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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 2, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again. here are the stories we are following for on "action news" at 12:30. it's clear and cold now but a nor'easter pay be on the way and parts of our area could see freezing cold temperatures and some snow. and a water main break in philadelphia continues to cause major problems for residents be what we learn about repair efforts and dozens of newly elected philadelphia officials and judges are sworn into office. a look at the historic ceremony. breaking news from montgomery county. we are on the scene of an accident here that may be affecting traffic in white marsh township. the scene of a crash involving an overturned trash truck. happened on haggies mill road just after 10:00 a.m. just over to hours ago the trash
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truck lost control and flipped over and one person was injured and rush the to the hospital. no word on the person's condition. you see the cleanup continues here in white marsh county, montgomery county. an overturned trash truck. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available to us. turning now to the forecast, the cold weather continues to linger over the delaware valley and sun fortunately it will not get better as the week goes on. sky 6 hd showing you the ben franklin bridge at lunch time, the sun is shining and not doing a whole lot for warmth out there. david murphy is on the terrace with how cold it is going to get. a look at how to dress. if you are spending extended periods outside you'll want to bundle up. it is another one of those pretty raw days. lets start you with satellite and you won't have a problem in finding the sun for the
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afternoon and cloud cover up north of allentown and most of us mostly sunny skies and the temperatures are unkind to us today. 22 in philadelphia and 21 in allentown and reading and 23 in millville and more of the same through trenton and wilmington and down to cape may. and of course winds are blustery today gusting as high as 20 or so. that is giving us a windchill of 8 if philadelphia and 8 in allentown and 7 in reading and 10 in trenton. we are winding up 5 or 6 degrees milder in most neighborhoods but uncomfortably cold as we look at temperatures the rest of the way, 10:00 tonight we hold at 20 and then fall into the teens and an overnight low of 14 and some suburbs as you wake up early tomorrow morning at dawn we'll be back into the single digits. wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour bringing you windchills too. we may get lucky and up to 12
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for a couple of hours. we are looking cold and uncomfortable with the windchill. tomorrow, sun if the morning and clouds nast noon and then we wind up with a nor'easter pushing snow in tomorrow evening and into 6:00 thursday morning and the thursday morning commute will see snow even by 9:00. the northern and western suburbs trying to get rid of some of that. i'll have details on what to expect and the morning commute. right now the issue is the cold and dress appropriately if you head out. >> thank you. we brace for more cold weather in our area. below freezing temperatures have gripped the central u.s. and in some areas breaking records centuries old. >> reporter: at least two-thirds of the country is bundled up battling bone chilling temperatures. >> it's really, really cold. >> inches of ice in washington state. >> i have never seen anything like this, honestly.
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>> temperatures so frigid many schools in new england were forced to close. >> most of our children walk to school and they are not prepared for this type of weather. >> and even the deep south cannot escape with emergency cold shelters popping up in florida. and the weather making driving dangerous and a whiteout in michigan leads to this multi-car pileup. and a woman is rescued from the top of her car after it sank 10 feet into an icy pond and she is in critical condition and a police officer slips on an ice in texas and is nearly hit by a car. and 10 people rushed to the hospital by carbon monoxide. the bitter cold conditions make it impossible to battle fires in nebraska. firefighters cope with frigid temperatures struggle to control a six alarm fire in new york
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city and at a chicago indoor water park. >> and the east coast is bracing for another bout of arctic air with snow and ice specialed to hit as far south as florida. >> as cold temperatures cling to parts of the country including the delaware valley, stay ahead of the dangerously cold forecast and the latest track of the nor'easter by visiting our downloading the free 6 abc app for your mobile device. a massive water main break in northeast philadelphia left more than 100 homes without water this afternoon. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes spoke about the icy mess. >> this afternoon a muddy mess is what is left after an 8 inch water main burst overnight. >> woke up to rushing water at 3:00 in the morning. he suffered the most damage. this brown water mark on his driveway shows how far the water
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rose that river of water receded three hours later revealing a mound of mud three feet high. his cadillac was just about engulfed in all of this. >> there was another vehicle behind it and i was able to get that out of the driveway but the other one i tried to start and the electronics were seized up. a foot of water in the basement and i opened up the back door and it kind of rushed out and left all this have mud and water damage everywhere. >> the biggest convenience is the loss of water service for most of the day. >> this morning i got up to go to the bathroom and the toilet would not flush and i checked the sink and to running water out of the spigot. and they have 200 call a day with broken water mains, and they struggle to keep up with the repairs, old pipes are a factor but the consistent freezing temperatures are mostly
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to blame. >> it's cold and the old ever you get the more you feel it but it wasn't too bad. i wouldn't want to stay out there and work in it. >> 2500 homes are currently without water service and they should get that back by the end of the day. channel 6 "action news." a stuck bridge caused problems for morning it commuters between philadelphia and new jersey. the conrail delaware bridge that connects the rail line from pennsauken to the bridesburg section got stuck in the upright position and new jersey transit had to suspend the rail line between the 30 and street station and they worked to fix the problem. service has resumed . it's inauguration day in philadelphia as the city's new district attorney, controller and various judges were sworn into office. vernon odom is live in center city with a look at today's
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historic ceremony. >> reporter: good afternoon rick, today's ceremony was relatively sparsely attended but spirited nonetheless, larry krasner the new da in the wake of his nearly two term predecessor, seth williams spending time in federal prison after a corruption conviction. >> on the office of the district attorney of the city of philadelphia. >> with that larry krasner a public defender and civil rights attorney is the new district attorney. a critic of mass incarceration and it's death penalty and wants to reform the cash bail system. the police and fop have criticized krasner has too soft on crime and hostile to the police. >> today we start the long road between trading division between police and the community they serve for unity and reconciliation and cooperation.
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all of which make us safer. >> i will support obey and defend -- >> also sworn in today rebecca rinehart the first female city controller the city's fiscal watch dog. >> voices need to be heard, she wants to look at me as a leader but to also see other women as leaders. >> reporter: so one note, the president of philadelphia's fraternal order of police did not attend the ceremony, some will consider that a direct snub of the new district attorney. vernon odom, live in center city. >> thank you. a mayor in lehigh valley county was sworn in weeks before his trial on corruption charges are set to begin. ed pel you sky was sworn in.
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the democrat is accused of accepting more than $150,000 in campaign contributions in exchange for city business. he has pled not guilty. po low sky says he does not plan to name an interim mayor during his trial. in delaware county an unduction ceremony was held for two members of county council. the ceremony took place at the delaware county courthouse in media. jerry sanders your-and controller joanne phillips were also sworn in. delaware state police are investigating the death of a woman found in a wawa parking lot. police tell "action news" that the 49-year-old victim was found in a vehicle at the store located on the unit block of south dupont highway before 7:30 this morning. and police say that the suv was there for several days.
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police in bucks county are searching for four men responsible for injuring several bar employees in bensalem. they show the men at the big heads bar at street road on december 20th, police say at one point the suspect punched the bartender and another hit an employee over the head with a bottle and a third suspect swung a pool cue at the the employees. the fbi is asking for help identifying the person that robbed a citizens bank branch in philadelphia's german town section. look at these surveillance images from the december 29th incident on the 5500 block of german town avenue, investigators a that the man showed the teller a demand note and got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a historic change to the miss america organization following
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the recent harassment scandal. the new person chairing the decades old pageant. and why experts call 2017 a safe year for flying.
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a five-alarm fire broke out at a resort. firefighters were called to grizzly jack's grand bear resort. smoke billowed out of the main area that has the banquet area and water park. guests were sent to their cars because of the extremely cold temperatures. nobody was injured. a big change for miss america. former miss america gretchen elcarlson is picked to chair the pageant following its own harassment scandal. the details on the first miss america to lead the organization. >> reporter: for the first time ever a woman is in charger the
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miss america organization. former fox news anchor, and miss america, is the 89 gretchen carlson confirmed with this tweet. happy to move the program forward. and this comes on the heels of former ceo sam haskell's scandal. with derogatory comments for past pageant winners and several key board members resigned as well. malory hagen targeted because of her weight and love life spoke out on "good morning america." >> i think this is an opportunity for women to rise up and move forward. >> 50 form erwiners spoke out about the culture of abuse and demanded that haskell stepped down.
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carlson is no stranger to the abuse and experienced it firsthand at fox news. >> in fear you will lose your job. >> lindsay davis is reporting, good news for travelers it appears that flying in 2017 was relatively safe. the safety network says the number of deaths in commercial and cargo air crashes, 44 pennsylvanias and crew members were killed in 2017. lower than the average of 495 deaths and major u.s. airlines has not had a fatal crash since 2001. coming up on "action news" a look at the wintry forecast. looking live outside at the philadelphia international airport. david murphy has the update from accuweather. including the possibility of a nor'easter when we come right back.
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carrie underwood is reve revealing more about the injuries she sustained in an accident. she had cuts and scrapes when she fell down the stairs of her home and said she had considerable facial injuries and got 40 to 50 stitches and may look different the next time she steps in front of the cameras. >> wow. david murphy is here now. not quite as bad today. >> but cover up and layer up. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry, taking a look outside a lot of sun across the region except in the shadows in center city where there are a couple of skaters at the rothman ice rink. that guy is really scooting and he is well bundled and you should be too. 22 degrees and winds picked up out of the west at 17 and windchill of 8 be no better than
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12 over the next several hours. 21 is your c in allentown. the highest number i have got is 24 at the airport in atlantic city. and wilmington windchills a different story. 8 degrees in philadelphia. 8 in allentown and 2 degree windchill if you head out toward lancaster county. and 11 in millville, new jersey, tse num tell the story. put on extra layers. satellite showing you that sun glasses is a good idea behind the wheel or off for a jog and we have sunshine with clouds up closer to allentown. the numbers today a high of 24 in the lehigh valley in allentown today. 23 down the pike in reading and 23 in lancaster and 25 in trenton and toms river and 26 in millville and 28 in cape may. but everybody is dealing with bitter cold but the blustery winds. and here is where the numbers are rolling. 25 by 2:00 and a high of 26 by
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3:00. the windchills are going to be pretty raw making it feel like a dozen degrees, 22 by 6:00 and an overnight low of 14 degrees and in suburbs it's down in the single digits. in the afternoon we cloud up a bit and we will be fairly moderate with a high of 31 and at night a problem, this is a bran new model run showing you between 88:00 and 11:00 there is snow shower activity building in and it's into the commute on thursday, where most of the snow will arrive. from a nor'easter coming up the coast and sometimes higher snowfall amounts and wider coverage of snow from nor'easters but this one is centered so far off the coast we'll have lesser snow than you often see from this type of storm but the timing is terrible. it's slippery and slow going. and some snow is pushing back to
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lancaster and reading before it pushes east at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. and the timing will probably change on these model runs several more times before the event arrives but that is a good idea of what we'll efrom this. having said that there are a couple of scenarios, one has the low off the coast giving us several inches of snow. the other track still possible would keep it farther away and just a brush mainly at the coast. what we are looking at in jen, most likely scenario, during the i-95 corridor and up toward close to areas outside of philadelphia. 1 to 3 inches, more like a coating to inch in the suburbs and 3 to 6 down the shore and these numbers change if the track changes and a good ballpark now. brisk and cold out there now under the sun and clouds build and not as harsh in the afternoon and the snow holds off until nighttime.
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the accuweather commute, we may have several lingers snow showers for the evening commute. in the morning 29 is the high. an accuweather alert for friday and saturday, that storm deepens and strengthens and pull as way from us it wraps strong winds and brings cold air in for friday and saturday. highs of 16 and 17 and lows around 4, record territory. and sunday high of 25, and monday we moderate to 38 but there could be a little wet snow around and flurries that day as well. >> 38 sounds nice. >> it does. there is an if you year and a new bachelor hoping to find new love. here is a look at the women racing to win ari over in last night's exciting premier. it was full throttle overnight as the new bachelor race car driver ari met all 29 women vying for his heart. are you not suppose to put bum
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ter sticker on a ferrari -- >> and turned to bachelor success story sean and his wife katherine and their little son, for respect. >> then the introductions began. arriving at bachelor mansion a kissing bandit. >> are you the kissing bandit, a race car driver -- and a whole lot of laurens. >> i'm lauren. >> northern lauren. >> jenny. >> lauren. >> lauren. >> not long before the kissing began and villains emerge. the women -- this could be the start of something amazing the promise of love this season is sure to be the ride of their lives. >> i'm freaking out rightnow. i can't stop crying i'm so scared.
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hey everybody look at that. cold numbers this afternoon lots of sun and bitter cold in the northern and western suburbs, 23 is the high today in reading and 24 in pottstown. and the center portion 26 in philadelphia and winds gusting to 30 giving you windchills around 10, 11 and 12 degrees and more down at the shore. bundle up today and tomorrow is milder and we get snow tomorrow night. >> thank you david. coming up today at 4:00 keeping your car running during the cold snap and important tips from mechanics to make sure you don't break down. that does it for "action news" at noon. we'll see you back here at 4:00. remember our special night?
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