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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 12, 2018 2:30pm-3:00pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show. "right this minute." if you look closely through the glare -- >> cow, cow, cow! >> the driver who's got a beef to pick with one sturdy obstacle. >> back and up steer away! >>e posts happy photos with a big box. >> anybody want to guess? >> the sweet story behind the life-changing surprise. >> they went from none to three all at once. the super-slow show guys look to test a. [ skater. the astounding shots when tony hawk swoops in for the job. christiane, ollie, charity and gail breaking down the best on the web. inclusion why it's time to --
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>> stop being such a doubter, get your moves together. >> see who's going to feel the burn of the cupid shuffle plank challenge. >> hey, hey! -- i want to go out on a limb and say in russia, even the cows are crazy. >> well, we're going down a roadway. dash cam video from the uk. beautiful day. just cruising along. oh! cow, cow, cow! >> back up and steer away! >> that cow was beast mode. >> that cow got tenderized. >> the cow's fine. >> after the crash, it just goes off into the pasture. >> it jumps up. it didn't just get up slowly, it jumped up. meanwhile the person driving the truck, his car is totaled. >> wow. >> look at that. that was a full-on hit. >> they didn't have any time to hit the brakes. >> the glare too isn't helping.
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>> boom! >> yep, the cow flipped, ump whied up, was like, huh. >> they even took out that metal pole, insane. >> did somebody mention insane? let's move over. this hippo. some folks sightseeing. >> oh no. >> uh-uh. >> the hippo seems to be minding its business. >> they're dangerous. >> yeah. moving along. as soon as that hippo hits the pavement -- oh! >> dude! >> it goes charging for that blue car. >> that chevrolet wasn't built for that. >> i feel like it got a bit spooked. crossing the road, these other cars got moving, it got spooked. they weigh so much it's like a tank getting spooked. >> shuffled a little bit and heads off. whether or not it got spooked, that car? what on earth is going on here? the guy really loves this box. a huge hug in the corridor. want to keep it safe, make sure
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it's buckled in. sit it in the swings and take it down the slide, yay! maybe teaching that box how to hit a baseball. >> is he going to open the box s or is it empty? >> anybody want to guess what's in it? >> memory box. >> no but this box is going to create many memories. inside that box are their embryos. we see when the video kicks in she's holding a syringe, we start understanding the process. they go down to the doctor's office as well. obviously going through some sort of implant procedure. this is the moment, she's on his lap, they're on the phone, i think with the doctor. look at their faces. >> aww! >> they get a positive. but it's really positive. you're having seven! >> not seven, but three. >> there they are clam. >> oh, wow. >> all the love. i'm happy for them. a lot of couples who have to go through treatments tlik say it
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can be very strenuous. to say the fruits of their labor, that's amazing. >> they went from none to three all at once. which seems like so overwhel knowledging. on the other hand, once they're 18, 19, you're kind of done, get them all out of the way at once. >> do we really leave at 18, 19? >> well, you know. no. >> cool, unique we're able to see it all the way from the beginning to the end to see the successful birth as well. they were obviously excited. because they looked happy with that box tnos mt people do with their kids. hello, welcome to the super slow show. >> gav and dan on their latest episode of "super slow show." looking to test some skating tricks. if you're looking to get something in super slow motion, there really is only one person you can turn to do really make the slow dough cameras sing. >> tony hawk? >> oh -- you are correct, my
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friend. >> hey. >> tony hawk. >> cue tony! the best skateboarder ever. >> if you're going to do a trick that lends itself well to slow motion what do you think it will somebody. >> something where the board flips in the air. and i have an idea of this one trick. it's basically a heel flip and then i do a body rail, which means that my board stays in the same space and my body turns 180, then i catch and it come back in. these days you call it heel flip change melon grab. >> the trick he is going to pull off is not something that he nails every day. in fact, he has to practice. he gets this wrong a number of times before he finally gets it right. >> yeah! >> thanks, you guys. >> nice one. >> thank you. >> i don't get that one very often. >> nice. >> yeah. >> tony never disappoints. he finally nails it. but when you dial it back through those camera lenses, it's impressive. >> he makes it look like he just
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did it yesterday. >> we've seen tony do these tricks for years and he's always impressive. to see every little movement in slow motion, it makes me appreciate it all that much more. >> yeah! foot for paws is a rescue group that operates in the los angeles area. they have an machine line and they got a call at night to come rescue a dog that had been living underneath an abandoned car. and when you see where this car is, you'll see how tough it is to rescue a dog that doesn't know you and is not interested in getting to know you. here they are with their crate. they've got the dog surrounded so it really doesn't have a chance to escape. but look where it is. right there. up against the wall between the wall and the car. >> oh, okay, there he is. >> oh! >> right there. it's not a big dog at all. >> it's okay, come on.
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>> i'm going to walk toward him. >> i don't know how he was able to walk toward him, but he did, with the camera. >> there's the dog sandwiched in there. >> no, no, no -- what's the matter? oh my god. >> oh, yeah. it's gruowling. it's bahrking. but they have to deploy all their tools to get this little guy out. and look, they've got the catch pole out. >> it's okay, it's okay. look, look. >> almost like the dog is familiar with that collar, leash feeling. >> you know what, nick, you actually might be right. because once they finally do get the dog lassoed -- >> i got him. >> they said as soon as they lifted him up in their arms, he was like, hey. >> familiar touch, a warm hug. >> absolutely, that's exactly right. so they named him keanu. then it's bath time. >> oh, boy. >> this dog likes the bath.
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and now this dog likes to play, they discover. keanu is looking for a forever home. a hungry guy takes on an undefeated foot challenge. >> good grief. >> whoa. >> that is a good six pounds. >> i'm going to give it a shot. >> see if he's got the stomach to get it all down. >> i knew it! and -- ♪ i love you to infinity >> a singer puts on a mountainside performance for his lady. >> instead of continuing his song, he does this. >> why this picture-perfect moment definitely hits a high note. >> she looks like she needs oxygen. >> brought to you by progressive. aah! ...i would have said you were crazy. but so began the year of me. i discovered the true meaning of paperless discounts... and the indescribable rush of saving drivers an average of $620.
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make the dream yours.
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hey hun. look at all this extra room i have on this king size ikea bed. are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. where's mom? we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. at ikea, we help you live it. closedot captioning provide by -- among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. oh, waiter. there's a beard in my food. >> which is understandable. beard meets food. he's one of those food challenge guys. in this case he's taking on an undefeated food challenge. at handmade burgers in the uk. >> there's a nice beard. nice beard/moustache game there. >> it's delicious. >> good grief. >> whoa. >> that is a good six pounds.
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there's patties, there's chickens, there's all kinds of veggies, a huge load of handcut chips, a pile of jalapenos. >> he got through it in 20 minutes. >> and? >> you've got to stay at the table awhile once you're done. >> and? >> you're not allowed to throw up. he starts deconstructing that burger. >> taking onion rings, more chicken. less than tive minutes in, he's made a massive dent in that plate. >> it does say this is a delicious burger. >> he had to time to taste it? >> maybe in retrospect, thinking it. he ends up using the burgers to make a cole slaw burger. >> that bun has all that meat juice in it. it's probably soaked it in. >> toasted to perfection. >> oh my gosh, like friday night on the couch. >> jalapenos, if you blink you'll miss it, they're gone.
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>> is it fed up? >> yes, it's fed up, sherry. >> have to make sure. this man is eating like a crazy person. i've seen it happen in real life. >> almost spot on, 14 minutes. there you go. round of applause. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. he hasn't beat it yet. he's then told -- >> he so is gangster. he's got dessert coming? >> how do you get that? i want to ask. >> the people on this flight are already posting at altitude through the clouds. but one passenger on this flight is going to be on cloud nine for a completely different rope. do you see that flight attendant? she's holding cards. each card has a message on it. the first word is "will." >> is there a will here? anyone, will? >> no wills. second card says "you." "marry." >> as a passenger i'd be like, where'd she say those exit doors
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were? >> there's no time for any of that. as the word "marry" comes up, a passenger stands right up with the final card. >> yes? >> are they already walking down the aisle? >> technically, yes. he is a well-known singer in quebec. that is his lady. a couple of seats behind him. everyone starts clapping and he's crack up. this is kind of a goofy, different way to propose. but she's loving it. >> she said yes. let's head to mt. everest where michael has his girlfriend record the video. he's an aspiring singer, she's honing skills as a photographer, what better way than help each other out on this cool trip. he starts singing his favorite song. ♪ honestly i love ya to infinity ♪
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>> boy you made a thing. >> once he's done he asks her to readjust the camera, then asks her to please join him because he wants to sing to her, and there's such a beautiful location, why not. instead of continuing his song, he does this. >> hey, sweetheart. >> boy, he is nervous. she's like -- >> she's flagging. >> she's like, oh, okay, it's happening. >> he continues on. >> will you marry me? >> she is in shock but she does accept, she says yes. even as the video comes to an end she's still trying to take it in. >> she looks like she needs okay jen. >> yeah, maybe it's the altitude that's getting her woozy. >> oh my god. skydiving and wind socks. >> he's doing a figure eight. >> this is crazy. >> next "right this minute."
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still to come, a teen takes care of the shoveling in a very hysterical fashion. see how he makes chore time look like fun time. >> you didn't tell us how they had to do it! plus a doctor checks out the old ear canal. >> got to peek in, see what could be in there. >> why the answer is nothing good. >> whoa! s easy. it's a long-distance run and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for over ten years. it's the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. more than 250,000 patients have chosen humira to fight their psoriasis. and they're not backing down. for most patients clearer skin is the proof. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems. serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure.
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al considerations provided by -- when your skin is feeling dry and crinkly, time for gold bond healing lotion. penetrates 10 surface layers deep, with 7 moisturizers, 3 vitamins. gold bond. i think it's time we check in with the ear wax specialists. >> yeah, sure. >> get on in there. >> get the light, peek in see what could be in there? my ears are clean, boo. >> ain't nothing in there. >> they get the tools and he starts going deep. >> oh, man. you see this black hole in there. this empty pit. >> it could be anything. we've seen so much weird stuff come out of ears. alive, dead, eight legs, no legs. >> hush. >> go, go, go, go -- >> it has been located. now the tool begins to slowly draw it out. >> whoa. >> are you kidding? >> oh action wow!
2:51 pm
by the way, you can't hear a thing because you got a roach in your head! >> oh, man! >> it's fully formed and still in shape. >> i don't understand how these things get in there. my ear canal is not that deep. >> how solid of a sleeper do you have to be? >> right? >> for this to get in there, for you to not feel a bug on you. >> for hours, nick. >> i want to know if it crawled in there when it was smaller and grew. eating ear wax. >> you don't feel something? you don't brush your head? knock it off. if you live in michigan, this scenery is common. >> if you have teenagers and you ask them to do something like shovel the driveway, don't be surprised when you get this. they're doing what you asked them to, do you didn't tell them how they have to do it. >> to be replaced by special effects.
2:52 pm
>> right, that would be cool. ♪ josh fairbanks asked his 14-year-old son, logan, could you please go out and shovel the driveway? and logan, being the fun-loving kid that he issing with a great sense of humor, said, yeah, i'm going to shovel the driveway. does it the only way logan knows how to do it in a very hysterical fashion. >> i love how the neighbor is currently doing it with a machine and he is the machine. >> i hope he has on warm clothing under that green suit. >> logan has gone viral two times before. so he's no stranger to the youtube success and attention. awesome. it's called the cupid shuffle plank challenge. it's got the web feeling the burn. >> that's when i quit gym right there, because uh-uh, no. >> you can't quit. everybody's getting in on it.
2:53 pm
>> see what happens when we try to keep up and sweat it out. >> oh my god, that isis
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
it was worth it! >> only the best for you, clark. just a man and his dog. >> you are a dog! you're a dog! you're a dog! you! you're a dog! yes, yes! [ bahrking ] >> you're a dog, you're a dog! you're a dog, you're a dog over here now. you're a dog over here. you're a dog by a fridge. you're a dog outside. you're my dog. ♪ i wish the cupid shuffle wasn't already involved enough. the cupid shuffle is one of those goochy line dance things. >> it's not goofy. which one is it? >> help a brother out.
2:56 pm
>> that's my favorite dance. what you going to do is respect it. stop being such a downer on the dance moves. >> i tried to warn you. >> what am i doing? ♪ girl do your dance do your dance ♪ ♪ we got a brand-new dance >> because the cupid shuffle plank challenge is back. it's set to "the coup shuffle" song by cupid and so many variations have been going around. people are stepping up. >> how long is that song? >> it goes on forever. >> that's when i quit the gym right there, because uh-uh, no. >> no, you can't quit. everybody's getting in on it. >> i have to do one-minute plank without having to move anything. >> if it was easy, everybody would be doing it. but it's specifically the folks at the gym who are getting it in. they're fulfilling their new year's resolutions. and it's february so cupid is at work, why not? do you want to do it? >> i don't want to do it.
2:57 pm
but i've done similar things at the gym. >> i want nick to do it. >> i'm good. >> everybody getting in on it. this woman at this point, she does her video, then she's like, forget it. it's a good cardio workout. >> there's variations of it circulating. but it's become a legitimate challenge. so let's go. ♪ to the right to the right to the right ♪ ♪ to the left to the left to the left to the left ♪ ♪ now kick now kick now kick now kick ♪ ♪ hey hey hey ♪ hey yeah yeah yeah ♪ now now do your dance do your dance ♪ ♪ downtown do your dance do your dance ♪ ♪ come on yeah >> now kick, kick. >> nice. >> oh my god, that is so much fun! >> that's it, that's all.
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maxie. i'm so sorry about nathan... for your loss. you should be. what? i said, "you should be sorry." you killed him. i don't understand. it's pretty simple, really. you. killed. nathan. how can you say that? you disagree? you are our best friends. i would never want anything to happen to nathan. no, you just wanted to be the next "big thing." journalism's newest superstar. tell me, lulu -- how did it go? did you get your story? okay, i think we should go. tell me. what is the going rate for my husband's life? ♪ [ indistinct conversations ]


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