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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 19, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> hang on. i got a box for you. >> it's the delicate rescue of a baby sloth. >> wasn't like it was going to make a fast escape. >> the story behind the mission to save that sweet face. >> where's your mommy? a woman hears a burglar alarm and starts to run. >> but she's not running away. >> see her bold move to chase down the bad guys. >> oh my goodness! hanging high in the air off a tiny chair. >> i wouldn't be taking off my seat belt. >> the balancing act sure to make your knees buckle. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web.
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including a mom phoning for a little help. >> how do i do it? >> she's like, all right, walk me through this. >> see her son give a how-to about what's hiding in that hole. >> oh! this is one adorable rescue in costa rica. the one thing you had to do is get there before the dog got the sloth. this is a baby sloth, so it l it was going to makegoi a fast escape. but two dogs were trying to get at it. >> the biggest danger is the tide coming back in 12 hours, but it's a sloth so the biggest danger is the tide coming back in 12 hours. >> you're right, oli. the person who came to rescue is an owner of an ecolodge. somebody said we saw a sloth down there. he saw the dogs nearby, chased the dogs away and time to take the sloth to tranquility. tranquility is the name of a rescue center that will take care of it for now.
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>> okay. >> oh, that thing is cute! >> it's not cute. >> that is cute! >> that thing's adorable. imagine how easy it would be to babysit, you put it down, go off and make a whole meal, come back and it's moved three inches. >> you want to hear the sound a baby sloth bear makes? >> sounds like it's beat boxing. >> they are vocalizing at the woodland park zoo. their mama's name is tasha. she is 9 years old and those are her little ones making noise, we want some milk. so a sloth walks into a war, literally, in costa rica. look at him, the sloth is in this bar. takes a long time for this thing to get up to sam she none began shenanigans. the sloth takes his time trying to climb up on the counter, grabbing at stuff. >> that's how most people look when they're leaving the bar at
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that time of the night saying "i'm fine. i'm fine." >> it's going to imitate oli really well. >> oh! >> yeah, i'm pretty sure the sloth is okay because it didn't hit the ground. in any case the mess it made will take about three seconds to clean up. i appreciate karma because this dude is seen with this woman. >> ooh! >> yeah. reports are not clear as to whether or not this is his wife or his girlfriend but clearly it's his significant other. he swings on her and pulls her to the ground and he's dragging her. got her by the hair and she just sits there. she has her hands over her face and she's upset. this all went down in peru. >> hello, mate. >> these men saw what was going on. >> in peru there are communities they take spousal or domestic abuse seriously.
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they don't waste time calling the cops. they come together as a community to take care of the aggressor. >> that's exactly what happened. all these men charge at him. >> not all. some men are looking after her. >> the other ones are punching him and pulling him and now out in the street. he hits the ground when they start to kick him. >> i have no sympathy for this guy. how long is that video? >> police show up to the scene and nothing was done, they went home and went about their merry way. to england police are applauding this woman. you hear that sound. that is the alarm at the neighbor's house going off. she heard it and went to check it out. she starts running but not running away. she's running right at the burglar. >> oh my goodness! >> shes is something in her hand. >> the girl was not playing. he did get away for the time being because she did make note of the license plate, told the police and they were able to arrest the dude. they did let him go later but
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the situation is under further investigation. if you think you suffer when the weather is cold, i don't think you offer as much as callie powell, a 26-year-old mother, and this is her predicament. >> i suffer from cold-induced urticaria. >> diagnosed with being allergic to the cold. >> i used to be able to do dishes without getting hives. i can't open the fridge without possibly getting hives, getting in the shower if i don't get out quick enough and dry off, i get hives. >> it looks like an allergic reaction. >> br does she licanada. oh my goodness, move! >> unfortunately she says her kids love the snow and they're happy when they play in it. she says when she eats ice cream her tongue will swell up. it could potentially kill her. so while she's trying to avoid the cold, benedict ott is trying
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to get right in the middle of it, where he is challenging himself to put himself in frigid environments and submerge himself in them. >> to what end? >> look at the hashtag, strength, commitment, the mind-set. he set himself up for t challenge. >> some people think doing this iseneficial to your health. why not? now he's laying in the middle of the snow in super cold weather. on this day, the air was 36.5 degrees fahrenheit and the water 35.6 fahrenheit. >> maybe it's the beard and the chest hair keeping him warm. >> maybe it's the beanie. he swam across this for one minute and 40 seconds. >>he wn i started watchhis video i was like you're doing it wrong, o.
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to be honest if i was sitting in that little chair hanging thousands of feet in the air i wouldn't be taking off my seat belt. i'd be tightening that up, tying myself down. we get two angles at the same time. this is a tandem situation, and the fella in front of us is freeing himself up. is he wearing a parachute. as the guy stands up and is balancing himself but now suddenly i had vertigo, okay, all right, suddenly he's a lot higher than i thought he was. >> even though he's thousands of feet in the air, what's a foot going to make a difference. >> that's what i mean but for some reason as soon as he's standing free, confesses to being a little nervous. >> adios. >> that's what i was thinking. i want to check below first. he jumps and you see kind of cross over. >> that was so close to being a crash in the middle of the sky. >> once we get it from his pov, it doesn't appear to be as close as it initially seemed.
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it was a close call. i know on "right this minute" we're used to the impact. they were fine. the cool thing is eventually he comes down for a landing. these guys apparently this is what they like to do, on the live the dream tour. looks like they are doing exactly that. friends who love to do freestyle cycling, paragliding and base jumping and getting it all on video. a teen tries to put out a candle with the speed of his kung fu hand. see how the practices sess fuels more than just his fire. >> oh my gosh! zumba lovers got a treat when a pop superstar crashed the dant party. >> it's time to see if we're all paying attention. now tiptoe mind the scenes to get the scoop from jason derulo himself. >> what's up, "right this
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ways. a 13-year-old boy is trying to do the move of extinguishing the candle with the speed of his -- >> is this working? no, it's not. >> he's more focused and eventually kind of gives up, but leaves that candle burning, and then it kind of got a bit out of hand, because that fire really, really caught hold and in fact, damaged 40 of these, causing about $150,000 worth of damage. clearly that 13-year-old needs to work on his skills a bit more, or just do what we do [ blows ] done. the second video also from china. you see this alleyway, very built up area. there is a huge fire going and it's about to get bigger. >> ooh, what was that? >> an illegal gas distribution plant. this shouldn't have been happening. there shouldn't have been gas here. obviously something went wrong. there's a huge explosion, a pretty dramatic part coming right up.
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>> oh my gosh! >> yes, someone comes running out of that burning building while on fire. all kinds of emergency services are there and i believe that is the person. there's no specific details about how bad it was,just that he was badly injured and undergoing treatment. right near the end we get to see what caused the fire. all of the gas canisters being kept, no safety looked after and once one thing went wrong, everything went wrong. earlier this week, about 100 participants, most of them zumba instructors were invited to beat box l.a. to learn the official zumba choreography to jason derulo's "tiptoe." ♪ hold tight when you tiptoe >> i was invited but because of last-minute changes i was unable to make it. the next best thing, my buddy humberto is tall, darkish and handsome enough but it's latin, so hopefully he didn't embarrass me. humberto? ♪
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he's dancing to -- >> the tune in his head? >> here's the cool part. they were there because jason derulo had a special surprise for them. he walks through the door and surprises all of them, because it is now time to see if they were all paying attention. >> exactly. you best hope you learned the choreography because the fella is in front of him. ♪ hold tight when you tiptoe >> now jason did partner with zumba to create the official zumba choreography for their classes so all the 15 million zumba fans all over the world can sign up for a class and learn the dance getting a workout. zumba caught up with jason to get the scoop. >> want to feel like it's a party down there, not
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necessarily working out. >> let's check in with our homie and see how he's doing. his best move is his best one, he finds a stool and decides it sit it right there. >> me, the self-admitted nondancer i'm thinking those steps all you're doing is going. ♪ da, da, da, da lean >> all right, gayle. >> you know, you just do this, lean, lean. >> gayle, if you think it's that easy, jason has a message for you and anyone else watching this. >> hey, what's happening, people? this is jason derulo and "right this minute." i hope to see you dance it up. >> he wants to see your moves. if you do a quake video and share it on our facebook page with #tiptoewithzumba. he's like i'm marrying you. >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come, meet the adorable dog.
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we love our moms here at "right this minute." mad respect for the groupind, b this particular moment is all about one type of mom, the boy mom. >> boy mom? how different could it really be to be a boy mom. here, let me show you. va room, va room, va room. >> david del porto put together a video what you have to go through when you finally create a small male and then you have to parent it. ♪ >> i'm messy.
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you don't shower or bathe. >> you don't change your drawers every day. you see your shirt on the floor. they do the sniff test. does it smell like tide? oh, clean enough. >> i'm father to both a son and a daughter. i can assure you that daughters are gross, too. this is one, even now, as a guy, i do not understand. >> do you have to go pee? >> nope. >> you're dancing from foot to foot. do you need to pee? no. then what are you doing, bro? >> what are you doing? >> why not just go? why do you have to go tell your mama? she's like go to the bathroom. >> speaking of going to the bathroom. >> yes, the circle isn't a suggestion. >> that's the one i've never understood. because i'm like okay, if you can't land it properly standing, sit the heck down. >> this we've all done before. >> that's a co-ed one. >> yes. >> oh yeah. >> as nasty and smelly and ridiculous there is a silver
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lining. >> mommy, you're so pretty, i love you. oh, will you marry me? >> of course i will, honey. >> because they're little boys. they do love them very, very much. if you like the sound of just crunching, get ready. because it's haru the shibuino who is going to crunch to your delight, and her delight, too. >> if, however, you have a phobia against the sound of crunching this will be the worst video of your life. >> not a phobia, but if that gets on your nerves -- this could get on somebody's nerves looking at a cute dog chewing popcorn? >> that annoys the heck out of me. >> that is cute. the sound, though. sound off. you want to see haru the shibuinu and something that's not popcorn chewing? how about animal crackers?
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>> her dog is adorable. >> if you want to film me eating food all the time, what am i going to say no? >> the dog is living the life. this is tank and tank is not only living the life, tank is helpful. this video was posted by sherry mcmillan, thanks for watching the show and sharing the video. the dog helps with the groceries. >> good boy. >> it comes time for the chick n en. >> bring it here. >> they hand him the bag. uh-oh. >> bring it here. tank. >> what do you expect him to do? >> gimme that. >> that's payment for services rendered. >> no. mom's pumped when she's alerted to something lurking below. >> oh! >> there's something down there and you hear the noise. >> what do i do? >> but see if she can figure out how to reel it in from the icy
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the new record 234 feet, 6.96 inches.
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ice fishing. >> that is not when you go fishing for ice. >> of course not, but it's really popular. especially in minnesota, where you can do it from the comfort of your house. kim here is in their family ice castle. >> well, excuse me. >> does elsa from "foesen" live here? >> no, but it cocomes complete with internet, heat, you can cook in there, hang out. her grandson had left to get bait, and she noticed something so she got him on the phone. >> oh! >> she's pumped! there is is something down ther. you hear the noise. >> what do i do?speaker. >> it's on the line because that hole there -- >> hang on, this building is like over ice? >> yes. it's like a freaking cappin over this body of water. >> for those of us who aren't familiar it's a trailer. >> this is so cool.
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stay warm and get some fresh fish. >> here is where things get funny. even though she comes from a family full of fishermen, she's not one of them. all right, walk me through this, grant. >> come on, come on. >> you can do it, kim. >> be careful, you don't want to lose the fish that you hooked. they're so sensitive sometimes. >> yes. >> they rip. >> slowly, slowly, slowly. >> i'll try. i don't think i got it. >> her son is doing a great job coaching her through this. she says it doesn't feel the same. something feels off. he's like keep going. >> oeshh, i got it! holy [ bleep ] [ bleep ]! woo! yes! >> hey! >> she got a fish! >> and it's a nice size, too. >> i want to do that next time i go to the grocery store, they wrap up a fish "i got it!" >> that's what we've got for this episode of "right this minute." thanks
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two sons... nathan west...and... one, uh... one other man, age unknown, relationship with his father problematic, perhaps antagonistic. would this be incentive enough for faison to come back to port charles to meet nathan west to be acknowledged as his father? [ pounding on door ] ♪ [ pounding continues ] ♪ pard-- apparently the road isn't the only unsafe place to text, huh, doctor? thanks for the insight. you know, you could focus on one thing at a time, like walking. [ groans ] what is this?


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