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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 16, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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city, the trifecta that left drivers stuck in traffic for hours. the outpouring of support for a montgomery county community after two boys were killed in a house fire. a sanitation worker was caught stealing a package from someone's front porch. for you to weather, we'll turn to meteorologist chris sowers hi, chris. >> reporter: yesterday we had high temperatures topping out in the 20s and we had the snow today and tomorrow, the numbers climbed into the 40s and this will start. levittown, 3.2 inches. chadds ford, 2.8. philadelphia, 2.2. bensalem, two inches of snow on the other side of the river we
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go into the new jersey, this is the area where we were expecting the most out of the snow, that's where we got it. columbus, 3.5. toms river, 3 1/2. monroeville in salem county, 2 1/2 inches. brandywine in delaware, 3 inches. newark, 2.4. middletown, 2.3. claymont a little under two inches. smyrna, 1.3 in kent county. now, the colder air is starting to rush in on the backside. 16 degrees in coatsville, 21 in bethlehem. him center city, 21. glassboro, 22. vineland, 19. hammonton, 21. the biggest problem we're seeing this morning, all the secondary roads are completely snow covered. you need to take it easy out there, there's a lot of frozen slush and icy patches, as well. this is 5:30 p.m., the storm
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developed there and not off the capes of the carolinas. wewe would have seen five to ten inches, instead we saw 2 or 3 and it pushed over the coast. we'll have clear conditions and then clouds approach from the west. a gusty breeze, 41 is the high, look for combination of sun and clouds. nydia. >> parts of the delaware valley continue to clean up this morning after the latest round of snowfall. the action cam was at snyder plaza as the parking lot was cleared of snow. the evening commute was extra kay on chaotic yesterday, not only was snow falling during rush hour, traffic lights went dark. the electric problems caused gridlock on the benjamin franklin parkway. lights were knocked out at 15th, and 16th and 17th
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and all of logan circle. some of travelers gave up and started walking. >> we are growing to walk, i want to catch the bus to 27, but it never came. >> the snow covered roads led to other traffic headaches. one driver lost control and landed on ford road in wynnfield heights. the school bus got stuck in the ice with kids on board at 52nd and lebanon street in wynnfield. keep up to date on changes in the forecast on your tablet it's a free download for your mobile device. days after a fire claimed the lives of two boys, compassion and generosity was shown in full force. a fundraiser was held at the schwenksville firehouse and ten thousand dollars was collected alone. trish hartman has the story.
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>> reporter: as the donations poured in at the schwenksville firehouse for the second consecutive night, two can you thinkles of the little boys watched with gratitude. >> it's unbelievable words can't express what everybody has been doing for us. the brothers of tracy lukens came to thank the community that has wrapped their arms around them. >> they are trying to stick around family and stay together, you have no idea how much they appreciate it. it's not going unnoticed. >> the fire started early wednesday morning, the officials ruled it accidental caused by an electrical failure of an extension cord plugged into a space heater on the porch. brian and tracy luken and their 8-year-old daughter escaped from the flames. but the two sons, 11-year-old brian junior and 6-year-old
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parker did not make it out. >> my kids were very close to theirs, so lj and parker, i'm sorry to see them go, but i'm happy that the communities is here for them. >> reporter: music played, donations were sorted and kids made cards for sophia, mobile crisis counselors were on hand after having spent the day with their classmates and teachers. >> it's hard for kids to process this, we aask parents to allow kids to bros that in their own time and their own terms. >> reporter: a go fund me page has raised $290,000. trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> smoke was seen coming out from a building in dunn woody
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village in newtown square. residents were moved to another building no injuries were reported. temple university police are trying to identify the identity of three racist posters. take a look at the surveillance cameras of the image as, police believe may be responsible for posting the hateful flyers outside the buildings at 13th and montgomery. a philadelphia sanitation worker could be arrested after being caught on video. he is accused of snatching a package while on a job. appears the collector spotted a package left on the steps of the home and grabs it and hides it until it's time to pull it from
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the actual trash. a neighbor who didn't want to be informed sent us the video. >> there job is to take the recyclable and the trash not to pick up the packages from someone's belongings that's sad. >> the city street launched an investigation into the three member crew. police say they did recover the stolen package. the pair of ugg boots. he said he doesn't want to see anybody go to jail over the boots. two people were arrested and a third is wanted in connection with the taking of children's toys were arrested. they were arrested by galloway township police and all the toys worth more than $300 were recovered. 29-year-old kenneth gray of pleasantville has not been found.
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a woman in the philadelphia mayfair section faces criminal charges after police say they stole holiday decorations from her neighbors. the houses surrounding brighten street were decorated a few weeks ago, but then they went missing. video of one of the theft was given to state police and they executed a search of the home. >> she is a horder. >> it's a hard working neighbor, everybody has a job, everybody takes care of their kids. this grench -- grinch is coming in to steal? >> thanks to philadelphia city council, the counsel passed a bill that forgives parking tickets issued before 2013. the measure requires drivers to pay off all tickets after they got after 2013 or pay a
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50-dollar fine. mayor kenny has not said whether he plans to sign the bill into law. >> still to come on "action news" saturday morning, extra foods and sweets during the holidays can go a problem if your child suffers from serious food sensitivities. ahead how to not ruin your holiday plans. taking a live look from sky6 live hd, i believe this is the airport, chris sowers will be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast from accuweather we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back 5:42 a.m. arc new report by the national oceanic and atmospheric administration found the arctic had the warmest winter in 2017. the sea ice was the lowest ever overred, experts say there are results and major challenges and opportunities to be made in the arctic. the trump's in the pences have released their first christmas portrait. melinia trump tweeted this picture. second lady, karen pence tweeted
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their portrait photographed at the navel over to -- observator. >> reporter: we talked about, we talked about how this pattern will change and change it did, over the last week to ten days, we've had several days with high temperatures below freezing, three snow events and overall, the monthly temperature went from 6 degrees to above average to below average. this span of seven to ten days has been dramatic in the philadelphia area. there's the view looking toward the center city skyline. we have mainly clear conditions at this point we'll see clouds roll in this afternoon. 41 degrees is the forecasted high. which is quite a bit warmer than the high which was in the upper 20s from yesterday, still below the average of 44. 21 degrees is where we started out this morning that's the
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present temperature region. we have a lot of icy roads and sidewalks, take your time this morning. radios the traveling speeds and allow i don't ever extra space from you and the car in front of you that way you can stop without any problems. the roads are a big problem this morning, thankfully we'll get above freezing later today and the snow will start to mark. 15 in lancaster. 1 2 in millville. cape may, 24. you factor in the wind, 3 in millville. 1 in the poconos. 12 in philadelphia and 15 in reading. bundle up this morning. don't forget the gloves and the hat. clouds and snow showers approaching from the west, none of the moisture gets in here, but the clouds will. we'll go a combination of sun and clouds, clouds and sun expected this afternoon. big story today in the wake of yesterday's snow will be the
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gusty winds that start developing. even though the temperatures top out in the upper 30s and low 40 throughout the area. the winds will feel like the 20s and 30s. 11:00 a.m. feels like 24 in reading. 25 in philadelphia. millville, 27. throughout the afternoon upper 20s for most of us, 27 in reading. 29 in philadelphia. 31 in millville. overnight tonight the winds subside a little bit and that sets up a fairly cold morning tomorrow morning, a lot of temperatures are close to what the windchills -- the windchills are close to what the actual air temperatures will be the winds diminish, but the air temperatures are cold enough. it starts to warm up here. this weekend it stays chilly. we're feeling the arctic high to the north. we get into monday and tuesday and thursday of next week. all the cold air starts to lift north up into canada. the winds shift out of the south/southwest, a bermuda type
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of high pressure system takes over. that warms the even seaboard up. we have -- eastern seaboard up. we have one, two, maybe three days in the 50s. we'll not have feel like temperatures near 41. the numbers will be in the upper 30s. hour by hour, 10:00 a.m., 33. 2:00 p.m., 39. 4:00 p.m., 40. a good dose of clouds throughout the afternoon. overnight tonight, it's cloudy and cold, everything that melts will refreeze. 23 outlying suburbs, 29 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, here comes some of the warmer stuff, 41 still chilly today, 40, increasing clouds tomorrow. 47 on monday, tuesday a spring-like 56. wednesday, 45. thursday, cooler, 42. friday we cloud up, there could
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be rain in the afternoon, it's mild with a high of 52 degrees. those of you wishing for a white christmas, don't worry it will turn cold by sunday, christmas eve christmas day look cold. >> did you hear spring like? >> reporter: that's only for a day or two. >> my son kept saying it's christmas, it's christmas. >> "action news" viewers have sent in their recent videos and pictures of snow, use our facebook page on facebook or instagram or e-mail us join the action at tie up the running schools for a good cause in new jersey, the pinch the grinch 5-mile walk run starts at 10:00 a.m. in wildwood. it will benefit the toy coat and
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food drive. philadelphia theater company hosts a holiday concert and sing along, a dream is a wish holiday concert that includes princesses from popular movies and television shows. tickets are $35, the one-day event takes place tomorrow at 3:15 a.m.
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miriam webster word of the year is feminism the thorough of the political -- theynding out the top three, complicit and recuse. the company said searches for each of the top news spiked during the news events throughout the year. sean spicer said he is
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writing a book that will tell people what happened on president trump's road to the white house and set the record straight. spicer left the white house in july after a new director of communications was brought in. >> it's the time of year to eat drink and be merry. it's hard to be done when a child in your home have celiac disease. monica malpass will explain there's someone who has good advice. >> reporter: 8 years ago, a mom and her son discovered they had celiac disease. they had to eat glooten -- gluten free.
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>> reporter: holidays can be trickier. >> now there are so many different foods and more foods that are traditional that children cannot have. >> reporter: like the deserts from the neighbor bakery. before turning the holidays upside down, it's important to find out what your child wants. >> we try to ask the children a what they should do. >> reporter: dietspecial i alsos say make it a blend of old foods with new ones. when visiting others call head to see what's on the menu and bring something gluten free to share with everyone. >> always be prepared you can't walk into a party or any location without having your secret stash of food and special treats. kate said her family was shifted
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the focus away from food. we try to add games and other things to make it special. monica malpass channel 6 "action news."
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>> reporter: all right, welcome back, jersey shore, 44 degrees, philadelphia and the immediate surrounding suburbs, yesterday we had highs in the upper 20s, today, 21. we'll have clouds around and snow showers. the pattern is about to change. we have milder changes heading this way. what has taken place over the last week to ten days, we've been attacked by the arctic. we have the arctic highs come in and they drop down from the southern providences from canada and they stay icy cold. this is has been the pattern that we've seen. now they will retreat back up to canada. this time around it's a high pressure system out of the four corner states.
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this will slide to the east like this. him this is mild air for the lower 48 east of the continental divide. the jet stream races to the north. the cold air will retreat up into canada. the mild highs out of the desert southwest takes over, we'll have days in the upper 40s ands a couple of days 50s. >> looking forward to that. youngsters in south jersey took the time to make sure to sure that american servicemen will get cheer this holiday season. jeanette reyes has the story. >> reporter: dozens of students at kiddie academy in delran, new jersey, got to cheer up a special kind of super hero for the holidays. children ages 2 to 5 created 100 holiday cards for active military. >> we're having trouble with that package, we'll try to get
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it back to you in just a bit. there's much more ahead on "action news." she helps insure that the less fortunate in our area have a hot meal. we'll introduce you to the woman behind philabundance. keeping in shape for the holidays, we'll let you know which 100-calorie cookies let's you stick within the limits.
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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., saturday, christie ileto and nydia han in for gray hall today. first on "action news," new tax plan republicans unveil their latest version after bending to fellow lawmakers who wanted changes. details on what the plan entails as capitol hill heads for a vote. smoke bellows in a montgomery county home as flames tear through it. >> crews were busy in the overnight clearing the latest round of snow. chris sowers has the weather. >> reporter: a lot of roads, the main roads are clear, but
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secondary roads in housing developments and things like that are completely snow covered. sidewalks are snow covered, parking lots are snow covered. take your time and reduce the traveling speeds and allow yourself extra distance from the car in front of you. cold temperatures this morning, most of us in the 20s, there's even a few teens out there and we're seeing bitter witches. right now the wind speeds are generally five to ten miles per hour. with the actual air temperatures in the teens that leaves 4 to 5 degrees than the numbers you're seeing right now. 18 in reading, 19 in trenton. 14 in millville. are 25 in philadelphia. when you factor in the five to ten mile an hour breeze, all of a sudden it feels like 15 in philadelphia. 2 in the poconos. 8 in allentown and only 9 in lancaster. here's satellite and radar, there was yesterday's storm, it was a small system, fortunately it


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