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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 26, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, a new bombshell in the russia investigation. word that president trump ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller. this morning the new details about who stopped the president and what this could mean for the case going forward. path to citizenship. swift reaction overnight to the president's new immigration plan that would help nearly 2 million undocumented immigrants. what the white house wants in return and the likelihood of the plan passing. breaking news, fire tears through a hospital emergency room and a neighboring nursing home killing dozens of people. the images just in. plus, rush hour refund. one city's plan to pay you back if your train is running late. the chocolate spread nutella set os of a supermarket riot. and why this happy couple
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had to get married. >> you're married. >> in the bathroom. and we do say good morning on this friday. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm maggie rulli in for diane macedo beginning with a bombshell report stemming from the russia investigation. sources tell "the new york times" that president trump ordered the firing of special counsel robert mueller. >> they say the only reason mueller is still on the job is because the top white house lawyer threatened to quit. abc's kenneth moton has details from washington. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning. "the new york times" reports that the attempted firing of the special counsel happened last summer but robert mueller recently learned about the incident as his team interviewed current and former white house officials. this morning, president trump on the world stage at the economic forum in davos, switzerland. >> peace and prosperity. >> reporter: but here at home new reaction to a new report
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that he tried to get rid of the special counsel and "the new york times" says after media reports after a possible obstruction of justice case he ordered don mcgahn to ask the justice department to fire robert mueller. the sources say trump backed off when mcgahm threatened to quit. they have repeatedly denied he gave any thought to firing him. >> the president never even discussed that. he is not discussing firing bob mueller. >> reporter: "the new york times" argues that dismissing him would have a catastrophic effect on the presidency. richard blumenthal reacted on msnbc. >> these reports are absolutely stunning, deeply frightening, because they show, again, that the president will stop at nothing to protect himself. >> reporter: white house attorney ty cobb responded to
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"the new york times" report saying we decline to comment out of respect for the office of the special counsel and its process. before heading to switzerland trump said he's ready to sit down for an interview under oath but his attorney quickly clarified saying that's also being worked out. >> that interview might happen within the next few weeks. thank you. now to the immigration debate. president trump has revealed a plan that would offer a pathway to citizenship. in exchange he wants a border wall and restricts on legal immigration. reaction is pouring in. breitbart news calls it don's amnesty bonanza and some democrats are equally opposed. one saying it doesn't pass the laugh test. arlette saenz has more. >> reporter: the white house is throwing a potential life line to the d.r.e.a.m.ers. a to in ththis country.
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in an interview the president shared his hopes for the d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> these are good people. these are people that should be able to stay in this country. we're going to solve the daca problem. >> reporter: it is a major concession to democrats and could upset some in his own party. but the president is asking for something in return. >> on day one we will begin working on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall. it's a real wall this. is a wall that's a heck of a lot higher than the ceiling you're looking at. >> reporter: he wants $25 billion for his wall and beavered up border security. they're also seeking major cuts to legal immigration. families would be allowed to sponsor spouses and minor children for citizenship. parents and siblings would no longer be allowed and want to end the visa lottery program shifting the focus on skilled workers. the white house will present the plan to the senate on monday and they're hoping the legislation
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will be taken up just before the next shutdown deadline on february 8th but already democrats and republicans are expressing criticism. arlette saenz, abc news, washington. a republican senator who claimed there may be a secret society at the fbi plotting against president trump now acknowledges the text messages behind that claim may have been a joke. senator ron johnson, the chairman of the homeland security committee says it's a real possibility that the term was said in jest between fbi officials peter strzok and lisa page. johnson also says that an informant claimed the fbi officials were holding secret off-site meetings. now, democratic senator claire mccaskill is demanding hard evidence about that claim. in the meantime, the justice department says it's now recovered many of the five months' worth of messages strain sfruk and page lost because of a phone glitch. mitt romney is about to announce his next political move. media reports in utah say romney will announce his run for the
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u.s. senate next week. current utah senator orrin hatch is retiring. we have new details about that deadly train derailment last month. investigators have now spoken to the train's engineer and say he apparently lost track of where he was even though he had been down those tracks more than a dozen times. he says he missed a speed limit sign and when he saw a curve coming, it was already too late to slow down the train. three people were killed in that derailment. a new warning about the economic crisis in puerto rico. the island's governor is predicting the economy will shrink by 11% in the coming year. nearly half a million power customers still don't have electricity four months after hurricane maria and the population is expected to drop by 8% as well. new images of flooding in paris along the seine river. nearly 400 people have been forced from their homes, parts of the louvre had to close. the river is expected to reach 20 feet which is 16 feet above
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normal when a rainfall levels have been twice as high as normal there in paris. time now for a look at your weather this friday morning. stormy weather is still posing problems in the west. radar shows rain along the coast and snow in the mountains. advisory and warnings are in effect for the cascade, the sierra and northern rockies. that rain turned to hail for a time in oakland, but quickly cleared up. conditions today will be mostly cloudy. today's high temperatures include 64 in l.a., the 40s for chicago and d.c. and in new york city a chilly 27 for boston. well, coming up quite a scene. the supermarket riots over nutella. also ahead the breaking news overseas. fire spreading through a hospital emergency room. dozens of people have been killed. we'll have new details from the scene. later a felony over fruit?
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how police say students at a school could have killed a
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we're back with tiger woods' n a year because of his back injury. some tiger fans even dressed up for the occasion letting those little tigers see the action. tiger nearly hit a hole in round late in the round. turning to the deadly flu epidemic. a previously healthy 37-year-old mother from indiana died after caring for her sick children. carly slavin passed away three days after being diagnosed sent home from the hospital because her chest x-rays were cleared. she had not received a flu shot
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and her husband is trying to raise awareness about the importance of being vaccinated. another woman has also died. doctors say the immune systems of healthy people can end up doing more harm to the body because of their aggressive response to the flu. in the meantime, today an entire county in the florida panhandle is closing schools because of the flu. a discovery in the middle east is changing what we know about human history. archaeologists confirmed a fossil uncovered in israel is the oldest human fossil outside africa. they say it likely means that humans first migrated out of africa about 185,000 years ago which is much earlier than previously thought. the news comes just days after scientists revealed what a teenager might have looked like 9,000 years ago. they digitally constructed her face based on fossils found in greece. >> looking good. now, everyone loves a good discount. myself included but some shoppers took that love to a
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whole nutty new level by racing each other to grab discounted jars of nutella. police had to step in to keep people from tearing each other apart. one customer reportedly ended up getting a black eye. all that nutella sold out within 15 minutes. and kfc unrailed its first female colonel sanders. reba mcentire will play the founder of the fast food chain. she's the latest in a long line of celebrities to play the colonel. she wears a gray wig, mustache and sanders' famous glasses. she looks completely unrecognizable. a new proposal to ban boys from playing tackle football. also ahead, new fallout from the larry nassar sexual abuse scandal rocking usa gymnastics. who is being forced to resign or face consequences. what happened when the white house asked to borrow this van gogh painting. ♪
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we're back with breaking news of fire spreading through a hospital for the elderly in south korea. atleast 37 people have been killed. more than 100 injured. it started in the religion room and when fire crews arrived it was already engulfed in flames. no word yet on the cause. and we're turning now to a complicated investigation in texas where a kidnapping victim has been fatally shot by the fbi. >> the victim was taken from his home near houston and held for $20,000 ransom. they located both and that's when shots were fired but unclear what led to the gunfire. >> the kidnappers put this into play and ultimately responsible for the outcome regardless if it was intentional or charge we can charge that. >> three suspects in custody and the agent who fired the fatal shot has been placed on
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administrative live and the vic was related to the wife to one of the suspects. we have new fallout this morning in the larry nassar sexual abuse case. the u.s. olympic committee is giving the board of usa gymnastics to resign or the organization will be decertified. it comes as a bipartisan group of lawmakers in washington calls for congressional investigations into both usa gymnastics and the olympic committee and an investigation has been launched into the training ranch in texas where dozens of gymnasts have trained. one of last year's big oscar winners casey affleck will not attend this year scheduled to present for best actress but his publicist says he's bowing out. he had been sued for sexual harassment by two women and the lawsuits settled and he denied allegations but reportedly did not want to be a distraction. disturbing new claims about hollywood mogul harvey weinstein. his former assistant is now suing claiming that she was
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forced to work with weinstein while he was naked. she claims she was even forced to clean up after his sexual encounters. weinstein denies the claims. three teenagers in pennsylvania are facing felony charges because of an alleged assault with fruit. police say they brought pineapple to their school knowing their classmate was severely allergic. they're accused of rubbing the fruit on their hands and high-fiving her. one attorney says the teens should not be charged for what he calls a prank. >> the pineapple was not illegally brought in. it's not a weapon. it's none of those things, a fruit cup and can you intentionally and knowingly and intentionally kill somebody with a fruit cup. i don't think dulls could make that decision. >> my understanding the allergy is so severe she can go into an father lattic shock and if not treated properly or quickly she could die. >> the student was taken to the hospital but is expected to be
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okay. the rules could soon be changing when if comes to youth football. lawmakers are considering whether to ban tackle football for kids under the age of 12. a similar law was proposed in new york this week. it comes amid growing concerns about head injuries and concussions. on the professional level, the xfl is coming back. remember the original one which lasted for one season in 001. but wwe founder vince mcmahon says the league will return in 2020 calling it professional football reimagined. players with criminal records will not be accepted and the league will not allow political statements, no word yet on which cities will get teams but there will be eight teams he mentioned. now to a traffic stop in florida that's making news. a suspect was just horsing around, so the officer tried to use some kind words to resolve things. take a look. >> come on. can you stop? please.
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>> pretty please. >> the runaway horse just ignored the deputies pleases and continued to trot through the neighborhood. the officer did eventually call for a backup saying they were traveling at one horsepower. they managed to corral the horse in a subdivision and reunite it with its order. he did not care about that police officer. up next in "the pulse," one city's idea to pay commuters if their train is late. also ahead, photoshop fail. the magazine cover that has the internet buzzing. can you spot why? why this couple had to get married in the bathroom. collection at kay jewelers, d, withd he designs them for the star in your life. the inspiration for this ring goes back almost 100 years. it's based on an art deco design. neil lane bridal. get her ring today with zero down special financing on in-store bridal purchases with the kay jewelers credit card. at kay... the number-one jewelry store for...
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metro is offering refunds to who are delayed by 15 minutes or more. it's being called the rush hour promise and viewed as an expression of confidence in the system. it applies to bus and rail delays during peak travel hours. >> good luck with that. >> somebody who's taken the d.c. metro system a lot, whew. >> they're going to lose a lot of money on that. next to the epic photoshop fail this time at "vanity fair." >> they published a series of photos from its hollywood issues but readers have been doing a double take. >> check out reese witherspoon snuggling up on oprah. if you look at her legs you'll notice she has three legs. >> one, two, three. reese tweeted i guess everybody knows i have three legs. she added, i will never apologize for snugging with oprah. if you get the opportunity, i highly recommend it. i volunteer. take me, oprah? and there is more. oprah appears to have three
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hands. >> "vanity fair" magazine did fess up about her third hand but insist the lining of reese's dress gave her the illusion of a third leg. yeah. >> well, every first family wanting to redecorate the white house is lucky enough to have access to some of the world's most prized pieces of art. >> according to "the washington post," the trumps asked the guggenheim if they could borrow this van gogh painting called "landscape with snow." >> but instead the museum's curator offered this, an 18 karat gold fully functioning toilet in installation entitled "america." that is valued at more than $1 million. it's meant to mock some of our greedier instincts. "the post" says the white house has yet to respond. >> it's a million dollars. it's almost like a cheap van gogh. >> but functional. >> exactly. one last point about powder rooms. they can make great wedding venues. >> interesting. yeah, this courthouse restroom is where one new jersey couple
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did the honors moving theirs so deputies could administration oxygen to the groom's mother who had trouble breathing. >> since she signed as a witness and only good for 45 days they decided let's just go ahead anyway. the groom's mom is okay there for the ceremony and the family says they're grateful for the court's kindness and kind of being there in the bathroom. >> i dos and flushes. >> what can you ask for more? more news after this. he's also a volunteer firefighter. (low-pitched yelling) but when it comes to mortgages, he's... less confident. fortunately for teddy, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so he can understand the details and get approved in as few as eight minutes. apply simply, understand clearly, mortgage confidently. rocket mortgage by quicken loans.
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>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, it is friday, january 26. a man accused of shooting a philadelphia police officer is heading to court the evidence shown to the injury and why police say he pulled a trigger. it's one nation in divivis. an offer for eagles fans that's up next on "action news." the late night comics wasting no
4:28 am
time with plenty of material as the president visits switzerland. >> so here now your "friday funnies." you look good out there, america. i got to ask, have you lost weight? like maybe 239 pounds? because donald trump has left the country. >> trump is flying to switzerland for the world economic forum and the flight is supposed to last eight hours. or as they told trump 16 spongebobs. >> melania will no longer join him due to scheduling and logistical conditions. she was afraid it would be too stormy. >> only there for a night but plenty of time for him to say something racist. >> trump wants to remind the world we are open for business and closed to immigrants. which those businesses really need to work so if you guys could sneak in that would be great. >> strong words for the swiss government demanding they stop accepting us cheese full of
4:29 am
holes immediately. >> someone asked him about steak holders and he said i believe the word is fork. >> for those who haven't been invited like i haven't, it's a bunch of fancy people who think they could solve the world's problem at an unlimited fondue bar and will meet with president kagame. i have heard only great things about your [ bleep ] hole. >> great respect for everything you're doing and we love your country. truly great. >> yes, she's doing such a good job. they're already calling this place great britain, all right. >> a lot of material for them. >> absolutely and we should mention that the president's speech is going to be at 8:00 a.m. eastern time over there in the swiss alps. that's what's making news in america this morning.
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>> good morning, it is 4:30 a.m., january 26. >> a well-known pennsylvania republican announces he will not seek re-election amid a sexual harassment scablgdz. scablgdz -- scandal. >> a report reveals president trump tried to get rid of a leader of an investigation. >> matt pellman is in for karen rogers, good


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