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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  January 6, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide 5:30 a.m., saturday morning, sky6 live hd looking live along the benjamin franklin parkway, of course, in philadelphia, another dangerously cold morning out there, the windchills are below zero in many places and several records may be shattered this weekend. >> you know what, taker ago look at the flags whipping in the winds, it tells the story there, at least part of it, because it is bone-chilling outside. a check with accuweather with meteorologist chris sowers, you know i think if you don't have to go outside best to stay in and bundle up. >> reporter: at least in the next several hours, the windchills will be below zero.
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we have windchills 25 below in the poconos, and ten to 15 below across the i-95 corridor. the normal high during this span ranged 41 to 40. look at the temperatures, nowhere close to that, 20, monday, tuesday, 24. wednesday, 33, we got above the freezing mark for 20 minutes that was it. thursday the h yesterday, 17 with windchill values close to zero if not colder the entire time. two below in lake harmony. kutztown three, warminster, 6. center city, 9 degrees, media, 6 degrees. on the other side of the delaware river, equally cold, smyrna, same thing. vi hammonton, 7. 13 degrees in cape may. windchill values this is for the next several hours, the morning
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hours today, 15 to 30 below in the darker shade which is the lehigh valley and the poconos. ten to 15 below for the i-95 corridor delaware and most of south jersey and the immediate shoreline, snirp -- anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below. you can't have too many layers with the temperatures this cold. cover the extremities. 8:00 a.m., 7. 1 by shooting for a high of 16 degrees. during the afternoon windchills ranging from zero to ten below. >> folks we're following breaking news for you at 5:30. people living in west philadelphia homes back inside being forced into at cold morning air because of a gas leak. pgw crews contained a situation on the 100 block of north hobarth street.
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several families waiting for their heat to kick back on. we are told that the repairs are expected to be made to the homes shortly. all across the region, the mad dash was on to dig out before sundown. >> and no one wants to be facing this morning's subzero windchills if they don't have to. in center city restaurants bar owners say the deep freeze has cut into their business 40 to 50%. more families an couples opting for friday night at home. delivery and servers say all the extra tips made them not to brave the cold. >> college students are filling beds at the homeless shelters and penndot is working to take down icicles from under passes in hunting park. >> some of the biggest problems are on the side streets. "action news" found one car
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owner who needed two shovels one broke underment weight of the heavy snow. at the jersey shore where they are dealing with the highest snow totals at the shore, the cleanup is at least two day process. >> it's not too bad, it's supposed to be worse, i think. >> some are not just surviving winter they are enjoying this family of somerdale new jersey built an hockey rink. they tried do this every year, this year mother nature and old man winter cooperated with them. millions of people are shivering in the arctic invasion. >> snow, ice, windy and record-smashing cold, it's a mix that many want to say bye-bye. >> abc's maggie ruly is with the people feeling the deep
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chill. >> reporter: millions are people are bracing for breaking cold. >> stay. ♪ it's cold out here. >> reporter: stay inside with windchills approaching negative 50 in parts of new england. boston announcing it broke the record for the highest tide ever recorded in the city's history. >> if anyone wants to question global warming, see where the flood zones are at. dozens of rescues along the massachusetts coast. >> it was almost completely under water, there was water coming in the back door. >> reporter: firefighters battling fire and ice at this house fire in new jersey. millions tried shovel out the relentless cold kept many schools shut for a second straig day. others like the students innew f ements. but not everyone is
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cold. >> can you believe he is in shorts. this is crazy. >> reporter: and we saw plenty of cross country skiers taking advance of their chance to ski in the middle of manhattan. >> this is magic of me. >> reporter: how is pepper doing in the cold. >> unfortunately pepper likes it. >> reporter: the cold even seemed to give pepper a extra pep in his step. >> it's colder saturday and sunday, there's a bit of good news you're supposed to be warming up next week. >> doctors warning about the effect of the cold air on your lungs especially folks with asthma or other breathing conditions. frigid temperatures can narrow the large airways, limit your time outside, when you do go out, wrap a sock around your mouth and nose that will warm the air and it will be less
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irritating to the airways. a crash happened on the township line road and landsdown avenue intersection in upper darby around 1:30 a.m. the two vehicles hit each other with such force, both spun out and struck each other for a second time. one person in the car was killed. the two other people involved in the wreck have been taken to the hospital for injuries. 5:37 a.m., philadelphia's new district attorney marry kratz in her cleaning house. more than two dozen prosecutors from the d.a.'s office fired and the in public. >> reporter: 31 staffers including a number of murder ranking deputieschiefs, amo the0 veteran prosecutoent many to life in prison or death row.
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he likeers were reluck tant to speak about their firings, sources saye neveret face-to-face with kratz in crazner said change is never easy. for president john john mcnesby said. >> it's shockings scary what will happen to the court system over the next six months or so. >> reporter: richard sacks who served 37 years in the d.a.'s office. he said only one thing those who had fire was going against them. >> they won their cases they prevailed, they achieved justice for their victims. these what this did, they did
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their job. i feel worse for the city of philadelphia, because i think that her citizens are really and truly going to suffer. >> reporter: but former city council woman begs to differ, he said crasner has every right to put in people he believes will carry out his agenda. >> be more engaged and pay attention to the cases that come and not be ready to throw somebody in jail. >> reporter: this morning it remains unclear how soon he will replace the fired prosecutors or staffers and for that matter how it will impact each unit's case log, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> still to come on "action news," saturday morning, digital detox, we'll tell you ways to break loose right now from facebook and twitter and other tech gadgets. >> i might need one of those. 5:39 a.m., live look sky6 live
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hd over the center city skyline, it is going dob -- to be a frigid day, meteorologist chris sowers back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, and some changes finally in sight. we'll tell you when. before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios,
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philadelphia school students a few extra days off. crews are hard at work getting the buildings ready to return on monday. it's back to class.
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"action news" was at the school on girard avenue. they are checking all the classrooms and making sure the pipes don't freeze. they are making sure everything is ready to go and the parents saying okay back to school, guys. >> reporter: i used to walk to school in a foot of snow. that's what my parents cruised to tell me. >> i'm happy to be back, not happy about the snow. it keeps snowing. >> reporter: when the outside hits you'll not see any movement at all you'll be frozen. >> you like this. >> reporter: i'm getting a little tired of it, i admit it, it's cold, i was not expecting that kinds of temperatures when i asked for a cold winter. there's the live shot looking at philadelphia international airport. look at the lower right-hand side of the screen. the temperature reading outside
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our substituted io -- studio is 9 degrees. dewpoint is very, very dry. i've been drinking so much water, my skin is cracking here i've been putting a ton of moisturizer on. we need to get this number up. the windchill in philadelphia is minus ten. several other locations are 15 to 20 below. because of that the windchill advisory remains in effect it's been extended through 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. windchills ranging from zero to ten below. they will be colder than that in the morning hours. another thing we're dealing with, the snow that fell the other day, even though the plows did their thing, the wind keeps blowing it back on the roads. be careful the side roads are slick and slippery. 6 degrees in lancaster. 8 in millville and trenton. 1 in cape may. 2 below in the poconos, windchill values are generally
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ten below west of the delaware river. 9 below in millville. 23 degrees below zero. if you're heading north if the poconos doing skiing you have to limit the time outside, the numbers are dangerous. you could be as low as 30 below at times this morning. 7 below in atlantic city, 8 below in beach haven. windchill values gusting 30 do 35 miles per hour. minus ten by 8:00 a.m. we get to zero by 4. we drop down below zero during the late eerchg hours. evening hours. we're getting the polar vortex invoed. lo at this huge counter clockwise spin. that was the storm that produced the snow. the polar vortex is streaming in from the northwest. the jet stream looks like it's been this way for the past two weeks, this is the reinforcing
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cold shot that's coming in here now, look what happens, gray are you paying attention to this, we get into this up coming weekend, not this weekend, but the following weekend all of a sudden that cold air lifts into canada, temperatures are in the 50s, a nice january thaw is on the way. windchills this afternoon ranging between zero and ten below, a frigid 16 for the high. the winds out of the northwest at ten to 20 miles per hour. as we go hour by hour for you, doesn't get much colder than this ever for the city of philadelphia. 10:00 a.m., 9. noon, 13. 2:00 p.m., 15. shooting for a high of 16 degrees. overnight tonight i put a frozen penguin on there, mainly clear and frigid. four below for suburbs, one below in center city. winds are calm after midnight. the temperatures this is how they stack up against the records. we should shatter the record
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tonight. trenton minus one, the record is 2. wilmington, we are forecasting a low of zero, the record is 3. all those locations we should easily destroy those records tonight. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we've issued the accuweather alert for today because of the dangerous cold. 16, minus one tonight. sunday, sun and clouds, high of 19. monday it will be tricky, 34 is the high, that's above the freezing mark of 32, but the grounds is completely frozen, if we get the wintry mix, everything will stick, even if we bump it up above freezing it could be treacherous on the road on friday. >> thursday and friday i'm looking forward to that. hundreds of young ballet dancers tried out in
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philadelphia hoping to attend the most prestigious dance schools in the world. regional semifinals for the youth america grand prix were held at william penn school in east falls, scholar ships provide money for dancers continue their we're back after this. >> oscar winnid
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producer paul haggis is accused of sexual misconduct against four women including raping two of them. he won academy awards for the films crash and million dollar baby. he denies the allegations. ben vareen is apologizing to female actresses for inappropriate conduct. unwanted kissing and inviting women to join him nude in his
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hot tub. he was directing a revival of hair in 2015 and was trying to recreate an environment that replicated the scene like free love. gloucester county police officers are mourning nero. he tracked down an elderly woman who wandered away in the cold and suffered from hyperthermia. experts recommend warming up for 15 minutes before you start shoveling. they say shovel small chunks of snow so it's not so heavy. many people die every year from heart attacks while they are shoveling the snow. they say the sudden increase in exercise without warming up puts stress on your heart and severe cold weather can be a shock to your cardiac system.
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everyone, 55:34 a.m., saturday morning, 18 degrees for the jersey shore, windchill values at zero. the city of philadelphia. windchill values below zero. poconos, 6 degrees for the high. windchill values anywhere from 20 to 30 below at times, absolutely frigid. i put the numbers together last night before i meant to bed. this is from the first flakes to what we've seen today. allentown, 10.6. philadelphia, a foot so far. claymont, delaware, 9.6. look how much more the jersey shore has had over the past month. brick township, 27.8.
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18 inches fell on thursday, but still. manahawkin 25.8. atlantic city 2 feet of snow. ocean city, 22.6. cape may, 16.2. usually it's areas west of philadelphia that sees the most snowfall. the jersey shore sees the least now it is the jersey shore that had a seen the most snow and the lehigh valley has seen the least. >> with the new year comes resolutions for some it's exercise others eat healthy or more how about a digital detox. abc's consumer expert beche worely has details on unplugging in 2018. >> reporter: modern life is nominated by the smart phone. aaron is a digital life coach he said you have to get discipline.
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>> you have to set a goal that you're going to do less or more. if you're not going to not eat sugar, you have to wake up saying rhyme not going to eat sugar today. >> reporter: you do not need to look at your phone every time an app blast a sale notification. go to setting and click note notifications and turn them off. let's talk e-mail, the big intrusion is from work, do you need to be on call all the time. >> there is no life work balance anytime. it's life work integration. >> you tell your boss and co-workers and employees from 6 to 9:00 i'm going to be with my family. don't call me or text me, i'm going to do the same. >> reporter: toxic people are friends who post too many
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political rants, unfriend or unfollow. >> reporter: facebook gives you lots of options and the other person never know they are out of your news feed. go through the pages you like and make sure you want all their stuff plastered in front of you. comments on instagram get you down, go to setting and filter and block or turn off comments finally. finally, this is hard, put the phone down. crete rooms in the house that are tech free. events and times where you don't check in. there are apps that help you with the task. one called onward and another moment, they track your usage to tell you how many times you fire up facebook. an app called digital detach creates time blockouts blocks you out of all apps except for
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texting or calling. >> reporter: go for a walk without your phone it's a start to that healthy separation. one step at a time to find a digital balance. >> like the 90s going for a walk without your phone. >> one step at a time. >> i love there's an app so you can detox from technology. there's an app for everything. >> i'll try a few things, but i don't know about the walk without the phone. 5al a.m., much more to come on "action news" saturday morning, buttery goodness details on the work that went into creating the sculpture for the pennsylvania farm show stay warm with new films in theaters, we have a preview of the film mollyies' game. ,000 in america last year.
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we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you. if gravity's your biggest fan, it's ok. we understand. there's a little klutz in all of us.
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that's why we made clorox splash-less bleach... ...splashless. shine on, klutzes. shine on. our brutally low temperatures feel even worse. >> people were bundled up against the deep freeze and yes, drinking hot coffee and hot
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chocolate and hot tea, in an effort to keep warm. >> we're bracing for


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