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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  January 31, 2018 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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"action news" learned that democratic congressman, bob brady, will not run for re-election. this comes from his attorney, today the long time congressman is expected to talk to reporters this afternoon and we'll bring it to you live on air and online at once again 11 term democratic congressman, bob brady, says he will not run for re-election and the decision is not related to the corruption charges filed against two of his aides last year. and more breaking news here, federal prosecutors decided not to retry new jersey senator bob mendez and his friend on corruption charges. the first trial for mendez ended in a hung jury last november. mendez was accused of trading his influence for campaign donations and gifts. and today the judge threw out
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the bribery counts. and now to the countdown to super bowl lii. it's getting closer and we are getting more excited. we are just four days away and the philadelphia eagles have the chance to win the team's first ever lombardi trophy. and quarterback nick foles talked to the media before heading to the first full practice since arriving in minnesota. he talked about how honored he is to lead the team and aware it's a huge responsibility. >> trust me i know what it mean to the city and what it means to us. a lot of hard work and this opportunity and we are going against a great opponent and we have a lot of work to do for sunday. >> and doug peterson addressed reporters and it has happens to be the coach's 50th birthday and the super bowl victory would be one heck of a birthday present.
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>> and zach ertz is known for his winning skills on the field but also known for his relationship with his wife. world champion soccer player, julie ertz. >> we are here to support him and his hard work and his team and what this team has done together and for the city of philadelphia. >> julie ertz was not at nfc championship game where the eagles were officially going to the super bowl but video of her finding out about it went viral. julie has a world cup under her belt. and today was declared eagles day in montgomery county. when you have eagle in your name a party for the birds is sure to be a huge success. jeanette reyes takes us to one special pep rally
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♪ fly eagles fly >> the eagles spirit is usually strong here in eagleville elementary school but this morning that would be an understatement. green hair to children with dog masks strolling the hallways and then the barking. >> it was no surprise that this was the place lower providence township board of supervisors chose to make an announcement. proclaim january 31st eagles day. >> the preparation for the pep rally and the big proclamation is big business here. >> i started to get really excited. i couldn't sleep last night. >> it's going to be crazy today. >> we have decorated like you would not believe. >> we are celebrating the eagle going to the super bowl and we are so excited for that. a decked out fire truck and bus was decorated and it spread to
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the classrooms and the library. >> oh my goodness we are so excited. >> you can tell. >> they are checking out every eagles book i own. >> and i hope that the eagles are going win. >> and it's hard to imagine what this school would look like if the eagles do in fact pull off the win on sunday. >> school officials tell me as of fow they don't have any set plans for celebrations if the eagles do win but the kids will hope for a delayed open come monday after staying up late sunday night. all right, and our "action news" team is continuing our coverage of everything eagles in minnesota. look for more live reports late tote at 4:00 and all week long and keep up with the eagles and the "action news" news team on and our super bowl weekend coverage kicks off at 8:00 friday night here an 6 abc. watch our "action news" championship preview live from
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minneapolis and join us throughout the day on saturday as the excitement building and on game day sunday, we'll have live reports starting on "action news" at 6:00 p.m. all morning long leading up to "action news" at noon. the pregame coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. on sunday and then "action news" will be on the air immediately after the game covering all of the angles from philadelphia and minneapolis and we'll wrap things up with "action news" at 11:00 and sports sunday. we have you covered all weekend long here on 6 abc. turning to the forecast now you really feel that winter chill when you step outside. it feels like temperatures were in the teens and we are warming up slightly. sky 6 hd showing you the commodore barry bridge and it's sunny season cold out there. be sure to bundle up. david murphy is outside braving the elements and a chilly way to say good-bye to january. >> no kidding the last day of january and it feels like it. i want to start you with
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satellite a good looking day and a tweet from one of my followers down in dover who said boy it's just a beautiful looking day if you don't go outside. crystal blue sky and the clouds will probably sweep in a bit later on. you see them to the west but right now it's nice. 25 if philadelphia currently and 23 in allentown and 27 right now in trenton and 28 degrees in wilmington and 26 in millville and down toward cape may and of course with a wind kicking up at times averaging from 10 to 20 miles per hour. it has a couple of us in the teens in terms of the windchill. feels like 19 and 23 in allentown and the wind slackened off a bit. if you are outside today bundle up in layers. more so than recently. 24 is the day's high feeling like 25 to 27 on the windchill monitor and that is all she wrote today. we'll be below the average
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tonight. 29 degrees above average because the winds turn out of the southwest tonight and milder air starts to get drawn in, as you take a look at the forward forecast today we hover around the mid-30s overnight and look what happens tomorrow at noon, up to 35 degrees and cloudier tomorrow and a break if the cold coming quickly. rick, there is another cold shot toward the weekend and continuing to track some possible precipitation for sunday and dress warmly this afternoon though. >> thank you. in other news president trump is challenging congress to make good on the long standing promise to make good on the immigration system and also warned that deadly gangs and violence are threatening the way of life. but the president called for optimism amid the growing economy. the sky featured a trifecta,
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a super blue blood moon. according to nasa the first since 1882. the first was out west before dawn. here is more on the rare cosmic show. >> a rare moon rising. decades in the making, a triple treat and a super blue blood moon, a super moon because it's at its closest point to the earth and blue moon the second full moon in the calendar month and a blood moon because it appears red during the lunar eclipse that is when it's directly in the earth's shadow and the moon was super big and super bright. a must see for families that spent the night on board of an aircraft carrier for a watch party. >> i couldn't sleep. >> i got no sleep. >> they love the super blue blood moon. >> your favorite part? >> when it started to turn red.
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>> the same reason why we have a blue sky and red sunsets, the earth's atmosphere bends the light to make it fall on the moon and the blue light scats out and the it make its through and it appears red. >> an incredible sight for sky gazers and in new york maybe a little orange and catching it in the east not ideal but the western u.s. got the best view of this rare event. how rare was this? the next time you'll catch a super blue blood moon will be in 19 years. january 31st, 2037. back here investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire on the building of the campus of the university of delaware. the blaze broke out at the university maintenance building on the 200 block of academy street. one was taken to christiana
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hospital. no word yet on the extent of their injuries. and the plans transporting a patient was caught up and sideswiped the medic and the patient was transferred to another ambulance and the driver of the car was not earously hurt. the men and women that served our nation were honored in delaware county. saint lawrence school in upper darby paid tribute to veterans with the simple mass. veterans were invited to attend along with students, faculty and staff. and there is more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. we are helping you spot counterfeit super bowl swag. coming up what to look for if are you about to buy a jersey for your favorite eagles player. we'll have that story and more when we come right back.
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with the super bowl just days away federal agents in minnesota are working to tackle
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a problem at major sporting events, they are working to spot counterfeits. and now making sure it's official nfl merchandise with a upc code and look for decals that could tear away. and a local business is showing eagles pride through the products while giving back to a good cause. these are the new donut called the igle. the signature cake donut with brotherly love, green and silver sugar. all proceeds are donated to the fund for the school district of philadelphia and we found excited customers at the rittenhouse square cafe. >> i'll take them into work and hopefully they are good luck and i'll pick up some on friday and
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some on sunday. my boyfriend is a patriots fan and we are bringing the eagles fans over to cheer him out of the house. >> and the donuts will be available at all four federal doughnut locations in philadelphia. ♪ fly eagles fly on the road to victory ♪ >> now that is one amazing performance of the eagles fight song, this is the valley forge choreal in eaglesville. keep your fan videos and photos coming use #6abcaction. well, the royal relationship between princess kate and meghan markle is being watched by the world and "people" magazine looking at the two that will soon me sister-in-laws.
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>> it says that history repeated itself. kate middleton and meghan markle already called the princess diana and duchess of york of our generation. >> not since princess diana and sarah ferguson did someone capture the imagination. >> like their predecessors, they have distinctly different personalities and paths to the palace. at 36 years old the same age, princess diana and fergie only in their 20s when they captured innational attention. >> kate and megan are a decade older than fergie and di were. and they are become more established. >> kate groomed by the royal family, while markle the first american to be married to a royal in decades and mentored by kate on the strict rules and
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protocols of royal life. the world is watching with kate's baby due if april and megan's wedding in may. >> the family is great and the past year and a half we had a nice time getting to know them and helping me feel a part of not just the institution but part of the family. >> katherine has been wonderful. >> amazing. >> wonderful.
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meteorologist, david murphy, back inside with the accuweather forecast. >> you came back inside quickly. >> it's cold out there. you don't want to spend more time out than you have to. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you if you are headed out driving and lots of sun out there. as we take a look on sky 6 hd evidence of that over the ben franklin bridge and the sky is beginning to go from blue to milky white. and later tonight the clouds get even thicker and for now a good
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looking day and you have to bundle up. 25 degrees and wins are calm but have been running anywhere from about 10 to 20 miles per hour at times and this is an abrigs, we are posting a windchill of 19. that could be an error. 24 in reading and 25 in philadelphia. and 27 reading and 26 in millville. and cape may 27 degrees and of course everybody has the windchills in the upper teens and low 20s right now. satellite shows you the cloud cover beginning to roll and in become more pronounced and we expect the high clouds to overtake us over the next few hours and sun mixing with clouds and dry conditions, 33 in allentown un34 in reading and 35 in wilmington and 34 in trenton and not much of a range between allentown and down to the shore in millville and cape may you'll get up to 37 today and everybody is looking at the windchills in the 20s for most of the day.
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here is how numbers go. 3:00 and 4:00 i expect to sit at 45 and the numbers have a tendency to fall and 31 degrees not a whole lot lower tonight. it's not as harsh tomorrow morning as it wa this morning. tomorrow afternoon the southerly flow gets us milder up to 49 degrees for a high and it will be a little bit cloudy out there. and late in the day showers are possible but we'll get a break from the cold we are feeling today. in terms of the shower activity it could start as early as 5:00 or 6:00 in the northern suburbs and this rain builds a bit and going over the shore by early friday morning. it could be off the coast by as early as 6:00 or 7:00. and a question if the cold air rushing in behind it will be able to catch this rain and turn it into snow before it gets to the region and it shouldn't last all that lon and that is the way most model play this and tomorrow colder and temperatures falling during the day and
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speaking of falling temperatures, today 31 and cold air rushes in 6 degrees for the high and 13 on friday and if you head out to minneapolis on saturday, it may be snowing in the morning and in the afternoon probably drying 10 is the high and for super bowl sunday a high of 6. as i mentioned a half hour ago, if you go to minnesota and plan to tailgate before the game look for windchills of about 4 degrees below zero. me, i think i'm go directly from the hotel to the uber to the stadium. brisk and cold today. but sun is giving way to clouds and tomorrow 49 and you saw late if the afternoon and evening the rain could spill in late in the morning and we say hi to punxsutawney phil in the morning and most of the afternoon you are in the 20s and blusteryith windchills in the teens and 20s. and 35 with a brief snow shower
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on sunday and 41 is the high and rain arrives during the day and a question now if we also mix in snow but in the least it will be getting wet as we go through the afternoon and evening and you may be dealing with that on the way home from the super bowl and related parties and if snow mixes in and we'll be on top of that. >> if the eagles win there will be nothing but sunshine despite the weather. >> the philadelphia auto show is happening this week at the pennsylvania convention center and this year the the antique's auto mall first ever auto show. >> all right so ready? >> the antique auto mall in morgantown, pennsylvania has eight acre under one roof. we have 400 barn finds from a private collection. it take a golf cart to navigate the space.
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>> this is a sears you could buy out of the sears catalog. the largest classic car facility in the world. used to be a furniture store and now part museum. and part consignment shop. this is the showroom. >> and class ims for sale like the 2003 ferrari with just 7,000 miles on the v 12 enagain. >> still has the mystique of a ferrari but a more comfortable setting. the auto mall is home to 75 cars that are more than 100 years old. the 1905, ols mobile a one cylinder engine it's fast. these were hard to find because they were used. each was restored and has an engine that runs and has a story. >> this was the sports car of the day. hot shot of the neighborhood and
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all the other kids witched they had one. they have an open house from 4:00 until 8:00 p.m. to learn more for yourself. >> this is a neat car and look out at the night. and walk through. see vehicles from different eras. 57 chevy one of the most iconic cars, seeing the history of the american automobile and the history of a particular car and wondering what happened in that car. and now the story is shared at the philadelphia auto show. we like to be involved with things like that. these cars need to be seen. >> for fyi philly i'm melissa magee.
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all right closing in on 1:00 a look at the forecast with david murphy.
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>> the northwestern suburbs 34 degrees and 31 in pottstown and center portion 35 everywhere and down the shore a couple of degrees warminger. it's going to be windy and cold and windchills feel like the 20s at the best of times this afternoon. bundle up. >> you think tomorrow is february or something. >> you would. >> that is it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy and sara bloomquist i'm rick williams have a warm afternoon. we'll see you here later today. >> announcer: get ready for
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