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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  January 19, 2018 1:37am-2:10am EST

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in tin cum township, the trooper taken to hospital. the two individuals taken into custody after leading police in a chase across philadelphia. now they are in trouble with the law. the big story is a stolen vehicle, hypodermic needles and finally an apprehension. christie ileto is live on columbus avenue. you have the full story. >> that's right, jim. we asked one of the suspects why he put the lives in danger, he responded saying, my life was in danger. this started when an officer ran the tags on the suv. they came back stolen. when they tried to pull him over, that's when it escalated. kekelsey said nothing to our
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camera, but her fiance did. >> why did you put people's lives in danger? >> my life was in danger. >> he was spotted in a stolen hummer heading north on i-95 when an officer pulled him over for a traffic stop, he began driving erratically. he waved in and out of traffic causing a trooper to crash. the trooper has minor injuries. >> he got stuck on the railroad tracks. with police on their tail, they bailed from the suv and sprinted toward the parking lot. >> geiseenofer was taken into custody by the best buy but
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latiree ran inside the store throwing items into the aisles to avoid getting caught. >> i was looking to duck. >> along with several traffic violations and the stolen suv, police discovered inside used and unused needles for illicit drug use. the pair was taken into custody. no one was seriously injured during their joyride. christie ileto, "action news." jim? >> new information tonight. we learned the suspect police say shot and killed a deputy u.s. marshal inside a harrisburg home was from philadelphia. kevin sturges had two active warrants for failing to appear in court on firearm charges. 45-year-old deputy christopher hill was part of a team serving
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an arrest warrant on a woman wanted on charges when sturgis opened fire. sturgis was shot and killed. >> the atlantic county doctor accused of hiring a hitman to kill his wife will remain behind bars until his trial. kauffman appeared frail keeping his head down and mumbling his responses. the egg harbor physician is accused of conspiring to have april kauffman killed in 2012. >> two girls were rushed to hospital this morning after they ate cookies believed to be laced with marijuana. a classmate handed out cookies she had brought from home. the girls became sick with severe vomiting and glazed eyes. police don't believe the girls
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knew what was in the cookies. no one has been charged. >> tomorrow is the start of a warm up carrying us into the eagle game and next week. cecily tynan is promising us a january thaw and she is about to deliver. >> i believe this is a welcome change to a lot of people. yesterday, nuisance snow. today, 36-degrees. atlanta barely warmer, 41. memphis and new orleans, 43-degrees. they had frost warnings in central florida thanks to arctic high pressure across the gulf coast lieutenant it'. it's moving east setting up a return flow out of the southwest bringing us warmer air. that being said, tonight is not warm. iit's cold. allentown, 15. cape may 24, wilmington 20.
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with the melting we had today, there are areas of black ice. be careful. tomorrow, 43-degrees. the true warmth arriving over the weekend, saturday and sunday afternoon highs 10-degrees above average. i have details on what to expect if you are headed to the eagle's game. jim? >> thank you, cecily. you have the latest updates on the forecast and check weather anytime. >> philadelphia has been chosen as a finalist for amazon's second headquarters. we are still in the game. the company plans to invest $5 billion in the new facility and could employee as many as 50,000 people. the list of 20 cities includes new york, newark and philadelphia. officials found out this morning when amazon released the list to
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the public. >> we are happy to be one of the 20. >> we believe that we are competitive against anyone else. >> a amazon plans to make a finl selection this year. temple university is taking the next step for an on campus football stadium. they'll seek approval for the $130 million facility from the city planning commission. current plans put the stadium along north broad street and include clasd classroom and resh space. funding is expected to come from private donations. >> when the eagles and vikings kick off sunday, there will be about 68,000 fans at the link. tonight we are focused on one of them, patrick muller. he captains eagle one. with us is reporter dann
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cuellar. time to hitch a ride on eagle one. >> you better believe it, jim. this is another great thing about the eagles being in the playoffs. we meet the most amazing fans across the tristate area. when you think you saw it all comes another crazy fan with a whole lot of passion for this eagle's team. >> meet the rv appropriately named eagle one. this 36-foot georgetown model sleeps four, carries more and has been to 32 stadiums over the last eight years. >> that's a lot of traveling. how many miles do you have on this thing? >> 125,000. the only place it's been to is eagle games. >> muller takes special care to deck out the rv with the latest eagle players and trends, even the pope wearing an eagle jersey is on display.
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>> i update the decals. my sign guy redoes it for me every seven. >> he has a wife and four kids and a dog just as passionate about it as he is. >> we do hotdogs, hamburgers the basics. unlike most tailgates with a lot of beer, we have a lot of rootbeer. we have a lot of kids. >> if you are an avid fan, even minnesota, we'll welcome you for a burger. join us. >> the question now is eagle one ready to go for the eagle game against the vikings. >> stopped and ready to go, dan. go eagles. >> ag eagles! >> the mullers say when the eagles win, not if, their next trip will be to minnesota for the superbowl.
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their final destination is broad street february 26th for the big parade. they have it all planned out. live at the link, i'm dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." jim? >> they can lead the parade in that vehicle. fans share their excitement over superbowl hopes with running back la garrett blunt. he took time to shake hands and sign autographs for fans. for others, it's a chance to instill love with the hometown team and the next generation. >> eagle fans pack chickees and petes in south philadelphia to get their hands on a hometown shirt. lane johnson had the shirt printed after he wore a dog mask. all proceeds are benefiting the school district of philadelphia. "action news" is your source for
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eagle coverage this weekend. it kicks off tomorrow night with our playoff preview party at 7:30 here on channel6. we have live eagle coverage all weekend long. >> sunday morning, start your game day with live reports on the weekend at 6:00 a.m. and pregame coverage at 5:00. we have live post game reports as soon as the final whistle blows following "action news" at 11:00 and we wrap it up on "action news" sports sunday. >> still to come on "action news" tonight, researchers say it's not concussions that cause cte. the parents of 13 siblings held captive were in court today as new details emerge about the horrific conditions in their home. >> a judge fires back as larry
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nanasir complains about his hearing. cecily? >> we are tracking rain in the sphoaivelgt. >> jeff skversky has the latest on the eagles as they gear up for sunday's game against the minnesota vikings. "act
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>> we are learning more about the 13 children imprisoned in their home for 13 years. >> their parents have pled not guilty. monicmonica malpass has more. >> jim, the details make you sick. the home that should have been a safe haven and the parents that
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should have protected them created a nightmare for them. all 13 children age 2 to 29 are hospitalized. there was plenty of food in the house. >> they would buy pies, put it on the counter and let the children look at it but not eat it. >> it could take years for them to grow to normal sizes. there was emotional and physical abuse. >> they began to be tied up, first with ropes. one victim was hog tied. they began using chains and padlocks. >> the children were forced to sleep during the day and stay up all night. the father committed a lude act on one. the children were not allowed but one showers shower a year.
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>> reason for punishment, if children washed their hands above the wrist area, they were accused of playing with water. >> the children moved to california in 2010. the homeschooled children hatched a plan. >> she escaped through a window and took a si sibling with her. that sibling became frightened and turned back. >> but the 17-year-old kept running and called 911 for help. the children are writing journals trying to unravel the horrible case. >> we'll learn more as the months go on. >> today was the third day of a hearing for olympic team dr. for larry nasir.
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after listening to impact statements, nasir complained to the judge saying it was detrimental to his mental health. >> spending four or five days listening to them is significantly minor considering the hours of pleasure you had at their expense and ruining their lives. >> testimony continues tomorrow. nasir faces 120 years in prison. >> the battle continues on capitol hill. the question, will the government shut down at midnight. the house of representatives passed a funding bill to keep the government running for four weeks, but it doesn't appear that there is enough support in the senate. democrats say they won't su supt a funding measure because it doesn't protect dreamers. >> president trump toured
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pittsburg this afternoon and made his first on the road speech since the passage of the tax bill. he used the opportunity to tout strong economic numbers and made no mention of a government shutdown and focused on the benefits of the tax cuts. one year into the presidency global confidence in leadership has fallen to a new low. that's after a gallu gallup polt puts approval at 30%, down from the 48% approval rating in 2016. >> in health check a new study finds concussions don't lead to cte. it causes alzheimer's symptoms typically related to professional football players. researchers at boston university
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say you don't need concussions, it's caused by repeated head trauma with or without concussions. let's get to cecily tynan and the word from accuweather. >> tonight, it's cold out there. the action cam in center city where skies are clear and temperatures have drop today the 20s, live on sky 6 looking at spring mountain that it's cold enough they are blowing snow. spring mountain got three inches of snow yesterday. it's a great weekend for skiing. one weekend to get through. you want to bundle up the kids. i'm tracking warmer air but not tomorrow morning. scarfs, a winter coat needed. lots of sunshine, but 25-degrees. recess, winter coats as well, 3. when they return home in the afternoon, a high of 43-degrees,
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slightly above normal this time of year. looking at temperatures in quaker town, 23. center city 28. newtown 21. longwood, 24. browns mill, 21. glasgow, 23 and claymont23-degrees. temperatures freezing in the tennessee valley close to georgia. for the weekend, return flow out of the southwest. that warms us up for the weekend. tomorrow, nice friday for january standards, 43. cape may 41. wilmington, 41 and allentown, 4. both days temperature, running ten degrees above average.
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sunday, the sunnier of the two days. sunday, partly sunny skies. that leads us to the championship game sunday evening kickoff, 6:40. great weather conditions, partly cloudy, light, dry, first quarter, 63. fourth quarter, 43. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, mostly sunny, 43, bumping up to 53 saturday. lots of sunshine saturday. clouds, sunny, 51-degrees. mcdonald, this is when the sun fades ahead of a approaching cold front, mostly cloudy, showers developing. should hold off until later monday night. tuesday morning's commute could be slow, not due to ice or snow, just due to rain. sunshine wednesday, cooling off to 42.
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thursday, a high of 40. temperatures in the 50s this weekend. looking good for the eagle game. >> women that served in the nation's military with a focus in philadelphia. they celebrated the fourth year of the women's center on the 200 block of north lawrence street. the center provides residents and services designed for female veterans. it's the only of its kind in the philadelphia area. >> "action news" had a stirring performance by the philadelphia orchestra and a member of the police and fire pipes and drums. the bag pipe player joined the orchestra at verizon hall, a performance dedicated to
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>> there they are mickey and mini mouse. the show runs through monday. disney the parent company of this television station channel6 in philadelphia. we are ready for the jeff skversky score please sunday. >> eagles 12-9. it's defensive, one of the ugly games like we had against the falcons. if the eagles win the game, it will be ugly defensively. eagle coach pede peder sen saysy have more confidence in nick
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foles. fletch and the eagles are chomping at the bit to beat the vikings. >> as a defensive player, when you the number one defense coming in, ours is up. we know going into the game that whoever defense plays better is going to win the game. >> he's getting ready to play the biggest game of my career so far. if it's exciting. i know we are all ready. we are so close. definitely a shame not to get it done. >> let's get it done. more on the nfc championship game tomorrow night live from chickees and petes. it's a playoff party. they'll join us at that time. joel embiid is the first sixer player to be named a starter in the nba all star game in seven years. emdiid says he's honored to represent philadelphia. last thursday in london, 22
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point lead of the celtics, tonight, they are up 21. ben simmon, nice move. held to eight points. ties his career points with 18 board and shoots 26. 89-80 over 500 for the first time in five week, winning six of the last seven, back in the a seed in the east. what a night for our teams, players and former
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>> eric lin lindros one of the greatest player, chokes up as his number 88 is retired forever. >> this is crazy. >> crazy is right. flyer fans showering their love for lin lindros number 88. paul holmgren helped patch things up with lindros and the team years ago. >> know that you are back where you belong. this time it's forever. >> either of those days you will take for the rest of your life.
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the special moments. just extremely special moments you feel lucky. >> emotional night, having an emotional win, down two for toronto, scored twice shorthanded. wayne simmons ties it at two. 18 seconds in o.t. sean couturier 26, flyers win, 3-2. big night for the flyers, now one point out of the final wild card spot. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next followed by "nightline." jimmy's guests, jason jones, adam levine and music by maroon 5. >> for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, ducis rodgers and the
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entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. s this is charlie not coughing because he took delsym. this is charlie not coughing while not to waking zeus. and this is charlie not coughing while getting really into nana's party. nothing lasts longer than delsym for powerful cough relief.


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