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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 23, 2018 2:40am-4:00am EST

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try #1 recommended children's mucinex. hair again. >> you defrost the windows and get on with your day. patience, my friends, is a virtue. virtue that will allow you to serve revenge, very cool. this video is a little older, but it's trending and it's oh, so sweet. this woman's walked out of the store with a cart full of bags, ready to load them up in other fancy mercedes-benz. you see that for a second there, she notices that the red prius is pretty close. >> no, no, i think she noticed that mercedes is pretty close to the prius.
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>> a few people talk to her. she's frustrated. she has no choice but to get in the passenger side. she struggles to get across what a presume is a small, tight cabin. for the best part, the people recording this video also the people that parked the car right where it's at. when she's finally in her seat, after all of that work, the guy in this car gets out and walks over to his prius. he gets in the car. she notices, oh, goodness, he's here. she rolls her window down and is trying to give him a talkin' to, but he just takes off. maybe she will learn and not do this again and maybe this person is going to learn how to parallel park perfectly so this doesn't happen again because this driver -- >> this is attempt number five.
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>> is having a little bit of a difficult time figuring out how parallel parking works. >> define parallel to this person. this is perpendicular parking. >> i know. >> so this person tries and tries and tries again. eventually giving up. just as the car in the front gets there, and drives off. >> oh, the traffic gods are hilarious. >> you have fun watching the show? we had fun making it and we'll do it all again ne
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new video just in. at least 16 people have been ifjured by the eruption at jap needs ski resort. none of the injuries are life threatening. there's also an avalanche which may have been triggered by the eruption. some were buried but all had were rescued. the governor of hawaii is revealing why it took him so long to notify him about the false missile alert. >> the governor says he didn't know his twitter password so it took him 15 minutes to send a tweet saying it was a false alarm. >> the only problem he does admit, he doesn't know his cell phone password either. so -- >> can you believe that? >> so come the next time it's like my twitter password is in there? >> and my phone password?
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i can't believe it came down to his password. >> he's simplified things. eetz rr made it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. that's my password. teens end up reaping the forms later in life. >> researchers have found that when adolescents engage in volunteering, voting or activism, they often have better socio economic status in adulthood and fewer risks of behavior such as binge drinking and marijuana use as well. so who knew. >> volunteer. >> get your kid throughout to volunteer. so we've been talking about the consumer electronics show in vegas where it has some of the most amazing gadgets on earth. well, our giz wiz is just back from vegas. >> he's going to show me all of his favorite gadgets. >> prepare to. lyrics: ooh-oo child
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lyrics: thing's are gonna get easier. lyrics: ooh-oo child, lyrics: things'll get brighter. lyrics: ooh-oo child lyrics: thing's are gonna get easier. lyrics: ooh-oo child, lyrics: things'll get brighter.
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sfoet ♪
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ces is the super bowl of tech and this year's products were at it very top of their game. it giz wiz has pain stakingly gathered some of the best of the best. so what do you have? >> i have a tiny, tiny camera, video. i'm actually wearing it. it's right here. it's called poego cam. and poego cam takes little 30 second videos with sound for putting on social media. up to 100 snap shots. then you put pogo cam in the smart case while it's downloading them, it recharges pogo cam. this is blue tooth and that sends it to your phone or your tablet. >> what do these end up looking like? >> that's the first video i shot with this little camera. >> was it easy to use?
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>> one button on the top. >> and so easy to upload for social media? >> yeah. >> document your whole life. >> this is from first alert. safe and sound. so it's a smoke detecter, co detecter. but this new model adds alexa. so if you have one in every room, as you walk through you can ask questions and play musicing in every room. now alexa was everywhere. this was a way to add alexa to your car. so we're pretending this is the lighter on your dashboard. you plug this in. there's the light, the alexa light. >> so alexa really can follow you everywhere. >> and then there are two charging ports so you can charge electronics in the car and that hooks up to your car stereo and your phone so it can get data
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and play it back through your car system. >> alexa was huge at ces. >> huge. this is from kingston. a lot of new laptops are sleek and thin but don't have a lot of ports. it plugs if to the usb then adds an sdc, a microsd card and it adds 4 k, hdmi out. >> new tech to make you go old school again. >> one port, gain seven. but this is for everybody. foldy mate. it's not coming until the -- so you have your washer, your dryer. the clothes come out of the dryer and you put them on these two hooks. it takes them in and starts
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folding them up. when it drawer is full, it takes all of the clothes in the end. >> this is life changing. >> somewhere around 950 bucks. >> what's your least favorite item to fold? >> underwear. >> it doesn't do underwear. >> i don't know. >> does it match socks? >> no, i don't think so. >> that's a million dollar idea. forget -- >> you and i will be for with the sock matching duo. >> out of everything what are you most excited about? >> i like alexa for the car. especially for it price. it's under 50 bucks. >> the giz wiz, thank you, thank you and for more check out giz wiz dot biz or wnn
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♪ he took me back to east atlanta my heart is in havana ♪ >> what is kids 37? >> kids top songs. >> and they've made 36 of them. >> and it's kind of adorable. >> can you imagine them trying to do a little wayne song. the emotional reach in.
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a father was forced to drop her when their home went up in flames. now that little girl is getting it chance to thank her hero. >> it's the miraculous catch caught on camera. watch as firefighter captain scott makes it save of his life, catching 5-year-old destiny nelson from a three-story fall. destiny's father dropping her from it third floor of this building, desperately trying to save her from the flames. now in an abc news exclusive, reuniting with the little girl he saved. >> can i have a hug? yeah, thank you so much. >> reporter: destiny all smiles as she meets her hero. >> this fire was very, very
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emotional for me. anybody trapped in a fire is horrible but when you hear children screaming, that amps up the adrenalin. the curage of that father. >> do crow know how brave your daddy is? your daddy is very, very, very brave and he saved your life. >> reporter: the captain telling us meeting destiny reminded him why he became a firefighter. >> very seldom do we get to make that personal connection. to be able to see the family and how appreciative they are and seeing the children playing with their siblings, my heart's over filled. >> an amazing story. i love seeing them together. >> it was pretty cool. destiny's like since you caught me once can you carry me around? take me to school?
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this morning on "abc news now" the government is open and back in business. this after senators struck a deal and voted to end the threef day government shut down. but the next funding fight looms just weeks away. and a massive explosion in oklahoma. several workers are still unaccounted for. the tower of that natural gas well crushing to the ground. what to do with a booming population of wild horses in the west. meet the horse trainer trying to save them. and imagine living without deretos, tacos, it's a nightmare. one town is trying to cope. so beloved was that taco bell
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they had a vigil for it which someone described as nacho average vigil. let's take a look at this tuesday, january 23rd. >> announcer: from abc news this is "abc news now." so forget about the government shut down that was the thing the people were really mourning, the loss of that taco bell. >> as they should. what a tragedy. are you a taco bell fan? >> it depends on how drunk i am? maggie's back with us again today and the government is open. >> celebration, confetti. >> does it seem that much different? >> it's night and day. president trump signed a short term bill just hours after it senate and house voted to fund it all had the way through february 8th. >> so the democrats agreed to
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end the stalemate on the plight of the dreamers will be addressed. >> reporter: moments after they voted to reopen the government the republican leader with a gleeful thumbs up. the democratic leader beaming. both leaders toasting their success. after a weekend of brutal finger pointing. >> this will be called the trump shut down. >> he got what he wanted, a shut down, a trump shut down. >> they wanted it senate dmps government shut down. >> reporter: democrats wanted a deal on the dreamers, those 800 had,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. president trump said the shut down wasurt hadding the military. bringing this from tammy duckworth who lost both her legs in iraq. >> and i will not be lectured about what our military needs by
3:03 am
a draft dodger. >> reporter: they agreed to end the shut down by temporarily funding it government for three weeks. what they got in return, a promise. vowing to work on a solution for it dreamers. >> it would be my if tension to take up legislation in the senate that would address d.a.c.a., border security and related issues. >> reporter: a lot of what comes next depends on president trump. back in 2017. >> very simply you have to get everybody in the room, the president as to lead. trrs you have to be nice and angry and wild and do are had sorts of things. but you have to get a deal. >> reporter: but trump was relatively absent. the white house releasing this photo of him working the phones at an empty desk. but the white house sounded satisfied. >> what the president did
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clearly worked. the vote came in 81-18. i would say those are much more in the president's favor than senator schumer was favorite. >> reporter: is another shut down looming in just three weeks. just one day of the shut down costs more than $900 million. now this is a real political gamble for democrats. shutting down the government over dreamers and it's unclear if they're going to get what they want. but in the house they've made no such commitment. we're told senator schumer's message to disappointed democrats, you have to play the hand you're dealt. abc news, capitol hill. >> president trump did not reach across the aisle but on monday invited two moderate democrats to the white house. >> he discussed with alabama's newly elected senator, doug jones, two of the democrats that
3:05 am
voted against it shut down in the first place. trump reportedly told him he's committed to getting a deal for those dreamers. we'll move on to the severe storms hammering the eastern half of the country, bringing heavy snow and rain. the blizzard conditions are making travel a nightmare from nebraska to michigan. south of that the storms are bringing heavy rain. >> interstate 29 closed between south dakota and iowa. the cause of strong winds. >> the snow was even too much for people in minnesota. the governor has called out the national guard to assist drivers. >> flooding is the threat for therist of the east coast. one north texas high school student is in jail. afther is fighter for her life after a shooting on campus. about 300 people prayed for it 15-year-old girl allegedly shot
3:06 am
by 16-year-old boy. the shooting happened in a small town of dallas. there's no word on the connection between the two students. however one says the suspect as a history of vile ntd behavior. this is the aftermath of a deadly wrong-way police chase in lauchgerous. they say a woman stole that silver pick up truck, weaving it through traffic as she went the wrong way on the highway after slamming into other vehicles. the suspect was critically injured. >> five workers are still missing after a massive oil rig explosion and at one point one official said everything at the location is on fire. >> reporter: the desperate search for five employees who worked in this oklahoma oil and facheral gas well now charred after a passive blast.
3:07 am
volunteer firefighters rushing to the scene. >> there was 17 employees i believe that we got out. 17 unakountded for at the well. >> reporter: first responders and ems are staying back. >> reporter: >> reporter: residents nearby asked to shelter in place. one worker flown to the hospital for burns. everybody else was taken to a safe area to be reunited with family. >> they're shook up. it's a trupattic deal to go through. >> reporter: if had tense flames keeping firefighters from getting 100 feet from the fire. >> more than extinguished the secondary fires. the primary fire on the well head is still burning. >> reporter: officials here in oklahoma have been keeping this quite distance away from the scene where this is unfolding. they had a quite a fight on its
3:08 am
hands. they weren't putting water on those planes because they didden want to spread any chemicals and theyworned it could only hamper their investigation into what caused the es. >> marcus thank you and there's a new development in northern california's wild fires. last october destroyed homes and buildings. people in santa rosa have finally returned a fuel 15 weeks after the flames destroyed half of their campus. one out of six students lost their homes in the flames. and now to southern california, another area it had hard by wild fires and mud slides, the threat of additional mud slides is expected to lessen this week. >> this comes as friends in montecito who lost their family.
3:09 am
>> they have now donated that money to afther family who say they needs the money even more than they do. they lost four relatives including their mother. >> so add another line to the list of great excuses like it dog ate my homework or babe, it wasn't me. i don't even know her had. >> how about this one? officer, but my car was driving itself. san francisco police say that's what they heard from alleged drunk driver. >> well, police say the guy told him he had hadn't been driving because the car was on autopilot. officers didn't buy it. tesla has now confirmed the man's story. but it is a plausible one. >> i sort of buy it. >> now if it's an autopilot car, can you still be wasted behind
3:10 am
the wheel? we'll see you in the supreme court. kping up the empire state building shows its true colors by turning it back on new york football fans. we'll drink hateraide in the mix. the 15-year-old's powerful words in court while her mother says they're still getting billed for the doctor's visits where the alleged abuse took place. i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new
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a huge grass fire outside fort worth, texas shut down two major highways. burning about 200 acres. evacuations were ordered in parker county there. no injuries were reported. they say the fire was started by an electrical short. and now to had sentencing of the former gymnastics team doctor. >> and yesterday it youngest victim to speak out so far, a 15-year-old confronted nassar. >> reporter: a stunning allegation in court from this 15-year-old. her mother by her side.
3:14 am
>> i too was sexually assaulted by larry nassar at multiple appoints, many times. my mom is still getting billed for appointments where i was sexually assaulted. >> reporter: she was treated just a week before michigan state suspended him. >> i am possibly the last child he will ever assault. >> reporter: she blames the wrunversity for not doing enough to stop nassar. >> i'm fought afraid of you, nor will i ever be. at 15 i shouldn't have to be if had sad courtroom but i'm going to become real comfortable inside of one. so should you. >> reporter: msu has said any suggestion that the university covered up nassar's horrific conduct is simply false.
3:15 am
more fallout. u.s.a. gymnastics which as been criticized for failing to protect the gymnasts. when we asked michigan state about emily's claims her mother is still receiving bills, the university told us nassar's former patients will not be billed. >> lindsey, thank you so much. it has been so hard to hear those stories this past week and empowering that they are there standing up to their monster. >> and this was expected to go a few days of impact statements is in its fifth day. >> it judge wants every victim to speak if they want to. so may be more. we'll have more on that shocking news from neil diamond, announcing he's retiring from performing after learning he has
3:16 am
parkinson's disease. the horses out west and the horse trainer. i'm never gonna be able to sleep with this cold. i'll take a sick day tomorrow. on our daughter's birthday? moms don't take sick days... moms take nyquil severe. the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, best sleep with a cold, medicine. theseare heading back home.y oil thanks to dawn, rescue workers only trust dawn, because it's tough on grease yet gentle. i am home, i am home, i am home
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♪ who gets better the sunday's or the original, the rolling stone? this is a classic, actually. no fighting words? it's a really good cover. >> i love this song. i just put it on. you rock your head back and forth no matter who's singing it. >> that was a deep analysis. wild horses there, as you can tell. there are many of them apparently out west. >> but there are so many there's a debate in washington because the government is struggling to find a solution. >> reporter: a wild mustang charging across an open plain, a
3:19 am
symbol of the untamed majesty of nature. but the predator chasing these horses is anything but natural. >> you can see the terror and the fear. >> reporter: this is a helicopter round up commissioned by the bureau of land management. >> sometimes they eget stampeded for miles and miles. we believe the american public has a right to know. >> reporter: horses areurd hadded off public lands and sometimes permanently put in a holding facility in an effort to control their population. but now the government is considering allowing the slaughter of these animals for it first time in nearly 50 years. to find the mustangs, you need to know where to look. jim shupal knows the range and its horses well. >> we're going to see hopefully the big herd of horses. >> reporter: he works with a nonprofit trying desperately to
3:20 am
find a humane way to control the horse population. the blm says the resources here can only arot for the survival of so many. >> they've set what they call appropriate management level said. it ranges between 120 and 180 horses. >> reporter: there are over 45,000 wild horses currently in holding areas, costing taxpayers about $50 million annually. something they sought to address by lifting regulations that prevent slaughtering of wild horses. >> blm, the very agency in charge of protecting them is asking congress for permission to kill them. >> reporter: but the key battle won't be fought in the west. their fate will be decided here, in washington, where congress will decide if allowing for slaughter will be enacted. and for the horses that are rounded up, a lucky few make it
3:21 am
to places like this where people like ellie price are dedicated to turning these wild mustangs into companion animals. >> these horses are gentle now, so i don't of them as wild mustangs anymore. but this horse is wild. >> reporter: the process of training a horse is not usually an easy one. she says he's trying but you see his whole body shakes. she's able to get the saddle on for the very first time and he did not flinch. >> what i hope people will take away from seeing our horses is that they have value but the big picture is that wild horses need stay in the wild on public land. >> reporter: for nightline on the range in utah. >> beautiful landscape there
3:22 am
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...stuffy head, no sick days medicine. tuesday mix here and we knew new yorkers were taking this super bowl match up pretty nicely when the new york post had had on the front page worst have bowl ever. now slthey have taken on the empire state building. because they lit up in the colors of course of the eagles and the colors of the patriots. and they even put a photo on their twitter there. so new yorkers weren't accepting this at all. one person here from new york saying unacceptable. you know you're in new york, right? home of the division rival giants and jets? this is not cool. are you the empire state
3:26 am
building or the 50 states building? have some pride. another one saying stop the madness. the person in charge of the social media accounticide be fired and maybe arrested. i want to point out one thing as you look in the photos of the building though, basically the giants and the jets colors. it could theoretically -- exactly. don't get all upset about it, new yorkers. it's almost like we're there. >> now kendis, we've got a lot to taco about. a taco bell in montgomery, alabama. where sadly the taco bell burned down. so they said we're going to have a vigil for our beloved taco bell. it started as a joke between two roommates. the other one made a facebook event calling it the candle lite vigil for taco bell.
3:27 am
they were going to remember the oh so delightful baja blast, that's right. more than 100 people showed up. it turned out people really cared about the taco bell. >> i knew you were going to do some puns, i did not think you could make taco pun, taco about. this is by far the most amazing one yet. this is in the south of africa. just wait for it here. 660 feet down. >> one, do we know how many times he did this? >> i don't know but they're used to breaking world records. this is the fifth highest record shot. and that's a new world record right there.
3:28 am
>> important message for women and men ages 50 to 85. please write down this toll-free number now. right now, in areas like yours, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance life insurance with a rate lock through the colonial penn program. if you're on a fixed income or concerned about rising prices, learn about affordable whole life insurance with a lifetime rate lock that guarantees your rate can never increase for any reason. if you did not receive your information, or if you misplaced it, call this number now and we'll rush it to you. your acceptance is guaranteed, with no health questions. please stand by to learn more. >> i'm alex trebek and the announcement you just heard is for a popular and affordable life insurance plan with a rate lock guarantee. that means your rate is locked in for life and can never increase. did you get your free information kit in the mail? if not, please call
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this a powerful storm is on the move and heading east and as paralyzed parts of the midwest with a evhaddy snow. roads and air travel will be a mess today and the government is open for now. president trump signed off on a short term bill last night just hours after they voted to fund it for only three more weeks. and the stunning news about neil diamond. >> the singer announcing his immediate retirement from touring. and on "the bachelor" krystal made the clear she is so over the other ladies. and ari finally confronts young
3:31 am
beka about her age and then they head to the hot tub. it is tuesday, january 23rd. ♪ >> announcer: from fabc news ths is "abc news now." you know the kissing bandit strikes again. jack is still trying to recover from watching all two hours of his life. >> he was just telling me how much he loves this season of "the bachelor", loves ari. >> ever since the season has started every monday night jack is like maxine waters, reclaiming my time. that was awful. but let's begin with the winter storm, shall we? nearly half the country. there are advisories and warnings where more heavy snow is likely. when the system reaches time square and the rest of the east it will dump heavy rain.
3:32 am
drenching rains heving straight to d.c. to boston and wintry mix for upper new england. it's the same system that paralyzed parts of the plains and midwests with blizzard conditions. interstates shut down. cars left stranded on the side of the road insideicide. at one point it minneapolis airport even forced to close all four runways. we can make out the tales of the plain planes but barely see the runway. >> reporter: there's a concern for more of these, ice jams. rivers clogged with ice and with they can't drain that water backs up into communities. it's also likely to snarl airlg air travel today. >> and you can tell that by that shot there where adrian was in
3:33 am
minneapolis. jul julia, good morning. the low pressure system that brought blizzard-like conditions is making a b-line for it northeast. heavy rain expected across most of the northeast with an icy mix farther to the north. this is going to cause travel probroom hads. i think we'll see issues in many sits cities along the i 95 corridor. and another system causing rain and snow in the northwest. >> it's going to be a soggy couple of days in the northwest. the federal government is back open for business. president trump signed legislation passed by congress to end the three-day shut down and fund the government for nearly three more weeks. they celebrated following the vote. democrats gave in after receiving assurances from senate majority leader that senate will
3:34 am
resume negotiations on the history of some 800,000 immigrants brought to the country as children. >> it would be my intention to take up legislation that would address d.a.c.a., border security and related issues. >> to all the dreamers who are watching today, don't give up. >> a lot of democrats do feel as if it's time to give up. there are many groups including liberals and democrats outrages that the democratic leadership didn't fight harder to protect the dreamers. but senator leader chuck schumer said it was the best deal they were going to get. the same deal they were given friday night before the shut down. fbi director -- reporting sessions at the urging of the president had been trying to get rid of ray to fire deputy director andrew mccabe.
3:35 am
sessions backed offer when he threatened to step down. if mccabe was removed. they wanted to avoid a fire storm that erupted with had the president fired james comey. court documents said made more than 20 calls to cnn head quarters. in one he said fake news, i'm coming to gun you all done. he faces five years in prison if convicted. he also made threatening calls to a mg ichigan mosque last september. sources tell abc news the father was planning to move the family to oklahoma. they found moving boxes throughout the house after one daughter threatened to escape the nightmare conditions. we're getting our first looks at the children moments before they were captured. >> reporter: we're learning more about the rescue of 13 children
3:36 am
from that california home. you can see them walk to their freedom. an older sibling carrying a toddler, one child even running to the silver van. all that after their 17-year-old sister escaped through a window, calling 911. charged with torture, abuse, false imprisonment, pleading not guilty. >> this is severe, emotional, physical abuse. there's no way around that. this is depraved conduct. >> reporter: this as more details emerged after lives prosecutors say were in captivity. the eldest son attended a local college with his mother. >> louise turpin would wait outside class for imhad, when he was done she would take him immediately back home. >> his gpa a perfect 4.0. >> you're teaching them social
3:37 am
behavior? >> we are the first stage of their introduction to the outside world. >> and matt tells us more than $100,000 has been donated so far to help it children. it will be placed in a trust. a sky diver has been killed after falling into the roof in paris. the primary parachute failed to deploy and his emergency shoot appears to be actvated shortly before impact but sadly too late. the 44-year-old woman was seen falling from the carnival triumph one day after leaving new orleans. this makes it fourth death by falling overboard within a year. a frightening scene played out in oregon. it took more than 65 firefighters from several departments to extinguish this
3:38 am
fire that broke out inside a warehouse that reportedly didn't have a sprinkler system. no one was inside at the time and no one was injured. but what about the brapd new jordans? all those amazing sneakers? are those okay? >> i'm so happy you have good priorities. speaking of what people might be wearing we're getting a glimpse at the uniform team u.s.a. will be wearing next month. >> ralph lauren showing tem off. and now compare them to norway's yes. >> i love it. i love it so much. >> this is what the norwegian curling team will be wearing. >> beach party in south korea. >> holla. the design is called icicles. >> i love it, i love them so
3:39 am
much. >> ta it two different looks in the 2014 games in sochi. one that looks like a test pattern gone wrong, a splatter paint. >> it all started in 2010 in vancouver with it red, blue and white checkered motif. they look great. >> they do. i love every second of it. >> they finished a competition in 112th. but they looked amazing. coming up the notorious rbg, just as ruth bader ginsburg praising the #me too movement. and ari getting busy on the bachelor. our. azier. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan.
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♪ they're coming to america music legend neil diamond as made a stunning announcement. retiring from his touring. immediately canceling his 50th-anniversary concert tour because he's suffering from parkinson's disease. he's set to be honored with a
3:43 am
lifetime achievement award at this weekend's grammy's. he appalls. >>ed to his fans but said he plans to remain active in writing and recording for a long time to come. last night bill cosby performed for the first time in public since the sex abuse scandal. he appeared for about an hour at philadelphia jazz club. interestingly enough he made no mentions of the dozens of pending allegations of sexual assault. >> and wore a sweatshirt that said something simply hello friend, something his late son used to say. he ended the set by playing drums with it band. >> taking the stage there. and over the weekend on his social media account, he even posted a picture where he was
3:44 am
supporting the eagles. >> there is a retrial scheduled for april 2nd on charges that he drugged and molested a woman at his home in 2004. cosby, free on bail of course, as pleaded not guilty to those charges. >> there have been rumors people have been asking him to which out in public and perform comedy. meanwhile, ruth bader ginsburg is praiseing it #me too much movement and sharing some of her own stories of inequality. she said it's about time for women to speak up, even recounting erhad own experience of a professor coming on to her. >> and her status as a pop culture icon, including the "saturday night live" impurse nation. >> it smells like smoke. it's a ginsburn.
3:45 am
>> actress kate mckinnen with her gins burn. >> i like the anthress who portrayed me and i would like to say gins burn sometimes to my colleagues. >> how cute is she? and when asked about her health, ginsburg also responded that she's doing very good and as long as she can stick around and do the job full steam that she will be there. >> have you ever seen her workouts? >> no. are they fierce? >> they're hard core. she has a personal trainer who works her out a few times a week and they're legit. she as lunges and squats. yeah, she knows what's up. >> well in her 80s. when we come back the cold
3:46 am
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♪ skinny so skinny last night's episode of "the bachelor" you could cut the drama with a knife. >> there was a lot of it. it was pretty thick. our senior chief global affairs bachelor analyst. >> whoa, that rr a lot to get to. >> it was a lot to go through. >> this is maggie's first experience with the bachelor. >> i get to hold the rose? this is the greatest experience of my life. that means you're gone. go pack your bags, the mansion. >> so 15 women started this whole thing. more emotions. tough adecisions on "the bachelor." roll that beautiful bachelor footage. this was -- right into the hot tub. i mean this was during the group
3:49 am
date. that's krystal. there was also worm eating on the group date. kendall the taxidermy fan was loving this stuff. ari not so much. it was -- i mean this was just weird, weird stuff. i'll put it that way. nothing quite like eating worms in the snow in lake tahoe. all the action in last night's episode took place in lake tahoe. okay next the incident of the episode, call this the beckening. got to stop in the hot tub. that's a prerequisite. there's lake tahoe in the background. later when they got to having dinner with each other becka decided it was finally time to reveal she was all of 22 years old. for those counting that's a 14--year difference with ari.
3:50 am
uh-oh. >> how did that go over? >> ari did say he's going to proceed with caution, guard and protect his heart but this could be the beginning of something amazing. so beckam. got the rose on the one on one date. she could be around for a while. next a continuing story line. krystal's annoying. she interrupted the rose ceremony to get a moment for ari. you know how to sneak off awith him whatever she had had to say. god knows it was important or not. thankfully the previews indicate her villain status might be in jeopardy next week. hopefully her presence is in jeopardy. we're going to start a new #free america from krystal. kiss count. kiss count. the cis count stops at eight.
3:51 am
so a relatively restrained week for the kissing bandit. down to eight. >> last week it was 12, now 8. >> he was down in netflix stock, can will be up today. house keeping mattel left because of a death in the family. carolyn, brittany, no roses they're gone. jacqueline whose slow birth continues. we're out. >> analyst is out of here. to the world of professional wrestling and a milestone for wwe. >> monday night raw celebrated its 25th anniversary and brought back lots of the old favorites including generation x. you might remember them by their popular gesture, incouraging opponents to -- you get it. >> vince mcmann was surprised by his old nemesis, steve stone cold austin. it looked like they were just go
3:52 am
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3:55 am
ha ha, derek. downy and it's done. ♪ skinny so skinny it is skinny bonus time and you waited for it. here it is. they've been staring at each other for it last few minutes and steve austin is back. >> their faces get really close. >> and mcmann goes down in the stunner. ah, yes. >> i didn't see it coming. >> it was quite a surprise. after the beer, the stare off. >> i seen the look in your eye. let me explain a few things. >> this is what people watch, millions of men on tv on a monday night watch this stuff. you know the nominations are
3:56 am
out. >> major nominations are out. >> the oscar nominations are happening later on "good morning america." >> the razzies. >> the most golden raspberry nominations for "transformers." >> "50 shades free" and that's impressive considering it hasn't even been released yet. >> rounding out "the emoji movie" and "the mummy." >> jennifer lawrence was nominated for her role in "mother." >> one person saying what? jennifer lawrence gets a razzie nomination? she was the best thing about it. >> and razzie's nominating
3:57 am
jennifer lawrence for worst actress. ow dare you. >> is it race to say complain about the lack of diversity in this year's razzie? it isn't. it's true. >> razzie so white. talking about equality. after 90 years in the business minnie mouse finally got her star on the walk of fame. >> senger was there, katy perry. >> katy threw some shade pointing out that mickey received his star 40 years ago in 1978. so about time that minnie got her hads. finally we have another royal engagement to tell you about. >> daughter of fergi. >> they plan in marrying in the fall at st. george's
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, president trump signs a bill overnight ending the government shutdown. this morning, what it means now for the future of the immigrant debate and the fate of so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers. also new this morning, new turmoil at the fbi. why the new director of the bureau has reportedly threatened to resign. ♪ i got a dream to take them there ♪ ♪ they're coming to america neil diamond cancels his tour announcing his immediate retirement. this morning, the singer revealing his health battle and what he plans to do now. plus, bill cosby performs publicly for the first time since his sexual assault scandal. why the king of beers has been dethroned once again. the new u.s. olympic uniforms equipped with their own


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