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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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lewdness. >> meet the five-year-old who gave away all of his birthday money just to help other kids next on action news. if you got an awesome new car you'd put the best gas in it, right. so why hook up your awesome technology to anything other than a fiber-optic network? i got to go. peterson. peterson's wife. counting on you guys. your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. and now get our fastest internet ever plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. action news delaware valleys leading news program with metrologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. ♪ sunday night and the big story on action news is breaking news from camden county where several
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people have been killed in a horrific collision in glouster township. >> it occurred at the intersection of sickler and dublinville way and annie mccormick is live at the scene with details annie. >> reporter: and walter and sarah at this hour the tow truck has actually come this and taken away two vehicles that were involved in this crash. at this hour though police still not confirming how many people were killed. >> we can confirm that several we do have several fatalities in the crash at this time we are not going to say numbers or anything like that but there are serious injuries and some fatalitiess. >> reporter: the police releasing little information about a deadly two-vehicle crash that shut down sicklerville road 4:30 sunday evening initial reports came over that five people were in the two vehicles and police confirm everyone has been identified. >> people that need to go to the hospitals have gone and we have you know we are waiting to notify the family members and
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next of kin and things like that. >> reporter: the crash on sicklerville road shut down traffic. >> a horn or truck tire. >> i heard a big bang. >> reporter: brought neighbors out of their home and describe seeing first responders help victims and medi vacuum helicopters in the air. >> i saw a few vehicle in the structure and one was able to move his hands. >> reporter: the investigation is still in the early stages. >> at this time i don't have information how the crash occurred and being investigated by the serious crash team at this time. >> reporter: and police also asking for any witnesses to come forward the ramp -- camden prosecutors will be part of this annie mccormick with 6abc back to you. >> breaking news out of bucks county over the past few hours a
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deputy arrested on host of charges including indecent exposure and trish hartman is live from silver lake park with details, trish? >> walter earlier this evening i spoke with bucks county commissioner diane and she confirmed that a bucks county deputy sheriff has been arrested for committing lewd acts in this park. steven springfield was arrested yesterday for allegedly exposing himself to a woman here in silver lake park the 39d sheriff deputy from bristol township charged with indecent exposure open lewdness and disorderly conduct according to court documents and arrest by bucks county detectives and arraigned by a district magistrate last night 8:15 p.m. and silver lake park is on bath road in bristol township a county owned park with playgrounds and nature trails and center and springfield was released on 25,000 unsecured bail and
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attempts to reach springfield was unsuccessful trish hartman for 6abc. >> trish thank you a vigil held for a two-year-old boy killed in bucks county as his father escaped police with candles and heavy hearts and gathered in the parking lot of the shopper center to remember the boy who was ejected from the suv and his father was driving when it collided with another vehicle in tully town and he was trying to flee after stealing electronics from a nearby walmart new developments tonight in the school mold situation in monroe township new jersey tomorrow's plans have teachers in the place of the closed holly glen school is cancelled and an open house for students and parents at the alternative schools instead the school board has called an emergency meeting tomorrow night at the williams town high school. the search is on to find the person responsible for damaging more than two dozen cars an in
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lower bucks county people along several blocks of normally quiet austin drive and falls township awoke to find mirrors broken and windows smashed on their vehicles. several vehicles along glouster road also damaged and police looking for clues from security cameras including this one showing a moving vehicle striking parked cars right around 5:00 a.m. the driver of this car was injured when his vehicle collided with a fire ladder truck this evening in the city's nice town section and happened just before 5:30 p.m. along 1800 west eerie avenue no firefighters injured and no word who was responsible for the crash. aftermath of hurricane nate the storm is since down grades to a tropical depression but still packing gusty winds and heavy rain and those rains will have an impact on the delaware valley to start off our week. that's right metrologist melissa magee has our first check of the accuweather forecast melissa. >> walter and sar some of the heavy rain right now from what is left of nate is currently over the tennessee valley and
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the ohio valley so we are tracking this moisture that will be working its way in the mid-atlantic region as early as tomorrow storm tracker six live double scan 3d and earlier we had a boundary drift across the region and essentially fizzled out and all attention and focus right now off to the south and west so center of circulation of what was once nate now moving up through the ohio valley but you notice the direction with a lot of the heavy rainfall moving straight to the north rather than to the north and east so the heaviest precipitation looks to be north and west of the i-95 corridor as we get in tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon and future tracker six showing by 10:30 tomorrow morning we have pockets of heavy rain across the delaware and lehigh valleys so we will talk what we can expect as we look at the dew point numbers and help bring in a lot of moisture and the air is saturated and with dew points in the 70s it's uncomfortable and oppressive as well and talk what we can expect as we track the
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remnants of nate overnight tonight and into monday periods of rain are likely 1-2" of rain i think we will find closer to 1" rather than 2 but heaviest is north and west of the i-95 corridor and poor drainage and localized flooding also a concern and take a closer look coming up, for an exclusive accuweather forecast walter. thank you melissa see you then and nate made a brief and destructive visit to the region and was spared from the kind of devastation we have seen from other recent storms and nate first came ashore last night as category one and quickly lost power and has now been downgrade as melissa mentioned to a tropical depression and nate was the first to make landfall in mississippi since katrina back in 2005 and there were fears of a storm surge could over well low lying areas in the region and there was widespread flooding and the parking lot and harris cost know in buloxi the damage was not widespread and keep tabs on nate's path as you start your day starting at 4:30
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for the very latest from accuweather. >> time to talk about the eagles birds fans had a lot to cheer about at lincoln financial field today. >> this was not no, sir close and crushed the cardinals improving to 4-1 and jeff skversky has detailed and whistle to whistle that is the best game this year. >> that is what coach pederson said you can thank one carson wentz for that the first quarterback in eagles history to throw three touchdowns in the first quarter of the game, in fact, he is so impressive today done than mcnabb kids asked for his autograph after the game and mcnabb says he will sell it for big bucks and eagles come out flying against the cards and 21-30 before you blink and for torrey smith 59 yards and how about the celebration afterwards. the eagles yes they hit it out of the park today as they would say that ball is out of here.
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in the third another home run bomb wentz the best quarterback in nfl and third down does it again and this time nelson agholar check out the move. agholar career high three touchdown this year this is 72 yards and eagles win 34-7 and wentz throws career high four scores they are 4-1 and in first place. >> i was so proud of him the way they worked another team effort all three phrases. i told them that you know i felt like this year that by far in our five games if that was the most dominating performance they have had. >> to come out swinging like we did early in the game to put 21 up right away and stay on it we have mistakes and we have a share of mistakes too but collectively we played really good football today. >> wentz is a perfectionist and wants to get better and thinks of the plays he missed and look at the game what did he do wrong
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there but he is a guy that is going to be on point. >> carson wentz panning out just a little bit. >> all right thank you. meanwhile vice president mike pence left today's 49ers colts game after several players from san francisco took a knee during the national anthem the former indiana governor put his hand over his heart during the ann them and left as players took a knee and said on twitter he left the game so not quote dignify any event that disrespects our soldiers our flag and national anthem afterward i asked vice president pence to leave stadium if players kneeled disrespecting our country i'm proud of him and second lady karen. >> most children delight in getting gifts for their birthdays a five-year-old in delaware county was happy to give it away sammy burns of springfield donated $369 today in money to the delaware county heros scholarship fund at the start of the annual run for heros the fund benefits children of police firefighters and emergency responders who die in the line of duty.
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county counselman david white says sammy's generosity is inspiring. >> it's an amazing thing when a five-year-old can teach us all especially us grown ups that giving back to your community and being part of your community doesn't just start when you're 20, 30 and 40. >> reporter: after the presentation everyone on hand including the runners sang happy birthday to sammy. you rock and more to come new developments in the investigation into sexual harassment claims against movie mogul mar i have weinstein the board of his own company has taken dramatic action. president trump a twitter war against a powerful republican senator and that senator responds by calling the white house a daycare. details coming up. also show you how local community is helping residents of hurricane ravaged puerto rico that and much more when action news comes right back.
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trump and a powerful senator and president latched out at bob corker of tennessee saying on twitter he decided not to run for reelection because quote he didn't have the guts and trump went on to say corker begged him for an endorsement but trump reviewed and corker's camp went on the record saying that statement was not true. corker himself took to twitter and posted this barb saying it's a shame the white house has become an adult daycare center someone obviously missed their shift this morning. f.b.i. runned to the home of a las vegas gunman and eggs cuting a new search authorized after they spoke to stephen paddock girlfriend and still not clear what they were looking for investigators processed more evidence from the home where he lived with his girlfriend marilou danley. it was a week ago tonight when he killed 58 people and injured
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hundreds more when he opened fire on a crowd attending a concert along the las vegas strip. for that a candlelight vigil under way in las vegas and today is the one week anniversary of the shooting that claimed 58 lives at the exact time of the shooting the lights will dim at area casinos for ten minutes that is how long the rampage lasted. late tonight harvey weinstein was terminated from a company he cofounded with his brother and with the light of sexual abuse allegations they decided to part ways with him and a bomb shell report detailing allegations of women over three decades alleging sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior, among the women named actresses ashley judd and rose mcgowan and says the mogul reached settlement with at least eight accusers through the years. more for come on action news and looking for a rainy start to
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the workweek. >> sky six and hd a gorgeous shot from temple university camera looking at the center city skyline and melissa magee with your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when action news comes right back. ♪ it's here. the first night your teenage daughter stays out way too late. but after three years of specialist cancer care, to guide her into remission, you couldn't be happier about it. aetna. you don't join us, we join you.
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a massive donation drive took place today in camden to help the people of hurricane ravaged puerto rico and collected food money and all kinds of necessities at the park and volunteers with collection cans went door to door in camden neighborhood and people have family on the island and few have power and drinking water is still scarce. >> please support anything help puerto rico really needs us right now needs our help and support and anything helps. ♪ in addition to today's effort there was a chance for the community to get together and have a little fun during the stressful time for the people with loved ones in puerto rico. all right melissa back with another check of your accuweather forecast and we will be dealing with a remnants of what was a different hurricane nate in the coming hours. >> yeah that's right and
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tracking the moisture a lot of it is heavy right now but it moves in overnight tonight and into monday so on-and-off through the day and track it for you and here is what going on outside and hd looking at penn's landing on sunday night and mostly cloudy and starting to track some showers moving to areas north and west of philadelphia. sky six live in hd looking at the commodore berry bridge and you can see we have calm conditions and tracking rain that is headed our way infact storm tracker six double skan hd you can see rain south and west and mel burn and pockets in reading and south and west of quaker town so this is just the beginning of a period of unsung weather as we get in the workweek especially on monday so right now in philadelphia still very warm and very humid it's 77 in the city, 73 allentown down in dover 75 degrees and trenton 74, at the coast in beach haven all the way to cape may
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temperatures are in the lower 70s so we have the warmth overhead and dew point numbers are pretty high as well. any time you have dew point numbers in the lower 70s it's quite oppressive and saturation in the atmosphere with the south to southwest wind so dew point temperature in the city of 72, 73 in reading and in cape may dew point number of 71. and here is part of the reason why satellite six along with action radar showing you that the frontal boundary we had across the region earlier today has since fizzled out and all of the attention right now down across the tennessee valley and the ohio valleys and tracking the remnants of nate working its way into this region the heavy rainfall as well but the you look at the direction of the precipitation it's moving to the north instead of north and east and mid-atlantic will find the precipitation but the heaviest will cut to the west of i-95 corridor and tonight a couple early showers and otherwise warm and muggy and drop to 67 in
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suburbs and 72 in philadelphia for the overnight low. so future tracker 6 timing out the precipitation for you 2:00 a.m. during the overnight hours notice that rain heavy at times from the poconos down to allentown it continues on-and-off by 10:30 tomorrow morning a wall of water approaching the poconos all the way down the i-95 corridor and also into south jersey and moisture will linger on-and-off throughout the day but the dpood news with this system is that it is quick moving so a lot of that precipitation is expected to move on out as we get into monday night so future tracker six showing rainfall totals and the heaviest looks to set up north and west of the city about an inch and quarter poconos more than an inch and a half in reading and three quarters in philadelphia and lower amounts down across south jersey and also into delaware exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast showing you periods of rain tomorrow on-and-off a high temperature of 79 for columbus day. on tuesday it's warm and not as humid as the dew point temperatures will start to lower and a high temperature of 84 on
11:24 pm
wednesday it's cloudy with a couple of afternoon showers in at 75. cooler on thursday feeling like fall by then with an isolated shower a high of 70 clouds and some sun on friday in at 76 and next weekend we are warming back up still feeling like summer with temperatures guys back up in the 80s. >> not apple picking weather for sure all right melissa thank you and a quick break and more action news when we come back.
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your internet deserves the 100% fiber-optic network. and now get our fastest internet ever plus tv and phone for just $79.99 per month. sports the eagles did not just win but looked really really good. >> the key today third down the eagles are the best team on nfl on third down and wentz throwing three of four touchdown on third down unbelievable performance today the eagles yes they know how to make a first impression and out scored teams by 38 points in the first quarter this year and today against the cardinals carson wentz becomes the first quarterback in eagles history to throw three touchdowns in the first with mike trout out of the game the eagles hit it out of the park against arizona carson wentz must have an angel on his shoulder watch this first quarter to zach ertz the best
11:28 pm
tight end in football 14-0 eagles and wentz throws three of the career four in the first and next possession third down again this time deep for torrey smith 59 yards in the house it's 21-0 check out the celebration batter up that ball is out of here. then in the third eagles hit it out of the park again and wentz deep and nelson and agholar, his confidence is back, wentz says he makes the corner look silly what a move agholar 72 moves for a career high third score of the year eagles win and win big 34-7 they have won six of the last seven games and jamie apody has more. >> reporter: jeff the eagles vowed this year is different, last year they started 3-1 only to lose eight of the next ten this year playoffs or bust and took the first step today in proving 4-1 for only the second time this decade. >> we are hungry and never going to get too high after wins and never too low after losses and keep plugging along and we know we are a special team and have
11:29 pm
to go prove it every week. >> you can just tell the mentality that we have as a whole team and starting to rub off and it's contagious once you get the wins going so we are just focused man each and every game. >> torrey smith said they are yet to play the best football and today they came to play and carson wentz with his first four touchdown ever and the highest pastor rating of his career. >> more touchdowns and four different guys is a huge stepping stone and don't think he has thrown that many in a game yet so he is the face of the franchise and where he goes we go. >> reporter: also impressed with wentz done than mcnabb had his kid get an autograph from him in the locker room, does the team go to playoffs? >> absolutely. >> reporter: no free fall for the eagles team except maybe in the end zone but celebration after torrey smith 59 yarder truly was a home run. >> i thought he was going to take a picture, no and we never really practiced this but you know it looked like it's pretty cool what they showed on the video.
11:30 pm
>> what was it? >> hope a fast ball right down the middle. >> reporter: the birds knocked the game out of the park and lane johnson who left with a head injury probably won't be able to play against the panthers and that game is less than four days away lincoln financial field jamie apody 6abc. >> more and brian westbrook joins ducis rodgers in studio coming up, in just a few minutes and what adjustment carson wentz made today and why he was effect and they play in four days on the road against 4-1 carolina who are on their tails. green bay is waiting too to strike check out the finish against dallas, down four just over one to go against the packers and zach press scott scores and cowboys up and 11 seconds left and aaron rodgers and divonte adams and third
11:31 pm
downtown touchdown pass and packers win 35-31 and cowboys fall to the 2-3 the giants are a giant nightmare and windless and lose four receivers including beckhams carted off with the chargers with a broken angle and final three with a two point lead and phillip for melvin gordon and giants lose 27-22 they are 0-5 and eagles fans everywhere are dancing and celebrating over that. >> how about the cowboys too. >> yes. >> thank you jeff quick break more action news when we come back.
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celebrated a special milestone today akt was in drexell hill where they marked theresa corby's 100 birthday and keeping your needs simple and living with gratitude. >> i appreciate all my family and everything that they did for me and i did for them. [ applause ] big balloons, a big cake and lots of birthday kisses for the big occasion. >> happy birthday theresa and action news sports sunday is next on channel six and continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning with david and tamala edwards and karen rogers and dave murphy. >> and from walter perez,
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melissa magee jeff skversky and the rest of the action news team i'm sarah bloomquist. >> good night. ♪ there are some big plays made today. >> we can be dynamic. touchdo touchdown. >> we can be exposed to it. >> you put him in a full head of steam and be aware. >> ride the wave. >> we are just hungry. >> sack them. >> we played lights out all day. >> loaded up and he was backed by brandon. >> he did a great job going out there and being loose and going out to have fun. >> it was fun, it was definitely fun. >> he is going deep and it's good for the ten and the five and touchdown torrey smith. >> i never had a four touchdown day talk about his performance. >> could have had five out


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