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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 3, 2018 1:35am-2:10am EST

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hot pockets are exactly what hungry kids want in a snack. premium pepperoni. real cheese. and that buttery garlic crust. they're literally stuffed full of deliciousness. nothing satisfies like 100% real cheese and 10 grams of protein. fx: ding! jingle: hot pockets! ♪ action news. delaware valley's leading news program. with jim gardner. it is tuesday night. and the big story on action news tonight is an accuweather alert.
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the thermometer is heading to warmer levels tomorrow, but we have snow in the forecast. cecily tynan is analyzing different models to see how much snow we might get. we have got cecily standing by with action news reporters christie ileto and dan cuellar. call part of our accuweather alert coverage tonight. cecily, begin with you, what are the latest facts and figures. >> jim, this is a storm system that will become a full-fledged blizzard for new england. this is their storm. we're just really going to get scraped by the western edge. look at satellite radar, doesn't look like much. it's in pieces. two short waves. bundles of energy. they're separate. but they will join forces off the southeast coast, become a nor'easter and work up the coast. intensifying as it does along the way. but likely it will be tracking about 258 miles offshore. so we just get the western
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fringes. future tracker showing moisture ow, jacksonville, parts of southern georgia will get some snow and ice. and then it moves in off the coast by thursday morning. this will cause a lot of problems for the thursday morning commute. again, still intensifying. but see how far that low is offshore. it's going to be a big system, though. if this were a small storm, we wouldn't be getting anything at all. the big question is how far west does the snow extend? winter storm watches for the counties along the coast. this is where, locally, i'm expecting we'll see the most accumulating snow. so the exact track of the storm is still a bit up in the air because the storm really hasn't formed yet. still in pieces. there's going to be a big gradient in snow. areas east can get a lot of snow. as much as about 6 inches of snow. but further to the west, some areas, barely anything at all. it will be impacting the thursday morning commute, and again, the hardest hit areas,
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eastern new jersey. i'll talk about specifically how much snow to expect where you live. and behind this system, vicious winds and near-record cold. talk about that in the seven day forecast. thank you. frozen water mains are rupturing in communities across the area tonight. water along the 5300 block of addison street in west philadelphia at 8:00 tonight. but it didn't stay liquid for long. the entire street was blocked off as some sections turned to ice. and the rest flowed downhill into the sewers. a similar, though less severe scene on long shore avenue near oxford avenue in lawndale tonight. this 8-inch main was flooding the sidewalk, but not affecting traffic. and in montgomery county, crews working on this major water main break. 17 hours after it burst. it's complicated because the 30-inch main, the break caused the road to buckle and a power line came down.
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50 customers in upper marion are without water service. aqua says hundreds of other homes may notice low pressure and discolored water from an iron buildup. aqua says it is safe to drink. they hope to have everything restored by tomorrow morning. a broken pipe forced interborrow high school in delaware county to close today. it is now fixed and students will be expected back in class tomorrow. meanwhile, chester high school closed again tomorrow due to building maintenance issues. teachers are still expected to report. let's go live to christie ileto in the 1500 block of sycamore avenue in horsham. we have reports of those shivering with heat. what about those who have to make energy repairs? >> reporter: it's no surprise that crews are working overtime. some without heat for the last
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day or two. the call volume is skyrocketing. >> with the temperature being as cold as it is, we have been very busy. >> reporter: nelson's day started at 7 a.m. >> we're going to see what this thing is going then. >> reporter: nine service calls later, still making repairs to customers without heat. this is a broken furnace. >> got up, doesn't feel like 70. says 75, only at 60. lower than 60. had to go and check the heater down stairs. hmmm. it's not running. >> reporter: bill and his family returned from florida new year's day. they have been heating their horsham home by wood burning fireplace and an electric radiator. that's the hot water? >> it is. >> reporter: it's cold. >> when the boiler goes down, no hot water, base board heat, thought the house. take a part and give a tuneup. >> reporter: age, wear and
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tear and weather can force an hvac to break down. >> working twice or three times as hard when you have a 50-degree temperature swing. >> reporter: and with mother nature tightening her grip on the delaware valley, companies will be working overtime. now, he says his calls for service have more than tripled. and with the weather expected to be like this for the rest of the week, he and other companies will be very busy. live in horsham, christie ileto. >> thank you. and then there's the matter of your car. action news reporter dan cuellar is live along the expressway. dan, there are a whole lot of car batteries saying, basically, no way, not in this cooled, i'm not working. >> reporter: that's right, jim. this bitter cold has been crippling motorists across the region with car batteries falling victim to these sub-freezing temperatures. in the five county philadelphia area, aaa says it has responded to over 2500 calls for
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assistance on this day alone. >> it wouldn't start. it wouldn't crank. >> reporter: kenny is among a number of people who woke up this morning only to realize the car wouldn't start. >> we had trouble starting it yesterday and this morning. >> reporter: for most people, the problem was the battery. >> seeing a lot of battery calls. we had a thousand calls yesterday on new year's day for battery service. about 600 of them needed batteries. >> reporter: what's happening is the prolonged bitter cold temperatures are really taking the life right out of the battery. >> 32 degrees, 35% of the battery life is gone. and at zero degrees, 60% of your battery life is gone. >> reporter: and we're not alone. aaa says it's received over 61,000 calls -- and counting -- across the five state and washington, d.c. mid-atlantic region over the ten-day new year period. these calls were dead batteries. >> car was dead. >> we moved here from south
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carolina, and the car is not useed to the cold here. >> reporter: with more bitter cold days ahead, aaa says consider carrying a jump back booster box or something like it in your vehicle. >> it's a portable charging system to get your car started and get you wherever you're going. >> reporter: now, the weather is also taking a toll on the air on a vehicle's tires, so keep a check on that to avoid being caught with a flat tire trying to get somewhere. i'm dan cuellar, channel 6 action news. jim. >> thank you, dan. at least two-thirds of the country now dealing with these bone-chilling temperatures. creating some spectacular scenes, but also frightening ones. outside buffalo, new york, today, blizzard conditions led to a 20-car pileup that killed at least one person. the frigid conditions even reaching into texas. causing accidents on icy he is. water mains from massachusetts to missouri have been bursting, coating cars in ice.
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in chicago, crews are lighting fires to keep rail switches from freezing over. you'll want to check in with or our redesigned 6abc app for the updates on the nor'easter's path. in addition to timing on snow totals, you can see hourly temperatures for the days ahead. other news at this hour, one person hurt when a fire struck a wilmington apartment building an hour ago at the windsor towers at the 500 block of north walnut. fire fighters made quick work of the smokey blaze on the 12th floor. unidentified victim was taken to the hospital for treatment. we are awaiting word just how extensive the damage is at brineer's in jenkintown. it was on the 1700 block of fairway. smoke was seen coming from the roof as chopper 6 was overhead. fire fighters got the blaze
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under control within an hour's time. fortunately nobody was hurt. the family of a 19-year-old woman critically wounded in a hit and run crash is calling for justice tonight. kiara henderson was struck outside the vanity grand club on the 6100 block of -- avenue in southwest philadelphia two days before christmas. she is still in the hospital tonight. >> she has two metal rods in one leg. a plate in the other leg. another rod in her pelvis. and a plate in her pelvis also. so she has to go to rehabilitation and, you know, she has to learn how to walk again. >> the father of the freshman has been doing his own detective work, scouring the area for clues. he believes that this broken piece that he found belongs to a dark gray hyundai. police are also on the case. from our delaware news room tonight, the city of wilmington says shootings spiked significantly in 2017, by 31%.
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193 people were shot. 31 of them were killed. the overall number of homicides jumped 26% from the year 2016 to the highest level of the past seven years. it was a new beginning today at the kimmel center in philadelphia where larry krasner was sworn in as the city's new district attorney. krasner is a former civil rights attorney who ran on the promise of criminal justice reform. he opposed mass incarceration. he opposed the death penalty and favors safe injection sites for heroin addicts. also sworn in today, rebecca rhinehart, the first woman city comptroller. common pleas and judges took their oaths of office today. a historic swearing in tonight in montgomery county. veronica hill milbourne is the first african-american woman on the horsham county. after being sworn in, she took
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her seat. and still to come tonight, the tweet heard round the world tonight from president trump about the size of his nuclear arsenal. also, beverly hills police present two criminal cases against harvey weinstein to prosecutors. plus a youtube star with 15 million followers has something new to say about the video that he posted of a suicide victim. cecily. >> current wind chills have dropped back down into the single digits. but compared to friday and saturday, this actually feels warm. talk about the bitter cold on the way, and also how much snow to expect from the nor'easter in the accuweather seven day forecast. and ducis rodgers with the fliers facing off against the penguins. doug pederson talking playoff picture. that and more when action news continues tonight.
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you may not know who paul --
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or who logan paul is. not paul logan, but logan paul. he is a household name among children and teens in the u.s. 15 million youtube followers. tonight his name is in the headlines if posting a ghoulish video of a suicide victim that he says now is a mistake. >> i want to apologize to the internet. i want to apologize to anyone who has seen the video. i want to apologize to anyone touched by mental illness or depression or suicide. >> showing paul in japan in the suicide forest because of the high number of suicides that happen there. paul is seen laughing with his friends as they come across a hanging body. he says his reaction was out of nervousness. after harsh criticism, paul eventual pulled the shocking video from youtube and says it was not meant to generate ad money from the views. before it came down, it was seen
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at least 6 million times. the internet star knows now it's a mistake and plans to do better. new at 11:00 tonight, los angeles prosecutors say they are reviewing two cases brought to them by beverly hills police against disgraced movie mogul, harvey weinstein. a spokesman for the district attorney says the cases were given to them last month, but declined to provide further details. dozens of women have accused weinstein of sexual harassment and sexual assault. police in london and other places are looking at accusations. representatives have denied all allegations of non-consensual section. an american soldier has been killed in combat in afghanistan. tonight identified as a new jerseyan. from fort lee. several others were injured on new year's day. the military has not released details about the mission or any spence specifics about the attack.
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it was new year's day when kim jong-un u.n. reminded the u.s. we are within range of his nuclear button. and president trump responded with this. kim jong-un said the button it on his desk at all times. will someone from his depleted and food-starved regime inform him that i have a bigger and more powerful button than his and my button works. meanwhile, trump is attacking the justice department, claimings it a deep state secretly working to undermine his presidency. at the same time today he lashed out at hillary clinton's long time aid, saying she should be jailed for the way she handled certain government emails. and continuing to root on protestors in iran, with president trump declaring this is a time for change in iran.
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iran is accusing the u.s. of instigating the protests, something that u.n. ambassador haley called complete nonsense. trump praised them for acting against the brutal and corrupt regime. the longest serving republican senator will retire after this term. orrin hatch from utah will not run again despite the pleas of president trump he do so. after the decision to call it career, opens the door to former presidential candidate mitt romney to run for the seat from utah. autism rates appear to be leveling off. rising steadily until 2012. it's now been stable over three years. the university of iowa researchers say about 2% of all american children are on the autism spectrum. apple is making yet another concession over controversy over slowing down old iphones.
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last week, offering $29 battery replacements. but some owners were frustrated there was a catch. the battery had to be in such poor health that it failed apple's test. apple is now waving the test and says it will open up the offer to anyone with an iphone 6 or later. that's what apple is saying tonight. what is cecily tynan saying tonight about the weather? >> a lot to say. developing nor'easter. gusty winds. and near-record cold on the way. what a week we're having. first week of the new year. the action camera, sky 6, rather, live. a look at the center city skyline on this clear, cold, quiet night. and share this photo taken by huey dillon of the river frozen near 30th street station. a beautiful picture and tells the story. temperatures have been below freezing for a full week. highs only in the 20s. the accuweather highlights show
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winter storm watches along the coast. a developing nor'easter. will bring a glancing blow, not a direct hit. and after that, dangerous wind chills late this week into the weekend. right now, it's cold out there. but not quite as harsh as the past couple of days. 19 in philadelphia, down from a high of 24. allentown, 12, trenton, 14, and cape may, 24 degrees. of course, the air temperature, as we know, doesn't tell the full story. you have to look at the wind chill. the wind chill, philadelphia, feels like 6. 5 in trenton, 3 in allentown, and 12 degrees below zero in the poconos. satellite and radar showing the two pieces of energy that will form the nor'easter. part of the reason why, the exact track is up in the air. the actual storm hasn't formed. it's like a puzzle. still in pieces. but future tracker showing this time tomorrow night that nor'easter is working its way up the coast. we will see it entering the coastal region and westward
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overnight. the question is, how far west? this latest model in the future tracker shows very little across burkes county and western lehigh county. 7:00 in the morning, though, areas east of that will be dealing with accumulating snow. and there is not slowing it down. and it's a quick hit. still expecting 3-6 inches right along the coast. the highest accumulations there. we have the winter storm watches along the i-95 corridor. close to philadelphia. 1-3 inches in areas farther north and west like the poconos that like the snow, not looking like much at all. a coating to an inch. that could change if the track shifts. it's all about location. a very sharp cut off to the west. snowfall totals in this area ranging from barely anything at all to up to about 6 inches along the coast. and, again, any shift in track will bring big changes to the accumulation. parts of new england could get
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1-2 feet of snow and near hurricane-force winds. so fortunately we're not getting a direct hit. no matter how much snow you get on thursday, future tracker is showing behind it wind chills friday morning, 9 below in philadelphia. 17 below in allentown. 12 below in lake hurst. 31 degrees below zero in the poconos and wind chills remain below zero all day long on friday. so the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast from the increasing clouds, warmest day of the week. 31 degrees. thursday, snow, especially the first half of the day, heaviest east of philadelphia, 29. and temperatures drop friday and saturday. only in the teens. wind chills below zero. we begin to pull out of it on sunday. still cold, but not as harsh. 24 degrees. and monday, finally, above freezing. but comes with a clipper that could bring snow or wintry mix bit afternoon. and warmer weather summering in, changing to rain, high of 40 degrees as the january thaw
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begins. and, of course, david murphy will have more information at 4:30. >> remember how i useed to get upset about the onset of winter? >> yes. >> this is why. >> i get it. a montgomery county woman is celebrating a special second retirement tonight. 91-year-old carmelo worked 60 years in two careers. she started out working at narco as a welder for 30 years. making radio boards for helicopters, submarines and police cars and then moved to education. worked at the elementary school and at the middle school for three decades. and today she finally said good-bye. >> i'm the boss over here today. ,000 in america last year.
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we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
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flyers, penguins, always a tough game for the orange and black. >> a tough one to watch for the
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fans. whoever coined the phrase, it's not how you start, it's how you finished, need to watch the second half. they fell apart in the middle. doug pederson, scouting for passers. penns on the power play, 1-0, penns. and jordan, one in front, ties at one. 40 seconds later, ryan reeves, scores on elliott, pittsburgh takes the lead. and sheary on a breakaway. and less than two minutes later. five goals in less than four minutes. too bad the pens tallied four of them. >> we have the two and a half minute span. there's, you know, there's -- that's too tough of a hill, too steep of a hill to climb back from. >> 11 days until the eagle's playoff opener.
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today doug pederson was peppered with questions about the qb. the coach was asked if he would consider pulling a struggling nick foles mid-game in favor of nate sudfield. >> it's hard to say until i'm in the situation. it's a one-game season. it's hard to be in desperation mode. but if you're in that mode, you know, who knows. i do know this. it's not about one guy. i want nick to embrace it. he has embraced it. but at the same time the guys around him also need to own their jobs and their responsibilities going forward. >> coach also says, at the request of his players, the team will practice in pads this week. finalists have been named for the profootball hall of fame. former eagles dawkins and terrell owens made the cut. dawkins had 6 pro bowls and 37 career receptions. he was the heart and soul of the defense for more than a decade. the class will be
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the sixers are unsure if joel embiid will play against the spurs tomorrow night. he's doubtful with a hand injury. spotted a trainer working on it this afternoon. suffering the injury sunday. x-rays were negative and coach brown remains hopeful.
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>> it was a legitimate scare, a legitimate fall. if you saw the palm of his hand, you would see the bruising and the swelling and the discoloring. and if it was his non-shooting hand, you might feel more confident. but we'll all learn more tomorrow. >> the sixers gave us a medical update on markelle fultz. final part of the rehab from a shoulder injury. he's been sidelined for two months. drexel visiting unc-wilmington, lee scores 22 points, one off the season high. and wilmington, led the nation last season. the dragons fall, 107-87. and delaware loses to the college of charleston. i need a glass of water. >> need anything? >> no. >> you'll have to wait. jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6.
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jimmy's guest, david duchovney and comedian dusty. we continue tomorrow morning with meteorologist david murphy. i'm hurrying. now for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire action news team, i'm jim gardner. good night, and go ahead. ♪


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