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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 10, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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weather and they enduring the intense training to be ready for an ice rescue. john rawlins is live now at fdr park where the training takes place. >> reporter: it was fascinating and cold down there on the water. for almost two hours police officers from the marine unit plunge repeatedly into the the pond here at fdr park it's a pond that is covered in part by a thick sheet of ice. >> over and over again this morning. marine unit members worked on ice rescue training here at fdr park among the scenarios how to safely rescue someone that may be unconscious. an officer in gear rolls off the ice and into the water and attaches a sling around the victim and signals to other officers to pull the line and to a safe position on the ice. >> in our area we don't get ice
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often when we have a winter like this we want to take advantage of training to get people out of the icy waters. >> the blunt message to the public don't go on to frozen lakes and rivers and creeks. >> you can have an area of 10 feet in diameter it could be 1 inch and 10 inches thick in that diameter. it's not safe to walk on the ice at all. >> the men and women of the marine unit are pros and know how to function and work on the ice and the message from the lieutenant there is directed at the rest of us that we need to stay off of natural ice no matter how tempting it may look this time of year. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> thank you. and turning to the forecast now the melting continues as we finally have temperature as above freezing and as the week
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goes on it will get even warmer. >> it's hard to believe but it could feel like spring by friday. and that is hard to believe. lets go live outside sky 6 hd showing you philadelphia international airport looks like that snow is melting and we have bright and snowy conditions out there now. the nice day to get outside and get some fresh air finally. >> david murphy is outside on the terrace with details from accuweather. >> i'm not doing this thing now. it's still chilly enough for a coat today but better than it was over the weekend. and we are expecting milder air tomorrow and especially on friday. not a good day to get out on ice though. john was talking about how we have frozen lakes and ponds around and with the milder air coming in the ice may not go away right away, and stay off of it. this is around the time can you expect it to break. satellite is showing sunshine so far. but clouds are coming in from the west and we may see more cloud cover moving in over the next couple of hours.
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38 currently in allentown and 38 in reading and 48 in wilmington and 41 in philadelphia. and 38 in trenton and 42 in millville and winds are light and you get your coat on and are you in good shape. 41 degrees by 2:00 and i expect to be on 41, 42 by 3:00, by 6:00 down to 38 and the temperatures do fall a bit. and by 10:00 it's possible we dip down to the 30s and some have us staying in the upper 30s through 10:00, 11:00, we are expected it drop down to probably the low 30s overnight and the good chance that we stay above freezing overnight in philadelphia and some suburbs may see a pop-up refreeze where we don't completely remelt ice that reformed. and look to the west. mild air 41 in philadelphia and cincinnati not too far out 56 degrees and 55 in st. louis, and 71 in new orleans. and we are looking at scooping up mild air over the cold front
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over the next couple of days and milder around here. now, we do have a little bit of snow on future tracker 6 in the colorado mountains that system moves east change over to rain as it encounters the miler air here but we get rain starting thursday night and especially during the day on friday. some could be heavy. i'll show you that on future tracker 6 when we step inside. >> all right we'll see you back inside shortly thank you. as always keep track of the rising temperatures at threw see the hourly and seven-day forecast as well as stories to help you get through any time of weather. in the news one person was killed when a car crashed off the road in newcastle county delaware trk happened in the 3,000 block of red lion road in bear. and they have not said what caused the crash. and as a result of the collision
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one lane is open near summit point circle. bensalem police arrested a man for his role in a bar fight. omar garcia was taken into custody on friday. the fight happened on december 20th, four customers at big heads bar on street road got violent and three employees were hurt and one bar tenner was purged in the face. if you have information you are asked to can't bensalem police. a 7-eleven near the temple university campus was targeted in an armed robbery, police tell "action news" it happened at 3:30 on broad street near diamond near philadelphia. temple university put out a safety alert for students and at this time it was unclear what was taken from the store. the death toll from the powerful mudslides that hit the southern
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california community is up to 15. and they are looking for anyone trapped injured or dead. officials say there are several dozen homes destroyed or severely damaged so far and there are probably more in similar condition in areas that are still inxsible. >> it was loud and constant. a roar. sounded like a hurricane or freight train coming through. this is just, i can't quite believe it. >> at least 25 people were injured. 50 or more had to be rescued by helicopters and help was called in from the coast guard and national guard. there is new fallout over the release of congressional testimony related to the controversial dosier on the then candidate trump and russia. and abc kenneth moton joins us live from washington with more.
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good afternoon. >> good afternoon, president trump is tweeting about the russia investigation and also even though he said he would not get in the way of the investigation by the special counsel, he said and tweeted. republicans should finally take control. >> today the fallout continues over senator diane finestein's release of the testimony from the cofounder of fusion gps who commissioned the famous trump dossier. >> i think people are entitled to know what he said and the lawyers also wanted to released. i see no problem with releasing it. >> the president trump calling the democrat sneaky diane. totally without authorization is a disgrace. >> the president and several
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republicans dismissed the largely uncorroborated dossier but robert mueller is looking into matters well beyond the dossier and he has made no mention of the document. and they were hired to look into possible ties by president trump and russia. >> the memos are field reports of real interviews, there is nothing phoney about t and written by a former british spy christopher steele, he became alarmed by what he was uncovering and went to the fbi with concerns that trump could be blackmailed but they had a falling out before election day. >> president trump's long time personal attorney, michael cohen has file aid defamation lawsuit against buzz feed and fusion gps
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for establishing the dossier that names him. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. 13,000 tourists have been trapped at a ski in switzerland and details on how they are saved from the dangerous snow. those stories and more when "action news" at noon continues in a moment.
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the u.s. company is taking on the task of finding molera flight 370. they will pay ocean infinity up to $70 million if they can find it in three months of the search was called off a year ago and the plane vanished march 8th of
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2014 with 239 people on board. australia's navy seized 26 million dollars worth of heroin during operations in the arabian sea and 245 pounds of heroin was taken by the vessel the third successful intervention in the past three weeks. 397 pounds of heroin were seized. it was suppose to be a ski get away for tourists in switzerland turn nood a nightmare. it left people at one resort trapped. molly hunter has the scary details. >> reporter: 13,000 tourists are trapped in a swanky swiss ski resort. it snowed too much and now they can't get out. >> very cold and looking forward to get down the mountain.
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>> the helicopter spent hours air lifting people down to the village and water bottles were distributed. >> and we are happy to leave now. it was two unpredictable to get the train. >> it blocked snow and rail links and warned of avalanches and tourists are not allowed on the slopes. the the spokesperson says that it's not possible to go skiing but that is okay. it's a bit romantic and it's safe. they are relaxed and people are having fun. >> having some fun and eating cheese and probably drinking wine at the base of the matterhorn, that main rail line is set to reopen on friday. molly hunter, abc news london. former olympic figure skater tonya harding says she was scared for her own safety after
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the baton attack on her fellow competitor, fancy kerrigan. >> i am always the bad person. is it a challenge from the lord to see how far i can be pushed. until i break and become nothing. you can't push me that far anymore. >> kerrigan was clubbed on the right knee by a baton by an assailant during a practice session. find out what harding told abc news about the attack in a special truth and lies, the tonya harding story. a bullying awareness campaign inspired by the vick til of the columbine high school shooting made a stop in port richmond. they learned about rachael's challenge. she believe that one kind action
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a day could create a ripple effect of kindness and the program hopes to promote a chain of kind actions in schools nationwide instead of bullying. still ahead another check of the accuweather forecast for you. stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing you the icy delaware river under the commodore barry bridge and meteorologist, david murphy has the update from accuweather when "action news" comes right back.
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meteorologist, david murphy back inside now way closer look at the changing forecast and could we hit 60? >> we could. the way things look on friday. it's dank and rainy and stormtracker 6 live double scan right now and we are look agent dry conditions if you have plans to head out this afternoon take
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a look outside we could use a code though and we are waiting to melt the ice flowing down the delaware river. my my how do you get a boat in through that. and they can get the tugs in through. and the boughs that can break the ice and you see them doing that. but that is one heck of a picture. you have seen is it recently but not ever winter. we are getting into the low 40s and tomorrow into 50 and rain is holding off into the evening and even then not that bad. thursday is a great day to get outdoor stuff done. and still trying to get the holiday lights down and we get to 60 but it's kind of rainy and you see that on future tracker 6 and temperature 41 in philadelphia and winds are light and that is not a problem and the windchill is the same as the temperature. and as we take a look at the numbers across the region. it's cool enough for a coat. specially if you are in the
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shade. we are glad you have layers on and 38 in allentown and reading and trenton and not bad compared to where we were. 40 in wilmington and 42 in millville and 44 in cape may. a nice sunny morn ougt out there. rain is out to the west and falling apart. it will be dry and maybe an increase in cloud cover later into the day. 42 in philadelphia. that is your high pretty much where we are now. not going up too much higher and 38 today in allentown and 40234 wilmington and 43 in millville. and 43 in cape may. here is where we go the rest of the afternoon and evening. 41 at 2:00, probably up to 42 by 3:00 and holding at 40 by 4:00 and we slide into the 30s and some have us leveling out into the 30s for a while overnight.
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earlier i had 34 at 10:00 and kind of stay there for several hours overnight. and a low of about 33 and it looks like we have a shot of stay issing above freeze that would help with refreezing of ice, and frankly i hope we can dry off the sidewalks. we start with a milder beginning and wind up with a milder afternoon high of 50. because of high pressure off the coast and cold front coming in and taps into the mild air to the south and draws it on up. and clouds are out there and we see rain arriving and from a system rights now is snowing in denver, colorado, and just to the points west. as it moves to the east it transitions to rain as it encounters the milder air but on friday we are looking at pockets of heavy rain thursday night just getting here and we won't see a whole lot. overnight into friday morning, the morning commute could be
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damp and times during the day we'll see pockets of heavier rain and that continues right on up into late friday night. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 42 for a high today and bright and not bad. and tomorrow milder with clouds and rain at night and 50 and up to 60 on friday with a dank day and at times it's raining even when it's not coming down heavy, it's kind of dank and comfortable. at least it's 60 and saturday a high of 55 in the day and rain ends and winds pick up and 45 for the eagles game and 39 at the end of the game and real cold on sunday and monday mlk game and tuesday we may not get above freezing for that period. >> thank you david. >> all over the place thanks. they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but one philadelphia restaurant is prove that is barking up the wrong tree. karen rogers explains in this fyi. >> at the white dog cafe in
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university city this month marks their 35th anniversary. >> what is the trends more recently you think you have adapted to. >> i think the most prominent change is the farm to table movement. judy was a pioneer of farm to table years before it was common and current owner, marty grimms keeps that going. >> it doesn't travel far and it's just healthier. >> and now building a legacy with his daughter. >> sydney is fourth generation in the business. the business has 11 different dining rooms and every room has its own decor. >> that is how someone stays in business for 35 years. >> everywhere you look the dog is in the details, fido finals and greyhound glasses and every year brings a new step, expansion into the brown stone next year.
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>> that is incredible tell us the highlights. >> a new bar. the upstairs has a wall length sofa and the sole aquarium leads to the greenery. >> that is fruit and vegetables or locally distilled liquors. >> and a double cheddar burger with fries and spicy lamb and kennett square mushroom soup. >> we use five to six. >> when the owners ring tone is the sound of man's best friend. >> a dog barking, what do you know it's a good bet he will continue the canine commitment for another 35 years.
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fasten your seat bells the future of pizza delivery is here. ford and dominoes unveil aid ford fusion in las vegas with self driving technology and even an oven. you can say it's a pizza atm customers can enter a number on the touch pad. and dominoes and ford are testing out the cars in michigan for months now hoping to get an early slice of the market that could heat up in the coming years. >> explain how that works. >> the car shows up and -- give me my pizza. >> got it. >> not bad temperature-wise only in the upper 30s in the northern and western suburbs and cool enough for a coat and the same story in philadelphia. low 40s and still coat weather and not much wind and 42 down the shore. pleasant enough day and it gets
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milder. >> thank you david. a look now as stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00, after a near death accident a septa police officer is back on the job. "action news" is there as he headed out on patrol after a year and a half of recovery. also with the flu spreading it's dangerous for pregnant women, today at 4:00 we go over ways moms to be can safely protect themselves this season. >> that does it for "action news" at noon. >> now for mode gift, david murphy and sara bloomquist i'm rick williams have a nice afternoon.
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