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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 27, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky and walter perez. saturday night i'm walter perez in the news investigators are looking for the person who shot two men outside of a bar in the strawberry mansion of the city also auto show promises to get new high gear, we will take you inside for a sneak peak at this years hottest cars. but the big story on "action news" is count down to super bowl lii, oh, yeah eagles getting red toy take on patriots and today bird held their final practice at novacare center. tomorrow they will leave for minneapolis where fans are believing the eagles will topple five time super bowl champions. all right.
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we have team coverage of the eagles quest for lombardi trophy, "action news" reporter trish hartman is live in langhorne where some of the players spent time today with fans but we will begin with bob brooks live at the novacare center with more about the final practice before hitting the road, bob? >> reporter: hey walter like you said this was last practice here in south philadelphia before they travel out to minneapolis, for super bowl lii. we went in the locker room after practice and i have to be honest, the feeling you got was one of the preparation, for the biggest game that there is. it was this team, last practice in south philadelphia together. the music, turned up, preparing for the biggest stage of them all. i would be lying if i said anything but, it looks like they meant business. staying focused that is exactly how players described their mind set today, they are in post practice interviews. >> we are focusing on us. it is all about hard work, attention to detail and getting ready to execute.
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>> reporter: tomorrow bird will head to minneapolis, lineman chris long has been to the super bowl before, he says this team will have no problem preparing. >> we got good leadership to do that. we've got guys who get it and are hard worker and that should translate well. >> reporter: before they levittown several players wanted to thank eagles nation for their support all year. >> i want to let them know that is what we're fighting this for and doing this for to make sure we come back and make sure broad street is as packed as possible. >> reporter: once again under dogs from philadelphia going up against arguablably the nfl 's greatest dynasty. the eagles, love that story line. >> you want to be the best you have to beat the best, you know, and that is just in everything. >> reporter: love the way to put it right there walter, is there a term used in sports and really in any industry for people working hard, that is being dialed in, those players today looked like they were dialed in. reporting live from south philadelphia, bob brooks channel six "action news". walter. >> one week to go very
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exciting, thanks, bob. we will move to "action news" reporter trish hartman in langhorne where a few of the bird are spending the evening meeting with fans. trish? >> reporter: walter, it has been a big week, dynasty here at oxford valley mall. look at this line behind me hundreds of people, are waiting in line on thursday, hundreds of people lined up for eagles players and they have them sign autographs and tonight it is happening again, this line, wrapped around the second floor of the mall -- >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> reporter: they are cheering , exciting they have chairs while they wait and folks are awaiting patrick robinson and ronald darby and linebacker michael kendricks. ronald darby's expect first. none here yet, running late, they are due to live around 6:00 p.m. first people in line said they showed up around 11:00 a.m. today and they say this wait is well worth it. >> really want to see these guys, yes. we want to see them. we want them to win the super
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bowl. i was at vikings game and falcons game. >> reporter: robinson. >> they beat out that touchdown. we want to meet them. >> i have michael kendricks, my favorite player, so i'm really exited to see him. >> everybody is getting a cut, and it is a good time. happy time in the city. >> this is the year. we're waiting. fifty some years so this is the year. super excited. >> reporter: this is a ticketed event we're told there are a handful of tickets left we are still waiting on those three players these fans are pumped and exited to meet these eagles players the night before they are due to fly to minnesota for the super bowl. live from langhorne trish hartman for channel six "action news". >> thanks, trish. meanwhile eagles great brian dawkins met lots of excited fans down at the philadelphia auto show, dawkins took a lot of pictures with fans many of whom were proudly sporting their green and white. former eagles mike quick and seth joiner were greeting
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fans. they were at exton square mall today, signing autographs, and talking all things bird. meanwhile one of the hottest t-shirts in the world, at this point is the home dogs shirt designed bio fence i have tackle lane johnson. it was his way of embracing team's label as under dogs in the post season and fans embraced it with him. now is there a new shirt hot off presses and features same under dog theme but says unleashed and untamed, finish it for philly. oh, yeah. johnson partnered with logo warehouse in broomall once again to print those shirts. they spoke with "action news" about making something that the entire delaware valley is rallying behind. >> i mean t-shirts say it, and everybody is wearing something , and hopefully when they are wearing ours it is a super bowl and we come back with a win, it will be bigger, better for his charity, for everybody. >> of course, charities talking about is lane johnson 's lj65 foundation, all of the proceed from those t-shirt sales will go to the
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school district of philadelphia. if the eagles win, if, what do you mean if, when eagles win fill police are hoping everybody is on their best behavior, i'm talking to you but they are making preparations just in case. delaware valley intelligence center will play a role keeping an eye on surveillance cameras all across the city and monitoring social media as well. police are beefing up their presence all across the city and planning to focus in the areas around bars, restaurants where big crowd are expect. several bars also plan to serve all drinks in, plastic bottles, and cups, to avoid possibility of glass being thrown around. once again, crews will be greasing utility poles and hot spots to discourage fans from climbing them. the six abc team got a head start on the eagles to day as they left for minneapolis. "action news" anchor brian taft, sports director ducis rodgers and jamie apody just some of the collogues bringing you all of the action, color and excitement, from the big game, next sunday. "action news" team will be at heart of all things involving super bowl lii clubbing live reports from minneapolis,
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beginning tomorrow. we will there been from the moment eagles touchdown to the moment that they return, with the lombardi trophy. keep up with the eagles and "action news" team on the air and on twitter, and on facebook at six moving on to the accu weather forecast. today was as good as it gets for january. beautiful day to be outside. we hope you enjoyed it because wet weather will be moving n meteorologist cecily tynan in for melissa magee. she is at the "action news" big board with the first check of the accu weather forecast. >> hi there, walter. it certainly didn't feel like late january at all today. high in philadelphia up to 58 degrees, that is 17 degrees above normal but the cloud were thickening and double scan live showing us that there is a cold front pushing in and it does have some moisture with it in the form of rain. it is not a lot of rain. generally less than a quarter inch. future tracker showing it moves in overnight but early tomorrow morning by 8:00 o'clock it is pretty much done in the lehigh valley and poconos and moves out of philadelphia pretty quickly. i think by lunchtime. and then behind it we have
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some cooler air, moving in early next week. so the accu weather highlights we will show thaw rain moves in, overnight, again, it does dry out, and far northwestern suburbs, very quickly, it will linc's lot longer down at the shore. cold weather moves in, on monday, and then monday night into tuesday, i'm tracking a possibility of some snow showers, that could cause problems for tuesday morning commute and then later in the week the winds of change. first we will warm up, and then a strong system pulls in that will bring us cooler air and also, the potential for rain, and perhaps accumulating snow, it will be an interesting week of weather, we will talk bit coming up in the accu weather seven day forecast. >> i thought winter was over. >> not enclose. >> okay. >> nice try. >> all right. much more to come on "action news" tonight a friday night out, eruptness violence in the cities strawberry mansion section when two men are shot outside a bar. latest on the investigation. also a unique way to celebrate your team's spirit. we will introduce you to a man who is painting eagles logos on the front lawns all across
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the delaware valley. our eagles coverage continues, in sports, tom brady talks about the eagles, for the first time, jeff skversky has details but first as we go to break a look at some of the amazing photos you have been sending us all week long. >> ♪
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tonight, get your longhorn favorites. like our outlaw ribeye, parmesan crusted chicken or the longhorn salmon. ♪ ♪ the feeling. the flavor. the place. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. a 17 year old has been charged in connection with the fatal shooting of a 16 year-old last night. it happened just after 6:00pn on unit block of woodrow avenue. the 11 operators received a call that the child fell downstairs but another person got on the phone and said there had been a shooting. when police arrived they found a 16 year-old dead of the gunshot wound to the head. seventeen year-old whose name is with hell, faces charges including aggravated manslaughter. police are investigating a double shooting outside a bar in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia it happened just after 2:00an outsides tabs baron north 27th
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ain't sergeant street. investigators say two dozen shots were fired, one man struck in the back and remains in critical condition. a second man was shot in the shoulder and is listed in stable condition. so far, no arrests have been made. a 17 year-old was injured, during an overnight fire in the cities frankford section. fire broke out at on the 1300 block of rurain street. seventeen year-old suffered burns to his arms no word on how the fire started. they are the hottest vehicles on market, on display , as far as the eye can see, at the pennsylvania convention center. 2018 auto show kicked off today. there is something for everyone, from high tech pick ups, to classic road cars to muscle cars. a few folks stopped by to check out "action news" van, and meet our very own gray hall and david murphy. tonight right here on six abc our annual philadelphia auto show preview special. tune in at 7:00 for a firsthand look at this years hottest, fastest most note i have ride on the roads. seventeen new fire fighters have been added to the ranks of the wilmington fire department.
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today was graduation day for the 39th class of the wilmington fire department. the ceremony included all of the pomp and circumstance you would expect including a procession led by pipes and drums. the fire fighters just completed 13 weeks of training which included, emergency medical care, rescue, and fire fighting skills, and techniques. ♪ >> these wonderful dancers are celebrating the upcoming chinese new year, they performed for visitors at the penn museum in university city the special event also included artwork inspired by chinese culture and character writing demonstration, as well
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♪ >> fly eagles fly, on the road to victory. ♪ >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. what else is there to do i we are on the road for 17 hours from philadelphia, all the way to the minneapolis. those two guys are our esteemed collogues photographers dan sheridan and mike mcclass ski on their way to cover eagles. you heard right there is a few of the songs they broke out along the way, treating or punishing their followers on twitter. >> yes. >> they seem certainly objective for the big game, don't they. >> well, that is what we do time for a check on sports. you mean game is not tommy was confused. >> the eagles want to play this game tomorrow. they have said they are preparing as if they are playing, on sunday. >> they will play in the parking lot tomorrow. >> they have been ready to go under any circumstance all season when anyone has gone down at any point they have been ready to roll. eagles safety malcolm jenkins will not even attempt a brian dawkins pregame speech come
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super bowl sunday but jenkins says he is telling everyone this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and let's have something to celebrate. the eagles, look tense or what jay ajayi looking loose today, eagles getting in their final practice in philadelphia before flying out to minneapolis tomorrow. as far as the eagles are concerned, they are looking to beat new england. defensive end chris long, how about this, he has a message for eagles fans, heading out there. >> just bring the same energy, you know, to the linc every sunday. it is unmatched. it really creates an advantage for us. so lets take that city over. >> first thing about it, it is a little surreal because we have work so long and we have talk about this so much over the last year that now we're finally here, but then, the light switches on we have earn the right to be here, and so, it is not really just survival , but we are looking forward to capitalized in the moment, enjoying the moment, and obviously preparing to get
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this championship. >> ready, running back corry clement from glassboro, new jersey is ultimate under dog store own this team making roster as a rookie free agent in training camp. now he says his goal, to make sure broad street is packed, for a parade. >> you know, you are not only representing philadelphia eagles but the city of philadelphia. i have a lot to play for. i have family to play friend, friends my hometown. i'm sure everybody else has a chip on their shoulder that they want to play for and we just want to get out to minnesota, lock in and handle our business. >> eagles biggest issue in super bowl lii could be patriots ron gronkowski who has most yard in playoff position at his position. gronkowski returning to patriots practice. he has yet to be cleared. tom brady and paths offence ranked number one, second in passion and second in scoring as well but brady bunch they are in for a tough one against the eagles defense. >> they've got, you know, a great defense, you know, as
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good as we have faced all year and the d line is, you know, better than any team we have faced all year. fletcher cox is an incredible player but they are really talented. they play well together. they have a great scheme. they have been playing well all year. that is why they're in this game. that is why we're in this game you know, it will be a great game. >> yes, it will be. eagles are yet to know what it feels like to win the super bowl, you don't to have look very far to find someone who does. audubon, new jersey native joe flacco, former delaware quarterback won super bowl for baltimore ravens five years ago and was named mvp. he admits, he see philadelphia going nuts right now what kind of advice do you have for eagles quarterback nick foles. >> it is just something you have to experience for yourself, you know, kind of learn as you go. the biggest thing and i'm sure he knows just to play loose and have fun. as players it is what we live
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for. it is what we strive to do. every year. and, you know, it is rare to get there, so you have to make the most of the opportunity but it is awesome and they will definitely enjoy it we caught up with flacco at warriors gym in mount laurel, new jersey where he was signing autographs and hanging out with some fans. flyers captain claude giroux is in the nhl all stars skills competition tonight in tampa, florida. he will square off in the past ing challenge. drexel hosting northwestern -- eastern that is in college hoops, dragons, isabel coming off his 40-point performance weaving his way through traffic. he had 21 points including his game winning free throw with second to go. drexel wins 68-67, by the skin of their teeth, drexel starting to play a lot better. >> a win is a win. >> yes. >> thanks, jeff. >> do you want your front lawn to look like lincoln financial field or quick way to cheer your team on here's a great way. paint a eagles logo. that is what paul burton in delaware county is doing. helping his neighbors get in
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the eagles spirit as if they need help and there is only one reason for all of this effort. >> go eagles. let's go. trip to the super bowl, guys, let's get it. >> are you ready. >> good enough reason for me. >> burton did 10 lawns just today and has several more scheduled for tomorrow. a look at the forecast is next here on "action news" taking a live look right here from sky six, center city sky line, fmc building is all deck out in eagles green. meteorologist cecily tynan has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back but first here's a look what is coming up on world news tonight. >> walter, beginning. coming up on world news tonight horrific terror attack in afghanistan an ambulance used as a bomb. also casino mogul steve wynn out as republican finance chair after accusations of sexual abuse. the treasure from the sunken ship found under the sea, coming up after "action news". i have type 2 diabetes.
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ask your doctor about victoza®. cecily tynan in for melissa magee. i'm making my own rules here. winter's over. right to spring, no snow. >> not going to happen. we're heading to february. it is a very interesting week. no snow this weekend little bit of rain heading our way but today is a nice day. action cam in university city. hey nick foles was there as well. look at that. we did see some sunshine earlier, the cloud, rolling in , the temperatures very mild , and we're live with sky six looking at ben franklin bridge eagles green tonight. everybody excited about the eagles. temperature wise stepping outside we really don't to have bundle up at all. philadelphia 64 degrees down from a high of 58, which is 17 .
6:25 pm
allentown 53. trenton 54. beach haven 46. cape may 52. compare these temperatures to 24 hours ago and we're anywhere from 16, to 23 degrees, warmer then this time yesterday. so the reason why, a southerly wind. satellite radar showing a head of this cold front, you can see these arrows, strange flow out of the south/southwest and warm flow of air and temperatures climbed up well in the 50's and then you could see this ribbon of rain that is gradually moving our way, it extend all the way down to the gulf coast and this is moving in, overnight tonight but it is really quick hit of rain. we're not talking about a lot. tonight that rain/drizzle moving in, cloudy, very mild, no threat of icing with this. 46 degrees in the cooler suburbs. 49 degrees for center city. future tracker timing it out at 10:00 we will have light showers across northern lehigh valley, poconos, berks county into lancaster county.
6:26 pm
about 1:00 o'clock or so moving into fail and then tomorrow morning wake up at 7:00 it is raining on i-95 corridor areas south and east but over far north and western communities for northern berks county, lehigh valley and poconos. the rain is out of here already. moving out of philadelphia around lunchtime but it will be lingering across southern new jersey, southern delaware, much of the day. but even with the cloud, tomorrow, it is going to be another very mild day. 54 degrees in philadelphia allentown 52. wilmington 53. cape may 49. but that front will stall off the coast monday into tuesday. we are tracking low pressure that will extend off the coast what that sometimes does is set up an inverted trough. it is an area of lift that could bring us snow showers monday evening, into tuesday, but we're looking at minor accumulation but it could be enough to cause some slippery travel on tuesday, especially for the morning commute. speaking of travel, if you are heading to minneapolis, the weather is looking pretty
6:27 pm
seasonable, tuesday, is the day, it could be trouble traveling with the threat of some snow, or ice. so back at home the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, 54 degrees, rain quickly. monday increasing cloud, 49, monday night into tuesday morning, some snow showers, again light accumulation possible. thirty-seven, and wednesday, it is cold, purchase degrees. thursday a big jump in temperatures, up to 50 degrees , ahead of our next front. that will bring us, rain, possibly changing over to snow , foreground hog day on friday. 39 degrees. and behind that system sunshine is back, but it is cold by saturday, with high of only 31 degrees. owe two opportunities for snow , tuesday and friday, and i will update on "action news" at 11. >> its no the over. >> not enclose. world news saturday next on channel six. be sure to tune in for "action news" at 10 on phl17. then we are back here on six abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, cecily tynan, jeff skversky and the
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entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock.
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tonight, breaking news. an ambulance turned into a weapon of mass destruction. the horrific terror attack. the chaos in kabul. the new cycle of violence with more u.s. troops on the way. also breaking tonight, wynn folds. casino mogul steve wynn resigning as the republican finance chair after accusations he pressured women into sex acts. will gop lawmakers now return the millions he gave them? culture of abuse? first, larry nassar. now, new questions about other victims and a possible cover-up at michigan state university. claims of sexual abuse by players on the men's football and basketball teams. a special prosecutor now investigating. plus, the billionaire couple, found hanged in their home. their deaths, first thought to be a suicide, now being investigated as murder.


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