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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 10, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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gray hall is live with more for us. >> reporter: you can imagine the frustration you order a package and it never shows up. many folks living in the neighborhood say their amazon packages were just discarded and they contacted us at "action news" and we contacted amazon and the company is responding. >> i looked out my back window. >> deb orders packages on a regular basis and never had a problem. her box did not show up and she looked out the window she saw several boxes in the snow. >> they were not at the door just laying in the snow on the side of the road spaced out a couple of feet apart. >> they she alerted her neighbors on facebook and one says we are missing a package is one mine? and martin street got 20
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packages delivered and none were hers. >> amazon is aware saying that the company that they used to deliver packages did not uphold standards and in a statement the company says we are addressing this with the services provider and will work directly with customers directly on package directly. jacqueline who lives in the roxborough neighborhood. she believed that the same delivery driver put the wrong box at her doorstep. >> i don't know if it's cheerios or someone ordered medical equipment that they need. or how much is this really hurting someone else? >> many living in the neighborhood hopes that amazon will take notice. >> it's your company you contracted them, regardless of whether it's your driver or not. it's your company and are you ultimately responsible for that, that is the way i feel. >> there was talk that the
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philadelphia police department assisted in returning some discarded items and we are waiting to confirm that information. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you what one resident did when she found all the packages. and if you are waiting on a package or find a box contact the customer service department. >> thank you. someone trespassed on a set of septa tracks in marion station today and was hit and killed by the passing amtrak train. chopper 6 hd was over the train, and the train was going from harrisburg to new york when it's person was hit. none the crew members or passengers on board were injured. a deadly crash in delaware closed the road to traffic for nearly 5 hours, on the 200 block of christina avenue. 46-year-old marcia base driving a white infinity was killed.
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and a sec man was air-lifted to the hospital and is expected to survive. a 7-eleven near the temple university main campus was tar targeted in an armed robbery street near diamond street in philadelphia. there was no reported injuries, at this time it's unclear what was taken from the store, and a live look at the sky 6 hd camera at the ice flowing down the delaware river. there is a lot of melting going on and there are chunks out there. the temperatures will climate least for now. cecily tynan is at the big board with the latest from accuweather. >> temperatures continue to climb and the last two days warmest air so far this year. yesterday 45 and today 44 and the average high is 40. not all that warm but feeling a
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lot better that and the last two weeks. looking at temperatures across the nation, there is plenty of warmer air waiting in the wings. cincinnati 58 and memphis 60 we'll tap into that for the next few days and it comes with rain. double scan live radar showing a system gathering strength across the plain states this will track up across the great lakes and that pulls up warmer air and we stay in the warm sector of the storm and we are talking about rain not snow. but could be a pretty significant amount on friday. this is what to expect ahead. tomorrow in the 50s and friday the 60s. we'll be dealing with thick fog and a soaking rain. some areas could get up to 2 inches so a wet start to the weekend. once the rain moves out and the colder air moves in and i'm tracking the chance of more snow i'll talk about that the accuweather forecast.
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>> all right thank you. as always keep track of the rising temperatures at there you can see the hourly and seven-day forecast as well as a few stories to help you get through any type of weather conditions. once known as a dangerous city in the country. camden is reemerging as newer more vibrant communities with murder rates at the lowest level in three decades. vernon odom is live now with more on that story. >> reporter: good evening rick. it's good news for this town, which is still stricken with so much poverty. the police chief says his forces esolved from warriors to guardians and that is significant and important. >> state street in camden used to be known as heroin highway, an open air drug market filled with thuggery and overall despair but no more. a glowing example of the city's transformation of being rated
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address one of the most violence areas in the country. >> you didn't know if there would be a shooting or running and now we don't see that. >> the murder rate cut in half from the old days before the county take over of policing in 2013. it paid off with the infusion of more more funding the number of cops doubled from 200 to 407 today. and hundreds of surveillance cameras on what was once crime ridden corners. >> we are brought of the fact that less mothers are burying their sons in the city. it's not success it's progress. >> the chief that supervised this says improved community relations the biggest key to salvation. >> we are able to make the neighborhoods safer and change the dynamic, not coming down to heavy handed tactics but building trust and lines of communication, this neighborhood was shot out and i see a big
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difference with the police officers, the community pulling together. >> the overall crime rate is the latest in camden's recorded history, every day i come out i see nobody in the corners. like that is a big change, we see the officers walking the streets in camden and a lot of officers up and down. day and night. >> monica the u.s. census bureau classifies camden as the poorest city in america and the camden police chief says that economic development and jobs are so badly needed here. live in camden, new jersey, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. students at willingboro high school in burlington county took the save stop pledge today. lieutenant general chris far even oh said what to do and what to do during a traffic stop. staying calm and advising them
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when they can remain silent. to make all traffic stops safe and fair and includes training for officers for deescalation and awareness and implicit bias. >> lets get a check of the "action news" traffic report now. >> good evening. we have people stopped here on the schuylkill expressway but this is not such a safe situation it's a crash in the eastbound lanes near vair avenue taking out the right lane and after you round the could have beener here toward passyunk you have to get to the left because the right lane is blocked with this new accident on the eastbound side of the schuylkill by vair. >> and a vehicle broke down along 95 southbound by the betsy ross bridge and a lane was blocked there for a bit. we are watching a whole bunch of water main breaks. one in northern liberty as long delaware avenue northbound. right there by columbia avenue. and in west philadelphia. still the one at 59th and callow
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hill. and a crash in montgomery township single digit speeds to accompany it. 309 northbound side north of stump road where the right side of the roadway is blocked. it's a slow go. and in mercer county a vehicle off the roadway 95 southbound near 31 and all the activity is now on the shoulder. and still three water breaks to avoid in camden, one in gloucester by the rite-aid by the black horse pike and clementon along the white horse pike and one in berlin along franklin airline. and the rails have a 45 minute delay because of equipment issues. >> thank you. a heist in the city of lights that startled hotel guests and staff members. investigators are on the scene an armed robbery inside a famed
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president trump refused to say if he are be interviewed for the russian probe. during a press conk with the r norwegian prime minister. he said there was no collusion and today he suggested that democrats were responsible. >> i will say this there is collusion but it's really with the democrats and the russians for more than it is with the republicans and the russians. so the witch hunt continues. >> president trump went on to talk about a potential immigration deal with republicans and democrats saying he would not sign a bill that does not include a border wall. >> french police say that french people -- escaped in the luxury ritz host hotel in paris and
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that it was an important sum but not specific. nobody was injured during the heist. tennis star serena williams opening up about her ordeal giving birth. >> we are leaving the hospital and had a lot of complications but look what we got. we got a baby girl. >> she develops blood clots in her lungs and it triggered coughing fits causing the stitches on the c-section to pop. dr. jennifer ashton says complications like this are rare but they happen. >> it could happen to an elite athlete or an every day woman regardless of the doctor or anything else.
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>> doctors say that williams experience should inspire women to take better care of themselves during pregnancy and williams will return to tennis in march. the cdc says it's too soon to blame romaine let tuesday for an e. coli outbreak that killed two and sickened more than 60 others. while the investigation continues health officials issues reminders for avoiding food born illness, stay away from raw or undercooked foods and make sure they are cooked and cleaned. and keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot and don't driven raw milk it's the culprit in past outbreaks. >> and the technology for the blind. the e sight 3 is the new eye
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wear for the legally blind it uses high speed high def nation cameras, to capture everything the user is look agent and can instantly auto focus as well and less expensive than previous versions. vermont is on course to legalize marijuana without a referendum. to make it legal for adults 21 and over to possess and grow small amounts of marijuana and does not set up a system to tax or set up regulations for the drug. and they approved.
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both your federal and private student loans. so you can start saving and get on with your life. ask a leader in student lending how we can help you reach your potential. hoping to reverse the downturn in sales, diet coke is getting a new look and they re rolling out more modernized packages including new cans. and ginger lime and feisty cherry and zesty blood orange and twisted mango. despite being a zero calorie drink coke zero has failed to sway of consumers.
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all right to a consumer alert now. giant and martins food stores are recalling their ice-cream brand bars because they could be contaminated with listeria. the giant orange cream bars, 12 count and giant arctic bars 12 count and polar express variety pack 30 count. there is no reports of illnesses and for more information log on to the website at website. la salle university in the school district joined forces to further their education. and the community scalors pilot program is offering five level courses to women in grove high and central high and the cost is being covered by the school district. students that take part are taking high school credits
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already. some of them sang about today's announcements. meantime the local member of the u.s. army arrived in style. ted drew up in pottstown and now a black hawk pilot. he and his commander flew two black hawks. he arranged the special stop today to see his family and friends and they were thrilled obviously. from here they fly the helicopters to their final destination in colorado and his service to our nation obviously makes us philly proud.
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time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist, cecily tynan standing by with' closer look at a nice day and nicer tomorrow. >> warmer tomorrow temperatures rising up into the 50s and looking at the ben franklin bring. the delaware river and still chunks of snow and it's melting after two days in the 40s. this january so far has been pretty darn cold. we have three days in a row with highs in the teens last friday, saturday and sunday. three morning lows in the single digits. philadelphia more than 4 inches of snow and more in south jersey and 1.7 average and allentown
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and trenton and reading 41 and cape may 39 and wilmington 39 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we had sunshine today and the clouds were rolling in and clouds will be the full story or part of the story the next two days. and the rain moves in on friday, with the cloud cover winds south-southeast not nearly as cold as last night. temperatures in the teens and 20s and we had a lot of patchy black ice and philadelphia above freezing and 35. and cape may 36 and wilmington 35. and do note areas north and west wi are likely below freezing. plenty of clouds with this wind out of the south sound east. the high up near 50 degrees, by friday you'll need the umbrella. find it dust it off.
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by 9:30 the rain is here within re are looking at waves of rain pretty much on and off throughout the day. 10:00 friday night areas of heavy rain and even for the early risers 7:00 early and left over rain and lifts out well in time for the eagles game. and we are looking at a good soaking and all the computer models generally an inch to ink quarter for the lehigh valley and the poconos. we could have localized flooding. and the highs soaring up to 50 despite the clouds and fog rolls in thursday night and i think friday morning fog and rain could slow down the morning commute. so allow extra time. the high up to 62 degrees and warm air in place. saturday the temperatures step down and we hit 50 early in the day and temperatures dropping into the 30s by the end of the
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eagles game and sunday and monday only 28 degrees and i'm tracking snow on the way on tuesday, i'll talk about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. more ahead in the next half our of "action news" at 5:30. dozens of people are missing after massive mudslides in california. the latest from the scene. >> and the newest tech is unveiled if las vegas and presentee of fun and games and safety and security is taking center stage. and local high school students are putting math and engineering talents to have a good time.
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"action news" continues here is what is happening on "action news" wednesday night. it was suppose to be a get away and a luxury winter wonderland. bad weather stuck thousands of tourists at a ski resort. and a showcase for all
5:30 pm
electronics but it's focusing less on the games and more on keeping people secure. >> and southern california digging out after leaving more than a dozen people dead and efforts to locate those still missing. search efforts are underway in california after wild fires a few weeks ago. marcy gonzales has the latest. >> the rain has left and that say benefit for crews searching around the hundred homes destroyed or damaged looking for surviv survivors. >> a desperate mission looking for people missing including these two sisters. >> my mom i'm fighting with all my heart to find her. >> dozens of people pulled to safety by helicopter including
5:31 pm
this family of five. at least 15 people were killed including the head master of a catholic school in venturventur. they were swept from the home and she was later rescued. >> this ongoing disaster follows the large effort wild fire in history that wiped out vegetation that could have topped the boulders and debris and that onslaught ripping homes from their foundations and burying multimillion-dollar mansions so deep in places only the chimneys are visible. >> my neighbor's house is devastated. >> oprah winfrey posting this on instagram. hundreds are people are still stranded and the mudslide taking out the reservoir leaving residents with no drivening water and no electricity.
5:32 pm
>> that water service may not be restored for months meaning the entire town may have to be evacuated. channel 6 "action news." thousands of tourists are make rg their way out of a ski resort in switzerland after being trapped by treacherous snow. thousands were trapped after heavy snow blocked roads and train tracks. and efforts slowed down when officialed warned of avalanches and skiers are taking it in stride. >> we are very well and very cold looking forward to getting back down the mountain. >> the tourist board echos that saying while people can't hit the slopes there is no immediate danger if people stay put for a while and try to have some fun. president trump is attacking a court ruling that temporarily drops the atestimony to end daca.
5:33 pm
giving legal status to undomed immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. the court ruled that the trump administration must accept renewal applications from current dreamers and the justice department is promising to fight the decision. >> he is bowing out of what promised to be one of the nation's most hotly contested races and his district is one of seven districts that hillary clinton won. and school officials in new orleans say they received hundreds of hate mail including death threats of a teacher being handcuffed after a school board meeting. she was removed from the meeting after complaining of a lack of teacher pay raises and she was forcibly handcuffed and removed from a hallway. the teachers union and aclu is
5:34 pm
looking into the incident. the defendant rolly rockland spoke out outside of the courthouse. he allegedly spray painted black power on the statue the trial is slated to begin in march. firefighters responded to a reported explosion at a south philadelphia car shop this morning. the action cam was on the scene of greenway avenue at 67th street where smoke was seen pouring out of the billing. no word on what the explosion was or what may have caused it. and now they looking to make philadelphia the first no kill city. they outlined steps to provide humane alternatives for dogs and cats. coordinating efforts between
5:35 pm
rescue groups. >> it's a beginning of a new way to work together and support each owner and ultimate maly do more for the people and pets in the city that need us all toward of making our ultimate goal of philadelphia as a no kill city. >> they hope it helps other cities strive to keep homeless animal as live and healthy. a new class of officers are ready for service. they graduated from lincoln high school in northeast philadelphia. the men and women successfully completed 13 weeks of tactical and cognitive exercises to prepare them for their new job. now an update on the high ways midweek. matt pellman is live. >> we are getting over the hump in a slow fashion on this wednesday afternoon. along the schuylkill eastbound is extra heavy from montgomery drive through this point on in
5:36 pm
toward vair avenue. we had a crash now gone. but westbound is busy by south street and 17 minutes more than double what it should be. and heading into the villanova basketball dame at the wells fargo center this evening, keep in mind as you come home on the schuylkill expressway there is scheduled construction in both directions by south street that could slow you down stay on 95 for the westbound schuylkill. water main breaks and northern liberties delaware at columbia avenue. and west philadelphia a break at 59th and callow hill that has the 15 trolley not running. and montgomeriville the crash along 309 northbound has cleared and north hamilton township a crash involving a pedestrian by suburban mobile and granite.
5:37 pm
money crews are on the scene. and a crash along evesham road by cups and cones and slowing there along 70 with speeds in the teens and water main breaks in camden county and one along the white horse pike and franklin avenue. and riding the rails, 45 minute delay on the ac rail line because of equipment issues. back over to you. >> thank you. we have breaking news to pass along from north philadelphia tonight. chopper 6 hd is over the scene of what is a gas leak in a neighborhood here. this is the 2500 block of north opal street in north philadelphia. we are told that philadelphia fire scenes are on the scene as well as emergency crews and the gas company. four homes have been evacuated as a precaution and no word on the cause of the leak but again the investigation is underway into a gas like in a north philadelphia neighborhood. a few homes were evacuated here.
5:38 pm
we'll keep an eye on the situation. and still to come on "action news" this evening, safety is taking center stage at the consumer electronics show. how a unique ring can call for help in case of an emergency. and philly proud the high school students that used engineering skills to bring play time to local youngsters. and temperatures in the last few days warmeste esest air. and winter makes a come back i'll explain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. and all right in sports jeff skversky is here with the eagles as they get ready to face the falcons at the linc on saturday. we go live to south philadelphia when "action news" continues tonight.
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philadelphia students traveled to camden today to a m asemable the play houses they designed and built. two are in philadelphia and two are in camden. camden got their house today. and this play house project was
5:42 pm
made possible by an $8,000 grant. nice job. all right jeff skversky here with sports and eagles are working hard because we are three days out. >> their motto take a deep breath and exhale and focus on football. alshon jeffrey caught a glimpse of nick foles in huddle he looked more relaxed and confident. hopefully that leads them to a win against the falcons, lets go live to jaime apody live in south philadelphia with more as the eagles get set with the falcons. >> jeff, alshon jeffrey one of 26 eagles that have never played in a playoff game they are trying to embrace the moment knowing the chance to host the nfc championship doesn't come around all that often and doug piecer son is making the playoff debut. he knows how valuable that
5:43 pm
experience can be and had his guys that do have rings like torrey smith stand up and address the team about what it takes to get there. >> even when are you young i'm not sure if you get it until -- this is year seven for me. and that is like man, it's really elusive. and there are great players that never have the opportunity to go to the playoffs. it's important for you to understand it's not a guarantee. >> they have won super bowls and they are special teams and we have a special team. you have to listen to what they have to say. >> garret blunt won a super bowl with the patriots last year. and brett celek also addressed the team. he never won a super bowl the last time he was in the playoffs his second season nine years ago. he told the players, you got to embrace the moment you never
5:44 pm
know when it will come around again. that message really hit home. >> so true. they have not won a home playoff game in 11 years. the sixers spent the morning sightseeing in london taking a team pick in front of the tower bridge. they are looking for a win. the sixers face the celtics across the pond and a winning record and boston is the best team in the east and sixers trying to keep this run alive. >> we tried in december that was the hallmark, last year we had a great month of january and this year looking like we'll have another great one. we have to keep playing together and learn how to play with each other and keep on getting better. >> claude giroux is getting better and going back to the all-star game. the flyers leading scorer and second in the nhl named the
5:45 pm
all-star game for the fifth time. >> college hoops number one ranked villanova with a game against 10th ranked xavier. the first game since reclaiming the top spot in the country. >> it's tough on our guys sometimes, it's a great challenge. i think they understand that you are going see guys on film can and when they step on the court they play at another level. >> have you to bring another level for teams coming out trying to out play us and we have to come out and try to play harder than them. we are every team's best shot. >> they are able to bring it to the next level and the next few games averaging 100 points per game and villanova known for the defense. a big test for them tonight. >> march madness around the kocher. a long corner -- >> still ahead on "action news" the exclusive accuweather forecast.
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>> and taking you live to the sky of camera at the ben franklin bridge. not as cold as it has been. we'll have the details when we come right back.
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and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000. cecily is here for adam. a walk on the wild side that is lovely. >> it's great when mid-40s feels great. we are warming up even more over the next two days and then temperatures trend down. >> we'll take what we can get.
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>> first things first today was great. >> the action cam, you are done now give me my three minutes. the action cam in rittenhouse square earlier today where you can see sunshine also notice on the ground that four inches of snow we had last thursday is melting away very quickly. and the felting will continue with temperatures like this. 42 degrees currently in philadelphia. and allentown trenton and reading 41 and the atlantic city airport 39 and millville 41 and wilmington currently 39 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have peeks of sunshine and the clouds rolled in this afternoon and plenty of cloud cover over the next two days and a good soaking on friday. and tonight the good news is with the cloud cover, it insulates the earth and temperature not as cold as last night. philadelphia 35 degrees and the
5:50 pm
cooler suburbs, the far northwestern areas temperatures will be dropping below freezing. future tracker 6 showing you won't see is the sunglasses tomorrow and the clouds are in place all day long at 3:00 the good veil of cloud cover and fog developing on thursday night and friday morning we are dealing with fog and rain. so i think the friday morning commute could be slow, 9:00 a good shrug of moisture over us and on and off through the day on friday we deal with rain. 4:00 a little bit of break on i-95 areas to the west and heavier rain across the coast and fills in again friday night into saturday morning. 6:30 it's still raining and then the rain moves out by the afternoon. the cooler air will be blowing in and we are looking at a good soaking especially areas north and west. and philadelphia looks like an inch, probably closer to a quarter inch along the coast and allentown and reading and the poconos likely around an inch and a half to two inches of
5:51 pm
rain. and the problem on friday we'll have the melting snow in addition to the rain. a lot of drains are blocked by the slush. frozen ground cannot absorb water and we could have localized flooding and it doesn't look to be widespread but good idea to get the slush out of the drains and friday be careful could be ponding of water, dry for the eagles game on saturday. taking on the falcons, brightening sky but it will be cold. kickoff temperature 41 and by the fourth quarter 36 degrees and winds 25 miles per hour. and you will want to bundle up if you head to the game. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast despite lots of clouds our high tomorrow 50 degrees and friday 62 with fog and rain and saturday transition day early morning rain and that high of 50 we hit that in the morning and temperatures drop and clouds clear and sunday, back to reality.
5:52 pm
temperatures back below freezing with a high of 29 degrees it stays cold for monday's martin luther king holiday, 28 degrees and tuesday 32 with a clip their will likely bring us snow showers and doesn't look to be a big event and behind the system it stays cold on wednesday with a high of 30 and we have a big temperature rebound by next week and roller coaster temperatures friday you need the umbrella. >> thank you. keep track of the rising temperatures at there you can see the hourly and seven-day forecast, as well as view stories to help you get through any type of weather. former olympic figure skater tonya harding says she was scared for her own safety after the baton attack on her fellow skater, kerry -- >> and i am always it's bad
5:53 pm
person is a challenge from the lord to see how far i can be pushed and break before i'm nothing. you can't push me that far anymore. >> nancy kerrigan was clubbed on the knee before the championships. and find out what harding told abc news about the attack. in a special truth and lies. tomorrow night at 9:00 on 6 abc. still ahead on "action news," the tech toys of the future. and we'll look at newest products at this year's consumer electronics show. when "action news" continues tonight. ,000 in america last year.
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we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain.
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addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you. the show got underway in las vegas and we got a look at what experts think say hot product of the future. this is the ring that could alert your family. it's a small panic button and
5:56 pm
can send your location to emergency responders and alert family and friends about your dill emanuele -- another interesting product is music to the ears of new parents a device to help babies sleep better, the hugsy heart beat records a mother's heartbeat and repeats the sound for the baby. it sits inside of a stuffed animal to comfort older children. and if you are in the market for a new best friend and don't want to deal with long walks and pet hair. this may be for you. this is abo, sony's new robotic dog, a reboot from a robot in the 90s but learned a lot of new tricks since then. it has artificial intelligence and sense issers like self driving cars. and can sit on command and
5:57 pm
respond to a back scratch. he is not cheap costs about $1800. >> you can hire a staff and have a real dog. jim gardner is standing by next at 6:00. we are following the svel developments of a death of a penn state student in california. >> also, packages discarded and not delivered where dozens of boxes that were suppose to be delivered by amazon was discovered on the street. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, monica malpass and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. wednesday night and governor wolf declares a disaster money for the opioid crisis in pennsylvania and philadelphia police are looking for this man, they say stabbed a septa passenger with a screw driver. but the big story on "action news" is the search for university of pennsylvania student blaze bernstein that has come to a tragic end in orange county, california. the 19-year-old's body has been found in a park in lake forest after bernstein went missing on january 2nd. lawmen are calling this a homicide and he was home on winter break from penn. >> sara bloomquist is live at penn tonight with more on this. >> reporter: jim penn students are learning the tragic news as
6:00 pm
they come back from winter break today. late this afternoon investigators in orange county california updated reporters on the case saying that the recent heavy rain in california helped them find blaze bernstein's body. and they will not elaborate. they believe they are investigating a homicide. >> news came this afternoon that law enforcement in california are investigating the death of blaze bernstein as a homicide. his parents visibly overcome with emotion read a statement to reporters late this afternoon. we learned that the o.c. sheriff's department confirm that our family's worst fears could come true. >> the penn sophomore was home over winter break and last seen at 11:00 on january 2nd while entering the park not far from his parents house. he went to the parkway friend to meet a third person, all


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