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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  January 11, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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remembered by candle light, a vigil held for the penn student found in a california park. >> fire rips through a diner in south jersey. >> let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers with accuweather and traffic good morning. >> reporter: good morning, fortunately out there we're above freezing. >> reporter: feeling better out there, even though we're in the 30s, you will want a coat. we have a fair amount of cloud cover out there, some breaks to the west, it's not out of the question we'll see a sunny break as we go through the day. temperatures are mild and we'll get better than that later on. we have rain to the west, that is scooting east that will be later tonight. even tonight's rain is light and spotty. 39 in wilmington and millville. 38 in trenton. even in the cooler areas like allentown and reading we're
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above freezing. no icing problems, if the numbers drop in and around the areas up north, maybe you get an icy patch. not nearly the problem as the last couple of mornings. as we go through the day it will be mild. we'll call to cloudy skies and sunny breaks, temperatures increasing, 48 degrees by 1:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 50. i'm going for a high of 52 degrees today. we may not get there until early in the evening. with warm air moving in overnight, the testers have a tendency to rise. that sets us up for a milder day tomorrow and we'll see rain, as well. >> reporter: all right, dave as you drive around it's not raining, but the roads are wet from all the melting we've seen laterally. outside live this is the schuylkill expressway at south street. temperatures above freezing it's damp out here. looking okay. both ways construction has
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cleared. we had the construct westbound shut down overnight hours at south street. crews will begin tonight at 9:00 p.m. and gin the process of shutting that down. on the big picture, here in university city market street we've got a water main break at 34th street, watch for crews on the scene there. another water main break on 130 northbound at river ton road look for this in cinnaminson blocking the right lane. 295 northbound we have an accident approaching 541, crews have left the scene, the accident is clear, all lanes reopened looking better. an accident investigation continues to block 38 eastbound that could be a big deal right here in cherry hill, new jersey, if the crews stay out here when the volume picks up. 38 eastbound approaching mall drive, watch for that being shut down. stick to church road, chapel avenue and route 70. >> shots are fired at police in camden county, new jersey. people in the neighborhood are forced to shelter in place as a tense standoff lasts through the
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night into this morning. let's go live to jeanette reyes in gloucester township. >> reporter: matt, this barricade situation going into its 9th hour with no signs ending anytime soon. take a look behind me, we've been pushed a distance away, three-quarters of a mile away. this is timber creek high school. half of the parking lot is filled with emergency vehicles and ambulances. this started at 9:00 p.m. when gloucester township police received a report of shots fired in the area of hampshire road. police say the suspect is hostile toward them, firing shots at police and armored vehicles filled with officers. we are told 18 people were
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evacuated, the rest of the residents in the area have been told to shelter in place for their own safety take a listen. >> the armor rescue vehicle of the gloucester township police department our information it has been struck numerous time with officers directly inside taking fire. >> my signature signature any - friend heard gunshots after 12:00. it was a lot of gunshots she heard. >> reporter: come back here live, this is the red area police want residents to shelter in place. again, for their own safety because there a fluid situation, no word on whether or not negotiations have been started at this point. another thing that we just got word on, gloucester township public schools are closed, this is the high school and i can tell you this parking lot is nowhere near being prepared to take on hundreds of students as for this high school it is a
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staging area. gloucester township public schools are closed for today because of this on going barricade situation. if you want more information when it comes to that map you can find that at, or the app. we'll keep you posted as soon as we get additional updates which we expect in the coming hours. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for the new details jennette. breaking overnight, fire damaged a south jersey diner flames were shooting through the country town diner when firefighters arrived to south white horse pike and east broad street. no injuries reported. a vigil will be held for those mourning the death of a students. a candle light vigil was held for 19-year-old blaze burnstein. officials say burnstein was home on winter break and went to the
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park to meet someone the night of january 2. that night he went missing, his death is being investigated as a homicide. >> blaze was a brilliant thoughtful man who shined light on the lives and the people of the community he touched. >> burnstein was in the park with a friend who was the last person to see him alive and has been interviewed by police several times. >> a water main break has knocked out water service to a highrise for senior citizens in philadelphia. more than 200 units were affected in west airy. the water has been shut off since yesterday morning. bottled waters is being given to the residents. a dog fell through the ice in south jersey, cold water units in sweet water fire department sent a boat on the frozen water. the german shepherd named quincy
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did slipping and sliding, but walked away unharmed. philadelphia police officers are prepared for ice rescues. the police marine units ran drills yesterday, they took turns in full gear wearing specialized wet suits designed to protect them from frigid waters. >> pennsylvania is now under a disaster emergency due to the opioid addiction crisis governor wolf signed the executive order yesterday. it widens access to prescription drug monitoring. the declaration will be in effect for 90 days, pennsylvania's overdose rate is twice the national average. >> 5:37 a.m., the eagles face the falcons in the divisional playoff. falcons quarterback matt ryan is from chester county and graduate from the penn charter school in east falls section of philadelphia. against any other team it would be easy. these students would be rooting
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for ryan. now the quakers have to decide where their loyalties truly lie. >> do you like matt ryan? >> yeah. >> do you want him to win? >> no disrespect to matt ryan, even if my own mother was playing against the eagles, i would have to root for the eagles. >> sophomore matt said family comes first. share your videos and pictures with us, post them on the "action news" facebook wall. i know who we're rooting for. >> we want to hear about the weather today, i know you'll be looking ahead for the weather for the game. >> the weather will change for the worst in one way, but in one way for the better. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows dry conditions as we start out the morning commute. as we look outside, it's chilly
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enough for a coat. it's milder than it's been and people are out there enjoying the different feel that you've got. the temperature is almost 40, 39 degrees and with calm winds we don't have a windchill to worry about, but it feels differently as you step outside. 35 in allentown and reading, even up in the colder northern suburbs you're above freezing, no icing out there right now, hopefully the numbers stay above freezing over the next hour or so as they start to rise on up. satellite and radar showing we'll have sunny breaks today, but generally speaking we'll have mostly cloudy skies. 40 degrees by 10:00 a.m. 44 by noon. i'm going for a high of 52. it's a weird night where temperatures will be rising for a good period of an overnight because of a warm front coming through. along with the arrival of warmer air and that front there may be
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rain and we'll talk about that in a moment. generally speaking a mild afternoon dry during the day, mostly cloudy, 48 in allentown, 49 in reading, 52 in philadelphia. 53 in wilmington, 54 in trenton. 5 in millville. 51 in cape may. not too shabby. later this evening, a couple of spring -- sprinkles possible. 11:30 p.m. cesily tynan will have light sprinkles to show you. during the morning commute we'll have more widespread precipitation. oil can get you slipping and sliding. we'll let you know where it is actively raining on friday morning. friday morning, there's a chance of lulls, but there's a chance of heavy, steady rain most of it will track north and west of philadelphia, but even points south will get wet. again there could lulls another
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batch of rain coming in friday night into saturday morning is also a possibility there you see 6:00 a.m. on saturday. looks like most of the rain will get off the coast by 10:00 a.m. along the way you see the blue showing up in the northern and western areas we think that could slide down into our immediate northwest suburbs that could create icing issues, this could be late friday night into saturday morning, northwest suburbs northern bucks and montgomery and western chester and the lehigh valley and berks, could see freezing rain, it ends early saturday, a-m. that is late friday night into saturday morning in the northern and western areas you want to be careful. in the afternoon, here's the eagles forecast, it's good and it is dry. twitter follower saying it's dry worse than cold. it will get chillier on saturday, 49 degrees. 4 5:00 p.m. 31, we're in the
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30s at the end of the game. bundle up, holler like mad. today we have clouds 52, tonight, rain, maybe fog developing, too, into friday morning. friday we have periods of rain, it won't be raining all day, but at times it will be wet. 64 the mild high. saturday, temperatures fall, high of 49, but we're in the 30s in the late afternoon hours. sunday, blustery and colder, high of 29. mlk day, dry, high of 30 degrees, bundle up volunteers, we're watching a clipper system tuesday into wednesday, that could bring us light accumulating snow. thank you, david. 5:42 a.m., driver's close call is caught on video as a driver spins out on a busy interstate. >> immigration agents raid convenience stores in our area and across the country. we have new images this morning showing the crackdown. >> reporter: we're live on i-95 no problems just yet, southbound
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traffic at allegheny, the overnight construction is clear, surprisingly we have water main breaks in the area, we'll talk about that next. welcome back,e
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look at the commodore barry bridge, something going on at the base, you see the bright lights there. it's nice to be above freezing, 39 degrees, 5:45 a.m. >> could be the headless
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boatman. >> he comes out in october. >> reporter: in the fall for shore. let's look at the schuylkill expressway we're live in king of prussia. we had a disabled vehicle here it just cleared, now traffic is moving nicely. eastbound traffic heading toward gulph mills. no delays and no big volume just yet, either. you're doing already on the schuylkill expressway. let's go over to chester county and check on the accident that just cleared old eagle road at upper we'dly -- weedily road. a water main break at cleveland at college avenue in new castle county causing problems stick to main street and chapel to avoid it. cinnaminson, water main break at river ton road. this blocks the right lane. cherry hill, 38 eastbound is blocked approaching mall drive an accident investigation going on right now, stick to church road or chapel avenue or route
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70 instead. since it's so early volume on route 70 is still not a problem. if you know cherry hill it's across the street from the mall. 34 in malvern. in center city, 39. 36 in browns mills, above freezing, we had a lot of melting yesterday, you should not be doing too much sliding. 52 degrees, enjoy the mild weather, matt. >> the death toll from the california mudslides has risen to 17 people. 500 first responders are on a search and rescue focusing on a list of missing people and their addresses. 17 people were found dead. it disaster follows the state's wildfire that wiped out vegetation that could have slowed down the fast moving floodwaters and debris. a driver recorded a close
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call in florida a vehicle spins out in palm beach after avoiding on coming cars, the driver regains control and continues in the right direction somehow no worse for wear. employees of a texas fast food restaurant came to the rescue of a woman who lost her purse while driving to nora muchanic. she stopped in lubbock and three hours later she realized she left hers purse is he restaurant. she offered to pay forrestaurano her, but the workers paid for the overnight shipping and included a couple of cows, very nice.
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it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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just kind of ties in very well. girl scout cookies selling begins a week from today. the deliver driver got a reception when he delivered the cookies to a philadelphia neighborhood. >> volunteers unloaded more than 12,000 boxes of cookies. they will be separated for area girl scouts to pick up and sell. >> reporter: this is the first year my daughter is not in girl scouts. we used to have boxes and boxes. >> reporter: you have to go out and buy some. >> reporter: we eat all the profits. let's go outside and check the roads, cape may county, garden state parkway at the cape may tolls. looking good, roads are wet from all the melling. they had a lot of snow in cape may county didn't they, to melt.
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they will be doing that today. atlantic city rail lines, delays up to 45 minutes due to on going equipment issues. that's the big issue with mass transit. >> reporter: it's comfortable as you step outside, almost at 40 degrees in philadelphia and wilmington. even in the cooler spots like allentown and reading, 35 degrees everybody above freezing. feeling better than overall the last couple of weeks. this afternoon it will be mild, 44 degrees by noon, 49 by 5:00 p.m. probably hitting 5:00 p.m. temperature at 50, i'm going for a high of 52. that may not hit until later this evening. it's a weird evening where you have rising temperatures as a warm front comes through in the overnight hours. nice this afternoon despite the clouds, though, matt and tam? >> it is 5:52 a.m., before the iphone, blackberries, they may be making a come back.
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with a $2 medium latte from 2 to 6 pm. america runs on dunkin'. news," gloucester township schools are closed. highland regional highly, timber
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creek regional high school and highland regional high school are closed because of a barricade situation in gloucester county. residents were told to shelter in place, someone in a home is firing at police and police vehicles. in the tri-state area was part of an immigration raid at 7-eleven stores nationwide. u.s. immigration agents said they were cracking down on employers who higher undocumented immigrants. 100 stores in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware are under audit. the results of investigation could lead to criminal charges or large fines. amazon customers in philadelphia want to know how and by their packages were disordered in rocks bore -- roxborough section. some were in dumpsters. a woman went house to house to
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make sure they were given to their rightful owners. >> i was shocked and surprised and got upset and thought this was somebody's stuff you tossed to the side of the road. >> she contacted amazon, amazon re-released a statement saying we are addressing with the delivery person provider and will work with customers on package delivery. someone is barricaded in a home in gloucester township and we'll have an update on that situation. >> midair etiquette how to be a model passenger on a plane. gos
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6:00 a.m., thursday, january 11. we're following breaking news. bullets are fired at police officers during a tense standoff in camden county. the barricade situation has been going on for hours and schools in the area have canceled classes today. >> the doctor behind the plot to kill his wife will be in court today. >> we're getting tempts listen to this, up in the 60s. we're tracking a rainy end to your workweek. >> reporter: it's not a bad way to start the day. there's a difference, karen, as you step outside, you can see satellite there's a fair amount of cloud cover out there, we're expecting mostly cloudy skies, but sun breaking through. we'll have rain coming in from the west that will not be


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