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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 31, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, everyone it is 5 o'clock on this wednesday january 31st. here's what we're following on "action news." >> you'll need to bundle up. the temperatures have dropped and we're looking at another chance of snow later this week. >> it is so close we can taste it. when someone asks nick foles what inspires him ahead of the super bowl he got choked up. >> philadelphia bus and businesses are making some friendly wagers out there ahead of the big game. all i know all the stuff we're going to be getting from new england this time next week. >> i've heard david and karen it's kind of like minnesota weather around here right now. [laughter] >> yeah. >> it is cold out there this morning. you got to bundle up. not too cold for ice cream though. i got an eagles ice cream yesterday green with green jimmy's. >> anything green is fine. as we take a look at the weather sent we have sunshine on the way this morning with increasing clouds later today. you can see the clouding in
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from the west. no precipitation but plenty of cold air out there. we have dipped to 18 degrees in philadelphia, 16 in trenton, 15 in allentown and reading, 17 in wilmington, 18 in millville and there is a bit of a breeze in play today so your wind chills right now as you head out the door are quite a bit colder than recently. feels like 4 degrees currently in philadelphia, eight in allentown, five in trenton, five in wilmington. you can shuffle these numbers any way you like because everybody is trading between about a 3-degree wind chill up to about 10 or so as we go through the morning and as we head through the afternoon it stays on the uncomfortable side. we're going to see sunshine giving way to increasing clouds and a high of 35 degrees possibly around 3 o'clock. this model has 34's in through here and also keep in mind that with winds running 10 to 20 miles per hour we're also looking at wind chills in the single digits, teens and eventually the 20's so a day definitely to continue to bundle up. and you might want to keep your eyes on the skies. we've got a nice little moon out there and it's a rare lunar trifecta last visible in
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north america over 150 years ago when andrew johnson was president. supermoon that's because the moon is the closest in its orbit to the earth, blue moon because it's the second full moon of the month and a blood moon because of a total lunar eclipse visible in the western united states after about 10 of 6:00 this morning part of the moon might be shaded here on the east coast but not a total lunar eclipse here. another round of precipitation thursday night into friday morning. details on that coming up. >> all right dave. we've got a problem with traffic and this ramp is still blocked in west goshen township chester county and you see the trailer here, so the trailer became unhitched from the cab in this tractor-trailer and then the truck kind of went down an embankment there into the woods so a mess here on the ramp from 100 southbound to 202 southbound. we see a heavy duty tow truck on the scene here but they haven't been able to pull it away just yet so it's still blocked. stick from the ramp to boot road to 202 southbound instead of this one. on the big picture another problem with a disabled
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vehicle that popped up in ardmore on anderson avenue. the auto show continues there in the city so you'll see more congestion there through the city. great show this year. outside live on the schuylkill at the vine we're seeing traffic move again. the schuylkill eastbound was shut down for overnight construction but it's clear now. westbound construction is clear as well so good to go on the schuylkill. we've been watching for slick spot or two with temperatures below freezing but notny proble. >> thank you, karen. eagles running back legarrette blunt and new england patriot rob grankowski faced off in madden 18. my kid would go to heaven. he loves that game, there at the mall of america. gronk came out on top. the sewer will be played at u.s. bank stadium. thank goodness it's indoors. the 1 billion-dollar stadium
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opened in 2016 and it was built with the super bowl in mind. 73,000 fans will be able to pack into the stadium to cheer on the teams. now, here in philadelphia, police are getting ready their postgame security plan. police commissioner richard ross is issuing a stern early warning that vandalism assault and destruction of property will not be tolerated. police are expecting bigger crowds than came out after the vikings game two weeks ago so you will see a bigger deployment of both uniformed and plainclothes officers. already metal barricades a being stockpiled at street corners along broad street. coming up in the next half hour we will have more on their security plans and what you'll see that will be a little different than a few weeks ago. matt. >> there is plenty riding on the game for fans. while for others a win on either side might mean even more. businesses in philadelphia and boston are making friendly wagers including the philadelphia art museum where "action news" reporter jeanette reyes who always knows when to hold them and when to fold them joins us good morning, jeanette.
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>> reporter: you're right, matt, i'm the go-to person for that. i'm already planning this next week here at the art museum to see some boston artwork. it will be one of the wagers going on. the other involves the philadelphia zoo and reading terminal. the eagles versus patriots showdown has everyone in a competitive spirit it seems. in fact, the philadelphia zoo and five other zoos from both regions will be taking part in a friendly wager. the losing zoo's ceo will have to dress in the winning team's jersey and clean an animal exhibit as well as donate $1,000 to a program of the winning zoo's choice. the philadelphia museum of art is also joining in on the super bowl fun. they're calling it the museum bowl and their rival with the museum of fine arts in boston. curators say you can expect a good natured teasing on social media, perhaps art inspired trash talk and here is the best part.
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the winning city's team will get artwork loaned from the losing team. and lastly council members from bean town and the city of brotherly love will engage in a friendly food wager at reading terminal market. this afternoon eagles fans will see what philly made foods the market will hopefully not be shipping to boston. and matt i got to tell you i was talking to my photographer here. sometimes my new england accent comes out and i say boston and park the car and that happens when i'm excited so i have to keep that in check. one thing i'm looking forward to is some art inspired trash talk. i might borrow a few lines and, you know, tell someone off in a very sophisticated way. i'll keep you posted on that. >> that was like a cezanne report. friday night on 6abc watch our "action news" championship preview live from minneapolis
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and join us throughout the day on saturday as the excitement builds. then on game day sunday, we will have live reports starting on "action news" at 6:00 a.m., all morning long leading up to "action news" at noon. our pregame coverage begins on "action news" at 5:00 p.m. on sunday. "action news" will be on the air immediately after the game covering all of the angles from philadelphia to minneapolis and we'll wrap things up with "action news" at 11:00 and sports sunday. we have you covered all weekend long right here on 6abc. >> it is 5:07 and new this morning, an ambulance taking a patient to the hospital was involved in a crash just before 1:00 this morning a car swiped the ambulance at the intersection of broad street and allegheny avenue in north philadelphia. the patient was taken to the hospital in another medic unit and police are questioning the driver of the car, a woman who was not injured in that crash. >> pennsylvania's highest court will hear an appeal on a lawsuit challenging philadelphia's year old tax on soda and other sweetened drinks. the beverage industry and business owners say the tax has cut sales and forced
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layoffs. mayor jim kenney argues the tax is crucial for funding universal prekindergarten education. the beverage tax took effect in january of last year. the commonwealth court upheld the tax in june. >> so, yes, it's cold this morning but you don't think about that first when you step outside, you think i feel like i'm under a spotlight. [laughter] >> yeah, we do have that big moon trifecta lunar eclipse out in the pacific area this morning, here it will just be a little shading on the side after about 10 of but it's the closest in its orbit to the earth but a nice big fat moon. go out and howl at it but get in the car and put the heat on. as we take a look outside we have sky6 in center city. not only is it cold but you can see those flags on the parkway. i love this shot in our new sky6 camera because it always indicates whether or not the winds are strong and obviously it is rather blustery in center city right now. wind chills in the single digits and that's on top of these temperatures. right now it's 18 degrees in
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philadelphia, 15 in reading, 18 in millville and 22 in cape may, new jersey, everybody pretty much has wind chills in the single digits early and probably staying pretty cold later this afternoon. you can see that there is some sunshine on the way early but we do have some clouds out to the west that will tend to roll in as the morning goes on and especially the afternoon. in the lehigh valley sun to clouds today, brisk and cold with a high of 33. feeling like it's in the teens and 20's this afternoon. at the shore sun and clouds brisk and code a high of 36 and in philadelphia sun giving way to increasing clouds, brisk and cold with a high of 35 and wind chills in the single digits and teens during the morning and then getting into the 20's this afternoon with that 10 to 20 miles per hour wind. overnight tonight more clouds will build in and it's not as harsh. the winds will ease back a bit. the overnight low only 29 which means when you get up early tomorrow morning it will not be as bitter as it is right now. then in the afternoon tomorrow, a southerly flow ahead of an approaching front gets us up to a milder high of
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47 degrees. late in the day, though, that front may trigger some showers and then that pretty quick light rain moves through and is done by about 6, 7 o'clock in the morning. there is the indication on some models that it could be cold enough where that changes over to a little snow at the tail end. we're not too concerned about that right now but that's something we'll watch for friday morning. if you're headed out to minneapolis today is your last quote/unquote decent day. 31 degrees. after that the cold air rushes in. thursday seven, friday 16, some snow is possible on saturday with a high of 13 and behind that front on sunday in minneapolis a high of just seven under the sun, probably brisk. i could see wind chills easily below zero. your seven-day forecast, 35 degrees, brisk and cold around here today but then tomorrow mostly cloudy and we improve to 47 degrees with some rain possible late in the day or evening. some of that rain tapers off probably fairly early on friday morning, maybe a brief changeover to snow at the end. it's ground hog day. might be raining a little bit on phil out there to the west.
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33 degrees is the high on friday. then for the weekend brisk, still cold on saturday, 35. there could be a snow shower at night. and then sunday we're watching pretty carefully. it does look like it's going to be cloudy with a high of 39. there could be some rain developing during the day and that could eventually mix with some snow and there's the concern that if the temperatures drop fast enough in the evening, we might get that changeover to snow before the end of the super bowl and postgame parties. so, keep your eyes on that and you might want to plan accordingly exactly what you are going to do. >> thank you david. >> yeah. >> it is 5:11 and fema is ending its food and water aid in puerto rico as the island continues to try to recover from hurricane maria. >> service animal or pet? an airline refuses o to let a woman fly with her animal companion even though she offered to buy eight ticket. the problem as you'll find out later in the morning buzz is that the animal is a peacock. >> people. and our eagles super bowl coverage continues. hear why quarterback nick foles got emotional while talking to reporters ahead of sunday's big game.
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karen. >> what kind of service does a peacock? makes you proud. i could use a little of that. this is 422 at 23. traffic here is moving fine. no restrictions with construction but we've got a new accident in montgomery county. that's coming up next. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> check this out, baby. yeah, that's live, man. a rare celesteial phenomenon. this is a supermoon, a
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blueline and a partial lunar eclipse at the same time. out in the west they're seeing a total lunar eclipse. astronomer says this is the first time on earth everyone has seen such a sight and the first time anyone has seen this in the americas in 150 years. so it's closer to earth than it usually is, it's a blue moon seconds in the month and then it's going to be a little bloodish with the lunar eclipse. >> back in the old days they would see things like this and see them as a sign. i think it's a sign we're going to win the super bowl. >> a good omen. >> i like that, tam. clearly it's a sign. >> it's a sign traffic is clearing up. >> yeah, there are no signs that traffic -- okay, i really love seeing that, though. i missed it this morning and i was so excited about it. ramp from 11 southbound 202 southbound in west goshen township chester county an accident involving a tractor-trailer but what we're seeing now looks like the
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trailer's on that tow truck. kind of hard to tell but i think it might be so hopefully. they've had that heavy duty tow truck out out there for awhile. it's been closed for awhile here in chester county. you have to use the ramp from boot road instead. let's take you over here to a new accident on 309 bethlehem pike at mcloughlin road. watch for this one in montgomery township. northeast extension construction blocking the right lane northbound between quakertown and lehigh valley but not really causing too much of a problem so you're moving okay there. temperatures about 16 degrees colder than yesterday, so bundle up. i wore my heavy duty coat today. 13 in quakertown. these are the temperatures. not the wind chill. 14 in pottstown. it's only 18 degrees right now in center city. the suburbs in new jersey, 16 in browns mills, 15 in vineland. it's just 19 degrees in smyrna, delaware and the wind chills ranging from five in reading to four in the city
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and seven to millville. really cold air. it's back today, yes, it's still winter, tam. >> indeed it is but 50's days until spring that's all i can say. fema is halting relief supplies to puerto rico more than four months after hurricane maria slammed the island. fema says it plans to end food and water shipments today because private supplies are available. it will that continue to provide assistance to agencies and organizations working in more outlying areas. some on the island though believe it's too soon to end the deliveries given that a third of residents still lack electricity and in some places running water. utility trucks from our area are on their way to puerto rico to help try to get the lights back on. "action news" was at peco's berwyn service center yesterday. the trucks will arrive by barge with the line men flying out in a couple of weeks. >> the eagles will hit the practice field in minnesota today with four days to go until the super bowl. quarterback nick foles is playing for his teammates for his fans here in philadelphia and for someone else who keeps him motivated his daughter
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lily who was born in june. >> everything. that's the most important thing. when i get to -- when i think about this journey and everything i get home and i -- i get to see her. i get to see my wife and i see her and my wife like in her like just in her face in her mannerisms. that's what it's about. >> foles clearly becoming em motional talking about lily. he also said he wants his daughter to grow up to be proud of her dad. both foles' wife and daughter will be at the game cheering him on on sunday. the flyers face the washington capitals tonight. they are looking to close out a successful january with their fifth win in the last six games. the sixers faced the brooklyn -- face the brooklyn nets tonight. center joel embiid is set to play in back to back games for the first time this season when the sixers host miami on friday and then visit indiana
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on saturday. embiid sat out the game against milwaukee on monday night to rest. >> ♪
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>> seems like an unusual bust in the u.s. wasn't so minor for police in spain. they pulled over a car for driving erratically but found hundreds of oranges stuffed inside the car. 4 tons in all. now, the theft of the fruit happens often in spain where orange prices get too high sometimes. they had a lot of oranges. >> open my car door you never know what could come out. >> food. >> shoes. >> food that's been eaten partially. >> partially, yeah. >> he's a little bit better since i got rid of the minivan i-95 near the welcome center, no extra construction this morning. we're watching for some slick spots here or there. especially on the ramp. not seeing too many problems with it though.
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just be careful out there people. don't drive like ugg normally did which is too fast like tam. >> whoa, whoa. >> all day following the accident on monday. just slipped that in there dave. >> hump day not fight day. [laughter] >> all right, we've got wind chills i'm going to hit you with these because this is the important number. it feels like it's four out there right now in philadelphia, just seven in millville, eight in allentown. obviously you bundle up. a little bit more than you have been recent mornings and the temperatures just temperatures alone are not going to be exactly great today. we'll start out in the teens on the el station platform and the bus stop this morning and for the evening commute probably down around the freezing mark. your high is going to be right around 35 degrees. i know this model's got 36. i'm thinking 35 and with the winds blowing all day long you're going to wind up seeing wind chills in the single digits and teens during the morning and probably in the 20's this afternoon. all green aircraft, no major delays at the philadelphia international airport and for a change, no sign of precipitation in any of our big travel destinations. tam. >> thank you david. going to health check there are benefits to breastfeeding
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not just for the baby but for mom also. a study of more than 3,000 women found that women who nursed infants were up to 51 percent less likely to have high blood pressure when they got older. the study published in the american journal of hypertension suggests women who breastfeed more children and for longer periods of time they are less likely to suffer from hypertension after they reach menopause. >> 5:23 now. in the morning buzz, see why an airline refused to allow a woman to fly with her emotional and very proud support animal. >> people really do push it. firefighters saved a puppy stuck on an icy river. first up here's "gma"'s first look. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, a nearly 38 hour standoff. [gunfire] ending in tear gas and battering rams. a wanted man holding himself up inside this minneapolis hotel for nearly two days. >> he made multiple threats that he was going to kill himself and others. >> police tried to arrest
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43-year-old rashaad baumann for a nonviolent white collar crime he allegedly committed in arizona. bowman who claimed to be armed was starting small fires inside the room and didn't want to go easily. initiating the standoff taking a woman hostage and locking them both in the sixth floor hotel room at one point calling abc news station kftp. >> he wanted to burn the building down, the hotel down where people are staying. >> coming up at 7 o'clock more from the local news reporter baumann first contacted. with your "gma" first look, i'm kendis gibson abc news new york. this valentine's day, zales invites you...
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>> morning buzz. a service animal ruffled some feathers at newark liberty national airport in new jersey. a passenger here was proud enough to actually try and fly with her peacock. according to a post from the airline blog, live and let fly, the woman tried to bring the peacock on board a recent united airlines flight and even offered to pay for its second seat for the oversized bird while claiming she had a right to bring it on board as her emotional support animal. the spokesperson for united airlines says the peacock did not meet their guidelines for an emotional service animal. >> i -- i just don't know where to begin even with looking at that picture. it is 5:27 and we're coming back with more eagles coverage. an exclusive with coach doug pederson and we hand the mic over to former eagle brian
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westbrook. philadelphia police are revealing their playbook for what will happen after this game and they say, no, you won't see them out there greasing light poles. they've got other things they're going to do.
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>> preparing for the patriots.
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"action news" snags an exclusive interview with coach doug pederson ahead of today's first team practice in minnesota. >> super bowl security. philadelphia's top brass lay out plans to keep people safe during sunday's main event and at any celebration that is may follow. >> making his case to the country. president trump highlights economic strength and calls for unity during his first state of the union address. >> good morning. 5:30 now on this wednesday january 31st. time to take a look at that cold accuweather out there and that beautiful moon. we've got dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning. really is much colder than yesterday. >> yeah, it is. i mean, we've had mornings like this early in the winter. >> it's been a bit. >> it's been a bit. i don't want people to get out there and be like whoa. all right, the weather center shows you that we have sunshine on the way early. there are clouds building in in from the west aren't slipping in from the south of philadelphia. those increase as the day goes on but it is fairly bright out there once we get the sunrise. it's also very cold. 18 degrees is your curren


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