change in traffic. this is our latest accident. accidents are popping up everywhere. this one in southwest philadelphia, 63rd and passyunk. the action cam was on the scene. a vehicle just rolled over. look at that. completely on its roof. driver was seriously injured taken to the hospital. southwest philadelphia 63rd street and passyunk avenue and they're in the process of clearing this out. the action cam caught it soon after it happened. you see that car just sitting right there on its roof and you wonder how do these accidents happen when it's so dry and clear out there. there's another one on the northeast extension northbound blocking all lanes. a multi vehicle accident here in allentown just past lehigh valley and they've been in the process of pushing that one off to the shoulder. trooper road at forge road we see the flashing lights, our latest accident. we've got ambulance on the scene. it's a serious one blocking the left lane in each direction right here in west norriton. looking at the big picture, we had an accident on the vine westbound approaching the
6:32 am
schuylkill. that one just cleared. also an accident on the schuylkill westbound at conshohocken off to the side and an accident on i-95 northbound near the airport at enterprise avenue, that's off to the side. we have a report of an accident where someone's trapped inside here on industrial highway at stewart avenue in ridley township so be careful as you're driving today. they're just popping up everywhere tam. >> thank you, karen. beginning with breaking news a hail of gunfire in north philadelphia has left one person dead and two others wounded. let's get right on over to "action news" reporter katherine scott live from police headquarters. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right. three people were shot, one person died. detectives here at the homicide division continue to investigate what the motive was and what exactly happened there overnight. let's go to video from north philadelphia. you can see police on the scene there gathering evidence. they were there for hours. this happened shortly before 1:00 a.m. on the 600 block of perth place in the philadelphia housing authority spring garden apartments. police initially thought this
6:33 am
was a double shooting and arriving officers found two men in the courtyard. they both had been shot. a 58-year-old man was hit in his leg and hip. he's in stable condition at hahnemann university hospital. the second man who is 26 years old was shot in the hip and is in critical condition. while police were there investigating, a neighbor discovered a third victim. he was lying in the bushes between buildings. he was shot in his back. police know his name. they say he was in his late 20's, early 30's. police rushed him to hahnemann where he was pronounced dead shortly before 2:00 a.m. witnesses described one gunman. they say he was wearing a mask and dark clothing. investigators say more than a dozen shots were fired from two weapons. police are hoping surveillance footage helps in this investigation. >> fortunately there are some realtime crime cameras in the neighborhood. police are contacting our realtime crime center to see if those cameras recorded anything that can help us. >> reporter: witnesses told police that the gunman took off running in an unknown
6:34 am
direction. they don't know where he went but if you have any tips, homicide division wants to hear from you. we're live at police headquarters, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thank you katherine. new this morning, a shooting victim in wilmington, delaware s-fighting for his life. the gunfire erupted on the 2600 block of north harrison street at 11:ooh. last night. police say the victim was shot multiple times and is in the hospital in critical condition. police do not have any suspects or a motive at this time. also new, a driver was killed during a collision with an 18 wheeled dump truck in delaware. the deadly crash happened at limestone road and linden hill road in pike creek at 3 a.m. the crash caused the truck to spill its load of chicken feed all over the road. police expect lane closures at that intersection through the rush hour. the man who police say shot his ex-girlfriend's mother in montgomery county late last week has been found dead. this is new video just in from the scene of a wawa parking lot in schuylkill township chester county. district attorney tom hogan
6:35 am
says 30-year-old gregory feldman was found in that black sedan dead from an apparent suicide. a reward had just been offered for information on feldman's whereabouts. he was wanted for shooting his ex-girlfriend's 48-year-old mother at her home in limerick on friday. she is still recovering but is expected to survive. >> he's the owner of the franchise billed as america's team and a staunch donald trump supporter but there was jerry jones last night on his knee armed linked with his team and coaches in a move that was a surprise to many but they did it in a way that many catered to both sides of the debate showing solidarity with those who kneel but not upsetting those who dislike such a show during the national anthem instead doing it before the anthem. they then stood and locked arms for the performance as did their opponents the arizona cardinals. jones spoke about the team's response after the game. >> we want to stand and respect the flag. let's make no mistake about that. nothing we've done, nothing we did tonight says anything
6:36 am
other than that. but we also as a complete team and those players and organization want to be able to when we can demonstrate that unity is important and equality is that important. >> this has been going on ever since the president told a crowd the players who protest should be fired. the american legion and v.f.w. are criticizing the athletes as well claiming the move is disrespect full to veterans. >> 6:36 now. happening today mayor jim kenney will help unveil a historic piece of artworkout side city hall. it's philadelphia's first public statue dedicateed to a sole african-american. jeanette reyes is here to tell us more about octavius catto. jeanette. >> reporter: well, matt octavius catto accomplished a lot in his short life but not enough people know about him. today people in the city and many who helped organize this event are hoping to change that.
6:37 am
take a live look behind me. the tarp is still covering this memorial but the big reveal is set for later on this morning. this morning, descendants of the little known civil rights leader and others will participate in the unveiling of the statue officially called the quest for parity. octavius catto is remembered for his tireless fight for equal rights for all long before the civil rights movement began. born in the mid 19th century the union army major was also a scholar educator and athlete. he fought for a better education for african-americans and led efforts to desegregate the streetcar. he would be gunned down at just 32 years old. this unveiling comes of course over a heated conversation about the confederate monuments and the frank rizzo statue. they're hoping this will spark a conversation especially for the younger generation as they
6:38 am
know what catto did and will hopefully will try to honor his legacy. reporting live at city hall, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> and what a legacy it was. thank you, jeanette. and today is national voter registration day. there is still a few weeks to sign up to participate in november's general election. the deadline in pennsylvania is october 10th. it's october 14th in delaware and people in new jersey have until october 17th to file their registration. >> david joins us and still pretty hot today. >> yeah, it is. and we should vote, too, i guess. all right. so, we are looking at a warm one today, not quite as hot as yesterday. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you that we're dry. heading outside we do have a fair amount of cloud cover overhead above the airport. there are some breaks and as the sun gets higher we'll start to see a little bit more of that but some low lying cloud cover and in a couple spots you might run into some patchy fog. i'm not seeing a whole lot of that on my and visibility reports this morning. your temperature is that fifty eight degrees. dewpoint 65, mid 60's mean moderate humidity.
6:39 am
winds out of the northeast at eight. ocean temperature 74. once the sun starts coming up you'll start to feel it a little bit more. it's that kind of day. there you see the clouds. obviously not everywhere. these clouds coming up from the south are in relation to hurricane maria. still looks like that storm is going to take a right and head out to sea before it gets right up on us. 69 degrees is your 8:00 a.m. temperature. by 10 o'clock, we're at 74 and by noon about 80 today and with some sun mixing with clouds it will feel a bit humid. by 3 o'clock, 85 and your high today is 86. i'll probably get that around 3:30 or 4:00 before we dip back to 83 at 6 o'clock. 87 in allentown, 88 in reading, 86 in philadelphia. 84 in trenton and wilmington and millville and down the shore 78 in cape may and 79 on the boardwalk in a.c. we still have a high risk of rip currents today and in fact the weather is office is now saying that this will probably continue through thursday so tuesday, wednesday, thursday,
6:40 am
bad conditions for swimmers even though the ocean water is still mild and the beach conditions will be pretty decent. phillies tonight against the nationals, warm and humid, similar to last night's call. 80 degrees for the first pitch. about 74 in the ninth inning. then tomorrow we warm up even more and we'll get up to about 88 degrees ahead of an approaching front. you always get that southerly flow in place when you get that front coming in. and that front is going to do a couple things as it nears the coast it's going to pick up maria and guide maria out away from us so that's good and then behind that front especially toward friday, saturday and sunday, a blastly of fall weather on the way coming behind that cold front. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, today's high 86, warm and humid, sun and clouds. tomorrow warm, still humid, sun and clouds, a high of 88. and then thursday the front comes through and ahead of it we may spike up to about 80 for a high but i could see those temperatures tumbling during the afternoon and evening and it will start to feel different for you as you go into that period. then friday, sunny and nice, a high of 75. yom kippur arriving at sundown
6:41 am
and for the weekend it really feels like autumn. saturday breezy and cooler, a high of 70 -- excuse me, 69 degrees for that temple game. then on sunday, 71 degrees, mostly sunny and nice for the phillies fan appreciation day finale and the second to last home union game and still pleasant and sunny and a little cooler on monday, 73 degrees. so, changes in the wings waiting to get on stage. >> okay, well get those sweaters out. violence erupts in the middle east. we'll tell you who is claiming responsibility responsibility. >> a groom takes a plunge on his wedding day. >> i-95 approaching allegheny and you can see how heavy we are as you're jammed from academy to girard. lots of accidents out there today. we'll run them down for you when we come back.
6:42 am
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>> ♪ >> pretty nice sunrise is coming at us on sky6 these days. that's the commodore barry bridge which is sort of shadowed by the brilliant skies over the delaware river this morning. >> and i wish it was a brilliant picture to show you with traffic but looks like trouble out there. >> yeah, we have a bunch of accidents today and funny because you were looking at that shot its so clear and dry out there but nonetheless problems wherever we look. this is west norriton township. now that it's a little brighter you can see this accident scene better. there's police pulling up to the scene right now. we've got emergency workers blocking the left lane in each direction here of trooper road at forge road and now that penndot zoomed in we can see they do have the vehicle on the tow truck. looks like they're getting ready to clear this accident that has been a problem in
6:45 am
west norriton. pike creek a terrible accident, a fatal accident involving a truck that turned over. the truck was carrying chicken feed and that's on the roadway. the accident investigation continues here in new castle county so route seven southbound is still blocked at new linden hill road and one of the northbound lanes is also blocked so stick to 41 to get around that. outside live on the schuylkill westbound i showed you this shot even before police came on the scene. this is an accident on the schuylkill westbound at conshohocken off to the side so be careful as you turn that corner here and you can see slow speeds in both directions. 24 minute ride between the blue route and the vine. not a horrible jam yet on the schuylkill and that accident off to the side just kind of not helping things any here. we've got an accident in allentown, a multi vehicle accident, one blocking all lanes for awhile on the northeast extension northbound past lehigh valley. it's now off to the side. so, moving a little bit better right there but it's just been a day for a bunch of problems. just a touch of fog out there. in lancaster we're down to
6:46 am
half mile visibility, that's a new number. 10 miles at philadelphia international airport not a big deal but we're back down to 1 mile in the atlantic city airport so in some of the areas you're catching just a little bit of fog its another warm day, dry, 68 degrees, headed up to 86. going to feel like summer, matt. >> you got it. thank you, karen. new this morning, a palestinian attacker gunned down three israeli security officers and injured a fourth in one of the deadliest attacks in a two-year period of ongoing violence. other security forces at the entrance to the settlement outside jerusalem shot and killed the attacker. israeli officials say the attacker was a 37-year-old palestinian father of four. hamas rulers in gaza praised the attack but stopped short of taking responsibility. >> happening now an intense wildfire is closing in on a california community forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes. residents fought off embers falling on on their property as they packed up and left the city of corona. the canyon fire was first estimated to be rather small, 25 to 30 acres but in just a
6:47 am
matter of hours, it exploded. the flames have now spread over 2,000 acres and at last check it was only 5 percent contained. north carolina's outer banks are bracing for strong winds and storm surge, flooding from hurricane maria. hundreds of vacationers are under mandatory evacuation and a tropical storm warning has already been posted. >> ♪ [rooster crow] honey, what are you doing?
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6:50 am
help. there are a lot of things going on there. we're going to get a better look coming up on "gma." robin roberts joins us with a preview live. good morning, robin. >> reporter: matt and tam we're going to do that because hurricane maria leaving that devastation in puerto rico, the island facing a humanitarian crisis as the majority of people still without power and even basic supplies are scares. as you said we're on the ground in san juan this morning and we'll track the storm as it nears the eastern seaboard as well. also ahead former congressman anthony weiner sentenced to 21 months in federal prison. his reaction after the ruling and why his probation plea was rejected by the judge. dan abrams and nancy grace will join us with more. plus, monday night football drawing the country's attention dallas cowboys and owner jerry jones take agony before the game and standing with lingd arms during the anthem. matt and tam, got some star power here. we got kate winslet, harrison ford and we have steven king
6:51 am
and his son owen all here live only on "gma." >> you know, i can't wait to see steven and owen king. owen is a really good writer as well. he's good with the scares, too. >> reporter: they collaborated on a book together. that's what they're going to talk about, tam. >> tam is a super steven king fan. >> i love steven king. >> too scary for me. let's take a look at the roads. they were scary a few minutes ago. we're looking a lot better here i-95 northbound at enterprise avenue. an accident involving a tractor-trailer just cleared. also this accident that was at one point blocking all lanes of the northeast extension northbound, multi-vehicle accident just cleared there. continuing the good news, mass transit's looking good, dave. >> hurricane maria clearly evident on satellite but the cloud cover we're getting is fairly sparse. we are looking at a fair amount this morning overall. it's a sun and clouds mix today. mild this morning, 68 degrees in philadelphia. cooler in some spots like allentown, 65 degrees there and 69 down in cape may. as we roll through the day, it's going to be warm, not
6:52 am
quite as hot as yesterday. 80 by noon, 85 by 3 o'clock and a high of 86 around 4 o'clock this afternoon. warm and humid today. and on the bus stop this morning, not too bad for the kids if they're still making their way there. partly cloudy a bit humid 66 degrees in the suburbs and 69 in center city on the bus stop, matt. >> thank you david. new on "action news" here a canadian couple's wedding photo session turned into a rescue mission. clayton and brittany cook tied the knot in ontario friday. they were posing for pictures in a park when clayton noticed a child in distress in a nearby river. he jumped in to save the boy fully clothed from drowning. >> [inaudible] i was going say while the wedding photographer captured the rescue on camera. now, the boy appeared to be okay but the couple says he didn't say a word after he was pulled out of the water. eventually an older sibling took him away
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> ♪ >> top stories at 6:55. three men sitting outside became targets of gunfire in north philadelphia overnight. more than a dozen bullets were fired on perth place. the man who died was found in the bushes by neighbors. two other men were wounded in their hip areas. a driver was killed during a collision with an 18 wheeled
6:56 am
dump truck in pike creek delaware. the cash caused the truck to spill its load of chicken feed. philadelphia will unveil a statue of octavius catto. the statue is the first public statue of an african-american in philadelphia. >> want to take you to the schuylkill expressway. we still have this accident taking a little while to clear here. it's westbound on the schuylkill at conshohocken. even though it's off to the side it's causing some slowing right here on the schuylkill westbound. also we noticed a heavy delay on 42. look at that, 22 minutes to get from the a.c. expressway to 295, dave. >> clouds to start out a few breaks, temperatures in the 60's. this afternoon 86 degrees. it is going to be warm, a little bit humid. you see that 86, 12 degrees above average, yeah, and 71 tonight also above average. rip current risk continues at the shore not only today but tomorrow and thursday as well as hurricane maria is getting a little bit closer to us. dangerous for swimmers go into about your toes or ankles, that's it. maria still looks like it's
6:57 am
going to shoot out to sea before it gets up to us. >> okay an reminder it's national registration day for voting. there are elections this fall all around the region you can go to and figure out where you can go get registered. for all of us we hope you have a great tuesday. we'll see you back here at 7:26. >> ♪
6:58 am
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. good morning, america. breaking news. wildfires exploding across southern california. a storm of embers. >> i have never seen anything like this. >> more than 1,000 people forced to evacuate as massive flames close in on their homes. and this highway near los angeles, the mad rush to escape overnight. humanitarian crisis in puerto rico. >> this is the biggest catastrophe in puerto rican history. >> new video shows the damage from above. people trapped, painting the word, help, on their roof. rescuers spotting, coming to their aid. citizens suffering unbearable heat. without power and basic supplies and now president trump under fire for his response as some of the world's most famous stars beg for help. caught on


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