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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 5, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. digging out from the deadly storm. more than a foot of snow slamming the east coast. ferocious waves flooding cities trapping drivers. entire streets of c in freezing water. a family scooped from the roof of their home. now a dangerous antarctic blast moving in. windchills plunging to 50 below zero. all that snow and water turning into treacherous ice. a new storm brewing in the white house over the russia investigation. reports president trump tried to stop jeff sessions from recusing himself as special counsel robert mueller investigates obstruction of justice. this as fallout grows over that bombshell book. the president calls his formerppy steve as the book releasedie hours former press secretary sean spic morning. >>clusive. former miss america,n, taking the reins of organization in now
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reveal she's going to change it. >> i plangani empowering women. >> what she's saying competition and who she may allow to compete. look at a skier stuck on this lift. gusts toed 75 miles an hour as resort staff race to rescue them. >> that person really wanted to go skiing. hope you are safe and warmse millions are waking up to the dangerous cold this friday morning. temperatures in thetummeting after that storm came through. some could face windchills of 50 degrees below zero. >> look at the impact. firefighters in newark new jersey battling a blaze overnight in this icy cold. 80 on the scene and you just see them covered in ice working very hard this morning. let's look at long island in new york. there are the roads. at least they're clear and moving pretty well but a lot of snow has come down and there is a lot of concern about black ice
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this morning. >> yeah don't go out if you don't have to. our team is out there spreading out across the storm zone. let's start with ginger who is studio here in times square and, ginger we're just starting to see the worst of these frigid temps. >> yes and this is the coldest air for a place likeburgh or cleveland that they've had since february 2015 so it's beenwhile. it's 10. a balmy 10 out in times square. the windchill 4 below and i know if you're in south dakota or minnesota you're saying that's no big deal but watch what haboston. frozen socked in more than 13 inches of snow and the ocean coming in from the harbor that fire truck trying to get through. that coastal flooding the wind was such a huge part of the storm and now it's the cold. those are actual air temperatures. 3 in cincinnati. windchill advisories all the way to the deep south and right there in boston this morning. eva pilgrim, it's 2 degrees for you. feels like eva, how are you doing? >> reporter: oh it is bitterly cold out here this gi right here abandoned. it was caught in the flooding here at the boston harbor and you can see it isncased in ice.
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it is not going anywhere any time soon the driver of this car, we saw this driver rescued by firefighters yesterday, one of many trapped in those icy flooding waters. ferocious waves, flooded cities and frozen streets creating chaos in boston. >> unquestionably the worst i've seen it down here. >> reporter: oh, my god, i kept seeing it come closer and closer. it's like oh no. >> it was pounding. it was hitting the seawall and e poles. >> reporter: homes and businesses flooded by several feet of water, that water freezing in place trapp streets of cars this happened all in a matter of 45 minutes. >> reporter: lifeboats deployed in the roads pulling loads of pedestrians to safety and just south a family trapped in their home was rescued by a tractor climbing into the bucket so could escape. plus treacherous driving conditions leaving many without a paddle. one person trying to brave the weather steering straight into
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frigid floodwaters only making ay before the headlights flicker and the engine goes dead. the driver then forced to get out of the car and walk to dry land. dozens taken hospital and the bitter bomb keeps climbing. >> we immediately knew there was some sort of taking everyone over. >> a teenage girl killed and three dozen others hospitalized after an entire building filled with carbon monoxide. >> people were laying on the hallway floors. you can't stay here minute. >> reporter: here in boston just to show you these temperatures are and how encased this car is, you can see ice going nowhere. the tire the wind blowingd now i'm having to brace little against the car t keep from getting knocked over and that is the major concern here. these subzero temperatures feels like temperatures we will be ehe days like making this road turn into ice. guys. >> brutal. >> it sure is brutal. also in long island more than a foot of snow there. gio benitez is there. george good morning. yeah, yo than a foot of s and i got to tell you for much of longt
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paralyzed by all of the snow. i want to turn to our drone camera and show you what's going on. in other snowstormses what we've seen it warms up after the snow and starts to melt. not the case here because we're talking about frigid temperatures. where i'm standing right now, 11 degrees. with that windchill, negative 15 degrees. how cold is it? you see that back there, it looks like a bunch of snow. that's actually a lake that's just totally frozen over george. >> and that windchill is going to get worse. >> it is going to get worse, george, in fact there is a windchill advisory in effect right now. that's in effect through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> thanks very much. george we in eva's g in ston. a lot of concern about rivers freezing over in this extreme cold.ard ice cutters are out there freeing trapped vessels. abc's adrienne bankert is on one of them in the hudson river. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: whoo good morning to you too, robin. minus 23 windchill here where
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we're standing. me. this looks like the road but it is the river. this is the hudson. that expansive ice coating this body of water. we're here on u.s. coast guard cutter "sturgeon bay" and this 40-foot vessel is here to try to break a path in this ice. we're just about to take off here and just see exactly what this crew does on a daily basis, in fact their trip extended because these temperatures have been so low. they've been out here since monday and they're going to be freeing some other tugs and barges along the river that are stuck that cannot traverse this kind of ice, in fact a vessel like this one can actually move right through 2 inches of ice without even messing around. they can cut through three feet of ice using a ramming technique, robin, back to you. > sounds like they've been mighty busy responding to call, adrienne. >> reporter: they absolutely have. and we'll be actually with them as they try to free up a couple of tugs and barges this morning.
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>> we heard whoo how you started. you stay safe out there. >> reporter: yes. down south and road conditions there getting worse as well as plummeting temperatures turn that snow ice. drivers don't have a lot of experience with conditions like this and sometimes salt doesn't even work. >> reporter: that's right, george. you know, what happe here la melted and now there are patches of black ice on then, of cour doesn't colder it gets the closer it gets t degreesdown hereeople have trouble finding it because they don't sell it. essentially the important thing to note anything that melts melts iwater, dissolves in will melt salt and actually used a couple things to try to show you. one is coffee grinds this is baking soda which wasn't as successful but our winner with a bullet is common table sugar. this is sugar that we laid out about an hour ago and is working and anyone looking for a bag of salt and can't find one can use.
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much like salt has the same limitations once it gets closer to 10 degrees it won't work either. >> steve, thank you very much. >> got to get creative down south. to that new storm in the white house. reports president trump attempted to stop his attorney general, jeff sessions were recusing himself this as fallout grows from that bombshell book "fire and fury," our senior white house correspondent cecilia vega has the latest on all of this. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning. that book hit the stands earlier than expected this morning actually but it is that old controversy that's back in the headlines. overnight "the new york times" reporting president trump gave firm instructions to the white house's top lawyer to stop his attorney general from recusing himself in the russia investigation saying the president believed it was jeff sessions job to protect him. the paper says after the appointment of special robert mueller the president erupted at mr. sessions for recusing himself and when sent his resignation letter the next day, "the times" reports th rejected
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it. and president trump's determination to fire former fbi director james comey l one white house lawyer to take the extraordinary step of misleading the president about whether he authority to remove him. that fallout from the russia probe featured in the explosive ut deite t pre demanding author and his publisher, they moved up the release date. we see "fire and fury" as an extraordinary contribution to our national die. that is not how completely a gossip full of false and fraudulent claims. >> reporter: in the book former chief strategist steve bannon is quoted attacking the president children. saying of daughter ivanka people suddenly realized she's dumb a brick and calling that now infamous trump tower meeting between donald junior jared kushner and a russian lawyerho they thought had dirt on hillary clinton treasonous and un unpatriotic. we asked the president about his old friend. >> did steve bannon betray you, mr. president? any words about
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>> i don't know. he called me a great man last night so know obviously changed his tune pretty quick. that's just a misnomer. >> reporter: also facing the threat of a lawsuit from the president's legal team bannon is p >> the president of the united states is a great man, you know i support him day in and day out. >> reporter: but this morning the book has the white house facing questions about the president's mental stability. wolff doesn't name names but he claims advisers had concerns writing, the worry among staffers trump's rambling and g repetitions had significantly increased and that his ability to stay focused never great had notably declined. press secretary sarah sanders firing back.s disgraceful and laughable. if he was unfit he probably wouldn't be there. >> reporter: well, the president feels the same way. he is furious tweeting the book is full of lie, misrepresentations and of the author he says look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and sloppy steve so a new nickname for steve bannon now hoping to stop thesehisstration
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from the start, a new rule. aides can noir personal cel phones into the white ho sean thanks for coming in. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. the president said he authorized no access to michael wolff but he did have pretty wide access to the west wing. >> i think there is a question about what the president authorized and whether or not michael wolff set up individual meetings with staffers. i met with him and several authors. as you know you've been in the white house before, i had never met him. he was writing a book on the president an wanted to introduce himself to me and i afforded him the courtesy and spoke to him several types about questions that he had, but it's pretty clear from what i understand that he met with steve bannon on multiple occasions. >> and others in the west wing. >> as far as i'm aware, yeah but those are individual meetings set up with those staffers. steve is the only one that i'm aware of right now that's actually admitted to meeting with him. >> he says quite a bit about you in the book.
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says your personal mantra was you can't make this blank up. something i can't say on morningtrue. >>e question about whether or not some of these instances were -- i said you can't make this up but, again i think one of the problems that we're seeing with this book and it's not just trump staffers and white house officials pushing back but seeing a lot of mainstream media members calling into question the soueven the author's note at the beginning of the bookes that in many cases he took anecdotes and sort of rephrased them. the sourcing as -- >> basically t a story you think is basically true. >>hink there's some anecdotes that may true but the problem i have george with this book as with many stories is if you can't -- if it's or 50% that the reader io know and which is >> the stuff he wrote you is true. >> some of the quotes he has but the context in which they're given aren't and i think that's the problem. i can say something to you right now and you could weave it into a story in three weeks. is the quote accurate.
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affect in which i'm giving it in no. >> you were one of the sources. is it smart for the president to try to stop publication of this book? doesn't that run against the first amendment? >> i think there is a difference between defamation and reporting and in some cases where you're making wild accusations about the president and his family he has a right to defend himself. >> a lot of focus oibility of obstruction of justice. we learned from "the new york times" again this morning that spert mueller is investigating that in the white house. >> i don't think that's any -- i think that's been previously reported that that was being looked at so that's not some kind of shocker. >> thought shocker but there were new details where we see the president asking his counsel to try to stop jeff sessions from resigning, from recusing himself from the russia investigation. were you aware that have. >> i wasn't at the time but i think it's no secret the president's made it very clear that he didn't want -- he didn't feel as though attorney general sessions need to recuse himself from this matter. and that he wanted a robust defense of something he doesn't
7:14 am
think that he's been wrongly accused of. >> did he really say according to "the new york times" where is my roy cohen? >> i don't know what he said. that's "the new york times" according to anonymous sources not that i'm aware of. >> what you do know? you know a fair amount about the firing of james comey. you had to go out the night that happened. you laid it all on the deputyrney general rod rosenstein at that time. >> correct. >> that turned out no the to be true. >> i went with the information i had at the time. >> who gave you that information. >> i think the counsel's office laid it out very clear how the process had worked authority to fire rod rosen or the fbi director laid solely with the deputy attorney general as far as organizationally how that worked out that there was a letter that the deputy attorney general had written to the president, to the attorney general laying out the case for the firing of jim comey as fbi director. the attorney general concurred and brought it to the president. that was the information that i was given and that was the information -- >> we know now for several days at least the president had been talking about firing james comey, had talked to reince priebus your direct boss about
7:15 am
that as well. you weren't aware of that at all. >> no. >> this article says brooeb priebus turned over notebooks to the special counsel and also been notebooks as well from your time in the rnc and white house. did you turn those over to the special counsel. >> all i'll say is that as a press person it shouldn't come as any surprise you write down this reporter called, this is the time they called. this is the questions they had and sometimes the response that you're going to give. beyond that i'm not going to comment on the special counsel or anything going on with respect to that. >> it gets into the episode when you were still at the white house where the president was working on a false statement about don junior's meeting at d it talks about you being out of the loop on that and being h was wr >> correct and, again, all i'll say is that i'm not even going to get into the merits of the statement or not but just say i was not aware of the drafting of that statement. >> it taste mark corolla resigned because he thought it could be justice. are you confident the president did not wrong? far as aspect?
7:16 am
as far a collusion, absolutely. i was there for most of the end part of the campaign. i know that didn't happen. there were several folks in the media that didn't give us credit for colluding with ourselves never mind with any kind of foreign government. so to suggest that happened and the underlying premise of this whole thing i think is pretty clear that there was no collusion. >> b're not confident the president did nothing wrong with respect to his actions in the white house, the firing of james comey, the putting out of this -- >> i think as far as the firing of james comey, it's been pretty clear the president has the authority to fire anyone within the federal government that he sees fit isn't doing the duty that is appropriate for that job. so, i don't think there's any question about his ability to fire jim comey or anyone else in th a >> i don't but, again, it's a investigation. i' of it but as far a and from what i saw, no there was nothing done tha i was inwrote or il>> thanks. back to ginger. even colder windchills tomorrowlder windchills tomorrow morning, philadelphia beating out bismarck. let's get to the weeke
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getaways brought to you by bounce. >> reporter: hi everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather, right now we're looking at dry conditions. as we step outside i bone-chillingly cold. we have temperatures in the single digits and windchills below zero and through the day. an accuweather alert today and tomorrow today's high, tomorrow 15. windchills below all day today and saturday. frigid conditions frostbite an issue, bundle u days.
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go matt o'donnell, 7:23 a.m. friday, january 5. the schuylkill expressway can't h sailing right now karen rogers. >> reporter: nyou look at the lanes itself you would think hardly any snow at all, it's should b fine. slick spots around, schuylkill expressway eastbound at 6th street the right lane is blocked with an accident. that's jamming you up. schuylkill expressway eastbound eastbound past the vine an accident blocking the right lane. the accident at the base of the ben franklin bridge cleared. fort washington, 309 northbound a new accident here blocks the left lane. you look at the highways itself you hardly see after the big train and truck goes by,r] weny snow. rive and lincoln drive eakens oval, one lane due to snow drifts. >> more of that coming up, karen. david murphy after the break with accuweather.
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nor'easter. take a look, 12 degrees in allentown, 11 in wilmington. more importantly the windchills are below zero and staying there through the day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast high of 17 degrees today. 15 foam, both days severe windchills and frostbite matt will be easy up. >> we've learned alex trebek is reco. the story at 6
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making a target run after class, wanna come? i need vitamins. inhale.. i'm out of yogurt! i need protein powder. i'll drive. i need ice cream! get low prices today and every day. targe. welcome back to "gma." you're looking live right now at a coast guard ice cutter that is moving through the hudson river trying to clear a path through the ice so ships can go through. of course, so much snow and ice blanketing the east coast, temperatures plunge coldest air of the season is moving in and windchills could drop to 50 below in some areas. >> you know who is staying tough in this cold weather, the patriots. yeah, the super bowl winning team not getting a day off despite all the snow there in boston. look at them practicing in blizzard conditions. wow. that is dedication. >> some are moving faster than
7:28 am
others. that's something to see. also right now there are new questions about the russia investigation following a report that preside tried to stop his attorrom recusing himself. this as fallout grows over that new book about the president's housreleased just hours ago and it's already topping amazon's and another record b the dow closed above $25,000 points on thursday just five weeks after it first closed above 24,000. >> it is on a tear. we'll get back to the weather beach towns all along the east victor oquendo is in asbury park.u were stuck. >> reporter: that's right, george. good morning and what we'reg with this morning, the relentless winds once again, let's tart by taking a look at the it is right around 10 degrees already bone-chilling cold but with the wind negative 5 degrees out here and that's not going anywhere any time soon. there is a windchill advisory in effect here until saturday at noon. all that wind just blowing all this know across the beach that
7:29 am
accumulated yesterday. looking at about 16 1/2 inches. nearly a into the and a half of snow that fell on the beach. crews had too clear all here but the story this morngeorge the cold and the wind. send it back to you. >> they are feeling it >> he really did get stuck there. couldn't get back. now to that abc news exclusive, gretchen carlson, the former miss america who took on sexual harassment at fox news reins of the miss america organization after its own scandal. she's on a mission to modernize it and, amy you had a chance to sit down with her in this is amazing. this is the first time a former miss america has led the nearly gretchen carlson says there are big changes coming. >> miss america is gret carlson.ter: inormer fox carlson taking homewn miss america almost three decades later she's helm.tchead to check this chairwoman of the miss america organization. that's your official title. t is my official title right now. >> how does that feel? >> feels incredibly empowering but, listen i'm looking at this
7:30 am
as a call of duty i had no intention of ever having this position. it's a volunteer job and huge undertaking but for me in being i felt t reporter: compelled to help because the organization is reeling from a crisis. former ceo samer to executives rec resigning dre given toe huffington post" revealing alleged sexist and lewd comments. haskell saying the many e-mails are conveniently edited. were you surprised. >> i was shocked. itnows after my life over the last 18 months that this behavior is prevalent, unfortunately. >> on twitter you called out then pageant ceo sam haskell and some of his associates for making those vulgar and inappropriate comments about former winners and former co yourself included and you said the onl t america was that all board were these e-mails. now tha you're i charg is board. >> we are a work on this right now is very
7:31 am
it but currently board isf us are alld, you knowind that incredibly empowering in this me too movement. that some of the women se e. a form oftice asorm of jus off my cliff on the who story 18 months ago, a t look at what happened when that gift of courage kept being passed on to one woman to another to e formed a collective voice and look where we are today in tsunami. thamepeniss full disclosu was america pageant system didn't g as you did. i was a runner georgia. gwi netnet county robach. of successful young woman a swimsuit on stage to be judged by her physical appearance which bot ourselves y, i havmany great ideas for this organization and i will be talkg abo allose of the members and the eventually ceo miss america, so what i would love to about that is please stay tuned because i plan to make this
7:32 am
organization 100% about empowering women. >> changes are coming. >> changes are comeing. >> big changes. >> potentially big changes. >> it was 18 months ago that carlson sued then fox news chairman roger ailes for sexual harassment. ailes stepped down and carlson settled with fox for $20 million. your book "be fierce" obviously tacklement in the helped so many women find own personal courage to stand up and tell of their stories. are you the voice of the voiceless? >> well i guess i am. i never intended to be. but i feel overwhelmed that i have been able to help so many other women. >> i couldn't help but ask carlson about a potential future in politics and she told me with a twinkle in her eye she's not office. but right now -- that's right. she is focused on the tank and it is a big tank of aink all of usard to see what she does. >> you buried one of the ledes miss gwinne >> i tried my entire careeo
7:33 am
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really digging your sweater today. >> i know. what is the best way to dress in this bitter cold? children and pets can be especially vulnerable. >> ginger is outside with help augustus elam and caesar are here too. >> this is the morni i have m thermal c which shows where the escaping so we can learn and as you can see faren is lheat in her it's always armpits and then hands because those gloves a good enough. obviously not good enough and right down there she's only got her denim on and no layers underneath, i assume. it is not doing well for you, my friend. that's what we've learn there. according to the american
7:37 am
academy of pediatrics keeping warm especially important for children because they're less able to regulate their body temperatures and more suscep augustus e tips when yo the first child on one more adult so you need augustus more than we do. when it comes to hands you have to do mit instead of oves. you have your mittenson. looks like they're working but you still said it feels good, right, augustus. >> yeah. >> and the pets please remipdz everyone about the pets. he has nice long fur to keep him warm but that's not enough. you may want to add aer if your dog shnd have to think about booties which caesar has on to protect her from the salt and can be irritating so you want to clean any ice, salt or chemicals from se they lick that when thes wash themn winter. they don't need to be as clean. skins of essential oils and drying out their skin so thank
7:38 am
let's al getwarm.o you. >> how the booties? >> ihard. sweater withlittle -- he has a lit cowl neck sweater that shivering in the cold and you just feel so bad for them. one doesn't even go out, the dachshund. >> you got the wee-wee pad. >> oh. i forgot about that. oh but there's nothing worse when you go out in jeans in the cold weather. we saw that in that demonstration trying to get away from the wee-wee pads. coming up those double lottery jackpots are closing in on a billion dollars and the big drawing and why you may not want to sign your ticket right away. >> hmm. rds in our basement. what's cool is, today, we have 400 people working across the globe. with ofrom vietnam to boston, to new york. now with whiteboard, we can all work together at the same time. and 3d in powerpoint shows clients exactly what our cards look like. yeah, having everyone working together on the new teams app is really awesome. seeing all these people react to our cards? that's what makes itit.
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7:42 am
it is a big lottery.t's take a look at atlanta. that's the mega millions headquarters and the machines are going to p ght's $445 million numbers. tomorrow night the po 550 million so more than a billion dol up for be mor diana macedo with the details. >> the odds are against us but somebody has to win and while most of us dream of the possibility we spoke to the experts about what to do if it actually happens. this morning, the dream of wealth is driving people to gas stations and convenience stores hoping they have the lucky numbers. it's been more than two months since anyone has won the mega millions or powerball jackpots. now those jackpots are some of the but what if you're lucky enough to win both your haul would be a whopping $995 million, the second biggest payout in lotto history. so what do you do if you win?da couple who won part of the largest
7:43 am
jackpot ever. >> we just kept quiet. >> absolutely quiet.e to remain anonymous don't sign the ticket right away. but be sure to put it inigns the bac of the individua has to claim the ticket and proceeds. >> reporter: take your time before m your job. >> don't give up because as you can see >> reporter: in 2016 a group of factory workers won420 million. now over a year later two of them are still working while another news she's been able to pay it forward to people in need including family. >> to see my family in better shape is a blessing. >> a blessing indeed. the mega millions drawing is tonight and powerball drawing saturday. the odds of winning both are 1 in 88 quadrillion, but a good way to boost your chances is to do a lottery pool so >> there is no way to boost your chances.mean here. >> win people forget when you hear no one wins the jackpot some people want prizes available talking millions of dollars. check those numbers no till do the
7:44 am
poll. they changed the odds.ange i past october so wjackpots which is why you're seeing them a like cases to win the so can work in our favor. >>ng. >> i tried it. >> thank you. coming up we have a health alert. "consumeut a deadly e. coli outbreak ss linked to lettuce. did all your holiday spending send you into debt. how toall away. puts me at greater risk for heart attack or stroke. can one medicine help treat both blood sugar and cardiovascular risk? i asked my doctor. he told non-insulin victoza®. victoza® is not only proven to lower a1c and blood sugar but for people with type 2 diabetes treating their cardiovascular disease victoza® is also approved to lower the risk of major cv events such as heart attack stroke, or death. and while not for weight loss, victoza® may help you lose some weight.
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7:48 am
♪ ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the wo those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ all because of you ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tt "good morning america" is brought to you by farmers' insurance.
7:49 am
good morning i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56 a.m. friday, january 5. philadelphia schools and hundreds of others are off today. some people have to go to work. here's karen rogers. >> reporter: i know the cameras are dirt from the snow and the grime, but you can kind of see through them. there's snow on schuylkill expressway 26th stree we had an accident in a spot that had the schuylkill expressway shut down. we have slick spots two accidents just cleared on the schuylkill expressway, they were blocking all labels. we had an accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound at the vine that cleared. accidents on the schuylkill expressway t cleared. we had an accident at the base of the ben franklin bridge and one near i-95 northbound near the airport that has cleared. we had a handful of issues.
7:50 am
vine street expressway, not or slide. in good shape, but you for spots. kelly deprive one lane getting by between lincoln and aikening eakens oval due to drifting. >> i always keep my cameras clean as you see here, penns landing, nice and clear. david the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: i would be disprized if you were down there with a ladder cleaning that bundle upeople, 12 in philadelphia. 11 inle. when you factor in the wind it feels like five below, with the windchill advisory in effect across the region the next couple of days we'll be struggling to get above zero with the windchill until sometime late saturday and sunday. bitter told, tomorrow, the winds ease up a bit on sunday matt. >> thank you, david.
7:51 am
remembering new jersey governor who made atlantic city agambling town at small business, internet providers
7:52 am
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7:53 am
did the president tryp his attorney general from recusing himself in the r from book ed four days already number one on thebest-seller's listere on "gma." consumer ert. so many warnings about romaine lettuce and e. coli. what to wat for. is it safe to eat your salad? dr. ashton here with a reality check. dati just 48 hoursy from bigiest online dating day of the year. what you should know before love. m chances of getting a date four types higher and the key to% of success. ♪one is cold. we've got the drugstore solutions you need to know to take care of your skin lips and bargain as we say, good morning, america. ♪ all of my dreams ♪ ♪ >> i'm not sure what barry white has to do with that but i'm not complaining. >> welcome back. this friday morning, first friday of 2018. it is a cold one here. >> it certainly is and something to morning, though. this young
7:54 am
football fan behind the newspaper. maame from minnesota there in our green room. she can't hear us. she can't hear us at all. one of three finalists to be our "gma" kid corres she's a natural, isn't she? is she going to be one of thosees who go to the super bowl? s for her coming up. she has no idea again, she can't hear what we're saying about her. >> she already has >> yes, she does. also we'll get into the holidays and those who got in debt. rebecca jarvis will be here with tips on how to tack i will it. this is asbury park new jersey beautiful sunrise. want to go outside toinger for the latest >> i have way too cold bounce going on. you want to do it with me. this is what we have to's 9 degrees, windchill, 8 below. that's just in new york city. you know it is so much colder in so many other places including boston where this is what it looked like as that storm pushed the ocean water into the streets of boston. that fire truck struggling to get through there. even colder air is on the way.
7:55 am
we were just with folks from st. petersburg florida, and said it is really cold at home. it is. windchill advisories, freeze warnings as deep south as s morning. and it's going to get colder. i want to show you some of the numbers by saturday morning. look at philadelphia.l like 18toledo 9 below. chicago still 20 below. nobody is it here.. i have to tell you i h keep the dance going but there is some warmth on the way coming by monday and tuesday. then can i come in now? guys! look at the little girl in the window. come on in and bring the camera he'shere all by tal and this is having a air travel. here's a site you don't often airport. nndreds of have already been canceled and transportation correspondent david kerley is at reagan national airport outside of and the airlines are doing their best to get back on>> they tho resume ood two big new york airports overnight operations good news crews have
7:56 am
been busy trying to clear the runways and tarmacs but already today a thousand ights, more than a thousand been c reason why. if you look at the flight aware misery map as it was over the northeast, red is bad. all of new york is red and that filtered and rippled through the rest of the country. you knowot 70 international flights wereig double decker tuck on a ng for the passengers to get off. they had to be bused to new york. and a lot of passeng woul pass night around the hoping to get atoday, robin. but there is a chanceow before they get to where they want to go it's still the cold and the wind that is causing problems for flight operations. >> heart goes out to them trying to travel during this time. all right, david. thanks very much. we'll stay in washington and bombshell book hitting the white house. the president is fighting back against the claims in "fire and fury" ichaa vega back at the white house with the latest. good morning cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george good morning. that book goes on sale today despite the threat of a lawsuit from the president's lawyers and the push accomplishers moved up the publication date to today so it is now on sale.
7:57 am
the allegations inside this book about the president and his family are sending shock waves through washington just a few minutes ago former press secretary sean spiceown with wha>> no well some of the quotes he has but the context in which they're given aren't and i think that's the problem is that i can say something to you right now and you can weave it into a story in three weeks. is the quote accurate sure. is the context in which i'm giving it in accurate no. >> reporter: the president is outraged tweeting ov saying the book is full of lies and misrepresentations and has new nickname his former chief strategist now calling him sloppy steve. just a few minutes ago that author spoke out and says he stands by everything in the book and he says that quote, 100% of trump question his offi he's los it okay thancecilia. >> coming up a health alert. deadly e. coli outbreak possibly linked to romaine lettuce in multiple states. hton is here. the biggest dating day p this weekend. we t when you're looking forat's happening upstairs. >> we want you to look at this. a young lady doing her best
7:58 am
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8:01 am
whoo! oh. warm your spirit coming up here. thank you, wonderful friday. it's friday, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> fri-yay. >> braving cold temperatures but red hot as always lara spenceer. >> i did have a blazer on just to verify. it's warm in the studio. or maybe i'm having a moment. still got to get -- >> i have on flannel pants. let's do "pop news." we'll start with new music. spinning us into the weekend, yeah you can clap. bring it on, people. [ applause ] as predicted, i feel like i'm a soothsayer. as predicted earlier thisweek justin timberlake did drop his new song 12:00 a.m. called -- it's a little diddy called "filthy."
8:02 am
but the video is really interesting. you're seeing it here. justin seems to be channeling steve jobs in the video. it's the lead single off of his upcoming album called "man of the woods" that drops february 2nd. he is so excited about so are we and more music on this friday bruno cardib.'s new music video. ♪ >> it's bringing us back. just premiered and in the remix to his song "finesse" they're paying homage to "in living color." ♪ in living color ♪ >> such a great show? >> right. >> ali wentworth. >> did you know george's beautiful wife was on the show and the video shows them painting the set recreating the opening credits. bruno says it was one of his favorite shows of all time and jennifer lopez approve, she was a dancer and instagramedvideo her writing, hey, bruno, once a flygirl, always a
8:03 am
flygirl.or yeah. and 2017 was quite a year for serena williams. an incredible year in tennis plus giving birth. getting married. but 2018 is starting out a little bit different. on her terms. the superstar announcing thursday night just last night she will not compete at the australian open this month. she tells her fans on snapchat quote, although i am super close, i'm not where i personally want to be. my coach and team always say, only go to tournaments when you are prepared to go all the way. which she often is. you may remember serena won last year's australian open when she was nine weeks pregnant. i say, serena, take your time. [ applause ] love it. yeah. >> plenty of time. >> she'll be back and better than ever. and finally, oh shoot, i don't have the exercise but i'll try to wing it. how about a little facial yoga to turn back the clock?
8:04 am
we've been talking about getting healthy, all these wonderful things, i see dr. jen, she's giving up drinking for the month. all of these wonderful things in a new year. well now the doctors at northwestern university, they'veen 32 facial exercises, they're calling it and say you can do it on your couch without breaking a sweat and have them for 20 weeks and checked before and after pictures and these doctors at northwestern determined that the ladies look roughly three years younger this. is equal opportunity, by the way. yeah. [ applause ] as you can tell i've been doing them. researchers say the exercises build up muscles that tend to droop as we get older. you can find all of those free. northwestern university there's a move called happy cheeks that i suggest we all try er. you smile without showing your teeth. like this and t two fingers and push cheeblgs up.that is supposed t and - i donr something but supposed to work. there's one called blowfish that is not attractive. look it up everybody. they're quick, simple and work.
8:05 am
>> for men too. >> for men too. >> that's it. that's all i have for you today. >> thank you, lara. [ applause ] okay now i want to throw it over to amy. >> all right, guys, we are turpining now to a network exive on the incredible story of gypsy rose blanchard she was convicted of murdering her mother a woman who from the outside looking in seemed like the perfect mother. nursing her daughter who she told everyone was seriously ill and inwh since childhood. i sat down with gypsy for a reveon about her lifences surround her mother's death. >> are we still on? >> reporter: home spirit of a young girl. >> where are you going today? >> i'm going mercyal to see my dentist. for my tooth. >> reporter: full of and effervescence but behind the smiles life for gypsy blanchard and her mother is replete with allenges and hardships. gypsy is in a wheelchair. >> they were known in the
8:06 am
community. people knew gypsy and dee dee. they were always holding hands. they just had that image of what a great and sweet mother/daughter duo. >> reporter: in between hospital stays for multiple procedures including stomach surgeries, gypsy frequently jet sets across the country concert, gala the most magical place on earth, disney world. wish were taking her down to orlando all expenses paid and everything. >> royal mashed potatoes. mm-mm. >> reporter: in a horrible twist of fate shortly after dee dee and gypsy drop out of sight, the 48-year-old mother is found stabbed to death. we begin with breaking news tonight, police need your help in trying to find a missing mother and daughter. >> huge police presence the crime tape was up around the house. you just can't forget that pink house with the wheelchair ramp. >> reporter: it turns out that little pink house where the two lived was actually the nerve center from which the so-called doting mother perpetrated an
8:07 am
elaborate scam preying on the sympathies of countless good samaritans. >> we have unearthed the appearance of a long financial fraud scheme along with this tragic event. >> reporter: but who killed dee dee? perhaps the most unlikely suspect ever gypsy rose. when i meet with her she's undergone a remarkable transition now behind bars convicted of murdering her mother. >> how did you go from this to this? >> a fall from grace. i thought back then that i was a good person and now i just see it as it was a fraud and i made a horrible mistake. >> what medical conditions did you believe you suffered from? >> leukemia asthma both vision and hearing impaired.scular dystrophy
8:08 am
and seizures. >> reporter: but there's so much more to gypsy's story. this morning she now says behind prison walls shefree. >> over here i feel like i'm than with -- living with my mom because now i'm allowed to just live like a normal woman. >> prison isn't normal. >> no, not for most. but for me it is. >> ande more on gypsy rose blanchard on "20/20" at 10:00, 9:00 central including more on that astonish astonishing transformation and exclusive with her ex-boyfriend nick who pled not guilty in dee dee's death.le will want to -- >> i can't imagine another twist. boy, that transformation takes your breath away. >> so many twist and turns you actually are on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen next. >> thanks amy. over to ginger. >> yes, it is time for your "g.m.a." moment this morning we had to do with the snow we start in moore
8:09 am
head city, north carolina, they don't have sleds but boogie are boards. thanks to the national weather service for sending that in. i want to show you oliver enjoying the charleston, south carolina. we have so many great videoed of puppies seeing snow for the first time and oliver saying i've never seen anything like this i'm going to eat it in and roll in it. been a good couple of day let's goat a check closers to home. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live shows we're not bothered by gone. it'sillingly cold, zero across the region and tonight, and a good portion of tomorrow. 17 and 15 today and saturday. overnight lows in the single digits. windchills below zero, less winds and a little better on
8:10 am
sunday. cases in 13 states dr. jennifer ashton will talk about it. what do we know. >> key word is possibly could but i want you to take a look at these numbers so far because in the u.s. and canada they are tracking some cases of an e. coli outbreak so far resulting in two dead one in the u.s. five in the united states hospitalized. and 58 people both canada and the united states ill from this. we have to put this into context. every year in this country there llion cases of foodborne illness and 3,000 deaths so right now this is being followed closely by officials both in canada and there any official now? >> well, this is where not everyone is totally on the same page. last night we reacho the cdc. this statement that at this time there is not enough epidemiologic or traceback evidence to indicate a specific source of illness in the united states. therefore, the cdc cannot recommend that u.s. residents
8:11 am
however, officials in canada and "consumer reports" feel that it's enough evidence to say i probable romaine lettuce so for the time being avoid it. >> so remind everyone why e. coli is so dangerous. >> we have to remember e. coli doesn't always cause disease. it's in our intestines. it's insoil. it's in animals but this particular strain e. coli 015 can be a bad actor. it can cause diarrhea urinary tract infections upper respiratory illness, pneumonia and in some cases death. something we need to keep an eye on not panic but -- >> in general what can we do? >> the key is prevention. this is why we say hand washing, it's not just to prevent the flu but when changing diapers or preparing food after you use the bathroom. wash your ha in terms of preparation, the core four clean it well separate your produce interest your meats, cook it to a good temperature and after two hours of being out, put it in the bridge rater and keep it chilled. that's the most important thing. >> wonderful. >> we'll be following this.
8:12 am
>> we're following you. your month of -- >> yes, thank you. >> -- abstaining from alcohol. >> wellness tweak. >> wellnessoing into the first weekend with hockey tailgating. >> i know. >> i mean are you a little concerned being in a social atmosphere. >> we'll see how it goes. last night i had a business dinner, it went fine seltzer with orange and so many viewers doing it with me that that group support has been amazing. >> we'll check with you monday after the weekend. >> thank you. >> all right jen. [ applause ] george. thank you, guys. all right, a little surprise by that as we wrap up the first week of the new year, many americans dealing with debt from holiday shopping. one stud day say shoppers average a thousand dhars this debt you were 5% from last year. tips on how to pay those off. >> good morning, yeah so what we found out from the study is that on average people assumed more than a thousand dollars in debt over the holidays it is a surprise -- it's a large number. even more surprising are the 44%
8:13 am
of americans who took on even more, more than a thousand dollars and 5% who went into debt more than $5,000 in debt over the holidays. >> the danger is when you don't pay it back right way. >> if you don't pay it back right away it gets bigger and bigger. 19% of the people in this survey say they'll pay it back within a they'll back over five months but here's the big concern, 10% of those people only making the minimum payment on those credit cards. >> explain what happens then over the long term. >> if you look over the long term, if you're only making those minimum payments george on that $1,000 in debt you assumed this christmas, you're going to be paying back that debt for many many christmases to come. in fact, if you're only making that minimum payment of $25 a month you will have the balance paid off not until 2023 and you'll rack up additional fees of $500 because you're not paying it off. credit cards, when you take on credit card debt it is some of
8:14 am
the worst debt in terms of getting more into debt because of how high that apr is. >> you is to be disciplined. >> you have to be very disciplined. there are some things meme can do. one thing people can do is negotiate with a credit card company so if you are up to date. if you're paying your bills on time talk to your credit card company about giving you a lower interest rate and what's really important this time of year is to look at that budget and finally a number of great financial apps. we have one called debt free and costs 99 cents to downlo you see here we entered in aferent debts here so you can see exactly what you owe on all of your different credit cards, these are reports that will show you exactly how much debt you have on each card and finally how long it'll take to you pay it down. >> if you track it more likely you'll pay it back. >> you better. >> rebecca, thanks very much. coming up biggest online day of the year for dating. which are best and the qualities you should look for. share the w families and children in need. >> warm hearts warm coats, just
8:15 am
bring them to your local burlington donate. >> go to any burlington tore to donate a coat and join our annual coat drive.
8:16 am
>> good morning, it is january 5. i'm matt o'donnell as you can imagine it's bee on the roads this morning. let's go over to karen rogers. >> reporter: yeah we had three accidents on the schuylkill expressway. you look at the schuylkill expressway it's hard pressed to find snow in the lanes. the trouble is a slick spot here and there. if you take it too quickly you'll be in trouble. most people seem to have off not a lot of delays, the schuylkill expressway is the slowest. wilmington newark lane 45 minutehey are having amtrak switching problems. if you're waiting for a train for 45 minutes i hope everybody is listening and getting prepared for that. 55 minute delay for the west trenton line. new jersey transit running with delays. >> david murphy is outside with the accuweather forecast. david it's chilly. >> reporter: i'll pulling up the hood a little bit too take a
8:17 am
look it's 12 degrees in philadelphia. 9 in allentown. the windchills are the story and will be for the next couple of days. we're at 5 below in philadelphia. worse than that in a lot of spots. a windchill advisory ask infect today tonight and through the beginning of saturday. today's high, 17 windchills below zero the whole time. frigid on saturday, 15 degrees, windchills below zero. sunday less cold, high of 19. but not as brutal. for the next couple of days, though we're looking at frostbite opportunities and boy you want to avoid that. if you're outside more than 30 minutes, comp up as much skin as possible. >> the snow emergency in philadelphia has been lifted the city offices are closed for another day. more information at
8:18 am
8:19 am
we do welcome you back to "gma" and happen to have our audience here on this frigid friday. >> yes, but what we're talking about is not frigid at all. >> not at all. >> so a lot of people are starting the new year looking for love. if you're one of the 107 million sickle americans, this sunday could be your lucky day. all right. so acc it's online dating's busiest day of the year. for some unknown reason it's called their super bowl sunday for love. diane macedo has ideas with how to stand out from the crowd. what is it aboutsunday. >> i guess they're kicking offer the new year as hopeful romantics. match expects to see a 42% spike if sign-ups but registering for a dating site is just the beginning. so we set out to find out how to make the most of your online search for love. >> i'm christie. i'm 31 and i'm looking for love. >> celebrity stylist christie spent her 20s focused on her work but now she's ready to ring in 2018 with romance. >> i would love to find someone
8:20 am
that is independent, selfes of getting a date four times more if she joins a site or app. >> 1 million dates generated. >> reporter: she enlists the help of bella. think of her as a fairy godmother for hire. >> date something a marathon. it's not a sprint so you've got to get up and do something on a daily basis. >> reporter: she says join only one or two sites and make sure they're age appropriate. >> if you're in your 20s, bumble is my favorite at this point. when you're in your 30s and 40s, match is one of our favorite sites. our time is dedicated to singles over 50 in e-harmony is great for those age brackets. >> reporter: 90% of online dating success is based on photos. >> i think that replacing these three photos is going to make a big difference. show you doing things you like to do. those all make for great photos. >> reporter: don't move too
8:21 am
fast. she suggests speaking by phone before you meet in person and keep your number private with google voice. it creates an alternative phone number that can be erased at any time. >> you can so much about someone. you can tell -- you can separate their cyberpersonality from their real personality. >> reporter: don't be too much of a skeptic. bela says look at online love with what she calls psychotic optimism. >> it means love will come to me. it's a when. it's not an if. i am in it to win it. >> reporter: with that advice kristie is finally putting herself out there in she helped me come out of my comfort zone and get back into dating. [ applause ] >> psychotic optimism. other things she says we should keep in mind don't have a next day delivery mind-set. just because you get online doesn't mean the perfect person will arrive in 48 hours. be patient. don't date someone would gives you butterflies. surprising but says butterflies are usually your gut telling you it's something wrong. your fear and anxiety, not your excitement.
8:22 am
>> no. >> no. >> just the messenger. i'm just the messenger here. and i think we can all agree with this do find a high ghq man. high in good husband qualities. kindness reliability, loyalty, integrity and supportiveness and my own suggestion embrace the mishaps. they make for really funny stories. >> embrace the butterflies. it's okay. >> i don't know. >> just get them all to fly if formation, you know. >> right kind of butterflyies. >> now we have to differentiate. >> i will go back and get a full report. >> 8:55 p.m. they have it down to the exact time. >> you guys in? [ cheers and applause ] >> who's in? [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm out. >> diane, thanks so much. we appreciate it. okay we have a special guest that we'll bring to our studio.
8:23 am
manasa is a seventh grader from rochester, minnesota, one of our finalists waiting to find out -- >> what is she doin >> she can't hear us but to find out if she's going to the super bowl. she does know she's on she can't hear -- you get it, girl. get it. so we got to tell you her story again. she thinks she's a finalist and we'll tell her story and bring her out. >> you're the winner. >> oh, my god. >> wait. >> you've won. >> reporter: for two years "good morning america" has teamed up with the nfl to select and send a kid correspondent to the super bowl. >> best week ever. >> reporter: the week jam packed with interviews with the players. >> how do you train to be a great quarterback? >> reporter: vip access on the red carpet. >> what kind do we have on now. >> my fancy nfl exclusive wristband.
8:24 am
>> reporter: this year the competition was tougher than ever. ending with three finalists, but only one heading to the super bowl. >> hi my name is manasa. i'm physically active and very important. >> reporter: she's from rochester, minnesota and loves tennis football, badminton and basketball and is the leader in the fuel up to play 60 school. and plans healthy eating and physical fitness events for all her classmates. >> i can't wait to be on "good morning america" tomorrow. >> reporter: manasa thinks she's here as a finalist but little does she know she's about to score big. >> i still can't believe i'm one of the three so excited. >> would you please welcome manasa. [ applause ] >> i want this. >> whoa! >> sit down. old. minnesota vikings fan.
8:25 am
>> i'm actually ackers fan. got some ibecause you're from minnesota. >> but my second favorite minnesota -- sorry, the minnesota vikings. they're great. they're great but i've just fallen in love with the green bay packers. >> being from minnesota are you excited that the super bowl is going to be there. >> oh, yeah hometown yes. >> it's going to be chilly but to be great. so let's get the stats. seventh grade involved in your school. how do you encourage classmates to get involved. >> well i'm on a team and usually organize me and my organize like events and usually urge my peers to get active every day for 60 minutes and to try different stuff. >> smart. >> yeah. >> we have a special message from your second favorite team. >> hi manasa. it's kyle rudolph, tight end for the minnesota vikings. i heard you're in new york as a finalist for the nfl play 60 super bowl contest presented by dan malls and i wanted to congratulate you for your commitment to living a healthy
8:26 am
and active lifestyle. we're hosting super bowl lii here in your home state of minnesota. pretty cool right? i wantedo tell you that you will be attending the big game here in minneapolis as the nfl play 60 super kid. yep. you heard it right. congratulations, are the winner of this year's contest and are headed to super bowl lii. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my god. [ cheers and applause ] >> you thought you were just adn't >> yeah. >> we brought youause you're the b>> oh, my >> so what are emotions? feeling. >> i have no wod i am. >> we're so you. job, u have to think about. do you have any idea of what you might ask the players. >> well a lot of players -- they obviously play football they try ways of staying active other than just playing t. >> that's great. >> that would be interesting to learn. >> you're going to be asking questions so thi come in handy. this is your special microphone. >> oh, my gosh.
8:27 am
[ applause ] all right. you a little test run. so read the prompter there. >> okay. you can watch me super bowl sunday as the nfl nfl correspondent. thanks, "good morning america." ready for some football. >> oh, yeah, i am. [ applause ] >> wt back. [ applause ]
8:28 am
here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:29 am
start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. >> back on "good morning america,"ve been talking
8:30 am
about has been raising all sorts of i answered some of them on facebook live. i wanted to talk about the question i talked about getting the storm is there a summer camp that meteos sit around and come up with the term, the bomb term has been around for 40 years. it dropped 24 millibars in 24 hours. that storm we went 959 millibars in 24 hours more than doubled that the last time we did that was in 1989. from maggie, since the storm had a defined eye could it be called a hurricane? no these storms are different. the hurricane the origin of the energy, in the hurricane it fields off the warmth and in
8:31 am
this storm it feeds off the warmth and cold extreme dynamic it makes it extra tropical instead of tropical. hope you learned something we'll get a check closers to home. >> reporter: that's the best exchanges you'll get between the gingers of a warm core and cold core storm. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a windchill advisory across the region, highs in the teens windchills below zero. delivering good to everyone. brett eldredge love him and "dancing with the stars" victoria arlen and val chmerkovskiy. you got to bring your gently use used coats t our local burlington store to keetest total, right? 123,631 coats donated so far. go to ouro learn more
8:32 am
about how you can get involved. lara, my lips are chapped and i know you got dr. whitney bowe there to help us out. >> here for you, my friend. ginger just skin board certified dermato dr. whitney bowe i for you. [ applause ] >> you don't need to spend a lot of money. >> so true and the winter condition, it's just so harsh on the skin because not only we have cold whipping winds but then you walk inside and you have that just dry heat >> drink enough water. literally thet is moisture your skin and people think y for tune on skin care. you don't so these are some of my favorite skin care products. we get all of these at a local $10. >> start with cleansers and moisture risers. >> so cleansers, when people use harsh cleansers it lives you with that squeaky clean feeling. the opposite of the way you want it to feel. if it feels tight or dry after you cleanse. you're using the wrong products.
8:33 am
these are some favorite dove makes amazing foam, body wash beauty bars within five minutes of cleansing you want to pat dry and apply a moisturizer. >> one-two punch always. >> got to trap the moisture in. these are two of my favorites when it comes to the face cetaphil don't clog the pores and have nscreen. pumps are great for theok for the jars at are filled with rich heavy creams that really get in and reallyrish the skin all night long. >> if ydry, why not, right? >> these are more greasy so hard to put on clothes on top of them which is why we go with locates but if you can, yeah. >> special request from me i want to talk about thees. this skin is so sensitive. >> very thin delicate fragile prone to dry patches. used to only use creams but new gels are hydrating. what's great about absor quickly and can literally put top and not miss a beat. this one is by olay $10 wike unheard
8:34 am
of for eye ts. usually very expensive. mental notes and chapped lips. who has them? it iat it is. >> all day long. our lips are prone to dryness. we don't have sebaceous glands the oil glands that keep it moist and protected but when they get dry you lick them. >> which is -- >> the saliva amaking it worse so have a table of audience members over there tes out two of m products. so the new generation of chapstick has been shown to trap moisture for up to eight hours and burt's bees' ish beewax. >> they're protected. any tips. >> don't lick themese products and honestly if you can get a cool mist humidifier your skin will thank you in the morning. >> we're thanking you as always. great tip, greatprices. so helpful. coming up, a first look at a brand-new david bowie
8:35 am
documentary you don't want to miss coming up on "good morning america." ♪ ♪ ♪ (radio playing in background) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:36 am
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[ applause ] we are back with the first look at a brand-new documentary about david bowie the superstar was so creative in the last years of his life he produced two groundbreaking albums and a musical and now "david bowie: the last five years" takes a look at the end of his extraordinary career and deborah roberts has that. >> hey, george it's hard to believe it's been two yeance the world lost this iconic 50 years creating, shocking and entertaining with his un unforgettable music. music he worked on until the very end of his life. well now this documentary opens a windowve years. ♪ rebel reb >> reporter: on "rebel rebel" and "fame". ♪ what you need you borrow. >> reporter: to "space oddity ♪ ♪ ground control to major tom ♪ >> reporter: and "let's dance." ♪ wild color lights up your face ♪ >> reporter: david bowie was a transformative figure in
8:38 am
contemporary music. now a documentary "david bowie: the last five years" takes an intimate look at the artists, the albums "the next day" and lacktar" and his musical "lazarus." you talked to his band mem reveal a lot about this affection for him, his humor. >> they genuinely loved they genuinely loved him and i think they admired him hugely and they still do. >> he was always funny. he always had a funny sense of humor. he was always joking about things. >> what about "lazarus." they say in the documentary we understand that that was on his buto do a musical. assume it's a weapon. >> reporter: inspired by the character he played in the 1976 film "the man who fell to earth," bowie had been wanting to create a musical since the the '60s. >> so when he started "lazarus: the musical" my understanding he didn't know he was ill. >> he was undergoing treatment when he was finishing it. >> reporter: he passed away aafter the show's opening night. ♪ i was looking for you ♪ >> reporter: when you look at the
8:39 am
video, a lot say it seemed prophetic. >> a lot do because he is in a bed and he's bandaged up but originally when they conceived of that idea certainly the video director had no knowledge that david was ill and i'm not even sure that david knew how ihl he was or whether it would be terminal. there were two lazaruss in the bible. one comes back to life after all. he doesn't die, he comes back to life when jesus brings him back to life so could be a sign this is hopeful, so when he at the end of that video he goes back into the closet which is a joke and i remember the video director saying that david had said to him, you know i should go back into the closet at the end because that will get him thinking. he came out of the closet in the '70s and now going back into the closet. >> reporter: when he passed away at age of 69 he left behind his wife the model iman and a son
8:40 am
and sure. >> i don't think anything will be quite as beguiling and that's why we till >> the end o an era. >> the end of an era, absolutely right. >> and who can forget him? the documentary premieres monday january 8th on on what would have been bowie's 71st birthday and, george sadly he passed away two days after his birthday. >> i cannot wait to see that. >> really cool. very very cool. >> thanks deborah. we'll be right back. [ applause ] before we start, i just want to say
8:41 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by publishers clearinghouse. >> we're taking pictures earlier with the audience during commercials this young woman came up. said she's a second grade teacher, miss rutherford. >> yes, ma'am. >> she said she promised her students she would make it on tv. so from eaglesville. >> tennessee. >> so what do you want to say? >> i'll see you guys on monday. >> get your homework done. >> the dog didn't eat the homework. >> have a great friday and a great weekend.
8:44 am
it 856we have one hour delays with thek line. wee delays, 35 media/elwyn. 16 d buses detoured. i'm thinking of everybody out train orbus when it is sold. dad wasoofer and sider, i t cold do when you get outside. trying to prepare asyou can. 39 nor at church road we have an accident a car o the sideproblems there. main roads look good, you have to expect icy spots. turnpike eastbound at norristown an accident on the shoulder. kelly drive we've got snow reducing it to one lane swells martin luther king drive. the blow snow is a problem. >> david murphy issued a hood alert. he is outside with accuweatherorter: matt theemperatures,tde and sunny out b not helping. we have below zerohe region. five belowetter numbers. this afternoon a windchill
8:45 am
ry into tonight and part ofaturday. 17 is the high, with windchills remaining below zero all the way. 15 tomorrow, bitter overnight lows sunday the winds down, so it will be easier to take, matt you have to bundle up this weekend. >> it's the arctic invasion an hout that wasn't leave. the jersey shore is digging out freavye bruta is ke icy and schools closed for another day. "live with kelly and ryan" is up next. blake lively is on the show. i'm matt o'donnell. have a great friday and great weekend!
8:46 am
i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. and i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. first place. both events? booyah! we're an awards family. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic cheddar puffs from aldi. simply smarter shopping. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan"! today, big-screen star blake lively and from "this is us," milo ventimiglia plus actress uzo aduba. and ryan takes us back to his
8:47 am
hometown of atlanta, georgia. all next on "live"! [upbeat music] ♪ ♪ now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! >> ♪ you got me like ah ♪ ♪ and ooh ♪ ♪ with all the things you do ♪ >> ryan: good morning. hi, guys. >> kelly: whoo! >> ryan: good morning. y'all, what's up? [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ hey there. ♪ ♪
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