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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  January 29, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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friday, january 29. >> super bowl week is here. the eagles are in getting ready for the big game. and fans are showing off their eagles excitement. >> after a deadly hit-and-run, a tow driver is killed on the schuylkill expressway. now they have a person who is being questioned. >> we are tracking cooler weather and a couple of chances of snow this week. >> let's get a taste of that, david murphy has the details and karen rogers has the morning commute. >> reporter: a couple of chance of snow, but not today. >> reporter: and not all that bad, for now we have cloud cover across the region. we have showers that linking down the at the -- lingered at the shore. most of them are failure -- fairly light, we'll get a break in the action before too much longer, southern delaware is drying out. there are additional showers that might bother you at times
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in cape may county and close to the coast. 39 in trenton. 42 in philadelphia. 43 in wilmington. up in the northern and western suburbs, cooler, 34 degrees in allentown. 38 in reading. 43 in millville. 41 in cape may. as we go through the day looks like temperatures like yesterday will be above average, this model has 44 for the high, i'll go 47. while there could be a sunny break every now and then. we're looking at clouds overall today. outside of the shore areas i just showed you we'll be dry. tomorrow we get into a little bit of an issue. before dawn we could see snow arriving to the west. there could be a little bit down shore, as well. off and on through the day we'll see light snow showers, looks like a coating to two inches. a slippery morning commute would be possible in areas that see the snow. in the western suburbs in particular. through the day, north and west, temperatures are close enough to freezing to give you a problem. in philadelphia we get mild enough where it's mainly on the grass after the morning commute.
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we'll detail how that will roll in the 7:00 on future tracker 6. what you got this morning? >> reporter: we're live on the schuylkill expressway, no big problems, the schuylkill expressway will be busy later at city avenue, currently heading toward king of prussia moving with no delay. we have a disabled vehicle on the schuylkill expressway westbound at girard not causing much slowing, watch for that one. this is the big picture lit up in green on the blue route, schuylkill expressway and i-95 where speeds are mostly in the 50s. no problems on your majors. outside live on i-95 southbound traffic really light volume so far as you head toward center city. let's check the area bridges. good shape. this is the ben showing nice and clear, that's westbound traffic coming into the city and moving just fine. 42, northbound traffic coming in from deptford or turnersville no delays just yet. >> thank you karen. we're 6 days away from super bowl 52. eagles excitement is buildings not only in minneapolis, but in
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the delaware valley. >> the birds are in minneapolis ready to hit the field for practices and the big game. jamie apody and dues dues are outside the hotel -- ducis rogers are outside the hotel where the eagles are staying. >> reporter: we're outside the eagles team hotel where they arrived yesterday. they are geared up for super bowl week. it's finally upon us. >> reporter: of course they have a long week before they play the game. but it's time to get down to business. tonight is opening night that's what we call it. that's when the entire world and media from all over the planet ask the zaniest questions. >> reporter: they will have practices before they gear up for the sunday game against the patriots. it's going to be a fun week in minnesota. we'll have live reports throughout the week and throughout the day, she is jamie
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apody and i'm ducis rogers live from minneapolis. >> many people are showing off their team spirit, jeanette reyes is live outside in center city, where people are working themselves into a frenzy. >> reporter: i had a woman come up to me saying this time next week i'll be sleeping, i won't be here, i'll be celebrating hoping that the team feels the love. it seems everyone around these parts wants to show their support for the team. that might explain the shortage in the number 9 nick foles jersey. >> she doesn't have any. >> reporter: only kids items. flores flocked to modells
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anxious to get super bowl gear. >> that's the only way to support them by showing so much love. >> go birds. >> reporter: days away from the super bowl, the undieing loyalty for our eagles only grows stronger any sign of that other team is being wiped away or covered up. >> reporter: what do you think of the name change? >> we are in philly. >> we're in philly, so i guess it's fine. >> reporter: boston market on the boulevard temporarily changed its name, a good call if you ask any birds fans. >> best sign ever, we were driving by ink it's wonderful, i think it's wonderful they covered up the boston. boo boston and new england. >> reporter: there are 8 boston market restaurants in philadelphia that changed their name temporarily and two in new jersey. jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news."
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tam. >> thank you jennette. the "action news" team will be involved in everything super bowl. keep up with "action news" on the air and social media and >> we have new information about a deadly crash that led to the shut down of the schuylkill expressway near the belmont avenue exit for hours. the tow truck driver who was volunteered died from his injuries. the crash happened in the eastbound lanes after 9:00 p.m. the driver who struck the victim left the scene, but later caught nearby by pennsylvania state police, he is being questioned. >> 6:06 a.m., police are continuing to investigate after gunfire was reported along the city avenue area in wynnfield heights. the shots rang out around 8:00 p.m. people in two cars were shooting at one another. some of the bullets hit a door at the city avenue hilton. a number of shell casings were recovered, but no reports of
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injuries. how healthy it is to take a cruise? a new report may have you rethinking heading out on the high seas. maribel aber has more. >> 14 ships failed the health cruise test. carnival operated five of the ships that flunked the inspection turning up everything from fruit flies near a buffet including solutions that didn't contain chlorine. the dow and s&p 500 were up 2.1% for the week. looks like futures are pointing to a lower open. we have a busy week for economic reports home prices and january jobs report due out. that's the latest in busy have a great start to super bowl week. matt and tam. >> you too, maribel.
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thank you. >> let's talk about that. >> reporter: today is kind of cloudy. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there's a little bit of rain in cape may county. getting ready to clear southern delaware. there are additional showers that may bug you down the shore. we look outside, the rester of us are dry, cloudy skies, you'll see sunny breaks, you'll wind up mostly cloudy overall. temperatures above average today, but not as mild as yesterday. let's get you the out the door numbers, 34 degrees in allentown. close to the freezing mark and definitely coat weather up there. 39 in trenton. we slid to 42 in philadelphia. 43 in wilmington, 43 in millville. 41 out door in cape may. here's the additional showers, right now we're getting a clearing, you can see some stuff that's placed farther to a westerly latitude or longitude i should say, that is going to potentially still pass through areas like southern delaware and
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down along the coast in the morning and into the afternoon. in the lehigh valley, dry, breezy, 47 degrees under a lot of clouds today. at the shore, cloudy and breezy, 44. the farther south you go along the coast, the better chance of seeing a shower around. in philadelphia, dry, will you clouds, breezy, 47 degrees. above average the average high close to 40 degrees. the winds 8 to 16 miles per hour. tonight the clouds hang tough. we get a little cold, 30 is the overnight low. late in the overnight hours a snow shower is possible. this is not really so much because of the coastal low that might clip the coast with rain or light snow early. there is another feature coming in from the west that will hookup with the low. it will produce off and on snow light accumulations, but there could slick spots if it comes in faster in the morning and in the northern and western suburbs. by 7:00 a.m., 7:30 a.m.
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it could be pushing into allentown and western chester county. as we get into the morning, we're expecting the snow showers to pop on through. through the day you'll see some of this stuff. it does wrap up and winds up getting to the east of us late afternoon or early evening. we're looking at a trace in south jersey. coating to an inch in philadelphia. one to two inches the farther north and west you go, in these areas you could be cold enough to see slippery roads conditions. tomorrow, coating to a couple of inches. temperatures close to freezing across the region. not so in reading, lrng and wilmington for -- lancaster and wilmington for a portion of the day. be careful of slick road conditions tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 47 lots of clouds today. tomorrow an accuweather alert for light snow showers that
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might roads slick if the snow comes in fast enough for the morning commute. 35 is the high, most of us see snow on the grass. wednesday, bright brick and cold, 36 degrees. rain arrives at night that will change overand mix with snow early friday morning. testers above freezing across the region. for the weekend, 33 on saturday, back up to 43 for your presuper bowl parties on sunday. >> we watch them indoors. >> reporter: guy down the street from me, opens the garage door and sets out the chairs they are all there for all football weather. >> elon musk's latest gadget is catching fire, he is selling flame throwers. >> reporter: we have light traffic moving toward center city.
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but a little bit more volume than an hour ago. we'll check patco and 422 when come right back.
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>> welcome back, taker ago view out across the center city skyline. so much green out there as we get going on super bowl week. 6:14 a.m., 43 degrees. >> traffic is in transit green. >> reporter: i lit this up except for patco. we have problems, patco is
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suspended in both directions there's a downed electrical pole that's causing a problem. patco is suspended between collingswood and broadway. this is just coming in watch for that with the patco high speed line. outside live on 422 usually a spot of trouble eastbound traffic at trooper slowing a little bit. we have an accident east vincent township schuylkill expressway road. we have green traffic flow for the eagles and doing all right on the highways. no problems on i-95 or the schuylkill expressway or 42. temperatures wise cooler than yesterday, but above average in the city. 34 in quakertown. 36 in pottstown. 38 in media. 42 in center city. in the suburbs of new jersey you're looking at the upper 30s like browns mills or low
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40s 41 in glassboro. 43 degrees in dover, delaware. we're heading up to 47 above average, not lots of clouds, not a breezy day. >> we have breaking news out of afghanistan. five afghan soldiers were killed and ten others wounded. the army was attacked by a suicide bomber and then there was a gun battle that lasted for hours. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. it comes after a suicide bomber in kabul on saturday that killed 103 people and another attack on january 20th at the continental hotel that left 3 americans dead. james cordon invited special guests to read from the
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fast and furious book. me too movement. before you know notice mars scored 6 grammy awards. in tech bytes, nationalized 5. g mobile network is in the works to provide faster service. it would be a way of guarding against china and other malicious internet actors. car makers are hitting a major speed bump in the race to develop self driving cars. 2 thirds of americans are uncomfortable of leaving a driving to a robot. the pole said women are less inclined to let go of the steering wheel. elon musk is selling flame flowers for 500 bucks apiece. 20,000 will be sold.
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minute meal and deal. alicia vitarelli heads to ocean prime. >> these are your recipes taking them into our kitchen in 6 minutes. >> reporter: we have a sushi grade tuna steak and season it with spice and blended olive oil. while this is be cooing we're multitasking. >> we premade our vinegarrette. lime mixed greens, cucumber. flip the tuna, cherry tomato and avacado and give it 30 seconds
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on each side. vinegarrette on the plate. >> reporter: 6 minutes with the car initial and the plating and the drizzle. you can find the asian tuna salad recipe at if you made a recess vacation to dine at ocean prime they will give you a tuna jimi tar -- taro have with your entree. >> reporter: southbound traffic at the ben franklin bridge we have disabled vehicle on the shoulder. you can see the flashing lights. southbound is flow on i-95, nothing major. patco suspended in both directions through the whole line now, due to a downed electrical pole at ferry avenue. >> reporter: you will find temperatures around 40 degrees on the bus stop and the train station platform and high of 47
6:22 am
this afternoon which is a bit above average this is breezy during the day. for the evening commute you're around 44, 43, the only rain will be down by the shore, most of you will be dry today. we'll see a fair amount of clouds and very little sun maybe it pokes out every now and then. no major delays, all green aircraft. we have rain in orlando, temperatures 69. that's the place to be if don't like cool weather. >> in "healthcheck" experts are saying get a flu shot if you're going to the super bowl. with up to million people expected to america's biggest sporting event there's a lot of opportunity for the germs to spread. volunteers are doing what they can in the united way booth. nfl experience volunteers disinfect virtual reality equipment in between every cruise. joel embiid has been cleared to play in back-to-back
6:23 am
games against the milwaukee bucks. he did all he could against thunder guard russell westbrook, but the sixers couldn't get the win in the end. wins the prime e game 122-112. a fitness model who was
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taken off a flight from miami to new york for a disagreement with the staff is speaking out.
6:26 am
the flight attendant confronted her when she got up to put her coat in the overhead compartment on saturday. she can be heard arguing with staff members she should not have been made to sit down since others were out of their seats. they offered hotel accommodations and transportation which she declined. we have an update on the hood surfing cat in oregon. the cat was on the car in the parking lot ofown. they are on a leash a he said they have ridden in the car shins they were kittens. cat lo. >> it's unsafe. though. >> david murphy is tracking the
6:27 am
chance for light snow. >> eagles faithful are not leaving anything to chance. their super bowl superstitions have led them to change the name of a popular fast food change. more on that. >> now on "action news," the
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eagles have landed. super bowl excitement shifts into high gear with less than a week to go before the big game. >> gunfire leads to deadly discovery in berks county. multiple victims found in the same home. fire in north philadelphia, police expect foul play. one person was forced to jump from the home. >> good morning, 6:29 a.m., january 29. let's go over to david murphy and karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: it's eagles week.
6:30 am
>> reporter: i feel so bad for you guys, the super bowl is in minnesota and not tampa. they are nice people we're hearing if you're heading out there. we have rain down by the coast. storm tracker 6 live double scan is showing light rain appears to be breaking up over cape may a little bit. there is more down to the south that may bug you down the shore and in southern delaware in the morning and course of the afternoon. 39 in trenton. 34 colder in allentown. 38 in reading. 43 in wilmington and dover. 43 in millville. as we go through the rest of the afternoon, it looks like it's going to be decent day temperature-wise. this model has us at 44. i'm going for a high at 3:00 p.m., 47 degrees. there could sunny breaks, i think the clouds will be dominant. away from the shore, though, we stay dry today. that will change tomorrow. we have an accuweather alert
6:31 am
toward tomorrow. toward dawn there could light snow moving in toward the northern and western suburbs. there could sweep through the region on and off through the day. we could have a coating to an inch and 2 up not in there and west. it's could be a slippery morning commute. looks like the western areas could have the best chance of that. karen i'll track that and keep you posted in your neighborhood. >> reporter: patco high speed line is suspended the length right now. they have a downed electrical pole at ferry avenue. right now you can't take patco. both directions the entire length patco high speed line suspended. everything else okay. i-95 heavier volume southbound at the betsy ross bridge. you can see everyone trying to
6:32 am
head toward center city. here's a disabled vehicle off to the side. two of them there, we have vehicles off to the side right now. traffic can get by. they are slowing down from the betsy ross bridge to girard, i-95 28 miles per hour. we had a disabled vehicle schuylkill expressway westbound that has cleared and traffic is moving better on the schuylkill expressway. no major issues on the majors, like no big accidents there. we have an accident schuylkill expressway road at park avenue east vincent township that's came in a few minutes ago. vine street westbound traffic is jamming up heading toward the schuylkill expressway. watch for that westbound on the vine. >> super bowl week is here. eagles arrived in minneapolis finding diehard fans waiting in the lobby of their hotel. >> tonight they field a variety of questions on media day. >> variety the key word there.
6:33 am
"action news" has a team of reporters staking in all the action -- taking in all the action. brian taff and sharrie williams filed this report. >> reporter: hi guys we are in the twin cities where it is very cold. things got hot yesterday when the eagles arrived. >> it was the best part. >> reporter: a lot of fanfare with their arrival. new england patriots are expected to arrive this afternoon. >> this city cannot wait to be on display to show the world what it is all about. take a look at the preparations that have been taking place now for three years they have been getting ready for their big moment in the spotlight. the barricades are in place for security measures. we saw security law enforcement on the ground and from the skies making sure that safety is a priority. of course, they want to make sure everything is in place, because this game is less than 7 days away.
6:34 am
>> reporter: it is coming here fast. we would be remiss if we didn't note that the eagles beat the vikings to get here. we have to say that the people have been very welcoming to the philadelphia team. >> minnesota nice on display here. >> reporter: we hope it lasts. in minnesota, sharrie williams and brian taff we'll be seeing you with coverage throughout the day. live channel 6. >> if you can't make it out to minnesota, the super bowl spirit is live in philadelphia. >> reporter: jeanette reyes delivers that part of our coverage live from center city. good morning, jennette. >> reporter: good morning, matt and tam, the spirit is alive as well. fans are very optimistic, i was talking to a woman who we run into live when we report from here. she said she will not be here next monday she'll be out celebration. and one fast food chain is
6:35 am
showing it's eagles spirit, as well. days away from the super bowl, undieing loyalty for our eagles only grows stronger. any sign of the other team they're playing is being wiped away or covered up. >> reporter: what do you think of the name change? >> we're in philly, i guess it's fine. >> reporter: this boston market on the boulevard temporarily changed its name. >> best sign ever, we were driving by, i think it's wonderful they are covering up the boston, boo boston and new seems everyone around these parts wants to show their support for the team that's explains the shortage in number 9 nick foles jersey. flores is among many who flocked to the modells in the northeast anxious to by super bowl gear. >> that's the way to support
6:36 am
them by showing so much love. >> reporter: and the corporate office for boston market said there are 8 restaurants in philadelphia that have temporarily changed their names and two in new jersey, and matt, i got to admit i'm from rhode island and all of my friends of course are patriots fans, i have them temporarily blocked on facebook, because we don't need all that mess on my timeline. once this is over we can talk again. it's serious business out here. >> i think you're doing the right thing jennette. make amends afterwards. "action news" team is in minneapolis with the eagles. look for live reports ascertain keep up on with the "action news" team on the air and >> three people were found killed inside a home in reading. police have surrounded the scene on the 100 block of south third street. the gunfire erupted around 7:00 p.m. there is a 4th victim who was rushed to the hospital. there is no word on their condition or what led to the deadly shooting.
6:37 am
there's been an arrest made in a north philadelphia fire that injured 6 people. yesterday one man had to jump to safety from the second floor. police say someone intentionally set the fire on 16th street. president trump is preparing to deliver the state of union speech tomorrow night. the president will press for additional funding for the military and agreement on immigration. representative joe kennedy of massachusetts will deliver the democratic response and whether let's turn to david murphy to talk about what we could be facing this time tomorrow morning. >> reporter: it could be snow for some of us. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows us there's a little bit of rain out there right now. it's mainly down by the coast. currently cape may and southern delaware is getting a break with
6:38 am
spotty sprinkles and you may be getting showers later on. looking at the ben franklin bridge, i think the clouds will dominate the picture overall. 42 degrees in the city, some of our northern suburbs in the 30s right now. it's a little bit breezy with winds picking up to 12 miles per hour. here, again are the numbers across the region. 34 in allentown. 40s from wilmington to philadelphia. and 43 in millville, new jersey. satellite and radar showing you the cloud cover socking us in. we have cloud cover breaking up down the shore, there's light rain farther to the west that will tend to come in off and on to cape may county and southern delaware as we get through the day. overall we're dry, and cloudy. 40 by 8:00. 10:42. 44 by noon. 6 degrees above the average high for this date. we'll get up to 47 in in
6:39 am
allentown. 46 in trenton. 48 in we have an area of low pressure that will come past that might produce precipitation down the shore. the other feature is a weaker feature that comes in from the west, that will provide light accumulation and slick spots in time for the morning commute when temperatures are cool. here's future tracker's 6 on that. 10:30 it's pushing into the western suburbs and might advance faster than that. through the morning and afternoon we have light snow showers popping through. fair light accumulation done early in the day -- early in the evening. temperatures across the region will be above freezing tomorrow, so it will be mainly only the
6:40 am
grass, but if you're in the northern and western suburbs at 7:00 a.m. and it is snowing you're below the freezing mark. untreated surfaces could be a problem. above freezing in philadelphia. not so in reading, i will an unto -- allentown and lancaster. one to two inches accumulation. a coating to an inch around philadelphia and a trace in south south jersey. lots of clouds today rain down the shore. tomorrow, snow showers, high of 35. wednesday, bright, brisk and cold, 36. up to 37 with more clouds and rain possible at night. we spill into friday morning there's a chance of rain and snow showers around probably ending fairly quickly in the morning. hopefully temperatures keep roads wet we'll keep you posted
6:41 am
on that. saturday, partly sunny, 33. sunday, 43 for your presuper bowl parties, if case you're running around the lawn having a catch with the football you can do that. >> fitness app is tracking more than those exercising, how the program could pose a safety risk for security forces around the world. a pilot makes a daring decision to land his small plane in the middle of the road in southern california. >> reporter: we have vehicles stuck on i-95 southbound near the betsy ross bridge, traffic is heavy heading toward center city. we'll talk about jam ups on the roads as well as a big issue with mass transit when we come right back. and i like these yogurt bites... ah... ooh!
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6:44 a.m., eagles super bowl week. 6 days away from the big day. >> we don't have blue skies we have greenish blue skies. >> reporter: be careful as you head out, patco is suspended the length right now. they have a downed electrical pole stuck near ferry avenue. the high speed line not running right now in both directions because of the downed electrical pole that crews are working on. that's the big issue with mass transit that's going on right now. we have volume on the 30 bypass
6:45 am
at 322. traffic is heading toward 202 heavy at this point on the 30 bypass watch for that jamming up before our eyes right there. we have an accident on schuylkill expressway road at park avenue as well in east vincent township. we have an accident 422 eastbound near royersford. michele is reporting this on the waze app. looking at the travel times. we've gone from green to yellow. no accidents on i-95 schuylkill expressway or 42. but it's that time of the morning people are slowing down, building volume out there. give yourself extra time. temperature-wise it's cooler than yesterday, we're dry right now except for the rain hugging the coastline in here cape may. 34 in quakertown. above freezing with the leftover puddles from yesterday. 36 in pottstown.
6:46 am
42 degrees in the city. 41 in hammonton, 43 in dover, delaware staying above average today with the temperatures in the upper 40s, tam. thank you, karen. a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing on a southern california highway. the pilot reported engine trouble and managed to land smoothly on the freeway. the aircraft was bound for john wayne airport. nobody on the ground or on the plane was injured. scott baio is accused of sexual misconduct. he responded in a 16 minute video refuting the allegations. eggart worked along baio in the 90s.
6:47 am
a 16-year-old boy is the youngest person to row across the atlantic. 19-year-old oliver crane arrived in an to begin owe yesterday mog while i will barely said a word, his father summed up what it took to take on the atlantic ocean all alone. >> i got knocked down and capsized 6 times and he still came back and rowed 2,600 miles. incredible. >> the trip raised money for ocean conservation and homelessness.
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hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope.
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what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder. it was hidden behind all of my free weights. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you save energy and money. peco. the future is on. >> 6:50 a.m., let's get a preview of "good morning america." >> amy robach has more on the president and his advisors putting the last touches on the state of the union address. >> reporter: good morning, matt and tam, we'll be looking at president trump the state of union address and an interview
6:51 am
where he wanted a disruptive first year in the white house. grammies stirring up controversy with only one woman winning a major award. business abc exclusive sit down with david beckham soccer superstar's big announcement coming up on "g.m.a." >> back to you. >> we'll see you in a little bit. thank you. >> reporter: not a bad ride in this morning as you start the eagles week. let's look outside an check the schuylkill expressway. we had a disabled vehicle that cleared, westbound traffic heading toward king of prussia on the schuylkill expressway westbound approaching girard, traffic moving better now that the disabled vehicle cleared. we have an accident schuylkill expressway road at park avenue and one on 422 eastbound near royersford and you're looking at 13 miles per hour on 422. really slow there. >> reporter: on the big board we have chilly numbers to start out.
6:52 am
42 in philadelphia is a couple of degrees above the average high, so fairly mild here. in allentown, 34 degrees more of a coat kind of morning as you step outside there. 38 in reading, 39 in trenton. 43 in millville. 40 in cape may. as we go through the day we'll stay fairly cloudy, but above average. outside of cape may county and southern delaware it should be dry today. 44 degrees at noon. the high 47 degrees. maybe a sunny break here and there. winds running 8 to 16 miles per hour. not enough to knock the hat off your head, but an extra reason to keep the coat handy. a popular fitness app has the attention of the pentagon. the global heat map released by the app exposes military bases.
6:53 am
the company said the heat map is based on public data only. regardless, the military is looking into whether its security is being compromised.
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every great why needs a great how. truck driver who was involved in a crash on the schuylkill expressway has died from his injuries. the driver who hit the victim
6:56 am
left the scene near the belmont avenue exit last night. pennsylvania state police caught up with him nearby. three people were killed and a fourth person was injured at a shooting in a home in reading. there is no suspect or motive. big night tonight in minneapolis, media night near the site of super bowl 52. "action news" team is there staging the mood of the -- gauging the mood of the birds. >> reporter: patco high speed line is suspended the entire length. we noticed heavier traffic with more people driving on 42 northbound. we're jammed from college avenue to 295. dry roads everywhere, but do yo- down the shore cape may county we have showers. the high 47. well above the average high of
6:57 am
41. that's good. 30 the overnight low look out for snow arriving before dawn and not off and on throughout the day. not a big accumulation. >> we'll be supportive of our eagles team. for david, karen, tam, i'm matt, see you.
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good morning erk america. a powerful and political night at the grammys. as music's top artists say time's up. women dominate the stage. ♪ i'm proud of who i am >> but not the awards. the backlash to hillary clinton's "fire and fury" moment. also this morning, president trump preparing for his first state of the union address. admitting he wants his presidency to be disruptive. why he say he's not a feminist. and what he's revealing about where and when he tweets. new flu fears at the super bowl. more than 1 million people heading to minnesota for the big game. staffers woging overtime trying to make the popular attractions safe. the alarming video.


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