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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 3, 2018 12:42am-1:12am EST

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>> six or seven of years he is really focused and i take on 100%, i take the kids to school, i become a lot more present. >> but exposing his personal life came with a down side after a boston radio personality was suspended -- after refearing to brady's daughter. and internet attention on a kiss between brady and his son is making waves. this series focuses on brady's fanatical commitment to preparation her alloweding his tb-12 movement which he feels led to his longevity from physical workouts and massages to his unorthodox diet down to special made path ams to help recovery. >> he found thing that's work for him. i want those path jamas that
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restore you in the sleep. >> i do too. not sure if i feel better in the morning. >> not sure i do either but he really truly believes it and wants to share his belief. >> playing quarterback for the new england patriots is not a job for tom brady it's like what he was put on the planet to do. >> that seemed unlikely in 2000 when brady was chosen 199th overall in the nfl draft. >> he was not physically imposing. anybody in the patriots who tells you they knew tom brady would become most accomplished quarterback ever and future hall of famer ever is lying because if they knew wouldn't have waited until the sixth round to pick him. >> didn't have that huge hundred million dollar contract or press conferences, tom was just one of zbl us. >> the early 2000 marked the
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rise of super bowl nation. >> he said no one has won three in a row. we had just won the super bowl, don't think we even had the parade yet but he was already talking about another. >> 18-0 record in super bowl 42. >> ten years ago brady's patriots made history going undefeated all the way to the super bowl meeting the new york giants, there he came face to face with michael strahan who delivered a devastating sack. >> denied by strahan. >> what do you remember about that moment. >> to sack tom brady not something many people get to do. it's tom brady i'm on the ground with tom brady and only person who gets this close it gisele. know what i i'm saying. it was really special.
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i can now say oh, yeah i sack that guy. >> strahan is also an executive producer on "tom versus time" and despite that legendary hit he and brady are now friends. >> what's tom like off the field, off camera, you're friends? >> he's fun. it will be march and he won't drink sometimes, be like i'm not drinking, i'm like why, well, i'm training, but it doesn't stop him from having fun. because he will literally do 80s karaoke hip hop. yeah. didn't the say he was good, by loves it. ha, ha. but he's a fun guy. he's a good guy. >> he says he would like to play until his mid 40s now you're 46, could you imagine playing football right now? >> in the mind, may feel it. but body's not having it i can't
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imagine it but if anything can do it is him. >> deflategate. >> deflategate. >> following new developments in deflategate. >> last season brady was suspended four games for deflategate. >> i have no knowledge of anything. no knowledge of any wrongdoing. >> brady finds his man. >> but in the end triumph as brady orchestrated the greatest come back in super bowl history against the falcons. >> patriots win the super bowl! >> each year the questions when will the time come to hang up the jersey. >> why's everyone want me to retire so bad. i don't need exterior motivat n motivatio motivations, the ones inside me are enough. >> brady has defied age in the sport in elite company with the laichs of roger federer and
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michael phelps and serena williams. >> people can dislike the patriots how good they've been for how long and dislike brady for how good he's been, also admire the heck out of them and him because here he is still doing it. >> his wife gisele made no bones about him retiring. >> oh, she's ready. about eight years can ago she said michael i want you to talk to my husband. i think she sees the down side of playing for so long. thinking about issues. thinking about the concussions are now in the forefront of everybody's mind. she's just looking out for the wife who loves her husband. but ultimately the decision is up to him. >> how long can he keep it up only tom knows. >> i wish i did at 22 years old what i have been doing for last ten years. create this version of me at 40 that i think is a lot better than when i was 22. >> he says he's not stopping any
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time soon. >> you want to do this until you're 45. >> yeah, forever. >> in the meantime laser focus brady has eyes only on his opponent on sunday, the eagles and potential sixth super bowl ring to cement his single legacy. >> he has a fire inside him that you don't really see in his position all the time but it's in him all the time that's why he'sback in the super bowl because he's pretty much superman. >> for new yorom new york. >> next mean, green and notoriously obscene, true story s about what could be the nfl's rowdiest fans cheering on the under dog in super bowl's show down. some air fresheners are so overwhelming, they can... send you and your family running.
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this super edition of "nightline" continues. >> as just about any die-hard nfl fan, ask them and they'll have a story about screaming matches, fist fights or throwing up in the parking lot but eagles fans tonight will say that's not who they really are, well, kind of. >> launches down field. touchdown. >> gridiron battle. last month during eagles versus vikings game they are seen as the tough ones. rough around the edges and ready to tackle at any given time. though not these folks, i'm talking about these guys. >> these fans are the most
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passionate fans in sports. >> those infamous philadelphia philadelphia eagles fans that demonstrate not all of the action is on the field. >> hours before the 52nd super bowl the city of brotherly love finds itself once again battling its famous nickname. >> we get dirty, we are not afraid of it either. >> they have such a true passion waiting for that time to twin all. hopefully then they'll chill out a little bit. >> when it comes to football eagles fans are the good, the bad and the ugly. >> it's the same everybody is, brutally honest. >> if you wonder what a victory looks like, two weeks ago we got ate taste.
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philly police prepared greasing down poles before the game, it didn't work. the iconic philly art museum steps once again the back drop. you heard about the man arrested for punching a police horse, well it happened twice. but some eagles fans aren't all so out there. welcome to bury the hatchet eagles themed bat cave. ♪ fly eagles fly ♪ on the road to victory ♪ eagles! ♪ >> he calls this addition to his house the locker room decking it out with 16 flat screen tvs even in the bathroom. >> never miss any of the action. >> there's neon everywhere. bar stools. autographed items all an eagles
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fan could ever want. >> i'm been a philadelphia eagles fan since 1964. oh, my word i'm old. >> got the money from what he was saving for retirement home and his wife couldn't argue. >> she said you've worked hard all your life if that's what you want to do that's what you should do. that's what i did. >> the fans would gather here bleed green. >> in my mind philadelphia eagles fans are the best fans in all of sports. >> this season after losing key players to issues including quarterback carson wentz will take the field with back up quarterback nick foles and the odds are stacked against them. fittingly players and fans alike have been sporting these masks in their eagles under dog. >> eagles haven't won a championship since dwight
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eisenhower was president. >> they have great fans and great support. i know when we played in jacksonville in the super bowl that stadium was practically all eagles fans i expect that again this time. >> sure they had actual super heroes like batman and captain america, chris evans, but the eagles had rocky himself. >> if you haven't guessed it by new i am a die-hard fan. >> for me rocky is like a real human being we have a statue and everything. it fits our team. >> bradley cooper played a rowdy eagles fan in "silver lining play book" and he's one in real-life too. even wwe star john sec e na sho his respect and he's a patriots fan but maybe that's so he doesn'tened up on the receiving end of this.
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the eagles faithful have a rep as one of the most feared fan bases in sports. here throwing ice balls at the cowboys, injuring a coach and an official. >> can't tell you what a joy it is to come to philadelphia and dodge not snow balls but ice balls. >> fans were so rambunctious there was even a jail and i judge. >> fair but tough judge. >> under the old stadium just in case. even santa has been on the receiving end getting boos as well as snow balls. >> a 1968 incident so infamous that es prks n 30 for 30 spoofed it. >> these snow balls came cast kade cascading down. >> throwing snow balls at santa let's move on. >> former quarterback won't stand for slandering these fans.
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>> there's always few knuckle heads at every stadium but i can say the philadelphia fans are the most passionate fans in the national football league. always couple knuckle heads looking for publicity but 99% of the fans are absolutely n sloou outstanding. >> i'm excited to watch the super bowl. >> as is this man who is having more than a hundred friends and family for the big game. >> the eagles on one side and enemy on the other side. >> he claims he will be happy whether the eagles win or lose but he would still gladly accept the biggest win. >> talk to me sunday, if you need any photography work from the sky strap a camera on me, i will be a human drone, i'll be flying all over the sky because
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♪ finally tonight, if you're worried about sounding silly talking sports at upcoming super bowl party that's nothing compared to last night on jeopardy when an entire panel of contestants failed to answer a single question about football. >> football 400. [ reading ] [ laughter ] dallas cowboys? >> fair catch? >> 800. >> they're called offsetting penalties. >> let's look at the thousand
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dollar include just for the can dollar clue just for the fun of it. >> after the show jeopardy tweeted fun fact our contestants answered as many clues in this category as the browns had wins this season. thank for watching as always we're online 24 hours on facebook. good night america. ca. what do you get when you put comedic mastermind ricky gervais... thanks for coming, kids. a room with five little kids? -are you married? -sort of. i've had the same girlfriend for over 30 years. why didn't you propose to her?! [ laughs ] a lot of laughs and complete chaos. don't give me a hard time. [ shouting ] snap out of it.
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what happened to me that i'm here now being shouted at? i'm calling my lawyer. you're like a james bond villain. dun, dun, dun. but this isn't your average play date. i'm ready. let's go, baby! -oh-ha-ha! -yeah-ah-ah! someone could win some serious cash. oh, my god! one contestant and 10 questions, worth up to $200,000. get them all right... -yeah! -...that money is all theirs. get any wrong... -uhhhhh... -don't know. [ buzzer ] -i'm such an idiot. [ buzzer ] these questions are getting harder. ...and their fate in the game... -come on, kids. -...falls on the kids... it all comes down to this. answer the same question correctly. does anyone know? it was during the victorian era... which started the industrial revolution. [ bell dings ] -yes! the kids saved you. oh! they sure did. i never would've known that. i got to keep it real. i agree with her. -yeah! -yeah! yeah! this is worse than the golden globes. [ laughs ] not funny. i resign. welcome to "child support."
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-- captions by vitac -- hello. i'm fred savage. and welcome to the only game show where players can be saved by a group of little kids on every single question. let's welcome sabrina! [ cheers and applause ] yes! hi! hi! how are you? i'm fantastic! how are you? nice to meet you, sabrina! nice to meet you! i'm very happy you're here. tell me a little bit about yourself before we get started. okay. i'll be married 40 years this fall. oh, my gosh! i have four kids and seven grandbabies. seven grandkids? i have grandkids in michigan, i have grandkids in california.. and what do they call you? what do you go by? okay, well, i am not a granny. i'm not a grandma. i'm not a grandmother. they call me grannykins. okay. that is my name, and the rea-- all right, why grannykins? because i'm such a cool granny. and so, when they come over, is it rules are out the window? oh. oh, absolutely. we get pizza and hot dogs for breakfast. okay. chocolate ice cream.
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and we watch old movies all day long. so, grannykins. that's my name, baby doll. all right, grannykins, here's how you play. all right. we have 10 questions for you, starting at $1,000, going all the way up to $200,000. whoo! yes! that's what i'm talking about. that's what i'm talking about. you answer all of them correctly, and that top prize is yours. all right. 10 questions, 10 answers, 200 grand. we got this. it's that easy. you got this. all right. unless, of course, you get one wrong. ugh. if you do, you could leave with nothing. oh! but we're gonna provide you with a little help, and by help, i mean ricky gervais and five children in a conference room together. all right, well, i love kids, they love me, so hey! if just one of those kids can answer the same question correctly, you are still alive, and your game goes on. terrific. you got it? i got it. all right, good luck. thank you. here's your first question. all right. beautiful. worth $1,000. okay. [ cheers and applause ]
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with my granddaughter and my grandson, they had this cool thing now where they can just, like, touch it to the face and it gives the temperature, like, right away. it's like the won-- most wonderful invention... because with my own kids, it was a pain in the butt -- literally. they had to take it in the butt. [ laughter ] i'm gonna go with butt. okay. [ laughs ] is it...butt? ♪ [ buzzer ] no?! in the -- it's the rectum! it's not? [ laughter ] it's not. you're kidding me! you got it wrong. that means $200,000 is off the board, and you don't move up the money ladder, but the good news is, there is still $150,000 up there. yes! all right! and you're not out of the game yet. okay. if one of the kids... oh, they better know this. they... if one of them knows it, you are saved. okay.
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and you get to keep playing. but if they get it wrong, if no one knows it, you're done. oh, my god. it was so fast! oh, yeah. oh, please, god, no. so, let's see what happened when ricky asked these kids the very same question. ready? in order to take your temperature orally, a nurse would put a thermometer where? [ laughter ] -oh! easy! -that's so easy! they think this is hard? [ laughs ] it's not a difficult question. i'm -- i'm worried about the answers. i'm guessing it's a curse word. [ laughter ] right. under your tongue. under your tongue! "oral" means your mouth. in your mouth! thank god! [ bell dings, cheers and applause ] how are you feeling right now? well, pretty good that they saved my butt. no more butts! no more butts! no more butts! no more butts! the second question, okay? again worth $1,000. [ cheers and applause ]
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the bible. you're going with bible? yes. okay. we're gonna say that the incoming u.s. president puts his hand on a bible. [ bell dings ] oh, thank god. yes! okay. yes, yes, yes, yes! thank you, thank you, thank you! okay. oh, my gosh! all right. let's see if the kids knew this. -ready? -yeah. on inauguration day, the upcoming u.s. president traditionally takes the oath of office while putting his hand on what? anyone take a guess before... uh... go on. a mean kitty! [ laughter ] [ laughs ] right.


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