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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  January 18, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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reads about this threat and is live in paulsboro tonight with the latest. >> reporter: hey rick, police got a big break if the investigation here at wawa yesterday. early in the morning they were chasing a stolen vehicle and the occupants got away on foot. they showed up here at the wawa an hour earlier where they struck again taking an idling car and the good news however they also got their picture taken. >> we have reason to believe that these three are involved in all the thefts. >> an hour after they eluded the police. these three thieves were caught on camera in paulsboro and they waited inside of the store on berkeley road for three hours until an unlucky customer pulled autopsy at 3:00 p.m. and the resident walked in and got in the vehicle and left. >> that was the eighth theft of an idling car in the past few
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months. >> residents heard the reports. >> get your car stolen? not me. >> we are not suppose to leave your cars running but everyone does it. it's freeing thieves hit the paulsboro apartments twice. and this shows a man jumping into an idling car and taking off. >> these three males walked up to them and bran dished the weapon and took the car from him. >> instead they believe they are dumping stolen cars from philadelphia and camden here and taking off in others, the chief is not sure why it's happening here but focused on catching the guys before someone gets hurt. they hope that the public can recognize these three individuals.
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if you choose to warm your car up he recommends you lock the door and be aware of your surroundings. channel 6 "action news." >> all right, jeff, thank you. we have breaking fuse to pass along tonight. chopper 6 hd over the scene of police activity in tinicum county where the pursuit was underway for two suspects. a man and woman that fled the scene in a white suv or hummer and there was a police chase and fled on foot from south philadelphia and we are told that those two suspects a man and woman are apprehended tonight in tinicum township delaware county and the investigation is still underway and it was a dramatic police chase that extended along i-95 in south philadelphia from delaware county and it is believed that they struck a trooper's vehicle during the police chase and no word on why they were being pursued and they are in custody but the investigation continues here in
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tinicum township. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available to us. >> as we tell you the slow march to warmer temperatures is underway and by this weekend you should see temperatures in the mid-40s. all eyes are on this place lincoln financial field in philadelphia. chopper 6 hd was overhead. packed with tens of thousands of screaming fans, the eagles vikings championship game. cecily tynan is live with a look at the forecast. >> by the weekend temperatures will be in the 50s believe it or not. and big change from today. there is definitely a chill in the area. philadelphia 34 degrees and high 36 below normal. and windchills were in the 20s and look at this map and see how the cold air extends to the gulf coast. atlanta 40 and new orleans 42. that is really cold for that area. the reason why we have this arctic high pressure well down to the south and clearing everything out. and we don't have a cloud in the
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sky and what that high pressure will do is migrate east toward the weekend and that brings us the warmer temperatures. but tonight if you head out you will want to bumped up. we slip below freezing by 7:00 and 11:00, 26 and the overnight low 23 degrees and temperatures above freezing and we got snow melt. do be careful tonight and tomorrow morning, for patchy black ice. and the temperatures rise tomorrow in the 40s and saturday and sunday in the 50s and i'll have details on the eagles game forecast and track rain next week coming up in the full exclusive accuweather forecast. >> speaking of the eagle s we are counting down to the biggest game in four years. a big moment for the eagles and big test for philadelphia police. city officials know if the eagles win on sunday residents and fans hit the streets to celebrate. the last time a philadelphia did
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win and have that level of success, the phillies winning the world serieses in 48 and another event is planned in the city than will tax police resources we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. >> meanwhile, jeff skversky joins us in the studio with the eagles back in the nova care complex. what is the strategy in place to beat the vikings. >> doing their homework and taking care of the football, and flexor cox has gone around to the other players that have been to the super bowl and won the super bowl. like chris long and lagarret blunt to find out what it takes. we know the horror stories, all too well the eagles past trips to the nfc championship game but no one is worse with a super bowl as stake than the very team the eagles are playing sunday. the vikings are o-5 in the nfc championship game.
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nick foles set multiple records in his career starts with the eagles. coming off the highest single game percentage in eagles playoff game history and building confidence heading into sunday's nfc title game against the vikings and even doug peterson is taking notice. >> preparation is the same nothing changes there. i would say that obviously having a game like he had, and efficient as was, it boosts confidence going forward. nick is nick. he comes to work every single day and does the same thing every single day and prepares the same and not a lot that gets under his skin. but i have seen a little more confidence in him. >> that goes without saying, the more you play the more you practice remember he did not play in the preseason and had the elbow issue, the more he gets acclimated to his teammates anded in huddle and running the
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plays and calling the plays, he is better off. he has to manage the game and does not have to be the star out there against the vikings. >> i smell a defensive game. >> it will be. >> "action news" is the source for eagle coverage, it starts tomorrow night with the preview party here on channel 6. at 7:30. and sunday morn live reports from the "action news" weekend and tune in for free game "action news" at 5:00. the pregame coverage and then followed by "action news" at 11:00 and we wrap it all up with extended live eagles coverage on "action news" sports sunday. should be fun. in other news tonight philadelphia is making the final cut for amazon's second headquarter, the company plans to invest $5 billion in the new facility and could employee as many as 50,000 people. the short list includes new york
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city, boston and check. and they bound out this morning when amazon released the list to the public. >> we are confident and happy philadelphia is one of the 20. we have done our analysis and think tal enand mobility and location makes us competitive against anybody else. >> and amazon is planning to make a final selection sometime this year. now to a developing story out of the oxford circle stake and detectives are on the scene of a reported murder. it happened here on the 5900 block of bellden street. a man and woman were arguing and that is when the man allegedly took a knife and slit the woman's throat and she did not survive. the police arrived and took the man into custody and chopper 6 hd arrives as officers collected evidence at the scene. we'll bring you updates when get them. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. >> gina is here for matt
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pellman. >> hi guys, very crowded out there right now. i want to take you to delaware county we have the accident blocking the left lane on the northbound side of 95 approaching 29 1. the penndot arrow is out there. and multiple vehicles involved. expect delays to the blue route and the travel time from the blue route to the vine a half hour on the southbound side about 23 minutes. i want to take you to the vine street expressway a disabled vehicle out here eastbound after broad street blocking the left hand lane because of this expect delays striblging all the way back to 76. and expect south philadelphia 76 from south street spo vine street expressway to just be very crowded and westbound expect tee lays as well. and active on the vine eastbound past broad street blocking the left lane. and south philadelphia active on columbus boulevard by oregon avenue and snyder.
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i am getting word that all lanes are blocked. >> thank you. it seems everywhere you go people are talking about the flu or owe sick with it. and what the flu is doing in pennsylvania and the recent spike in cases. and the little boy when to school happy his dad was coming home this weekend ain big surprise in the school gym. we'll show you the big reveal. >> we want to show you all the wonderful photos we got from all of you eagles fans and keep them coming. just up load them to the 6 abc twitter and instagram accounts using #6abcaction.
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the blue is picking up steam in the area. and in pennsylvania the number of flu related deaths nearly dubbed in the past week. ali gorman is here with the details and what you need to know. >> reporter: with the nubz numbers climbing you probably know someone with the flu or someone that had it. they are reporting widespread flu activity and the season is hod rately severe and hitting some communities especially
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hard. >> inside of this small elementary school in texas, hallways are quiet and there say lot of empty desks. about a third of students are home sick either with the flu or with another virus. >> the flu is always severe and we have never seen it like this. i am cleaning all day long, experts say this flu season is moderately severe and the number of people sick or dying from the flu is not unusually high. and the pro dominant train could be a dangerous one. it's not just a bad cold but could be deadly for healthy people and kids. michael messenger of michigan went from having minor symptoms to a crisis in hours. >> when i came into the room he was kind of on the floor. his eyes were open and looking at me. the only way i could describe is
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that he looked like a fish out of water. >> michael died at the hospital a few hours later. even in a mild year the flu killed 12,000 americans. how many of the people with complications with the flu are elderly or adults with chronic medical problems but also dangerous for pregnant women and kids under 5 and for kids without asthma. this goes for everyone. if you have severe symptoms, then you should seek medical care. now, as for the flu shot it's still worth it to get one if you have been already. the flu season stretches into the spring and sometimes different strains come around at different times. >> all right thank you. a military father is back in serving overseas and what he planned for his son today upon his return makes us all philly proud. air force sergeant dominic francesca walked into the millville school this morning to the surprise of his young son jack.
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he thought he was coming back from a six month deployment to qatar. and dad burst in with plenty of hugs and tears. and best of all was his son's face. >> the reaction is priceless and that is all i can hope for. this isn't the only surprise that sergeant francesca planned he showed up at his son flick las's school and plenty of hugs there. >> that nice. the eagles are getting closer to the championship game we get a prediction of one of the biggest holy eiest fans. >> the d will come out with the chase on case. my main factor our offensive line they have to dig their heels in and protect foles. >> we love you sister virginia, she is spot on. she is sharing her take with us
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on the team every game this season. and she and her fellow sisters grade the birds and more dog mask there and predistrict ing an eagles win. eagles fans can get their party on now. thanks to this story in wilmington delaware they have everything from balloons to paper goods and dog fans, the kind you fan yourself with. if you did not get a mask in time. they we they were chockful. sorry. i can't make it.
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american airlines announced new destinations from the philadelphia international airport budapest prague and zurich and added seven new routes as well. des moines, ft. wayne and oak city and pensacola and san antonio. >> and it's that tasty time of year again. today was the official kickoff
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of cookie season for the girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania, here at suburban station local girl scouts set up a special booth with quook cookies on display and smores. and they helped to fund amazing experiences for girls along with various community projects it runs through march 11th. save me a couple of boxes please. are you an eagles fan with a different kind of sweet tooth, sweeneys on naaman's road has eagle cupcakes gingerbread and chocolate squares and more. if you order now it's not too late to pick them up for your party this weekend.
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this winter in the state with more ski mountains than any other, family fun reaches a new peak. so whether you're a speed demon or more of a snow angel, your winter chariot awaits. pick the best peak for your family getaway at new york state. it's all here. it's only here.
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time for the ac forecast and the details of the warm-up once we are past tonight. >> are you right and in time for the weekend. great timing for this. heading over to the okay weather center because everybody is talking about the nfc championship on sunday and eagles taking on the vikings, the underdogs will be there and the temperatures will be fantastic. for this time of the year you can't ask for much more than
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this. kickoff temperature 46 degrees and at the end of the game 42 degrees and winds 3 to 6 miles per hour. not that windy and it will be dry and the weather is looking fantastic. a big change from today. it's pretty cold out there. philadelphia 34 degrees. and windchills today in the 20s. and allentown 28 and trenton 30 and cape may 32 and wilmington 33. another cold day here today. but if you look across the entire planet last year, this just came out today. it's one of our warmest on record noah is saying the third warmest and nasa is saying the third warmest and most areas across the globe well above average and this continues a trend, this is the graph that shows the departure from the 20 and senry average and over the past several decades we see a
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big increase especially since the 1980s our earth is warming and hard to deny the science. satellite and radar showing high pressure is building in and loads of sunshine today and this also brings us a chilly night. down to 23 degrees in philadelphia. and cape may and reading 16 and temperature as above freezing and we got melting of the snow and tonight there will be patchy black ice so do be care. tomorrow lots of sunshine and making it up to 43 degrees by afternoon and a beautiful day for late january and temperatures warming up another 10 degrees by saturday, a mild weekend. the five-day at 5:00, mostly sunny and 43 and sunday we bump it up to 53 degrees and mostly sunny skies and sun more in the way of clouds and partly sunny and mild and great day for tailgating and 51 degrees and we drop a bit on monday due to
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clouds, 49 degrees and tracking a system that will be cutting off across the great lakes. this keeps us in the warm sector of the storm dragging a cold front through and showers late on monday and a steady rain arriving late monday night into tuesday. but we are not talking about any snow or any freezing rain and it's still mild way high of 54 degrees after the morning rain, we cool off a bit behind the system and i'll talk about that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> the weekend is looking really nice. thank you cecily. still to come on the next half hour of "action news" stick around.
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verizon, no way. we offer 35 voice features and solutions that grow with your business. verizon, not so much. get internet on our gig-speed network and add voice and tv for $34.90 more per month. call 1-800-501-6000. "action news" continues with adam joseph can rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. the count down to kickoff is on. eagles are making the final preparations for the nfc championship game. and we are live with how the team is getting ready. and in the next 48 hours the federal government could shut down, why some say that is a
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real possibility. new details about a horrible case of abuse in california. officials have just revealed what the 13 siblings endured in more detail as they were allegedly held captive in their own home. late this afternoon we learn about the horrifying extent of abuse and neglect for siblings in california. they were severely malnourished despite the fact that the parents ate well. a 29-year-old woman weighed just 82 pounds be marcy gonzales joins us live with more on this shocking case. >> reporter: rick, the alligations are absolutely sickening on top of the physical and emotional abuse, the children were so cut off from the world they didn't know what medicine or police officers were. the parents were just arraigned pleading not guilty to all charges. >> horrific new details on how prosecutors say these parents
5:31 pm
held their 13 children captive starving and severely abusing all but the youngest for years. >> this is depraved conduct facing 12 counts of torture and brutality that began sometime in 2010. the parents at one point leave ago part from the children and dropping off food from time to time. >> the house left in absolute filth this from the new homeowner. >> the severe neglect intensified overtime and the children were only allowed to shower once a year and were beaten and strangled and locked in rooms and chained to their own beds sometimes for months as a time sometimes for punishment. >> one reason for punishment if the the children were found to wash their hands above the wrist area they were accused to playing in the water and would be chained up.
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>> the terpins would buy food for themselves and let the children look at but rarely give them any. the prolonged starvation leaving all but the 2-year-old emaciated and underdeveloped. their 17-year-old daughter escaped through a window and called 911. something she and her siblings planned for two years. >> david is also charged with committing a lewd act on one of the children and investigators are learning more going through the hundreds of journals that the children kept. both are being held on $12 million bail each and could face life in prison if convicted. live in los angeles, back to you. hard to take it in thank you. >> developing news from washington now where law makers are working to reach an agreement to try and avoid a government shut down, and funding expires tomorrow night at midnight.
5:33 pm
the main sticking point is immigration especially for the so-called dreamers and the president's plan for a border wall with mexico. and hanging in the balance funding for chip, the childrens health insurance program that affects some 9 million youngsters. the gop leaders are hoping to prompt the leader to include money for chip. and democratic leaders say they are not moved. >> this is like, giving you a bowl of doggy doo and putting a cherry on top and calling it a sundae. they say that the shut down would hurt the u.s. military and operations would not be affected but service members would not be paid until the government reopens. >> the president visited the factory near pittsburgh, pennsylvania, the first on the road speech since it's pass an of the tax bill and used the opportunity to tout strong
5:34 pm
economic numbers and did not mention the shut down and focused on the benefits of the tax cut. >> and david muir will have the latest coming up after "action news" at 6:30. wells fargo center is apologizing to customers after a glitch that emptied some accounts by paying bills twice and it caused some accounts to be overdrawn. they plan to refund any fees or charges. and the doctor accused of conspiring to his his own wife kill faced a judge today. prosecutors say that james kauffman planned to have his wife april kauffman killed to cover up a drug scheme. >> he looked frail and kept his head down and mumbled responsibilitieses today in atlanta county court. kauffman is accused of conspiring to his his wife april
5:35 pm
kauffman after authorities believe she was threatening to expose a drug operation he was running out of his office with the pagan gang. and her daughter was in the courtroom and long believed her stepfather was responsible. >> and ferdinand augello in court today. investigators say with kauffman they hired francis mulholland to shoot and kill kauffman in the family home and a member of the pagans tried to have kauffman killed in jail fearing he would flip. >> every time is he out he attempts to murder people. >> and they allegedly ran the operation with six others, two of them joseph mulholland and chapman had their hearing today and both could be released. >> the investigation continues.
5:36 pm
to this day. so you know as far as any other charges that come down in the future -- >> james kauffman has been in jail since june after allegedly pulling a weapon on police when they went to serve search warrants at his office and is now at a different facility for his own protection. annie mccormiccormick, channel "action news." and now prosecutors are getting ready for the second sex abuse trial against bill cosby. and they want to call 19 accusers to testify against him and they want to show prior bad acts spanning 50 years and his last trial ended in a hung jury in june and only one accuser was allowed to testify. upper darby police are asking for the public's help to find a missing 87-year-old man that suffers from severe dementia. nicholas caris was last seen yesterday afternoon and
5:37 pm
apparently got into a vehicle and drove off. that car say 2002 silver lexus es. and the car has no tracking device or easy pass. caris is 5'3" and does not have a cell phone. if you have information about his whereabouts, police would like to hear from you. three heros are talking about how they worked together to save a driver from a fiery wreck. this was the incredible scene on i-295 north in burlington county on sunday. he crashed and the jeep burst into flames. even though the job demands they put their lives on the line they could not have saved this driver without the additional help. >> they went to work and they didn't care about their own safety and it was nice to work as a team. collectively we could not have
5:38 pm
gotten him out without all of us together. >> the tow truck driver says it's in his nature to help folks. >> very cool. time now for an update on the highways and byways. >> gina is in the traffic center for matt. >> we start off with accidents one in the area of gulph mills on the schuylkill expressway it's out here westbound approaching 202 and off to the shoulder and thankfully it's not blocking the roadway but causing big delays and expect delays to south philadelphia. and doesn't look like an eastbound gaper delay but keep an eye on that. the earlier disabled vehicle on the vine has cleared out but congestion back to 76 and heavy as well on the westbound side. lets take you to 95 that cleared outs address well.
5:39 pm
here at northbound 291. and travel times from the blue route to the vine a half hour. and in the yellow not the red. and i want to show you the travel times we see significant travel times the biggest on the schuylkill eastbound from the blue route to the vine about 16 mips. more ahead on "action news" this evening, piecing together the remnants of the past. house of local college students are working to tell the stories of people in forgotten photographs. and countdown to kickoff in three days, the eagles are preparing for the nfc championship game on sunday. >> jaime apody joins us with a preview live. >> reporter: hey there, doug peterson the worst coaching hire of 2016. i'll explain that and what he has to say about the only one of those hires still playing. coming up. >> and cecily tynan tracking the
5:40 pm
latest in the weather center. jaime looks cold out there. the high today only 36 degrees. 4 degrees below normal and colder with the windchill. but i'm tracking a warm-up for the weekend. >>
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. ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ >> eagles! >> what are the eagles going to do? >> win the super bowl! >> we love little amelia how terrific is that. >> she is a good speller too. you imagine that scene at the linc sunday night at 10:00 the whole stadium chanting that and chanting super bowl. we can see it in our future perhaps. hopefully, you hear me saying defense wins championships and fletcher cox believes that and then some. whoever plays better on d goes
5:44 pm
to the super bowl. because the vikings are the number one defendants in the nfl. and let go to jaime apody and cox says this team is special in training camp as did doug peterson. >> he is special too. how is this for a throw back thursday. two years ago the eagles announced they would hire doug peterson as their next head coach. there were seven coaches hired that year. and peterson was wranked by "usa today" to be the worst of them all and now one win away from the super bowl. peterson 21-12 and 14-3 at lincoln financial field of those seven coaches hires in 2017 he is the only one still playing and three of them have already been fired and the other three have losing records. i asked peterson if there is any personal gratification that comes from the fact he has silenced all the doubters. >> however i can serve the
5:45 pm
organization and serve the players. that is all i know. that is all i know. i love football and i love coaching football and teaching it and being around the guys, and i will pour my life into these players, if it's good enough. great because that is all i know i can do and given my best effort and i don't care what is written. you know it's kind of like the underdog thing our players don't pay much attention to that. and i'm kind of the same way. >> except for the bluecross broad street run mask -- >> doug peterson the ultimate underdog, the headline in 2016 said ranking the nfl seven new head coachers, sorry eagles fans. no need to apologize we'll take doug peterson and happy with the way things turned out. coming up at 6:00 i'll tell you which eagle was wearing one of
5:46 pm
those new lane johnson under dog t-shirts. >> thank you. we'll see you at 6:00 peterson says he is more confident in nick foles this week and has seen it in practice but foles needs more than that to beat the number one d on sunday. ducis rogers and brian westbrook have more. >> i love this match-up. love the opportunity that the eagles have this week coming up. a tough match-upp the nfc game should be tough and the vikings have a great defense and sometimes they struggle to score points. the one key thing for the offense do not turn the football over no fumbles and no interceptions. >> we saw fumbles saturday night against the falcons what is the pressure to take care of the football and have things tightened up. >> you play a team like this it's a defensive battle and a
5:47 pm
lot of pressure on nick foles and pump the football and don't give the team the short field advantage, and if we focus on that and nick foles continues to be accurate passing the football doug peterson has a good game like last week and we have a chance. >> more on the championship game friday night in our playoff preview party live from chickie's and petes and ducis rogers and ron jawarksi joins us for that. and drivers at glassboro show their high school spirit. and eagles spirit. he goes back to visit many times in the past several years. looking good. sunday morning start your eagles game day with live reports from the linc on "action news" weekend at 6:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. pregame team coverage, as we countdown to kickoff and
5:48 pm
when the final whistle blows we are back here with live post game coverage followed by "action news" at 11:00 and wrap it up with extended live coverage on "action news" sports sunday. all right, well the phillies have a new player on the roster, he can't hit catch or throw but can play a mean piano. billy joel gets an honorary contract from the phils the same day he plays citizens bank park and the me an oh man is the first artist to perform at the bank for five consecutive years and the concert takes place on july 27th. >> very cool. still ahead the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> taking a live look from the sky 6 hd cameras. and meteorologist cecily tynan has the chilly details.
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meteorologist, cecily tynan here for adam. get ready to ditch the winter coat soon. >> maybe a lighter winter coat. it's in the 50s. still january it's not bad at all. >> i'm go with the parka just to be on the safe side. >> the action cam today looking at the delaware in camden, new jersey, there is ice build up on the sides but the river is flowing but ray postd this photo on my facebook page this is the
5:52 pm
same river up by trenton we have a lot of ice there. but it will gradually be melting through the weekend and temperatures warm up cold today though 34 in philadelphia and trenton 30 and beach haven 31. and allentown 29. never got rid of the wind out there. the windchill factor feels like 25 in lancaster and feels like 25 at the atlantic city airport in pomona. satellite 6 along with action radar showing high pressure a broad area of high pressure is building in and this is what cleared out the clouds and loads of sunshine today and with the clear skies tonight winds are generally out of the northwest light and it's going to be a cold night. 15 in the colder subs and 23 for center city. with the sunshine today we got
5:53 pm
melting and there could be patches of black ice in the morning and afternoon high 43 degrees. loads of sunshine and a really nice january day and allentown 38, cape may 41 and wilmington 42 degrees. and this front nudges to the east and the clock wide circulation it pulls up winds from the southwest. and temperatures more than 10 degrees above average this weekend. a true january thaw. and this warm air arriving in time for the eagles game. nfc championship game kickoff 6:40 and gait weather for tailgating before the game and you want a jacket but don't have to bundle up in a lot of layers and fourth quarter 42 degrees. go eagles. it's a nice looking forecast tomorrow mostly sunny and 43 and bump it up to 53 on saturday
5:54 pm
with more sunshine and sun partly sunny and clouds and 51 and we dip a bit on monday under mostly sunny skies and late day showers and a steady rain developing monday night and that lasts into tuesday morning. the rain could slow down the commute with you we are talking about liquid no freezing rain or snow. and mild and overnight lows in the mid-40s and afternoon high on tuesday 54. and temperatures drop on wane 42 and wednesday back down to near normal with a high of 40 degree, warmer weather arriving right into time for the weekend enjoy. >> thank you. quick break.
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finally a unique project is underway at the university of delaware and learn the stories of men and women that lived in our area decades ago and students in the conservation program are working with old photographs and negatives that they purchased in a bellevue
5:57 pm
antique shop. they are trying to restore the prints and finding out more about the people and places in them. some date back to the 1930s and agallery is posted to the facebook page. is it one of your great grandparents do you think? >> a u.s. marshal is dead after a gunman opened fire we are live in harrisburg with the latest on the investigation. and back here in philadelphia a state trooper crashes during a two county pursuit. >> and students are sickened after given a snack by a classmate. for rick williams and the entire "action news" team have a good night tonight. t comes to cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where the specialists form a treatment plan together.
5:58 pm
we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. we have so many tools at our center. this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at slash philadelphia.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers and cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> thursday night and philadelphia makes the list of finalists for amazon second headquarters and nine family members are injured in a morning house fire. but the big sorry on "action news" tonight is the u.s. partial gunned down and killed in the city of harrisburg this morning. it happened while he and his team of officers were serving a warn on a woman when suddenly gun fire came from a house nearby. the marshall was killed as was the gunman. gray hall is live now in harrisburg. what are the details there? >> reporter: we can tell you that this neighborhood was disrupted we gun fire and that
6:00 pm
deputy u.s. marshal is dead tonight and what is not clear is what led the s&p to fire the shots. >> none of us has sufficient words to suppress our grief and sorrow, the hills have lost a father, son husband and brother far too soon. >> they are mourning the loss of one of their own after a violence morning in harrisburg. david hill died in the line of duty at 6:30 this morning. investigators say that deputy hill along with other officers were issuing fugitive warrants when a male suspect opened fire and the death of deputy hill is described as a huge loss for the community and law enforcement. >> you would probably not find a better tactical operator in the state of pennsylvania. >> police say that the shooting started on the insized the home and moved to the outside they were not there for the man but for a woman. and it's not clear what prompted the man who is


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