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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 5, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we'll have the latest from accuweather and a purge of prosecutors byladelphia's new district attorney. that's next. you'll like them both but love our price. award-winning organic cheddar puffs from aldi. simply smarter shopping. ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. ♪ >> it was so cold tonight that we had to go to the gloucester premium outlets to find people which goes to show that shopping still trumps freezing, at least
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for some people. as we look live at the brng ben franklin parkway in philadelphia, the winds are brisk but the streets are empty. it's friday night. the big story is the start of a weekend that could see cold weather records fall by the weekend. jeff chirico is live in center city philadelphia. first, let's get the latest facts and figures from adam joseph. >> the winds, when you see them whipping sky 6 on benjamin franklin parkway, it feels worse. the air temperature 11. same for new york, air temperature in syracuse, four. we have the direct shot from canada around the nor'easter pulling down the cold air, seven
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below in the city of philadelphia, 14 below in boston, 15 below in pittsburg as well as syracuse. the numbers continue to tumble overnight. a windchill advisory in effect through tomorrow, tomorrow night, sunday morning 10:00 a.m. that's when it's set to expire. basically, the advisory means if you don't have your extremities covered, you can get frostbite in 30 minutes. in the poconos, lehigh valley, 15 to 30 below zero. aside from the dangerous windchills, record lows fall tonight and tomorrow night and by tomorrow night and sunday morning, we'll see the coldest temperatures in the city of philadelphia in 24 years, and to begin next week, another wintery mix coming in. we chat about that and on the
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flip side, a warm up, january thaw in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you, jim. let's go live to south broad street in philadelphia where jeff chirico has discovered the biting cold has had an impact on businesses. jeff, what have you learned? >> hey, jim, i don't think i'm the only one that would rather eat a frozen dinner on my couch than brave the frozen tundra to go out to dinner. that's not good news for restaurants unless delivery is your gig. in this weather, you can make cold, hard cash. on this night, happy hour in center city is an intimateaffair. the management says of the brutal cold that lingered more than a week. next door business is also down, 40 to 50%. >> the hardest thrust of the
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winter, you get a dip and people get other it. over it. you have to go out to eat and enjoy themselves. this time it's a little longer. >> that's because people don't want to be out more than they have to. >> we would brown bag it. >> it's not just restaurants with empty streets and undisturbed racks. >> business has been down a lot, actually. >> the consignment shot on the 2,000 block of sampleson street saw just 10 customers today. owner joanne neely is looking on the bright side. >> you have time to do things you don't have time to do when you have customers. >> but for delivery at lazarus' pizza, business is booming. bike delivery guy j.p. murphy
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prefers the cold. it means more tips from customers. >> what do they say at your door? >> they always say, stay warm. but it's not the cold, it's the wind and ice that make it dangerous, to be on a bike especially. >> this is what j.p.'s talking about. the snow piles can be dangerous to deliverymen and women on bikes. if you are driving and see them, give them extra space. if you are planning to order in, word to the wise, be patient. it could take a while to get your food. jeff chirico, "action news." jim? >> new england got hit harder than we did as the storm intensified off of the coast. maggie shows us the bulls eye. >> millions of americans chiseling out from a no nor'easr
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are set for record-breaking cold. >> stay inside. it's bad out here. >> windchill approaching negative 50 in part of new england, freezing over cities walloped by yesterday's storm, boston breaking a record for highest tide ever. >> if anyone questions global warming, the flad zones didn't flood 30 years ago. >> dozens of rescues along the massachusetts coast. >> there was water coming in the back door. >> firefighters battling fire and ice at this house fire in new jersey as millions try to shovel out, the cold kept many inside. not everyone is heeding the cold. >> can you believe he's in shorts? he's crazy. >> we saw plenty of cross
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country skiers taking their chance to ski middle of manhattan. >> it's magic to me. >> how is pepper doing in the cold? >> unfortunately, pepper likes it. >> the cold seemed to give pepper extra pep in his step. it's supposed to be colder saturday and sunday. there is a bit of good news, it's supposed to warm up next week. maggie ruly, abc news, new york. >> penn dot crews are working to take down icicle icicles. officials have been doing this kind of work on major roads this week. these folks won't go anywhere fast. no easy way to dig out of ice.
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a pipe burst in oxford circle flooding driveways and freezing solid around some car tires. this sheet of ice was intentional. the schuls family of summerdale, new jersey built a hockey rink. they do this every year and conditions are certainly ripe right now. we ask you to stay with "action news" throughout the weekend as we track the coldest temperatures in decades. gray hall and chris sourc sourse air tomorrow beginning at 5:00. we ask you to download our 6abc app where you can get forecasts from our team of meteorologistss to help you plan your weekend. >> two dozen prosecutors from the philadelphia d.a. office
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were axed and the departures in public for all to see. live in center city is reporter dann cuellar. >> jim, it is one of the most drastic shakeups of the philadelphia district attorney's office than anyone can recall. it shouldn't come as a surprise to those following the campaign promises of larry krasner. >> 31 staffer, murder squad prosecutors, high ranking deputies and division chiefs terminated, among them, mark wilson, a veteran prosecutor that sent many to death row. >> he and others were reluctant to speak about their firing. >> sources say he never met face to face with those fired but hauled them before a bureaucrat with no explanation as to why
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they are let go. he released this message, change is never easy. today's actions were necessary to achieve the agenda. for president john mcnez by never a fan of larry krasner says this about the shakeup. >> it's shocking number one. it's scary for what it says is going to happen to the court system over the next six or seven months. >> former prosecutor richard sachs who was out of town serving 30 years in the da's office was devastated. he said there was only one thing that those fired had going against them. >> they won their cases, sought justice for the victims. they did their jobs. >> bad as he feels for those fired -- >> i feel worse for the city of philadelphia. i think her citizens are going to suffer. >> city council woman marianne
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tasco differs. she believes that krasner should put in those he want he wants oo support his agenda. >> he wants to pay attention to the cases that come and just not be ready to throw somebody in jail. >> tonight, it remains unclear how soon krasner will replace the fired staffers and how it will affect the caseload of each of the units. dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, dan. mayor pawloski had the state of the city address today. he faces down federal corruption charges. he plans to boost home ownership by sub devising apartments into single family homes and is asking developers to hire local.
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pawloski's trial begins later this month. >> the number just drawn for the mega millions jackpot. is tonight your night? >> breaks news, as passengers record the terrifying moments a plane burst into flames. and it could be one of the most widespread computer bugs in decades, affecting your home computer to phone to cloud storage. we'll tell you how to protect yourself. adam? >> right no, six below allentown, seven below philadelphia and wilmington and three below at the airport. >> jeff skversky with the sixers jumping out to a huge lead, and they hold on. that and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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delpra it's about the one bold choice you make that moves you forward. the one and only cadillac escalade. from toronto's pearson airport where two planes clipped each
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other on the runway. that ignited a fire and panic among passengers. video shot inside the west jet plane shows passengers screaming and crying as flames erupt on the plane. those aboard exited on an emergency slide to frigid conditions outside. no serious injuries have been reported. investigators are working to find out what caused the collision. >> an urgent warning about our phones and laptops, desktop computer. they are vulnerable to two security flaws revealed this week. the first is called meltdown and affects processers built by intel dating back to the 1990s. the bug is in the hardware itself. a trick that allows the computer to run faster could leak data to a hacker. another problem for chip makers
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including mobile phones including androids, google and apple have released updates to patch meltdown at the cost of speed. there doesn't appear to be a solution to specter, but it's harder to exploit making it less than an immediate threat. >> the "new york times" is reporting that president trump and his white house council aappeared to attorney general jeff sessions not to recuse himself from the russian investigation. sessions did so anyway. special council robert mueller will try to determine if this act constituted obstruction of justice on the part of the president. >> the fbi was investigating the clinton foundation. sources say the investigation has been going on several months. as to whether the clinton foundation accepted donations in
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exchange for political favors while hilary clinton was secretary of state. >> oscar winning director paul hag us is accused of sexual misconduct including raping two of them. his lawyer is suing. broadway legend ben vereen is apologizing to female actresses for inappropriate conduct. allegations there morallegationa dozen women include unwanted cissing and naked invites to the swimming pool. he says he was trying to create an environment for the theme of
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the musical "free love." >> gloucester town police are mourning the death of a beloved canine. neuro was credited with tracking down an elderly woman who wandered away from her home. he died december 3 1s. from the nmg nmg news room, garden state lawmakers are getting millions for amazon to build there. amazon could get $1,000 in tax x credits per worker over a decade. it's one of his top priorities before leaving office in ten days. >> job growth is hire for the 87th month n in a row.
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the unemployment rate 4.1%, the lowest level since 2000. one prominent note in today's report is that the jobless rate for african-americans fell to 6.8%, the lowest ever. >> let's get to the weekend accuweather forecast. >> the next two nights especially on sunday morning is when the heart of the cold comes in. we start to warm it up for you next week. >> looking at the weather center live on sky 6, we look at the warnings and advisories that we are dealing with, there it is. you can see across the delaware lehigh valley down to the shore, wind chill advisories in effect until 10:00 sunday morning. the frostbite can and will set in less than 30 minute, warning in the poconos with more on the severe side.
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frost bide less than 30 minutes no matter where you are. cover all extremities, finger tips, ears and nose. 11 currently in philadelphia, new york city, 15 in washington, one in buffalo, two in pittsburg and to the south, roanoke and richarrichmond in the freezer. the mid-atlantic colder than iceland. the rest of the area, 16-30-degree range. i'm not even attempting to name the cities. looking at the windchill, seven below philadelphia, nine below in reading, 11 below in lancaster and 25 below zero, the windchill now in the poconos. the one thing we have is a crystal clear sky.
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atmosphere, lights out. it's a quiet weekend. looking up tonight, windchills remain sub zero. records for wilmington, trenton and the atlantic city airport. saturday night, sunday morning, many cities have records falling. saturday, tomorrow, wind up 35 to 40 miles per hour. windchill 5 below to 15 below with the air temperature two degrees colder than today at 15. as we wake up sunday morning, forecasting a low of one below zero in philadelphia, the coldest in 24 years, five below for allentown, atlantic city airport, the record 1984, record four degrees. monday we are watching two systems, one to the north and one to the south. this time they stay separate. they don't merge. with precipitation monday
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evening, looks so cold there is the possibility of snow and freezing rain. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, dangerous windchill through tomorrow, record low on sunday morning, bitter sunday. the winds will ease some to help us out with a high of 19. wintery mix, sunday evening, 34. warm up tuesday, 32. we are back to the0s and 50s for highs thursday and friday. it comes with a bit of rain. i don't think we'll complain with 50s if we have to deal with rain. >> college students providing the homeless shelters from the dangerous cold. men for the united for christ ministries, guests can leave belongings at the shelter during the day and eat a hot meal when they return, shelter is open
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november to april.
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>> sixer pistons at the wells fargo center. >> the sixer new year's resolution, stop blowing leads and cut out the turnovers. sixers are turning a corner tonight blow out the pistons. sixers ringing in the new year with a win against detroit. they come out on fire.
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ben simmons scores, 19 for the rooky. how about joel embiid? jojo fighting through traffic. 'em bead, 23 points. >> simmons stealing the ball. second quarter, simmons slams it down, up 40 points, win by 36. largest win over the pistons in 37 years. >> it's great to come out here and see everybody. it's a great credit to playing with the team.dr. j. not feelins
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irving hospitalized but not serious. >> nick foals and the eagles have the weekend off. all eyes on the wild card game. eagles will host the falcons. they know it's do or die starting next saturday. >> all gas and no brakes now. we have to go out there. >> it's a one game season. you hear over and over you never know when you will get the opportunity again. >> nfl playoff kickoffs here on 6abc, andy reed and the titans. former eagle offensive coordinator john gruden going back to the raiders to be their
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head coach, getting a ten year deal worth around a hundred million dollars. he has not coached since 2008. we are right back with more sports. ♪ ♪
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>> we are back with college hoop, penn and princeton one of the oldest rivalry, home because of the weather. instead, they'll play tomorrow afternoon. >> drexel by five. 87-82, their first conference "w." delaware loses their second straight falling to wayne and mary. >> hundreds of young ballet
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dancers auditioned tonight in hopes of attending some of the most prestigious dance schools in the world. ♪ ♪ >> regional semifinals for the youth america grand prix held at the charter school in east foals, providing dancers with scholarships to continue training >> jinl live, jimmy kimmel live, next after "action news." "action news" continues at 5:00 a.m. with gray hall rawrninreturning to the anchor k following his medical recovery. we are glad to see him back. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner saying have a good and safe weekend.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- and now, take it easy -- there's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: hi. coming. it's friday night. let's try to make the best of it. hey, you know there's a bomb cyclone on the east


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