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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 14, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, fierce fight. battle to save lives in california's raging wildfires. new video from inside the fire zone. a deputy driving through the flames to rescue people. >> watch your leg. watch your leg. >> why this situation could now be getting worse. the latest on the conditions. taking heat, president trump under fire for his blow to the affordable care act saying he's only interested in one thing. >> getting great health care for this country. >> what it could do to your insurance premium as he faces additional criticism with his new threat to pull out of the nuclear agreement with iran. what he wants congress to do now. horrors in captivity.
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the american woman and her family held hostage by the taliban for five year as referring in canada overnight revealing a painful event from their time as prisoners. >> the murder of my infant daughter martyr boyle. >> their hopes to build a new future now for their family. and amazing upset. a wake-up call in the word of college football this morning. the gridiron shockers. >> touchdown! >> and the play that has people flipping out. and good morning. we are heading into another difficult day in california where they're dealing with the deadliest wildfires in state history. >> we're looking at a new round of hot, dry winds expected to fuel those flames of a situation that's already dire in so many places. we want you to look at this body cam footage, however, from a sheriff's deputy. he was driving through a neighborhood completely engulfed
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by flames. >> yeah, we're going to play more of this coming up. he actually rescues somebody. here's what we know white now. 17 fires burring right now in the state. 5,700 structures destroyed. at least 35 people dead. >> these fires have been burning for nearly a week now. rob is standing by with the forecast, but we're going to start with abc's linzie janis who is in hard hit santa rosa for us. linzie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we have had fresh evacuations in sonoma county overnight. these fires are on the move being driven by stronger winds. fire conditions this weekend being described as critical. it comes as we are getting our first glimpse into what it was like for first responders and residents the night that firestorm first tore through these communities causing utter devastation. this morning, incredible images from inside the initial response to what is now the deadliest week in california wildfire history. the body cam on this sonoma
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county sheriff's deputy rolling as he races toward residents in the middle of the night. a wall of flames closing in. the deputy gasping for air as he helps a disabled woman into his car. >> watch your leg. watch your leg. sir! >> reporter: massive fire engulfing the road. he races to safety using his megaphone to alert the community. >> mandatory evacuation order. leave your homes. >> reporter: the terrifying firestorm haunting hundreds of thousands of residents in this area who are now bracing for more destruction. >> we're one windstorm away from having this town demolished. >> reporter: overnight, the battle against the giant infernos intensifying with strong winds and low humidity. >> this is a dangerous event. it is not over. stay away from the houses. >> reporter: firefighters scrambling to contain the 17 fires, so far scorching more than 200,000 acres. this is painstaking work. >> yes, it is. it's very tedious. very hard.
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you can tell by the incline of the slope, plus the conditions we work in, obviously smoky, hot, low humidity. this is the meat and potatoes of firefighting. >> reporter: the flames claiming the lives of at least 35 people, hundreds more missing and so many now homeless like michael clemons, a local firefighter. >> more than anything i wanted to get my family out and that's all i cared about. >> reporter: 40 active firefighters lost their homes in these fires. this was mike clemons' home. he says all he had time to do is grab his cell phone, wallet and family and get out. he looked out the window and saw orange flames. this is what is left of 34,000 square feet and four bedrooms, a metal garage door frame with what he says was a brand-new car there parked in the garage. the entire neighborhood looks like this. total destruction. at least 5% of homes here in santa rosa wiped out. and the damage estimate, dan and
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paula, more than $1.2 billion and this crisis isn't over yet. >> those visuals are just so haunting, linzie janis, thank you for your reporting. >> the power of the inferno. >> absolutely. as mentioned the conditions are not favorable for fighting those fires today. >> so let's get it over to rob who is tracking it all. hey, rob. >> good morning, guys. we are looking at for a setup similar to last week and have seen winds gusting over 50 miles an hour across mt. diablo so those diablo winds will be blowing. we've got red flag warnings. it's a statewide event but we begin with northern california where winds are to the critical criteria and shift it to southern california as we go through later today and tonight. 24-mile-per-hour winds there in santa rosa, napa valley, higher elevations, concerned about that area as we go through the afternoon and tonight through tomorrow morning, so-cal the main threat. a severe weather threat across the rest of the country in just a few minutes. dan and paula. now to the developing story about president trump and your health care.
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millions of americans bracing for changes to their health plans this morning. >> the president taking a major swing at the affordable care act with the swipe of a pen and abc's david wright joins us from the white house with more on this executive order and what it all means. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula and dan. some big changes ahead but the president says he's ready to make a deal. overnight he tweeted that obamacare is causing grief and tragedy for so many. he urged democrats to get smart and deal while republicans have already tried and failed to repeal and replace obamacare, so the president is trying to force congress to act. even as he dealt what could be a fatal blow to the affordable care act, president trump insisted he's ready to make a deal. and not just with the republicans. >> the democrats should come to me. i would even go to them because i'm only interested in one thing, getting great health care for this country. >> reporter: but for now democrats don't buy it. >> make no mistake, last night
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the president single-handedly decided to raise america's health premiums for no reason except spite and cruelty. >> reporter: what trump did was end $7 billion in obamacare subsidies to insurance companies, payments designed to help them discount prices for low-income customers. a federal judge ruled last year that the subsidies were illegal because the obama administration authorized them without an appropriation from congress. >> that money is a subsidy for insurance companies. take a look at their stock, look where they are. they're going through the roof. >> reporter: now insurance premiums are likely to go through the roof to make up the difference, jumping by as much as 20% according to the nonpartisan congressional budget office. middle class customers like marcie shelton, a retiree in nevada, would likely feel the brunt of this.
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>> if it gets too high, i'm afraid i won't be able to afford it at all and that's terrifying. >> reporter: but the poorest americans would have some protection because of other provisions in obamacare. the taxpayers would still be on the hook to make up the difference for them, which according to the cbo could add nearly $20 billion a year to the federal deficit. >> we are going to have great health care in our country. we're taking a little different route than we had hoped. >> reporter: now, a bipartisan group of lawmakers have a bill that would restore those subsidies. they say they have the votes to pass it. two problems, though, not clear if it's ever going to get up for a vote and not clear if the president would sign it. dan and paula. >> i think the president said it best. they're taking a little bit of a different route. david, thanks for your reporting from the white house. and coming up in our next half hour, we know so many of you have questions about what's going on with your health care and we'll answer those questions and help you navigate the complex and ever changing new health care environment. >> that's coming up. we turn to another
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controversial move from the president. threatening to leave the iran nuclear deal. >> iran's president, however, is hitting back saying the u.s. is isolated in its opposition to the agreement, and abc's gloria riviera is in washington for us this morning. good morning to you, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, paula. congress now has 60 days to demand more from iran, but there's been no indication yet iran is even open to renegotiation. one former state department official described trump's about-face to me as a huge hit to america's reputation of upholding its commitments calling that the only true currency in international relations. this morning a chorus of grave concern from the united states major allies around the world after president trump declared he will terminate the nuclear deal with iran if congress doesn't toughen it up. >> the iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson who reportedly fought against the president's efforts to decertify
8:10 am
iran's compliance said friday he believes u.s. partners in the deals will get on board. >> i fully expect that our allies and friends in europe and in the region are going to be very supportive in efforts undertaken to deal with iran's threats. >> reporter: but many of the country's biggest allies are defending the de, the ux, france and germany saying they are committed to the full implementation of the nuclear agreement in their shared interests. in the middle east praise from iran's frequent sparring partner israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> i congratulate president trump for his courageous decision today. he boldly confronted iran's terrorist regime. >> reporter: trump wants the deal expanded to restrict iran's ballistic missile program in support of terror. >> the iranian regime continues to feel conflict, terror and turmoil throughout the middle east and beyond. >> reporter: but those elements were never part of the agreement negotiated by multiple countries over years.
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iranian president hassan rouhani had this warning should the u.s. change course. "if other parties do not fulfill their promises, we will not hesitate for even one moment and will respond." and this morning another country weighing in, russia saying it deeply regrets trump's decision. dan, paula. >> gloria, thank you. let's go to austin, texas, now and abc news political consultant matthew dowd. hey, matthew, good morning. >> good morning. >> so let's start with what the president has just done on the iranian nuclear deal. where does this leave us and what in your view is the impact on our national security? >> well, dan, i think it's exceedingly problematic. as you know, there's seven countries that were part of this accord. six of the countries are opposed to what donald trump just did including the ux, china, russia and germany. so i think it sets us up in a position just like after the pulling out of the paris climate accord where we are on the outs of the international community and this was the first time we actually ever had an agreement with iran to at least slow down their nuclear development, very problematic for this president
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and it's going to be very hard for him to get what he wants out of this congress. >> he seems in terms of health care to be kind of punting to congress as well. we know that obamacare was expected to really implode on its own, but now this is just accelerating the process and now, matt, he's being sued by nearly 20 states because he wants to stop these subsidies so what could the political risks here be for the president? >> well, you know, this is like having a car that's got problems in it that's got malfunctions in it and then you puncture the tires and put sugar in the gas tank and say, help me fix the car that i just am breaking. it's a huge problem in this. he now owns health care. it is no longer obamacare. donald trump owns health care and from a political perspective, he's in a real big problem. he's holding hostage as talked about earlier in the show millions of people and their premiums and their care in order to accomplish something politically and the other thing about this is keep in mind, president obama, obamacare, the
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paris climate accord and the iran nuclear agreement are all more popular than president trump is in america today. >> yeah, with one swipe of the pen, as you said, he now owns health care. matt, thanks for your insight and analysis from austin this morning for us. >> great to be here. we do want to turn to a developing story overnight. the american mother and her family held hostage by the taliban for five years, they landed in canada and are now sharing horror stories. >> abc's brian ross has more on what the family is revealing what happened to them in their life in captivity. >> reporter: the horror details of their captivity are emerging this morning as the freed hostage family arrived overnight in toronto just 48 hours after being freed. seething with anger, joshua boyle recounted how his wife and three children were treated including a reference to an infant child killed by their captors, a taliban group run by the notorious haqqani family network. >> the stupidity and the evil of the haqqani networks kidnapping of a pilgrim and his heavily pregnant wife was eclipsed only
8:14 am
by the stupidity and evil of authorizing the murder of my infant daughter martyr boyle. >> reporter: boyle, a canadian national, spoke alone confirming the rape of his wife, american caitlin coleman, echoing an account she revealed on a taliban hostage tape during her captivity. >> my children have seen their mother defiled. >> not as a lone action by one guard but assisted by the captain of the guard and supervised by the commandant. >> reporter: caitlin coleman was seven months pregnant when she and her husband were kidnapped while on what they called a hiking vacation in afghanistan. as a hostage, she gave birth to three children who became america's littlest hostages. her father jim coleman of stewartstown, pennsylvania, told abc news he is still angry with his daughter's husband for taking her to afghanistan in the first place. >> what i can say is, you know, taking your pregnant wife to a very dangerous place, to me and the kind of person that i am, it's unconscionable.
8:15 am
>> reporter: boyle had refused to allow his family to fly on an american military aircraft after they were freed and insisted they return home to canada, not the u.s. >> obviously it will be of incredible importance to my family that we are able to build a secure sanctuary for our three surviving children to call a home. >> reporter: brian ross, abc news, new york. >> that's just a horrifying story. our thanks to brian ross. we move to the new information coming out about that shooting in las vegas. >> we're learning about a terrifying new target for the gunman as well as the time line of the deadliest mass shooting in america. abc's erielle reshef has more. >> excuse me for my emotion. >> reporter: a visibly shaken las vegas sheriff revealing a new time line nearly two weeks after the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. >> my intent today is to provide some clarification on some outstanding issues out there in the public forum. >> reporter: correcting information given earlier this week saying hotel security
8:16 am
officer jesus campos was shot had 9:59. six minutes before stephen paddock began his initial assault from the mandalay bay's 32nd floor. the hotel's parent company disputing this time gap. >> i am very well aware of the mgm statement provided yesterday. i agree with their statement. >> reporter: now las vegas authorities agreeing at 10:05 p.m. shot campos and seconds later unleashed his hail of gunfire on the crowd below. >> he attempted to relay that via his radio and it was confirmed because he also relayed that information via his cell phone. >> reporter: for ten minutes between 10:05 and 10:15 hundreds of bullets raining down on unsuspecting concertgoers. >> breach, breach. >> reporter: by 10:17, officers arrived on the 32nd floor determining the shooting had ceased. and the sheriff with another stunning disclosure. during those ten minutes of terror the suspect turning his fire on these fuel tanks at
8:17 am
nearby mccarron airport and paddock also deliberately targeting first responders as they rushed to the scene. raw emotion as the sheriff spoke of their heroism and of officer brady cook. >> brady sustained a substantial wound to his shoulder, through his bicep, into his chest and out his back. and the reason why i bring this one up, he asked me if he could go back to work today. >> so many heroes that night, 58 people died in that attack. the sheriff says 45 are still in the hospital. some of them in critical condition. the fbi so far has found no ties between the gunman and any extremist groups. still no clear motive, but investigators do believe he acted alone. >> can you imagine if he had been able to hit those gas tanks. >> it could have been catastrophic. >> erielle, thank you very much. as we said, it's been a busy morning in the weather department, so let's kick it back over to rob. what's happening? >> we start off with the california fires. i have an interesting piece of
8:18 am
video. this hasn't been shown too much. we'll see more of this today, drying out winds, temperatures warm, humidity levels dropping drastically to below 10% for some areas in northern and southern california. these are dangerous fire weather conditions. strong winds large hail in i illinois and flood watch in chicago. that's a look at the national weather headlines. here's the local forecast. good morning everyone, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. for us back home, we're looking at clouds and drizzle and dreary sight. a little bit of patchy fog this morning. we'll see cloud cover this afternoon, the humidity will increase, as well. the the exclusive accuweather five-day forecast turning warmer high of 74 today. 82 tomorrow, we cool it down next week. lots of sunshine monday through
8:19 am
friday. opening of colorado ski season plus a hurricane headed towards ireland, that in the next half an hour. >> sounds good. >> sounds good? >> no, i'm saying ski season sounds good. ski season sounds amazing, which i'm surprised you're here because you're such an avid skier. maybe next weekend. >> you're not skiing this weekend. you're here delivering news headlines. good morning. >> good morning to you, paula, dan, robert. georgia, five people under arrest in connection with the murder of a black man back in 1983. two of those arrested police officers charged with obstruction. two civilians, 59-year-old frankie gephardt and 58-year-old bill moore charged with killing timothy coggins, which investigators say was racially motivated. a witness came forward with new information that helped them crack this cold case. in puerto rico house members led by speaker paul ryan touring areas devastated by hurricane
8:20 am
maria assessing the damage calling the situation a humanitarian disaster. ryan said a $36.5 billion aid bill passed by the house will provide relief to puerto rico. more than 0% of puerto rico still without power. in new orleans police officer marcus mcneil, a father of two, was shot and killed on patrol during the early morning hours on friday. police say several officers were investigating suspicious activity when they were ambushed and shot at. the suspect wounded by police before surrendering to the s.w.a.t. team. officer mcneil is a three-year veteran of the new orleans police department. utah, rescuers found an stranded in the wild for six days with no food, no water found in the staircase of the escalante national monument. they said their gps led them in the wrong direction. on a day trip to lake powell a helicopter spotted their sos made out of rocks and flowers. the couple was dehydrated but both are expected to recover. in north carolina charlotte
8:21 am
police have arrested a 26-year-old fan caught on camera thursday night repeatedly punching another fan in the stands during an nfl game. police say kyle adam maraghy was attacking the 60-year-old man at the carolina panthers game for asking him to sit down because he was blocking his view. maraghy is now charged with assault. his lawyer says the victim provoked his client. two upsets in college football friday. number two ranked and defending national champion clemson, the tigers falling to unranked syracuse, 27-24 and possibly probably derailing their hopes that they will repeat as national champions. the top team in football and in berkeley, cal's defense forced seven turnovers as the unranked golden bears crushed number eight, washington state. >> whoa! >> cougars, i think, 37-3. cal's ross bower scored a touchdown. right there. flipping over two defenders. >> he almost had a perfect landing. >> yeah, he almost stuck the landing.
8:22 am
>> two big upsets. >> clemson game, huge. for the orange of syracuse. >> michigan has not lost yet. it's a good day for you. >> they lost last week. thanks for rubbing it in. >> we're talking about today. i think we got to move on. >> thank you, ron. >> look at this. caught on camera, a good samaritan stepping in to help a woman as someone drives off with her car and her inside. "good morning america" is brought to you by blue buffalo, you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue. this season... unwrap the magic of a place. where wonder fills the air. where joy is the reason for it all.
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>> a pleasant good morning to you, 8:27 a.m., saturday, october 14. i'm gray hall. meteorologist chris sowers tracking the forecast. chris as we take a live look at philadelphia international airport, we can see it's cloudy and gloomy. this will last all day. >> reporter: isn't that pretty? [laughter]. unfortunately the clouds will
8:28 am
hang tough today. we'll see peeks of sunshine in the afternoon. tomorrow this all changes. 74, morning drizzle, otherwise lots of clouds an humid this afternoon. tomorrow morning, clouds and drizzle break for afternoon sun. 82. look at all the high temperatures and sunshine next week. monday through friday, nothing but high pressure wall wall-to-l blue skies, 64 monday. 76 by friday. >> "action news" continues in 30 minutes, back to "good morning america." i'm gray hall. make it a great day.
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welcome back to "gma" on a saturday morning. happening right now, those raging wildfires, california dealing with the deadliest fires in state history. a new round of hot, dry winds expected today which will only, of course, fuel the flames. the situation on the ground in many spots dire. look at this video shot by a deputy driving through the flames to rescue people. this morning, 17 fires burning. at least 5,700 structures destroyed and at least 35 people dead. >> that video is just incredible that show the harrowing scene. also right now answering questions, president trump's former chief of staff reince priebus was interviewed by investigators for the special counsel in the russia investigation. priebus' lawyers say he was happy to answer all of their questions, and investigators are expected to interview other current and former white house staff in the coming days. you guys, talk about a lucky
8:31 am
shirt. a new jersey man, he cashed in a lost lottery ticket worth more than $24 million, and he found it in the pocket of his old t-shirt. jimmy smith, he had just two days to spare before the ticket expired. he had purchased it back in may of 2016. now he says -- how does this happen? how do you not check to see if you've won? he's been buying tickets since 1960. >> he left it in his shirt and he forgot about it. >> yeah. he doesn't always bother to check to see if he's won. >> i think a lot of men can relate to that. >> how much money have you left on the table? >> i'll spend a lot of time fishing through the bottom of my closet. >> i'm serious. good for him. >> yeah. >> save that money. don't spend it all. >> 24 mill. everybody, like you said, check your pockets. >> i've got some raffle prizes coming my way today. >> big raffle prizes. also, more shocking and disturbing stories about harvey weinstein. two women now coming forward to relate what they say happened with the entertainment mogul now seeking treatment in arizona.
8:32 am
it is an abc news exclusive. >> an incredible story. but we're going to start here with a brazen carjacking in broad daylight. the suspect on the run this morning. >> a woman was putting gas into her car as a guy jumps into the driver's seat but before he can take off, she hops inside and then a good samaritan steps in and the newest member of our abc family, marcus moore, joins us with more on this story. hi there, marcus. >> reporter: well, paula and dan, good morning to you. this is frightening video that you cannot look away from, especially when you consider when this happened. in the middle of the day at a busy gas station. watch this. this morning, police are desperately searching for the man you see here. accused of turning one woman's everyday trip to the gas station into a nightmare. it all happened around 1:15 thursday afternoon. you can see an unsuspecting woman pumping gas. her keys still inside her car when the suspect calmly walks up and quickly hops into that vehicle. in the blink of an eye she realized what's happening. that woman jumping into the passenger seat as he drives off so quickly the gas pump is ripped away.
8:33 am
>> looked like he was walking into the station. he's seeing a lady pumping gas and sees the opportunity, jumped in the front seat. >> reporter: one gas station employee said he watched the attempted carjacking play out >> they drove around -- around here, you know, our fear was that it was going to hit the fuel truck because there was a fuel truck here. and then there would have been a disaster. >> reporter: then the situation takes another turn as the woman and the alleged carjacker fight for control. watch the driver of that fuel truck jump in to help. the truck driver wrestling with the suspect who loses his clothing during the struggle before running away. police say no one was hurt in the ordeal but here at this gas station nerves are still high. >> this could happen anywhere. no matter where you are, always lock your door and take your keys out of the ignition. you never know what can happen. >> that is the message this morning. police say you should not let your guard down. not even when you're at your neighborhood gas station simply filling up. dan and paula, that truck driver absolutely saving the day because certainly this could have been a whole lot worse. >> that was an incredibly brave move on his part.
8:34 am
>> indeed. >> a couple of lessons, always check your t-shirts for lottery tickets, never leave your keys in the ignition, right, or your car running at the gas station. >> talk to friends who say they take their keys out of the car, their purses and they make sure to lock the doors. >> oh, wow, lock the doors. that's another layer of safety. welcome, by the way. >> big welcome to you, marcus. we should say that marcus is going to be based in dallas for abc news, lucky to have you. >> good to be here. >> we can hear that texas accent. we love it. >> since i've been here they are asking, are you a cowboys fan? and suddenly i'm reminded i'm a long way from home. >> are you a cowboys fan? >> of course. >> just don't say that in the streets of new york. marcus and i have known each other for a long time, met back in hurricane katrina 15 years ago. don't let the baby face fool you. >> in high school. >> always been a star. always. so it's good to see you again. >> good to have you. >> welcome to the family, marcus. >> check this out. we're all fans of skiing, i know paula is. she mentioned this in the last half hour. opening day this opens the whole
8:35 am
ski season tore -- for colorado. they are piling up snow at the higher elevations. they are ripping it up down the slopes there. still hurricane season, too. we have a tropical disturbance here that has a 40% chance of developing. hurricane ophiela, a category two storm could bring hurricane force winds to ireland monday and tuesday, that will shake up parts of the uk. warming up parts in the northeast. october doesn't want to bring in fall weather. in the 70s again. that's the national headlines here's the local forecast. >> reporter: all right everybody, i'm meteorologist chris sowers with this accuweather update. we're seeing cloud skies. 74 today after morning drizzle.
8:36 am
82 tomorrow. marcus moore. >> yes, this weather report is brought to you by carmax. i just realized i said 15 years ago when i met marcus. it's 12 years ago. >> it's early morning. >> people will realize rob talks to himself a lot. yeah. >> weirdo. >> all the time. >> on live television. >> people talk to themselves. >> it doesn't always happen on live tv, though. >> not good at math but great at weather. coming up on "gma," an abc news exclusive. two women coming forward with new allegations against hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. who they are and what they're saying. saying. carmax, we buy all the . uh, all the cars? all the cars. old cars? yes. new cars? oh, yeah. sports cars? indeed. a big ol' boat-like car? permission to come aboard! what about a car that's all (makes awkward car noises) hgnnnn-nn-nn-nnnn-ayy-ayyy i don't see why not. what about, let's say... oh, i don't know, a purple van with a painting of a wizard just shooting lightning out of his fingers riding a unicorn sneezing rainbows?
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explosive new allegations this morning against harvey weinstein as other sexual assault and harassment claims against him come to light. >> two accusers hold nothing back in an exclusive interview and abc's eva pilgrim joins us with more on their story. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: outrage and now tough questions surrounding these growing harvey weinstein allegations. who knew and who stayed silent as more women come forward. this morning, two more women speaking out exclusively to abc news claiming harvey weinstein
8:41 am
sexually harassed them. juls bindi said she met the studio mogul when she was hired as a massage therapist for him in 2010. she claims he exposed himself and performed a sex act after trapping her in a hotel bathroom. >> i was terrified. i was scared. how can you not be scared of harvey weinstein? he is known as one of the most powerful people in hollywood and he could make or break you. >> reporter: paula williams also telling abc news about an alleged encounter with weinstein at his hollywood hills home in 1990. at the time she was hoping to get into the acting business. williams was 20 years old. >> i heard him open a bottle of champagne. i don't even think i had a sip and he exposed himself. >> reporter: these two women joining nearly 30 others in a growing list of accusers including some of hollywood's most famous leading ladies. weinstein in an earlier statement to "the new yorker" denying any allegations of nonconsensual sex. >> guy, i'm not doing okay. >> you're not. >> i'm trying. i got to get help, guys.
8:42 am
you know what, we all make mistakes. second chance, i hope. >> reporter: and now "vogue" editor anna wintour breaking her silence. wintour who has been photographed with weinstein and his fashion designer wife over the years telling "the new york times" behavior like this is appalling and unacceptable. and expressing admiration for weinstein's alleged victims adding, my heart goes out to them as well as georgina and the children. the next fallout for weinstein, will he get kicked out of the oscar club. the academy is supposed to meet today to discuss these allegations against him and ultimately decide his fate. >> decide whether he deserves a second chance. thank you very much, eva. >> thanks, eva. coming up on "gma," major changes coming soon to the health care plans of millions of americans. what this could do to your insurance costs. we've got some tips for you after the break. we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. from scandalous romance, to ridiculous plot twists.
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8:46 am
welcome back. health care is about to change for millions of americans after congress failed to pass a repeal of the affordable care act. president trump took matters into his own hands. he's ending payments that help working class families afford health care tweeting very proud of my executive order which will allow greatly expanded access and far lower costs for health care for millions of people -- sorry, millions of people benefit. sara collins from the commonwealth club is here to explain what the changes mean for you, your family and your wallet. thanks for joining us. who exactly will be affected by what the president has done here? >> there are about 18 million people who currently buy their insurance coverage through the
8:47 am
affordable care act marketplace or from insurance companies, these are self-employed people working families, people who are retired but not yet aged 65, but what people really need to understand is that nothing changes right now. so your coverage is good until the end of the year, your premiums are locked in. in 2018 premiums are definitely going to go up because of this change, but most people get help paying their premiums from the federal government so they're not going to see big increases. some people in some states who are not getting this help from the federal government may see their premiums go up but it's going to vary a lot state to state but 2019 is when we really are going to see some problems. we could see millions of people going to save $7 billion by not making these payments to insurance companies. but you say that this ultimately could end up costing the government more than that? >> that's right. because if insurance companies don't get these payments, they have to raise their premiums in order to cover the loss of that money.
8:48 am
but because most people get help paying their premiums from the federal government, the federal government is going to cover most of that increase so they're going to end up paying for that increase. but as you said, congress could fix this problem tomorrow. that's the good news. they could pass a law that makes these payments flow. >> so with critical open enrollment ready to start, what should people do? >> people should definitely go to the -- to on november the 1st. it lasts until december 15th and shop for a plan. most will be protected from increases because they get help from the federal government so it's important to shop around. it's 2019 that really we're going to begin to see some problems. >> but again something could be done on the legislative front before then. really appreciate you coming on. such an important issue for so many families, thank you. thank you. coming up next, adrienne is here with "pop news." keep it here.
8:49 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by national car rental. go national. go like a pro. >> rob is fixing his bib. >> welcome back to the kids table. that's what our stage manager just called us. rob's got the bib ready for national dessert day. it's "pop news." adrienne is here. what's popping? >> if i say anybody's names wrong, it's only because we're on a sugar high already. the x-men are getting a spin-off. yes, another movie. "game of thrones" actress maisie williams playing one of five young mutants in "the new mutants." take a look. >> all of you are dangerous. that's why you're here. >> the movie is about a group of, again, young mutants coming to terms with their abilities all while fighting for their lives in a haunted medical facility. >> reminds me of my childhood. >> yeah, well, you had superpowers. you still do. >> took me a long time to come to terms with my power. >> but you have.
8:54 am
>> yeah. >> well, we're glad that you have. >> what are those again? what are your powers again? >> i have forgotten them temporarily. >> with great power comes great responsibility. >> omnipotence. om initi >> we'll let you see dan's powers every saturday and sunday on weekend "good morning america." hbo is going to great lengths to keep the highly anticipated season eight premiere of "game of thrones" under lock and key including keeping scripts from the actors. nikolai coster-waldau who plays jamie lannister revealed actors will no longer get paper copies of scripts at all in an effort to keep story lines from speaking. they'll have earpieces and will be fed their dialogue one line at a time. >> no, no. >> you were more shocked at that than dan's superpowers. >> isn't that what they do with us on the show? >> no, line by line. >> no. >> so weird and the final trailer before the "stranger things" season two premiere is here and it's spookier than ever. take a look. >> what is wrong with my boy?
8:55 am
>> i don't understand. ♪ >> can you tell halloween is coming soon? the preview shows winona ryder's charkh character joyce buyers asking about her son's health and running through the woods before appearing in an ominous doorway. yap yada, yada. netflix, october 27th. let's get to dessert. cotton canada baked alaska extravagance here that we have on our set. >> you eat cotton candy with a fork? >> apparently you need a knife as well. tell us what was the inspiration for this. >> it's a classic dessert and i love classic desserts. i love cake and ice cream together and i love to interact with the guests and do table service. we pour a little rum on top. we light the rum up, we heat it up and light the whole thing on fire.
8:56 am
the cotton can day disappears and caramelizes around the cake and creates a great effect. >> no fire here? >> let's eat. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. we'll see you tomorrow on "gma." >> i'm gray hall, coming up next on "action news" saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. a man was found shot multiple times in his car. president trump repeals the affordable care act without the help of congress. what it means for low income residents in our area. those stories and much more on "action news" saturday morning.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> a pleasant good morning to you, saturday, october 14, i'm gray hall. here's a look at the stories we're following on "action news." a vehicle hit and killed a man overnight in the city's port
9:00 am
richmond section. this as the search for the driver continues. disturbing details about the las vegas gunman as investigators respond to questions about the shooting timeline. plus, following air quality concerns, the new reason a new jersey high school is keeping its doors closed to students. those stories and more in a moment, but first outside we go to meteorologist chris sowers tracking the accuweather forecast, chris, is the sun coming out today, man. >> reporter: maybe a little bit late in the day, but i think you'll see clouds this afternoon similar to yesterday and the day before as we deal with an easterly breeze. the temperatures are milder this morning than where they were the last several morning. 61 in allentown. 63 in philadelphia. millville, 66. wilmington, 64. atlantic city, 66 and cape may, 65. here's an issue, though, we have a lot of fog that's starting to settle in across the outlying suburbs. reading down to 1 1/2 miles. allentown, 1.3. millville, 4 miles per hour. philadelphia, two


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