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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 10, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they come back from winter break today. late this afternoon investigators in orange county california updated reporters on the case saying that the recent heavy rain in california helped them find blaze bernstein's body. and they will not elaborate. they believe they are investigating a homicide. >> news came this afternoon that law enforcement in california are investigating the death of blaze bernstein as a homicide. his parents visibly overcome with emotion read a statement to reporters late this afternoon. we learned that the o.c. sheriff's department confirm that our family's worst fears could come true. >> the penn sophomore was home over winter break and last seen at 11:00 on january 2nd while entering the park not far from his parents house. he went to the parkway friend to meet a third person, all week
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deputies friends and parents searched the area and recent rain helped them locate the body yesterday. i can't comment on the condition of the body that is part of the active investigation but i could tell that you based on what we saw the sheriff's investigators believe this is a homicide. >> deb knew him from a club for foodies and she was the managing editor of the club's magazine. >> it's shocking and very sad for him and his family and our hearts go out to them. >> police execute aid search warrant last night and are actively following leads to arrest blaze bernstein's killer. >> this woman is my rock, our children, are so strong, and we just want to see a resolution. >> the autopsy was set to be performed today. also over this past winter break
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a penn freshman and his family were killed in a plane crash in costa rica. the provost of university life put out a letter to the entire student body this afternoon encouraging them to hug their friends and roommates, counseling services are made available. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia police have released this picture of the man they say stabbed a septa passenger with a screw driver and the search continued for the suspect and it happens on the route 23 bus in german town this morning. officials say the two had an argument and the suspects swung the screw driver and the 19-year-old victim had a cut on his lip that required stitches. he does not know the suspect. local residents and customers of amazon want no know how and why their packages were discarded in various locations of roxborough and some were
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found tossed in dumpsters. gray hall is now live on outon street. the problem for residents and the problem for amazon as well. >> indeed it is jim and not a good problem. here is what we can tell you amazon says the company they hired to deliver the packages, the company did not do a good job and folks living in the area are frustrated and hope this was an is late the incident. >> it's an epidemic in roxborough there was packages left all over the neighborhood. >> she says she noticed several amazon packages discarded out in the snow and being a concerned resident she went house to house to make sure they got to the rightful owners, i was shocked and surprised and then up set. this is someone's stuff you tossed to the side of the road. >> marcia was waiting for the package and after the discovery posted it on facebook and other reads complained about missing
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packages or that they saw packaged in their neighborhoods. >> i would hope it doesn't happen ever again and be aware of it. it may not seem like a big deal to them. for people like us that order it's our money and we want them. >> they say in a statement we are addressing this with the delivery service provider and will continue to work directly with customers on matters related to package delivery. >> they believe the same driver placed the wrong package at her doorway. >> i don't foe if it's cheerios or someone ordered medical equipment they really need. or how much is this really hurting someone else. >> and most residents use amazon and never had a problem and they hope that the incident is corrected and will not be repeats. >> there could be packages all over roxborough that are not
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found or picked up so who knows. >> back out live. we are told that representatives from amazon contacted the folks living in the neighborhood and apologized and chatter on social media that the philadelphia police department actually helped to return some of those discarded item els. we are not able to confirm that. if you are impacted contact amazon's customer service department. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. pennsylvania governor tom wolf declared a statewide disaster emergency because of the opioid addiction crisis. he hopes that the executive order will give addal tools to help address the problem. it creates a command center in harrisburg and drug monitoring programs and make its easier to get people in drug treatment. >> we know the crisis has taken far too many lives and broken far too many families and
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decimated far too many communities and has gone on far too long. >> there are more than 4600 fatal overdoses in 2016. the states overdose rate is more than twice the national average. >> one day after the atlantic county prosecutor, charged dr. james kauffman with the murder of his wife, april. he is the talk of the town. walter perez is back in linwood today what is is the story. >> it is remarkable how many people in this part of south jersey they knew and loved april kauffman, and many are saying they are not surprised he was arrested but are shocked by the details to say the least. >> people are breathing a sigh of relief after an arrest is made in the murder of april kauffman. >> it puts the town at ease and people can move on from it. >> nobody was surprised that the
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suspect turned out to be her husband, dr. james kauffman but the alleged details left many in a state of disbelief. dr. kauffman is accused of hatching a murder for hire plot. that dr. kauffman enlisted the help of ferdinand augello, they allegedly hired a man francis mulholland after she threatened to divorce her husband and expose his enterprise. >> he was intent on having her kills as opposed to losing his financial empire. >> and neighbors say it's hard to believe that a physician could allegedly do something so is sinister. >> it's not something you think a professional person a doctor or lawyer. anybody for that matter but anyone r anybody that is a professional. >> his business endured for five
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years after april's death. >> this captured the scene after he was arrested on weapons charged last june and six people are also arrested facing racketeering charges linked to the case. >> shock that someone can do something like that. nobody can plan the perfect crime. nobody. >> the first court date for the people arrested in this case, including kauffman and augello is scheduled for tomorrow. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. based on the decision today pennsylvania will keep its congressional map. a federal judicial panel ruled against a group of democratic voters who sued saying the map favored republicans, it was drawn by the republican controlled state legislature in 2011. they say that it's one of the most jury mandering map tractor
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trailer country and they noted that the u.s. supreme court rejected the argument that party consideration should be kept out of deciding district maps and if appealed the case will go to the u.s. supreme court. and the council voted 10-3 in asking the president to resign. and they have set isled a complain of harassingment. hardly nagel was told to go to sensitivity training and she has not done so. >> this is just part of a long-term scheme to undermine the authority of the president, that i have experienced since two weeks before i took office with legislation to strip the powers of the president. i almost expected this. >> she says she has no intense to resign. coming up on "action news"
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falcons quarterback, matt ryan, versus the eagles. penn charter students sound off "action news" continues tonight.
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the eagles are face off against the falcons and quarterback matt ryan 4:30 on saturday and ryan say local product a graduate of penn charter school in the east falls section of philadelphia. how are penn charter kids feeling about all of this? trish hartman went to the school to find out. >> in this second grade classroom in east falls students are intently working on a class project but most have something else on their minds. >> do you know who matt ryan is? >> yes. >> who is matt ryan? >> the quarterback for the falcons. >> he won the mvp award and in the super bowl. he lost. >> he played in the super bowl last year and he went to the same school as mine. >> against any other team they
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would be rooting for quarterback matt ryan. he played football at penn charter and graduated in 2003 so in this weekend's playoff game against the eagles these quakers have to decide where their loyalties truly lie. >> do you like matt ryan? >> yes. >> do you want him to win? >> no. >> while here we are to dig out the yearbook from 2003. and it's filled with pictures of him on the football field and all of these years later with all the people that know and love him there are a lot of people rooting against him. >> no disrespect to matt ryan a penn charter grad. even if my own mother was playing the eagles i would have to root for the eagles. >> but not everybody bleeds eggs green. matt's cousin says that family comes first. >> family and football. my mom says that is the motto we live by. and that is what we have done.
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>> no matter what happens someone is celebrating here. trish hartman, channel 6 "action news"
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. one of the benefits of the by gives body a chance to heal and eagles in better health than a while. >> and they feel great and have a week off and able to spend time with their family and refreshed and ready to go and win a football game on saturday. eagles fans may be cautiously hospitalistic, lets face it the linc will be rocking and that will be the x factor against the atlanta falcons. jaime apody was at eagles practice today at team headquarters. >> the eagles are underdogs saturday and we talk about that. they are bigger underdogs than we thought. since the match-up was announced
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the falcons are favored by 3 points on saturday. the reason for that is that nobody has faith in nick foles as it's backup despite he had success before. he led the birds to the playoffs the last time they were here four year ago. the offense are they taking offense that the eagles are nothing without carson wentz. >> that is the story line right now. you know, without 11 we are nothing basically and that is what we are hearing and we are excited to come out on saturday and showcase what we can do. >> obviously losing him was a big deal but there are other pieces on the field that helped to win the games. each person, every position that had to step up it's not all foles by any means. >> if you want the magic bullet
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for saturday. it's jay ajayi. he is the only eagle that played the falcons here in week five with the dolphins still. he ran for 130 yards against them the most anyone running back has run against them this season. >> plus the eagles never lost a diffation game when they were underdogs. and are claude giroux's best days behind him no, he was named to the all-star game today for the fifth day time. >> and taking a picture on front of the tower bridge the sixers have their sights set on a playoff spot. beating the celtics tomorrow in london could help but this trip could it mess up their mojo right now? >> not really. i think that once are you into a
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ridge rhythm and play so much it's just another game for us. >> temple looking to end their five game losing streak and last but not least. the number one ranked villanova hosting 10th ranked xavier later tonight. the first game since reclaiming the number one spot in the nation and yes it will be a tough one. >> xavier is a great team and well coached and great players and shoot the ball well there are so many positives to them. it's hard to match up but we'll have to come out and play villanova basketball the best we can and it will be a fight. they beat them twice last year and favorites to win this game as long as they don't play like the butler game. coming up sonia sotomayor here with the accuweather forecast. el: broke, homeless,
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today feeled like the middle of summertime. >> 44 degrees, wait until tomorrow in the 50s and friday in the 60s with rain. let go live to sky 6 hd, wearing shorts. taking a look at the rothman ice rink a nice night to get out done skating and walking and temperatures on the mild side. we warm up as we head to the weekend and a lot of eyes on what is going to be happen on saturday for the divisional playoff game at the link. eagles falcons and if you head there bundle up. we have cold air arriving during the day on saturday. the clouds are breaking and the
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rain will be over but it is going to be breezy and temperatures are dropping at 4:00, when we have the kickoff 4:30, 31 degrees and by the end of the game in the 30s and feeling cooler thanks to the wind and at least it's dry. until then we warm things up and right now it's mild 41 in philadelphia down from the high of 44. two days in a row with high in the 40s. reading 40 and cape may 39 and trenton 41. satellite 6 along with action radar showing us we started the day with sunshine and clouds rolling in and we'll have cloud cover over the next two days. with the clouds tonight. insulating the earth with winds out of the south-southeast not nearly as cold as last night. temperatures in the teens and 20s and black ice, tonight 35 degrees in philadelphia and suburbs up to the northern and lehigh valley and berks county will slip slightly below freezing and tomorrow even with
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all the clouds, look at this. 50 degrees in philadelphia. 10 degrees above normal. 48 in allentown and 49 in cape may and dover likely up to how degrees and the rain should be holding off until late tomorrow night. and it moves in time for friday morning at 9:00. the rain is here and also through the day on friday. we will be dealing with fog. that is going to slow down the commute even more. waves of rain it's not pouring all day long and a break in the action at 3:30 by i-95. it fills in friday night and heavy rain around 10:00. and that rain lasting into early saturday morning and as we head through midmorning, around lunch time. that moisture moving out and the clouds breaking and that is when the cold air will be moving in. future tracker 6 showing we are looking at a good soaking friday into saturday morning. philadelphia an inch and .75 inch along the coast and areas north and west of the lehigh valley and poconos and berks
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county an inch of rain. that could cause problems drains blocked by slush and the frozen ground condition really absorb the water and that can a cause runoff and generally minor street flooding on friday and saturday. early saturday. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's mostly cloudy and mild though. 50 degrees and 62 on friday with the fog and the rain. and the high of 50 we hit that early on saturday. and then reality check, back below freezing sunday and monday for the martin luther king holiday, tuesday 32 degrees with snow showers and wednesday it cools off with a high of only 32 degrees and signs that a warm-up moves in by next week a roller coaster ride with temperatures. abc world news with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and adam joseph and ducis rogers. and then please join us for a special report at 11:00 here on
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channel 6. a new jersey family's dog dies while getting groomed at pet smart. only "action news" sat down in their home and heard the heart-wrenching details. >> they gave us the news that the dog was dead upon arrival. my baby was dead upon arrival. chad pradelli has the story tonight at 11:00. for cecily tynan and jeff skversky and ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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tonight, as we come on the air, the desperate search right now. the deadly mudslides. rescue teams trying to get into homes swallowed by the mud. at least two dozen people still missing. searchers breaking through rooftops. the coast guard helicopter rescuing a family of five. miles of highway blocked. oprah winfrey posting video. the damage right outside her window. and these pictures just in tonight. the son that raced into the home to save his parents just as the mud came crashing into their home. president trump tonight, after once telling our correspondent he would "100%" answer questions under oath in the russia invest game, tonight, signaling something much different. the deadly flu outbreak. 46 states. a 21-year-old son, an as piring trainer and a 19-month-old boy both dying. and if you get the flu shot right


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