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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  January 31, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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injured and also trying to identify the shooter who they are still looking for at this time there is one person in extremely critical condition that was shot. this is video from chopper 6 hd over the scene, this happened just before 4:00 at lincoln high school. that is when 911 calls came in reporting a large fight in the school's parking lot and shots fired. we have confirmed that one male, 32 years old was shot but he was taken by private vehicle to naz reg high school and taken to temple hospital. because he was transported by private vehicle the police did not know at first. they are working to find the shooter and police put the school on lockdown immediately and at the time there were two basketball games happening and kids were in the gymnasium and
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we spoke to one young man mountain weight room. >> and the coach said get down they are shooting. and i said all right. i got right down. >> besides going through all the video they are working to interview more than adozen witnesses inside of the school now and trying to identify the shooter and the mote he. they believe it was between two adults but they don't know what the adult's affiliation is with the school. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we have a story of tragedy on the tracks this morning. involving a train carrying republican members of congress and their families. an amtrak train smashed into the truck on the tracks in virginia and one person in the truck was killed and five people were taken to the hospital. four have been released and are okay. the lawmakers were headed to the
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annual gop retreat in greenbriar, west virginia. we know that congressman jason lewis of minnesota was taken to the hospital with a possible concussion and it's not clear if other members of congress or their families were hurt. it wasn't clear until a few moments ago everybody has been given the all clear except for that one member from minnesota. world news from david muir will have more from the scene next at 6:30 after "action news." and we welcome you to super bowl wednesday and today we are talking about the huge security operation at the super bowl sites in minnesota. brian taff and sharrie williams is live at the mall of america and sara bloomquist is live in downtown minneapolis. brian and sharrie lets begin with you. >> reporter: good evening jim. the super bowl is designated as a nation ale special security event than means that the u.s. government is providing an enormous amount of resources to
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make sure that fans are safe. >> that is right. and only "action news" got a birds eye view of exactly how they do that as i went flying with the men and women of homeland security. tucked away behind closed doors on the far fringe of minneapolis the weapons of war are primed for prevention. >> just to keep the american public safe. >> a fleet of black hawk helicopters shift to provide muscle in the air and bring boots to the ground. this four man crew from the air marine unit is busy getting ready. their mission this sunday and the days leading up to it is clear-cut. >> we want to keep the viewers focused on the game and not worried about any potential terrorist threat. >> today they took us along. >> there she is. >> giving us a glimpse of how they do what they do. >> we are providing security from now until the super bowl.
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after kick off we'll have a full day and provide three main functions. >> first team will be enforcing the federal restrictions meant to keep other aircraft away and intercepting them and escorting them back to the grown. >> and the other thing is reaction force. ground law enforcement to respond to that -- we'll be able to air deliver. >> and the third prong is to serve as eyes in the sky. using high tech cameras to check out anything that officers on the streets simply can't see. technically this is a standard mission for this crew and they too are aware this is special rather than chasing bad guys, this time the goal is to assure a good time. and yes i had to ask. >> members of the arms forces you are a patriot but as a pilot also an eagle. >> who are you going for? >> unfortunately -- >> you don't have a dog in this
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fight. >> no comment. >> all kidding aside. the super bowl is a success for these guys if the fans never know they are there, the truth is they will be there there 4 hours a day around the clock through sunday. >> and there has not been any credible threats against the super bout b law enforcement does not want to let their guard down at any point. live from bloomington, minnesota, jim back to you. >> thank you. lets switch to downtown minneapolis sara bloomquist is there. we have just seen the security effort from the air what about what is going on down on the ground? >> jim, we are outside of the fan experience at the convenience center and you may make out over my shoulder the national guard is stationed out front and barricades and fencing up and a security check point for fans to go through. this is typical for the super bowl venues.
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all around the region and today we hear from the nation's head of homeland security. the fbi and the minneapolis police chief and the nfl about what it took to put this massive security plan into place. >> from the mall of america to the stadium itself. security is tight in minneapolis and secretary of home lan security kirstjen nielsen toured the area today and was blunt about the emtreme safety precautions. >> because of the size and scope it could be an attractive star get won't don't have any credible threat. >> and especially trained k-9s patrol each venue and asking people to consider their own safety dress for the cold and take the train from the mall to the stadium. >> ticket holders now for the super bowl will have the oops to park for free at the mall of
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america go through screening there and take an express ride on the blue line train to the front door of the stadium. security alone took two years of planning with 52 training sessions and effect from an active shooter situation to a cyber bombing and the plan is now in motion. and officers are deployed to help keep super bowl fans safe. >> super bowl changed a lot since we last hosted this in 1992 and since then the world has changed and we need to make sure the symbol of our freedom for americans to get together and enjoy their past times we have to make sure their safety is first and foremost. >> reporter: and the nfl said they are encouraging fans with tickets to go to the stadium early, very early. the gates open at 1:00 and the longer you wait the longer you will wait in security. and telling fans you may hear there are sky walks and a lot of this is indoors but telling all fans at some point you will be
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outside in the elements and it's going to be freezing cold on super bowl sunday. live in minneapolis, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> according to accuweather a high of 7 or 8 degrees on sunday. take care sara bloomquist. >> the battle of the city council presidents is set darryl clark was at reading terminal market to show off the philly made treats he will ship up to boston if the patriots win super bowl lii. and jim steaks and butter cake from flying monkey and chocolate from the market. and boston city council andrea campbell she would send cannolis from mike's mystery if the eagles win. i'm not sure that that evenings
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everything out. >> kick off your super bowl weekend right here on channel 6. friday night at 8:00 join us for the championship preview live from minneapolis and stay with "action news" saturday as the excitement builds with live reports from minneapolis and then on sunday start your game day coverage on "action news" at 6:00 a.m. with live reports all morning and through "action news" at noon. and live pregame coverage begins on "action news" at 5:00 and that continues immediately after the game from philadelphia and minneapolis. and of course we'll wrap it all up with "action news" at 11:00. and sports sunday. we have you covered all weekend here on channel 6. >> coming up on "action news" a shift for philadelphia politics as congressman bob brady makes an announcement about his future. ducis rogers and brian westbrook standing by live in minnesota hey guys. >> hey there jim.
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we hear from nick foles from the second straight day and brian tells us why he is confident in the eagles quarterback. >> and we ended january on the cold side 32 degrees the high we'll start february with big swings in temperatures and several opportunities for rain and snow including on super bowl sunday i'll explain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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tonight word that an era ening in philadelphia politics.
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bob brady says he would not seek another term and disclosed the information to lawmakers today at noon and says it's time to spend time with hi family after spending time in washington for 21 years. "action news" reporter vernon odom has the story. >> right now it's time for me to come home. >> ending months of speculation bob brady is retiring after 10 terms and he has written 44 bills and passed 14 and the atmosphere in washington now he says is awful. he commutes back and forth four days a week and more and has to spend time with family including great grandchildren. >> i brought back $15.5 billion with a dollars to this region with the sunoco and jobs and
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dredging and i continue to be able to do that. >> the congressman says he is in the clear of corruption charges stemming from a finance team from the 2012 election campaign to get a primary challenger to drop out of the race and several have plead guilty. >> they advised me that based on their review and the statute of limitations i will not be charged in this case. >> several people including former deputy mayor. lined up to challenge brady in the primary. >> he will still represent all 69 ward leaders and look forward to his counsel and advice. >> and proud how he served our city and how he served in the u.s. congress and kept the common mans touch there and never got too full of himself. >> in retirement he says he will have plenty of clout in washington calling in favors from his days a major power
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broker and the boss of the democratic party machine. i'm vernon odom channel 6 "action news." >> and there is big news tonight about another well known public official, the corruption case against senator bob mendez of new jersey is now closed. federal prosecutors announced today that they will not retry the new jersey democrat and mendez faced charges of trading political influence for gifts and influence and the last trial ended with a deadlocked jury.
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we are only a few days of jeff skversky oc prediction for the super bowl. >> i hope you are working on it? >> i'm ready. >> not until friday night. >> okay. malcolm safety says that their defense is a reflection of the people of philadelphia.
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tough, blue collar and likes to fight and by the way talk a little trash. and jenkins wants to win the super bowl as badly as you do. live to minnesota with ducis rogers and brian westbrook. it starts today in practice. >> yes, indeed their first practice of super bowl week was held earlier today with the second straight day we heard from nick foles what is the sentence you get? >> he say competent guy a lot of success in the last nfc championship game and that type of confidence so close to this game the big stage the super bowl is a great thing for nick. >> he was the subject of a large media gathering but not before he stopped by to see b. west. and he is embracing it. >> the opportunity to compete at the highest level and the largest game against the best. that is what we play the game for and look forward to.
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to go into the game with the opportunity i'm looking forward to it. >> i had an assistant coach telling me that this team has loose confidence why is that a good thing? >> if you are uptight and nervous you can't play your best game. they are loose all season long dancing and having celebration, that is the character and they are loose. and they need that to win the game. >> look at this bizarre scene. several players were wearing wrestling masks out there. the mexican restling association. that is brandon graham and fletcher cox behind the masks and has an eagles logo on it. what is this all about. >> this was a gift from a guy from mexico gave me this so i have super powers all week. i bought in 100%. i have super powers. >> what are the super powers? >> i can't tell you.
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>> the game is on sunday but right now i feel like i'm ready to go like i have my helmet on. >> you have to have fun. and you get serious and doing your job. >> i know you say it's okay to be loose. maybe too loose? >> they are ready to begin the early part of the week today was the first day of practice and guys were chomping at the bit and getting ready to get the work in and focused and ready for sunday that is the most important part. >> brian westbrook i'm ducis rogers jeff to you. >> i would expect you guys to have the masks on when you came back. ron kowski is at limited practice. he remains in the concussion protocol. he is expected to play again the eagles on sunday. >> some terrible news to pass along. former la salle star, butler was killed in a car accident
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overnight and butler and his wife died in a one car crash when his car hit a parking meter and a wall and rolled over. he played 13 seasons in the nba after graduating la salle and butler was 38 years old and a tragedy and former players including allen iverson sending their condolesances.
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lots to talk about from accuweather cecily tynan. >> we start february with active warren on the way. i want to share this video not
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from philadelphia but from the st. paul winter carnival and this is a 70 foot tall ice castle there. no threat of that melting. the highs in minneapolis area single digits and the teens. right through the weekend some very cold air moving in there here there is warmer air moving in and a little bit of cloud cover and claire posted the photo on my facebook page of the sun setting in medford and the sunsetting at 5:19. usually do the weekend preview on thursday, but it's a big weekend so can't wait. saturday the cool side sunny and 33 degrees and then i'm tracking what looks to be a sizable storm on super bowl sunday. right now the latest information shows some snow moving in in the half noon and could get a change over to rain, heavy rain by
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sunday evening, the high 41 degrees and looks like a pretty messy system on super bowl sunday here. right now the big story the coal air it's dry and it's pretty frigid out there. 31 and allentown 29 and cape may 32 and reading 27 degrees and factor in the breeze and windchills generally in the 20s and teens that is where they have been all day long. look at the the streamlines, aeros out of the south and that is pulling up warmer air through the day tomorrow. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we started the day with bright sunshine and the warm invection clouds move in and not as cold as last night. last night temperatures dropped to the teens tonight in the mid to upper 20s. 26 in the suburbs and 29 for center city with mostly cloudy skies. for the start of february tomorrow lots of clouds but temperatures are on the mild side. 49 in philadelphia and today's high 32 and allen tonight 47 and millville 51 and dover 52 and we
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have rain developing late in the day on thursday with a cold front. so future tracker 6 showing at 4:00 showers developing north and west of philadelphia. really fills in overnight across the i 95 corridor and south jersey and delaware. by 10:00 cold air behind the system. it looks like the moisture out runs the cold air and brief change over to snow. in the wee hours of the morning. this is a rain event opening the door for cold air on friday and saturday and super bowl tracking low pressure out of the four corners and the latest information shows the low tracking close enough for warm air. this storm right now looks more wet than white and could end in brief snow followed by a soaking rain sunday night. but tracks could change. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mostly cloudy and mild, 49 degrees and even rain, friday for grown hog day. windchills in the teens and a
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good amount of sunshine and 32 and increasing clouds and 33 and super bowl sunday it looks like we could start with brief snow and a change over to rain and 31 degrees and monday cooler 39 degrees and tuesday increasing clouds and 43 and wednesday a chance of rain with a high of 44 and i'll have new information on the super bowl storm on "action news" tonight at 11:00. >> thank you. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff and ducis rogers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky ducis rogers i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, the deadly train crash. more than 100 members of congress onboard. just hours after the president's state of the union, republicans on the train, including the speaker of the house, slamming into a truck. one killed, several injured. images from the scene. also breaking tonight, the fbi urging the white house tonight not to release a secret memo reportedly critical of the agency. the fbi citing grave concerns. and this moment, audio of the president late last night, what he said about releasing that memo. the deadly flu, and tonight, the new concern here over the supply of that rapid test used to diagnose patients. and tonight, word of a young mother of four from new hampshire, one of the newest victims. the arrest, a student at virginia tech. authorities said he had an assault rifle and was trying to get thousands of rounds of ammuniti.


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