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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  September 27, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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"action news" continues at 12:30. >> hello again here is the stories we are following for you now on "action news" at 12:30. four teenagers are shot in philadelphia and one is killed and we have the latest on the search for the gunman. and much needed supplies are heading from our area to puerto rico as millions of americans continue to suffer without power and basic necessities. hundreds of jobs are available at a local casino and that is expanding the business. >> a 16-year-old boy is dead and three other teens were hurt when gun fire rang out in the german town section of philadelphia last night. late last night we learned the name of the teenager killed. janet reyes has more on the
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search for the killer. >> i heard four shots. pop pop pop pop. sounded like a high caliber weapon and more in the middle of the block. >> the neighborhood was filled with laugher of children enjoying the warm tuesday evening and then suddenly a hail of gun fire rang out turning the street into a crime scene. >> you heard shots and rapid fire. >> and it was along east pastorous street and the neighborhood fell silence as it was in a collective state of shock. the whales and crying began. four were shot. a 19-year-old critically injured with multiple gunshot wounds and 16-year-old jay custis killed by a gunshot wound to his back. this man says he saw the confusion and shock in the teen's face seconds after he was hit.
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>> next thing you know he collapsed. >> i thought they were playing at first. the boys family hovered over him. >> he said he was shot. and they started to roll him over to find out where the wound was. >> they say he was a good student who loved to play basketball and putting in long days on the neighborhood court to accomplish his goal. >> was kind of big and didn't make the team last year and worked all summer balling. >> getting good. >> getting good. >> the boy's parents were too distraught to go on camera but believe an increased police presence in the area would have prevented this from happening. and a 19-year-old man is still in critical condition. and no word on a suspect or a motive. reporting in german town, jeanne -- and there are large amounts of personnel dispatched to
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puerto rico. president trump did boost federal disaster assistance to increase funding for the area. he will be in puerto rico next tuesday to suffer a the damage. at least 16 lives were lost almost all 3.4 million people on the island are struggling to find water and still do not have power. and an american airlines flight left for puerto rico this morning. it was carrying thousands of pounds of cargo mostly relief supplies. some were going to take care of loved ones and others were relief workers from the salvation army. they have 1500 staffers and they are feeding 14,000 people a day and providing shelter. we are waiting for this and thank god we are able to have the chance to go. >> i am hoping my brother will pick me up. but the last thing i heard he
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didn't have any gas and there lines and they don't have cash. they were like please bring money, because we cannot use atm or anything. >> the american flight that left this morning was only the second from philadelphia to san juan since maria hit. now to afghanistan, where two terror groups are claiming responsibility for a rocket attack on the airport in kabul. ice isis and the taliban says they were targeted james mattis but he was not at the airport at the time of the attack. >> overnight a brazen attack on the airport in afghanistan. >> an attack on an international airport anywhere in the world is a criminal act by terrorists. >> isis and the taliban both claiming to be targeting james
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mattis's plan firing 40 rounds of ammunition mostly in the form of rocket propelled grenades. >> terrorism is a scourge for everyone in this world. the stunning assault -- >> this is about making sure that afghanistan doesn't once again become a safe haven for international terrorists. >> mattis accompanied by the secretary general of nato. >> through the partnership we will suffocate any hope that al qaeda or isis or the taliban have of winning by killing. >> and the secretary undeteared and doubling down on u.s. strategy. it is what it is and the reason why we band together and don't question what we are doing here. >> those 3,000 additional u.s. troops, are already on their way to the region. once they arrive there are 14,000 boots on the ground in afghanistan.
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that is more than when the u.s. invaded 14 years ago. back here one person was hurt when a fast moving fire badly damaged a home in the park side section of philadelphia. the fire broke out at 1:30 early this morning on north wilmington street. and firefighters rescued a 13-year-old girl and a cat. no word on a cause. turning to the forecast we are unseasonably warm today. and we look outside at sky 6 hd at the commodore barry bridge and feeling like summer. karen rogers is outside on the terrace with details from accuweather including a cool down. >> i got a cool breeze thankfully, otherwise it's hot and humid and horribly sticky and liking the breeze at the
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moment. lets show you these numbers, already 80 in quakertown. 84 in coatesville. and 85 if you went to longwood. 6-in malvern and 83 in center city. and new jersey, 82 in browns mills and cinnaminson and better along the coastline 77 in surf city and 75 in brigantine and 82 in fortescue and 82 right now in smyrna, delaware. these numbers are well above average once again and above what they were yesterday as well. feels like 91 in wilmington already with the dew point and 88 in wilmington and feels like 83 in atlantic city and 85 in reading and 90 in trenton. these heat indexes will rise up from here and feel like we are into the low 90s. today's forecast high is 88 degrees and normally in the low 70s. temperatures are a good 14 degrees above average and we are
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getting close to the record high of 91 set back in 1998 we are watching communities to see if some of the bank thermometers are saying. we see now hurricane maria sitting and spinning off the coast and the cloud cover is hitting new jersey, if you are east of the city of philadelphia you are getting more clouds than the lehigh valley. watching the cloud cover with a high risk of rip currents today and tomorrow as well. we have some threat of that once again today. we'll come inside in a second and show you a big change in the seven-day forecast. a little bit of effect in the seven day. the parx casino in bucks county is undergoing a 50 million there's expansion than means more jobs. the casino is holding a job fair, you have until 6:30 tonight to stop at the casino to apply for an interview for 200 new full-time jobs available.
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the jobs are available include security, table games dealers and valet parking and more. the casino is on street road in bensalem. the economic resurges in camden was the topic at camden university this morning. they hosted mayor dana redd for the public politics series. and redd spoke with the progress and attracting residents back to camden. >> there is more ahead at 12:30, a wild fire in california. it's keeping kids out of school. >> beware of the puppy scam we'll tell you which breed of dogs are use the the most to lure in pet lovers. stay with us.
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president trump and congressional republicans are trying the first major rewrite of the tax code in 30 years. it would cut taxes for corpses
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and simply the system and doubles the standard deduction for $24,000 for families and president trump will unveil the plan to indiana today. alabama chose roy moore in the state senate runoff. even though republicans backed luther strange. >> alabama republicans sending a message loud and clear to washington. voters selecting the gun toting horse riding former alabama chief justice roy moore in the gop senate primary. the hero to the religious rite beat out luther strange who beat out big names like mitch mcconnell and donald trump. >> do not think because i supported my opponent that i do
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not support him. >> spending upwards of $7 million to back strange. moore won a big victory and had a backing from sarah palin and chuck norris and steven bannon. >> the question was called today in the state of alabama and the people are the money and alabama answered today. >> moore was trice removed from the bench by a judiciary panel and permanently suspended. >> never prayed to win this campaign. i have only pray that gods will be done. >> president trump tweeted congratulated moore and will campaign hard for him in alabama and he faces off against doug jones for the senate seat vac e vacated by jeff sessions. and there say temporary stay of execution for a georgia man for claims of racial bias.
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he is appealing the sentence arguing that the juror that voted to put him to death harbors racist views and more than a dozen people protested the execution yesterday and he was convicted of killing his sister-in-law in 1990. thousands of people forced from their homes in california are anxious to get back home and see if their homes were destroyed by the flames. mandatory evacuations are underway for 1300 people and schools remain closed there. the fire burned 2,000 acres so far and only 15% contained. crews say that strong winds are making it difficult to get the fire under control. more than 16,000 firefighters are working to keep the flames away from residential homes. >> if you are in the market for auto new puppy the better
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business bureau warns of sites. they are likely to encounter some type of fraud and they want email correspondence and refuse to meet many person or see the animal before paying. and he ran into an exam and paid $700 online. >> i got an email from a shipping company and it said you are required to pay $1500 additional and i looked at the shipping company the same guy i bought the puppy from i knew i was scammed. >> yorkies and french bull dogs are the most popular lures for scammers. >> still ahead on "action news" another check of your forecast. >> looking live outside sky 6 hd showing you philadelphia international airport at lunch time. meteorologist, karen rogers has your update from ac warren and changes headed our way. eligible for medicare?
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meteorologist, karen rogers, did back now with a closer look at the changing accuweather forecast. >> you look pretty today. >> thank you very much. >> just kidding. >> he is trying to try me. thank you any way. thank you sara. >> you look pretty. looking at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are dry through the area and could see a passing shower through the night but the daytime is dry. the action cam was out a bit ago and we have seen a lot of clouds but what beautiful blue skies in rittenhouse square looking up and looking good and the sunshine is heating things up that is for sure. lets look at the current numbers through the region. 83 degrees already and dew point 71 and oppressive humidity and you know it as soon as you step outside. and that is why you are inside with your air on watching us.
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right? and the breeze is helping and the pressure is falling and the ocean temperature is 74. here is what is now again hurricane maria sitting and spinning off the coastline not a lot of precipitation even though it's a large storm and back up to a powerful status, a hurricane status and some showers earlier clipped the coastline and could see a shower later on tonight and hurricane maria moves off the coast and this is why the cold front to the west it's rather moisture starved you get the idea looking at it and not a lot of rain but clouds spin our way as the cold front comes through. hurricane maria is now a category one status but it makes the sharp turn. the impacts we see are minimal but continuing to see a high risk of rip current as long the coast. be careful about that. because it feels so summer like out there today. 88 degrees the high today in the city. and you see less clouds and more
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sunshine in the lehigh valley. and 88 in allentown and 86 for the high in trenton and a bit cooler along the coast and cloudier as well. temperatures in the upper 70s for your high there. still well above average. this time of year we have a high of 74. we'll make it up to 88 and feel like the 90s. so at 2:00, 4:00, you are 86 degrees and 4:00, 84 and 8:00 tonight 80 degrees and 10:00, 77. showing you in just a few hours it will feel like the 90s the heat indexes in the area and 92 if the city and 91 in wilmington a hot one today and it's our last hot one tomorrow. we get the affects of this front that comes through. 78 for your high and feeling cooler and a gusty breeze and the humidity crashes way down, and we have the humidity tomorrow and again the front kicks maria out of here. here is your exclusive
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accuweather forecast 88 today and feeling like summer and tomorrow is not as warm and less humid 78. and tomorrow school start and 77 for yom kippur at sun down and saturday breezy and cooler and 69 with a passing shower. sunday mostly sunny and 71 and monday partly sunny and 75. and tuesday partly sunny and dry and 76 degrees. we look to be mild but not as unseasonably warm as we are right now. >> thank you, karen. season 25 of dancing with the stars is barely underway, this after the second elimination second singer, debbie gibson home. >> debbie and allen -- >> while singer debbie gibson is out of the dancing with the stars competition she still feels victorious. she did the show after a lengthy
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battle with lyme disease. >> got my life back and proved to myself i can overcome things i couldn't overcome laying on my couch two months ago and this got me jump started and i'm ready to take the run with it. >> it's sounds better than the mirror ball trophy. >> yes. >> this season no one feels safe from being next. >> every single couple from now on is a shocker. i couldn't sleep last night i definitely thought it was us. >> everyone is getting better and as long as that keeps happening it keeps everyone on their toes. and you don't see many elite couples. it's down the middle and exciting but you never know when you'll go home. >> vanessa lachey and maksim
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shows. >> the high score of the latin night. >> my brain shuts off and i don't remember what i did. but i'll take it. of the remaining couples, tackle guilty pleasures next week ranging from food to music, abc news los angeles. well, it's an all new night of prime time tv here on 6 abc. that includes the season premier of american housewife. >> what are you doing here? last year you pretended to be sick to get out of of of volunteering. >> i bought you a baby gift. >> you are using the diaper bag i gave you as a purse -- >> tonight it's back to school for katie and the family and theest to get more time to herself backfired when she is forced to volunteering with the westport moms. it returns at a new night and
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time at 4:30. and then 9:00 designated survivor is back, one year after president kirkman took office and during his push to rebuild the capital terrorists hijack a flight overseas putting his diplomatic skills to the test. tonight an all new episode of the goldbergs followed by speechless, modern family and american housewife designated survivor and "action news" at 11:00.
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my challenge is to be in sync with my body, myself, my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. begin the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics everyday. take the activia probiotic challenge! before we good one final check of the accuweather forecast. >> we have new numbers in and show you what it feels like out there. the heat index feels like 0-in philadelphia and 90 in trenton and wilmington feels like 93 degrees and feeling like 92 in millville and normally in the low 70s. not today.
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88 for your high and you see the heat index feeling like the 90s. >> thank you karen. here is a look at stories coming up later this afternoon on "action news" at 4:00. more local help for the crisis in puerto rico. "action news" is in cherry hill where one woman's charity is helping the efforts. >> and don't forget to join us later for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for karen rogers, rick williams and david murphy i'm sara bloomquist have a nice afternoon.
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