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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 14, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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"action news", delaware val i's leading news program with gray hall, nydia han, and meteorologist chris sowers. thank you for joining us
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it is sunday january 14th aim gray hall alongside alycia vitarelli, nydia han is off. >> here are stories we are following on "action news" this sunday afternoon we are long more about a highway patrol officer shot a man in the stomach following a traffic stop in the kensington section of philadelphia. and eagles show what they are made of from the atlanta falcons recapping last night's big game and what is a head forbidder. plus why those players were on the field, fans were on the edge of their seat. >> and then, jumping with joy we will tell what you they have to say about the big win. >> indeed we will, more in a moment but first outside we will go for check of the exclusive forecast and meteorologist chris sowers, it is cold again. >> it feels better out here right now then it did this morning when we were on the air. temperatures still in the teens and 20's, wind chills in the single digits and teens and i must be catching a break here, is there not much wind on city avenue. 17 degrees in slatington, 17 in kutztown, 17 in quakertown,
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pottstown 18, malvern 19, center city 21, media 18, glassboro 20, fortecoup 21, tuckahoe 22, cinnamon sin 21. ewing, 21 degrees. wind chill values still showing single digits out there. we will see a couple of teens popping up but most of us are in that eight to 12 degrees range, minus five in the poconos, 12 for allentown, trenton and wilmington, eight in philadelphia, 13 in millville and 8 degrees in dover. satellite six with action radar mostly sunny skies are expected the rest of the way, this is a nice looking day, blustery and very cold, with high temperatures only topping out in the mid to upper 20's. yesterday, officially we will reach 61 degrees but that occurred just a short time after midnight, afternoon high was only 35, so as you can see we are quite a ways lower then that and actually 64 was the high today, before. tomorrow we are up a notch to 30. winds diminish but then on tuesday we are tracking a system pushing across plain
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states right now and that could bring accumulating snow to parts of the area tuesday evening into wednesday morning , we will be back in a few minutes and have very latest on that and nice warm up in the accu weather seven day forecast, guys, chris, thank you. eagles may be the number one seed but they are the under dog in last night's playoff game with the falcons, which just made that win even sweeter. >> yes, the excitement at linc was electrifying, despite rocky start, things heated up in the second quarter but they for the with the run ins to puttying also up six-three. jake elliott would miss extra point and falcons would make a come back following a, back. elliott puttying also back on top with the series of field goals and it all came down to this eagles up by five, falcons on fourth and goal, matt ryan, trying to connect, and julio jones, but an incomplete, eagles won their first playoff game in nine years, sports director ducis rodgers spoke with the team following the big win.
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>> it has been nine years since eagles last won a playoff game, ironically it has been nine years since they appeared in the nfc championship game. bird are now one step away from the super bowl after gut ting one out against atlanta last night. >> end of the day we will find a way to win the game, you know, whether we're under dogs , favored, listen, love all those guys, right there, they dent care, i don't care. >> unbelievable would be up here, very hum blink to go to the nfc champion ship game with the philadelphia eagles, and it has been a crazy ride, excited that i get to do with these guys. >> whole motto, you know, just do your job, nobody has to be super man, line up, know what you want to do, get out there. >> winner of today's saints/ vikings game will come here next sunday night with the conference title. with the bird at the linc i'm ducis rodgers for channel six "action news". and if the eagles win
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isn't enough to make you smile how about this eagles owner jeffery lurie dancing in the locker room, celebrating, last night's win, and you know he has the whole, they have all the moves. >> we have to give that dance a move. >> yes. >> eagles owner not only won dancing, like that, with the win, the fans were cheering throughout the streets of philadelphia with one thing on their mind, the super bowl. >> they know, there is only one more team, to beat, to get there, "action news" reporter bob brooks live, in south philadelphia with more reaction, from fans, this afternoon, and they are riding high to day. >> reporter: alycia and dray we are at pen rose diner right now if you are an eagles fan and here you're having an amazing morning and afternoon. getting great food celebrating an eagles win, as you can imagine confidence is as high as it has ever been. >> we're booking plans for super bowl. >> reporter: you are confident right now.
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>> that is right. >> we are riding the defense all the way. >> going to the championship game, going to minneapolis. >> reporter: confidence in the birdies high right now and why not, today fans at pen rose diner are enjoying the best food in town and still riding, way high, the big win against the falcons last night. >> go eagles, yes. >> we will start with reaction on the d, they held a high powered atlanta owe even if that went to the super bowl last year to just 10 points. >> great defense, teams win game and that is one player. >> we're riding defense all the way. >> reporter: owe even if scored mostly field goals fans are mostly optimistic and coming out on top after being an under dog. >> i feel very good about it. i will just need more aspirin. >> reporter: nick foles what do you thinky feel great for him, he deserves, every accolade that they can give him. >> now fans would like to see more scoring next weekend. >> the eagles, but our defense is good. >> reporter: but at this point
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in the season most fans say they will take a win anyway they can get it. >> fly eagles fly what a game, man. >> yes, it is. >> hello, indeed, we have those predicting a super bowl trip, we hope they are right and next week we necessity the nfc champion ship game will be right here in south philadelphia, doing a take on the vikings, and saints, we will know about that later today. reporting live, bob brooks channel six "action news", greg and alycia. thanks, bob, very much. eagles fans way down, in florida, had an original way of celebrating this big win. >> ♪ >> do you hear that? >> i know that song. >> that is the six abc theme song playing down there at a bar in key west, florida. it was owned by former owner of the 76ers and they chose,
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to sing our theme song instead of the traditional eagles fight song. that is a great way. >> that is great. >> thanks, alycia. if you want to get your hand on the ticket to the nfc championship game we have helpful information for you, tickets go on sale tuesday, january 16th, 10:00 a.m. through ticket master, ticket prices range from 170 to $255. standing room only tickets, those will cost you $135, tickets are first come, first serve, and there is a limit to four tickets per household, so good luck. by the hundreds eagles fans have been sharing their playoff spirit by sharing pictures and videos in eagles gear, i'm talking about the cutest, even elvis pressly there. falcons landed in the wrong bird nest. and of course, the kid, fans of all ages, everyone all deck out in their green, and black,
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we love it, share your pictures and videos on social media, use the #six abc action we will show them on the air. >> we are tracking other news, of the day, right now a woman is in critical condition after she says her husband shot her, three times, before eventually turning that gun on himself. police responded to the 400 block of passmore street in philadelphia's lawncrest section, just before midnight, investigators say would the man crawled to the front porch because her husband turned on the gas, on the stove, after she knew her, crews rush her to temple university hospital, the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. highway patrol officer shot a man in the kensington section of philadelphia, after police say that he tried to take an officer's gun. this all started just after midnight when a officer pulled over the vehicle, apparently the driver was going the wrong way on ruth street just off 2800 block of kensington avenue. the officer asked the driver to get out of the vehicle and discovered that he had a gun. well that man began to
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struggle with the officer and he tried to grab the gun when he could not, he then reached for the officer's gun. he fired one shot but missed a second officer who arrived on the scene also fired his gun this time shooting the man in the stomach. that man was taken to temple hospital, he is listed in critical condition, the driver taking into custody for questioning, no officers were injured. happening today, new septa regional rail schedules are in effect, new schedules are designed to help trains arrive on time and be more reliable, among the changes, the week day trains on the paoli thorndale and trenton regional rail lines will depart as much as 15 minutes earlier, and previously scheduled, and beginning tomorrow, septa, bus routes 201, 204, 205 and six, will also change to help travelers connecting to rail services, for a full list of changes go to our web site at six well there is still so much more to come, pan nick
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hawaii, the false alarm, that has residents scared for their lives, for 38 minutes. >> wow. >> and when you retire, we will have more time on your hand, and plus does that mean household get divided when sexes more evenly. >> of course, it does, we have the details, on what one study says. >> okay. meteorologist chris sowers back with the full accu weather forecast, when "action news" continues.
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you've worked hard. busted tail. and impressed the boss. maybe it's time to be your own? transform your career with strayer university's mba program today. let's get it. with strayer university's mba program today. a false alarm sent a wave of panic, through a hawaii as residents believed, a ballistics missle was heading straight for them. a state alert warned people to seek shelter, saying this is not a drill, for 38 minutes, there was, mass panic, confusion, as people ran for
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cover, ran for their lives, called loved won but then the government said, it was all a mistake. an employee pushed wrong button. emergency statement was sent out to assure people there was never any threat. >> how frightening is that. >> woman found an unusual way to chase armed robbers right out of her home. one surveillance video shows two suspects break nothing while that woman was taking a nap, short time later woman's roommate arrived and as they were walking in suspect ran out of the front door and behind them, the woman who woke up, when she heard the suspect inside, she was chasing them out, and here we go, she's chasing them with a belt. don't mess with her she will whoop with you that belt. unfortunately the robber were able to get money and not before getting a expanding from that woman. don't mess with people in the texas. >> that is how they do it down there. >> hey, don't mess with texas
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to day. >> christmas a sweater. >> it is sweaterring, i was nice and comfortable out there on city avenue. >> wow. >> look at this. >> ski resorts, packed. >> yes. >> taking advantage, of the nice weather. it is cold out there but perfect for skiers, they have had disappointing winters, this winter so far has been very nice for those folks and it will continue to be nice, as we continue to see the cold temperatures over the next few days. looking at ben franklin bridge , and you can see clear conditions, mostly sunny skies , it is just blustery cold, temperatures presently in the teens, and, 20's and wind chills stuck in the teens and that is where they will stay the rest of the way. cold wind chills through monday afternoon, snow expected, snow expected tuesday afternoon into the evening hours but then, once that cold shot of snow moves out of here which it will do so say friday morning then a nice warm up is in store, another january thaw and this
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time around we could see temperatures close to 60 degrees for next eagles game. that should be nice. twenty-two in allentown, millville 22. cape may and dover, checking in at 21 degrees. that is only half of the story here's the wind chills, minus five, as we head into the poconos. and, then 12 degrees in trenton. twelve in allentown. i guess i'm going here, eight in philadelphia, wilmington 12 millville 13. 12 degrees in atlantic city. 7 degrees in lancaster and reading. satellite and radar showing not much across the eastern half of the united states but next system we are pushing out of kansas, oklahoma and moving into missouri. that is next system that should produce light snow for us as we head into tuesday evening, and tuesday night. future tracker six for remainder of this afternoon, clear conditions, mostly sunny skies, nice looking day, blustery and cold. then we will fast forward into monday, increasing cloud, we will start off with sunshine
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but then cloud lower, thicken, monday night and tuesday morning light snow possible for far western counties but i think most of us, lets say 95 percent of the viewing area is dry at that point. tuesday afternoon 3:30 snowing from the i-95 corridor points north and west and that band sits overtop of us through evening commute in the first part overnight should clear coast by three or 4:00 a.m. this doesn't look like a huge event for us but temperatures will be falling during the evening, most of us below freezing at that point, so whatever falls, more than likely sticks, so tuesday afternoon in the evening hours is the time frame just a period of light snow, minor accumulations are expect at this point but it is dependent upon whether or not this coastal low gets involved. if that gets involved and it hugs the shoreline then the numbers that you see behind me here could be higher, but as of right now this is latest forecast, european model has an inch and a half, gfs just under a inch and a half, not much here but rpm shows more
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than two. inch or two expected here with this system tuesday evening, into tuesday night. for today quiet, sunny, cold, temperatures in the mid to upper 20's. twenty-seven for philadelphia 24 in allentown. twenty-seven in trenton. then overnight tonight clear skies, winds diminish, it is cold though 17 in philadelphia eight in allentown. nine in reading. exclusive accu weather seven day forecast will turn nice and cold again as we head in the middle portions of the week, 27 today, 30 tomorrow. tuesday light snow in the afternoon. wednesday 32. thursday, brisk and cold, 33 friday and saturday turns warmer, 44 and 50 degrees. guys? >> okay, chris, thank you. chosen 300 ministry is one of the many groups in the philadelphia area marking the reference doctor martin luther king junior holiday weekend as a time of service. chosen 300 sunday where ship services today honored work of doctor king, today they were also serving meals at mission
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center on the 3900 block of lancaster avenue to those in need. chosen 300 doesn't wait for ml k day to help others throughout the year it serves more than 150,000 meals, to people, in our area. kick off the new year with a deal
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stay with us, health check now a new report says fewer babies are dying of sleep- related complications here in the u.s. but many parents are still, not following expert's advice. more than 38 percent say they use soft bedding, pillows or bumpers which can actually lead to smothering. one in five parents say they do not place their infant on their back in the crib which is the most safe, position. even in retirement it appears daily chores are not, split evenly between men and women. on average, women 65 and older spend five hours a day doing
12:22 pm
housework compared to around three hours a day for men. but according to researchers, this could be a good thing, those who did more housework, felt healthier, however there is one down side for women. i think a couple. increased activity is combined with too much or too little sleep it appears it negatively effects elderly woman's health what kind of chores are we talking about here, bathroom, right, three hours, plus vacuuming, dishes, laundry, this could go on and on. >> we will be right back.
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in sports eagles fans of course still flying high after that big win against falcons just last night. >> bird number one seed afc count are parts are also
12:25 pm
celebrating a win new england patriots are heading to their seventh consecutive conference champion ship game after defeating tennessee titans 35- 14. >> the team will take on winner of today's jaguars/ steelers match up but eagles are more focusing odd saints/vikings game which will determine who they need to beat to make it to the super bowl. >> so close, one game, jeff skversky has a look at the game that got eagles this far and rest of your sunday sports >> eagles beat the odd and for first time in nearly a decade eagles win a playoff game, they are only one win from going back to the super bowl for first time since 2004 season, and they will await winner of today's vikings/ saints game and face them in the nfc title game next sunday night. linc rocking for eagles first playoff game in four years last night after a rocky start eagles getting second quarter fourth and one lagarrette blount, eagles up six-three. falcons retake lead after a
12:26 pm
muffed punt matt ryan gets out of trouble, eagles in trouble, devonty freeman eagles down 10 -six. falcons scored all of their points off turnovers. it comes down to this eagles up five after three jake elliott field goals, final minute falcons fourth and goal , eagles need a stop, ryan for julio jones, incomplete, malcolm jenkins said they knew what was coming based on formation. eagles win 15-10. so much for being under dogs how about dj jazzy jeff laurie and bird, they are feeling it, they are a win away from going to the super bowl. >> it really doesn't matter what you guys talk about because that locker room in there is united, and i'll go to bad for everyone of those guys and go to war with everyone of those guys in the dressing room. >> absolutely. if you feel disrespected you have to just take your respect because it is not given, you have to take it.
12:27 pm
>> it is gratifying the type of season we have, doubters, in a sayers. >> you used that fact you were under dogs to fuel you, you wore a mask. >> yes. >> what is this for. >> best under dogmas can i could find, it is a german shepard. we were trying to have fun. we are not first under dog we are not last. >> his bark is bigger than his bite. >> yes. >> you know they will want to be under dogs, next weekend, in the nfc championship game. the boys are back from the fly too and flyers coming from behind picking upright where they left off last night. flyers scoring four straight goals on the devils to take the lead and end of the second sean couturier one of his two, flyers won five-three their fourth straight win, they are now only one point out of the final playoff spot. college hoops, number one ranked, villanova against saint john's, cats, scratching , claw go to avoid upset. final 152nd miguel bridges puts it away, nova wins 78-71,
12:28 pm
they are 16-one. that is sports i'm jeff skversky have a great day.
12:29 pm
happening right now on "action news" we will continue to talk all things eagles as we look back at last night's big game and get reaction from the bird fans. plus, three people jumped for their lives as a massive fire spread to four town homes we will show you damage it caused. largest martin luther king
12:30 pm
day of service event in the entire nation just one day away in philadelphia, where we will break down details. but first meteorologist chris sowers starts us off with a look at weekend forecast and it is another chilly one to say the least. >> we were doing so good, last half an hour wind wasn't blowing, it felt okay, but now win has picked up again and it feels blustery, cold. temperatures across the region , you can see to the north and west pittsburgh getting ready to hoe jacksonville. present temperature there is 11 with a wind chill of zero. buffalo 14. syracuse five. philadelphia shows 21. same with new york city. cold stretches down in the virginias and carolinas, only 25 in richmond and d.c. also showing, 25. lehigh valley 22 for allentown and reading. eleven in the poconos. trenton 23. wilmington 22. millville, 22 degrees. wind chill of 13. feels like eight in philadelphia, seven in reading , minus five in the
12:31 pm
poconos and 16 degrees in beach haven. this afternoon 3:30 we will stop there and feel like 15 degrees and then as we fast forward in the evening hours, the temperatures begin to drop off again and so too the wind chill values getting back in the single digits. mostly sunny, breezy, cold, 27 e teens, all day long, so that is a quick check of the forecast for now, if you are at lincoln financial field yesterday enjoying eagles game , i'm sure bunled up in four layers, heavy winter coat , gloves, hat on if you are heading to the nfc championship game this sunday not only will you not need gloves, hat you may in the need heavy winter coat either. we have a january thaw. i will be back with more details, in the accu weather seven day forecast, guys. >> chris, thank you. there are, good vibes in the air here in philadelphia as eagles fans are riding high , from last night's playoff win against the falcons. >> it has been nine years since eagles won a playoff
12:32 pm
game and nine year since eagles have been in the nfc championship game and number nine, was the key role, in that win, yesterday, foles made a crucial fumble recovery which allowed eagles to keep the ball at the goal line, but it is this goal line play that everyone is, talking about today, falcons quarterback matt ryan, who happened to be a a native of chester county just missed his receiver. that would have been a touchdown, with about a minute left otto clock, it led to a win for eagles, 15-10. eagles will face winner of the saints/vikings game next sunday at the linc for the nfc east title. excitement continues but the team knows who they are up against next week. fans are proudly showing off their eagles spirit following a game that had many folks, on the edge of their seat. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live in south philadelphia, bob, what is everyone saying about this big game last night.
12:33 pm
>> cannot say it enough, no doubt, all time high right now we are at pen rose diner and any fans in there they are having a awesome morning or great afternoon. they are getting great food, celebrating eagles win and again, everyone at this point is starting to think super bowl. >> go eagles, yeah. >> going to the championship game and minneapolis. >> reporter: it is hard not to have a smile at pen rose diner this morning. get to eat some of the best food around and just a couple miles away the eagles took down falcons at lincoln financial field last night. yeah, bird fans, are feeling good. >> it is, yes, it is. >> reporter: we will start with reaction on the d, they held high powered atlanta offense that went to the super bowl last year to just 10 points, it is a great team, great defense, teams win game. >> reporter: owe even if scored mostly field goal fans are optimistic after a big win and coming out on top after being the under dogs. >> i feel very good about it,
12:34 pm
very good, i will just need more aspirin. >> reporter: nick foles what do you think. >> i feel great for him. he deserves every accolade that they can give him. >> reporter: jerry and brett were at the game, from reading he he was feeling the win. >> they went for it on fourth and two. >> the eagles, they stopped and eagles won. >> yes. >> never forget it i bet. >> reporter: his dad seems to think that the bird had no less than two games to play. >> we're booking plans for the super bowl. >> you are confident right now >> we are riding the defense all the way report report fly eagles fly. >> what a game, man. >> reporter: what a game indeed. we hope those predicting super bowl are okay. one thing negative people might be just tired, from celebrating last night but that is certainly okay. nfc championship game is next week. they will play saints/vikings. we will find that out. gang will be at lincoln financial field.
12:35 pm
reporting live from the pen rose diner bob brooks, channel six "action news", alycia. >> extra coffee, bob, thank you. if you want tickets to the nfc east championship game write down, take notes, set an appointment on your calendar, smart phone, tickets go on sale, tuesday, january 16th, that is this coming tuesday 10:00 a.m. through ticket master, general ticket prices range from 170 to $255. standing room only cost spa 135 bucks. tickets are first come first serve is there a limit to four tickets per household, good luck getting a seat. hey, while you are on line trying to get those tickets, post a picture showing off your eagles spirit and just might see it on tv. look at our great, beautiful eagles fans across the delaware valley we have seen, tons of pictures, little won, pest, everyone rocking their eagles gear and pride, just powe it, using the #six abc
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action. we are following other news of the day three people had to jump for their lives after a fire in camden county, new jersey, fire fighters responded to the unit block of len knocks street in winslow township around 6:40 this morning where two occupied and two unobjecting filed homes were on fire. two adults and 15 year-old jumped to safety. thankfully they were not hurt. a dog and cat were also rescued from the fire. investigators are trying to figure out what started the blaze. fire fighters were called to the high rise fire in the rittenhouse square section of the philadelphia. the fire was reported on the 21st floor inside warwick hotel in the 1700 block of market street around 7:00 this morning. additional crew where is called into bring this fire under control. no injuries reported. no arrests have been made in connection to the shooting behind a salvation army building in west philadelphia. police were called to the 55th and arch street around 10:30 last night, there they found a man with gunshot wounds behind the building. he was taken to penn
12:37 pm
presbyterian where at last check he was listed in critical condition. at the time there is in word what sparked this shooting. new jersey state police are investigating a fiery crash that sent a man to the hospital. "action news" was told that man lost control of his vehicle on 295 in mount laurel vehicle drove off road and hit a tree before bursting into flames. second driver pulled over to help the man escape, and that man was taken to kennedy hospital in cherry hill with serious injuries. we will continue to follow that terrifying wake up call for more than a million hawaii s this weekend. >> this is not a drill, if you are indoors, stay indoors. >> reporter: a dire warning that a missle was heading for island sounded off on phones, televisions and radios around 8:07 local time saturday morning. chilling alert sent people running for shelter and calling loved ones to say good bye but that alert it was not
12:38 pm
real, 38 minutes after the initial warning officials retract the threat with a statewide public civilly merge cy message. hawaii's governor said warning was sent out accidentally due to human error, a huge reason why the mistake settle off a panic is because ohio tensions between u.s. and north korea abc's david wright now, explains. >> attention. >> reporter: hawaii's false alarm comes at a moment when concerns about north korea's nuclear program are at an all time high. two leaders openly taunting each other. >> they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> reporter: in the last year alone north korea has conduct 15 ballistics missiles tests, one even had potential to reach washington d.c. hawaii reactivated its civil defense system as a direct result of those tensions, for
12:39 pm
the first time, since the cold war, back in the 1980's president reagan's attempt at a joke over an opened mike. >> my fellow americans, i'm pleased to tell you today i signed legislation that will outlaw russia forever, and we will begin bombing in five minutes. >> reporter: caused an international incident with hawaii may be especially sensitive. >> december 7th, 1941 a date which will live in infamy. >> reporter: possibility of the sneak attack there, still a living memory. just last month the former chairman of the joint chiefs offered this grimaces. , on this week. >> we're actually closer, in my view to a nuclear war, with north korea and in that region then we have ever been. >> that was abc's david wright the trump administration says that it is accepting renewal applications to
12:40 pm
protect young undocumented immigrants from deportation. this comes days after a federal judge in california, temporarily blocked efforts to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program known as dock a president trump criticized the judge's decision saying the ruling could still be overturn. 150,000 people in the philadelphia area will celebrate mlk day by carrying out work of service, as tribute to the reverend doctor martin luther king junior who spent much of his life serving others. 5,000 of those volunteers will be working at girard college, where they will focus on food, justice programs, that give free food to those in need throughout the year, todd bern stein founder and director of the grateful a martin luther king day of service say goal, is to extend a helping hand, well beyond, the holiday >> we need to get people to embrace his legacy by turning
12:41 pm
word into action, and doing it , not just with a day of volunteering but lifetime of service. >> and this years holiday just happens to be the 50th anniversary of the doctor king 's assassination. you can find more information about how to get involved in the project by going on our web site at six is there still so much more to come on "action news" this sunday afternoon get ready to take an international journey through music, coming up, six abc loves the arts how a local orchestra plans to transport you around the world if you found yourself spend ago lot this past holiday season you are not alone and that is a good thing >> i knew it yes. >> we will tell you why. taking a live look at sky 6hd this sunday afternoon, commodore barry bridge looks like a beautiful sight but it is cold. looks can be deceiving. that sunnies bright and shiny but not warming us up up much. chris sowers with a few
12:42 pm
changes in the accu weather forecast, up next.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
meteorologist chris sowers is tracking your forecast. >> it will be cold. >> and. >> warm up is coming. >> yes, that is right. >> no, no. >> we are seriously past it. >> yes. >> i'm getting used to that. >> you should know that by now >> here's the deal lets get you outside as ben franklin bridge, lots of bright blue this afternoon but winds continue to whip and temperatures, you can see lower right hand part of the screen we are showing 21, other locations are still in the teens, so it is another blustery day, 19 in lancaster. 11 degrees in the poconos and 20's for everybody else. lower 20's. twenty-one for philadelphia, cape may, dover, millville, wilmington both checking in at 22. wind chill of nine in dover. five below in the poconos. twelve in allentown. 7 degrees in reading and lancaster. satellite six with action radar clear across eastern half of the united states.
12:45 pm
arctic high is sitting overtop of pittsburgh. they are getting ready to take on the jacksonville jaguars. temperature reading of 11 degrees in the steel city. next system is across the heart land travelinge over next couple of days and again that is system that could produce snow for us tuesday afternoon into tuesday night. for tomorrow increasing cloud, it stays cold, arctic high begins to lift further north but there is still a northerly component to the wind and that will drive that cold air in. 30 degrees tomorrow for the high. another day below freezing. then on monday this clipper system slowly push's cross the appalachian states and into the, coastal plain here, including new york city, philadelphia, baltimore, d.c. that is what we will see light snow with this system. big question continues to be will the coastal low get involved. this is what i'm talking about here's future tracker six track the clip's cross great lakes states. light snow from chicago, as we get into sunday night, monday morning, maybe a couple inches
12:46 pm
there. cincinnati, cleveland, also could see a couple inches and then appalachians, coastal low there but that modeling suggest it stays out to sea so just clipper portion that effects our weather. these two come together here and then lifted north, then we would be in business if you are a snow lover. then we would talk about higher amounts. this is what it looks like here. 6:00 o'clock tuesday morning we will step over today and tomorrow, we are looking at cloudy skies, couple snow showers for our far western counties but by 4:00 it is snowing from the i-95 corridor points north and west and that snow shield spread south and east by 10:00 o'clock it is snowing every where and as we fast forward this by most of this is gone and winds shifting out of the northwest and driving that arctic air back n wake up thursday morning it is icy cold with wind chills close to zero. good news that is the last cold shot, and then we will start to see improvements with our temperatures. here's the european model, and this one is showing a nice
12:47 pm
three to 6 inches of snow for upper montgomery county, upper bucks county and northern portions of chester county and that is north into northwestern new jersey, one to three for philadelphia and lighter here in the pine barons of south jersey but i was looking at exact numbers and this three to six is more like three right on the dot and this one to three is more like one right on the dot here just fitting into that range. it doesn't look like a huge event but obviously just a little bit of snow can create big problems around here so keep that in mind, this is tuesday afternoon into tuesday night. for today breezy and cold, sunny, 27 degrees is the forecast high and overnight tonight mainly clear, frigid, 8 degrees across the suburbs, 17 degrees for center city. look at this championship sunday the forecast guidance right now shows, one model has 56, the other two are close to 60 degrees, normal high is 40, so next sunday for eagles game promises to be much, much warmer then what we just saw yesterday for divisional round
12:48 pm
here's the exclusive seven day forecast, 27 degrees today, wind chills in the teens. 30 degrees for tomorrow, for tuesday, and cloudy skies, with that snow developing during the afternoon and then 39, wednesday and thursday are cold, and friday is transition day we will say 44, and saturday, 50 and then gannon sunday we could be from 56 to 60 degrees. improvement is on the way. >> snow will be short lived. >> and it will melt quickly that warm. >> good. >> the orchestra kicking off a new season with sounds from around the world, karen rodgers has more on this weeks six abc loves the arts. >> reporter: curtis institute of music is one of the most exclusive music colleges in the world. and the schools symphony orchestra is opening its season with a international music journey. hungary, russia, asia are a few stops in the program. >> very moving experience for
12:49 pm
people. >> reporter: it kicks off with the manhim rocket by juliard professor and oscar award winning composer, jon cirigliano. >> people know him from the red violin he won an oscar. >> reporter: second work takes them across the north atlantic for miraculous manneddering by the 20th century hungarian composer. >> the miraculous manneddering , it is love, death, murder, mystery. >> reporter: show rounded out with selection of foulke tail 10101 nights. >> yes, a lot of people hear this piece, i have heard that before. >> ♪ >> reporter: concert lid by gilbert vargas making his debut with the orchestra. >> his reputation is really wonderful conductor who conducts over the world. >> reporter: there are three concert per school year so chance to see future stars of the musical world, are limited >> i the audience will jump out of their seats.
12:50 pm
these are leak athletes of music and bringing them together and we have the best young orchestra in the world. >> reporter: curtis orchestra performs sunday january 28th at kimmel center's verizon hall for tickets visit arts in for six abc loves the arts, i'm karen rodgers.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
it was a very merry holiday season for retailers, as sales rose five and a half percent in november and also in december accord together national retail federation. that is the largest year over year gain, since 2010, every sector of consumer goods with the exception of the sporting goods saw a bum in sales. on line shopping rose more than 11 percent while brick and mortar stores were up by 4 . wal-mart is raising company's minimum wage to $11 an hour thanks to the new republican tax law. wal-mart president says new tax law gives the company the opportunity to be more competitive globally. workers will also get a one
12:53 pm
time bonus of $1,000, and paid maternity leave for full-time hourly workers that would be expanded to 10 weeks. people in tech show in las vegas are lining up to get manicures. >> yep. >> amazing. >> the zero two nails debuted at consumer electronics show, technology from taiwan allows to you scan, digital artwork, into an app or create your own design, it takes about one minute per nail, for flawless art they say no word on how much this custom manicure, will set you back. >> i mean would i try it. >> why not. >> yes. >> it looks like a good deal. when "action news" comes right back an update to the top stories. >> plus a final check of the accu weather forecast in just a moment. ,000 in america last year.
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we need to stand up and say enough. the only way this problem is going to be solved is if we raise our voices. choose help over helplessness, hope over hopelessness. make sure that the lives we've lost will not have been lost in vain. addiction is a disease. when you ask for help, help is there for you.
12:56 pm
recapping our top stories, three people had to jump from a second story window to escape a fire in, their south jersey home, two adults and a 15 year-old thankfully they were not hurt. fire started in a, town home, in the unit block of lennox street in winslow township camden county and ended up damaging three other homes. police say a philadelphia highway patrol officer shot a man because man tried to take the officer's gun this started when police pulled over a car in which the man was a passenger. suspect is in critical condition at temple university hospital, and the driver, was taken into custody, for questioning. the eagles 15-10 thriller over falcons at the linc, just last night, had their owner jeffery lurie dancing in the
12:57 pm
locker room, he had the moves, the win means the bird are just one victory away from going, you guessed it to the super bowl, all they have to do is beat winner of the vikings/saints game at the linc, next sunday. >> you got it. >> yes. >> you got it. >> yes. >> he was off balance. >> having a good old time in that will beer room. we can have a good old time next weekend when these temperatures get out of the freezer, 27, wind chills in the teens today, 30 for tomorrow, 39 tuesday with light snow in the late afternoon and evening hours, minor accumulations of one to 2 inches, some areas may see three but not a huge event, wednesday and thursday are cold again 32 and 33. friday better, up to 44. saturday looks nice, right, gray. 50 degrees. and sunday, the forecasted high models are showing from 56 to 60. a lot warmer. >> you love us, some days. >> we love you. >> fyi philly coming up next on channel six.
12:58 pm
>> "action news" continues at 5:00 o'clock tonight. >> for nydia han, chris sowers , alycia vitarelli and entire "action news" team i'm gray hall. we will leave you, with the eagles fan now in key west south philadelphia give you a look at this and how they celebrated the big victory, have a great day. >> ♪
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm melissa magee. saturday/tonight/today on fyi philly. >> it's a new year and a celebration of all things new. >> new places to eat. >> new spots for sweets. >> and new shops for food and more. >> resolve to get healthy in the new year? >> there are new ways to do it. >> and new places to get your glam on. >> hello, and welcome to fyi philly. we are at danlu, a brand new restaurant in university city >> it's like a taiwanese night market right at the corner of 36th and market streets. >> how fun is that? philadelphia's restaurant scene is growing so fast it can be hard to keep up. >> so ducis and jeannette double-teamed this one checking out 4 spots. >> starting with the newest dining destination at the ever- growing king of prussia town center.


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