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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 4, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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>> good morning everyone we have an accuweather alert. let's get you a live picture off the bat. this is mobile 6 driving through a snowy absecon, new jersey, you can see route 9 there. it is snow covered already. second live look, philadelphia international airport not a lot of snow compared to the jersey shore here in philadelphia, but everyone will see something from the storm. >> indeed. good morning, 4:00 a.m., thursday, january 4 we're on the air a half-hour early to bring you the latest on the snowfall,
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you need to know this, philadelphia public and archdiocesan schools are closed today. other schools and close -- closings will be scrolling across the bottom. screen. >> let's go over david murphy and karen rogers what you need to get out on the roads. >> reporter: the snowfall is coming down and hitting the roads. >> reporter: we expect it to intensify in the predawn hours. if you look at the weather center a number of alerts, that is a blizzard warning for coastline can little and south jersey and delaware. at time the snow will be heavy enough and wind-driven enough you will have visibility of a quarter mile. it's a winter storm warning that's posted through the i-95
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corridor and an advisory in the northern and western suburbs where the snow is less intense and and you could get slippery conditions. we're getting lighter bands across the region, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you that, some of you seeing the snow, others getting a break, the winds not too bad yet, but the as the storm draws closer, the winds will get intense and so will the snow. you'll see snow drifts developing across the region. here comes radar, you can he sue between now and 90:00 a.m., the snow is down the shore. whether it's ends up in reading or allentown or goes farther, the idea is the closer you get to the coast the more snow. the continue will continue up
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until 2:00 p.m., it should taper off. in the meantime the windchills will be severe. remember the winds will continue to pick up and continue to get more and more blustery, 20-mile an hour gusts in the morning and the afternoon we could get up to 40 to 50-mile an hour and worse at the shore. i'll have more on what to expect and when it gets out of here and what comes next, an arctic snap. we're live in cape may county you can see the snowfall coming down and blowing around even before the strong winds kick in. the road covered at the cape may toll plaza. on the parkway itself we have 35-mile an hour, 45-mile an hour speed restrictions on the new jersey turnpike. on the coastline you need to take it easy. listen to this messy accident that caused a problem on 295 southbound. this is past 48 near salem
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county. we have a tractor-trailer it jacked knife caught on fire. a house caught on fire, at this point we have a lane getting by, 295 southbound past exit 4 you want to watch this one, lots of police on the scene and creating problems right now. look for this to be a huge problem in new jersey. you want to stick to the new jersey turnpike, instead that will be slow with the speed restrictions. here's a live look at route 42 a much different story, the salt trucks have been out, they have not needed the plow trucks credit. you can see them waiting off to the side just in case. the main roads look okay, but you need to to be careful as you step outside. this is 422 at trooper. disabled vehicle, look how slowly you're going with the snow cover. you can see it's covering the road at this point matt and tam. >> let's get our live reports with our live reports first up to bat, john rawlins. >> he is live in somers point,
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new jersey, under blizzard warning good morning. john. >> reporter: under blizzard warning and code blue this is somers point in atlantic county, this is route 9 behind me, it is snow covered you can see plows, very little human activity on the roads. one or two cars a minute, by our count. the lights we had earlier has become moderate snow and became very, very windy from time to time. i'm going to guess one or two inches it's blowing around a lot. the roads around here go from snow covered to a couple of roads main roads in fact a road over to ocean city seemed to be clear last time. traction fair. we're at the route 9 and ocean heights avenue. they say the normal morning rush is 60:00 a.m.
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they are expecting diminished numbers today because schools are closed, conditions are miserable. nobody will make a discretionary drive and number of employers have announced late openings if people are going to hit the roads it won't be until later today. overall conditions, windy and snowy and not particularly pleasant outside. john rawlins channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> let's switch over to jeanette reyes. >> jennette is live at the farley travel plaza in hammonton, atlantic county. good morning, jennette. >> reporter: good morning, matt we're seeing unfavorable conditions here, when i got out of my house in center city i was surprised i was expecting more snow, but boy did we get as he headed down this way. 42 things get mess yore in terms of the snowfall at exit 28 in hammonton.
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that's when we started to see the blowing snow and some accumulation. take a live look around me, there are three plow trucks clearing up the parking lot. as they clear it up, more snow starts to accumulate it's pesky snowfall, it's windy. if you look at the light you can see the snow blowing everywhere which way. it gets in your face and organize. with the bitter cold it's painful it blows in character face. we can understand why there are closures and delays as the day goes on. the commute will be a mess. at this point i can tell if you don't have to go out, i would go ahead and stay home this is the kind of thing you don't want to go out into unless you have to. but we'll be out here throughout the morning and let you know what we see as the day goes on. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action
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news." matt and tam. >> hank tight, thanks jennette. >> take a live look philadelphia international airport, sky6 live hd today could be a tough travel day we're looking at the cancellations not as many as in philadelphia as there are in new york city and boston and hundreds up in new england with they are getting the blizzard conditions from the storm. call 1-800-phl-gate. let's gets a sense ever conditions in delaware, jeff chirico is live for us in delaware, good morning. >> reporter: go to good morningt and tam, the heavier snow as well as the winds. the flakes are whipping sideways in front of me. we have a half inch on the ground right now. it's hard to tell because the winds is pushing much of the snow. as far as travel conditions that's i-95 behind me. it was smooth sailing from philadelphia on i-95 and 495.
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d dot crews are out and about making sure the roads are clear doing are there thing. however keep in mind the secondary roads are tricky because the snow is sticking to the basement. i checked with the new castle county officials they said there's no weather-related issues, other than water main breaks across the county. the roads will pose a problem for those venturing out today. the wind and cold and a little bit of snow causing major issues for us in newark. reporting live in newark, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> david you have the forecast. >> reporter: we said the snow will start around midnight. it did, now it's on the light side probably getting a lot steadier over the next several hours. as we look at storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see rain over the coast over the warm ocean water. it's snow over land right now and going closer and overhead
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there's steadier snow along the garden state parkway, that's where the heavier snow will winds up accumulating today. a break in the action currently, but light stuff has put down light accumulation even in places you don't actively see the snow. sky6 live hd in philadelphia. there's a little bit of light snow wandering around down there. we'll be adding to that in the morning and into the afternoon. 25 degrees, snow around. winds north as 125 miles per hour. that's giving you a windchill at 1. bundle up. -- 13, so you need to bundle up. there will be a sharp cut off where it isn't snowing whether it happens shy of reading and allentown that's a bit of a question, we might get something up there. the bulk is through the i-95
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area and down the shore. by noon it will shift toward the east and through the rest of the afternoon it will lighten up and wish away from us by 9:00 a.m. expected snowfall this afternoon, does look like about 6 to 10 inches down the shore, 3 to 6 around philadelphia and toward central south jersey and one to three as you move into the western suburbs with a coating to an inch farther out from that. we have 3 and 1/3 and 7 1/2 or not philadelphia and the euro. the other thing to expect is wind gusts, 50 to 55 miles per hour. 45 to 50 miles over south jersey, the rest of the of us looking at 40 to 45-mile an hour wind gusts that will create an issue with snow. down the shore we're looking at blizzard conditions there's a
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blizzard warning in effect that means gusts with the 50 to 55-mile an hour that could bring possible power outages and whiteout conditions. not a good day to travel in the shore counties, minor tidal flooding part of the package. 26 degrees by 8:00 a.m. pretty much staying that the rest of the afternoon, our high is 26. highs across the region, very similar 26 in allentown, 26 in reading, 26 in philadelphia. and 28 in cape may. with that snow tapering off in the afternoon. then comes another hit of arctic air this could be the coldest of the season particularly at night where we'll get single digit temperatures. there's a windchill advisory saturday afternoon across the region, it's a watch up in the poconos something to keep in mind if you're heading up north skiing. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast accuweather alerts for today anticipate the next two days today because of
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our snowy start andy -- and windy conditions creating whiteout conditions at the shore. it's bitter told tomorrow, 18 under the sun. a low of 8. saturday, still frigid, high of 17. federal government if we go down to 2 it would be a new record. sunday, 20 degrees the high. milder on monday and tuesday, there's a chance of snow ice and rain moving in on monday, there's a question whether it's extends into tuesday morning. we're getting a break for a couple of days with better numbers. 4:13 a.m. the city of philadelphia is under a snow emergency right now. >> let's look at the view in city hall. the snow is accumulation on the sidewalks, the streets are clear, how long does that last,
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we'll check in live with the use in center city karen. >> reporter: that is what it looks like on the bridge they did a good job with the bridges. you have to think as you head out how are you getting home as the snow intensifies we'll take a look andy head down the shore coming up next.
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>> welcome back you're taker be a live look here, the view of route 30 in atlantic city new jersey where in her expected to get the brunt of the storm, you can see a mix of rain and precipitation. you can see on the grounds, consume racing of early snow. >> let's look at other areas around the region with karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: i want to show you the radar it's not raining, but snow is sticking to the roads there. this is the garden state parkway
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approaching ocean city, we can see the snowfall is already not only on the grassy surfaces on the side of the road partially blocking the roadway as well. be careful as you ahead out, there's a ton of salt trucks out there, the roads are starting to get covered and it will get worse from there. garden state parkway because of that we have 45-mile an hour speed restrictions a plow went through the shot a minute ago, we can see how there's quickly snow coming back up. this is the big accident going on right now. a jackknife tractor-trailer conduct fire and the woods caught on fire, a house caught on fire, 295 southbound is temporarily blocked they have been allowing traffic to get by here and there, 295 southbound past 48 avoid this accident altogether. this is a big accident in salem
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county new jersey. the turnpike has 45-mile an hour restrictions, speed restrictions on the highways in south jersey. this is what it looks like 422 at trooper. police and penndot on the scene. we had a disabled vehicle you can see the snow coming down riernts, you can see how the road is covered, even here on 422, so problems already starting right now. police and penndot out here right now. the vehicle there, the snowfall covering the road, the salt trucks are out. this is the ben franklin bridge we can see on the bridge itself, traffic had been moving okay. the bridge itself is mostly wet. here's storm tracker 6 live showing you've got that snowfall in reading and lancaster almost near allentown and near the city of philadelphia, but most especially south jersey along the shoreline, it's along the shore you can expect blizzard conditions later today. >> wendy saltzman is live in center city this morning, wendy
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tells us about the conditions you're seeing. >> reporter: so far the city has really missed the brunt of the storm. the flurries started at 2:00 a.m. that's all we've had is light flurries, you can see the roads are closure, we don't safety snow sticking on roads. the city did declare a snow emergency last night. they started treating the roads and towing cars in the way of emergency snow routes. they started working around the clock last night. trash has been suspended today and the city has issued a code blue. one of the big concerns is with the wind and with the temperaturesg that we could have issues with the roads freezing over even if you just get a little bit of moisture on the roads, we run the risk, but the city started early, and they have 375 pieces of equipment they are prepared
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to get on the roads. they started the treatment, so far so good in center city we're not seeing any major problems just some pretty winter flurries. wednesday we know channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. remember if you have to go out and shovel the sidewalks careful. the american heart association said you should take frequent breaks while you shovel avoid eating a heavy meal before or directly after you go out to take care of the snow. do a warm up before you start shoveling by walking around and lift small amounts of snow rather than the huge shovel full. >> deploy your teenager. >> that's an excellent idea. >> they do it because they love us. >> the powerball jackpot jumps again. >> let's look at the commodore barry bridge, you can see the haze in the sky that would be the snow that's coming down around the region. we'll be right back.
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mobile 6s today. it's mobile 6 stereo. we have one down near the jersey shore, the other one is getting out of center city philadelphia heading up to north philadelphia, you see the define lorain hotel. -- divine lorain hotel. broad street, looks wet, windshield wipers going, we heard from wendy saltzman saying we have a little flurry activity in philadelphia. jersey shore will get the brunt of it. >> reporter: i drove in from south jersey, of course, there are a lot of plow trucks that are waiting they are along the coastline gloucester and camden county. this is the blue route here, the
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mid county tolls, the traffic is getting by, you can see the snow on the sides. road on the roads itself, the it is creeping in here, you have to be careful in plymouth meeting. swede land road at schuylkill river, we have an accident, but it's on time. >> reporter: winter storm warning in the i-95 corridor and blistered storm warning along the coast and everybody will be dealing with strong blustery winds. future tracker 6 we're programming that behind the storm, but we'll see clearing this afternoon. 26 degrees at 7:00 a.m., 7:30 a.m. we're down to the mid 20s the rest of the day, evening commute in the low 20s. the high today will be 26 degrees and we'll see periods of snow falling all the way up until 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m.,
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before the tapers off by 3 to 6 inches in philadelphia. more down the shore. 'tirpt -- this morning, all green aircraft. once you getaway from new york and philadelphia, most of the travel cities are dry. let's talk about the lottery, nobody matched all six numbers. 2, 18, 37, 39, 42 with a powerball of 12. the jackpot is worth $550 million. $418 million are up for grabs in the mega millions. that next drawing is tomorrow night. 4:25 a.m. parts of the southern u.s. him that is not used to winter storms is experiencing snow they have not seen in decades. looking at the center city skyline, you can see the winds is making the cameras jump.
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that haze that is the snow coming down. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back mobile 6 on the roads, this is delaware avenue in atlantic city where you can see they have a decent accumulation on of snow on the ground. the precipitation is coming down pretty quickly. if it is a morning you don't have to get out and about, stay inside and enjoy it looking at it out the window and keeping 6abc on. tallahassee, florida, saw measurable snowfall for the first time in 30 years. the unusually frigid conditions forced road closures and the closings of state university. in south carolina, snow and ice covered palm trees and schools were shut down in them georgia troopers couldn't keep up with the reported wrecks which numbered in the hundreds. >> if you don't have a reason to be out, don't be out. >> reporter: the blast of winter weather and plunging temperatures have been linked to
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