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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 23, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 a.m. on this tuesday january 23rd. tam is off, alicia vitarelli joins us. >> accuweather alert. we're in for a steady soaking today possibly causing flooding. storm tracker6 live and our weather team are tracking all of it. >> done deal. the government shutdown is over with hundreds of thousands of federal workers heading back to work but now another new deadline looms. >> and eagles fans still on cloud nine as they count down to the super bowl show down with the defending champion patriots. we're coming for you. >> first up in accuweather
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alert. david is off, karen are as much as here along with matt pelman. >> we remember all that joy. >> never good when you have heavy rain during your morning commute. that's what we're seeing right now. it's the first half of the day that's going to be a wet one. here's satellite and radar. we can see just how within the last 30 minutes we've had some of the heavy rain move into the area. i've even picked up a lightning strike in our region. unseasonable for this time of year. we have the mild weather and heavy rain coming your way and you can get the idea looking at this image this is going to take the first half of the day for all of this to get out of here. let's start you off with a look at storm tracker6 live double scan. i think the best way to see exactly what's happening in your area with double scan and you can see the areas of heavy rain and as you take a closer look, you can even see a little bit of that flash right there with the area of yellow and we now have a new one right near the city of philadelphia. going in a little tighter we have heavy rain through some
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of the well traveled area. the lightning strikes have happened just within the last couple minutes in lansdale and doylestown, near media we have a lightning strike as well with some of that heavy rain. as you're traveling through malvern and norristown you can see the heavy rain through the area and it's probably a little hard to see on this map but near the second p in philadelphia you have a cell that i wouldn't be surprised if it produces some heavy rain there as well so be careful as you're traveling. i don't think we'll see widespread thunderstorms but we already have a couple of lightning strikes so far this morning. the current temperature is 52 degrees right now. it's 42 in allentown. 51 in dover. 51 in atlantic city. yes, mild yesterday we made it into the 60's. starting it off in the low 50 this morning so we're going to be mild for the first half of the day but not enjoyable with this rain coming down but look at the change we have. at 7:00 a.m. it's raining, it's 54. by lunchtime we have the chance for a thunderstorm on 60. and then we watch at 3 o'clock we're going to see some peeks of sunshine but temperatures are going to be falling
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probably this week but maybe from 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock where temperatures aren't too bad just yet but quickly falling at night. it turns very cold once again. we'll have the details on the overnight lows coming up in a few minutes matt. >> but at least we like those temperatures for now, yeah. good morning karen, yes or no everybody. but yeah, rain is coming down. as we look live in the city of philadelphia at the schuylkill expressway. nonetheless, they're still doing the overnight construction and that's because they usually do this work up ahead underneath 30th street station so they're covered. that's why they can do the work even in the rain but the eastbound side of 76 is closed this morning. you can get off at 30th street or get onto the vine street expressway which has no work at at this point its clear but just wet. on the westbound side of the schuylkill one of the two lanes is blocked and then 30th street off ramp is also closed. all of that work should be wrapping up in the next half hour. no issues this morning aside from the wet conditions along the blue route, 476. the roosevelt boulevard or 95 in the city.
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and 95 here in bucks county looks good this morning. no overnight work here near the welcome center unlike the last few nights so that's good news. both lanes opened in both directions in the ongoing work zone. by the willow grove park mall had a crash early this morning along moreland road at allison road. no issues aside from the wetness on the pennsylvania turnpike and in collingswood watch out for an early morning crash along champion avenue at mcgill avenue. that's how things look as we kick them off on this tuesday morning. matt. >> thank you, matt. breaking right now a fire broke out along a west philadelphia block moving from one home to another. crews rushed to the scene to make sure everyone escaped. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes is live on hazel avenue near 58th street with the full story. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, matt. at one point there was some concern about this fire going into a third home. firefighters were able to get it under control before that happened. i'm going to step out of the way so you can see what's going on right now. the scene has calmed down quite a bit but you can see all of those firefighters at
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one of the homes that was damaged. so, two homes total is what we're looking at as far as what homes -- the number of homes impacted by this fire. this started around 2:45 in the morning and quickly spread to a second row house here on hazel avenue near 58th street in west philadelphia. when crews arrived, smoke was billowing out of the original home and red paws was called to the scene to assist with injured pets. we understand cats were rescued from this home here. there's no word this morning on occupants or injuries and the cause of that fire is still under control at this point but again, quite a number of firefighters still on scene at this point. we'll let you know as soon as we get some information but no word on injuries or occupants at this point. reporting live in west philadelphia, jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." >> jeanette thanks so much. a 19-year-old has died after being shot in the city's olney section. investigators heard the gunfire erupt around broad street and olney avenue at 12:30 this morning.
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police say someone in a private vehicle took the teenager to einstein medical center where he was pronounced dead. surveillance cameras set up in the area captured the shooting. police are now reviewing those videos and questioning witnesses. the shooter was spotted running away. >> well, the government shutdown that closed valley forge national park, independence hall and the liberty bell center is over. hundreds of thousands of workers are back on the job this morning. congress has struck a deal that some are calling it a band-aid. abc's arlette stein has details on the compromise. >> reporter: with little fanfare, president trump signed a bill ending the government shutdown. for now. >> i only hope the government simply stops losing. >> reporter: leaders on both sides of the aisle were jubilant. congress passed a temporary fix funding the government through february 8th when another shutdown looms. democrats had insisted any
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deal include protections for the nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. >> to all the dreamers who are watching today, don't give up. >> reporter: ultimately they received a promise. senate republicans agreed to work towards a solution for the dreamers. >> it would be my intention to take up legislation here in the senate that would address daca, border security and related issues. >> reporter:. >> are you confident that mitch mcconnell is going to keep his word. >> mitch mcconnell made a pledge in front of the world, so we're countering on him and i think he will. i hope he will. >> reporter: while the senate has vowed to ask house republicans haven't made the same commitment. the next move could depend on the president. >> we certainly want to negotiate and get to a place and we're hopeful that we can do that over the next couple weeks. >> reporter: the daca program is set to expire march fifth with no solutions dreamers could start to face deportation at that time. the president said he's
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willing to make a long term deal on immigration if it's good for our country. arlette stein, a were. c news, washington. >> old man winter is packing quite a punch in minnesota, the scene of super bowl lii. a heaping amount of snow arrived at the land of 10,000 lakes hours after the birds buried the vikings with touchdowns. can't even see out there. eagles fever heading their way is red hot. at chickie's and pete's in south philadelphia there's a sea of eagles green. our proud team colors are helping bringing cash for local businesses. merrill reese owners of the eagles iconic play by play voice is confident for this super bowl rematch with the patriots. birds and pats fans are sparring verbally on the streets. >> tom brady all day. tom brady all day. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles! >> i really feel very good about the eagles. >> you heard it there. now, most vegas betting sites
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have the eagles as five-point underdogs. the eagles as you know were also underdogs in their first two playoff games and they won them both. "action news" reporter bob brooks is in minneapolis right now. look for his live reports from the home of super bowl lii to continue this evening. it is cold out there, folks, and head to for the latest on the birds as they prepare for the super bowl. we have posted emotional stories from players and their families, plus see what celebrity fans are saying about the eagles' big nfc championship win. >> ♪ >> testimony is scheduled to resume this morning in the federal corruption trial of allentown mayor ed pawlowski. yesterday the proceedings centered around secretly recorded tapes. prosecutors say it shows a pattern of the mayor n1 of the tapes pawlowski is heard complaining that a donation is too small. pawlowski's lawyer calls the
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mayor a "moral person and says the government is relying on what they call couldn't 95ing morally bankrupt witnesses. >> reporter: the search goes on for the cause of a family tragedy a house fire that killed a father and two of his young children in cumberland county new jersey. this fire broke out in a home in bridgeton early yesterday morning. the blaze killed a 28-year-old father his six-year-old daughter and five-year-old son. their mother, 10 month old brother and uncle jumped to safety from a second story window. investigators say the house did not have working smoke detectors. >> and they could have been alerted quicker to the presence of the fire, got out were able to escape safely or were able to alert us faster. >> a family living in a first floor apartment was also able to get out safely. >> 4:40 now. coming up next on "action news" a volcano erupts overseas setting off an avalanche at a picked ski resort.
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>> singer kneel diamond makes a personal health announcement will end his tours. karen. >> temperatures today are going to make it feel like it's march or april instead of january and we also have thunderstorms to go along with that. we'll have the unusual weather in your forecast next. >> ♪ pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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>> heavy snow and strong winds pushed across the midwest. blizzard conditions forced highways to close and stranded drivers in northern wisconsin. authorities in sioux city iowa urging residents to stay off the roads because of the whiteout conditions. "good morning america" has more on this new winter storm for them at 7:00 a.m. bringing something much different for us right now. >> yes. and make sure you have your umbrella handy. >> you're going to need the umbrella. it's probably going to blow all over. you might want a hood to go with that. it's not a good day.
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the first half of the day we're not just talking about wind but really gusty winds as well when some of this heavier rain comes down. let's take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan right now and we can see that we've got rain a through much of the region. so, be careful as you're heading out right now because some of it's really heavy. i want to go closer with double scan because we can see who is getting the heavier cells. see that flash between lansdale and doylestown that was a lightning strike. heavier rains through norristown and media right now, chadds ford we have a live lightning strike, that little area of white that just kind of lit up right there so be careful as you're traveling and some of this heavy rain through the area. let's see what it looks like outside as we go outside live right now and, yes, we're soaking wet there at philadelphia international airport and in addition to that, we could see some wind gusts up to 40 miles an hour or so in some of the areas out to the west that already got this rain, they had dime sized hail coming down. so you have a lot to contend with as you're traveling this morning and the first half of
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the day is a wet one. 52 degrees the current temperature. the dewpoint 48. winds out of the south that's pumping that you mild air mass. the pressure is falling and the wind chill not a factor at this point. let's look at these temperatures. it's 42 in allentown, a mild 52 in philadelphia. even 51 degrees already in dover. temperature-wise yesterday and today it feels like spring. at least early spring. satellite and radar showing we've got some spring rain coming through, even some thunderstorms as you see it's a cold front that's out to our west but ahead of it we still have a mild flow but some heavy rain at times and it's enough that we're going to see street flooding through the area so be careful as you're driving around today. at 9 o'clock in the morning, you may get some breaks here or there in the rain. i don't know that it's going to be entirely steady. we've been watching it kind of fill in on the radar as it progresses but we're seeing some of these heavy cells move through even at 9:00 a.m. by 11 o'clock you're not done with that. we're seeing the back edge come through the lehigh valley and then even at 12:30 i'll be
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on today showing you the radar, we'll have some rain in spots before it then pushes off the coast. at 2 o'clock can you see how the clouds start to break, i think 3, 4 o'clock you have some breaks in the clouds and feeling a little better. highs in the low 60's today but you're going to have lots of rain on and off, even some thunderstorms that could produce some damaging wind gusts as they come down. by 3, 4 o'clock you get some breaks. you can see you're dry out there after two, 2, 3, 4 o'clock the clouds break up. temperatures will fall. it's going to be a big change tonight and i want to warn you. today we're talking another day in the 60's. tonight it's going to drop to the 20's in some spots. so, you go from wearing your shorts today to the heavy coat tomorrow and i know that's a big change in 24 hours. we have the accuweather alert. any time you have heavy rain and unusually thunderstorms this time of year i want to warn you about it. 62 for your high. first half of the day is wet. by the time the kids come home from school, we're dry at that point. wednesday it's much cooler,
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42 degrees. back to reality. thursday it's brisk and chilly, just the upper 30's. friday mostly sunny. saturday turning milder, 54. sunday breezy with periods of rain again, 59 degrees and by monday, it's cooler. we start off with clouds, could be a little damp early on. then we'll see some sunshine and a high of 48 degrees. so, yesterday we made it into the 60's. today we're making it into the 60's but it's not a pretty day. today you got to watch out for that heavy rain. >> all right, karen, thank you. dramatic new video coming from japan this morning. a volcano eruption set off a avalanche at a ski resort. at least 16 people were injured. some were briefly buried by that avalanche. others got lit by volcanic rock. everyone is expected to survive. 80 skiers had to also be rescued from a gondola station. >> classes will go on as scheduled this morning in a berks county school district where a teacher's strike was averted. the teachers union reached a compromise with administrators in the wilson school district late last night. details have not been
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released. the union and school board had been at odds over salaries. no contract was in place. tentative deal keeps 5900 students in the classrooms. >> 4:48. coming up netflix says a star cost it some serious cash but a popular new show is gaining some of it back. >> and on this winter morning we're thinking spring. get a peek at the philadelphia flower show later. >> ♪
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>> it's raining in spots. it's pouring. if you're watching this morning, you're probably not still snoring. we had construction crews, no, they were not snoring they were working hard overnight on the schuylkill expressway underneath 30th street station. that's why they can work in the rain, they're covered there but they just cleared from the westbound lanes and the delay in the wake of their westbound work has also cleared but eastbound is still blocked at the vine expressway. should be reopened in the next 10 minutes and of course we'll check that shot at 5 o'clock and let you know if, indeed, they have reopened those eastbound lanes. have that fire department activity in west philadelphia that jeanette told us about. you'll want to avoid hazel avenue at 58th street. large wood and 60th could be some alternates. watching a truck fire early this morning. for my friends coming from lancaster county it's the eastbound side of the turnpike near the bow man'sville
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service plaza where the right lane is blocked. bless you. a crash this morning in willow grove by the chipotle. cleared from moreland road at allison road. overnight construction on the burlington bristol bridge is gone so you're good to go there. our crash in collingswood along champion avenue is also now cleared out of the way. alicia. >> all right, matt, thank you. something else that we are following for you this morning. neil diamond making a big announcement this morning and it has to do with his health. some sad news. he's living with parkinson's disease and he is ending his tour. diamond is best known, of course, for hits like sweet caroline. he was on his 50th anniversary tour. he's had a very legendary career. diamond's set to receive a lifetime achievement award at sunday's grammy awards. again, neil diamond says he's living with parkinson's disease ending his tour for now but he does plan to continue writing and recording. over to you matt. >> now for your first look at
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business at the big board. netflix says it added more than 8 million subscribers at the end of last year. the streaming service credits the gains in part to original content like stranger things. netflix says it also took $39 million in a loss on content. it decided to not continue producing. sources say dropping kevin spacey from house of cards and completely rewriting the next and final season is related to that loss. slow down there, buddy. netflix also dropped plans for other shows that had other stars now being accused of sexual misconduct. big gains on wall street to start the week. the dow jones industrial gained nearly 143. s & p and nasdaq also had some pretty good gains. this morning futures are pointing to a jump at the opening bell. >> ♪
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>> of course we've been asking you to show us how you are displaying your eagles pride. social media has been bleeding green. here are just some of the pictures and videos our viewers have been sending in. don't you like the eye shadow, little eagles wings. we have really cute kids, families, generations have been watching these games together. so much excitement heading into the super bowl next week and i'm telling you, the pride is just running high around here. and as you can see we do use your images and your videos right here on the air. they use the #6abcaction on instagram and twitter or they've been posting to the "action news" facebook page so
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we encourage you to do the same. we know we're going to be seeing a lot of green around here and we're happy and very proud to showcase it on the air. matt. >> yeah, keep them coming. thanks alicia. happening today the 2018 philadelphia flower show offers a colorful sneak peek into warmer longer days. philadelphia mayor jim kenney will be on hand for this morning's news conference in center city. visitors can dive into spring with the wonders of water themed show. the flower show runs from march third until the 11th at the pennsylvania convention center. >> it is 4:57. breaking overnight, witnesses spot a car fleeing from the scene of a shooting in south jersey. >> eagles coach doug pederson talked about taking on the patriots in the super bowl. we'll be back. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, january 23rd. tam is off. alicia vitarelli joins us. >> we are following breaking news this morning. flames move from one home to another in west philadelphia. we are live on the scene. >> bill cosby performs in philadelphia for the first time since his sexual assault trial and gets word on when the retrial starts. >> taking a live look outside for you this morning, straight up 5:00 a.m., rain and thunderstorms could make your morning commute pretty rough. >> get ready to be soggy. dave is off. karen and matt are here with weather and traffic. >> the traffic reporter's take is at least it's not snow. >> there you go because we had have a a lot of it. i want to show you the l


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