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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  December 23, 2017 5:30am-6:00am EST

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accuweather has in store for the weekend. with meteorologist chris sowers, at least it's a little warmer today, that's good news. >> it's warmer today and sharply colder tomorrow. especially christmas day, we're going from 60s today and windchills in the 20s in the span of 48 hours. outlook feel the change. visibility wise we have a warm front pushing through, sitting hear. north of the front we have low-level clouds and the fog is settling on in. we're seeing wet weather, as well. ten miles in dover and millville. ten for toms river. the numbers are decreasing the farther north and west you go. wilmington, 5, lancaster, 2. there's storm tracker 6 live we've set it in motion for you, here's the first round of rain, we'll continue to see this throughout date. periods of rain. it will not be raining every hour of the day. the heavier rains indicated by the darker shades of greens and
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yellows. you can see that up the i-95 corridor from wilmington to trenton and showers for the jersey shore. gray skies lots of low level clouds, areas of fog, very, very mild, lunchtime temperature, 54. 2:00 p.m., right through 4:00 p.m., we're pushing 60 degrees in philadelphia. points south and east you're hitting 60. damp with rain, high of 59 degrees. as you look at future tracker you can see there's a lot of moisture still to come, presently across the ohio and tennessee valley all that swings east over the next 24 to 48 hours. another round pulls through christmas eve night and christmas morning. this time this round will be in the form of snow for areas well north and west of the city of philadelphia. travel delays we're not seeing any in the mid atlantic. as we broaden out we'll go wider, not across too much of the eastern half of the united states until this slug of
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moisture pulls through. you can see a quarter to a half inch of rain that sets the stage for wintry mix christmas morning, there could be a slushy coating knows an west, i'll have the details on that coming up. alicia. >> stay ahead of the changes for the holiday forecast. check real times views by visiting, or downloading the 6abc app for your mobile device. people across the area are on the move dashing for the last minute markdowns, super saturday marks the last full day to shop for christmas gifts. many people will be hitting the roads at the malls as they extend outward later tonight. rebecca jar vis dives into the deals out there. >> this weekend is one of the best weekend to go shopping. specifically on saturday, the discounts are unprecedented.
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we have not seen discounts like this since black friday. >> reporter: this samsung 43-inch smart tv on sale for $350, $250 off. apple products on sale at target, $70 off. walmart, this kitchennen aid mixer $200. $126 million americans preparing to hit the shop for super saturday. walmart letting you order online until 4:00 p.m., december 23 and pick up free in store christmas eve, toys "r" us throwing in a gift card. amazon is giving prime members until christmas eve at 9:30 a.m., to order for free, same day delivery. >> that was rebecca jarvis reporting. a federal appeals court said president trump's third
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travel ban exceeded his authority why the blocks would be detrimental to the interest of the united states. new this morning, speed could be to the blame for an overnight crash that costed driver of his life in gloucester township. the driver lost control of the van strike ago van parked in a driveway. the van flipped and the person flow from the vehicle. orchestra association said they removed the conductor laureate who has been accused of sexual misconduct. one of the incidents happened in philadelphia. friends, family and
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neighbors held a vigil for the 85-year-old army veteran who was found stabbed to death in his home. the neighbors prayed for him, they donned his white framed glasses and released balloons in his honor. police are searching for his killer. an accident in gloucester county turned fatal. this crash happened before 6:00 p.m. in the southbound lanes of route 55 near ellis mills road. one car left the road and slammed into the trees on the side of the highway. the driver died. a christmas day tradition will live on thanks to a nonprofit organization, george washington and his troops will once again cross the delaware river. organizers feared the reenactment would be canceled because of low water levels, but a group called philadelphia water born will lend handmade
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12-foot row boats they draw 6 inches of water, giving just enough clearance to cross the river, the crossing reenacts the journey that turned the tied of the revolutionary war. eagles fans can get an early christmas gift delivery a vikings loss gives the eagles home field advantage during the nfl playoffs. the birds are in the spirit with the birds showing off their christmas onesies. gathering around the tv, our coverage starts counts -- countdown with the kickoff on 6abc. playoffs only weeks away, some fans are stocking up on eagles gear for christmas. i bet santa got a lot of
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requests this year, vernon odem who has seen the ups and downs of many eagles seasons has more on birds browsing. >> >> reporter: here in the final shopping days before christmas, eagles gear is flying off the racks at this popular landmark store in center city, sales of season jersey bearing the names a number of stars have been soaring this season. sales have doubled over 2016. >> myself being a fan, it's kind of the way we are as philadelphians, we get excited and grab on to something and run with it. >> reporter: listen to christmas gift shoppers from all over swear their aallegiance to the eagles who believe they are super bowl bound. >> everybody knows the eagles will win the super bowl this year, it will be the miracle in philadelphia. >> i got my playoff tickets and everything. >> i got my hotel tickets for
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it is super bowl in minneapolis. >> reporter: many are shopping for family members, especially their children. >> a knit eagles hat. >> reporter: for yourself. >> in fewer my daughter. she loves the eagles and excited about getting it. >> three daughters and three son-in-laws, once a giants fan i need a conversion. >> reporter: inventory of eagles apparel is selling fast this christmas season as well. channel 6 "action news" at the linc in south philadelphia. >> you have to figure out what to get the giants fan. still to come on "action news," a woman gets not one, but two life changing gifts, you won't want to miss her emotional story next. out of this world, abc news shows you the federal government ufo tracking program. now, taking a live at the road this morning, a lot of people getting out there doing last
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minute holiday shopping, it's going to be a wet one, but it's going to be a little bit warm, so grab your umbrellas, maybe you can ditch the coats as you head into the shopping malls, chris sowers is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when we come right back. >> a beloved christmastime
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tradition continues in the hispanic community. dann cuellar traveled to norristown to enjoy the music and tell you all about.
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♪ >> reporter: in the tradition that goes back centuries, the reenactment for the pilgrimage to bethlehem looking for a place to spend the night before the birth of jesus christ. parishioners in st. patrick's church go to homes looking for the birth of jesus, singing in spanish, the procession led by joseph and mary. >> we go on for that for a while. >> reporter: the inn keeper welcomes them in for a major celebration with song and plenty of food. >> of course, no mexican celebration would be complete without a piñata for the kids. >> reporter: people try to get on the list a year in advance for those chosen it is a deep
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honor. even the children are honored to host as many as 50 guests. >> i feel good about having everyone here. >> reporter: it is celebrated chiefly in latin america and with immigrants in the u.s. >> it's a wonderful custom, we've been doing it for years. ♪ >> reporter: and one final note as we get closer to christmas. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: in norristown, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> that's so wonderful, i almost want to get invited next year if they are watching. >> reporter: let dann know, maybe they can take care of us. >> it's super saturday, if you're getting the last minute gifts, the wrapping. >> reporter: right after this, i'm heading to the grocery store, i'm not looking forward to this.
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>> say hi to chris. >> reporter: and help me out. here's the view on sky6 live hd, you're looking at the commodore barry bridge. you get the idea it's kind of a damp and dreary morning we're seeing periods of rain and fog settling in. the temperature already at 45, some of us will eclipse 60 later this afternoon. let's flipped it over to the radar. here we go, this is the first batch of moisture pushing through. shades of green, light precipitation, the warm front is pushing through. once it lifts north we'll see more rain gather this afternoon. as i said earlier in the broadcast it will not be raining all day long, expect to see rain at times. lehigh valley steadier rains, a steadier band of moisture pushing through philadelphia in the levittown area. trenton seeing moderate rain. moderate rain north of the atlantic city expressway,
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pushing through burlington county. starting to dry. you get into southern and central portions of delaware, the rain has shut off. looks like you're drying out. 40 degrees in pottstown. malvern, 43. media, 43. dplaz borough, 45 -- glassboro, 45. tuckahoe, 49. cape may, 49. dover, presently showing had 45. satellite and radar showing a huge slug of moisture across the ohio and tennessee valley. it's an cold front slicing through dallas. look on you cold the numbers are north and west. this is the air mass settling in christmas morning. it will last to the 3rd or 4th of january. ahead of the front you can see the mild surge of air you can get into that today, this sets up for mostly next week. future tracker 6, the first round of moisture pulls through lunchtime, probably raining north and west, cloud cover
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south and east, throughout the day we'll see periods of rain. by 6:30 this is the actual cold front the first of several that will push through over the next 3 to 5 days. once the front pushes through, the temperatures crash on the backside, 6:30, 60 degrees in philadelphia. upper 30s in places like reading, allentown and lancaster. that hits the coast, sunday starts out with sunshine. the clouds quickly roll in, sunday night we get into monday morning, christmas morning we're seeing around midnight, the light snow is flying north and west, raining south and east, that moisture pushes out, by 5:30, 6:00 a.m., christmas morning all that moisture is gone. christmas day itself actually looks pretty nice. most of the day we're looking at a combination of sun and clouds, and sharply colder temperatures, highs in the 30s, windchills in the 20s. snowfall totals ending christmas morning. slushy one to two inches allentown and the poconos.
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slight coating in the shade of gray and rain for the i-95 corridor and delaware. 50s and 60s up and down the entire east coast, that slides out to sea. this cold shot lasts through near years weekend. it could extend to the 3rd of january. 62 tore millville. 62 for dover. allentown, lehigh valley, 52. 37 overnight tonight for philadelphia. reading, 32. allentown, 30. turning sharply colder after midnight. cape may, 38. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 59 degrees very mild rain at times today. cloudy and cooler for christmas eve with a high of 44. christmas day, windy and cold we have a forecasted high of 39. with the wind it never feels that warm. it will feel like the 20s all day. 37 tuesday, 32 wednesday, 20s for highs, thursday and friday, that will last saturday, sunday,
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and possibly monday of the following week. >> down what i'm thinking if you don't what to get people this holiday crunch, ear muvment muvment -- ear muvment must muf. small group of church goers in camden county bringing holiday cheer door to door. members of the new community baptist church in collingswood hosted a night of log onto 6abc/proud. this is brand new video
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firefighters outside denver battling a fire at an oil well. firefighters used foam to help put out the blaze. residents heard a boom before they saw flames shoot up in the sky. a worker from the site was injured from the initial explosion. a minnesota woman said she is full of blessings this christmas after receiving two gifts that are truly life saving. >> yeah, you can speak now. the moment jennifer jones took her first unassisted breath. the young mom who who was on the transplant list received word she was getting new lungs and gimp a double lung transplant last month. she dreamed of owning a photography studio. while in the hospital, her father and fiance hatched a plan
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to make that dream a reality. >> oh, my god! how beautiful is this, how is that moment for putting those new lungs to work. >> jennifer said this will be the first christmas she'll spend with her father since she was five years old. >> this north carolina woman is seeing the world a little bit brighter thanks to a medical intervention. brooks suffering from a condition called color deficiency. instead of brown and green, she sees brown and orange. she was given the color enhancement glasses, she said she was scared to put them on. >> i was scared to put them on,
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i knew everything was going to be different or nothing would be. >> she said the best moment was when she saw her son for the first time in true 0 color, especially those big blue eyes, we'll be right back.
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>> reporter: all right, welcome back everyone, 5:55 a.m., saturday morning, we've been mild this past week, monday, 50 degrees, tuesday, 58. wednesday, 50, the lone chilly day, that is deceiving that was an early morning high. thursday, 43. yesterday the afternoon high was 50. today we may be at warm as 60 degrees in parts of the area. so the winning streak continues temperature-wise. unfortunately we'll see clouds and periods of rain. jersey shore, 60 on the dot. philadelphia, rain at times, 59. poconos a little bit cooler, 42,
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cloudy skies, rain at times there, as well. take a look at the temperatures west of the hudson bay, 20 to 35 degrees below zero. this cold air is diving south into the lower 48. once we get into let's say, christmas eve, this is cold. the bitter stuff starts to arrive wednesday of next week. this is really, really cold. what will happen here, temperatures with the first wave arrives tomorrow, 40s tomorrow, 0s christmas day, tuesday and wednesday, this drives into the mid atlantic and the northeast they will set up highs in the 20s from thursday day to new year's day. >> it's good thing santa has the right suit on. pentagon has spent millions of doors on looking at ufos,. >> reporter: just one of many alleged sightings investigated
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by the secret 22 million-dollar ufo unit run from the pentagon. >> what is it? >> reporter: the real life x files. >> i've seen things i cannot deny. >> reporter: here's another what pilots describe as a 40-foot long tictac one of hundred miles off the california coast. >> i've never seen anything my life that had the performance and the acceleration. keep in mind this thing had no wings. >> reporter: the pilot was on a training mission in 2004. it's moring around left right forward back, the radar is getting jammed. >> no aircraft we know of can fly at those speeds and manuver like that and look like that. >> i think it's not from this world i know it was very compressive and very fast and and i would like to fly it.
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>> reporter: the program ended in the 2012 time frame. it was determined there were other higher priority issues that metered funding. >> reporter: we joke maybe was it was trying to communicate with something under the water. i've seen "star trek" with the whales. in an infant universe with multiple galaxies, that we know, if we're the only planet with life. it's a pretty lonely universe. e. not even in your vocabulary. so when a cold sore tingle strikes you act on it. only abreva can heal a cold sore in as little as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. nothing heals a cold sore faster. and because abreva acts on it...
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you can too. act on it, with abreva.
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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., this saturday, december 23. here's some of the stories we're following for you. a 4-year-old was shot in southwest philadelphia. the search is on for the gunman. what we know about the gunman who was responsible for a nine hour standoff in north hampton county. plus, if you're planning to hit the road today for family or friends for the holiday. you will not be alone. we have details on the


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