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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 26, 2018 2:40am-4:00am EST

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>> isn't it faster? >> somebody is about to have a very bad day. >> hi, is mr. mandel here? >> he's outside. >> looking for mr. mandel. >> hi. >> hi. >> are you mr. alex mandel? alexander? >> what's the problem? >> mr. howie mandel on the left there. >> from deal or no deal, america's got talent. this isn't about him. this is about alex. >> i have a warrant for your arrest. >> what did he do? >> what is this about? >> your son, is this your son? >> it depends. >> how bad is it?
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>> he rented a boat and he ran into another boat without telling anybody. we have a warrant for a hit and run. >> what? >> definitely not my son. >> did somebody get hurt? >> what's the big deal? >> mr. mandel, there is $20,000 worth of damage. >> what? >> now, alex is getting grilled by the cop and dad. >> did you rent the boat? >> i did. but there was no damage when i looked. >> howie starts clutching at straws. >> i have a warrant for your arrest, we have security cameras. >> i can call -- can i talk to a lawyer? >> no, i'm going to give you the warrant. >> no deal, i'm calling no deal. >> it's called a hit and run, it's a felony in this country. welcome to america. >> oh, my god. >> don't be worried. >> i don't think he is your son. is he your son? >> this is my son, yeah. >> i'm not a police officer. >> no golden buzzer for this act. >> alex and magic decided they
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would prank alex's dad howie. howie isn't getting the joke. >> a cop comes in and asks for your son. not fun. >> it turns out he likes to judge things, he doesn't like to be pranked so much. >> if you really enjoyed that? we'll do it all again tomorrow. we'll see you next time. come on. can you stop, please. >> apparently if you ask nice enough, it should work. that's a sheriff's deputy begging a horse to stop. it happened in the streets of
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hudson, florida near tampa. event that he will rually the r safely corralled and returned to its owners but it wasn't really listening to the cop. and now to a battle over eggs. >> they include those perfect slabs of egg, may not be able to call it egg. panera is asking the definition to exclude most of the product at fast food chain. they say they pump their egg product with artificial ingredients. >> but egg -- you have egg in it though. >> a bacon egg and 20 words you can't pronounce now. >> but there's still at the core in it. >> don't you want to know what's in your egg? >> as long as it's egg. >> what if it's egg and worms?
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eggs and chemicals? >> what restaurants are you going to. >> i don't know. i'm all for it. and the rewards programs that there big selling point. >> but are you really getting the most out of those rewards. >> reporter: credit cards enticing us from everything to points back rewards to points to spend on travel. so how can you make sure you're getting the most from your money? they say look for transferable points. allowing you to move them to the loyalty program. credit card companies are locked in a fierce battle for your business. amex's gives extra points at supermarkets. with chase you get bonus points on all travel and fine dining. but rewards programs may not be worth it for everyone.
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>> if you're having a balance, you're only getting 2% back of what you purchased. you could be paying 16% or more onfortest charges. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> she offsets it there. >> coming up. one on one with elton john. >> we showed you a sneak peek yesterday but next the legendary artist tells robin roberts why he's retiring. okay - let's try this. it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no... make every day valentine's day with k-y yours and mine. two sensations. one great way to discover new feelings together.
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♪ it ain't saturday. >> okay. it's fought saturday. it's only friday. but we're always looking ahead. and so is elden john. with that announcement of his retirement after a massive, long, epic, never ending world tour. >> he sat down with rob robyn roberts telling her why he's
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once again going with his gut feeling with this big decision. ♪ oh the classic tiny dancer >> reporter: true to form sir elton john announcing a new chapter in his fabled career. the rock icon will retire from touring after a monumental 300-city world tour. >> hi, gorgeous. >> so tell us about this three-year tour because knowing you, you're going to go out with a bang, you're not going to go out with a whimper. >> i'm joyous about the opportunity to go around the world and say thank you to all the fans that i've had. >> the fairwell yellow brick road tour with stops in five continents over the next three years. >> before the children i thought
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this is what i'm going to be doing until the day i die. but i don't want to be traveling away from my children. i need them and they need me much more than another show. >> he says his two sons are now his top priority. >> our boys came into our life at late time. i've never experienced anything being like it and there's no contest. i'd be with my children instead of playing shows. >> i remember david saying he couldn't imagine you not performing enfront of a live audience. that is something he felt you would always have to do. >> i'll still be making music, writing, making records, be involved in music. i can't not be. ♪ it's no sacrifice >> reporter: what do you enjoy most? >> the contact with afther human being.
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the emotion you get back from someone who doesn't know you, you don't know them. >> reporter: his illustrious career spans five deck aitds from hits like rocketman. ♪ rocketman >> reporter: to candle in the wind. ♪ you never know woo who to cling to ♪ >> reporter: 300 million record with 31 platinum albums and five grammys. >> i have to say your song because it was the first great song that we wrote. ♪ how wonderful life is when you're in the world ♪ >> and i've been singing it ever since 1970. it's stood the test of time s. p >> when you theng about "lion king" and how that introduced
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you to another audience. >> i was so lucky. that completely changed my life. ♪ and can you feel the love tonight ♪ >> certain things like that have happened where one phone call, one decision, one gut feeling has made my life better. it's the same sort of gut feeling i had when i said yes to doing the "lion king" as the fair well tour. >> and good for you. i think we have the inner voice but not all of us listen to it. >> it's called a leap of faith and it's scary but there's no enjoyment in life without a little bit of fear and i've always tried to push myself to it. >> and tickets for some of the concerts are already on sale for 2019. we got word of another retirement. if you were sad about elton john, leonard skinner announced this summer tour's will be the
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band's last. sweet alabama is saying goodbye. ♪ sweet home alabama
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oh, sad tear, it's the first weekend without a meaningful pro football game since the start of september which is really mean when you think about the pro bowl. >> and we've got a couple opening up at the box office this weekend, starting with a period western. it's set in 1892. "hostile" tells the tale of a reluctant army capitol who reluctantly agreed to esport a family back to their tribal land and join forces with a young widow. to help with the hostile forces they encounter along the way. >> do you believe in the lord, joseph? >> yells, i do.
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he's been blind to what's been going on out here for a long time. >> if i did fought have faith what would i have? >> "hostiles" is getting high marks from the critics, scoring a solid 71% on rotten tomatoes. this otherwise typically macho violent western offers strong performances and occasionally good dialogue, says one reviewer. but then there's this. "hostiles" ultimately falls back on the same one-dimensional arc types depicting native americans as either ruthless savages or stoic savages with nothing in between." in maze runner the death cure, thomas finds himself at the center of a giant labyrinth with no memory of their previous lives. together with teresa, the group's only female and with the
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clock ticking down, he tries to lead the others out before death closes in. >> sure about this? >> not really. ♪ >> now according to critics this one might be the best. dillen almost lost his leg shooting that movie, by the way. it was delayed for several weeks because of an injury onset. one called it the auto-tuned boy band version of the apocalypse. and i thought it was never going to end. and auto tune was
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the breaking news bomb shell involving the white house. the president ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller. as one senator said that would have crossed a red line. so what saved mueller's job? breaking right now a massive fire tearing through a hospital for elderly patients. dozens are dead or injured. we have new images coming in. rng plus the politician who says a woman's place is in the kitchen and wants his daughters to be home makers. a preview of this weekend's grammy awards. who will take home the top surprises on music's biggest
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night. our prognasticator is here for insight on this friday, january 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "abc news now." it is almost is there. music's biggest night is almost upon us. >> i thought you meant the weekend. so excited. >> that award show but yeah, of course our foreseer of all is right here on the other side. >> we probably should only play it one more time. that's the only reason we're going to play it again. but we have to get to the explosive headlines that broke overnight. now sources are saying that president had once tried to fire special counsel mueller. >> new york times is reporting
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that he backed off when mcgan refused and threatened to quit. and he learned about it as he interviewed officials. but top aids are repeatedly denied he gave any thought to getting rid of mueller. >> does the president commit to not if i will firing mueller? >> the president has not even discussed that. the president is not discussing bob mueller. he's not even discussed firing bob mueller. >> got to love kelly ann there. following reports that he was looking into a possible obstruction case. he believes firing mueller would have had had a catastrophic effect on the trump presidency and would have appeared that the
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president was trying to interfweer the russia investigation. >> and this statement we can decline to comment out of the respect for the office of special counsel and its process. in a lot of ways this is a long time ago. and it's not surprising to many that yes, the president had talk about possibly firing special counsel. a lot of people are saying this is a big nothing burger today. >> you know he's going to be asked about it today and his reaction or lack of will be interesting. >> he's there with fellow really, really rich epiple. but all of the world is going to be thinking about this new explosive report breaking back here at home. we'll find out how it all plays
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out. in the meantime the white house has unveiled a pathway to citizenship in exchange for a border wall and dramatic restrictions on legal immigration. >> some are welcoming the compromise. conservatives are slaming it as amnesty. while democrats say it's holding them hostage. >> reporter: the white house handing those dreamers a possible lifeline. president trump's plan untails a path to citizen. . that's more than double the number of people currently protected by d.a.c.a. it was nearly one year ago he asked if he would protect the dreamers. >> is there anything you can assure them right now. >> they shouldn't be very worried. i do have a big heart. >> reporter: since then he said this.
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>> if there's no agreement by march fifth, are you going to protect them? >> i might do that. >> reporter: offering citizenship to undocumented dreamers is a major concession to an administration towing such a hard line. >> a beautiful, tall, southern border wall. >> this is a wall a heck of a lot higher than the ceiling you're looking at. the white house wants tough new restrictions, like $25 billion for his border wall and major cuts to imgrigz. they would only be able to sponsor children and and wants to end the visa lottery program. just two weeks ago the
3:06 am
negotiations and confusion unfolding on camera. >> what about with a clean d.a.c.a. bill now with a commitment that we go n to a comp rehensive immigration repom procedu procedure. >> we're going to start with d.a.c.a. and then we'd go eto face two, which is comprehens e comprehensive. when we talk about d.a.c.a., we don't want be to back here two years later. we have to have security. >> the white house set to present its proposal maentd hoping congress can reach a deal and avoid another government shut down. and critical of the president. now leaders like paul ryan and mitch mcconnell is hap hate the
3:07 am
president trump is saying what he needs. and one saying this is the end of the gop majority in the house. and as for the democrats, this plan quote doesn't pass the laugh test. thrjts fbi as recovered five months of missing text messages sent between two agency colleagues who briefly worked and exchanged antitrump messages. and now backed off a lameb. johnson agreed it secret society text was probably meant as a joke. and a breaking overnight. a fire at hospital for the elderly has killed at least 39 people. more than 100 others were injured. most of them are in critical condition. the fire broke outen the first
3:08 am
floor emergency room. >> they're searching for two suspects in connection with the death of a share's teputy. sfwlnchs 31 your a reported assault and was chasing a suspect. that's when investigators say the suspect opened fire and shot gun in the chest. the man in custody will be in court today a missouri republican running for senate is shaking up social media after posting do you agree with emen's rights." he says he wants a home cooked meal at 6:00 every night, one that she makes. he's pil pulling well behind the
3:09 am
heeding republican. >> interesting comments. and claire mchaskell who had an interesting run a new years ago. because they're the first family more than access to some of the most prized pieces of art. >> "landscape with snow." >> but insthed curator offered this. an 18 karat rr gold fully functional toilet. and insulation titled america. according to the post the response from the white house was silence. >> they didn't like their new thrown? the golden thrown. it's because he already had had one. >> what are we going to do with
3:10 am
two thrones? >> you kaentd have two golden toilets. >> it doesn't even come with a gold beday. >> what kind of toilet paper do you use? >> oh, you shouldn't have to. >> it cost as million dollars. coming up relief from the flu outbreak. we're -- and music's big night is right around the corner. we have a full preview including her own suggestions. bllz
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a police stand off at bank outside detroit lasted for hours. he announced a robbery. after more than four hour stand off, the suspect surrendered and releases his three hostages. no injuries were reported. another attempted robbery also ended without injury. three female suspects tried to rob this bank as one showed a manager the barrel of a gun and demanded cash. he alerted police with a silent
3:14 am
alarm. they surrounded the bank and caught the woman as they walked out the bank's front door. they were armed with what we're told a paint ball gun afterall. turning to the nation's growing flu epidemic and more stories of young, otherwise healthy people getting sick and dying within just days. >> the latest victim including a muth of two from indiana. she spent the last week of her life caring for hers and sick children. she died just three days after she was then diagnosed with the flu. in alabama 47-year-old catherine who was engaged to be married. she died just shortly after her diagnos diagnoses. gulf county fllthral has closed all schools after they kept 1/fifth of students home this week. >> people getting desperate.
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coming up in our next half hour the pressure of the #me too movement. why last year's best actor oscar winner is sitting out this year. plus the grammy awards, they're going down this weekend. we're going to hash it out with our own music man next on show so. here's to first dates! you look amazing. and you look amazingly comfortable. when your v-neck looks more like a u-neck.., that's when you know, it's half-washed, add downy to keep your collars from stretching, unlike detergent alone, downy conditions to smooth and strengthen fibers. so next time don't half-wash it. downy and it's done. proud partner of the olympic winter games.
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♪ the bar in that video is no longer there, destroyed in the hurricane. the song of the summer extending its tentacles of sunshine vibes into the dead of winter. so we're going to see who can finally defeat the monster that is despacito. >> it's up for a number of grammy awards. kendis not so much. it's up for two of the biggest
3:18 am
prizes of the night. >> a music industries insider. joining us right now to break down the big event at msg on sunday night. what a big party it will be. so we have song of the year. again despacito. 444 by jay-z. and that's what i like. >> listen, despacito has 4.6 billion views, 1.6 billion streams. that song is going to be massive. and if it wins it will be the first nonenglish language song to win a grammy since 60 years ago. ♪ bolaray
3:19 am
>> so, despocito can become the new bolaray. next we have record of the year and bruno, i have to admit i never really remember it difference between record and album. >> record of the year goes to the performer or singer who sings it. song of the year goes to songwriter. usually it's three or four song writers get on stage. for the record, it's the performer. >> so with record of the year, despocit despocito -- grammy so dark. >> hip-hop is officially bigger than rock, bigger than anything else. it is the biggest genre not only in the u.s. but world wide.
3:20 am
so we're seeing the grammys finally realizing that hip-hop is it. >> winner? >> despacito. >> 4:44, kendrick lamar's dam is a good one. >> lord is a dark horse because it's a pop album and no pop nominations. my goes to jay-z. it was the rawest album he's ever done. incredible. so i think jay gets it this year. >> last category. best new artist. khaled, julia michaels -- >> the inside track is sza. she's the new lauren hill.
3:21 am
her vocals and delivery is if had credible. julia michaels is huge. it's going to be tight one between sza and julia michaels. >> there's talk that a woman who a year ago was a stripper and might win best rap song. >> cardib has exploded thanks to reality tv. >> being the first female to win rap song of the year. but how important are the grammys in the grand scheme of thi things? >> nowadays they need grammys to launch tours. >> bob marley never got a grammy, run dmc. >> neither did public enemy or tupac or biggie. >> and not a single one direction or in their post one direction career have yet to
3:22 am
get -- >> zane, harry, nils? >> all of the aobserve. i was out here smoking instead of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini has a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how. every great why okay - let's try this. it says you apply the blue one to me. here? no... make every day valentine's day with k-y yours and mine. two sensations. one great way to discover new feelings together.
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time for the friday mix. >> now we're starting this friday mix off with a 2-year-old who's an escape artist. check this one out. her poor dad was trying to set up a double crib action for his 2-year-old daughter. but look, she's a ninja. look how high up she is. >> it looks so insane and dad's ju just like -- >> the upper body strengths it takes for this 2-year-old and that poor dad is so desperate. what am i supposed to do now? just wait until she's 16. good luck. >> how about edible banana
3:26 am
peals? apparently it's a real thing. a japanese company has come up with this concoction. it comes from growing the banana trees in a certain temperature environment and then it is thawd and replanted and so you can peal it, eat the peal. >> oh, my gosh, $6. >> the pooel apparently tastes like pineapple. ♪ ♪ politics and foreign wars, all it weather all hthe scores ♪ ♪ that's the world news polka ♪ stuff you saw on kabul's show that's the world news polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night you're wide awake and not wearing pants so grab your world news now mug ♪ ♪ and everybody dance have fun
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this morning on "abc news now" the decision some say could have ended the trump presidency. plus the president delivers an economic message to the world today but the first lady is on her own making a surprise visit to florida. breaking overnight the u.s. olympic committee tells u.s.a. gymnastics that its entire board must resign. this after former team doctor larry nassar was sentenced for assaulting gymnasts in his care. and chaos and riots over nutella. >> they're fighting it out over the wildly popular
3:31 am
chocolate/hazelnut spread but what sparked it all? despite the fact it's delicious. reece witherspoon seems to have grown a third leg. we already knew oprah was magic, just wait till you experience the magic of oprah sharing her tips on cleaning up pooh. it's friday, january 26th. >> announcer: from abc news this is "abc news now." >> your face when i said the word pooh. pure disgust. >> it's a strange way to announce your presidential bid. >> vote for me. i can clean up the pooh. >> go from drain the swamp to clean up the pooh in washington. >> i will vote for that slogan. you heard it here first. a bomb shell report that president trump ordered the top white house lawyer to fire robert mueller. >> the president decided not to
3:32 am
follow through with a plan last june because white house counsel threatened to quit, rather than carry out the directive. but two months later insisted the idea of firing mueller never crossed his mind. >> i haven't given it any thought. i've been reading about it from you people. no, i'm not dismissing anybody. i want them to get on with the task and i want the senate and the house to come out with their findings. >> and the president saying he had hadn't giveten any thought. mueller recently learned about the episode as his team interviewed current and former white house officials. ty cobb released this statement. quote we decline to comment out of respect for the special counselal and its process. and the president is preparing to speak. >> he stirred up controversy on his very first day as he
3:33 am
threatened to cut off financial assistance to the palestinians if they refused to negotiate peace with israel. >> and he's clearly if the jenje attention from the crowds. >> peace and prosperity. >> you think you're going to be received well here? >> i already am. you take a look. you tell me. >> the president also met with the british prime minister, and said they're working together on economic development, trade and the military. >> after the president abruptly canceled a trip to the uk said it's a false rumor that he and may don't get along. >> the prime minister and myself have had a great relationship although some people don't necessarily believe that. >> we had a great discussion today and we continue to have that really special relationship between the uk and the united
3:34 am
states. >> they're finalizing details to visit the uk later this year. and the fist lady was supposed to go with the president to switzerland but visited the holocaust remembrance museum and then she flew to florida. her airplane was seen in west palm beach, near mar-a-lago. >> do we think there's more at play here? >> possibly. i was in washington d.c. and that was a lot of the chatter that first lady it appears had had gone a little bit of quiet and for one thing you can only read the tea leaves right now on the anniversary of the president's inauguration. she did post a photo and said it was her honor to be first lady but in the photo was only the first lady along side a marine escort from that day. the president was not there. then it was their 13th wedding
3:35 am
anniversary this past monday. they did not make any public mention of happy anniversary. and all of this in light of that stormy daniel scandal that the president and stormy daniels, a former porn star, have denied they had an affair. >> in washington these rumors are swirling. >> and all of the u.s.a. and that unscheduled trip to florida is adding to the plot right now. so the white house is ready in the mean time to offer 2 million young immigrant as pathway to citizenship. >> the proposal will be presented to congress next week but already proving to be a tough sell to law makers on both sides of the aisle. the white house is throwing a potential lifeline to the dreamers. president trump's new immigration plan offers a path to citizenship to 1.8 million undocumented young children as
3:36 am
children. the president shared his hopes for the dreamers. >> these are good people. theyicide be able to stay in this country. we're going to solve the d.a.c.a. problem. >> reporter: it could upset some in his own party. but the president is asking for something in return. >> on day one we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. >> it's a real wall. it's heck of a lot higher than the ceiling. >> reporter: they're also seeking major cuts to legal immigration. families would only be allowed to spauronsor minors and spouse. and they wunt to end the visa lottery program, shifting the focus to skilled workers.
3:37 am
the white house will present the plan to the the senate on monday. but already democrats and republicans are expressing criticism. abc news, washington. and it seems mitt romney is closer tan ever to a run in utah. he will announce his candidacy next week. he will try to fill the seat being vacated by senator orrin hatch. he must gather 28,000 signatures to insure his place on the june primary ballot. meanwhile congressman meehan won't be seeking reelection in november. it became public that he filed a sexual harassment complaint with taxpayer money. he described the woman as a soul mate. he's itthe fifth member of congress to resign or not run
3:38 am
again following sexual harassment in the work place. that erroneous alert set off widespread panic and confusion for more than 30 minutes. they say cooperation is a matter of individual choice but hope that person will reconsider. in case you missed it, the world is thirty seconds closer to an atomic catastrophe since the height of the cold war. >> atomic scientists pushed the symbolic dooms day clock 30 seconds closer to midnight. they made reference to the heated rhetoric and tweet from president trump for increasing the possibility of nuclear war. >> but parentry it could come from nuclear warfare or a hazelnut spread. look what happened when a
3:39 am
french grocery chain lowered the price of nutella. >> they had to pry people apart -- french media report an elderly woman was hit in the head. another woman said someone pulled her hair and one customer came away with a black eye. >> by the way that supermarket chain says their entire stock was gone within 15 minutes. i have so many questions. how did everyone find out about this. why wasn't i told -- >> the price did go from 560 a jar to $1.60. >> totally justified. we're all set. coming up is oprah running for president? you've heard the rumors. but what did she have to say about it? and could she change her mind? >> of course she can, she's oprah. she can do anything she wants.
3:40 am
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california mud slide as few weeks ago. the officers were responding to a fire and had had no idea about the mud slides racing through montecito until it hit them. they were pushed downstream for 15 seconds before they were able to regain traction and drive to safety. quite dramatic scene right there. we do have breaking news involving more fallout from the larry nassar sexual abuse case. >> the olympic committee is giving the bord of gymnastics until next wednesday to resign. this week a judge sentenced the former doctor to up to 175 years in prison for sexually abusing more than 150 girls and women. among them was two-time olympian who called out u.s.a. gymnastics saying it was an organization rotting from the inside. >> this monster was also the architect of policies and procedures that are supposed to
3:44 am
protect athletes from sexual abuse from u.s.a. gymnastics and the usoc. >> they learned that the training ranch in texas run by famed gymnastics coaches is now under investigation. simone biles was just one of many athletes who train there had at the ranch. last year's best oscar winner, casey afflec will not be there this year. his publicist says he's taking a pace. amid the growing support behind the #me too movement. the lawsuits were settled and denies it allegations. he reportedly didn't want to be a distraction. oprah winfrey is denying again, sort of, that she has any plans to run for president in 2020. >> the idea spread after her impassioned speech at the golden
3:45 am
globes earlier this month. her partner said back stage cede absolutely run. >> and now tells instyle magazine i don't have the dna for it. but that interview was conducted well before the golden globes, the speech and for all it praise. >> and this could all had change after that speech. >> thank you for clarifying. >> as soon as i said it i realized i had to spell what but i was referencing. i didn't want oprah examinicomir me. coming up more oprah and another star. they've both fallen victim to a major photo shop fail o shop fail. my dentist said something teeth are like
3:46 am
an iceberg...there's a lot going on underneath that i can't see. new crest gum detoxify works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. new crest gum detoxify.
3:47 am
♪ i'm every woman it's all in me anything you want done baby ♪ >> sing it. well, kendis is giving a shoutout to women because they've all had come together
3:48 am
for a famous photo shoot and brought their extra body parts. >> every year vanity fair show casing are had the big power players and in one corner has been getting a lot of attention. check out reece witherspoon snugglingg oprah. but if you take a closer look at reese's legs, you notice that she has three of them. >> twitter users teased her so she fired back i guess everybody knows now i have three legs and she added i will never apologize for snuggling oprah. if you get the opportunity, i highly recommend it. and another image shows oprah with three hands. she later tweeted she will accept her for her third leg if reece accepts oprah for her third hand. >> we don't judge. and in case all those shenanigans were not enough, she
3:49 am
asked oprah for tip on how to clean up dog pop. oprah is an expert on poop but she got really into it. take a listen. >> this excites me. look at that. fizz bubbling, sizzling, fantastic. i love it. blot fluf. >> so apparently club soda and dish detergent is the key to cleaning up poo, dog poo. >> this excites me. dog pooh this excites me. >> that and bread. now we know. campaign 2020 is on. next from oprah to tom cruz who is officially on instagram.
3:50 am
>> thank goodness. >> but first do you remember this moment? the movie star in love jumping on oprah's couch? brand new couch? >> is that the image we're going to remember cruz by? or this one? sliding his way into our hearts in "risky business." or could it. perhaps be 'jerry mcguire". >> here it is. show me the money. >> show me the money. for his first post on the gram, it was none of these things. here it is. >> no. >> him hanging on to a helicopter for dear life. a good pick. >> don't puhurt yourself again. cruise really seems to be into helicopters. standing on top of planes. what can't he do? >> he does like to do his own
3:51 am
stunts. so if you do your own stunts, then, yeah, that's what you put on the ground. >> more helicopter photos i say. >> welcome to the grams. so finally michelangelo check out his latest exhibit at the metropolitan museum of art in new york. that can't be right. he's been dead for a long time. >> i think you mean this michelangelo, the teenage mutant ninja turtle. >> that can't be it. >> no, i have proof. here is the hero in a half shell michelangelo checking out michelangelo. over half million people have visited since the exhibit opened in november and now that list includes the ultimate party dude, cowabunga. >> i wuonder if they'll serve
3:52 am
pizza. >> and imagine if meek mill was free to see michelangelo and michelangelo. michelangelo.
3:53 am
3:54 am
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vicks vaporub. goodnight coughs. ♪ well, finally this half hour we're taking a look back at this busy blur of a week we just had. i hope you don't feel it was me. >> no, it's fougnot you. it's me, really or mayby all of these stories from the past week. our friday rewind. motion to reconsider is laid on the table. >> the shut down is officially over but the fight continues. the sticking points at it heart of this debate are still not resolved. they still don't have a plan to protect dreamers. >> we got the process started and now we have to get the bills
3:56 am
done. arjs small community is in shock following a deadly school shooting. >> police tell us a 15-year-old who they've arrested walked n to a common area outside a library and started shooting. >> i took off, i started running i was scared for my life. >> the judge delivering her sentence. the former gymnastics team dr., larry nassar sentenced to 1075 years in prison. >> i just signed your death warrant. hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. this is the alarm that woke residents in alaska in the middle of a night. a tsunami warning triggered by a 7.9 earthquake. while that tsunami warning was canceled early, they say this is a good reminder to everyone theyicide be prepared and know
3:57 am
their evac routes. ♪ sweet caroline >> neil diamond has announced he's retiring after being diagnosed with parkinson's disease but plans to continue writing, recording. and said i've been so honored to bring my shows to the public these past 50 years. it's been good, so good. and the supershow down is set. tom brady taking the patriots to the big game for it eighth time in his cuerary and the eagles also flying high. >> one fan so excited he ran right into a subway pole. he jumped up and high fived his buddies and caught the next train. >> that's awesome. i love that. >> that was actually before the game. >> yes, he was excited. he said it made it less painful for deesh knowing
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, a new bombshell in the russia investigation. word that president trump ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller. this morning the new details about who stopped the president and what this could mean for the case going forward. path to citizenship. swift reaction overnight to the president's new immigration plan that would help nearly 2 million undocumented immigrants. what the white house wants in return and the likelihood of the plan passing. breaking news, fire tears through a hospital emergency room and a neighboring nursing home killing dozens of people. the images just in. plus, rush hour refund. one city's plan to pay you back if your train is running late. the chocolate spread nutella set os of a supermarket riot.


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