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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 18, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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way for people to contact them instead of waiting for hours. >> it's getting warmer, but it's cold this morning. >> reporter: one more day we have to deal with with this. satellite and radar showing cloud cover off to the east, the snow is gone, but we're locked in to cold air. 18 in trenton. 17 in wilmington. 14 in allentown. 18 in millville. of course there's a bit of a breeze blowing that's giving you the windchills numbers. we've improved to 1 in -- 12 in philadelphia. 3 in allentown. 9 in wilmington. you have to bundle up early. as we looking at temperatures this morning, not going all that high. 29 degrees by noon. 32 by 2. 34 by 3:00 p.m. lots of sun, but cold, there will be a wind blowing 8 to 16 miles per hour that will give us windchills in the low 20s.
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despite sunshine, chilly out there, certainly. the one issue we have walking around this morning and to an extent driving we have sub freezing temperatures overnight. any standing water leftover from the rain and snow, be careful walking and driving. karen rogers milder air is coming after today, especially for the weekend. i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: i've been talking to people on social media who are worried about icy spots. we don't have widespread problems, but 309 northbound at highland avenue you will see a slick spot or two. blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 speeds in the 50s, we have another new accident in chester county on a springdale drive at east lincoln highway. i will take it slowly and drive cautiously and be prepared to
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hit a slick spot or two, if you do. i-95 live at cottman, southbound traffic heading center city, a touch more volume we saw a half-hour ago, no delay, but moving nicely here. water main break in rawnhurst castor avenue, watch for restrictions there. >> nine people were injured in a house fire the flames broke out on rodney avenue in upper chichester around 2 hours ago. firefighters came in to find smoke shooting from the second floor of the home. no word on the conditions of the nine people. look at the flames and smoke, fire crews trying to cut their way in, you see people led away on stretchers. we have a crew heading to the scene and we'll bring you a live update later in the show. commuters are concerned about the dangers on the rails during school dismissal times.
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brawls have broken out for two days florida row. two teens were charged with assault for threatening other minors with a knife. a woman is recovering from being shot waiting for a bus stop in spring garden section. someone with a automatic weapon was shooting on the sidewalk yesterday. the 60-year-old was hit at north 7th and green street. 18 shots were fired. >> she is very lucky, 18 shots fired she was in close proximity to be struck by gunfire in the hip and be in stable condition, very lucky. >> police are looking for at least one shooter and reviewing nearby surveillance cameras. new this morning, a driver crashed in north philadelphia getting seriously injured when the vehicle landed on its side. investigators say the driver was going down a one-way street the wrong way, hit a stop sign and small wall. this happened at north second and lippencott streets at
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1:30 a.m. no word if the driver will face charges. a judge will decide if two people arrested in connection with the south jersey radio hosts death will stay in jail while waiting trial. police arrested james kauffman and aast month. when the new iphones come out, your old iphone mysteriously slows down. first apple didn't have a lot of to say, but now they are answering the complaints. stacey alicott is in for maribel a about aboutber. nasdaq was up 74 points and
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the s&p 500 up 26. futures are pointing to a lower open. reports on weekly jobless claims and house are starts are due out today. apple plans a new software update to let users decide whether or not they want to slow down their phones this follows news that older iphone models were being slowed down to prevent the devices from automatically shutting down. ceo tim cook said the softwareup date will give users the choice to slow down their phone and he is apologizing for giving users the impression that apple had any other intention in slowing down the phones. matt. >> all seems fishy to me, thank you tracy. philadelphia water department is working around the clock to repair broken water mains across the city and wants
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to thank the customers for their patience and turning to social media to help. there were 176 water main breaks in the first 15 days this year. that's an average of 11 per day. utility wants customers to use twitter or facebook to send them direct messages about breaks and plans to monitor the social accounts 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to midnight. i have tweeted out a link to both social media account if you have a problem yourself. >> the eagles are continuing to get ready to bring home another win later this afternoon, coach peterson will talk about sunday's game against the vikings. nick foles talked about what the team is doing for preparation, it's not just about the physical, but it's getting yourself metally prepared. >> you can stay in the moment of preparing doing what you have to do to get ready for sunday's game, that will make when you step on the field, it's going to be a crazy atmosphere, but that
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will allow you to play at your best. >> and you will see a special relationship out there on the field this weekend at the linc. it turns out that nick foles and case keenan were teammates for the 2015 st. louis i say rams. he said nick foles is one of his best friends, they have kept in touch for those two or three hours they will be fierce competitors, it's nice to know they will have something nice to say to each other. >> vikings are not a cold weather team they are used to playing under the dome. not the case on sunday. >> reporter: it will not be warm, but in the mid to low 40s, no rain and not a lot of wind, this will be a fairly technically well played football game, unless somebody screws up, there will be not be a weather problem. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're dry. we're looking at sunshine coming
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up over the horizon later on. not there yet, but plenty of stars out. unfortunately it's a cold start. 14 degrees in allentown. 19 in philadelphia. 18 in trenton. 17 in wilmington, 18 in millville. 21 in cape may. windchills making it feel like the single digits to low double digits across the region. gets your shades ready lots of sunshine getting ready to pour over the highways and by ways. a little bit of cloud cover down south on the immediate jersey shore. ing in the lehigh valley, brisk anne cold, high of 30 degrees. down the shore, 38 degrees, sunny and chilly. in philadelphia, lots of sun, brisk and cold, high of 34. with the winds 8 to 16 miles per hour we'll have windchills in the teens as we move through the morning and in the low 20s this afternoon. so it will be a day to bundle up from start to finish. clear skies and cold tonight.
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winds ease back a little bit. 24 in philadelphia, in the suburbs, lower than that. we have a trough, of course, in this cold air that's been with us for the last several days. it is getting ready to shift off to the east. for the weekend we'll build back under a ridge of high pressure the next front not coming in until late monday that makes for a mild weekend. which in turn makes for a mild, i had to swallow. a mild sunday game for the eagles. we're looking at a start at 6:40 p.m. sunday night. vikings and eagles, mild light winds, when i say mild seasonabley mild. the big issue is how much colder it is for this time of the year, we'll be above average and comfortable for football fans and tailgating not bad, 50 in the afternoon. 34 degrees today. sunny, brisk and cold, feeling like winter.
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tomorrow, sunny, a bit milder, 43 in the afternoon. saturday, a lot milder, 53 degrees, sunny skies, sunday, great football weather, tailgaters a mix of sun and clouds, 50 in the afternoon, we dip into the low to mid 40s, good football weather. monday, 52 is the high, we'll get late day or nighttime rain that could spill into the early part of tuesday. tuesday we expect the rain to end in the morning, after that high of 50, but temperatures dropping in the afternoon. i expect by dinnertime we'll be in the mid 40s, so that 50 an early-day high in all likelihood. back to reality, sunny and chilly on wednesday, 44. mid 40 high on thursday, even those numbers are above average. >> acceptable. 6:10 a.m., commuting in the concrete jungle, a man survives a wide ride when a rock smashes
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through his windshield. a company is putting a twist on a traditional tattoo, now your ink comes with a sound track. >> reporter: looking live on city avenue, traffic is moving nicely. westbound traffic moving toward king of prussia. we'll look at an accident next. >> welcome back taking a live
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look here, the view out across city hall plaza.
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6:13 a.m., 19 degrees, nowhere near getting above freezing as of yet. >> any leftover slick spots from yesterday, karen? >> reporter: good question, i think there are some, i'm going to show you a tweet from somebody. matt is patting himself on the back. you asked a good question, good job. 309 at highland avenue we have an accident that moved to the shoulder we have see flashing lights. we don't know if it is from a slick spot, but it could be with the temperatures in the teens. not seeing a ton of accidents on the highways. one springdale drive whiteland township an accident popped up and cleared. watch for that. upper gwynedd township, montgomery county. morris road at broad street. we're seeing a pothole in the road. we're seeing a lot of them. i'm asking everyone to tweet me when you see a pothole or problems on the roads with ice. thank you to doug who is telling
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us driving in salem county, saw a number of areas with black ice on them. it looks slick, but it's obviously icy out there with the temperatures in the teens. watch for that coming in from salem county on the south jersey overview. not eeg a lot of problems just just -- not seeing a lot of problems just yet. 130 northbound in cinnaminson watch for an accident there. 19 in center city. it's cold out there this morning. 18 in hammonton fortescue. 17 in smyrna. today we'll make it up to 34. right now irrelevant feels like 1 degrees, that's -- right now it feels like 12 degrees that's an improvement from the last hour, windchill in allentown, 3. >> parents accused of starving and torturing their 13 children are expected to appear in court today.
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deputies discovered their malnourished children ages 2 to 29 after a 17-year-old girl escaped and called 911. they selected boxes and safe and pieces of wood that appeared to be part of a bed yesterday. 8 vehicles caught fire inside a parking garage inside a massachusetts medical school in worster. firefighters saw thick black smoke bellowing out of the structure alternative. it is unclear what sparked the fire. a michigan man survived a close call with a concrete blocked that flew into his car. he was driving down 696 when the rock smashed into the windshield missing his head by a few inches. michigan state police are trying to find out if someone dropped the concrete block or it fell off a crumbling overhead road. flyers get ready to honor
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hockey great eric lindros. >> reporter: we have temperatures in the teens and windchills in the single digits, 12 right now in philadelphia. it does get better later in the week, but today we're dealing with coat weather, i'll have the 1 hour forecast next. >> reporter: in tech bytes, the first batch of apple home pods. the supplier of the smart speaker has shifted 1 million units to apple. nintendo has come out with cardboard accessories. people are getting tattoos that can speak to them. you up load any sound clip to an app called skin motion, the artist takes the sound away from the app and scans the tattoo. the audio clip kept a voice male
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shoshanna with "action news'" fitness tip. everybody wants tighter thighs, this move will give it to you. bend the left leg and extend the right. pop the hip up, we're going into side plank leg lifts. lift and lower the right leg. feel it in the outer thigh for 15 minutes. drop the left hip and press it up. again, you are going to be feeling it and the thighs are going to be tighter. >> i was just telling tam i need to start lifting weights. she was like yeah, when you get
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older it's important. >> i said i'm in the boat next to you. that's why i have this information. >> reporter: let's show you what's going on, 202 we have a disabled vehicle here on the shoulder, traffic is moving okay right now, watch for that one. a lot extra volume with the a disabled vehicle. cold to be stuck on the road. we have an accident that cleared west whiteland township, spring mill drive. traffic is moving better there. >> reporter: we have cold temperatures on the subway flat form this morning. 18 degrees by 7:00. bundle up. windchills in the single digits or low double digits across the region. 34 at # p.m. we'll be below freezing for the evening commute. as we look at the airport, we had snow and ice in atlanta. today it's looking fine. no major delays in our travel
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destinations, everybody from boston to orlando and dallas looking at stars and plenty of sunshine today. tam. >> going on to "healthcheck," the flu epidemic sweeping across the country have some catholic churches make changes. archdiocese of sante fe, new mexico put out guidelines, asking people not to shake hands at the passing of the peace at matt or take wine during communion. sixers face the celtics tonight. eric lindros and his son attended practice yesterday. number 878 number will be retired -- number 88 will be retired against toronto. >> center city philadelphia on
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this thursday morning. 6:25 a.m. all you got is 19 degrees out there. extremely cold. all you're gonna get is 35 degrees, but it's warmer tomorrow. the star of the longest running hit gray's anatomy. ellen pompeo is set to make $575,000 an episode that doesn't include a signing bonus or points on the back end in total $20 million. if as expected abc picks up
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grays. she credits the creator to encourage her to ask for more money and become a producer on the show. a young boy from delaware who is currently battling cancer a second time received a special message. e-a-g-l-e-s quarterback, carson wentz sent him this recording. >> i want you to know while out there playing i'm playing for people like you. and i want you to know i'm praying for you. >> the message is for 9-year-old danny a huge philadelphia eagles fan. the birds invited him to the game against the falcons, he had to watch the game from his hospital bed because he was too sick. many lifted danny's spirit by organizing a parade that went right past his hospital window.
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david murphy is promising a warmup that's on the way. following breaking news, nine people were hurt in this smoky house fire we'll have a live report from the scene in delaware county, next. breaking now on "action
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news," nine people are injured in a raging smoky house fire in delaware county. we're live on the scene. gunned down in a grocery store a man grabbing a bite to eat gets ambushed by two masked men. >> a bucks county man is looking for a stolen eagles heirloom you know you're a die-hard fan when your name is andy reid. >> give him his sign back before the big game.
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let's go over to karen rogers and david murphy with weather and traffic. >> reporter: women's in the single digits. >> reporter: very cold, not over the hump just yet, but we'll get there. satellite and radar showing we have a lack of cover across the region. there's some near the oceanfront, some of us are looking at stars and plenty of sun. 18 in trenton. 19 in philadelphia. 17 in wilmington. 14 degrees in allentown. 18 in millville. and, of course, there's a little bit of a breeze that's giving you worse windchills. feels like 9 in wilmington. we've improved to 12 in philadelphia. and ten in trenton. 11 in millville. karen is happy about that, but it's going to be cold out there as you step outside. kind of staying that way. we'll have sun, get the shades ready we'll be in the 20s by noon, high of 34 pretty much in line with the model. there's an 8 to 16-mile an hour breeze blowing so the windchills
6:31 am
will make it feel like the low 20s. bundle up. one other issue this morning. this concerns the snow fromy either. we had sub freezing temperatures overnight. any standing water from yesterday's rain or snow turned to ice. caution driving and walking. the biggest problem will be on the sidewalks where people have not salted and you'll have ice in patches where people are trying to walk. milder air coming in for the weekend, i'll have the details coming up. >> reporter: hitting the roads at i-95 approaching cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center city. we're starting to slow down from the betsy ross bridge to girard. as we look at the travel times, no big delays just yet. big picture prereflecting -- reflecting that with speeds as you head toward the schuylkill expressway. first signs of slowing. no major accidents on the schuylkill expressway or i-95.
6:32 am
bridesburg we have malfunctioning traffic lights richmond and the betsy ross bridge. outside live in new jersey, slow go on 42. a 12 minute ride from the ac expressway to 295. i'm getting reports from social media. coming in from the suburbs, more slick spots there. >> plooms of smoke shot into the kiss -- plumes of smoke shot into the sky over chichester this morning. jeanette reyes is live at the fire scene. >> reporter: good morning, matt we just arrived on scene. they just placed the fire under control. let me step out of the way so you can see what's going on right now. that was the home that was in flames not too long ago, as you mendinged 9 people injured. along the 3100 block of rodney avenue.
6:33 am
heavy fire was seen coming out of the second floor as crews arrived. one person was placed on the stretcher and is being treated. the extent of the injuries not known at this hour. fire crews getting inside the home. they are looking for whatever evidence to find the cause of the fire. as we mentioned before with the fires and cold temperatures it's difficult for firefighters to get inside because it's so cold, of course everything starts to ice over, but the investigation is underway, nine people injured at this time. we'll let you know as soon as we get new information. reporting live in upper chie -- chichester, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." >> about to people are being treated from this fire in the parkside section that started in a boarding house on girard avenue at 2:30 a.m. some of the water to douse the flames iced up on the house
6:34 am
posing an added danger to fire crews. a driver hit someone near the pedestrian walkway on the admiral wilson boulevard this happened at baird around midnight. there's no word on the victim's condition this morning. a man attacking a break in north philadelphia became the city's latest homicide ambushed by gunman as he enjoyed a sandwich. it happened on north 6th street. store employees say the 22-year-old victim was sitting on milk crate eating a sandwich. >> two males walked in with mosques, both had guns they went right up to the individual pointblank range and fired over 20 shots. >> the victim was pronounced at the hospital. detectives say the two suspects ran off without taking anything. >> 6:34 a.m., new this morning, about to winery owners in the poconos are under arrest for
6:35 am
secretly reaccording -- recording customers and employees. investigators say they found cameras in he, fortunately, rooms, -- cameras in several rooms, but no signs that people were under surveil answer. the defendants explained they didn't know they were breaking state recording laws and explained they wanted to make sure nobody wag stealing alcohol. funding deadline is approaching with no deal in sight. democrats don't want any spending bill that doesn't offer protection for young illegal immigrants currently part of the dacca program. meanwhile, some of the so-called dreamers joined other groups in protest on capitol hill yesterday that led to 82 arrests. >> thieves stole a prized possession off the front lawn of
6:36 am
a fanatic eagles fan in levittown, bucks county. andy reid, his real name said the sign was stolen last week. he said the stolen sign is not just a decoration it's a family heirloom. his sister made the sign for his mother 30 years ago and put it out every season. >> it is such a great year, this comes down to someone stealing a sign they are not real eagles fans if they stole the sign. >> he hopes to get it back with no questions asked. eagles playoff preview party kicks off tomorrow night on 6abc. start sunday live from lincoln financial field at 6:00. we'll have post game coverage at
6:37 am
11:00 p.m. the icings on the cake comes with our live extended eagles coverage. >> i don't think you'll overhear any other conversations. >> reporter: there's a lot of eagles conversations around here and even at my house. storm tracker 6 live double scan right now we're looking at dry conditions as we take a look outside, we have sky6 live hd, sun coming up over the horizon nice and bright. the closer you get to the coast, the better chance you have of seeing clouds. there's a little over in south jersey. generally speaking bright sunshine on the way and cold conditions, you will like the sun today, balls every little bit helps. 19 degrees is the cold temperature. winds are not all that strong. that's enough to dip the windchills down to 12. we've had single digit witch including in philadelphia. 18 in trenton. 17 in wilmington, 18 in millville. now up to 22 in cape may. a reminder overnight that we have remained below freezing
6:38 am
that means any standings water leftover from the rain and snow is frozen up. roads could be an issue, but the big issue is sidewalks where there's iciness where people didn't salt. the only cloudby the coast. we have sunshine elsewhere, get the shades ready keep them handy throughout the day. we'll be in the 20s close to lunchtime, high of 34 around 3:00 p.m. before sliding back to 31 by 6:00. high temperatures this afternoon, 30 in allentown. 33 in trenton. 31 in reading. 35 in wilmington. better down through south jersey, 37 in millville. 38s on the boards and promenades down the shore. we've been in the cold air mass for the last several days, but it will shift. today feels like winter. we get a bit better tomorrow and the center of the ridge builds in for the weekend and milder air comes in. the next front is not coming in
6:39 am
until monday night. eagles game afternoon high of 50. great for tailgating. 46 degrees in the first quarter and 42 for the final whistle. winds not much of a factor. you want to bundle up and put on layers. in terms of. game itself no weather issues, really, to mess up the kicking game or the running game or passing game. hopefully it's a clean contest and the eagles come out on top. why not at home. sunny brisk and cold, 32 degrees, tomorrow, bright. milder sun, 53 on saturday. sunday, clouds and sun mix, down in the 40s during the game. monday, cloudier and late in the day or the at night, rain arrives. 52. we get to 350 on tuesday with rain in the morning, once the
6:40 am
rain shut off we have cooler air one more come in and 550 degrees on tuesday, and 44 on wednesday. >> a store owner pokes fun at clumsy criminals in a clever attempt to try to catch them. living on the edge. the ground is giving way beneath this malibu home. >> reporter: jammed at trooper you'll see a slow down. we'll go to upper gwynedd and an accident object 309 when we come right back.
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>> good morning, penns landing and all of the nice well sped traffic on i-95. everyone mining their own business as we get ready for this thursday morning. >> i never heard of well sped traffic. i like that. >> it comes out of me, i don't know where it is from. >> you say that all the time. >> reporter: you know what when you wake up in the middle of the night you make up words. that was good. rodney avenue kingsman road and thornton road. stick to chichester avenue as the alternate. we have 309 northbound at fort washington an accident moved to the shoulder, watch for that one. pennsauken we have a disabled
6:44 am
vehicle 130 northbound at union avenue. couple of issues out there, one is the ice, scott welsh tweeted me the picture of the ice forming all over his truck in the far western suburbs in chester county. you can have ice out there. on the waze app schuylkill expressway westbound we checked our camera off to the side near spring garden, you may see a slow go. traffic is not restricted, traffic on the side near spring garden. we're looking at travel times, 21 minute ride woodhaven to the vine southbound. schuylkill expressway is in good shape. 42, a 16 minute ride a little slow from the ac expressway to 295. got to bundle up. temperatures in the teens, 16 in quakertown, pottstown. 15 in warminster. 19 in center city. 18 in hammonton. 14 in vineland. 16 degrees in smyrna, delaware. heading up to 34, but just in
6:45 am
the teens this morning, matt. >> thank, karen. a live picture from turkey where crews are working to remove the plane that skid offed offed -- skidded off a airport runway five days ago. two cranes are being used to pull the plane back up. the pe -- pegasus airline flight skid of off the runway and nobody was injured. a home in malibu is teetering off the backyard. dird -- dirt continues to slide down the incline. everybody is out of the house and no injuries were reported. a fun hike turned into a nightmare for a man who was forced to survive three days and two nights out in the wilderness hoping for a rescue.
6:46 am
roger dannon and his long time hiking buddy started out in palm strings and they lost the trail in the snow. he slipped and landed on a chirac face. he slid down the precipice and found a stream and followed it. >> i pulled myself up and the light shining, oh, my god, they found me. >> he had a fractured shoulder and a lot of scrapes and bruises. irs is working on w-4 form to address changes to the tax laws. if you're employer is not taking enough money out of your paycheck you could end up with a tax bill next year. if too much is taken out you'll get a refund. financial experts will tell you getting a refund may seem nice, but in reality you gave the
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federal government an interest-free loan to do whatever it wanted with your money.
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on "g.m.a." >> robin roberts joining us from time square. i know you and tam are from the south and they don't take too
6:50 am
kindly of the winter weather. you should see the picture of posted of my brother from houston, he will kill me for that. treacherous road conditions in the south as drivers face record-cold temperatures. air travel all across the country. ginger zee is tracking the latest. abc news exclusive interview with tim cook as apple plans to create 20,000 new jobs in the u.s., what he has to say about the iphone battery slow down. in the studio, we have sharon stone we've got garrett headland and special members of the "dancing with the stars," plus michael strahan, are you going to be in the next "dancing with the stars" is that what you're trying to say? >> no. >> you're going to have deals and steals, you kill my wallet every week. >> deals and steals, you got
6:51 am
it. >> reporter: we'll see you soon. >> someone snatch tam's credit card. >> that's what i told my husband when the pillow cases showed up. >> reporter: she is not hurting your wallet, saving you money. schuylkill expressway westbound at spring garden, i told you about the accident off to the side. you can see it here not causing too many problems just a little slow with the accident off to the side schuylkill expressway westbound. camden, we spotted a problem on 676 northbound past atlantic avenue. watch for this as you head toward the bridge. you see it off to the left lane, it's causing an extra slow go, dave. >> reporter: karen, cold, temperatures in the teens, 19 in philadelphia. 18 in millville. 17 in trenton, it feels like 8 degrees to 12 degrees those are the windchill ranges this morning. as we go through the day we are expecting bright sunshine, but
6:52 am
continued cold. 34 degrees, windchills making it feel like the low 20s even if he best of times, matt and tam. >> philadelphia is trying to a few tactic to battle the opioid epidemic, a lawsuit suing pharmaceutical companies to hat deceptive marketing practices and reinforcement for the money spent on addiction and enforcement. 1200 people in the city alone died of fatal overdoses last year. a convenience store owner in missouri is getting the last laugh over shoplifters. he is posting some of the best criminal bloopers on the internet. including a man who stuffed so many items in his socks can barely stand. he said he is okay with taking
6:53 am
of video oaf the internet as long as they return the loot.
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>> welcome back here the top stories on "action news," a swift-moving fire injured nine people in delaware county. it broke out on the 3100 block of rodney avenue in upper chichester this morning. no word on what kicked off the blaze. police are looking for two people who shot and killed a man inside a corner store. the suspects ran off without
6:56 am
taking anything. commuters are growing more and more concerned about the dangers on the rails during school dismissal time. brawls have broken out among teenagers at septa stations for two days in a row. >> reporter: a lot of people are wondering how the roads are today. no widespread problems, but expect slick spots especially the secondary roads. schuylkill expressway an accident at spring garden street. an accident involving a pedestrian in plymouth township at butler pike and maple drive. >> satellite showing us a little bit of cloud cover out there, it's thinning out quickly but we expect sunshine overall today. 34 degrees is the high. windchills in the 20s at the best of times. bundle up today, things get better as we head toward and through the weekend. >> you know what we should do tomorrow? cheer for the eagles. >> we should offer our score
6:57 am
predictions for the nfc championship. we'll do it tomorrow. >> reporter: i like it. >> it won't be on tv it will be on facebook. >> something to look forward to. >> we'll share it. for karen rogers, david murphy, tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. "g.m.a." is next. bye. sorry. i can't make it.
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good morning, america. that winter storm turns deadly. chaos on the roads across the south. fatal crashes, cars sliding, flipping over. this police officer trying to direct traffic, slipping not once, but twice. and now new concerns as the roads refreeze this morning. shutdown countdown. funding for the government on the verge of running out as republicans and democrats scramble to strike a deal pointing fingers. and now president trump's chief of staff suggesting the president was uninformed when he made that campaign promise about a wall on the border with mexico. new fears about the deadly flew epidemic exploding across the country. a mother of three and a young child among the latest victims. we're live this morning at the center of one of the


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