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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 16, 2018 2:30pm-2:59pm EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." a heartless thief lure ace family's pet, leaving them convinced they're -- >> never going to see this dog again. >> how this back home. stick a pick in it. these climbers are far from done, even though they almost died. the icy adventure that will take your breath away. a morning of celebration leads to a night of celebration. thho joined a couple's best day ever. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including if there's a star factor -- >> these girls have got it. ♪ and i'll rise up in spite of the ache ♪ ♪ i'll rise up
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>> the trio lighting up the web with one amazing lead singer. ♪ living life on a merry go round ♪ >> cool, so how famous is she gonna be? you come home and so excited to see your brand new 14-week-old german shepherd. you check the security footage and see a man looking through the fence. the dog is right there on the other side. the dog is very friendly, and starts playing with this man, and immediately almost as soon as the dog gets to the fence, the man starts pulling it up all the way over the fence. according to some reports they believe he may have stolen other dogs from the neighborhood in the area. this happens to be in south >> you have to keep the puppy inside until it's a big german shepherd. >> it's sad. they have a big, beautiful yard. they've taken the precautions of
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fencing. >> in a situation like this you can pretty much assume you're probably never going to see this dog again but they tried. they reached out to their community, they posted these pictures online and the video and believe it or not, just a short time later the dog was returned home. >> yes! oh my god, auto i'll so happy for them. somebody stole my dog and i cried for three days. >> that's one of the reasons the mom in the video was so happy the dog was returned because her 2-year-old daughter was obviously attached to the dog and named it. this video shows robbers breaking into the store, one of the guys not wearing a shirt. >> or shoes. >> crashed through it with his head it looked like. >> and they take, some reports say, socks. >> this guy is an idiot. >> not thinking clearly, clearly, because he kept walking into the door. >> i love it, probably sitting there, i thought we just, i thought we just smashed through this window. >> according to reports they
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came back and tooks cou cosmeti >> this guy has no socks and has >> heidn't have a date. in the summertime we call ka wintertime we go up it ice . >> for every climate. >> i wouldn't do either, down in a kayak or up in the winter. >> angela is an intrepid climber. at the beginning of this, they almost died. >> eyes on the route yet but just collapsed in front of us. don't go anywhere near it with the boat. had gotten onto the climb we would have died and there's no way around that. >> cool, go home. >> not the ladies. sasha dejulienne is a world champion climber. thesewo arerugged. angela says she's rough around wae edges but s hasn'tays
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>> i always had an affinity for ice. >> shetarted off as a figure skater. if this seems far off in antarctica, alaska, no. detroit in theer pensula of michig of cool this kind of adventure so close to home. >> i think it's so beautiful. >> it's crazy. it's awesome to see the women crushing it, go after the hard routes, not down, not letting anything stop them. it's a dangerous sport. these ladies basically just got together. >> getting to know sasha, having someone you've seen in magazines has paved the way for female climbing for so long and getting the call she wants to work with you on your project, it was totally for real. >> they're out there putting each other's lives in the other's hands, as they climb. this is all part of a new series called superior ice. this is just episode one. if you're interested, check out the red bull youtube channel.
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brandon thought of everything, and when i say everything, i do mean everything. >> surprise! >> that's natalie. she walks into the house, it's filled with her friends and family. now let's rewind back to the top of the morning, he told her to get dressed. he planned a day full of surprises, time at the boardwalk, a photographer, a great dinner, a room at their favorite hotel. she thought the day was over when he proposed to her. as they walk into the doofr r o their home there's more. >> you have to celebrate this huge step in your lives together. >> brandon coordinated all of this with them. few came over and decorated early. they have food, family and drinks and it's going to be a fun night. about four years ago jason and courtney met at this restaurant. jason's brother is recording all of it. they step outside, he stops and tells her he loves her and gives her a hug and starts to talk about four years ago and before can he go any further -- >> are you crying already?
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you're crying. >> she knows and he hasn't even asked her any questions. >> do you want to go eat fish? >> why are you crying? >> i love how she's still holding -- >> should be in a [ bleep ] hallmark movie or something. >> jason's brother is hilarious. he helped set all of it up clearly. >> no. >> no? >> she's saying no, so they're like well wait a minute, no? no. yes, she will marry you. >> i love you so much. >> oh, that's beautiful. let's get drunk. >> [ bleep ] you. >> sounds like they have a o celebrate. knit r three of th. this is 3-year-old she's dancinghe bon bon b roove
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ira estrepi. >> she's learning that choreography is what she's doing. >> this girl is moving. she's enjoying it oh, yeah. that's not the only time caught on video dancing. rphones on, got her player in er her hands and she's still dancing. a short time ago, she was diagnosed with leukemia, and beuse of that, she hasn't been able to go out and dance with the other kids. >> oh. >> she'd just be showing them up if she did. >> maybe she would. her mother was very joyful about that video because that was at the end of her first course of che che chemo. she's now in remission. for her to stay in remission she ha chemotherapy. she stopped dancing and starting to play nurse. here she is with her stepdad. they gave him a pretend port
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because she has a port where she gets chemotherapy, but she decided at this time, she was going to give stepdad a flush of his port. >> darya, are you ready for your flush now? >> yes. >> i'd rather be the doctor today. i'm not really feeling about port flushing. >> i don't want flush. >> they started a go fund me campaign because six months ago her mom lost her job and she says they now have insurance but it doesn't cover everything. she says she tried to get public assistance, but the government has declined to give them that, and help them with that, so they have a go fund me page trying to raise $20,000 to cover some of the bills because their insurance just doesn't cover all of it. >> that's the frustrating part about all of this. so many people in this situation that get completely bankrupt because of an illness that you can't control. >> but she's still dancing. this little guy swiped a few sips. we've got ourselves a bit
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closed captioning provided by -- to relieve chronic pain among leading brands. turn off pain. smart relief. >> hey, what do you say my facebook, google, twitter, instagram, very ticked off vic here. >> vic is is a comedian and he metimes.r issues and i >> you know what ticks me off? >> tell us. >> the westminster dog . whenever i show on tv i want to get hamme throw it through the blm b[ bleep ] t. >> it's not that vic hates dogs and cats. >> people love it. >> they do. here's why vic hates it. >> i love i love all pets but i don understand when i watch this show the dogs look lik dogsik they're nicely the other half look like
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[ bleep ] aliens. >> we got aliens and theird cat shrubbery. >> you got to let that stuff that just, arh! >> give t dog a big [ bleep ] helmet head and the legs are sticks with balls and rotruding fromwn the leg there's it, and then youthe tail, there's more balls and icks balls. what the [ bleep ]! looks like it belongs on some guy's front lawn in staten island. >> he's definitely poodles. >> then there's the to run arou circle with your dog and you run around in a circle with your okay, stop, i got it! this is the world's best dog. why! >> it's the high step, which dog can swag out the best. >> when he breaks it down like this, it does all seem pretty absu>> also because you're a gr,
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old man. >> i wouldn't mind havwith vic. >> that's what ticks me off!w y is one cute beaver. you'd be that's justin beaver. puns. justin 7 months old orphaned, being looked after quite well ando looking after himself. what do beavers like to build? >> ms. >> dams,e'that's r anddoing. camer comes around th corner justin has been a busy beaver. the begins of justin's dam are coming together there. looks like a rag, a little cuddly toy and some other cat toy by the looks of it. >> he's more of a horder now. >> he's maintaining integrity. >> i want to see him climb up on the kitchen counter and turn on the faucet. >> it's wild they never lose
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their instinct. >> go home monkey, you're drunk. video from india and this notorious monkey is known for going into the establishment. nowve a drunk monkey. they're trying to capture it in this case using some soft drinks. clearly not a fan of the soft s. >> that's a mixer. you got honuntil the next drink comes. >> they're not really sure as this monkey drinks alcohol. they're not sure if people have given it to him before or since, cause a bit of a raucous. we know how those big nights usually end. you go out, you had much tobar and usuallyou just e like this, past out, in the back of a taxi. >> cuddling. that's cute. >> you're my best friend. >> i love you so much. you're the greatest friend ever. >> juggling tips to impress friends. >> ooh, hey! >> see it next "right this minute."
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for fast 5-in-1 multwith allegra®.ef.breas time for gold bondfeeling healing lotion., penetrates 10 surface layers deep, with 7 moisturizers, 3 vitamins. gold bond. think being having kids? gimme two minutes. i'll fix it. first up, oh, look at adorable mom and baby and they've got one of the filters on. it's so cute. how can i baby this up a bit? oh, i know. >> oh! >> they try to kiss you and have a faceful of not and mama love you, and mwah, mwah. >> i was about to go -- oh! >> next up, you could just be trying to say your young child's name and get it all wrong like that.
2:51 pm
>> i was almost asleep. what? >> kids, baby especially hate adrenalin. oh, thanks mom, ruined my day, if not my life. >> mom seems to be pretty amused by it. >> you got no choice when you got kids you got to find entertainment anywhere. not done yet. if you're lucky you may get a little young one that wants to help you ladies do your makeup. we know how to do the smoky eye. this is how you do the black eye, i mean that literally. pow, pow, pow! >> that's a brush, not a stick. she's like poking her with it. >> sometimes you really need to get the makeup really in there so it stays. >> this isn't just on the skin and pores. it's inside her skull. wel flashy blue lips going, too. >> she's a pretty young little girl and still knows where each individual product goes on the face. >> you got to give her that.
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>> if you like snots, scaring children and being covered in makeup, parenthood is for you. dash cam video in australia. you see this guy cro i of the dash cam to continue down the other side of the road. i think maybe that could be what distracted the driver just a little bit and could be what caused this. >> ooh! >> oh, oh, >> unavoidable. >> i think it was completely avoidable, because the car that came out to cross that lane of trafficust rolled rigstop ld have been looking left, you know, to that big, empty road and didn't think about glancing right. you're supposed to stop. you're supposed to look, and then continue. >> oh, common sense? >> yes. >> the air bags go off, the camera gets dislodged and you hear the guy go, oh. no broken bones but they did say he was injured for a couple of weeks, had a bit of a limp. eventually he was okay. let's go on over to france,
2:53 pm
where there's stupid people there, too. we've got an ambulance, the snowy night, the road is already congested. they're on their way to a car accident. the ambulance passenger here took out his phone because he said he knew that they were going to encounter stupid drivers, and sure enough -- >> are they on the shoulder? >> looks like hov lane. the ambulance here clearly has its lights on. i think maybe when they saw the don't know what to do and kept going, not getting out of the way of the ambulance. >> which is really messed up, consideringhe responding to an emergenceyy. need to get they're goi quickly, and you're literally blocking the way. >> it's illegal. evenally after about a minute, 45 seconds, the driver finds a spot in front truck, pulls to the left and the ambulance is able to get by. ♪ i'll rise up she's the young girl whose voice has launched her to viral stardom. and i'llo it a thousand times again ♪ >> she's cnizant of wt she's
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singing about. like she feels it. >> hear the rendition of "rise up" that's definitely worth a standing
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at ikea, we help you live it. >> this might qualify on the richter scale. bridgette is a little girl of living life on a merry go rod ♪ and you can't find the fighter ♪ >> so how famcess she gonna be? >> well, that's to be determined. ♪ and ooh, mountains >> for now she's going viral because people are really enjoying their rendition of "ri. she's joined by classmatesatie and amy they attend a school like the day ♪ ♪ i'll rise up
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♪ in spite of the ache >> you'll she herx next "american idol" or pop idol, whatever it is. it be the choir t and feels it. teacr, t w and kid belt that out. >> take credit, i taught her buthing she ows. the c teacher say she's notall. ♪ and we rise up, rise like the >> there are about 35 students in their school choir and believe it or not, the choir wa. f you ♪ls have got it. that's we love having you a forhe viral video ride. don't forget to catch us on the
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