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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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rain, snow to the region. cecily tynan has that next. >> "action news," delaware value eye's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ >> it is wednesday night. the big story on "action news" is an accuweather alert. a nor'easter is coming. we are staring at the likelihood of wild weather. let's get the full story from cecily tynan. >> no doubt it will be a powerful storm system. the moisture is starting to gather down to the south and west. this storm is still in its infant stages. it's exploding off the coast. future tracker showing as the moisture moves in tomorrow late in the day, tomorrow evening, it's warm enough that it's all rain. that transfers energy to a coastal low rapidly intensifies and stalls out over the
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mid-atlantic. what this does, it creates its own cold air pulling it from higher in the atmosphere. that heavy rain will change to snow from the north to the south as we head to the day on friday. this is the timeline when it begins thursday afternoon, it's light rain. thursday evening, the rain is turning heavy, heavy downpour. friday morning, snow accumulating in the poconos. rain for the viewing area friday morning. as we head through the day friday, even into friday evening, that's when the storm system rapidly intensifies, pulls down the cold air changing to heavily wet snow from the north to the south across the viewing area and the winds will howl, tropical storm force winds. i'm upping the snow amounts. i have a new map in a minute. jim? >> we urge you to download the
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6abc app for updates on the storm including storm tracker 6 radar anytime and maps on expected snow and rain. >> there was a lot of hugging and a lot of crying as more than 3,000 students returned to stoneman douglas high school in florida. this was the first day back since the massacre two weeks ago that claimed 17 lives and reignited the national gun debate as perhaps never before. hundreds of police officers were there and trying to give the community a feeling of safety. across the country, officials are trying to determine the best way to protect students at child. in eastham township they are concerning hiring armed guards.
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>> this was in the works last year. the officers will be fully trained and armed and if there is a shooter on campus, they'll be ready until swat teams arrive. >> since the teachers are talking about escape route and ways to get out, it worries me. >> students worried about what happened in parkland florida could happen here. eastham town hp is about recruiting former cops. >> we can recruit retired officers to provide a safety mechanism. >> eight facilities plus the high school. the job applicants must be retired no longer than three years, go through training to be armed and prepared for the worst case scenario. >> their primary goal is to neutralize the threat, address the shooter, attack the shooter,
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and do everything they can to protect the students and staff. >> they can't have enough security. >> i'm for it. it scares me the be overreactive. >> they are professionals. i wouldn't be comfortable carrying a gun. >> a boy tried to die suicide by cop outside van zandt elementary and parents say this new effort is a start in the right direction. >> you have to start somewhere. i can't see a downside to it. >> the chief could not go into detail about how many officers they were planning to hire or the security measures they have in place, but they believe they are working. there is no way to measure how many threats they have thwarted. they hope the new initiatives
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will detour people from committing crimes. christie ileto, "action news." >> president trump had a televised meeting on school safety and violence. trump seemed to side with the democrats calling for background checks and raising the age to buy assault style weapons, and seemed to scold pat toomey whose background checks after sandy hook excluded the age issue. >> it doesn't make sense that i can't get a handgun but i can get an assault bill. >> we didn't address it. because you are afraid of the nra. trump said when it comes to someone identified as a threat, trump would take his guns first and then go to court. take the guns first, go through
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due process second. >> new at 11:00, america's biggest retailor is changing its policy on guns ammunition. wal-mart will no longer sell to anyone under the age of 21. it stopped selling assault style rifles in 2014 after the charleston church shooting. they'll pull toys and assault style guns from its website. dick's sporting goods announced they'll cut gun sales to anyone under 21 and stop selling assault rifles at its field and stream stores. they stopped selling them in the main stores after sandy hook. they urged lawmakers to pass gun reform measures. >> the governor tonight is
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calling for representative micarelli to resign. two women accused him, one woman said he forced her to have sex after they broke up and another says he threatened to kill her. the allegations are being investigated and if true won't be tolerated. the 35-year-old ridley lawmaker issued a denial of allegations. unfortunately, i can't disprove something that never happened. no charges were filed because these are fabrications. >> police in buck's county want you to help them identify two bandits stealing money from atms. bucks county may not be the only targeted area. annie mccormick is in bensalem. you have the full story. >> jim, that's right.
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bensalem police released photos of two men they hope the public can give them information on. they think there are people out there that don't realize they might be victims of this. these are the two men police are looking for caught on camera on bristol road in bensalem. >> the machine was tampered with, a skimming device placed inside the atm machine. this is the skimming device found inside the card reeder. criminals use it to collect data from a magnetic stripe on the back of the atm machine. across the area skimming is growing. in january, employees discovered a skimming device at the cash register. last year, 20 skimmers were found in philadelphia. more in the suburbs.
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richard goldburg says technology criminals are using is evolving. >> every time the financial institutions come up with a way to make the tampering more apparent, the bad guys try to get a way around it. >> banks and companies with atms are monitoring atms in realtime. customers can do this to protect themselves. >> try to use relatively high traffic areas and check your statement all the time. >> the u.s. attorney's office says they are catching and prosecuting more people for these crimes. bensalem police say if you think you are a victim, you need to reach out to them. annie mccormick, channel6 "action news." back to you. >> for the fourth time in as many months a truck hit the train station. there are signs posted about the
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height. a bright yellow hazard marker says "low clearance." the driver was arrested you said the suspicion of driving under the influence. >> the blockage is supposed to be lifted by 5:00 in the morning. >> hope no more. the white house is losing its fourth communication director in just over a year of donald trump's presidency. >> and a bust that involves 12,000 painkillers. cecily? >> the coastal flood watch posted for tomorrow night, a system with a lot of ingredients, heavy rain, high winds and snow. i have what to expect in the seven-day forecast. >> and is the show causing out rich after being released on netflix?
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are ethics being pushed as to how farther trying to push one man to go. >> and nic nick foles, does he y or does he go? that and more when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪
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>> few people saw this one coming. white house communication's director hope hicks said today she will leave the white house in the next few weeks. hicks is trump's longest serving adviser. she spent nine hours before the intelligence committee over the russian probe. >> meanwhile trump again lashed out at attorney general jeff sessions as he has repeatedly done over the russian probe. he accused sessions for not doing enough to investigate fbi abuse of powers. this time sessions fired back. we have initiate td the
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appropriate process to ensure complaints against the department and will fully and fairly act upon if necessary. as long as i am the attorney general i'll continue to discharge my duties with intig at the and honor. >> the attorney general nouned the bust of a pill mill. ten people have been charged. josh shapiro says the ring leader was creating fake prescriptions from a supply store. they obtained 12,000 oxycodone and other opioids. a new reality show from next flix. the new show tests the limits of what human being can be
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manipulated to do under pressure. bryan taf is here with a closer look at the show and controversy. >> it's called "the push." the way it tries to push a man to legal and ethical limits has some horrified. >> chris is in a web of lies. >> 70 actors against chris who doesn't know what is happening to him or that it's being filled. the actors follow a carefully written script to engineer chris to think he has one way out of a crisis, by pushing a millionaire off of a ledge. >> that's too much. >> the creator of "the push" wants to show how social pressure influences our everyday lives. usually it's benign like being
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cajoled to go out when you would rather stay home. the 1961 experiments of yale professor stanle stanley milgrat the dark side of social pressure. he asked for shocks to volunteers. they were actors pretending to be in pain. >> 60% of people went through giving the highest levels of shock. >> glassman says we are more vulnerable to social pressure if it's ambiguous or confusing, like the crisis where chris has little time to think things through or it involves those closest to us. if you find yourself pressured to do something you think is wrong, glassman has three questions to ask. am i being influenced?
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is there an ally who shares your concerns and does the person exerting pressure have real expertise on the subject? >> it could be that they have not much more than we do. >> and exploiting the man for entertainment at a time violence is a real concern. >> we don't need to continue to feed our fears. >> netflix knows it kicked a bees nest saying it tries to provide information about each title on our service along with tools for members to control viewing in line with what is right for them and their families. there is now a law in the united states banning extreme experiments like the shock test in the name of science. there is no such law as far as entertainment and how far it can go. >> thank you so much.
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>> a survivor of the 1963 birmingham church burning brought the law to light. sarah collins rudolf was the speaker. she was just 12 years old when the bomb ripped through the baptist church seriously injuring her and killing four other girls. >> four police officers were recognized by the fraternal order of police at the hero's ballroom in northeast philadelphia. among them don hedgerman who convinced a suicidal man to surrender. we have the storm from accuweather. >> we have a powerful storm on the way. tonight, chopper 6 takes flight over if philadelphia.
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winds not a factor tonight but all of this will be changing into friday. double scan live showing a plume of moisture from the southwest. that's one low pressure. another injects energy and intensifies the storm. there are a lot of moving parts. look at all of the watches we have posted. we have a flood watch philadelphia and areas northeast for heavy rain. we have a coastal watch, high wind watch and the potential fo. hard to believe. 51 in philadelphia, down from the high of 61, feeling like april today, trenton 52. cape may 48. a mild, last night to february. future tracker showing tomorrow morning, morning commute, no problems at all. temperature in the 40s, not that windy. even into the afternoon.
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when the rain arrives, light. temperatures in the 50s. winds not that strong tomorrow. as we head later thursday night, the winds start to pick up and the precipitation intensifies. heavy rain at 9:30. overnight colder air is tapped in, changing to snow in the poconos by 7:00 in the morning. as we head through the day, winds are picking up and the changeover extends to the south. by 5:00 friday night, many of us are driving home in the snow. expected snow fall map, the models are trending colder and stronger. starting to increase the totals, south jersey, i-95 looking at a grassy coating to two inches. there is a bit of a melt factor. north of landsdale to allentown, two to four inches. northern lehigh valley and the poconos, a good hit of snow, four to eight inches.
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roads likely treacherous in the poconos during the day friday. in addition to the snow, we have the winds. wind gusts 50 to 65 miles per hour by friday evening, highest at the coast. that means a good possibility of widespread power outages, a good time to be sure you have the battery in the flashlights. mild, afternoon rain, 56-degrees, rain heavy thursday night, friday, windy and rain changing to snow from the north to the south, the high 44-degrees. saturday, we dry things out. 48 windchill in the 40s. sunday and monday, quiet, 74-degrees. wednesday, the next storm system with rain and a possibility of snow north and west. a lot of information coming in. david murphy will have an update at 4:30. >> thank you, cecily.
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the 98th annual academy awards are four days away. it's getting close to crunch time. this was a test only a test as they rolled out the red carpet. it's a brief glimpse as they rolled it back up to keep it dry. the final touches are being applied. watch the oscars live with host jimmy kimmel here on channel6, 8:00 sunday night. ♪ ♪
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aightd-year-old senia is raising awareness for her brain cancer. >> with all of cars p wentz's issues, how can the eagles think of not keeping nick foles? >> when someone calls you up to say we may give you an award draft pick. >> the question jim posed, what do you do with nick foles. that was the question brought up by the media. his stock has never been higher following 's not like we can jusg
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the band back together. >> nova and seton hall tonight, enough to drive coach wright bonkers. seton hall, hanging around. mykel bridges makes the save. cats go up by five. under a minute to play, lead now down to one. bridges with a timely steal. lay up at the other end. scores 23 point. we go to overtime. o.t. is where brunson scores six
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of his 14 points. nova escapes, 69-68. temple at yukon uconn, owls tra. huskies up by four. temple falls 72-66. lasalle hosting dayton. the explorers make this one look easy thanks to b.j. johnston. lasalle wins 71-73. sixers news after the break. ♪
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>> the sixers have signed
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forvillforviliasova. >> toronto puts up a five spot second inning. tyler with the 2-1 shot. flyers have 19 games to go regular season most against teams with a winning record. flyers say they relish the challenge. >> i see it as an opportunity to prove ourselves. we deserve to be where we are in the standings. it's not just coincidence. we need to keep playing good hockey and make a statement here. flyers 26-8-3 since that ugly losing streak. thank you, ducis. memberswere at penn's landing. players mingled with the crowd at dave and busters. they smiled for pictures and
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signed a lot of autographs for fans. the wives served dinner at the ronald mcdonald house in university city. >> "jimmy kimmel live" next on channel6 followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edwards, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers for traffic. for ducis rodgers, cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- oscar nominee saoirse ronan, music from joey dosik. ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. we have is to much to get to. there's so much going on. we start with there's been news. but i think should we start with the bad news? all right. the bad news is our president is


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