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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 17, 2018 2:40am-4:00am EST

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>> i'm just holding my glass. >> wow. it doesn't matter your age, everybody loves a good surprise. that's what's happening in both of these videos. first up, we'll start with linus. >> happy birthday.
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>> oh. >> oh, thank you. it's a big one. 70th birthday. >> nice, they got it decorated all pretty. he's ready to party. >> i was surprised. >> he was surprised but that's the entire point there, buddy, but there are more surprises. >> you've got a little bit of a surprise out here. >> hi, happy birthday! >> now that is his sister, lori, who has flown in all the way from minnesota. this is in dallas-ft. worth, and he's had a bit of a tough year. they wanted to make sure that his 70th was one to remember. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. now this next video, joseph's just trying to get on with breakfast and you guys in the states you have very attentive serving staff but you know when they're a bit overattentive? well, joseph is dealing with one of them. >> what do you want for breakfast? >> food. >> i love seniors because they've lived long enough to tell you exactly what they want and don't want. >> at this point, the waiter asks. >> you don't recognize me? >> no, i'm legally blind.
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>> i'm legally blind. i genuinely don't recognize you. the thing is, he really should. >> you recognize the voice? >> voice known for many years. >> you only talk to me a couple times on the phone every day. >> oh, for god's sakes. >> finally the penny drops and it's his grandson, josh, who loves his grandpa so much. he says it's been the hardest part having to be away from him. it's his role model in life and he wanted to give him a big surprise. he didn't think it would be as hard as it was. >> but it was worth it. thanks for watching. we'll see you next time.
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we're back with some breaking news. the campus of washington state university in mourning and in shock because of the death of a football player. police say the 21-year-old was found dead in his apartment from an parent self-inflicted gun shot wound. a statement from the school called hilinski a tremendous
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individual. one saying let tyler find peace. a southern california couple says they were terrorized by scam artists claiming to have kidnapped their son. the father got a call from a phone that appear to originate from mexico and demanding ransom. >> i'm going to kill your son. iumier not [ bleep] around. i'm going to release him. i'm not going to be calling you back. i'm not going to risk being caught by the police. >> while the father was online with it scammers, the boy's mother called school and confirmed he was safe on campus. many of these schemes originate from inside mexican prisons. wire payments of over $2,000 are restricted from crossing the
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border. and nooiv years after being dropped from "the today" show, ann curry's opening up for the first time since leaving nbc news. saying went on to say today i'm stronger now, i'm smarter, i'm happier. as happy as i've ever been. she opens up with a new series titled "we'll meet again." >> and she didn't necessarily want to weigh in about the whole matt lauer scandal. she was with matt so many years. many people are curious to hear what she has to say after that. coming up how you can grow your money. >> we're focusing on our finances including real estate and the one thing you can do right now while interest rate rds still low.
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welcome back. so the stock market hads hit a
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new milestone, unemployment is low and consumers are spepding more money. so what does that mean for your money in 2018? here with someanswers. good morning to you. so let's bring it on. we're already in record territory with the stock market. can it keep going? >> we keep hit hadding new records. we're going to hit afther one and another one. you have the one side that says the markerates over valued. it other side is saying there's a lot to like, consumers are spending. we've been resilient with our spending. the ecaneomy's growing at nice clip. that's all good and the global economy's on the upswing. so i think 2018 is going to be a good year for your stocks and portfolio. >> but the job market outlook for 2018. >> we a very strong 2017.
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a 17 year low at 4.1%. so people who have wanted jobs have found jobs and that's a good thing and i think the strength is very much predicted for 2018, especially if you're in those high demand field like tech, like e commerce, for example. >> i know they said there would be minimum wage increases. >> they're expected to. some of the economists i spoken to, the employers are going to have to raise wages to attract and retain workers. so that's good news for people looking for for some more money. >> talk about home ownership and real estate. buy or sell? >> well, here's the thing. so we're probably going to see a little bit of the same scenario we saw in 2017 as 2018 where
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there's a lot of demand brought on particularly by the strong economy. so they're telling me it's pretty much going to be the same type of scenario where it is a seller's market. boost your credit score. there are lots of tips and ways to do that because this is a really important paurt of the process. mortgage rates are expected to remain low but you have to have good credit. so i would focus on boosting your credit in 2018 so you can take advantage of the low rates. >> and should you be renting or not? >> it's still tough but we're not seeing the kind of gains we've seen in previous years. a little bit more stability there which is good because there's more construction coming online. so that's good. if you are in a situation where you think you might want to move, i think will havo has -- you can look at the cost. if you find a place similar to
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yours, youicide go to your landlord and say i found this place at a better price. why not fwrrs. >> car sales were up in 2017. let's move on to gas prices. what's it out dds look? >> a little bit rockier in 2018 according to the gas analysts i've spoken to. last year the average was $2.40 a gallon. a couple hundred dollars a month. $2.45, a little bit higher. still well below the 2013. but there are a lot of variables that could come if had to play like mother nature. hard to forecast or predict what that's going to do. >> one of the powerful storms hit the gulf we're in trouble. >> it's problematic. >> we're set for 2018. thank you so much.
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time for weird science. we are all geared up and ready to go. put on my reading glasses here. okay. so we're going to start things off in china and space. there's this growing problem in space. space junk. we've all these satellites out there, all this debris, if it crashinize to each other, it could be a problem. >> it's a mess. >> china now says ta have a solution. giant lasers and we have secured some exclusive footage of how it works. check it out. >> wow. we did it wrong, didn't we?
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>> no, that's it. watch it again. >> the earth is not supposed to explode. >> i guess the aim's off a little bit but they're going to work on it. >> i knew it chinese were out to destroy us all. we have definitive proof youicide not hold back a sneeze. so apparently there's a previously fit 34 year old man in england who actually ruptured his throat because he held his nose and tried to hold back a sneeze. so the next time you sneeze, let it all out. so the doctors said they heard crackling and learned air bubbles were permeating the soft tissue and chest. air comes out at 150 miles per hour. that is science, folks. >> you're supposed to let it out. but tis next story may want to rethink that, actually.
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no letting it out because germs, we know they can live in our hands and the surfaces that we sneeze on, which is why you have to be careful. but if you thought those winter gloves were protecting you, think again. it turns out, hats, gloves, scarves, they can all carry germs. you touch a door knob and then your face, might have well have touched your nose to the door knob. >> wie i wash my gloves with my laundry. >> germs can live anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. >> just wash them off. an annual behavior scientist as discovered a way to commune quate dogs. he says using a.i. and computer you can help humans understand what a geschrb of a pet like wagging of the tail or growling really means.
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>> what
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this morning victims of torture. >> that's how they're describing the 13 siblings allegedly held captive inside their home. a 17-year-old escaped through it window and called police. so how did this all go unnoticed? >> and the fireworks on capitol hill. testifying under oath that she could not recall specifics about president trump's explosive kaumntz about immigration. could a deal be reached before it looming government shut down? across the midwest report a bright light in the sky accompanied with a boom. and if you get dressed in the dark like we do, you probably can't do that. but if you can, what a way to
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start the day. so stop flipping out over your ward robe and just flip into it on this wednesday. wow. january 17th. >> announcer: from fet net news this is "world news now." >> such a simple idea and yet so entertaining. >> if the pantsz are big enough, we can flip into anything, do you think? >> do you? we're going to have to try this one. but we have to start off on a much more serious note. the southern california parents accused of holding their 13 children captive face court tomorrow. hospital officials say they were reduced to tears at seeing the children. >> they say they're very friendry and cooperative but likely facing years of rehabilitation. >> reporter: the dramatic escape
3:02 am
from that torture house hold. authorities praising the 17-year-old girl who called for help. clammering through a window calling 911 from a deactivated cell phone, showing deputies photos of her siblings in their prison. >> if you can imagine being 17 years old and appearing to be a 10 year old, being chained to a bed and being malnerrished and injuries associated with that, i would call that torture. >> reporter: surveillance video showing the moment they were led away from their southern california home in cuffs. they say louise turpen was quote perplexed. but what they found if hadicide was shocking. >> there were three individuals chained to some type of furniture in the residence. there was a very foul smell. it was extremely dirty. >> reporter: they say the 13 children were horrifically
3:03 am
malnourished ranging in age from 2 to 29. the doctor who has been treating the adults said they have likely been enduring this for years. >> when we first saw them everybody thought they were children. >> reporter: even the 29 year old? >> the 29-year-old, specific. 15 years. >> reporter: the 29 year old has the body of an undeveloped 15 year old? >> yes. >> reporter: a trip to didsnyland, the elvis chapel posting their ceremony online. >> they sang with me, they had fun, they seemed to be happy, all of them. >> reporter: several neighbors telling us they never even knew children lived at it house or caught a glimpse at night. >> they've been outside before doing yard work at 11:00 at
3:04 am
night. >> reporter: 11:00 at night? >> yeah. >> reporter: the doctors at this hospital said it took years of abuse to so severely stunt the years of development of the young adults and that's why they have to very slowly begin to nourish them again. their psychological scars will take much longer to heel. >> and from rio vista, texas we're getting a look inside the home where the family once lived. the new home owner said they were hoarders and there were vents which are now covered up. child protective services said they had no complaints about the family. >> reporter: hit hadding a big part of the country. >> warnings or advisories are in effect from texas to maine. meanwhile the south is freezing again. wind chills will drop to the single digits.
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>> rough conditions for this pick up truck. the driver in northern mississippi and afther truck nearly went into on coming traffic because of the ice. and in western kentucky at least 12 people were hurt in a accident involving a tractor trailers and a bus. >> the low pressure system that's helping to guide are this snow, d.c., new york, philly, boston. expecting snow, one form or aifther. how much? we're going to scoop up about four inches north of new york and along the coast where you see the dark blue and two to four in surrounding areas. then locally four inches of snow in roanoke, down towards raleigh. >> all right. snow in places that they're not used to it. we're going to turn to the president's health and the white house physician declaring him
3:06 am
fit to serve. the doctor said the overall helgd health of the 71-year-old president is excellent, even though he's border line obese and doesn't recognize. it president personally requested a cognitive test to put questions of mental acuety to rest. >> it screens for cognitive issues and aulsz hiemer's and the fact it president got 30 out of 30 on that exam, there's no indication he as any cognitive issues. it's been my experience the president is very sharp. >> the president weighs 239 pounds and his cholesterol level is higher than recommended. he will increase the dosage of a drug he already takes. he also wants him to lose 10 to 15 pounds. former white house strategist, steve bannon claimed executive privilege as he was
3:07 am
grilled for 10 hours behind closed doors by the house looking into russian collusion. shif is accusing them of effectively putting a gag order on bannon. and he was subpoenaed by special counsel robert mueller. they're hoping to lure democrats by adding an extension to the children's health insurance brogram. but it doesn't include a solution for the immigrants brought to the country as children. >> reporter: tensions are flaring over protections for the so-called dreamers. >> this as turned into an s-show. >> reporter: last tuesday president trump urged law makers to draft a bipartisan d.a.c.a. deal. two days later, senators lindsey graham and dick turbin presented
3:08 am
him with a bipartisan -- >> we had a president who i was proud and understood immigration had to be bipartisan and i don't know where he went. i want him back. >> he apparently set off a dispute over what he did or didn't say. >> i stand by every word i said about what was said and what happened at that meeting. >> i did not hear that word used. the conversation was very impassioned. >> reporter: the commander and chief in an oval office meeting referring to people from african countries and haitian with the most vile and vulgar language. you're silent and your amnesia is complicity. >> reporter: whether he'd prefer count raise from norway, rather
3:09 am
than africa. >> i want them to come in from everywhere. >> just caucasian or people of color? >> out. >> reporter: he's facing a friday midnight detdline. one democratic senator saying without a d.a.c.a. deal a shut down is more likely than fought. >> we should try that around here. out. didn't work. there was one more moment that was kind of cute and it immediately went viral. >> when had senator orrin hatch tried to remove his glasses. check it out. unfofrp flaet for hatch he wasn't wearing any glasses. >> we eall have our moments. that may have been one of his. he committed to it though. because up until an hour ago i thought he had glasses that -- >> had had invisible frames? >> exactly. >> i did the opposite.
3:10 am
fwrrs i go searching for my -- well, not glasses, but sunglasses. i've even done it while they were actually covering my eyes. >> true insomniac there. >> night shift problem. it was just a normal fishing trip until these guys were suddenly surrounded by predators. plus the '80s icon rick springfield opens up about his career and toughest battleals. if you have medicare parts a and b and want more coverage. guess what? you could apply for a medicare supplement insurance plan whenever you want. no enrollment window. no waiting to apply. that means now may be a great time to shop for an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. medicare doesn't cover everything. and like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare
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here's proof it end of the days are near. that's a meteor. they confirmed a celestial body blew up over detroit. sightings reported as far east as papaand as far west as iowa. and we're learning new details about a high school wrestler who was paralyzed during a match. >> the teen from san francisco area has paralyzed from the neck down and can't breathe on his
3:14 am
own. the teammate says the if hadjury happened last week after he was pinned down by his opponent. >> the gofund me account has been set up. a school has shut down glasses for over a week because of the flu. >> this year's strain hits it young and healthy particularly hard. >> reporter: the family of katy oxly thomas tell us they're pretty sure she got a flu shot this season but it didn't protect her. just 38 hours after she first started showing signs of the flu this mother of three was dead. >> this was nothing like i've ever seen how quickly it deteriorated her and attacked her. >> reporter: this particular strain can be a quick killer. in alabama 38-year-old adam york is suddenly fighting for his life and needing a machine to breathe. >> in a 24-hour period he went from talking to me on the phone
3:15 am
to being in the bed on these machines. >> reporter: at the cdc in atlanta, they shared 20 children have died from the flu this winter. seven of them reported just last week. one is a four-year-old from dayton ohio. >> one of the most difficult things i ever had to do was tell my other children saturday morning that their lild little brother wasn't coming home. >> reporter: they underlined that the flu vaccine still worked. pointing out about 80% of children who died last year weren't vaccinated. >> our thanks to steve there and coming up the battle that an '80s icon went through that went heard about before. >> that's right he's on the cover of every 80s teen magazine but underneath it all there was darkness and depression. i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended...
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...prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed.
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rick springfield warning us not to talk to strangers but he's now talking to lots of strangers about his serious struggle. >> he's opening up about the depression and suicidal thoughts he's had and he wants people to know there is hope. ♪ you know i wish i had jesse's girl ♪ >> reporter: he's it rocker and heart throb fames for hits like "jesse's girl" and "i've done everything for you." now 68 rick springfield giving us a taste of his iconic song. ♪ where can i find a woman like that ♪ >> reporter: but these days his music has a different sound and a darker edge. on his new album called the
3:19 am
snake king with songs like jesus is an atheist, little demon and suicide manifesto. ♪ meet me at your >> reporter: admittedly it's a very different record for him but very much fuelled by his life-long battle with depression and suicide. quote it gets so bad sometimes i just want it all to stop there's nothing worth living for. is that truly how you feel? >> not at all. it was how i have felt. i've been there in that place and that's where the song came from. >> reporter: he's long been open about his depression. in his autobiography writing about a failed suicide attempt at age 18. >> i put the noose around the thing and kicked it away and hung there for a while until i started to lose consciousness and the rope broke or came undone or something.
3:20 am
>> reporter: his depression drove him to a place last year where he once again thought about ending it all. did it scare you? >> it's weird you kind of become -- becomes almost like a friend and a way to get away from the pain. >> reporter: why did you decide not to do it? >> i worked my way through it, which i've always done. skblrks you have suicidal thoughts all the time? >> yeah, but it's part of my makeup. >> reporter: you have two boys. >> they see the darkness in me and none of them go what? they see it. and i've been very open with them. >> reporter: what to you think it would do to your family? >> dev state them. that's a really dark moment that is a nonissue. sfwlrks you're not thinking about your family? >> you think they'll get through it and they will because we're human beings and we deal with
3:21 am
that stuff. >> reporter: what are you thinking about? >> just getting out. the pain is pretty intulerable. >> reporter: hoping the his story can help. >> reporter: what do you want people to pull from your story? >> to have hope and know the moment will pass. i'm an example of the moment passing because i've been there a couple times and haven't, for want of a better phrase, pull the trigger. >> this too shall pass, good advice from rick springfield. >> it was apparently about his frentd gary but he thought jesse worked better. >> gary's girl. ♪ gary is a friend i know he's been a good friend of mine but lately something changed that's hard to define ♪ ♪ jesse's got a girl gary's got
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two sensations. one great way to discover new feelings together. time now for the mix. and we're going to start with a little bit of a scare, at loost from my take it's a scare. this is in queensland, australia. they were fishing and hanging out on their jet skis when suddenly they realized they were surrounded by 15 sharks. they were having a complete feeding frenzy below the water. >> i don't understand. why are they not speeding away? >> they decided to sit around and if had joy the show. would not have been my approach. >> like -- >> not completely harmress but yes, more than a reputation. bull shark are known to be very
3:26 am
aggressive and before that they saw a tiger shark and a great white. so basically they saw the most aggressive sharks in the ocean in one shot and they stuck around to enjoy the show. >> oh, hell no. that's when you become jonah. so some people put on their pants one leg at a time, not nils wilson. he decided to post a few videos here of him just doing back flips into his shorts. this is apparently how he starts his day. >> he didn't stick the landing on that one. that's another guy. they can all do this. >> he only won the bronze which is probably why he didn't stick the landing. but nice olympic ring tattoo. >> maybe this can be the next
3:27 am
olympic gymnastics event. >> i'm down with it. >> the short event. and good morning britain invited rapper big narstyie or as they say, big nasty the weather. >> everybody's got pets, eden brock peek times. highlands a bag of snow. a 7 down here, so it's moderately cool. >> please dress appropriately to the weather. he started off saying no one t-shirt business. later in the if forecast he said double up, double up, double up. frrsz we think he was still talking about clothing. >> we had to read the transcript
3:28 am
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rvsh a dangerous winter storm is on the move from texas to had northeast. behind it an arctic blast is hit hadding the deep south. we're learning more about it all. investigators say this is like nothing they have ever seen. they're praising the bravery of one of the 13 children, a 17-year-old who came forward to report the abuse. a former cia officer is under arrest. >> charge would keeping notebooks of classified records including names and home numbers of covert cia assets. this could be one of the worst intelligence failures in decades. ♪ surfing u.s.a.
3:31 am
well, the beach boys' bryan wilson isn't going surfing, he's going back to high school. 58 years after graduating and failing a music class assignment, hear how he got a doover on this skinny, january 17th. ♪ >> announcer: from abc news this is "world news now." >> the lamb chop side burns, we should bring those back. >> if you can really grow those in, let me know how that works out. it was fun to get inhad to the whole surfing music mentally and it's going to be 79 in hahn luol lieu, hawaii. >> is that the only place? >> so picture that. >> and now comes the bad news. >> the eastern half of the united states is going to be rocked today. >> that band of white that's
3:32 am
stretching from louisiana all the way up to maine, that's what we're keeping an eye on. it's expected to bring up to eight inches of snow in some areas and extreme cold. >> and my former home, washington d.c. what's up? it doesn't look that bad if you're indoors. they're prepping for one to three inches of snow by the afternoon. to the south. >> reporter: the 17-00 mile swath of icy snow is making travel treacherous. watch this truck try to pass in mississippi four-wheel driechb no help on these roads. the deep freeze shutting down multiple interstates across the deep south from louisiana to alabama where there's a state of emergency in effect to texas. >> if you don't have be to on the road, please don't be on the road. >> reporter: watch kevin quin getting ready to report from
3:33 am
this crash when another truck careens down the same embankment nearly crashing into other cars. further north near bonny vill, kentucky multiple tractor trailers and a greyhound bus piling up. at least seven ifjured. more than 15 hnl flights canceled and thousands more delay delayed. and we'reber tee soogthy storm from fllthral up to new england. in fact north carolina's governor has issued a state of emergency. so no doubt this is going to be a messy and dangerous commute. >> snowy and frozen roads will also make a mess of things for a lot of today 7. >> paul. good morning. we're looking at possibly four to eight inches of snow new york going into psmous, new hampshire along it coast of maine and surrounding areas two to four and we could see a targeted area
3:34 am
that would if volve richmond, rally, roanoke. nearly shut down from that much of ice and snow. shift along the coastal region. but over here it's going to freeze very quickly. >> thank you. now to the immigration show down as the clock ticks. republican senator lindsey graham slammed the white house for sending mix hadded messages saying there was an irrational view on how to fix immigration and outraged senator grilled the homeland security chief. >> the conversation was very impassion impassioned. >> the commander and chief in an oval office meeting referring to people from african countries and haitian with the most vile
3:35 am
and vulgar language you're silent and your amnesia is complicity. >> and house republicans are pushing a temporary bill to keep federal agencies running for another month but it does not include an immigration deal for dreamers so democrats are not expected to support it. former white house strategist steve bannon has refused to answer questions. during his 10 hours bannon invoked executive privilege and refused to discuss the trump white house or transition. meanwhile, the new york time sz reporting that he was subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury. and president trump has passed his first physical in office with flying colors. the white house physician said add 71 the president's overall health is excellent and received a perfect on a cognitive exam. he's taking a cholesterol lowering drug and just shy of the obesity mark for izhad
3:36 am
height. the doctor acknowledged the president needs to lose weight, eat better and exercise. so former cia officer is in custody, suspected of helping to bring about one of the worst intelligence failures in years. he was tarken into custody after flying back from his home in hong kong. he's charge would keeping notes. the agency isn't commenting on whether it played the lead in the deaths or detentions of more than a dozen informants. if convicted he faces up to 10 years in prison. secretary of state rex tillerson is warning of possible military action if north korea won't give up its nuclear program. tillerson said a nuclear armed north is not acceptable. he said the north will trigger an option if it won't negotiate. however, tillerson wouldn't say whether the white house is
3:37 am
considering limiting military action of yet. japan's national broadcaster is apologizing for a faulsz alarm about an ncoming missile. nhk sent that. the network says the false alarm was the result of an error boo ia staff member. this follows the false alert in hawaii. in hawaii the mistake took nearly 40 minutes. in japan it was correctedige five minutes. so at least we're learning. >> how about we don't have anymore. child health experts say the siblings who escaped the horror of their southern california home could be in for years of rehab. their parents are scheduled for a court appearance tomorrow. here with more. >> reporter: authorities say it was one of the 13 abused children who alerted them to what was happening ificide this home. she managed to escape through a window, call 911 and
3:38 am
show investigators pictures of the abuse. >> i've been in health care a long time. i've never seen this. >> reporter: this shows officers swarming in, taking them if to handcuffs. they found three of the 12 remaining children inside chained to furniture. seven of them who were adults as old as 29 looked like children. >> being 17 years old and appearing to be a 10 year old, being chained to a bed, i would call that torture. >> reporter: abc news spoke with david turpen's parents and they're considered a good christian family in their community. >> these kids are going to need a lot of support. it's not anything where you go through a few sessions of therapy and you're all better. this is going to be long term. >> reporter: investigators say this was the first time being
3:39 am
called to the home and they do not know how long the children were kept in those conditions. >> horrible story. and over on wall street the dow passed a 26,000 mark for the first time before retreating. the average took just seven trading day as to climb a thousand points. some are warning too far, too fast during the rally. even show the major stock averages are all up nearly 4%. >> those bitcoins took a hit. >> i already sold all of mine. >> $20,000 a shot? >> no. even the coldest spot in america feels tropical compared to oymeokin. it is the oldest village on earth. >> temperatures can dip to minus 88 degrees. on the day these tourists stopped by it was a balmy minus
3:40 am
44. and yet they went for a dip. >> so it's so cold that your eye lashes freeze instantly and as you can see from the selfie of a three yuj women snapped from the village, they are ecorded all-time low of minus 98 five years ago. it actually has a good looking to it 7. >> won't your eye balls just freeze at minus 98? >> i like the look. >> so he would like to be sent on assignment to -- how do you say the name of the town? sibeeria. i'll write word. i think they named it that because that's the phrase you utter when you go outside. >> it's just like oy me oaken. >> oh, boy. coming up why supermodel chrissy teigen is getting involved in the crisis facing u.s.a. gymnastics.
3:41 am
and later on the skinny it's a big day for betty white. hey, are you taking the tissue test?
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you're listening to a shootout at a baltimore 7-11, they luckily were not hit. those two men are still on the loose. the atf and the fbi are helping on the search. a second day of emotional testimony if sad michigan court room as sexual assault victims confront the former u.s.a. gymnastics team doctor. >> here's abc's lindsey davis. >> reporter: trembling and tearful. >> i've experienced flashback nightmares of the abuse. >> reporter: a steady stream of women stair down their monster. >> i remember laying there frozen stiff on the table utterly mortified, confused and scared. i felt so powerless to control what's happening. >> reporter: the first day of testimony that sentencing of former u.s.a. gymnastics team doctor.
3:45 am
kyle stevens a former family friend was in kindergarten at it time. >> you used my body for your own sexual gratification. that is unforgivable. >> reporter: more than 140 women have accused nas is, ar of abuse including gabby douglas and simone biles who have scathing words for olympic gymnasts. >> i don't know how they sleep at night. >> reporter: in court, nasssar wiped away his own tears as he listened to detail after detail of lost innocence and child hood. >> they turn into strong women who return to destroy your world. >> 28 women spoke yesterday but a total of 98 are expected by friday. >> 98. and in a statement u.s.a. gymnastics says it's attending this week's froseedings for one
3:46 am
reason, to listen first hand to those who were victimsed. they focus on highest priority, the safety, health and well being of their athletes. >> and mulroney will not be fined. >> reporter: u.s.a. gymnastics said they would not enforce a 1 mill -- $100,000 fine. at one point chrissy teigen said she would be honored to pay that fine so mulroney to speak. the gravity, the impact, the number of victims in this case is just unbelievable. well, when we come back we're going to lighten things up with a celebrity couple posing with their babies but never each other. plus afther famous baky. i'. on our daughter's birthday?
3:47 am
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♪ thank you ♪ thank you for being a friend >> travel round the world and back again.
3:49 am
love this song. yes, we need some cheese cake. >> cheese cake? >> did you ever watch "golden girls." ? >> yes, are the time. >> they start everything off with cheese cake. >> a big happy birthday to the one and only betty white. >> the forever golden girl turns 96 today. >> so she's spent 75 years in show biz and credits longevity to three things, her love of pets, vodka and hot dogs. amen, betty white. >> so thank you for being everybody's friend. a couple years ago there was a campaign to bubble wrap betty white. so, it has worked. we're going to keep her in protective custody. >> no bubble wrap needed. pets, vodka and hot dogs. now we know.
3:50 am
kim kardashian and kanye west have welcomed their third child in the world and it's a girl. >> they thanked their surrogate for carrying the baby girl. no word yet on her name but given are the names are north and saint, we're expecting something on the unique side. and one of the most reclusive celebrity couples in the world has released pictures with their new born twins or have they. >> so they surprised everyone with the news but they never really take photos together and apparently they're sticking with that theme. >> so the question is did they really have twins? how do we know for had wasn't a ward robe change between these two kids? >> so they each posted a photo with the baby? not together, separately. >> it does look like two different babies though. >> one baby's smiling and the other isn't. congratulations.
3:51 am
they're a cute couple. >> beach boy bryan wilson is a man of his word and after all these years he's true to his school. get it. ♪ >> true to his school like the song. >> took me a while. >> back before the beach boys made history, the master song writer behind their biggest hits was a high school student taking music classes and for one of his homework assignments he composed the song "surfin'." >> wilson actually got an "f." however, 58 years after graduating he returned to hawthorn high school in california for a makeup assignment. >> the current music teacher
3:52 am
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oral-b. brush like a pro. ♪ the driver. >> and sweat coin? that rr so weird. you know who else has an app? groupon. and we know of one celebrity who definitely as that app. >> that's what we call a segway. she apparently likes the site so much she's a spokesperson. >> reporter: tiffany haddish loves a good laugh. >> that's hand sanitizer. >> and a good deal.
3:56 am
>> groupon. >> as you know i'm a huge fan of groupon. >> they're just cheering him because he got money. we're here on a groupon. >> my skin is like what, my nails are like yes, miami and my face is like hello stranger. let me buy my other groupon. >> i've been speakong groupon for years. ask any of my home girls. we have gone to china in thailand on groupon. hair weave squr extensions and cute dresses through groupon. >> we realized not only was she if had credibly funny and talented, she was also one of our best customers. >> does groupon make you look cheap? no, them shoes you got from the grocery store, those make you look cheap. >> and set to be in the first
3:57 am
super bowl ad since 2011. many believe she seals the deal after she invited will smith and wife jada for a groupon tour of the louisiana bayou. >> yes, that's 100% true. >> on a groupon? >> on a groupon, yes. >> she goes, tiffany, why are there so many people? and i said jada, they probably all got groupones. tiffany, what the [ bleep] is a groupon? >> i guess jada and will smith don't use groupon very much. >> she said i tautd you meant a group of your friends on a boat, not group of randos. that's it for this half hour. that's it for this half hour. >> this is abc news "world news now."
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it is 4 o'clock on this wednesday january 17th. we're on a half hour early to keep you updated on a wintry mix in our area. >> whitehall township lehigh county where you see the snow is coming down. a look at storm tracker6 shows the snow in the northern and western parts of our area while other areas are seeing rain. >> it is here along with our weather team. let's turn to meteorologist, david murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning. we've got a mix of rain, snow and ice there on radar. >> we do and it kind of depends on where you are. rain to the east snow showers to the west and satellite right now saying that we're socked in b


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