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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  January 31, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday january 31st. >> here's what we're following for you. keeping the city safe. the top cop in philadelphia issues a stern warning letting people know plan to have fun for sunday's super bowl but don't push it. >> it was one of the longest state of the union addresses in history. details on president trump's address to the nation. >> another chilly day as we are treated t a rare lunar trifecta that is happening this morning when you step outside you're like wow, that moon is really>> it is. they had so many different ways, david and karen, to
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describe typical phenomena with the moon. >> i know. >> blood -- >> they all represent something different. >> if you're out on the west coast maybe you got like a super duper ssd you're going to get a better view of it. around here you'll see the triple play and we'll show you that in a moment. as we take a look right now we've got cloud cover that's really moved out at this point. we'll start out sunny this morning. it is clear right now in case you want to try to catch that moon a little later this morning but more clouds sweeping into the west for cincinnati and western pennsylvania will begin to overtake us as we go throughout the day. the big story is how it feels. just 18 degrees in philadelphia, 18 wilmington, 15 in allentown, 16 in trenton, 19 in millville and the wind is a bit of a factor this morning. right now we've got single digit wind chills almost everywhere. it feels like it's six as you head out in philadelphia and just three in allentown, so extra layers, extra gear this morning. as we go through the day, it stays on the cold side.
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25 degrees by 10 o'clock. 29 by 12 o'clock. 34 by 2 o'clock and i'm expecting that high of 35 around 3, 4 o'clock this afternoon and the whips are going to treat us rather unkindly. it will feel like the teens, by this afternoon back up into the mid-20's. we have that supermoon coming your way. it's a lunar trifecta really of the most visible over 150 years, none of you have seen this before and it is a supermoon. it's a blue moon was it's the second full moon of the month and it's also a blood moon because the total lunar eclipse in the western united states is also part of the package. so, want to see a big moon out there? take a look a little bit later this morning. it should be overhead. karen, we have possible rain overhead as we go overnight thursday into friday morning. might even mix with a little bit of snow at the tail end. details on that coming up. >> i wrote my kids a note make sure you look at the moon this morning early. we're live in west goshen
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township in chester county and you can see the problem here. we have a trailer that became unhitched from it and went off the roadway into the woods. we've got a heavy duty tow truck on the scene. it looks like they've got this hooked up and getting ready to try to tow this out of here but it might be awhile and it's right on the ramp from 100 southbound to 202 southbound here in west goshen township in chester county. you can take the ramp from boot road to 202 southbound instead with that big problem with that trailer that just got unhitched and you can see a big problem right there. on the big picture no other major issues out there. we're watching for slick spots here or there with these temperatures below freezing. i didn't encounter any on my commute in but just slow it down just in case but blue route schuylkill i-95 pretty good shape. live outside on the schuylkill at the vine street expressway eastbound as you head towards south street, all construction blocks both lanes so we've got a lane blocked westbound as well so that construction continues until about 5:00 a.m., matt. >> thank you, karen. we are four days away from super bowl lii. the eagles logo appears
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alongside the symbol of the patriots outside u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. they are ready. the birds are preparing for the big game by getting a feel for field they'll be playing on this sunday. here are jaime apody and ducis rodgers. >> reporter: good morning from minneapolis. things are about to ramp up here for the super bowl for both take the practice field since arriving here a couple days ago. >> it must feel good for them because it will bring judge a normalcy, put on the uniforms, put on the pads. you know today is a big day for another reason? >> why. >> it's doug pederson's 50th birthday. that's right. the big five-zero. he didn't want to be reminded but i bet you i know what he wants as a gift. >> this is what we work for and this is what we go to ota's for and it's one thing to be excited to be here but we understand that it's unfinished business. >> reporter: happy birthday coach. two numbers to worry about,
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51st birthday and super bowl lii. i'm ducis rodgers for jaime apody channel6 "action news." >> the city's top cop has issued a stern warning against any violent or criminal revelry. "action news" reporter jeanette reyes joins us now live with more on the city's security plans. good morning, jeanette. >> reporter: good morning, tam. police commissioner richard ross did say police are prepared for anything come sunday. there is a slippery substance that made headlines a couple of weeks ago that will not be used this time, though the commissioner has said they do have something that's even better. >> we will not let you tear up the city. >> reporter: with the super bowl almost upon us, police commissioner richard ross made clear that violence and destruction of property will not be tolerated sunday night. >> clearly, assaults, destruction of property will be dealt with swiftly. >> reporter: i mean, we're going to move in and we're going to handle those situations. we will not tolerate that
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throughout this city. >> reporter: when the eagles beat the vikings two weeks ago crowds of over 10,000 people swarmed northeast philadelphia and center city. much larger numbers are expected if the eagles win the super bowl. police suggest motorists stay clear of center city because of the crowds that will swarm south broad, city hall and frankford and cottman, for example. he says massive deployments of uniformed officers and plainclothes personnel will be out at the various traditional spots. but one tradition that will not be making a return is greasing up light poles with crisco to deter climbers. commissioner ross would only sale police have something slicker up their sleeves. >> we will be ready. we will be out there with a sizable contingent of officers that will be seen by most and we will make every effort to know that we are about business but we are also about the business of allowing people to celebrate as long as it's done peacefully. >> reporter: now, here's
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party goers celebrating not getting out of hand. a couple weeks ago when we won against the vikings there were own six arrests all today, that includes tailgating although it is hard to tell what could happen in philadelphia if we win the super bowl. i guess we'll have to see. reporting live in center city jeanette reyes channel6 "action news." tam. >> hope it will just be a lot of dancing in the streets nothing too crazy. super bowl weekend coverage kicks off at 8 o'clock friday night with our "action news" championship preview live from minneapolis. join us throughout the day on saturday as the excitement builds. on game day sunday, tune in for live reports starting on "action news" at 6:00 a.m. through "action news" at noon. our pregame coverage begins on "action news" at 5:00 p.m. and will be on air immediately after the game covering all the angles from both philadelphia and minneapolis. we'll wrap it up with "action news" at 11:00 and sports sunday so we've got you covered all weekend right here on "action news." >> ♪ >> new this morning, a firefighter was injured while
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battling a blaze at the university of delaware. "action news" was on the scene on the 200 block of academy street in newark. the two alarm fire broke out in the university maintenance building at about 8 o'clock last night. the injured firefighter was taken to christiana hospital for treatment. there is no word on his injury or what might have sparked the fire. a woman who was hit by a septa bus was rushed to the hospital. you can see where the damage is on the windshield. it happened at midnight at 23rd street and cecil b. moore avenue in north philadelphia. no one on the bus was hurt. >> president donald trump has delivered his first state of the union speech and it was one of the longest in history clocking in at an hour 20 minutes. trump promised a new era of prosperity with a focus on bipartisanship. serena marshall has the details from capitol hill. >> the president of the united states. >> reporter: walking into a joint session of congress, president trump seeking to
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unify a divided country. >> we all share the same home, the same heart, the same destiny and the same great american flag. >> reporter: in his first state of the union, clocking in at nearly an hour and a half the president focused on the economy his signature legislative victory tax reform. >> this in fact is our new american moment. >> reporter: his plans for fixing america's infrastructure. >> america is a nation of builders. >> reporter: and an offer of bipartisanship. >> i am extending an open hand to work with members of both parties. >> reporter: something he will need to pass his 2018 priority like immigration reform, most democrats in the chamber not open to the president's message. at times, remaining stoic. >> the democrats stood up for. >> reporter: several democrats boycott the speech. democratic women in black solidarity with the me too movement. >> i don't think the democrats
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came away thinking that he really put out any kind of olive branch to them. >> reporter: the democratic response coming from massachusetts congressman joe kennedy grandson of bobby kennedy. >> this administration isn't just targeted the laws that protect us, they're targeting the very idea that we are all worthy of protection. >> reporter: pushing back on the president's picture of unity. as the president was leaving the chamber he was caught on a hot mic saying 100 percent when asked if he was planning to release that gop controversial memo that alleges bias at the fbi and the department of justice. serena marshall, abc news, capitol hill. >> "good morning america" will have more on president trump's state of the union address. also they'll have an exclusive interview with actor scott baio following accusations of misconduct during his 1980's sitcom. >> a warning goes out for students at a local university. also ahead, a man stands
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precariously on a ledge as he angrily throws items from a hotel window during a 38 hour police stand off. >> a volcano spews hot lava and ash prompting warnings to be ready for an evacuation. >> cool pictures though. as we take a look right now we're looking at cold temperatures this morning, most of us in the teens and of course the wind chills are making it feel worse. single digit numbers across the region. we'll have more coming up on how things go today and when the next warmup occurs and the next chance of precipitation. it's all ahead in the seven-day.
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>> tens of thousands of villagers who live near a volcano in the philippines have been warned to be ready to evacuate. a violent eruption could come at any moment. it has belching red hot lava
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and molten rock into the sky. the region is on an alert level four out of a scale of five which indicates a more violent eruption could be imminent. >> we have a super blue blood moon. >> yes, it is a super blue blood moon. >> kyree name it. >> sure. >> it is the really close moon that appears full twice in the same month along with a blood like color. is that catchier. >> kind of, yeah and the eclipse that's occurring, it's a total eclipse on the west coast. here we might see a little shading on the side of the moon after about 10:06 this morning and that's where you get the blood part. >> go outside on my break and see it. >> sure, maybe you will, too. storm tracker6 live double scan shows that you we have no precipitation out there, which is nice after yesterday. and as we take a look outside, we are seeing the moon there and it is the closest it will be in the -- in its orbit today, so it's maybe going to look bigger to you and it
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certainly does look full and right now there's no shading on it at all because that partial eclipse that we'll see doesn't start until about 10 minutes to 6 o'clock right around there. temperature right now is 18 degrees. your dewpoint is two an indication of how bone dry the air has become. winds out of the northwest drawing in that dry air at 10 miles per hour giving i was wind chill of six. that's what it feels like outside right now. as you take a look at these cold numbers mostly in the teens, 18 in philadelphia, 15 in allentown, 14 in reading, 16 in trenton and 19 in millville, keep in mind that most of you are actually looking at a feel in the single digits this morning. and we get a little better later today but it is going to stay on the cold side. you can see we'll start out with plenty of sunshine. obviously we were able to show you the moon a moment ago with no trouble. later today the clouds will get thicker. we're already seeing them march towards pittsburgh right now. today's forecast is cold. 21 degrees by 8 o'clock, 30 by noon and a high of 35 at 3 o'clock. by then the wind chills will probably be in the low to
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mid-20's. winds will be a little bit blustery at times today. 35 degrees is your high in philadelphia today, just 33 in allentown, 34 degrees in reading and trenton, 35 in wilmington. not a big change in through here or difference. 37 in millville and a little bit milder in cape may as well at 37 today. but everybody's going to be brisk and cold. as we go through the day we're looking at 35 degrees around 2, 3 o'clock and then the temperatures fall from there down to 28 by 10 o'clock. thursday 47 degrees is your high. it will get milder with a warm front off to the north and a cold front coming in from the west. but at night there is the possibility of a little bit of rain. this looks like it's over pretty quickly in the morning. some models have this changing over to some snow right at the tail end but frankly that shouldn't be a real big impactful snow as it's going to be in the 40's the day before. nothing mild about minneapolis, though. 31 if you're traveling today and after that the cold air comes in. by friday, 16. saturday some snow is possible. and super bowl sunday in the parking lot, 7 degrees whip
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wind chills probably below zero. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 35 brisk and cold today around here. 47 tomorrow, milder with a possibility of some rain overnight into early friday. maybe a brief change to snow. and that ends pretty quickly and then we get some some sun back. a high of 33 degrees. saturday to start out the weekend 35 and it now looks like sun will give way to increasing clouds and there might be a little bit of rain at night or perhaps a snow shower. sunday clouds and during the day we do expect some rain to develop that could mix at times with some snow. and i do still have a concern, i started talking about this yesterday at noon actually, that we may actually see a changeover from rain to snow before the end of the eagles game and that would be a problem for people traveling home. it's a real question as to how soon that's going to happen but something to keep your eyes on. >> okay definitely something to watch. >> yeah. >> thank you david. drexel university is warning students to be on their guard following the rape of a student over the weekend. this is surveillance video of the man police are looking for in connection with a sexual assault of a 22-year-old
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drexel student. it happened inside an off campus apartment on the 3400 block of race street early saturday morning. police believe the attacker gained entry into the first floor apartment through an unlocked door. >> i'm just kind of worried were about like my dorm and my areas that i know about. i've been giving the safe tools i need to use through my parents and took classes back home. >> police say the attacker told the victim is his name is rique johnson which may have that meant tyriq johnson. call police if you have any information. >> a standoff has come to an end and police say it began over a cat. 43-year-old rashaad fill mon threatened to kill people and threw things from a window including a microwave. police say he was upset in a feud over his exotic north african cat. he had given it to a friend who then turned it over to an
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exotic animal sanctuary. bowman was that finally taken into custody nearly 38 hours later. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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. >> ♪ >> good morning, everybody. we're looking live with sky6 over the commodore barry bridge and it's okay out there this morning. it is cold.
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i wish we had a good shot of the moon right now. let's take a look right now at traffic 'cause we do have a big issue here with a tractor-trailer. the trailer became unhitched and the tractor part kind of went down an embankment here so a mess on the ramp from 100 southbound to 202 southbound. we have the heavy duty tow truck on the scene and it looked like they had hooked it up but haven't been able to pull it out just yet. you'll want to use the ramp from boot road to 202 southbound here in west goshen township because this ramp is blocked while they continue to work on that one. we had an accident just cleared, will mat street. things are moving better right now in wilmington. we have construction blocking the left lane on 495 southbound at i-95. other than that 202 issue no major problems, matt. >> thank you, karen. the 2018 new jersey hall of fame class has been announced. it was revealed in trenton yesterday. the 16 inductees include astronauts mark and scott kelly, meryl streep, steven vanzant the four seasons
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gloria gaynor and cake boss buddy valastro. the class will officially be inducted into the hall of fame on may sixth. >> gloria gaynor, i will survive indeed. all right. time now for business and traders on wall street are saying ouch. the market closed yesterday to its worst loss since august in a two day loss that is the worst since september of 2016. the dow tumbled nearly 363 points. the nasdaq and s & p also fell. we'll see how things turn out later today. and facebook is banning ads for cliff field currency. the ad includes payment systems for bitcoin. they say these types of ads can be december september tiff and threaten security. >> up next an icy rescue. rescue crews get to work when a dog gets stuck on an iced over river. >> wagers placed on the big game. a live report on that coming up at 5:00.
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>> a live report says that a suspect accused of killing a penn student may have been linked to a neo-nazi group. woodward reportedly attended a military style training camp in texas with extremists. bernstein was jewish and gay. police are investigating the possibility that his killing was a hate crime. >> firefighters in western new york came to the rescue of a puppy that was stuck on the icy niagara river.
4:57 am
sheriff's deputies say the six month old husky was running on the ice in grand island yesterday trying to make it back to shore but the ice kept breaking. it took crews more than an hour to finally reach the dog and bring it safely back to land. >> it's 4:57. our countdown to the super bowl continues as we break down some of the friendly wagers that are being made between philly and boston. >> eagles quarterback nick foles gets emotional talking about the special person who keeps him motivated. >> new this morning an ambulance transporting a patient is involved in a crash in north philadelphia. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers
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and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, everyone it is 5 o'clock on this wednesday january 31st. here's what we're following on "action news." >> you'll need to bundle up. the temperatures have dropped and we're looking at another chance of snow later this week. >> it is so close we can taste it. when someone asks nick foles what inspires him ahead of the super bowl he got choked up. >> philadelphia bus and businesses are making some friendly wagers out there ahead of the big game. all i know all the stuff we're going to be getting from new england this time next week. >> i've heard david and karen it's kind of like minnesota weather around here right now. [laughter] >> yeah. >> it is cold out there this morning. you got to bundle up. not too cold for ice cream though. i got an eagles ice cream yesterday green with green jimmy's. >> anything green is fine. as we take a look at the weather sent we have sunshine on the way this morning with increasing clouds later today. you can se t


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