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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 20, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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not into that ice fishing thing. approaching a minute to go. the thunder have led wire to wire. westbrook with his second career 20-point, 20-assist game. frye with the jump shot. under a minute to go. oklahoma city is going to have their fourth consecutive win here. they'll go six games over 500. grant losing the handle. frye to rose. off the trap, out to frye again. another long jump shot. >> hubie: frye is one of the best three point shooters and the guy's over seven foot. also has been throughout his career. what i really liked tonight is
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the quickness of rose tonight. he has been a blur with the basketball. i haven't seen that in a while, a long time. >> mark: if you know derrick rose, you have to root for him getting healthy again and being able to be a significant contributor to the cavaliers, but it won't happen tonight. this one is cooked, glazed and sliced. okc wins it 148-124. they'll reset the clock to .9 and let it tick down. pg drops a new shoe and dropped a bomb on the cavaliers with 36 tonight. lebron james never did reach 30,000 in front of the home crowd. has to wait for another game. put a lid on this game from cleveland and quicken loans arena on the other side of this. stick around, back with more in
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>> mark: back at quicken loans arhoa reas reena. the thunder dominate. coming up, it's our saturday primetime game as the warriors, the defending champs, battle the rockets at 8:30 eastern time. coverage tipping off with "nba countdown" at 8:00 p.m.
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more nba coming at 8:30 with that tip-off on abc, warriors/rockets. steph, k.d., harden, chris paul. for now, abc "world news tonight" on your local news will be coming up on most of these abc stations except on the west coast. they were mellow fellows today. for hubie brown and israel gutierrez, mark jones saying thanks for watching nba saturday on abc, home of the nba finals. "action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist, melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez.
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saturday night in the news a massive backup on i-95 because of a name man was running in and out of traffic, throwing things at cars. plus thousands of women marched through center city to protest current political climate. but the big story on "action news" of course is count down to kick off in a bit more than 24 hours. the eagles will take on vikings for nfc title and shot at vince lombardi trophy. excitement has been building all week lock and right now it is getting real. chopper six over linc as crew where is painting word nfc championship and nfl logo on the field as you can see right there. we have team coverage of the eagles excitement. action news reporter bob brooks spoke with pumped up fans today live at the lick but we will begin with annie mccormack in center city where vikings have arrived, annie. >> reporter: walter, all over the city we are seeing flashes of purpling, there is plus people, vikings fans, dressed in their colors, ready to go, the vikings are now, in town.
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take a look at this video where vikings landed in philadelphia just after 4:00 o'clock tonight landing the atlantic aviation in southwest philadelphia. then, making their way, with a police escorted motorcade, the vikings then came into center city, arrived at lowes hotel just before 5:00 this evening to cheers from vikings fans some who made the trip all the way from minute so the a they also have some vikings fans that live right here in eagles country. there were some jeers too i have to say, maybe from some eagles fans, that were out there, eagles fans were representing outside of the lowes hotel, of course, some with banners, wearing their sweat shirts and what not. back out here live i did have some minnesota fans what they thought so far of philadelphia and two of them told me, they didn't understand why philly fans have gotten a bad rap. everybody has been nice. vikings are in town. count down is on. reporting live from center city annie mccormack for
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channel six "action news". >> eagles fans are very nice i have always said. that thank you. which brings us to the main event, jeff skversky is here with the pregame break down. i can't explain it. i am in the playing tomorrow but i'm nervous. >> are you. >> that pregame jitter thing. >> you'll be all right. >> eagles. >> i'm nervous. >> eagles are not anxious, nervous they are loose talking to the guys in the locker room yesterday, tone day again at practice the guys are loose. they are ready. >> i'm glad they are because i'm uptight. >> well, happy birthday nick foles. eagles quarterback turning 29 today, foles spending the day at work planning a big party, perhaps for tomorrow night, in the nfc championship game against vikings eagles are a win away against the super bowl. foles and eagles have their final walk through as they get set for vikings and that best defense in football. foles is only fourth quarterback in nfl history to make it to the super bowl having started only three, regular season games. foles believes his relationship on the team make them better.
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>> football is such a relation al game, you see in this locker room all of the guys hanging out, talking great relationships that carries over in the game when adversity hits. everybody sticks together. that is how you win games. where if that bond is not strong and things go bad it can be more looser. so that is always the streak of our team, been great last couple weeks working together getting those reps, you know, feeding off of them. >> hopefully it will pay off tomorrow night at 6:40, nfc championship game. vikings have never won a playoff game against eagles and they are trying to keep that it way what about me i'm nervous, what about some knowing a after the newscasty don't think so. >> i have to calm down. >> thanks, jeff. >> this is not your garden variety accu weather forecast it is a game day forecast for tomorrow. meteorologist melissa magee has details. melissa, are you nervous, i know i am. >> i'm fine, eagles cool, i'm cool, no need, we're doing okay, we've got the forecast covered for you as we head over to the linc, tomorrow,
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kick off at 6:40, rather cloudy, we have a south/ southeasterly wind at four to 6 miles an hour, once we get in the fourth quarter, temperatures are still above average, coming in at 46 degrees, and then as we get in the fourth quarter as they take on vikings that number coming in at 43. so very mild, at the linc, come tomorrow. we will talk about the weather headlines, sun just a few more cloud and then by sunday evening, temperatures, however , over the next few days, staying in the 50's and then we're tracking rain that will be moving in as we get into tuesday. we will have more details with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast, walter. >> thanks, melissa. long before eagles and vikings kick off at the linc there will be serious tailgating. here's what you need to know tailgaters can show up at 11:00 a.m. at wells fargo lot. eagles lot, that is lot m, n, p open up at 11:30. finally lot at citizens bank park opened up a 3:00. inside the game or inside the linc to watch the game you are limited to a small, clear tote , 1 gallon zip-lock bag or
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a clutch purse. meanwhile septa has plans in place to help fans get to the game. purchase a four-dollar pass to get you, to and from the game, on the broad street subway line. it will be added cars on the train and coming more frequently. patco is also expanding its weekend schedule. and all week long you have been sharing your incredible eagles spirit with us, please keep sending that along, we love it, from your families, co-workers, even your pets, we have been getting great photos of fans proudly displaying their eagles green and keep them coming, gist post your photo on social media with a # six abc action. "action news" game day coverage kicks off at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow with live reports. then please join us for pre game action at 5:00 o'clock , we will be back live, post game reports then, as soon as the final whistle blows. plus an extra hour of "action news" at 10:00 p.m. on channel six. it all wraps up with an extended live eagles coverage, on "action news", sports sunday. lots of fun. much more to come on "action news" a prominent local congressman is now
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accused of paying a sexual harassment settlement with taxpayer money. patrick meehan is now responding to the claims. also, 10s of thousands of women in philadelphia and across the nation, protest the call to action, those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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we're not done with eagles coverage just yet but "action news" reporter bob brooks is live at the linc where right now it is calm before the impending storm, bob.
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>> reporter: hey, walter i have been going around the area all week talking to fans excited about the football game and i will tell you what they are ready for nfc championship game. today we spoke to incredible people we will hear from them in a second but first i want to step out of the way and show you the linc. it is beautiful. lights are on. they are inside almost ready for a big time football game. >> ♪ fly eagles fly, on the road to victory ♪ >> reporter: nothing stops momentum it only continues to build we will begin our day in northeast philadelphia. how about this for a way to get into game mode. meet eagles legend david akers at sports card and memorabilia >> this team has a cohesive ness and chemistry that is obvious. that is very special. >> reporter: what akers would like to see on sunday from the fans. >> loud, rabid, non-stop. >> reporter: fans here, that the linc should have no problem with that. >> ♪ watch our eagles fly >> go eagles. >> reporter: we spoke with jessica mason who found this
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post on facebook she thinks it proves, it is the year of the bird. >> part of it read. >> lucky number nine, mr. foles, lucky colors, eagles green. >> reporter: all this makes too much sense here. >> yeah. >> reporter: from there it was on to some fun garden state discovery museum. >> eagles. >> reporter: and fans of all ages are ready for the game. >> go eagles. >> reporter: but it was our last stop that made all of the difference. >> yes. >> reporter: lou amazing right now. >> thank you. >> reporter: this is eagles super fan wendy robinson. >> hang in there. >> reporter: we have a game tomorrow. >> i'm ready. >> reporter: she's staying at icu at taylor hospital in ridley park. she got zika tending the eagles win with the falcons, the cold impacted her lungs. >> being a diehard eagles fan that i am, i took the beating but i'm still kicking. >> reporter: no fan could be better dressed for the game and she knows her x's and o's. >> as long as they keep the ball on the ground and keeping that running game going we have a chance. >> reporter: wendy, hang in there and know that you will bring good luck to the bird
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tomorrow. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> reporter: all right. now i asked wendy at the end of that conversation do you think eagles would win, she said, of course, and then she gave her -- forgave me for asking such a stupid question. walter, back to you. >> we love you, wendy. great job bob, thanks very much. moving on to other news tonight we have breaking news regarding republican congressman patrick meehan. ethics committee investigation has been ordered by house speaker paul ryan following a new york times report that meehan used thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment claim. meehan has been removed from his own position on the ethics committee. according to the times last year a former aid accused meehan of making unwanted romantic overtures toward her. his office released a statement a short time ago denying the allegations. a naked man, stralling along i-95, in philadelphia, is being blamed for a huge traffic jam this afternoon.
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investigators say that they have received a whole bunch of phone calls at 12:30 about a name guy wondering on the shoulder and right lane of the roadway, throwing objects at drivers. at least two cars were damaged man was seen on the southbound lanes between 676 and allegheny avenue, ramps to the cities northern liberties section, traffic was backed up , for academy road, and we are told an arrest has been made. across the country and around the world hundreds of thousands of woman marched in the name of specific issues, important to them. these are just a few of the women's march that he is played out in los angeles to new york to chicago, and rome, italy. you can add philadelphia to that list. "action news" reporter trish hartman is live at eakins oval where philly woman's march kicked off this morning, trish >> reporter: hi, walter demonstrators gathered in solidarity with marches across the country, this weekend marks one year anniversary of the original march, and organizers say according to preliminary estimates this years crowd here in philly was
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even bigger. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go. >> reporter: their message were written on signs, musical instruments. even 3-d creations like this basket of deplorables. >> i tried to do a poster but i could not say every thought i wanted from the poster is there just too many. i decided to go with the characters that are now, running our government. >> reporter: fill would i men 's march in the second year drew people, concerned about many issues. >> the concept that they don't believe is there climate change when there is. >> march for my students who are special education, they are white, they are black, they are special, they are amazing. >> i believe that children and humans have the right to have an education here of a right to live here no human being is illegal. >> reporter: organizers say focus on this have years march is the upcoming election. >> we want people to get out and vote. we have people here that are able to register people to vote today and we really want
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to get people ready for the primary in may and then midterms in november. >> reporter: march ended with a rally in front of the philadelphia museum of art. >> women united will never defeated. >> reporter: but demonstrators were not all women. >> i want to support mommy, grand mommy, and his aunts and everybody else. >> reporter: and the signs were not all political. >> he is not napping too well for us right now, that is only thing he really under stance. >> reporter: national organizers will hold a main march in las vegas tomorrow, after the deadly shootings there last year saying it will be a battle ground state for senate in the 2018 elections. reporting live, trish hartman for channel six "action news". walter. >> thanks, trish. as of midnight the federal government is officially shut down. tonight the disputes in congress over spending and immigration has forced many federal agencies to close their doors. most of the local federal sites like independent hall and liberty bell were opened today but things are a little
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different at valley forge national park where visitors may enter but all buildings within the park including rest rooms are closed. if an agreement does not come this weekend nearly a million federal employees will be furloughed on monday.
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longhorn steakhouse. okay jeff skversky has a check on sports. we talked about it. there is no question since wentz went down offensive productivity went down but at this point it is just win, that is are attitude. >> find anyway to win. tomorrow will not likely be a high scoring game between two great defensive teams. >> probably not. >> find a way, win, move on and be done witt, right. this is what you dream about eagles quarterback nick foles has been thinking about this moment, since he was a kid. foles says he is not nervous, he is excited and not afraid to make a mistake in the biggest game of his life.
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here's case keenum and vikings arriving in philadelphia tonight where they have lost seven out of eight games and where they have never won a playoff game. eagles intend to keep that it way tomorrow night at 6:40 with a trip to the super bowl, at stake in the nfc title game >> right now we're focusing on the moment, but this fan basis amazing. coming back here, philly, where ever i have been where i was than the playing for eagles it has always had a special place in my heart. just to be here to go play the game with these guys and play in front of these fans, it is a great honor. we will give have everything we have to give thaws opportunity. >> among story lines tomorrow linebacker michael kendricks will face his younger brother, eric, linebacker from the vikings. he calls this biggest game in their family's life. michael says his parents better be rooting for the eagles since he gave them tickets behind the eagles bench. >> it is surreal, you know, i really want to know the odd. anyone out there who is
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mathematician, you know, wants to entertain themselves with this, let me know the odd, because it is crazy, it is, unreal, and it is an opportunity of a lifetime and it is something that we will remember forever. >> especially if they win. flyers are red hot facing devils today they come out on fire and they are inching closer and closer to that final wild card spot. eagles safety corry graham among few eagles who won super bowl checking out game today. how about the fast start by flyers on the devils first period travis conn neck my one to nothing flyers. five minutes later gudas, with great hand/eye coordination, two to nothing. lol. it is all flyers. scoring three times in the first. ivan provorov, minutes later. >> score. >> flares win three-one. they have won six out of seven and they are doing eagles chants. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> we played a great, game tonight. we got three in the first. kind of put us on cruise
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control and sat back and played solid defense. >> sixers are over 500 for first time this late in the season in 12 years. they are trying to keep that it way, tonight when they host milwaukee. sixers won six of seven coming into play. college hoops number one ranked villanova at u-conn on a run early. how about jaylen brownson track is it down to eric pascal, wow, nova up 10. they're not done. they went on a 18-two run. brownson 23. nova 70-61. second biggest ever, on u-conn they are 18-one. penn fans taking a shot at temple for not having any big five wins, or even drexel has a victory against big five. late second half penn trying to add to the misery, aj burn ot, penn takes three-point lead but cherry and white, fight, fight, fight back, 46 seconds left josh brown, temple with the last laugh 60- 51.
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owls win they are first against the big five team. phil martelli dialing up all of the right plays for st. joes in the second half they blow out fordham, james de mri , 25 for him, 68-46, st. joes they have won two in a row to get back to 500. lasalle on the road at richmond final minutes bj johnson 27 for him. this gets home within one. but lasalle scoring only two points over final three and a half minutes. richmond closes on a seven- zero run. lasalle loses 81-74. they have lost five of six. drexel down two at james madison 14 seconds to go sammy mohicka, the three blocked, dragons go down just like that , james madison wins by two, 75-73. the game of inches there. >> how often do you see blocked three. >> could not finish it with a win right there. >> thanks, jeff. the forecast is up next on "action news". taking a live look from sky six over center city, you can
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well, okay time for a final check of the accu weather forecast. >> beautiful day to day. >> lovely. >> very nice, we had a nice day on the way as we get into sunday too, walter. we will show you action cam outside earlier today there in washington square park, you can see some folks, out and about, enjoying the fantastic start to the weekend, great weather, temperatures were well above average in the 50's and


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