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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 5, 2018 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., friday, january 5 this day of snowsy is going to be extremely cold. indeed. hundreds of elderlyo the cold when the highrise caught fire in atlantic city. we have details on w will stay. people acrossn adigging out from yesterday'srm manyewalks streets are still c because of the conditions, philadelphia public and parochial schools will be closed for a second straight day today. hundreds of other districts have joined them, the list is and on t bottom of the your screen. >> have team coverage of what the storm left behind and the bitter cold moved in. >> john rawlins is in atlantic city and jeanette reyes has more in p first up, let's see what it means on the roads and the
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weather. >> thank you for the hot chocolate. that is hitting the spot. >> reporter: let's go to thewe have windchill advisory in effect. this goes through today saturday. windchills throughout this period and in through saturdayit's a warning up in poconos, severe windchills on th up and c the next couple of days. nor'easter well nova sosha, we have sunshine on the way for the start of t day. the region making it feel uncomfortable. ten in allentown and reading. 12 in millville and 15 degrees in cape may. with winds running in the teens right now here's twhait feels feels -- what it feels like.7 below in trenton. 8 below in wilmington. 9 below in allentown and reading, 6 below ined i say more? it's not comfortable out there. going in terms of the temperatures, going we'll stop at 17 this a not much of change at all as we go through the day. maybe a clo windchills are below zero thanks to the winds runni to
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25 miles per hour combined with the bitter cold. we get moderate temperatures week, but there might be an issue on monday and tuesday. torresdale avenue and good job trying to clear it, on torresdale you're getting snow and ice we'll have winds gusting up to 33 miles per hourw back on the roads. mobile 6 is outside live showing you when it looks like driving around germantown. this is murdocheet. we have lots of snow and crust on the sides of the road making this stop and gentle here, you're not going to be slipping and sliding you saw how chuck our driver was driving hopefully he has the heater going good. driving around secondary roads. a different picture than the bigger roads here.
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swede street fire department activity for a house whenever you have a house fire or water main break you'll have icy roads, as well. be careful in norristown on swede street. south philadelphia we have a blocking all lanes on fronts near oregon. winslow township, camden county, route 73 at the ac expressway, i was showing you this yesterday you couldn't see the road. the snow is mostly off to the sides of the roads on the main roads. you should be okay on the main roads. >> it's dangerously for hundreds to be forced out into the cold, but's exactly their situation after a fire in their in atlantic city. "action news" reporter john rawlins has details on the victims and shows us the weather conditions in somers point. good morning john. >> reporter: good morning tam. yeah it's cold down here, very cold as karen said it's going to be slow going, i think we'll see a slow return to normal here. there's a lot of snow around and give the t not
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going to go anywhere fast. you have the natural drifting plow outs. mark show them what a side street looks like. but very covered i think it's typical most side boulevard it's been plowed to such an extent and showing belo going as said, schools down here ocean city, day, theyl not have school.organizations, and businesses and banks and medical clinics will start and open around noontime. very on in atlantic city authorities there aregoing to have to deal with the afte fire which occurred about 6:00 p.m. last night. >> we was going down the steps and all of a sudden we looked elevator the panel from the ceiling fell and theta comin down. >> reporter: that fire t story housing complex for seniors out conditions lastnight as yesterday's storm was winding d many were moved to a shelter in a nearby school.
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the fire filled parts of tower with smoke as firefirs arrived. >> this turned out to be a dangerous electric i ial fire. >> reporter: most of the people we understand with the help of red cross and city officials were taken from the school on jitneys over to various hotels in atlantic city they have been inside and warm overnight. the fire damaged parentally electrical equipment the repair to three weeks. it will takeask to figure the folks living in tower will reside during the repair whether they will stay in the hotel rooms or move somewhere else. it is very very cold and it will be a slow return to normal for most at the shore. live in somers point, john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> and then there's issue of the city of philadelphia, lots of work left to do. mobi is out there traveling through the smaller streets or narrower streets in the germantown section you
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lot of cars maintains have sincerday they are kind of parked in with the plows coming through andhing the snow off side. a lot of streets are covered slushiness there slippery again a lot of work to do although the state of emergency has been lifted. cityre closed in philadelphia t code homeless is in effect. it will be slow on the rails and septa is making adjustments jeanette reyes joins us the 69th street transportation center in upper darby. >> reporter: good morning matt this is a two-part what mother throwing our way. yesterday it was the snowfall today the ice. septa is warning c going to be a slow-go this morning. came the snow, now comes the after several inches of eted the area resorry remplets -- subzero temperatures are concerned. snowplows were out during the
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snowfall. it was a slow-go on buses too conditions. septa announced it will be operating on a saturday schedule today for the regional rails and though buses trolleys, norristown high speed line and subway are weekday schedules, passengers are asked to allow extra time for their morning commutes. >> i have to see what time the buses leave on saturday, it's not as frequent and that means that there's no express bus. >> reporter: to go and make things more difficult the temperatures get so cold, the salt is not as andth officials put on the grounds. it's going to be slick andkely slow. give yourself extra time on this friday morning the good news it is the last day of the workweek, we'll try to get through it together. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> it was a long week for a lot of people. live look at philadelphia international airport, sky6 live hd air travel is trying to back
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to normal, only a handful of flights c flights can in jfk and boston be sure to check with your airline if you have a trip >> let's torn to david murphy no relief in the near future. >> reporter: the snow is grounds but not fallingre into an arctic air mass. it sticks with us through the weekend. storm tracker 6 live double scanshows us dry. looking live on sky6 live hd, bone-chilling along penns landing and elsewhere around the region the icey have the refrigeration equipment lit up right now because that ice is not going anywhere. winds up to 21 miles per hour. that's knocking windchill down below. you're looking at windchills below zero the rest of the way today and good portion tomorrow, as well. 4.1 inches of snow on the ground. west chester 4 1/2. 2 1/2 in wilmington, not much to the west. mount holly 6.8. as you build farther south the
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numbers go up. vineland at 6. down the shore 17 inches in cape may courthouse, 15 1/2 in ocean city. bayville 18 inches on the nose and up in north jersey, manahawkin 17 inches. with the winds blowing yesterday and today you have that drifting it's actually higher than those numbers in spots, depending on where the drift is piled up.there's th gone here the winds wrapping around it. they are here and staying here today. today's forecast, 12 degrees by 8 can mean. 13 by 10:00 a.m. 17 degrees by 3:00 p.m. windchills will make it feel worse. this is what it will feel like across the region. 1 below zero more or less. maybe improving to 7 below in allentown. 2 below in philadelphia. you survey the numbers you can see it's going to be raw and uncomfortable everywhere. as we go up to 11:00 p.m., cesily tynan will have worse numbers for you, bottom line even into saturday morning if
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you're g not only have to bundle up against cold temperatures, cover your skin because frostbite will be easy to achieve if you're not properly up i delaware valleys it only takes 30 minutes frostbite in the poconos, 15inut you're on the slopes cover upy into tuesday, there's going to be weak clipperg through that could freezing it looks possibility of producing snow or icing on the ground and rain at times. that's probably late in the day perhaps into the tuesday morning commute. we'll keep our organize on ouryes on that for you. 17 is the high, accuweather alert because of thehilling cold and below zero windchills. saturday, look at the overnight lows these are numbers that you will be experienceyou will be exper the winds will maket
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cold. monday 35, the afternoon wintry mix possible. >> why are you laughing. >> you goat to the point where 35 sounds good.r: 40 on tuesday so yea tuesday. let's go tuesday! >> 5:13 a.m. trump responds hours before a damming book on the white house is released. home a dog is snatched up by an eagle and survives it. >> reporter: we're live on the blue route mides are looking careful on the ramps you're seeing snow and ice leading into the main roads be careful as you travel we'll take you to fishtowns like there coming up.
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people in delaware are going to be busy digging out today. the action cam found a plow truck removing snow from parking lots in mill creek. strong winds snow hit sucks sucks -- sussex county with a vengeance yesterday. >> did clear out at house yesterday? >> reporter: there's a path to c my husband woke up at and started my car.ood man i good one. he deals with me, so he really is a saint. matt don't agree with me. we're live in fishtown, and you can see snow and ice on sides of the roads fishtown, delaware avenue you can see traffic moving okay, you can see the snow and the ice leading in the lanes give yourself more
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time than you normally would as you go out. an accident on the turnpikeapproaching 195. ink this camera got frozen a little bit in franklin township in salem county. a snowy intersection you're seeing a car move, looks like we have be careful as you head out there right now. s out anne about in mount airy. you can see the snow on the roads. look how carefully mobile 6 is driving. that's what you need to do we're live in mount airy. you see our photographer chuck there heading toward the stop sign. you could easily go through it, that's why he is driving so slowly and anticipating it that's drive gett through the local the communities that have been hit pretty hard. it feels like minus city the windchill it's cold out there. i continue to follow the saga of gus and eddie, if you follow me
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on twitter. you remember they were sleeping on each other debby o'brian sent this in yesterday. they did make it outside in the snow they look like what are are we doing out there. gus and eddie keep an eye on the pets and the kids. it's frigid outside. >> my dog won't leave the deck. that's as far as he will go. new bookm explosive claims abohe workings of the house goes on sale today. fire and fury is being released early followed by a cease and desist letter to block it from being sold. it's quotes former chief center stage gist steve bannon attacking the president and his children. the president claims the book lies and he ended his tweets slamming ban none calling him sloppy steve. in northern pennsylvania, a
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small dog was snatched by a an eagle. monica new hart said the dog was snatched from the backyard. the family looked for zoey around the neighborhood, butas gone forever. she was spotted curled up and shivering on a back road four miles away. through facebook the neighbor found the posting about the being snatched by an eagle. >> people are gd, there is od in the world, it is amazg. on in the world, you think no, there's not and there is. >> aside from the trauma, zoey had a a couple of patches of fur misting and a limp, but zoey will make a full recovery, we' be right back.
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detours. >> reporter: it's cold, and the windchills are thewe have temperatur teens, feels like 5 below in philadelphia. 6 below in millville. 8 below in wilmington and trenton. frostbite is an issue if you're covered up than a half-hour outside. on the subwayen 11 degrees with windchills. today's h 17 degrees windchills below zero even at the height of the afternoon. and 15 as we go in commute on that bus stop on on the subway platform. in bostone're about a lot of cancellations up there because of the heavier snow they ould be a spot i would keep an eye on and call airplane. a warning from the cdc being picky about the lettuce in your salad, make sure you have argula or16 people have beenkened by romaine. they think it is connected to
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i like these award and i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. fiac both event booyah! we're an awards family. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winninffs from aldi. simply smarter shopping. >> in the morning buzz as as yesterday at blizzard was in ocean city new jersey, it didn't keep one resident inside yesterday morning he walked 8 blocks for a cup of coffee. >> you need your coffee, is that it? >> yeah, got to have a wawa. >> reporter: it was 8 blocks, 9 blocks? >> yes well worth it. i got to have it every morning so a blizzard is not going to stop it. >> the mw has shared thousands of
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t on our facebook page. some say crazy b ave se is back on the loose in canada thanks to snow mobiler with shovels. they went out and found the moose stuck in snow up to its neck. they dug a path for the moose it took 15 minutes the moose got out so the the tam. >> sounds like a book you could write for kids. >> jeopardy has news on the recent health scare for host alex trebek. >> hundreds of seniors were forced out into the freezing cold overnight. our coverage of the winter storm's aftermath continues. you can see mobile 6 making its way through the tight streets of mount airy, have coverage up
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>> now news," digging out from the deep freeze whipping winds record cold are slowing down cleanup from the storm. >> fire and the cold a dangerous combination as hundreds of seniors are forced to flee their apartments and dragging their belongings through the snow. phi and archdiocesan schools are closed today. hundreds of other districts are doing the same. it is scrolling at the bottom of your screen and available >> good morning friday, january 5. at least you made it to friday. we have team coverage for ytorm. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers to take a look at accuweather and traffic. >> reporter: good morning it's trish day in our neighborhoods
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we have 30-mile an hour winds out there. >> reporter: trash day today in my neighborhood, too, i want out and put it out on wednesday
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