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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  January 5, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> now news," digging out from the deep freeze, whipping winds a record cold are slowing down cleanup from the storm. >> fire and the cold a dangerous combination as hundreds of seniors are forced to flee their apartments and dragging their belongings through the snow. phide and archdiocesan schools are closed today. hundreds of other districts are doing the same. it is scrolling at the bottom of your screen and available at >> good morning, friday, january 5. at least you made it to friday. we have team coverage for y in a moment about the storm. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers to take a look at accuweather and traffic. >> reporter: good morning, it's trish day in our neighborhoods, we have 30-mile an hour winds out there. >> reporter: trash day today in my neighborhood, too, i want out and put it out on wednesday
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nit. that was smart. >> reporter: let's get you to the weather center we have a big issue today of windchill advisory today and tomorrow, winds combined with bitter cold will produce bitter windchills saturday up until noon. we'll see if it is extended beyond that. through that period bundle up and cover up as much skin if you're outside. the nor'easter is well over nova scotia at this point. we have sun to start out we have strong winds that are making things uncomfortable. 13 degrees on the thermometer. 11 in trenton, 11 in beach haven. 12 in millville. if that was the end of the story we would be warning you to be careful. unfortunately there's winds in the teens. here's the resulting windchill. 5 below zero is what it feels like in philadelphia. 7 below in trenton. 9 below in allentown and reading. 8 below in wilmington, and 6
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below in millville. as we look at temperatures the rest of the day, we'll stay cold getting up to a high of 17 degrees around 3:00 p.m. maybe more clouds later today, but the story will be the windchill profile. we'll stay below zero in through the afternoon the way things are looking on account of a 15 to 25-mile an hour wind that could gust higher than that. frostbite will be easy to get in as little as 30 minutes in philadelphia and the rounding areas, cover up and plan on not being out all that much if you can afford that. >> if yout's a good thing to do. we have a handful of accidents popping up. you see camera shaking in the winds. we have fire crews and police culling to the scene i-95 northbound right here the airport. i've got to say i-95 was one of the highways that didn't look that bad. even where the highway look
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clear expect it to be slick and slow as you travel. union green circle, unionville wawa residential road. a new accident in limerick knifer road, as well. garden state parkway, cape may toll plaza, big difference from yesterday, it was completely covered. we're seeing ground surfaces. i want you to say high to chuck live on mobile 6. there's a car shticking out in the road, people park crazy. we're live in mount airy looking at walnut lane. about to hit the stop sign, you have be careful, chuck is doing a masterful job turning slowly anticipating it's hard to stop, stop before the stop sign, main roads not too bad, the hardest part getting out of your neighborhood.
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>> that's the way it was for me this morning. thanks, karen. hundreds of senior citizens to face the blowing snow and cold when a fire broke out at their highrise in atlantic city. john rawlins is in somers points with more on the winter conditions and details on the fire victims. >> reporter: good morning, matt, it is cold down here, the wind does not make it pleasant that's for sure. it will be slow going for people at the shore. there's plenty of snow left here, with the weather eve had here it will not go anywhere it's the consistency of portland cement if you have to shovel out. we spoke to a driver who said you can get a -- around. the side roa are snow covered. macarthur boulevard is the main road to ocean city. it's bare, you can see the asphalt, it has plowing and 1589
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on it, with it's in good shape. it will be slow going. the schools are closed, we don't know of any that are open. they are closed in somers points and ocean city. businesses saying they are opening late. we say it's going to be a gradual return to normal down here. in atlantic city, authorities there are dealing with the aftermath of the fire that you mentioned. >> they are sending us over here because the place is closed down there was a fire in the buildings. >> reporter: donna with her suitcase in tow, one of the residents directed to a temporary shelter. later they were given rooms in various hotels and casinos. a fire in the 16 story 456 unit tower forced residents into the cold just as yesterday's storm was winding down. the highrise is operated by the local housing authority for seniors and the disabled. the fire which was found in a
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utility space was thought to be electrical in nature. >> turned out to be a dangerous electrical fire. >> reporter: apparently caused a bit of damage there. we are told that the repair of the equipment inside the buildings will take two to three weeks which, of course, begs the question which will happen for the moxie who live in the buildings who are now displaced and stay in hotels around atlantic city. presumably we'll get an answer to that later today. john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> stranded passengers spent the night on cots at philadelphia international there was such a backlog of flights grounded from the storm. activay program providing travelers a place to rest their heads. we're taking live look at the airport where the slowly improving. about 50 flights are canceled so
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far today. if you're scheduled to fly it's a good idea before you head out to check with your airline. it's going to be another slow day on the roads and the rails, "action news" reporter, jeanette reyes is live at the 6th street transportation center a usually busy spot there. good morning, jennette. >> reporter: speaking of checking in, we checked with septa, they want to pass along a message to commuters. it's glowing to be a slow go. so far it's been smooth sailing. first came the snow, now comes the ice. after several inches of snow blanketed the philadelphia area, subzero temperatures are a concern as the region braces fo. plow trucks were out all day yesterday before during and after the snowfall many say
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there's work to do to clear the streets. it was a slow go on buses, too, because of the slippery conditions. septa has announced it will be operating on a saturday schedule today for the regional rails, buses trolleys, norristown high speed line and subway are on regular week say schedules. passengers are asked to allow extra time for the morning commute. >> i have to see what time the buses leave on saturday, not as frequent, that means there's no express bus. >> reporter: making things more complicated, once temperatures get to a certain point like today, the salt and the other substances that the dparnlt -- department of transportation puts on the ground is not nearly atmosphere effective. it's going to be a slow go this morning. give yourself extra time. the only good news it's friday, if this was happening on monday,
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it will be different. only a few more hours 'til the end of the day. >> we've been sending you all over the place, it's been a long week for you, thanks so much. i said mobile 6 take me tos is a two way street there's only one way clearing for people over there. we've been traveling through the northwestern section of philadelphia, mount airy, germantown a lot of it looks like, some cars have not moved yet. still a lot of work to do for folks in the city of philadelphia. aaa expects the snow and the bone-chilling cold to lead to another busy morning for roadside assistance.
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experts recommend warming up your car no more than 30 seconds, leave yourself plenty of space in between traffic, clear snow off your car so it doesn't blow off on your neighbor or do someone harm. they can't pull you over for having snow on your car, but it if injuries someone you could be liable. cloor it -- clear it off. >> reporter: when this first fell, it was a lighter fluffy ow, but it's so cold, the snow is icy. it stuff could fly off and hurt somebo for sure. we're dry the nor'easter long 0 gone. as we look outside we have frozen conditions at temple university. there are plows along the side
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streets clearing things out, i love how the grass is showing here. i had the same experience i posted the picture on twitter yesterday. the wind shoveled our terrace for us, because it was so light and fluffy and it went to the side. the problem is on the other side of the field and our terrace we have fat snow drift of a foot 1/2. if you have to tackle that it will be a problem. 1 in philadelphia. 12 in wilmington, 11 in trenton. 15 in cape may. windchill 15 below zero. these windchills will be familiar by the time you get into saturday around. we may not be above zero windchill-wise on saturday and ybe sunday. snow on the groun 4 inches in philadelphia. 6 in blackwood.
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14.2 in atlantic city that's a new record in a. it's higher than that in some around and drifted and piled up a bit. nor'easter well to the north, we've got sun to start out later this morning. it will be windy today. in the ligh valley, sunny, frigid is the road, 14 degrees . mostly sunny and bitter wind today running 20 to 25 miles per hour, 17 is the high, again, it will feel like below zero all the way. overnight tonight, it's still windy, bitter, too, the overnight low is 5 degrees in philadelphia. a little bit below that in the suburbs we'll have windchills by the time you wake up early tomorrow morning, probably in the negative zone double digits, ten to 15 degrees below zero. you can s between now and 3, typically the mildest part of
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the day we're below zero and two below in philadelphia. by 11:00 p.m. have bone chilling numbers to show wise. tomorrow, morning, chris sowers will b ten below zero windchilln philadelphia. these are numbers staying indoors or coveringp, because frostbite will be easy to achieve today an tomorrow. monday into tuesday, there's light precipitation coming through, from a clipper system they tend to be more moisture starved. with the ground below freezing, could produce snow and icing on the surfaces and rain to the south. a possible wintry mix, monday into tuesday. today's high, 17. tomorrow, are 15, accuweather alert both days, overnight lows near or at record lows, windchills below zero. probably in through at least noon on saturday, maybe beyond. less wind on sunday, but still
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raw, high of 19 degrees brisk and cold not as windy and not as uncomfortable, but you want to bundle you mean. 35 degrees monday afternoon with the wintry mix arriving that wraps up on tuesday in all likelihood. we get a high of 40, 33, 42 fluctuating a little bit, but altogether better next week. >> 5:44 a.m., search is on in delaware after a carjacker makes off with a car that had two young children inside who luckily have been found safe. the host of jeopardy is taking a break because of a recent health scare what it means for the show nex >> reporter: i hope he is have t came in as you're coming off the ben franklin bridge into the city here, westbound ben franklin bridge at 5th street. you can see a vehicle kind of facing sideways, somebody o here trying to help, several police and emergency workers on the scene, be careful as you travel one of many accidents out
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here, we'll take you to an accident on i-95 next.
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look here, out across penns landing we're in the icebox. 5:47 a.m., 13 degrees, if you wonder how your chicken cut let's and ice cream feel now you know him. >> particularly when they are in the freezer. >> reporter: we're in the deep freeze, that's for sure, we're seeing the cameras shake in the
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gusty winds, as well. this is a shot of i-95 northbound we had an accident near the airport. if you have to head out of town, the accident cleared. penndot is zooming around, traffic is moving better. some of the accidents we have seen are on the snowy second dear roads. they look on the main roads which is okay. there's an accident on street road at windy bush road in upper makefield township. that's new, police are on the scene with that one. the base of the ben franklin bridge, a big accident here, you can see the vehicle crashed into another vehicle, a number of emergency workers on the scene right now. be careful as you travel as you come off the ben franklin bridge near 5th street a big accident blocks the lane and part of the ramp, as well. mobile 6 is out and about, our friend chuck is in rittenhouse, mount airy street looking okay right here. we see lots of snow on the
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roads, you can see how you'll have to dig yourself out a little bit with the cars off to the side. there's snow and ice on the secondary roads, be careful. you have the lights a little bit better. chuck if you're near a starbucks by the way, if you're driving around not doing anything, help a girl out, i could use one. 33 in wilmington. 28 in allentown. it's windy out there, and you're getting that blowing snow the windchill minus five in the city, minus 8 in wilmington, minus 27 in mount poconos in my house, dogs are people to for the dogs and the pets out there. i want to thank everybody for tweeting me these pictures, this is bogie. >> two young children in delaware experienced a
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stolen car at a stanton. minutes after the suspect drove off, he ditched the car leaving the children inside. the kids one and five were not hurt. we're learning details about a recent health scare for trebek recovering from surgery to correct blood clots in his brain. the 77-year-old had had the procedure during the holiday break. sony who tape shows well inws -- advance said the only change would be to move the college chips to april.
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everybody, do you know what day it is? >> yes we do. >> two weeks before your birthday. >> reporter: no, but we are in a birthday count down, 3 months. spring garden north broad at spring garden, a little snowy as travel we'll be showing you the different cameras out there. main roads are in good shap give yourself extra time and be y roads another story.ts. newark line we have a train 51 minutes late. s with the route 36 trolley. 16 detours. frankford minute delay. >> reporter: temperatures in the teens, i wan twindchill, this is like on the bus stop. five below in philadelphia.
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ten below in allentown. 6 below in wilmington, 7 below in trenton. 6 below in millville. obviously you want to bundle up and cover skin this morning through the day and saturday, as well. as the windchills may not get above zero. the high is 17 degrees, it will feel like 1 or 2 below even at the height of the afternoon heating, again, that arctic cold sticks around through saturday and uncomfortable on sunday, things get better next week. we'll be back with more coverage.
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>> developing now in new jersey a carbon monoxide leak killed a teenage girl and sickened dozens of people. seven police officers and threee among those being treated. firefighters are trying to search for the source of the carbon monoxide and evidence of any wor detecters. 5:57 a.m. we're tracking the impact of snowy cold conditions across the region including an update on elderly evacuees in atlantic city who were forced to abandon their homes overnight. >> consumer tips are coming up in the next half-hour.
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6:00 a.m., friday, january 5. snowstorm recovery it's going to be extremely cold. >> hundreds of elderly people were forced out into the cold whenhe hierdz caught fir-- highrise caught fire i city. we have news on where they will be standing. >> many sidewalks a streets covered from the coastal sto cold and difficult conditions, philadelphia public and parochial schools will be closed for a second day today. hundreds of other districts join them, that list
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is at and the bottom of screen. >> we have john rawlins


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