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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 13, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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we have team coverage of the bird win over the falcons at the link. "action news" is next. ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. ♪ > >> we are headed to the championship game.
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that is giving fans and jeffrey laurie a reason to fans. the birds did what they had to do and came out on top at the link. saturday night, i'm walledder perez. eigto of the night is the eagle wins. the a hde shext weekend. very exciting. we have team coverage, ducis rodgers and jamie apody is live. >> annie mccormick with fans. >> not many giving them a shot, the eagles beating the odds. they win a playoff game for the first time in a decade, one win away from going to the s first e 2004 season. the eagles rocking after a rocky
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start, eagles get going, second quarter, la garrett blunt, bang. eagles up 6-3. lconse the lead. matt ryan out of trouble. ea trouble. freeman, eagles down 10-6. it comes dow to this, eagles up five after three. falcons on fourth and goal. eagles need to stop ryan, jones, incomplete. eagles win, 15-10, their firsti. so much for being underdogs. jeffrey laurie and the birds are feeling it tonight, celebrating in the locker room, a win away fromhe let's go live to the oders and jamie apody are on needles. nerve wracking
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absolutely. it was their first playoff g since 2009. they were head today the championship game and we are all o the injuries, a people they lost. it was truly special. the guys celebrating as they's a what it like after the game.wou feel? >> i feel great! i feel great! >> i feel great! >> we have more work to do. >> at the end of the day, we found a way to win the game, under dogs or favorite. love all of those guy in that locker room right there. they don't care. i don't care. >> it's humbling to be up here to go to the championship game
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with the philadelphia eagles. it's been a crazy ride. i'm excited i get to do it with these guys. >> coming up, ducis, a first for me in my career, i interview a dog. >> we are looking forward to that. next sunday, the eagles in the championship game against the saints or minnesota vikings. for jamie apody, i'm ducis rodgers. jeff, back to you. >> they are all hoping secretly that they are underdogs again, ing the unddo mentality. it helped them this week going against the falcons. they have another one next sunday at 6:40 for the afc title game. >> theyound a win. that'sll matters. >> when the birds win, eagle nation wins as well. let's head back to the link with
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annie mccormick and fan reaction. >> if you want to know what fans sound like learning they are one game away from the superbowl, take a listen -- [cheering and shouting ] >> they played great! >> eagles! >> just moments afrfireworkses e lincoln financial field, the masses ofag fans exploded with excitement. >> hit 'em low, him et high, watch your eagles fly! >> it was close to the end. we stopped them. it doesn't get any better than that, baby. >> i thought we had 'em. i respect philadelphia and all of their fans. >> anxiety levels went through the roof. the devoted never wavered. >> we'll see you next sunday!
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>> we'll be back here next weekend! >> are you getting superbowl tickets? >> we are going to the superbowl, winning next weekend at home with this crowd. >> phillies behind us. it's all us. >> going into the game everyone was talking about how cold it was. leaving the game, no one mentioned it. i guess winning makes you warmer. outside of the link, annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." >> we move on to chickees and petes. the birds move on and the fans are excited. >> that's right. the place was packed during the game. penn fans are relaxing, celebrating and sighing a breath of relief. >> it was a game that kept fans on the edge of their seats until
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the end. >> with the defense, it refused to give up in the final minutes of the game. >> the eagles held off the falcons and fans rejoiced. >> eagles! >> i was sweating a little bit, but i know we won! >> it was very stressful. i cried a little bit. tears of joy at the end. >> they got me scared. they just got to do something with the quarters. we need help. we need two more. >> we found a pair of fans that decided not to make the trip to the links for a good reason. >> i wanted to go to the game, but she didn't want to go because she's almost in labor. >> is the baby kicking? >> a lot.
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>> these fans lived in atlanta and had to watch the game in eagle country. >> are you calling your friends at home now? >> no. >> we asked folks who they would like to see the birds play next week. most people we spoke to hope for a match up against the vikings. trish hartman, channel6 "action news." walter? >> if you want ticks to the championship game, clear the calendar for tuesday morning. a limited number of tickets will go on sale at 10:00 at ticket or call them directly. ticket prices 170 to $255 and standing only $135. there is a four ticket limit for households. good luck. >> all week long uivel sending pictures of eagle spirit on full display, kids to dogs and cats.
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here are some of the best of the bunch. to post yours use the hash tag, 6abc. >> moving on to the forect it's cold out there. dip today. melissa magee is here with the accuweather forecast. melissa? >> walter, the january thaw we had friday didn't last long. right now in philadelphia, 21-degrees. three in syracuse, 10 in buffalo and 8 in pittsburg. wind out of the northwesterly direction, most spots along the i-95 corridor single digits feeling like six in philadelphia, minus two in pittsburg. satellite 6 with action radar showing a mostly clear sky through the rest of the night and high pressure through the ohio valley headed our way into sunday. we have a windchill advisory for
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the poconos until sunday, windchill minus 5 to minus 15. it will be brisk sunday and we are watching for the chance of snow into tuesday. we look closely in the full forecast, walter. >> thanks, melissa. much more to come. a two car crash in burlington county sends a car in the lake. >> a terrifying morning in hawaii as residents received a warning a missile was headed toward the island. we'll tell you how long it took to figure out something was wrong. those stories and more on 6abc news.
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>> police in bucks county are investigating the death of two people in language horn. police arrived after a call for a welfare check. they found a 57-year-old man and 66-year-old woman dead inside. there are no signs of foul play. no word on the possible cause of death. >> new information tonight, one person is dead after a two-car crash sent one car into a body of water in burlington county at 5:00 in willingborrow. no word on a second person injured. police are working to find out why the driver lost control. >> firefighters were called to a
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fire at old capital trail 7:30 tonight. a 57-year-old man that lived there suffered smoke inhalation but refused to go to the hospital. it took an hour to get it under control. a 44-year-old woman was killed during a house fire in trenton about 2:30 a.m. on the 200 block of cast street. when firefighters arrived they found several people inside. all but one made it out alive. three others suffered serious injuries and remain in hospital tonight. it took 40 minutes to get the fire under control. no word how it started. the damage to this home was caused by a powerful explosion that sent a man crawling on to his lawn. it happened last night. homeowner tim mooney says everything seemed fine when he was thrown from the couch.
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it blew the back door half way across the backyard, took out the whole back of the house. >> investigators told mooney the explosion likely started with a gas line that leads to the water heater in the basement. for now he's staying with friends until he figures out what to do with his home of 50 years. >> a huge panic gripped hawaii this morning for about 40 minutes. residents and visitors received a telegram saying a ballistic missile was headed their way, this was not a drill and everyone should take shelter immediately. >> we were on the 36th floor of our hotel, and we didn't know what to do. >> we were 20 minutes off the beach. we didn't know what to do but paddle in. >> officials now say there was never a threat. a worker at the emergency
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manager's office hit the wrong button. many people wonder why it took 38 minutes to alert everyone that it was a false alarm. we have more on the story in the next half hour. >> much more to come on "action news" including the forecast. a look at sky 6 live at temple university, the center city skyline lit up in eagle green. how cool is that? melissa magee has the full accuweather forecast when "action news" comes right back. ♪ ♪ -hey! -♪ but sometimes i realize ♪ that the further i go ♪ the more that i know you prosper. and at santander bank respect adds up.
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>> the legendary band chicago cut can ribbon to open the parks casino. the space took years of planning but a year to build. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. we have said it many times, hot yesterday, cold today. nothing gets by me. it's really cold tonight. >> the high today was 61. that was at midnight. the majority of theday, windchills and temperature in the single digits. we are lit up in eagle green, the sirius center, go eagle go, fly eagles fly. we are so excited as the team continues to advance in the playoffs.
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sky 6 live in hd, looking at the commodore barry bridge. cape may at 25. beach haven, 22. here's the big difference. the high today 61. for the scrorty of the day, temperatures were in the 30s. windchill colder than that. 41-degrees colder right now in philadelphia than it was same time yesterday. nearly 50-degrees colder for allentown and reading than 24 hours ago, and 34-degrees cooler in millville. the winds certainly had a big player in our weather today. the peak wind pocono, 47. wilmington, 41. philadelphia, 40, 39 miles per hour and atlantic city, 38 miles per hour. windchill single digits six
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degrees, feeling like four and reading minus 14 in the poconos. you can see mostly clear skies. quiet across the mid-atlantic region tonight. the next 12 hours, clear, breezy, brisk and cold, dipping to 11 in the suburbs and 15 in philadelphia for the overnight low. a windchill advisory for carbon and monroe counties until 10:00 sunday. windchill minus 5 to minus 15 overnight hours. sunday, high pressure out of the ohio valley working its way eastward. mostly sunny tomorrow. below average. high at 27-degrees. we should be closer to 40 this time of year. here's the i-95 metro area. 7:00 in the morning, five degrees. 1:00 in the morning, teens.
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we stay in the teens throughout tomorrow afternoon. the seven-day forecast, sunny and brisk sunday, high at 27. sun on monday giving way to increasing clouds for martin luther king jr. day a high of 30. we are tracking a clipper system tuesday. high temperature then of 39 with light snow possible. early flurries wednesday morning, otherwise mostly cloudy, a high of 32. thursday, sunshine and clouds, 32. not as harsh on friday, milder next saturday, walter, the high at 49. >> thank you, melissa. >> sports is next on "action news." stick around, but first here are the powerball numbers.
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>> jeff skversky has sports, took him a half. nick foles looked good in the second half. >> coach loves that they never quick. nick foles says we are not done. faith in foles, little the last week but the quarterback throws
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that aside. number nine helps the eagles win their first playoff game in nine years. nick foles and the eagles, rough start, eagles fumble three times first half. in the nick of time, foles recovers. next play, la garrett blunt, fourth and one, eagles up 6-3 capping an 86-yard drive. falcons retake the lead. matt ryan out of trouble. eagles in trouble. eagles down 10-6. falcons score their points off turnovers. do you believe in miracles. torrey smith makes the grab leads to this, no time left in the half, jake elliot, rooky, 5.
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eagles up two, third and three they can put it away. eagles settle for another field goal up five. on the defense, 3:30 left, matt ryan to julio jones, 20-yards falcons alive. fourth and goal, malcolm jenkins says they knew what was coming based on their studying, incomplete. eagles win, 15-10, going to the title game next sunday. so much for being underdogs? the eagles are feeling it tonight. they are a win away from playing in the superbowl. jamie apody, the eagles are unrdogs. >> what an electric atmosphere
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here at the lincoln. they have overcome. they are going to the championship. >> it's amazing. the eagles number one seed at home. eagles felt like they were disrespected all week long especially by the media. birds say they used that as motivation. >> it doesn't matter what you talk about. that locker room is united. i'll go to bat for everyone in that dressing room. >> disrespect fuel you guys? >> absolutely. if you feel disrespected, you have to take respect. >> it's gratifying. especially the type of season we have had, all of the doubters and nay sayers. >> you use the disrespect to fuel you. you wore has mask. what is that for? >> it's the best underdog mask i could find. we are not theirst, we are not > his bark is bigger than his
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bite. >> i have never interviewed a dog before. always a first. i never a superbowl before either. >> that could be a first too. >> youer know. eagle cmpionship game next sunday, ducis rodgers, jamie apody, back to you. >> host the gamest time in 13 years next sunday. flyers back at it as well. they are picking up where they left off. more sports when we come back. ♪ ♪ el: broke, homeless,
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