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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 30, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." we've got christian, oli, sounds from a car have cops demanding to know who's got the gun. how a misunderstanding merely becomes a major incident. >> you want to hear? you want to hear? rescuers try to catch a cute stray not knowing -- >> that dog could have died. >> why littledingo is really lucky they found him. i shall put my light on. >> it's a lesson in how to escape a cave. but -- >> h do it, he's stuck. >> how caver keith's friends won't let him forget it. >> come on. >> we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including a clever little diddy about sharing a bathroom with a
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woman. ♪ meet the dude who took time to count all the products. >> nine hair brushes and her here's a [ muted ] mess ♪ >> knock it off. >> he needs to -- the popping that you hear coming out of that car is designed to do that. it's like a rev limiter, lunch control, anti-lag system, call it what you want, but the mechanic that built this car is testing it in his lot. now, if you remove the image and just broadcast that sound out into the town of tucker, georgia, you may get a different response. >> yes! >> oh, dang. >> yeah, it sounds like a gun fight. >> we don't play that in this parts of the world we don't play that, do we? >> sounds like a gun fight to you guys and also to these guys. >> don't even question me on
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that saying you didn't hear anything when we were sitting right there, and heard cannons going off. >> this guy's parking lot now is full of cops, several of them, with their guns drawn, asking this guy who's got the gun. >> take your hands out of your pockets. >> buddy got going? >> he sees officers with long guns walking around searching the property, very concerned about what two of their officers nearby had heard. >> you didn't hear the gunfire? >> no. probably you know what happened? >> yeah, i had an officer sitting right there and heard the gunfire, two of them. >> this car i test. >> did it go 30 times, bang, bang, bang, 30 times? >> you want to hear? >> i do. >> yes because this is mistake. >> crank it up. stop talking, crank it up and show me. >> the officers do not believe this guy. so now this guy goes back into the same red car that he had doing burnouts just a moment
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early, same sound that the officers heard just a minute ago from down the street that made them all come running to this guy's yard. >> you know where the bridge is right there? >> yes. >> there's two policemen sitting under the bridge like this and they hear that. >> okay, i'm sorry about that, guy, i'm sorry. >> now the officers are full of smiles, they realize we made a mistake. >> what you're saying is the cops around here need to start doing more burnouts. problem solved. >> i'm glad that the cops were cautious. this guy showed them what the situation was and everybody was like there it is. >> everybody learned something today. >> i'm sorry. this is f ps in los angeles and i have to say, one of their easier rescues because of that little guy right there, they named him he busy running busy bridge. they engage the guy walking with the dog. >> is this your dog?
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is this a stray dog? someone called me and told me. okay. >> they get out and he comes running. >> that dog doesn't belong to that guy. >> no, what i think happened is that the dog was running back and forth across this busy roadway, they got a call about it and i think this guy was friendly enough to make sure that the dog didn't get run over so when hope for pause arrived they brought the cheeseburger just to make sure. >> hi. what are you doing in the street? >> after they gave him the cheeseburger this he unfurled the lucky leash. >> it's okay. hey, hey, hey, it's okay. >> they were able to get it around dingo's throat. he backed up a couple of steps and there's more cheeseburger? the cheeseburger always wins. before they put him in the car they realize something very strong about the dog. >> you're not neutered. you're a boy. oh, and you stink so bad. >> literally stinking. >> literally. when they got him in the car they checked their ear, they discovered he had an ear infection because of a foxtail and they also discovered he had
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parvo. if he had been on the street for a few more days untreated that dog could have died. >> getting the foxtails hurt. >> they probably put some treatment but as you can see there, this one is ready to be somebody's love bug. that was in l.a. he now lives in seattle, he already has a forever home. they got video of him with his new family. >> come on, good boy. go down the other side. >> look how cute he looks. >> didn't i say he was ready for some forever love and he got some. he was ready. pay attention everybody. we're going to level up. we're doing some learneding. >> today i'll give you an object lesson in how to climb out of the lobster pot. >> this might be from december 2016 but there's no expiry when it comes to knowledge. so what do we do first, keith in. >> the first thing is sort of get rolled up through this. >> you can see it how to get out of the lobster pot, because it's
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easy to get into, hard to get out of. >> one has to get an arm out. arms out, one has to attempt to get the other arm out. >> i never describe myself as claustrophobic but as soon as he corked that hole with his body oh, man. >> if you're uncomfortable with the first 20 seconds there's a lot more to go. >> i'll be quiet. >> eventually after being quiet -- >> stop the [ bleep ] video. >> they do what all good friends should do. >> come on. >> come on, boy. >> you can do it. >> mock him mercilessly. >> caver keith rescue. >> i'd be hyperventilating right now. >> f i could right now. it's scary situation tpecially aren't taking it seriously. >> has he been able to successfully get out of the lobster pot before? >> it's literally this time around they put a camera on him
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and he's trying to show everybody. finally after ion't know how long, he does admit defeat. the instructional video goes out the window. he has to be rescued by his buddies who pull him out of the the hole. >> and that is how to get out of a lobster pot unaided. the star of this videos a of pota been really potatoes because this guy gets out of the then reaches over and grabs a sack of potatoes from the top of that car, runs back into their car and drives off. >> where is this, is this ireland? >> it's ireland. >> it is ireland! they're known for their pota potatoes. >> the owner was someone who had just been potatoes by the farmer that grew them, and put the potatoes on the car while he ran back inside to grab the keys to the car. when he came back out the potatoes were gone. >> you do have to report this guy because who knows if he's just roaming around the
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communyaking anything can he get his>> right. >> yeah, but you call the police station, i'd like to report a stolen sack of potatoes. >> this is ireland. they'll put helicopters out for this. this one in vietnam, two tourists on this pier trying to take a photograph of this manmade apparently it's quite the attraction. this woman takes a rag or a towel and just starts swinging it in front of the tourists. obviously they can't communicate what on ear been very cles >> not like she's trying to dust the camera lens.he tourists ge point and walks away but white . she stays there, and at one point it looks like there is going to be a physical altercation. fortunately, there was enough restraint where this didn't escalate. ithis is an area that tourists are discouraged from visiting. second of all, according to
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reports, this pier does belong to the woman and her family, which was built purpose, to allow tourists to go on the pier to take their pictures, but they have to pay a fee, and i'm thinking these people didn't pay their fee. >> just always respect the that in, if you're a visitor. the mcclure twins a styling at their own salon. >> do they start gossi they're doing it? adorableness as they new do's. and a van's coming in hot but find out why hitting the brakes is what it's all about. >> oh, yes. brought to you by olive garden neverending classics. all the helpings you want and all the classics you love.
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closed captioning provided by -- renewal exfoliates then our triple blend of moisturizers helps prevent dry skin. gold bond. the mcclure twins are absolutely adorable. let's be honest their mom has her hands full. everything they do, if they do it in doubles including their hair. so why not allow them to do each other's hair. >> hello. >> hello, what's wrong?
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>> is all caky, look. >> oh my gosh. >> there aren't any clippers in the room, are there? >> of course not but there's lots of hair products. ava sits in the chair and alexis is ready. at this pointpro, seen it done before. pumps a little product, rubs her hands together. >> they start gossiping while they do it. >> oh, girl, let me tell you about my playground. >> i'm going to put this in your hair. >> that's a lot of hair. >> she gets her brush. got to get a nice tight pony tail. maybe not tight. >> this will be so pretty when i'm done. so pretty. ok at me. >> she wraps it up. >> i forgot this ir. >> there l's aittle part that's out. >> it's a new trend. it's a new trend. it's the rat tail. >> actually it's not new. back in the day we used to wear our hair that.
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>> they're trendsetters these girls. >> we joke about it but a bunch of kids will watch this and go i want that. >> i want the style like your pony tail. >> she gets right to it with the the first side down and we get the ball ball and wrap it around. >> how does it look? >> girl! >> alexis looks in the mirror she's like hey, girl. >> whoa! >> perfect. >> you are not touching me, sir. ♪ winner we're going to head to the opposite side of the globe for the videos, first one from new zealand. having a white van free time and being a dude equals this. oh, yes! >> that was like a van stopping. >> exactly what it was but in this case got a little bit too much, ended up doing a hand stand or a head stand in the
2:46 pm
van, comes, boom! back down to earth, much to the amusement of everybody who is around. >> did they modify this van in any way to help do that, like take weight out of the back or is this just a really massive design flaw in a goofy van? >> i think more the second. i'll give that a 9.5 out of 10. pretty good. >> i want to think all the cousins are in the front, putting weight in the front to make it happen. >> there's no stopping it and this next video is from raus'fr australia. it's going so well and stopped. >> and it rolled. why would you do that? >> because there's no other option. they've been camping, having some fun. obviously i think the tides have changed and had less beach to drive on, went for it. as you can see had disaster written all over it from the very beginning.the right wheelso o, rolling into the water where it stayed for about four hours before iwinche
2:47 pm
from the dad who was involved with it said this is the second suv has son has trashed. >> the last one that his son gets to drive. >> one hopes. >> whoa! this giraffe needs help. >> they are being hunted for their tail. >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come, he's the 88-year-old man who has decided to give artwork a shot. >> he is a nude model. >> why, was he bored sitting at home in. >> the story behind the gig creating a family controversy. >> you got to put your money where your mouth is or shut up. plus, a skier and a rider face off on the slopes. this is a curious race. lot closer than i thought it would be. >> yes. >> watch and see who comes out on top.
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yeeeeaaaahhh! uh oh...a painful sore throat? not now. take cépacol instamax. look! unlike regular cough drops it contains 2 max strength pain relievers and cools in seconds. bye bye sore throat. take cépacol instamax. promotional considerations provided by -- in. the art world having nude models isn't uncommon. it's very popular. students love to use them because it helps hone their
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skills so this 88-year-old man decided to give it a shot. >> the art or the new part? >> the nude part. he is a nude model, and he sits there for hours in front of students, allowing them to sket his nude body. >> why, was he just bored sitting at home? >> kind of, yes. before he started doing this, he used to700 yuan a month. that is roughly $100. so he decided to take up this new job, if you will, and now he makes from to yuan a day. >> you got to get it how you get it, right? >> you would think and also think his family would be supportive but it turns out that his family is so unapproving of this, they have disowned him. >> that's ridiculous. guy's got his own life to live. if you're going to sit around in your skivvies all nott in the a. >> it's like the fshame,
2:52 pm
to shame behind they've left him behind. >> he's already accepted the fact that his kids have disowned him and has embraced the art community as his own. in fact, after they're done with their collapse classes he hang the students and oftentimes they'll share meals, buy him food and treat him to meals, so overall, he's actually doing much better now than he was before. more power to him for taking this initiative and improving his life in spite of the opinions of others. all right, place your bets because we've got a mighty fine race about to take place here. it's going down between ski thot >> this is a curious race. it's a lot closer than i thought it would be. >> one would think the speed rider would be the main man in this event, but it looks like the ski instructor means business. >> i guess if you think about it
2:53 pm
like this, the skier is using all of the gravity, where the speed rider has something to defeat gravity. right? >> a little bit of extra drag maybe. >> yeah. >> as they continue down the slope you notice the speed rider catching air. meanwhile the skier getting it done. >> all i know is this has to be in the winter olympics so next up skiers versus snowboarders. that would be cool. >> you never told me who you thought had it. the speed rider. >> here we are and you're wrong. >> of here. i think hugo was playing for him. let the skier haveit. >> where you been at all my life? it's a dude's funny tune woman.bout shelf space is s a . ♪ false nails, false eye lashes,
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2:56 pm, click on tv show or check it out on our mobile app. i like to think of being gender non-specific, male appealle. to you and i, oli. i'm not so sure the girls will appreciate it. the song is called shellfish and written by keri hadie. ♪ in our bath we have one big shelf, she has one side and there's one side for myself ♪ ♪ honestly i couldn't keep a straight face when she said ♪ ♪ jess, i was taking up too much space ♪ >> oh, shelf-ish. it? >> i get >> see how much more you get. this whole song is about sharing a bathroom with aman. ♪ she's got gel cleane one a
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day tablets leaner ♪ ♪ the's foot cream body but th lm and faceubblbath, crystal♪ >> you tld . it takes a lot to keep all this together. >> i take this as a celebration of our awesomeness and what it takes to be awesome. >> four gold earrings which i found in the holder, there's tresamme, loreal and makeup remover. >> he's been playing guitar for ten years and written seven different comedy songs. this one has taken off. maybe it could change his life and then put in a new shelf. >> might change his life, you keep talking about that woman he's going to be living out of that guitar case. >> she's fil all of her stuff. >> for the entire song uninterrupted i'm sure you'll want to hear this, this debate
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will rage on, go t rightthism or use our mobile ap. thanks for joining us. 'l on the next brand new episode
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any news on nathan? he's still in surgery. okay. i'm glad we dropped the kids off at the quartermaines. yeah, so am i. i don't want them even to hear us talking about this. when my mom first called about this, i was really torn whether we should come back or nd ad we did because you and jason can get faison to tell you how and why he switched your lives. ♪ [ fire crackling ]
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[ monitor beeping ] [ weakly ] i'm disappointed. i thought you could manage a simple kill shot. i can.


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